Monday, November 27, 2017

Still waiting on that leftist outrage over congressional sexual misconduct. Where is it?

As expected, the leftist hypocrites remain silent in the face of the overt sexual misconduct their side has routinely engaged in over the years while falsely claiming to be the party of women.

If you engage in this sort of thing, you all should be treated exactly the same.  Condemn, for example, Judge Moore (who has no evidence save that which shows the democrat tie-ins with his accusers) for his alleged conduct?  Tell us that HE is "unfit" based on allegations alone?

Then do the same when your colleagues engage in what amounts to taxpayer-financed sexual misconduct.  And make damned sure each and every one of those scum who used taxpayer money to pay off their accusers is also outed.

These guys are as scummy as Davey Delete.

So far, Al Franken and John Conyers have been outed... actual hard evidence exists... indefensible and indisputable that these scum used their positions to mistreat women in many ways, ways that should be unimaginable for any person in government.

We know they've done it.  What's missing, even here locally, is any of the fake, bogus outrage that, for example, our worthless slimeball of a hypocritical congresswoman and our two state hypocrites in the US Senate had no problem engaging in when the subject was then-Candidate Trump, now President Trump, and those morons believed he was going to lose... making him an easy target for their leftist condemnation.

Where is Ridgefield Barbie?  Where are her press releases and interviews about her colleague's despicable conduct?  Where's her demands to release the entire list of those who are unfit to be allowed out in public, let alone be members of our governing bodies; some 264 or so who wasted $17 million of OUR dollars to pay off their accusers?


Like any other controversial area, save for her electoral theatrics last cycle, her cowardice extends far beyond her fear of holding town hall meetings.

She's no different than the leftists "representing" in the Senate.

Their hatred against the President continues unabated.  Their concern over their fellow women?

Not so much.

These women have a duty to us all, which, once again, they're choosing to ignore.

They should be at LEAST as rabid in their attacks against their colleagues who are as unfit for elective office as they were against Candidate Trump.

One wonders: why ain't that happenin'?

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