Monday, November 20, 2017

Email to Sens Murray, Cantwell and Rep. Herrera: time to be bipartisan for real, this time.

Addressed to Senators Murray and Cantwell, as well as to Congresswoman Herrera.

I am writing you in the hopes of answering two different questions:

First, you've all served in Congress generally and the Senate and the House particularly, for at least seven years, and in the Senator's cases, at least 17 years.

During the time you've been there, just over the past 10 years or so alone, 268 unnamed perpetrators have been identified as the causes for millions of dollars in settlements.

As members of Congress... Senators and a Congresswoman... You knew.

You knew... and you said nothing.

You knew and you DID nothing.

You inaction... was acquiescence.

Your silence makes you an accomplice.  It makes you complicit.

Why?  Why did you remain silent?

You had no problem whatsoever calling our Candidate Trump for what seems to be far less.

You have no problem protecting Senator Franken with your silence now, today.

So many are calling for US Senate Candidate Roy Moore to withdraw.  Even Republicans don't care if they lose the seat in Alabama, as somehow forcing Moore to withdraw (if such a thing were possible) would inevitably result in the loss of the seat.  Those leading the GOP despise Judge Moore's politics and know he would oppose the establishment... and they would rather he lose and make it even more difficult to implement President Trump's agenda than it is now.

But who among you... or anyone else in Congress... is demanding the same for Sen. Franken?

Typically, Rep. Herrera is silent as she usually is on most any controversial issue... although strangely, she had no problem throwing this district under the bus during the presidential campaign when all three of you were so convinced that Candidate Trump would never be President Trump.

You were "champions of women."



Not so much.

To my question:  Why were you silent?

All those years... You KNEW.  And your silence GUARANTEED more assaults, more harassment, and more pain for more victims.

You KNEW... and you did nothing.


The second question is this:

What are you going to do to get the list of the 268 offenders released?

Because it is a moral imperative for politicians who have been so judgemental in the past for political reasons to be judgemental NOW for moral reasons.

This is beyond political party.  This is beyond government.  This is beyond power.

The hypocrisy of being outspoken on women's causes... the Hillary Clinton to the Bill Clinton... cannot be overstated.

You've been "bipartisan" when it suited you.

How about being "bipartisan now?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Message to Jaime Herrera that she will, no doubt, ignore: Until you fix your own House, keep your mouth shut about anyone elses.

(I put this up on both of her FB pages.  I'm sure they'll never see the light of day)

Seven years you've been in Congress.  You had no problem whatsoever, joining our 2 democrat US Senators in beating the hell out of then-candidate Donald Trump over a tape and, in so doing, screwing this district out of any White House help, like for example, in solving our cross-river transportation problems which, as you know, you have done nothing about.

Help me understand this.

You KNEW this sort of garbage was going on in Congress.

You KNEW that millions of our dollars had been paid to insure the silence of the victims.

And you said NOTHING about your own colleagues in all of those years.

Hypocrite, much?

Well, now's your chance to actually DO something, unlike wasting our time like you have been.

What say you drop a bill requiring the names of all the perpetrators (268 over the past 10 years) as well as the amounts awarded ($17 million+ in total) because of their actions to each victim and the details of what they've done (while keeping the names of the victims redacted) and that this bill also includes a requirement that makes those engaging in this sort of activity PERSONALLY LIABLE... instead of hanging the bill on us.

I get that such a move on your part would require at least SOME courage, which until now, you've never shown.

Given your proven cowardice, (HOW many open town hall meetings have you held?  WHEN was the last one?) I'm not going to hold my breath.  But when it comes to this subject, unless you're willing to act against your own colleagues?

Keep your mouth shut about anyone else.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Paging Larry Hoff... paging Larry Hoff.

I left the following questions at what appears to be Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' puppet, to see aht he's actually made of.

So far... no response.

Not that I expected one.


Hi, Larry. Tell me: would you have voted for the gas tax/tab fee increase? Would you have supported the emergency clause? Would you have opposed a referendum clause like Sen. Rivers?

Would you have voted yes on the last budget, particularly without adding any teacher accountability measures? How would you have voted on the State Dream Act legislation? How would you have voted on the two-tiered driver's license legislation?

I note that Senator Rivers is a big cheerleader for you. Can we expect you to keep your campaign pledges, unlike Sen. Rivers, who pledged, in writing, to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases and then proceeded to hang a $700 million tax bill around the people of Clark County when the time came to vote?

Can we expect you to sell us out on the CRC like most of the people in that spiffy little endorsement video?

Can we expect you to change YOUR mind on your promises when it's based on a "business decision?"

Can we expect you to lie to us on the upcoming massive property tax increase we face next year like both Sen. Wilson and Sen. Rivers lied to us over what we face next year as a result of Rivers and Wilson selling us out on the last budget?

In short, are you going to vote your district like Rep. Pike? Or are you going to vote the special interests and screw us like Sen. Rivers? And if you're going to vote your district, then how on earth did you get Rivers to endorse you since she wouldn't be caught dead voting the way the people she "represents" wants?

And just out of curiosity, what did you promise these people to get their endorsements? I'm sure they didn't just pick you out of a phone book for this gig... and I'm sure there is a quid-pro-quo.

So, tell us... inquiring minds want to know. Or are you going to be like Sen. Rivers and refuse to respond to this constituent's communications merely because she doesn't like my efforts to hold her accountable for her multiple betrayals to me personally and her district specifically? Or are you going to be your own man... and actually do what your title suggests... and REPRESENT US?

US Congress: hypocrites all. Destroy Moore.... give Franken a pass.

For many well-known reasons, those attacking Moore have absolutely nothing going for themselves except a rabid left, a rabid conservative-hating RINO GOP leadership, and a rabid, conservative-hating media.

As I've previously written, the stupidity of the leadership for the GOP simply cannot be overstated.

Obviously, they would rather lose the seat in Alabama then support this candidate because he's clearly anti-establishment.

I'm reminded of a saying from the gloating then vice president of the Sierra Club after the Federal government destroyed the logging industry in this corner of the country over Spotted Owl "habitat."

"It's a good thing we had the Spotted Owl... because if we didn't, we'd have had to invent one," meaning some other animal that would have allowed them to crush the local economies of so many in the Northwestern United States.

That's what we're faced with here.

You know the RINOs running the GOP, both the RNC and the Senate, were high-fiving the crap out of each other when the story of these bogus allegations broke.

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if they originated out of Mitch's office.  It's the kind of poorly thought out, poorly executed crap they're known for.

And now, a democrat has multiple complaints, has admitted to and apologized for at least some of it and has photographic evidence to back at least one of the complaints.

And, we all know, that without that horrific picture, this scumbag would be singing an entirely different tune.

Then, we come to find out something on the order of 260 complaints have been paid off by the Treasury for the conduct of some of these clowns over the last 10 years.

I'm mystified as to why Congress doesn't release the names of those we've wasted some $17 million-plus of our money on.

And that they DON'T release those names?

Well, that tends to infer that it's plenty of men from BOTH sides of the aisle involved.

Franken, naturally, wants to buy time, so he supports an Ethics Committee investigation.  Then Oregon Senator Bobby Packwood, who even *I* knew had a reputation for this sort of thing before he finally got busted, was able to stall his departure for three years... the Ethics investigation itself took a year and then Packwood hung on for another two.

The actual evidence against Franken is there for all to see.  The actual evidence against Moore is practically non-existent, save for the efforts of democrat/RINO operatives and the made up evidence, easily discredited, of a high school year book.

To those names should be added the names behind the 268 complaints Congress is hiding.

And once again, our clueless congresswoman is nowhere to be found.

She had no problem running off at the mouth when her target was now-President Trump.  Why is she so quiet about this now?  And why has she BEEN so quiet about this during the 7 years she's been our waste of a congresswoman?

Cat got her tongue?  She had SO much to say back then. 


Not so much.

Thanks, Jaime.

For nothing.

As expected, even the GOP sell out on the budget wasn't enough for those slimeballs in the State Supreme Court.

As I've known all along, the question "when is enough, enough?" is ALWAYS going to be answered with "never" when it comes to the utter insanity of the legislature jumping through the hoop the supreme court held up with their fantasy McCleary ruling.

The Legislature, in fact, DOES have a "paramount duty."  But THAT duty is NOT to either the Supreme Court OR the WEA.

That duty is to US, The People.  And clearly, their duty was to tell the supreme court to go pound sand.

As it is, our property taxes are set to explode next year, lies of Sens. Wilson and Rivers notwithstanding.  Now, because these simple idiots failed to tell the court to simply drop dead, those taxes are going to blast off even higher.

This is a direct result of the cowardice and incompetence of Sen. Rivers and Sen. Wilson and their cronies who sold us out instead of doing the right thing.

Now, we'll dump additional billions down the WEA rabbit hole.  We'll dump these hundreds of millions down a union sewer with zero accountability measures, zero improvement measures, zero increased educational outcomes, zero reporting requirements... because, after all, these gutless idiots simply refused to ask US what WE wanted... and why would we even THINK to hold those scum accountable for  their educational outcomes?

They had so many other options besides caving: everything from defunding the court to reducing the number of seats ON the court, to actually legislatively DEFINING what the phrase "paramount duty" means in the state constitutional definition sense.

Instead, they gave their legislative authority and ability to those leftist mental midgets across the street.  And they even managed to screw THAT up.

Each and every number those morons shill is arbitrary.  NO number will assure success; if it did, Baltimore at more than $18,000 per student would be pumping out geniuses instead of functionally illiterate cretins who can't even read a bus schedule.

So now, we wait for the Legislature to rape our wallets once again... with zero improvement to show for it.

And when that happens... and it WILL happen... then what?

Do we get those wasted billions back?


Thanks to the RINOs in the Senate and here locally who made it all happen.

Aren't you proud?


Thursday, November 16, 2017

The epidemic of sex abuse allegations: Latest, Sen. Al Franken. Now what are you going to do, democrats?.

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minnesota) has now been accused of actual sexual misconduct.

Are the democrats and RINOs going to be so quick to demand that he resign or get kicked out?

Fat chance.

Al, you see, is a democrat.  And democrats are "different."

In fact, let me tell you a brief story about a legendary gay democrat, in the vein of, well, former Mayor Sam Adams (D-Portland).

This guy was Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA13).

Now, we see all this fake outrage (And it is fake) from the left and the Congressional RINO contingent.

What happened when THIS verified episode of child rape of a male House page took place?

Well, Studds wasn't kicked out.  In fact, the leftists made him a committee chair.  AND, he was reelected SIX MRE TIMES by democrats who really didn't care.

And I ask you: 1.  If Moore were the democrat in the Alabama race, would we be hearing about any of this now?

2.  If Moore were the democrat in the Alabama race, would the leftists and RINOs be expressing this anger?

Go figure.

Anyway, here's the scoop:
On July 14, 1983, the House Ethics Committee recommended that Rep. Dan Crane (R-IL) and Rep. Gerry Studds (D-MA) be reprimanded for having engaged in sexual relationships with minors, specifically 17-year-old congressional pages.[1] Washington, D.C., law specifies an age of consent of 16, meaning that the relationships were legal;[2] however the committee felt "any sexual relationship between a member of the House of Representatives and a congressional page, or any sexual advance by a member to a page, represents a serious breach of duty." The Congressional Report found that in 1980, a year after entering office, Crane had sex four or five times at his suburban apartment with a female page and in 1973, the year he entered office, Studds invited a male page, who testified he felt no ill will towards Studds, to his Georgetown apartment and later on a two-week trip to Portugal. Both representatives admitted to the charges.[3]
Studds was a central figure in the 1983 Congressional page sex scandal, when he and Representative Dan Crane were each separately censured by the House of Representatives for an inappropriate relationship with a congressional page — in Studds' case, a 1983 sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male. During the course of the House Ethics Committee's investigation, Studds publicly acknowledged his homosexuality, a disclosure that, according to a Washington Post article, "apparently was not news to many of his constituents." Studds stated in an address to the House, "It is not a simple task for any of us to meet adequately the obligations of either public or private life, let alone both, but these challenges are made substantially more complex when one is, as I am, both an elected public official and gay." He acknowledged that it had been inappropriate to engage in a relationship with a subordinate, and said his actions represented "a very serious error in judgment."[3] 
On July 20, 1983, the House voted to censure Studds, by a vote of 420-3. With his back to the other members, Studds faced the Speaker who was reading the motion.[4] In addition to voting the censure, the Democratic leadership stripped Studds of his chairmanship of the House Merchant Marine Subcommittee. (Seven years later, in 1990, Studds was appointed chair of the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries.) Studds received two standing ovations from supporters in his home district at his first town meeting following his congressional censure.[5] 
Studds defended his sexual involvement as a "consensual relationship with a young adult." Dean Hara, whom Studds married in 2004, said after Studds' death in 2006 that Studds had never been ashamed of the relationship. "This young man knew what he was doing," Hara said.[6] In testimony to investigators, the page described the relationship as consensual and not intimidating.[7] 
Although Studds said he disagreed with the committee's findings of improper sexual conduct, he waived his right to public hearings on the allegations in order to protect the privacy of those involved: 
"...I have foremost in my mind the need to protect, to the extent it is still possible given the committee's action, the privacy of other individuals affected by these allegations," said Studds. "Those individuals have a right to personal privacy that would be inevitably and irremediably shattered if I were to insist on public hearings...."
Studds said that deciding not to have a hearing "presented me with the most difficult choice I have had to make in my life."[8] 
Studds was re-elected to the House six more times after the 1983 censure. He fought for many issues, including environmental and maritime issues, same-sex marriageAIDS funding, and civil rights, particularly for gays and lesbians. Studds was an outspoken opponent of the Strategic Defense Initiative missile defense system, which he considered wasteful and ineffective, and he criticized the United States government's secretive support for the Contra fighters in Nicaragua.[9]
So, let's see.

Franken is facing allegations.

Nothing is proven.  Clearly, there are others out there that this happened to and they are likely to come forward if the pattern holds.  But why wait?

No trial is necessary.... kick Franken out NOW.  After all, the left and the RINOs have dropped the bar of proof from innocent until proven guilty... to mere allegation.

And if that's the only standard required for Judge Moore, doesn't fairness demand that such be the only standard for Sen. Franken?

I expect Schumer and his colleagues to implement this TODAY.

They won't, of course, because they... and the RINOs... are all hypocrites in an institution where this sort of thing goes on EVERY DAY... to their silence.

I have written before and I say it again:  These allegations are based not on the occurrences... but on Judge Moore's politics.  Those demanding he step down needed to find a way to make his conservative views go away.  What better method than allegations he cannot easily... or timely... disprove?

Are the allegations in any real way true?  Only those making the allegations and Judge Moore know.  But the circumstances of the timing of these allegations... forty years after the fact?

To reject a political motive as being the primary mover of this stuff is to play the role of an ostrich with your head buried in the sand.  And the GOP's response to all of this... particularly given how much they've likely prayed for a cause to get rid of Moore after he beat up the Establishment RINO in the primaries... is the political version of the Keystone Cops.

However, I expect the Senate to apply ONE STANDARD FOR ALL.

And that means Franken should be expelled by COB TODAY.


I mean... anything else would be hypocrisy... wouldn't it?

A nice shot of Davey Delete checking in at his buddy's strip club. How about an explanation, ladies?

Wasn't that long ago.

We remember his pal Adrian, right?

He posted this little tidbit after Davey Delete started bringing his winged monkeys in to defend him from the attacks he's so richly deserved.

Adrian is no Shakespeare, but hey, you gotta take care of the paying customers, right?

After finding out what his buddy Adrian did for a living, why, I just had to let the world know that the guy runs a strip club where Davey hangs out.

The other day, Davey Delete was trying to get people to believe he didn't know the guy and, well, gee, HE could hardly be responsible for what someone else writes... especially after making that guy delete it after I outed him.

Well, here's a fond memory of ol' Adrian and Davey together.  I'm sure it was just DRG doing GOP outreach or something... but the claim made by Delete... that the guy HE BROUGHT IN to defend him wasn't a friend, well, kinda falls apart in the face of the evidence.

One of these fellows appears to be Davey Delete.  The rather large gentleman on the left appears to be a fellow named Adrian
Are Davey and Adrian blood relatives?  No, although Adrian does appear to be close enough to Davey to refer to him as "brotha."

Nope.... not blood relatives.  But let's just agree that they're a bit more than nodding acquaintances and that, once again, Davey Delete was lying.

Of course, he knew that... which is why he made that thread disappear.

Right, Davey?

And here's the question that puzzles me, to put it mildly: why are the women in the GOP putting up with this?

Why are so many so slavishly devoted to this scumbag who obviously objectifies women in a way no decent man would consider?

Why does Carolyn Crain carry this clown's water like Gunga Din?  Why doesn't it matter to her that this guy had no problem trashing her to me to get her nailed in my blog?

I don't get it.  Otherwise decent women who hate conservatives so much they've become Davey Delete's tools.  RINOs that slavishly support him because they hate anyone to the right of Lenin.  And his conduct is sickening, both within... and without... the job.

Like none of this matters.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RINOs gear up to make sure Liz Pike isn't replaced by a conservative.

I wasn't terribly surprised to see garbage like this:

Everyone in that video, start to finish, is a total, establishment sell out.

I'm particularly taken by the fact that none of those babbling here in favor of Hoff, besides the two RINOs left in the district, represent us.  Sadly, when it comes to the issues important to the people of the 18th, Rivers and Vick rarely represent us either.

They hate conservatives.  At least one, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, has actively recruited a candidate to run against Rep. Liz Pike because Pike opposed Rivers' gas tax betrayal... publicly.

The others, from Jaime Herrera to Greg Kimsey are all gearing up to screw us on the CRC.  Kimsey was a vocal proponent of that rip off who had actually endorsed that insanity.  The others in the legislature have flipped their positions and now will join with the democrats in ignoring the people of SW Washington in ramming the resurrected CRC down our throats.

The Wilson Cheerleaders are just as slimey.

Of course they want Hoff.  Hoff will be Rivers' puppet, where Liz refused to play along.

Hoff supported the gas tax increase, tab fee increases, the most recent rape of a budget and every other thing the Rivers-Wilson cabal did to injure us.

They picked him because he's already indicated a willingness to sell us out like they have.

That every RINO in office in SW Washington wants this guy elected is the exact reason to oppose him... unless, of course, you want more of the same.

And more of the same is voting like your last name is Jimmy Moeller.

The stupidity of RINOs generally and the RINO US Senate particularly, now on display for all to see.

Stupid is as stupid does, even in politics.

The brain dead GOP idiots demanding Moore step down are doing that for one reason and one reason only: to make sure a conservative does not get elected to the Senate.

Yes, RINOs, living up to their name, would rather have a fringe-left democrat win the seat than anyone to the right of Mao.

Make no mistake: this has nothing to do with 40 year old questionable conduct.  It has everything to do with getting rid of a very conservative candidate who likely would not go along with the establishment.

The irony of all of this is clear:  Should Moore actually do what these clowns want, it would GUARANTEE that the democrat would win.

Why?  Simple math.

Moore's name will be on the ballot regardless.  A HUGE percentage of voters will still vote for the man.  Anyone else they run would have to run as a write-in.  And anyone voting for a write-in is splitting the vote, effectively guaranteeing the democrat the seat.

Think the RINOs and even the other fake conservatives don't know that?

Exclusive of the increasingly bogus claims against Judge Moore, exclusive of the amazing timing of these fake claims, exclusive of the history of these same types of fake claims against other candidates, primarily conservatives; exclusive of the fact the leftist liars went full tilt in the most recent election cycle to use bogus allegations to win elections generally and the presidency in particular (Where did all of those women with THEIR fake allegations run off to?) the reality is these clowns would rather have a leftist in the seat than a conservative.

Here is what they SHOULD do and should have BEEN doing:

They should have continued their support of Moore.  They should have taken every step possible to insure his election.  They should not only have remembered the recent past elections, but they should understand that if the leftists are successful, ANY Republican running for office is just as liable to be the subject of these same kinds of 40 year old attacks... and they will be made up.

Because, after all, the goal is to politically kill someone for a short term election gain... and it doesn't cost them anything, with, in fact, 10's of millions of dollars in earned media resulting.

Support the man.  Fund him.  Give him a trial outside the newspapers/web sites if those same women don't vaporize like it seems they did when these same moronic stunts were tried against President Trump during his campaign.

If and only if, the allegations are proven.... then the Senate can kick him out or he can resign.

Of course, given the many alleged sexual harassment complaints against those in Congress now, maybe they wouldn't be so hot to trot to kick out someone when many of those warming those seats are likely guilty of far worse.

And THEN, the GOVERNOR, can appoint his replacement...  (And no, the new Governor had not endorsed either Strange nor Moore in the primary) and it's likely such a replacement would be both a Republican and at least a little bit more to the right than the democrat the RINOs are working so hard to elect.

As it is now, if the RINOs get their way, they'll be no appointment.  And once again, these idiots will have managed to lose the GOP another seat... not that it matters all that much, given the rank idiocy of those running the show in the GOP Senate now.

But there is at least a glimmer of a chance of keeping the seat in GOP hands if you keep running Moore.

There is no chance of keeping this seat GOP for the next 6 years... zero... none... if they don't.

Monday, November 13, 2017

A year ago today: The slaughter at the Bataclan Theater in Paris (Warning: Graphic)

130 dead. 413 wounded.

Never forget.  And never forget who did this.

What could go wrong? Army lifts ban on waivers for recruits with history of some mental health issues

Is this a good time to point out that the military has enough mental health problems as it is without opening this particular Pandora's Box?

Mental health services while on active duty generally and certainly post-discharge particularly are already strained to the breaking point... inadequate doesn't begin to describe it.

So let's allow people with demonstrated mental health issues to enlist... because, well, you know... what could go wrong?

Shades of McNamara's 100,000.

Army lists ban on waivers for recruits with history of some mental health issues
, USA TODAY Published 10:00 a.m. MT Nov. 12, 2017 | Updated 6:24 a.m. MT Nov. 13, 2017
WASHINGTON – People with a history of “self-mutilation,” bipolar disorder, depression and drug and alcohol abuse can now seek waivers to join the Army under an unannounced policy enacted in August, according to documents obtained by USA TODAY.
The decision to open Army recruiting to those with mental health conditions comes as the service faces the challenging goal of recruiting 80,000 new soldiers through September 2018. To meet last year's goal of 69,000, the Army accepted more recruits who fared poorly on aptitude tests, increased the number of waivers granted for marijuana use and offered hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

In Flanders Field (World War 1)

  In Flanders fields the poppies blow
    Between the crosses, row on row,
   That mark our place; and in the sky
   The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.
Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
   Loved and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
   The torch; be yours to hold it high.
   If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.

John McCrae, MD.  Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Thursday, November 09, 2017

New nick name for Davey Gellatly.

Another episode of "I got caught out as a liar" played itself out in SWWO, today, where Davey Gellatly did his best to distance himself from his strip club consulting buddy, Adrian Kallimanis.

You remember Adrian, right?  He was one of the numerous Gellatly Winged Monkeys that ol' Davey brought in to defend him... by attempting (and obviously failing) to discredit the numerous allegations against ol' Davey.

You know... the threats, the lies, the efforts at intimidation and humiliation and the like... just a tiny part of the reasons why this scum bag shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, let alone a county political party.

Well, even though Gellatly brought that scumbag in, he wasn't all that pleased at the droppings he scattered around in Davey's name.

Davey's problem?  The internet never forgets... and the screen captures are gold when Davey starts lying again.

Here's a sample of his strip-club managing buddy... and why on earth would our sainted county chair be objectifying women by going to places like that?

And more interestingly, why aren't the women flocking around that stain so unconcerned about it?

Gellatly acted like he'd never heard of this clown.

Well, until I pointed out this:

And poof!  Within moments, the entire thread was gone... like it has never happened.

And that's when it occurred to me: the gutless worm of a county party chair needed a new nickname.

Not something dirty or offensive, though many such names apply to lowlife scum like Davey.  But something descriptive that fit him to a "T."

So, announcing the new nick name for the snake running the Clark County GOP like he, personally, owned it:

Davey Delete!

Kinda rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

Like most cowards, he certainly doesn't want to stand by his words... particularly like today, when those words re-cemented his reputation of being both a liar... (Of course he knew the strip club manager) and the fact that this post by that guy, was a direct result of Davey Delete bringing him here... like the rest of his winged monkeys.... was in his support.

Davey HATES to be proven a liar... which happens, essentially, most every time he touches a keyboard.  He has deleted dozens of posts as a result of his complete lack of integrity, cowardess and low-life attitude that he's the kind and we're just peons.

Well, the new nick name will be a friendly reminder that people are paying attention to what this slimeball says and does.  And every time he lies... or threatens... or attempts to intimidate... he's going to get busted for it.

Strange that the RINOs don't seem to care that they've put someone who disrespects women so much... and lies so much... and threatens so much... and attempts to intimidate so much... in charge of a political party.

But hatred of conservatives can do that sort of thing, I suppose... because how else can you explain it?

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The RINO/Fake Conservative misunderstanding of the GOP's RINOism losing them the Senate.

My stalker seems really peeved that I called the Englund race like a pool shot... (3 ball in the corner...)

Besides the fact that it was as obvious to me as the Trump win, I took no pleasure in it beyond that of a confirmation that I was right.

The loss of the Senate doesn't concern me.  THAT it doesn't concern me goes to the heart of the matter.

We will not notice any appreciable difference between leftists control and leftist light.

The whining of the RINOs and their demands that we continue to support them in spite of their lies and their demonstrated lack of integrity are falling on increasingly deaf ears.

The whining of some that we should just STFU and keep voting lying scum back into office got them nowhere in the 45th... and it's not going to get them anywhere next November, either.

Had the GOP-Controlled Senate actually VOTED like Republicans instead of democrats, then yeah, I would have been concerned.  Terrified, in fact.

But time after time after time... when it mattered... they voted like the 25 of them were named Moeller.

Rivers' gas tax/tab fee scam.

Rivers' resurrection of the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Rivers' sell out on McCleary that has increased our property taxes by hundreds, that she has lied about publicly (I guarantee your property taxes are going down).

The Senate's sell out on charging citizens more for drivers licenses than illegal aliens, who shouldn't get licenses or any other support at all.

The Senate's passage of the state version of the Dream Act, that allows illegal aliens to have in-state tuition WHILE making sure that THEY come before citizens when it comes to getting seats in our universities... all while making them eligible for state, taxpayer-paid financial aid.

The implementation of a back door income tax, soaking employees and employers with a .4 percent tax to pay for paid family leave.

Each of these things were leftist goals, dutifully implemented by, you guessed it, the RINO-Controlled State Senate.

When confronted with that variety of legislative record, it was the same scam local RINOs ran on us to get their leftist buddy and my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, elected county chair with 39% of the vote.
While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us, we value Marc’s character, collegial temperament, ability to listen as well as to lead, and maturity in addressing different points of view. Furthermore, his perspective as a farmer, truck driver, and small business leader is essential on our council.
"While we don’t individually endorse all of his votes during that very long period of his service, and some of them concern several of us..."

Even these same RINOs that bailed on the GOP candidate running as a write in, acknowledged that Boldt's actual voting record, WHICH IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS, sucked.

And so what did this RINO crew tell us to do?

Ignore what he has done... ignore what we know he WILL do... and vote for him anyway.

Boldt, of course, has been a disaster.  He's still in that psychotic, pissed-off at the world zone that resulted from getting his ass kicked by David Madore back in 2012, and all thanks to the RINOs around here who put all of their efforts into getting a Young Democrat-endorsed clown elected County Chair.

These same RINOs are pissed that yet ANOTHER RINO candidate (And face it, the pro-choice Englund up in the 45th is more to the left than Cleveland) lost... and that they lost power in the RINO-controlled state senate.

And local RINOs are pissed that I was right. And make no mistake: this isn't about "right" or "wrong," if that were the case, Crain would have jumped off a bridge considering the crap she's pulled.

No, this is about power: their lack of it.  And they didn't give a damn that they'd eventually lose the Senate as a result of their overt RINOism...  And that is exactly what happened.

They'll get over it.  That they support psychotic liars for office merely because of a label these clowns choose to use.... and that once elected, they'll lie, exaggerate and actively oppose the tenets of Republicanism once they get there?

Why, that's just the cherry on top.

Yesterday's debacle was, in large part, the result of bedrock Republicans staying home.  And they stayed home because these same RINOs failed to act like Republicans, failed to adhere to Republican ideals... and most importantly, failed to vote like Republicans.

RINO hissy-fits notwithstanding.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Local RINOs seem upset that I made Gellatly look like an idiot on the Englund race.

Look.  I get that some of the old, dementedly senile, politically ignorant types seem to be having a hissy fit that I nailed the race in the 45th District months ago.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Monday, August 07, 2017

Friday, October 20, 2017

I tried to warn everyone.  Between her district demographics and the years-long betrayal of the RINO-controlled State Senate, the outcome was painfully obvious months ago.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, meme and text

Now, the more clueless are acting as if the RINOs running the state senate DIDN'T jack up our gas tax and tab fees by billions, DIDN'T jack up our property taxes by billions and then LIE about it... DIDN'T approve a driver's license that cost much more for citizens than it did illegal aliens... DIDN'T pass a state version of the so-called Dream Act, granting illegals the right to in-state tuition while making them eligible for taxpayer-funded student aid when we didn't... and don't... have enough money to provide adequate aid for citizens, let alone those who legally aren't even allowed to live here.

They choose to forget all about years of RINO GOP efforts to depress the vote from the base... much like RINOs around here endorsed leftist democrats instead of conservatives.

But that's neither here nor there.  ANY of the consultants who even remotely believed Englund had a chance should refund every dime of the millions spent to drag that horse over the finish line in a district already lost to the left... long before the untimely demise of the late Sen. Andy Hill.

It wasn't rocket science: you had a district where both representatives were democrat and the GOP candidate got clobbered in the primary.  A blind cat could see it in a minute.

Our simple idiot of a GOP Chair tried to tell us that didn't mean anything... but, as he is in so many other aspects... his life... his politics.... his incompetent handling of the party... Davey Gellatly was flat, dead, wrong.

The numbers don't lie.  And you ignore them at your peril.

Now, of course, the lying RINOs are whining about increased taxes (like the GOP Senate DIDN'T increase taxes by billions?) and an income tax (like the GOP Senate DIDN'T implement an income tax to pay for their idiotic "paid family leave" stupidity?) as if the RINO-controlled Senate were paragons of conservative virtue instead of punks for the WEA, the democrats, and an out-of-control Supreme Court.

They whine about Reagan's so-called 80% rule, hypocritically failing to acknowledge that whenever the mood strikes THEM, they ignore it even MORE.

But then, frequently, to be a RINO is to BE a hypocrite.

There was no way... none... Englund was going to win.

Clearly, the GOP RINOs and liars were going to lose control over the senate and their cherished committees... even those like Rivers (assuming she doesn't switch parties... an altogether likely possibility) who were bending us over to the WEA even as she was hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm, Strategies 360.

And no... I am neither surprised... nor disappointed... that they lost as my professional judgment told me they were going to lose.

Had they kept their word... had they told the Supreme Court to drop dead on McCleary... had they not voted for GOP bills that looked like Jimmy Moeller wrote them... had they not screwed us over... and over... and over again... then yeah, I would have been upset about it.

As it is, there was far too little separating the two parties... and lacking any such difference, they also lacked any compelling reason to vote for them.

Lie enough... betray enough... out-democrat the democrats enough.... and this is what you get.

Using our two local lying Senators as an example?

It's also what they deserved.

Gelatly and Crain's involvement in Greene campaign guaranteed loss.

The moment I found out that incompetents like those were within 50 miles of Greene's effort, I knew he was doomed.

Gellatly, of course, has never ran for political office.  Carolyn Crain has been an abysmal candidate, much like she's been an abysmal PCO, every pathetic time she's tried... and there have been many times she's tried... and she's failed every time.

To win an election, you need to surround yourself with winners... or at least those who actually know people who've won.

The 49th is, as they say, Charlie's Country.  The GOP doesn't win here... and the turnout, when combined with the RINO-hatred of David Madore, is responsible for jamming the neo-communist charter down our collective throats.

Greene had a long putt to make to be sure.  But when I observed those who were primarily supporting him, months ago, I knew he had no chance.  When combined with the far-left tilt of the Vancouver Soviet, there was really no way to get past the "we're all going to die if the oil terminal is built" messaging so popular with the gullibles and the ignorant.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of in-kind contributions and campaign ads masquerading as newspaper articles, uniformly condemnatory covering a leftist district certainly makes for a leftist outcome.  Add the incompetence of the Bobbsey Twins... and, well, the result was a foregone conclusion.

The nightmare of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' CRC/Loot Rail scam coming to a town near us.

With Gas Tax Rivers' effort to resurrect the CRC/Loot Rail scam, we need to make sure that we don't forget what lay ahead of us as she completes her sell out to the local interests who own her like the Civil War never took place.
$500M hole: How hot economy, city requests punctured Sound Transit’s Lynnwood light-rail budget 
 Sound Transit’s trains will run next to the east side (at left) of Interstate 5 between Northgate and Lynnwood. About 70,000 boardings a day are expected in the 8.5-mile corridor, an alternative to I-5 traffic. (Mike Siegel/The Seattle Times)
Originally published November 6, 2017 at 6:00 am Updated November 6, 2017 at 12:34 pm 
If not reduced, the half-billion-dollar overrun might delay future light-rail extensions to Everett, or sink taxpayers deeper in debt. Already, the Lynnwood grand opening has been delayed at least six months into 2024.
Mike Lindblom By Mike Lindblom
Seattle Times transportation reporter 
An astonishing $510 million. 
How did the cost to build light rail from Northgate to Lynnwood increase so much since last year, with little warning?

Even by Puget Sound megaproject standards, that is real money. 
Light rail costs soar 
Sound Transit says four kinds of cost increases pushed Lynnwood Link’s $2.4 billion estimated price to $2.9 billion: 
• Increased design and “scope creep,” such as larger stations: $150 million to $190 million.
• Higher land costs, due to 44 percent inflation and 190 more parcels needed: $100 million.
• New contracting method, to spend money earlier for final engineering: $90 million to $120 million.
• Construction market increases, due to high demand:$140 million to $190 million.
Source: Sound Transit briefings 
Left untamed, a half-billion-dollar overrun might delay future extensions to Everett, or sink taxpayers deeper in debt. Already, the Lynnwood grand opening has been delayed at least six months into 2024, because of unstable federal funding and Sound Transit’s need to find a more economical design. 
Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff raised the official estimate to $2.9 billion in August for the 8½-mile light-rail extension, called Lynnwood Link, up from $2.4 billion. 
Our region’s hot economy is largely to blame. Property values alone shot up 44 percent since 2014, and construction costs soared. The price of masonry doubled, and escalators quadrupled, the agency says. 
But there’s another reason: the inflation of desires. 
During the nine years since voters said yes, cities and transit planners asked for a multitude of features that each might seem reasonable, but taken as a whole help put the original cost projections out of reach.

Imagine.... 8.5 miles of loot rail at the now bargain price of ONLY 2.9 BILLION DOLLARS!

This is the disaster that Rivers, Wilson, Harris, and Vick would foist on us.

There is no way to fix this, outside the standard "screw the taxpayers" shtick so beloved by RINOs.

By reopening the Pandora's Box of the CRC/Loot Rail scam, these fake Republicans are opening us up for additional hundreds of millions of dollars in costs that our children's children will be responsible for paying... long after we're all dead.

Keep informed. Be aware.  "Republican" is nothing but a label.  People like this make it meaningless.

A brief presentation of the case about Gellatly's threats, intimidation and incompetence.

There are, of course, two sides to every story.

This is the side Davey Gellatly doesn't want you to see... and denies ever happened.

This is why Gellatly is dangerous... as are those enabling and supporting him.

Credit to DelavarPix for putting this presentation together.

Monday, November 06, 2017

My problem with the RINO tax plan? It fixes nothing... it merely shifts it.

First, let me say at the outset that the current plan likely won't bear all that much resemblance to what the Senate votes on.

Second, as someone much smarter than I once opined, "We don't have a revenue problem... we have a spending problem."

Third, the GOP pols in office are, by a majority, rotten to the core.

At the federal level, the reality is simple: if Congress didn't want there to be a deficit, there wouldn't be one.

Like the disaster of the last GOP State Senate that sold itself (and us) to the WEA like a crack whore, busting us in the chops with yet ANOTHER MASSIVE TAX INCREASE, we've had Republican Congressmen come out and assure us that this is, in fact, a tax CUT.... precisely like the Lie Sisters, Wilson and Rivers, came out and told us that the scam WEA roll-over they supported (And in Rivers' case, helped to "negotiate" in the midst of her hiring by Strategies 360, a DEMOCRAT campaign firm) will also result in property tax CUTS when, as it turns out, we are all going to get hit with massive increases of the state portion of our property taxes to pay for their idiocy.

What... those two idiots believed they could add between 5 and 6 billion dollars to the budget and we WOULDN'T pay for it through the nose?

My wife asked me the other day: "Why would they say something like that in the face of the overwhelming evidence that they were wrong?"

One of two reasons was my response:  They're either liars... or they're stupid.  Either way they need to be fired.

And this, you see, is the problem.  People who want something in politics typically lie.

Such as Rivers' horrific lies about the gas tax, she really didn't give a damn about how much passage of that GOP rip off would hurt us... or how opposed we were to it.

Her lying to get elected... her pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases... became a casualty of her own greed and avarice where she put HER judgment ahead of those she allegedly represents.

Her pledge became a casualty of what she refers to as a "business decision."  In this case, yoking the people of Clark County to her $700 million dollar tax bill... something more than $1500 per man, woman and child in this county, was the "decision," while WE got the "business."

At the federal level, these people were NOT elected to raise taxes.  And on the heads of so many, that is precisely what I believe the effect of this bill on those actually PAYING taxes would actually be.

As it is, a huge majority of our population not only pays nothing in federal taxes, they get bribes back from the Fed in the guise of the so-called Earn Income Tax Credit.

And those who are paying the freight?  Well now, it appears they are going to have to pay even more.

And what are these same people saying... what are they planning on doing to CUT government spending?

Nothing that I can see.

In fact, didn't the first FOUR Trillion Dollar budget just get passed?  WIth the GOP in charge of the entire government?

ALWAYS keep in mind that under Obama, Congress DOUBLED the deficit to $20 trillion.  When are these people... who seem to be proving themselves to be "democrat-lite," going to begin the process of reducing that figure?

When are they going to meaningfully CUT spending?  When are we going to stop sprinting TOWARDS the cliff, instead of turning around and at least walking AWAY from it?

I oppose the tax plan.  Like the Clark County Youth Football League, it punishes success while encouraging greed and a complete lack of accountability.

The past few years have driven home the reality that members of the Legislature and the Congress lie... REGARDLESS of party.

They lie because they really DO believe us to be stupid.  Our own Congresswoman acts like a whale, cruising below the surface and only coming up for air when she absolutely has to.

Haven't heard HER weigh in on this, have you?

Don't hold your breath.

This plan is merely moving one pile of paper to a different pile.  It does not do what needs to be done to achieve the strong economy they keep talking about; instead, we get molested in a very real version of "House of Cards," with Congress playing the role of Kevin Spacey.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

What does the current CCGOP Regime and the Soviet Union have in common?

Back in the day, particularly post World War Two in Eastern Europe, the Soviets would frequently claim they had taken control of what became the Warsaw Pact countries through "free and open elections."

What that looks like is up to the reader: one man's view of freedom may very well be another man's definition of oppression.

But MY definition of "free and open", while containing many things, does NOT contain threats or intimidation.

The Soviets would frequently kidnap leaders of the countries they were infesting and have little chats with these individuals in police stations and the like when they didn't just take folks out and shoot them if they dared to speak out or otherwise oppose the regime the Soviets wanted to... and typically did, install.

Torture would be used to get signed confessions, show trials would be held, prisoners sentenced to life or other long terms in gulags or prisons were the order of the day.

It also doesn't include ballots which can identify voters, another favorite tactic of the Soviets, particularly in their efforts to expel the Allies from Berlin.

In an effort to control the outcome, Russians used marked or different colored ballots.  That way, they could identify political opponents, many of whom found themselves living in the Russian Zone of Occupation which became first, Eat Germany and second, East Berlin.

The government of immediate post World War Two Berlin, known as the Berlin Assembly had control over various appointments (mayor, police commissioner, treasurer and the like) and a variety of other issues.  Initially, the Assembly met in the Soviet Sector, until their efforts to fix elections and intimidate electors became so overt that the Allies authorized the movement of these Assembly meetings to the Allied Sector, ending much of the intimidation and all of the marked ballots.

The Russians, you see, would nominate who THEY wanted... and those who spoke out against them?

Frequently wound up dead.

Regular readers are well aware of the tactics of the Clark County GOP chair.  Threats and intimidation are his shtick.

His winged monkeys don't care or don't believe it, but they haven't received the drunk texts late at night, or the threat of exposure of personal information or the lies such as the claim that I had received a dishonorable discharge as a result of an affair with a commander's wife.

The man lies like he breathes.

In everything from the post-midnight efforts to force me to meet with him to the cutsie threats, most recently this:

He's shown himself to be someone better suited for imprisonment than leadership.

But in addition to all of that, at the most recent corruption where he had his gutless followers do his bidding since the fix was in, Gellatly fell back on the Soviet-style tradition of using marked ballots.

He admits it in one of his many "can't wait to discuss internal party issues with a democratian reporter" pieces in the democrat newsletter.
"As to Wagner’s claim, Gellatly said the ballots were in fact numbered. But not to track how PCOs voted. He said ballots were marked to keep track of how many ballots were distributed. 
“If anybody was concerned, (they) could rip the corner off,” Gellatly said. 
He said most did before voting took place."
What's problematic is that Gellatly is a serial liar.

A thinking reporter, instead of one of these young morons working for minimum wage that has been brought on board the local leftist swindle sheet, would have, perhaps, talked to somebody NOT named Gellatly, and asked a few other questions:
So, is numbering the ballots standard procedure?
Really?  Then why did you do it on that particular night?
Well, uh, gee.... uh...
Couldn't you have numbered the ballots and then handed them out after everyone had sat down?  You know, at random?
Uh, yeah, I GUESS we could have.
When you say that "most tore off the number off before the voting took place," do you have any way to prove that?
Uh, well, no....
Yup.  Gellatly's answers sound totally legit, to a politically ignorant girl with a crush.
The only truth to the rumors? Herrera Beutler did provide pizza and beer for the meeting.
That WASN'T the ONLY truth.  (For example, the owners imposing a $2250 "fine" was not only true, the moron who wrote their article admitted as much. That he later withdrew it doesn't mean that, at the time, it WASN'T true... but that doesn't sound nearly as cool as giving Gellatly a complete pass, does it?)

And when you want your hero to shine, you can kind of try and connect the dots the way YOU want them to look... but hey, the democratian has NEVER done that, have they?

Yeah, it was very much a Soviet-style gig.  The unnecessary and unneeded muscle at the door, a serious effort to make what is supposed to be a public meeting private, a hired gun brought in without notice by the scumbag chair... marked ballots, never before seen to my knowledge.

Yup.  Nothing to see here as Davey does his best Joe Stalin imitation... and his winged monkeys won't care.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

The Injustice of Bergdahl

Many years ago, I was flying to Europe on a C5 Galaxy as a more or less newly minted Lieutenant... 34 years, now?

Seated next to me was a surprisingly ancient full bull, a US Army Colonel who, it turns out, was one of the, if not THE senior judge in USAEUR, US Army Europe.

As we flew over the Atlantic, he asked me questions about Combat Arms... I asked him questions about the UCMJ (Uniformed Code of Military Justice) the governing laws we all served under.

I talked about tracks, cannons, tactics, and life in the field.

He talked about court cases, some of which were truly bizarre... and military law.

The only specific thing he told me that I can remember... a thing that has stuck with me all these years.... was a simple observation that slammed me in the face the moment I heard the Bergdahl verdict:

"Frequently, there is a vast difference between military law and justice."


This miscarriage of justice is laid at the feet of one person and one person only, the judge that let him skate.

Army Col. Jeffery Nance, JAG, was the judge.  He doesn't have much of an internet presence.

What I know is that he spit in the face of the families of the 6 dead men who went out looking for this scumbag.  He spit in the face of Master Sergeant Mark Allen and his family.

This is what Bergdahl did.  This is as good as it's going to get for Allen for as long as he lives.

Image result for wounded looking for bergdahlThis is as good as it's going to get for his wife... who did nothing to deserve this... and his daughter.... who did nothing to deserve this.

This man and the other men..... the judge spit in their faces and the faces of their families as well.

Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, 29, of San Antonio, Texas, and Private 1st Class Morris Walker, 23, of Chapel Hill, N.C., were killed by a roadside bomb in Paktika province on Aug. 18, 2009, while trying to find Bergdahl. Like Bergdahl, they were part of the 4th BCT from Fort Richardson, Alaska.

Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss, 27, of Murray, Utah, died Aug. 26 in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when he was shot while his unit was supporting Afghan security forces during an enemy attack. Like Bergdahl, Bowen and Walker, he was part of the 4th BCT.

2nd Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, 34, of Dallas, Texas, died Sept. 4 in Paktika Province when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device and a rocket-propelled grenade. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker and Curtiss, Andrews was part of the 4th BCT.

Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey, 25, of Snyder, Texas, died Sept. 6 in Paktika province after being wounded by an IED. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker, Curtiss and Andrews, Murphrey was part of the 4th BCT.

On Sept. 4, 2009, Private 1st Class Matthew Martinek, 20, of DeKalb, Ill., was seriously wounded in Paktika province when Taliban forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device, a rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire.

There is, indeed, a vast difference between Army law and Justice.

This Judge made the decision that none of this matters.

Leftists are gleefully blaming the president on this, for speaking his mind on this issue.  Of course, they criticize him for anything he does, regardless.

That had nothing to do with this outcome.

The purpose of the trial judge is to adjudicate guilt or innocence.

Matters of command influence can be... and should have been... handled under appeal.  If the judge was so worried about any personal impact it was going to have on him individually, he could have... and obviously should have... recused himself.  When the soldier in question PLEADS guilty... where is the issue of "command influence?"

I can't even begin to imagine what the families of those men who bled to find this scumbag are going through.

Clearly, Bergdahl is guilty.  He said so himself by pleading guilty to the charges and specifications. And so is this judge.

I know what my reaction would be if I were one of those families.  And now, the only question is: how long does Bergdahl have before justice is meted out the way it should have been by this judge?

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Even after confirmation, local leftists still cover for Jacks.

It's not like they give a damn about the truth when it involves one of their own, right?

Jacks denied it and the rag covered for him. To my knowledge, he never admitted his misconduct with female staff and the rag never really pushed him on it.  No problem there, right, Jim?

IMAGINE what these same people would be saying if Jacks had an "R" after his name.

Jesus... you people make me sick.

Jim Luce · 
Really? You really needed to print this AP wire story? It is very old news.
Jim Jacks served as a valued member of our City Council. As a State Representative his addiction led him to do something stupid. He apologized prosely. He resigned. And he moved on.
Jim and his family live in our community. He has for years been a valued member of the Portland State University. We are proud to count Jim as a friend.
If the Columbian really wants “the local angle” on sexual harassment, send out a reporter and write a story that is current. I hope you don’t find any but you won’t know until you do some real reporting.
LikeReply22 hrs
Jeffrey Gibbons
I am also hearing the same story on OPB so the Columbian is not the onlt news source to be publishing this. The original news story the Columbian published was from the AP.

While the Jacks story may be "old". the underlying issue about how the Washington state house "handled" the situation is a valid concern and perhaps deserves a second look. In any case the time for covering up this type of stuff is over.

Perhaps the next thing we need to concern ourselves will be the "guilty until proven innocent" response to these situations. People need to be held responsible for their actions but let's remember that a "charge" does not always equate to truth...

Yes, I broke the story on the Jim Jacks' resignation for misconduct with female staff.

So, the democratian FINALLY gets around to the truth of the Jim Jacks matter that I had told everyone about years ago... at the time it happened.

No leftist cover up.  Nothing to see here, move along.

Excerpts from the posts detailing both the reasons for his resignation and the democratian's efforts to cover it up.  These are in reverse order: my post breaking Jacks' resignation long before the democratian got around to it is at the very bottom of this entry.

February 21, 2012

One has to wonder: why is the newspaper protecting Jim Jacks.... I mean, Marc Boldt?

Former Rep. Jim Jacks (D-49) was forced out of the legislature by his caucus for alcohol-fueled misconduct with female staffers.  The Columbian refused to report the entirety of the truth on this issue; in fact, when presented with the opportunity, never specifically asked Jacks anything about the issues in question.

It has been over 332 days since Jacks' expulsion.  The excuse repeatedly given by the Columbian is a so-called "lack of a paper trail."  It would seem that actually interviewing people in Olympia who know is somehow out of the question.  I guess those reporters doing such "solid, informative" work just couldn't find the time.

November 20, 2011

It's eight months today that the Columbian began their cover up of the Jim Jacks scandal, to protect him... and the democrats.


Former Rep. Jacks resigned due to misconduct that involved staffers and alcohol.

This has been confirmed to me by multiple sources.

Jacks is a democrat, so naturally the local Goebbelian propaganda arm will do anything they can to protect him or any other democrat... after all, didn't they insist on endorsing a democrat for Assessor WHO HAD NEVER VOTED IN THE ENTIRETY OF HER LIFE?

The allegations concerning Jacks range from repeated sexual harassment episodes, to inappropriate physical contact to all hours "drunk calls" to at least one female staffer.

The democratian likely knows this. The information is, in fact, readily available, and the democrat's efforts to keep it covered up, while expected and supported by the rag is hardly the kind of transparency exhibited during the episodes concerning Jim Dunn and Richard Curtis... so the double standard is both obvious... and blatant.

September 22, 2011

Well, it's been 6 months now and thanks to Brancaccio and Chopp, Jacks looks like he's getting away with it.

This blog broke the story that former Rep. Jim Jacks (Boozer-49) quit in the middle of the last legislative session as a result of misconduct he engaged in related to his alcoholism.

The local paper, which I refer to as the democratian for reasons such as this one, did absolutely nothing to discover the nature of this misconduct, which involved female staffers working for the Legislature both in the democrat caucus and from the Office of Program Research.

The only thing I didn't do is provide the names.

The rag's excuse was there wasn't a "paper trail." and, therefore, they were helpless.

Brancaccio did a powder puff interview with Jacks which accomplished absolutely nothing concerning either the true reasons for Jacks' departure or the names of his victims.  he had the opportunity to specifically ask Jacks... and refused to ask the questions that should have been asked.

July 23, 2011

Was it four months ago the cancer on our local society began their Jim Jacks cover up?

The little clock widget continues the countdown from the day politic journalism finally died at the democratian.

It was 120 days ago that then State Representative Jim Jacks was unceremoniously ejected in a web of lies, drunkeness and misconduct with female staffers, all while our local rag stood there, paralyzed like it had just been visited by a Tarantula Wasp, stung, and had the egg laid on it's abdomen to be eaten alive later after the egg hatched.
Given the last election cycle and Lou Brancaccio's despicable columns crucifying candidates and others smart enough to oppose his twisted world view, it's hard to deny his efforts to protect a fellow leftist, particularly one who had carried the rag's agenda like Gunga Din bringing Slurpees to the troops out in the field.

There's precisely no excuse for this floor-flusher's failure to have gone after Jacks with all the enthusiasm he disoplayed in goijg after, say, me... or Peter Van Nortwick... or as he was winding up to punch Brent Boger before others with some decency knocked him into next week.

Let's set the stage.  Then Rep. Jacks (D-49) was a drunk.  He engaged in misconduct with his own legislative assistant and with a female staffer from OPR.  He was o0berved by another legislator engaging in that misconduct on St. Patrick's Day this year in Olympia.  As a result, he was gone before the week was out.

June 27, 2011

A quick quiz for Lou Brancaccio. So Lou, what's it mean when an organization like ICC (aka Identity Vancouver) has a speaker like Jim Jacks?

It wasn't that long ago that local media bully sprayed a few hundred gallons of ink my way by attempting to hurt Ann Rivers by beating her over the head with me.

A classic case of attempting to infer guilt by association.  In fact, that punk was so enamored about his one-sided mud-slinging that I rated two consecutive weeks of his babble.  Later, he was loading up to crucify Brent Boger the same way, but stupid enough to tip his hand, and he was beaten senseless as a result.  Naturally, he ran away with his tail between his legs, having FINALLY crossed the line.

That brings us to this situation: the ongoing democratian cover-up of the escapades of a drunk, serial harasser by the name of Jim Jacks.

Jacks was a state representative invited to get his ass out of the House of Representatives most-riki-tik because of his final straw shattered over the back of a camel last St Patrick's Day.

While Jacks has publicly confirmed he has an alcohol problem, he has never publicly disclosed the extent of his misconduct with female staffers in Olympia.

June 26, 2011

A sad anniversary passes: The Columbian continues their cover-up on the Jim Jacks misconduct issues.

When you're a democrat front publication, it's difficult to break the leash from your fellow fringe leftists and it's even harder to treat a bridger/looter Gunga Din water carrier for our local rag the same way they have treated, say, Peter Van Nortwick.

So, here's what we've got: a fringe-leftist who voted almost exactly like neo-communist Jim Moeller; who was a drunk, and who engaged in misconduct with female staffers.

The other thing we've got is a self-neutered newspaper, who, like the people living across the street from Dachau who didn't know it was a concentration camp, doesn't "know" about Jacks' well known and easily verified misconduct... misconduct that led to his resignation and subsequent expulsion from the House... that, because they're too stupid to find a paper trail, can't "prove" anything so they refuse to "speculate" about Jacks' expulsion.

And like those living in Dachau... if they don't know?

It's entirely and only because they don't WANT to know.

Yeah, I know his lies about "resigning."  But he didn't "resign" so much as he left under the threat of exposure.  The rag knows this, of course, but because Jacks was their faithful lackey, well, they couldn't go out there and follow up... and then publish it, could they?

May 23, 2011

Congrats to the democratian for 60 days of burying the Jim Jacks/House democrat story.

It's got to be tough on the lazy D.  When the democrats own you because they gave you a huge tax break while they jacked everybody else's taxes up, you know you're beholden to them, because you also know that switch flips both ways.

In this case, the democratian is repaying the favor by continuing to bury the Jim Jacks misconduct story as they have failed to engage in even 7th grade school newspaper journalism to get the facts in the hopes that everyone will "forget."

Well, I won't forget.  And every so often, I'll remind the reader that the local paper failed in it's duty to dig out the story, letting the supposedly "transparent" democrats completely off the hook and failing to report on then Rep. Jacks' rank misconduct, likely alcohol fuel but never the less, misconduct of a sort they don't want the average reader to know about... because the pattern of misconduct isn't recent... it's long term.

Our local paper has lowered the bar to unheard of levels.  The editor, who has had no trouble at all crusading against ME seems incapable of speaking truth to power and crusading against THEM.

Rest assured, gentle reader, had it been Rep. Hinton, there is no stone the local rag would not have turned over; no colleague or staffer they wouldn't have interviewed, no rumor they wouldn't have run down to the DNA level.

Because that's how they roll.

May 9, 2011

More democratian double standard: Speculation on Jacks misconduct verbotten. Speculation on Randy Leonard's daughter's death? Encouraged.

Was it just 45 days ago that democrat former State Rep. Jim Jacks' alcoholic misconduct caught up with him and his caucus ejected him under the guise of his "resignation?"

Most know the details the rag won't publish or even spend any time investigating.  You know... that would be something akin to "journalism," one of the long, lost "dark arts" the paper knows so little about.

Remember the first effort to cover for Jacks and the fringe-left democrats?  Here's a brief reminder:

April 25, 2011

Lou puts up another nonsensical self-serving poll:

What a total crock.
Did former Vancouver State Rep. Jim Jacks do the right thing by going public on why he suddenly resigned from office? 
Yes. Not only did he have an obligation to do so, most members of the community will rally behind him now. 55%  94 votes
No. As soon as he left office he was a private citizen and had no obligation to tell the community anything. 35%  61 votes
No opinion at this time. 8% 15 votes 170 total votes
It's this variety of self-serving crap that makes Brancaccio ooze the way he does.

It's a variety of "heads I win, tails you lose" questions that, once again, completely ignore Brancaccio's complete lack of journalistic integrity and the fact that he's let Jacks skate like Jacks was paying him.

The questions Brancaccio SHOULD have asked?

We all know there's much more to this then Jacks has told us; no one resigns and moves out so fast they leave a vacuum behind.
1.  Was I right to violate any tenet of fairness and integrity to let Jacks off the hook so I can cover for him?
2.  Will This paper EVER have any respect for the unvarnished truth instead of just continuing on as a left wing swindle sheet?
3.  Should I have asked him about specific examples of misconduct instead of letting him control the interview and blow me off like a rookie cub reporter?
4.  Should I resign immediately as well?
April 20, 2011

More confirmation of the democratian double standard.

As we all know, Jim Jacks resigned suddenly for reasons the local rag will not only not print, but will neither speculate about NOR ALLOW OTHERS TO SPECULATE ABOUT.

Comments to that effect were removed from the Jim Jacks democratian puff piece because, by golly, when it comes to Jacks... ve vill not allow speculation! und, und, und!

Unless it's for any other story.

Speculation and unsubstantiated claims ran rampant recently when it came to a local oregon lottery winner, going so far as to claim she was a heroin adict.

All of this begs the question as we end the 27th day without any news from the democratian... because, of course, they've made no effort to GET the news concerning Jacks misconduct.

March 28, 2011

A recent, illustrated history of democratian hypocrisy: Jim Jacks compared to an auto accident

Most anyone reading my blog is aware of the Jim Jacks debacle, some level of his rampant misconduct in Olympia concerning female staffers and alcohol at a minimum, and the democratian's cooperation with the democrats; who, through tax breaks, own that rag like they use it to mop up oil in a garage and their not even subtle efforts to bury this, covering for both Jacks and democrats.

From the comment section on the lame article the democratian settled for:

Friday, March 25, 2011

The democratian's, reeking, rank hypocrisy on Jacks' "wishes" and "privacy."

As someone who has been the object of a one sided, exaggerated, slanted and biased character assassination by the democratian, I can't help but be amused by the concern expressed by the rag over Jack's departure. For example:

Truth time, democratian: Rep. Jacks forced resignation is due to misconduct.

Former Rep. Jacks resigned due to misconduct that involved staffers and alcohol.

This has been confirmed to me by multiple sources.

Jacks is a democrat, so naturally the local Goebbelian propaganda arm will do anything they can to protect him or any other democrat... after all, didn't they insist on endorsing a democrat for Assessor WHO HAD NEVER VOTED IN THE ENTIRETY OF HER LIFE?

The allegations concerning Jacks range from repeated sexual harassment episodes, to inappropriate physical contact to all hours "drunk calls" to at least one female staffer.

The democratian likely knows this. The information is, in fact, readily available, and the democrat's efforts to keep it covered up, while expected and supported by the rag is hardly the kind of transparency exhibited during the episodes concerning Jim Dunn and Richard Curtis... so the double standard is both obvious... and blatant.

Democrat State Rep. Jim Jacks (D 49) resigning effective immediately.

Due to some issue with a staff member. More as I get it.