Saturday, February 28, 2015

Notes from CCGOP PCO meeting.

CCGOP meeting. Calm so far.

I apparently spoke too soon. Bruhaha over who is and is not a pco, who was and was not in and allowed at Jan 8 meeting.

Resolved that, more or less. We have a quorum.

Around 130 or so pco's. No taxes paid as yet per treasurer, but working on it.

State committee report: "establishment" hijinks.

Abstentions were counted as yeas.

Berrigan was "accosted" by Hutchison. Any disrespect towards Herrera would result in people being "thrown out" (presumably of the meeting). Berrigan is now on WSRP Executive Committee.

Made proposals that were signed by 15 members.

Allegations should be taken up with those being targeted.

State committee adopted illegal rules by allowing county chairs to vote (RCW specifies that only committee men and women are in the state committee. )

Establishment, bad.

It's all about "defeating conservatives." (From the establishment perspective)

It's getting angry in here. Much of Berrigan's report was editorializing. Some here weren't happy about the length or the time he took.

Request that meeting run under Robert's Rules.

Censure Resolution up.

Crain objects to consideration of the motion. Chair recognizes her right. Requires 2/3rd vote to end consideration.

Crain again objects. Motion was made last meeting to put motion agenda, and nothing more than that.
Requires 2/3rd vote to cut off debate.

Chair is not an expert on RRoO. And he should be.

Result: Yeas:58 Neas:67 motion fails.

Doesn't look great for Jaime. Crain assured me she had the votes on the censure motion. Doesn't appear to be the case.

Chair explains rules of debate on the motions.

Substitute is being read into the record.

Amendment to the substitute being offered. Chair ruled it's in order. Includes specific votes on HR1540 and HR4310; issues involving citizens being held without trial.

People remain angry. Both sides are showing anger.

Jaime supporters have no apparent problem with this vote.

Van Norwich opposes... Doesn't get why or believe that a cumulative effect rates censure.

Bowman in opposition. Says if you oppose this you're probably in the wrong party.

Voice vote too close... Standing vote now underway.

Yeas: 56 Neas:57 motion fails

Additional amendments added. Add 1 to committee to avoid a tie.

Passes by voice vote.

Change wording to reflect both parties instead of just GOP.

Jaime supporter claims intimidation because he has been told that censure motion would be run at every meeting as a result.

Crain claims division of the party... she's off topic.

Crain: we don't understand what Jaime is doing. Apparently, only the few get the big picture.

C Miller running down current events. We need a congresswoman to stand up, and she hasn't.

Zippy claims pco's have no power in any of this.

Didnt get the name. Censure now.

Beeson: can't tell elected officials what to do once we elect them.

VanGelder: all this committee is doing is reporting what they're doing.

Halaman 324 we have to support our representatives. No matter what. Jaime won everywhere, so we can't tell her anything.

Motion to postpone indefinitely fails yeas 50, Neas 66.

Berrigan explains committee assignment which is only to provide information.

Vote on the substitute resolution to go forward.

If amendment fails, then the censure motion is voted on.

Roll call vote requested.

fails yeas: 53 Neas: 55

Deciding now if substitute replaces censure motion.

Yeas 81 to 33 passes.

Now voting on substitute which passes 60 to 59.

Live at CCGOP PCO meeting.

I'll be watching the circus and will keep you informed. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

For several months now, I've been pointing out Obama is a liar on the IRS emails....

Look, I knew from the start that those emails weren't "lost."  The IT system has multiple redundancies... it's IMPOSSIBLE to "lose" emails.

But imagine my surprise at this:
But under questioning from Mr. Chaffetz, Mr. Camus said it took him only two weeks to track down the backup tapes, and when he asked the IRS depository for them, the workers there said they’d never been contacted by the agency itself. 
Republicans said that was stunning because IRS Commissioner John Koskinen repeatedly assured Congress the emails were irretrievably lost. 
“I think they have misled or lied to the committee,” said Rep. John L. Mica, Florida Republican. 
Mr. Camus said they were clued in to the 424 new tapes they just found a couple of weeks ago after realizing the IRS hadn’t given over a key document. They demanded that document, and realized it showed hundreds of other tapes existed.

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So, this fat guy (Meaning me) knew that the emails weren't lost; the IT Department knew they weren't lost, and then we come to find out that those who would have the emails in question...


Folks, leftist heads all over the country would be exploding if the roles had been reversed... if this had been a GOP Administration targeting Soros or Media Doesn't Matter or any of the fringe-left groups covering for these scum.


The clown running the IRS, Koskinen, sat there and lied to the face of Congress, falsely and deliberately claiming that the emails were "irretrievably lost."

And no one had ever bothered to ask for them.

HHHmmmm...... nothing criminal about THAT variety of perjury, right?

Let's see what the GOP can do about this, eh?

Haven't heard much about the Benghazi investigation lately....

More leftist hate on display, letters written by those who've never been elected to anything whining about Ann Rivers as county councilor.

Look, I get that the local left would sell their own mothers to ISIS to get someone in a legislative position.... any sort of legislative position... county wide.

But those babbling in both the letter AND the comment section under it are hardly people who have a fricking clue about elective office.

First, we have Ralphy Boy Schmidt, whom Rivers destroyed when he ran against her for State Senator in 2012,  67.74% to a paltry 32.09%.  He's never been a Senator or any other elected official as near as I can tell.  And fortunately, he never will be.

Even that scumbag Mussolini Mikey Briggs got 37%.

So, to say that Ralphy's concern are anything less than the usual partisan hackery from the left would be the penultimate understatement.

And the comments under this scam, whiny letter?

Every negative note from a C3G2 hater.  Every negative note comes from someone who's never been elected to anything even close to dog catcher.In fact, here are ALL of the comments to date:


  • Jamie Hymas Warren ·  Top Commenter · Paraeducator at Vancouver School District
    Ann Rivers couldn't make time to be at all the freeholder's meetings. I don't want to take the chance she will miss county meetings. There are other talented, smart, and experienced people out there who could do the job.

    • Candy Bonneville ·  Top Commenter · Works at Self-Employed
      Knowing Senator Rivers, I know that she is capable of doing quite a lot, but she still cannot be in two places at one time. I think she needs to make a decision on the direction of her career.

      • John Ley ·  Top Commenter · Camas, Washington
        The freeholders chose to make the new "Councilors" a part time position, with part time pay. The state legislature is a "part time" job, where Senator Tim Sheldon serves both as a County Commissioner and a State Senator.

        Furthermore, many Americans are working two or more jobs, in part because we are experiencing the "slowest economic recovery since the great depression".

        Ann Rivers is totally capable of doing anything she puts her mind to. Nobody knows what she will or won't do "if" she wins election as a County Councilor. That's totally up to her after the November election.

        But if somebody is crying about it now, it must mean Senator Ann Rivers is doing something right!

        • Mike Briggs ·  Top Commenter · CEO at Ex-Candidate WA
          A good and necessary letter-to-the-editor, Mr. Schmidt. I believe the Senator's desires to run for a very important and newly created County Councilor position, in addition to her important role as a State Senator for Washington State, raises some important issues for this part of the state. It is not illegal...but is it ethical?

          Ambition cannot, should not, be the sole reason for the rise in power of any one individual in a democratic government (or government(s).

          • David Arnett ·  Top Commenter · IEEE
            What is the ethical concern, Mike? Do you see a conflict of interest, or just a lack of adequate time to do both roles?

            People have raised ethical questions about Tim Leavitt working full-time for an engineering firm while serving as Mayor. I believe those were about functional alliances, not about time-sharing.

          • John Ley ·  Top Commenter · Camas, Washington
            Mike -- do you have the same "ethical" concerns about democrat Senator Tim Sheldon?

        • Ben Grobe-Heintz ·  Top Commenter · California Polytechnic State University
          What worries me more than whether Ann Rivers has enough hours in the day for both jobs is whether she can keep the different constituencies clear when she's legislating. In her role as 18th district senator, she has been hostile to the 49th district (and her fellow lawmakers). As council chair, she will have to represent all of Clark County, including parts of the 49th and 18th districts. Is she the type of person that can represent folks she's been at odds with in the past? Absolutely not. In the senate she's shown herself to be short fused, intimidating, and foul-mouthed. If she heads the council, I think those of us out here in the west can expect extreme and vindictive neglect from the county.

          • David Arnett ·  Top Commenter · IEEE
            Management consultant Dona Keating made this observation:

            "The saying ’If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it‘ is one of those truths which initially seems counterintuitive. ‘Wouldn’t you want to instead give it to the person with more time on their hands?’ you might ask. Until one realizes there’s a good reason busy people are in high demand. It’s not because they’re circus freaks who enjoy performing the octopus juggle; they’re the sort willing to make sacrifices, go the extra mile, and ensure the vision is executed. Failure, for them, is simply not an option – and because they are busy, it’s likely they’ll appreciate the value of time, theirs and others, and not want to waste it."

            It is legitimate to ask whether Ann Rivers is this kind of busy person - the driven person who thrives on working on multiple challenges. But the fact that a person may have two challenging jobs is not an immediate disqualifier. I rarely see high-achievers who are satisfied to do one part-time job then go home and play video games. It is not in their nature.
          The first comment is nothing more than an out and out lie.  Beneath contempt, but typical of the fringe left. A die-hard leftist and immersed in the C3G2 hate group, it's the sort of lying they're known for.

          The next comment is from the chair of the 18th District democrats, a minor detail typically left out when she's out trashing anyone to the right of Mao.

          Then the letter from Mussolini Mikey Briggs, recently crushed in a horrific performance by the weakest incumbent in the state, Brandon "No Nothing" Vick.  He brings up the straw man of an issue that he knows nothing about (ethics) and applies it to Rivers as if holding both the office of Senator and County Councilor would somehow be illegal.... or at the least, unethical.

          Briggs, of course, doesn't care about ethics when it concerns his fellow fringe-left whack jobs or his temporarily defunct CRC/Loot Rail scam.  He's the epitome of the situational ethical slimeball that is the primary driver of the fringe left.

          The next negative letter is from another hard core leftist, who asks "questions" that no one cares about, as if the left is the majority and not an increasingly shrinking minority.

          The reality of this is not unlike the over-arching reality they lied into existence:

          If Ann Rivers were a democrat... none of these scum would have written a thing.  But in keeping with the Gruber meme, these bottom-feeders babble this crap because at base, they believe the voter to be stupid.

          Keeping these vermin out of local office such as Briggs tends to show that on the contrary, we are anything BUT.  But I wish these partisan hacks would at least go through the motions of making it clear they're leftist slime and all of this is driven by that... and nothing else.

          In the end, when Ann Rivers runs, she will win.  She is a political force of nature that cannot be stopped by these rank, lying leftists.

          But that won't stop them from running their typical smear campaign to try and make that happen.

          Meanwhile, here's the thing: No leftist can win county wide in a legislative type seat.

          Anyone running would have to slavishly devote themselves to the CRC Scam and the people would know all about that from the get go... and that's the death-knell for leftist candidates for years to come.

          The spector of that bridge and that moron Cleveland's efforts to resurrect it (Thanks, Annette!) will loom large over this county for years to come.

          Update on Obama's LATEST veteran's screwing.

          Hard core readers are familiar with my battle with the VA to get my right little finger repaired from their last effort to repair it.

          Those unfamiliar with that effort can check out the story here:, Chapter One and here, Chapter Two.

          To that, we can now add Chapter Three.

          Veteran's Choice has implemented a contract with something called TriWest.  TriWest, apparently, deals with local, available medical people foolish enough to take the dramatically reduced reimbursement rate for services rendered (Think in terms of Medicare/Medicade and how doctors , clinics and hospitals are dumping that in droves) by going what military types call "on the economy" to get our various medical ills taken care of.

          Well, Veteran's Choice was pretty proud of how they handled my case and except for a few details, I must admit that the system has worked.

          Unfortunately, the "few details" have killed the deal.

          I repeatedly received "authorization" for something I didn't need,(A primary care physician?  Really? I never ASKED for one) and NO authorization for what I DO need, specifically, a hand surgeon.

          Every time of the 3 times or so that I got an authorization, it was for a primary care doctor.  Finally, I called the Portland VA patient advocate, and she got the fine folks in the office of the surgeon who had initially operated on my hand to actually send my file up to where it needed to go: specifically up to Veteran's Choice.  Finally.

          So, with that, THEY sent my file over to TriWest.  They sent me a letter, just the other day, telling me that.  It was dated 20 February, two months after this whole thing started and roughly 2 weeks after I had already been in contact with TriWest.

          TriWest, having received the authorization (There, see?  I TOLD you the system worked!) contacted the Vancouver Clinic.  The Vancouver Clinic called me and took down my information.  That was a couple of weeks ago.

          Well, a couple of days ago, this very nice lady called me to tell me I was set up for an appointment with, I kid you not, a Dr. Sunshine.

          And he would look into my "carpal tunnel" problem.

          "Carpal tunnel problem?"

          WHAT "carpal tunnel problem?"

          "Well, sir, that's the authorization they sent us."

          But I don't HAVE a "carpal tunnel problem."  There's NOTHING WRONG WITH EITHER OF MY WRISTS.

          So, I explain the problem.  Again.  For what must be the 12th time.

          "Oh, sir.... I don't know if Dr. Sunshine does that kind of work.  Let me see if I can find the doctor who does and ask him to take a look at your file."

          I'll call you back."

          And she did.

          "Sir, the doctor that does that kind of thing is on medical leave and we don't know when he's coming back.  You need to be re-referred by TriWest."

          So, I just finished talking to TriWest.  Explaining the situation... again... being transferred.... again.... this time back to Veteran's Choice where.... I explain the situation, again, only to be told, again, that the "appointment team will get back to me in 3 to 5 business days."


          Which, by the way, has NEVER HAPPENED.  Even though I have heard that MULTIPLE times.

          This is what your $18 billion has bought.

          Is this where I remind you that the surgeon who worked on me the first time promised me that they'd have this wrapped up within 2 months, and that it's now been 4 with no end in sight?

          I am, it appears to me, directly back where I started from roughly 2 months ago...

          Meanwhile, my finger has continued to grow out with the angle now approaching 30

          In the over all scheme of things, it's minor.  Not life threatening at all.  Having screwed around with this for the better part of 2 years, though, I've started to wonder:

          What's happening to those poor schleps that are dying?  What about this kids back from the M.E. meat grinder?

          I have thought about cutting the damned thing off with a circular saw.  Then they can just sew up what's left of it and be done with it.

          Words, you see, cannot adequately express the sense of frustration this thing has put me through.

          So.... where's our cowardly congressional lion, Jaime Herrera?

          Big vote coming up on DHS funding: where's Jaime?

          See, there's a number of reasons why the local GOP should put their collective political boot up her butt: her cowardice on this issue, the effort to stop Obama's raping off the Constitution on the issue of caving to illegal aliens is just one of them.

          Look, I get that the establishment is tweaking over the thought that this empty-suited coward might get bitch-slapped here: Those leading the charge for the incompetent status quo assure me that the side that elected our current local GOP leadership doesn't have the votes to follow through on their effort to kick her where the sun don't shine.

          To that, I don't happen to agree: the establishment side sure seems upset over this vote: if those desiring that Herrera just be allowed to continue to mail it in and waste this seat sure seem angry.  And if the side for change doesn't have the votes... then why would Jaime's side be so upset?

          Jaime's continuing cowardice/silence on the issues confronting us doesn't do her any good: it merely serves to reinforce her cowardice and her failure to lead.

          That she lacks the guts to address so many of the issues confronting us is part and parcel of why she's unfit for elective office in any capacity... because when she hits the button, it's frequently in support of Obama and the left.

          Not terribly surprising, when you think about it.  After all, this is an empty-suited moron who didn't have any problem with Brian Baird representing us... so in many respects, thanks to her, it's like Baird never left.

          Meanwhile, I predict this simple idiot will cave when her keeper, Cathy McMorris, tells her.  And then what will the establishment RINOs say?

          Thursday, February 26, 2015

          Senate RINOs cave: a worse version of Holder confirmed in Judiciary Committee as Obama's henchman AG.

          While Obama continues to engage in affirmative action when it comes to his AG appointments, the fact is this:  The senate once again failed to use an appointment for leverage on any number of other issues it could have and now, we have an AG likely to be even worst that the incompetent racist bigot we've got now.

          Man, is it a "good thing" the GOP controls the Senate.... or what?

          There is no excuse.... none.... for voting to confirm this extension of Obama's "pen and cell phone," a slime ball who actually believes that Obama's illegal alien scam is somehow perfectly OK.

          Just as I expected they would.

          And you can bet the GOP controlled senate will vote this witch out as well.

          How... "Republican" of them.

          Senate Judiciary Committee votes to confirm Loretta Lynch as AG — thanks to three Republicans


          Because the GOP has a majority in the Senate, it also has a majority on all Senate committees — 12 to 9 in the case of the Judiciary Committee. But since Lynch’s confirmation has become a referendum on executive amnesty and the GOP is riddled with amnesty shills, there was no doubt that a few would cross over and vote with Democrats today to send her through to a floor vote of the entire Senate.
          The three defectors: Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham, both members of the Senate’s Gang of Eight on immigration, and Orrin Hatch, who sold himself as Mr. Conservative to Utah tea partiers in 2012 in order to avoid being primaried.
          Democrats expressed dismay that Ms. Lynch, whose record they praised repeatedly, encountered so much opposition, especially since Republicans had cited virtually nothing objectionable in her background.
          “If anyone deserves a unanimous vote, she does,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.).
          The committee vote means Ms. Lynch will likely be considered by the full Senate in the coming weeks. There, she will need to win the support of at least four Republicans to be confirmed, assuming all of the chamber’s 46 Democrats vote for her.
          Remember, there’s no filibuster anymore for presidential nominees except for Supreme Court vacancies. McConnell could have brought back the 60-vote rule for cloture on nominations that Harry Reid abandoned but he’s kept it in place. That’ll be useful to the GOP if/when a Republican president nominates someone “controversial” and the Democrats, eager to Bork him, run up against the now entrenched “simple majority” requirement for appointees. Until then, though, it’s a big help to Obama in reducing the leverage tea partiers have to block cloture on his nominees. With Flake, Graham, and Hatch all presumably set to vote for her, all Reid needs now is one more Republican to ensure Lynch is confirmed. (If the vote splits 50/50, Joe Biden would cast the tiebreaker.) Between the usual suspects like Mark Kirk, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Dean Heller, he’ll get it. Come to think of it, given his performance these past few weeks in handling the DHS funding debacle, the current rule is actually a big help to McConnell too. Imagine how jammed up the Senate would be if the filibuster was still intact and Ted Cruz was able to round up, say, 43 Republicans to oppose Lynch. McConnell would be humiliated by having lost his own caucus and paralyzed as Cruz et al. attacked him for being a RINO while the White House attacked his caucus for being racist in refusing to confirm the first black woman AG. Anything that reduces conservatives’ leverage in the Senate is good for Obama and McConnell, who’s eager to show voters that the party can govern smoothly, without shutdowns and filibusters.


          Democratian throws another hissy-fit at the commissioners.

          Anyone paying attention knew it was a matter of time until the scumbag running the Lazy C unloaded on the commissioners for their decision to put our national motto up in the commission room, or whatever they call it.

          Tuesday, the hearing was packed with fringe-left slime making this into an issue is is not: false claims about this being "unconstitutional" abounded.

          The process was everything these scum whined about vis the issue of the Benton hiring, yet even when engaging in unreasonable and unrequired transparency the outcome caused outrage on the part of the effluent from the left... which just serves to reinforce that the hissy fit over Benton had nothing to do with the "process," no "process" followed that resulted in his hiring to Clark County would have been reacted to in any way different from the playground petulance these (Mostly) same scum... at least those from this state...  (The place was jammed with fringe left nutjobs from around here... and Oregon... and a variety of other places that have precisely nothing to do with this county) who wanted to riot over the Benton hiring.

          My position has been clear from the beginning: Madore or Mielke should have just had the motto painted up as a fait accompli, and let the C3G2 hater types that didn't like it utilize that wonderful charter they lied so much to get passed and put it up to a vote.

          Of course, such a vote to put up that motto would win overwhelmingly, and we... as well as they... already know that.

          So, all their bleating and Temple's mugging for the cameras notwithstanding, these punks aren't going to do a damned thing about it.

          One of the biggest problems the rag has in matters.... both important and unimportant such as this one... is that their default position is that everything the commissioners do is wrong or bad; they are incapable of doing anything the right way with the right outcomes.

          Ultimately, when the commissioners do good, we rarely hear about it and when in the eyes of this rag, the commissioners generally (and let's face it, that means Madore and Mielke) do bad, we never hear the end of it.

          While I have made my position clear on this matter (None of the sturm and drang was needed OR required... so it mystifies me as to why we got put through it... since it sets a horrific precedent) the headline of this leftist manure was that the commissioners "betrayed trust" when, in fact, all they did is arrive at a decision these scum don't happen to like.

          What else is new?