Monday, July 31, 2017

A 2-fer: how to repeal Obamacare AND fix the VA medical system.

A few days ago, the US Senate RINO Caucus flexed their muscles and screwed the entire country... much like, come to think of it, our own Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and her new sidekick, Sen. Linda "Jack your property taxes" Wilson just did it to us.

One of those... but not the only one, to be sure... was John McCain.

Now, McCain has a major problem... brain cancer... glioblastoma... which is typically a death sentence.

As much as I despise the man, that's neither here nor there.  To me, the issue isn't that.

The issue is this: where is he going to be treated?

Well, he's coming back to Phoenix for his treatment.  So, the question to me is this: why isn't he being treated at the VA Hospital there... instead of the Mayo Clinic-Phoenix?

The VA Medical system has been and continues to be, a mess.  Decades of rot, incompetence and willful neglect are going to take time to excise... if it can be cut out at all.

Most of that rot took place on McCain's watch.  McCain is a veteran.  There are actually a few veterans in Congress... and a few combat veterans there as well.

But of that few... practically none of them... use the VA Medical system for their health care.  (Yes, some of them actually do.... but most don't.)

McCain, clearly, is no exception.

Who knows what the extent of the power of the Executive Order really is? Obama, using the Constitution as his own personal roll of toilet paper, certainly used his power of the E.O. to trash our current laws.  His actions were overturned by the Supreme Court on 96 different occasions if memory serves.

Simple solution to resolving both:  an Executive Order mandating that all elected members of Congress as well as all Supreme Court Justices... and their staffs... be covered by Obamacare.  Get rid of the exemptions Congress placed on themselves when the democrats passed this horrific bill.

AND, further... order that all veterans in Congress only receive medical treatment from the VA.

I get why McCain wouldn't be caught dead in that hell-hole that he allowed into existence.

Here are just two of the latest news stories on that hovel:

Whistleblower Finds Cockroaches Scurrying Around At Phoenix VA
A patient whistleblower from the Phoenix, Ariz., Veteran Affairs (VA) medical center has captured footage of cockroaches scurrying around the pharmacy room at the medical center. (7 days ago)

Video: Phoenix VA still understaffed, vets facing long wait times
More than a year after we first learned of problems at the Phoenix VA Hospital — they still have not been fixed. A new government report describes long waits for veterans seeking treatment. Whistleblowers charge the hospital is missing … (10 days ago)

The irony of that is simple: if McCain WERE to use the VA facility in Phoenix, given the chronic long wait times for treatment there (The place is a legend for that sort of thing) he'd likely be long dead before he could get an appointment.

Imagine, if you will.  Members of Congress and their staffs... actually being forced to use the same scam system the rest of us get.

(NOTE:  In a related bit of irony, Phoenix area Congresswoman and retired Air Force Colonel Martha McSalley introduced and had passed an amendment to the House repeal that would have effectively accomplished the exact same thing.)

You want to see Obamacare repealed?  Force members of Congress and their staffs to use it.

You want to see a major overhaul of the VA system, essentially overnight?  Force the veterans in Congress to get their health care there.

Bringing these people back to the reality we have to face every day would be a long overdue lesson... for example, does anyone reading this right now believe for one second that our congresswoman's child would be alive today if the baby's mom wasn't a congresswoman?

Let us not hold our breath.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Government and freedom.

I had a dream this morning.

It was about the encroachment of government on our freedom.

We are, I believe, the freest country on the planet.  But what does that mean when our freedoms are undergoing a constant assault from those who would govern us?  Our power becomes less and less important while government's power grows, and is rarely contracted?

Freest as opposed to what?  That's more an indictment of every other country than it is an award to ours.

Here in Washington, as I've shown on occasion, our state supreme court has already made it legal for those in the political realm to lie to us.  As a result, just about everyone in politics and government takes to the lie to manipulate the voting public.

Locally, the Columbia River Crossing was (and remains) One Big Lie.  Nationally, Obamacare was (and remains) One Big Lie.  Many of those claiming they would seek nothing less than repeal of that cancer on our country were engaging in One Big Lie. And of those directly involved, who has paid for their crimes against us?

Locally, we elect and reelect politicians who lie to us on a regular basis.  Rivers lied her way into office by claiming as a part of her platform that she would oppose any gas tax or tab fee increase. She stood up in front of the GOP PCOs a few weeks ago and lied about her betrayal to the people of her district and this state, along with Wilson who told us to our faces that "I just want you to know that everyone in Clark County will be receiving a property tax that's going down."

As it turns out, the County Assessor, who seems to know a tiny bit about property taxes, doesn't think so:
"Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next year's tax bills."
The question: somebody is lying.  The County Assessor, who has no particular dog in this fight; or the two local GOP senators who sold us out, so the WEA could get their cut of $5.5 BILLION ADDITIONAL tax dollars to use to beat the hell out of the GOP in upcoming elections... two senators counting a on a short attention span and a lack of actual voter involvement.

Of course, if you're getting paid by the democrats at Strategies 360 like Rivers is, selling us out is not only become profitable, it can become lucrative.

The chair of the local Republican Party tries to lie his way out of situations he puts himself into on a regular basis.

Most every day, in most every way, those we've trusted to speak for us have morphed into the oozing slime of those we detest.... caricatures of corruption and allowing themselves to be owned by the special interests infesting us.

Our checkbooks are raped far faster than our wages grow.  They take more and more as a percentage of our earnings and it's never enough... all while delivering less and less while lying more and more.

Between the RINO philosophy of betrayal and the influence of huge money... with each and every lie, each and every exaggeration, each and every misdirection at every level of politics... each and every time we are lied to... each and every time those we trust with our vote effectively piss on us for their own purposes... our freedom shrinks.

We are witnessing the prelude to our own demise.  Not, as the haters would tell us, as a result of President Trump.

This corruption and voter ignorance of it was going on long before the possibility of a President Trump ever existed.

Look around you.  Are we more free now than we were, say, 20 years ago?  Hardly.  Government at all levels has dramatically increased their economic enslavement of the producers to keep the poor on the plantation.

BOTH parties are equally guilty.  BOTH parties lie and scheme and manipulate.  BOTH parties county on getting you to accept their lies as truth... and the lie of the GOP repeal of Obamacare is just as real as the lie of Obamacare itself.

The voter remains the only hope.  Calling those out who would belittle and reduce our freedom until it's gone through their lies and manipulation... and then VOTING THEM OUT OF OFFICE is the only way.  Even if that means voting for democrats...until candidates come to understand that we're now going to pay attention.  We are going to know when you stab us in the back.  We are going to know when you steal money out of wallets.  We are going to know when you lie.

And we are going to replace you.

We have to, you see.  It's the only way.

Alexis Tocqueville weeps.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

I admit it, I'm confused about the anger towards McCain. Our local senators betrayed us just as badly. Where's the anger towards them?

McCain betraying America generally and the GOP particularly shouldn't have been a surprise.  He's a RINO.  That's what RINOs do, though in his case, it was likely personal to stick it to the President as some never-Trump, campaign pay back.

And so many of you are angry about McCain... being McCain.

Here's where the confusion for me comes in:  At the local level, Senator's Rivers and Wilson are guilty of the exact, same, thing.  Where's the anger towards them?

These clowns are so far left that democrat Sen. Annette Cleveland was the only Clark County senator to vote correctly on the budget.

The others... Republicans all... vote for MASSIVE property tax increases... and two of them lied about it to the PCO's a few short weeks ago... they voted for imposing a statewide employee tax that will be .4% of their pay... to begin with.

Yeah, McCain and his fellow RINOs screwed us.  And many people are pissed.

But how many of you voted for Wilson?  How many of you voted for Rivers?

Feeling betrayed, yet?  It wasn't like I didn't warn you.

Where's YOUR anger over what THEY'VE done?

How many of you in the 18th voted for that complete, democrat-employed sell out Rivers AFTER she hung a $700 million gas tax around our necks?

What kind of message does it send to re-elect someone AFTER they lie to get elected, and bend us over to rape our wallets?

Of COURSE Wilson and Rivers screwed us.  Of COURSE McCain screwed us.

Why shouldn't they get paid off by those who own them to rape our wallets?  We keep re-electing them and the GOP organization seems utterly helpless in the face of their political intransigence.

That they should be expelled from the GOP is obvious.  But the organization of do-nothings seems hypnotized by a level of political bullshit that seems to cause their brains to stop functioning.

Look... Every politician is entitled, within certain limits, to vote however they want.  Just like the Party is entitled to punish them when the become democrats while using the GOP label.

But the inaction of the voters and the organization that is supposed to represent the political tenets of Republicanism all serve to reinforce the concept of representing the special interests over their pledge to represent us, The People.

That is why Wilson and Rivers are raping us.  That is why Vick and Harris voted with them to resurrect the CRC Scam.  That is why Rivers lied about her opposition to the gas tax.  That is why they abandoned us in the McCleary extortion.

And that is why McCain screwed us on Obamacare.

Because we so rarely stand up to these people BEFORE they hurt us.

And after?

Well, it's a little too late, wouldn't you say?

Friday, July 28, 2017

RINO Senators fiddle while the GOP burns.

For months now, I've been pointing out that both the Washington State Senate and the US Senate are dominated by RINOs who only bear a faint, passing resemblance to Republicans who have stolen the label merely to defraud the voters into voting for them.

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

Locally, this has been proven repeatedly when the RINO Republicans of the state senate betrayed us for literally billions of dollars over two years in gas taxes/tab fees/property taxes, and now, are reduced to political fear tactics in a desperate attempt to scam us into voting for a Republican leftist in the 45th district's special election this November (we HAVE to support her... otherwise, we'll get a state income tax!) so they can continue their new custom of lying and betraying us as if they were all voting as if they were closer to the politics of a Jim Moeller.

Nationally, there isn't a single Republican senator who did not run on a platform of repealing the hated Obamacare.  And many times, back when it didn't matter, they ALL voted to repeal it, knowing that if such a bill were to survive through both the House and the Senate, that Obama would veto it.

Since President Trump's election and up until now, Congress has acted like they'd never heard of Obamacare; had no idea what it was or how to repeal it.

Never mind that they've had the better part of SEVEN YEARS to plan for the repeal.  Never mind that both the House and the Senate have voted... repeatedly... to repeal Obamacare during the Obama Administration.

Now, all of a sudden, these fake Republicans are acting like the worst law this country has ever known... a law that ONLY democrats voted for... shouldn't be deleted from the entirety of our hard drives.  They fuss and bitch and moan... and who are they?

Never Trumpers like McCain and Graham and that ilk who are SOOOO angry that Trump took out their buddy Little Jebbie... and made the lot of them look like idiots when they'd claim he had no chance of winning.

So now, they're willing to throw everything... and everyone... under the bus to keep repeal from happening...NOT because it SHOULDN'T happen, you understand, but because President Trump WANTS it to happen... and they live to keep his agenda from ever seeing the legislative light of day.

Image may contain: 3 people, text
McCain trashes Obama for the Transgender issue, and Trump for ending it.
How many times did their fellow RINOs tell us that we needed to take the House to get rid of it... and then the Senate to get rid of it and finally... we had to get the White House.

That was the excuse for the inaction in the House... and the inaction in the Senate, you see.  That's why the House lacked the guts to do what they COULD do to rid us of the Obamacare plague... namely, by defunding it.

Like our local Senatorial incompetents who bent us over in Olympia, our NATIONAL Senatorial incompetents kept stringing us along.... ANYTHING... ANY promise... to keep us voting for them... no matter how much they lied to make that happen.

Our local cardboard cutout of a congresswoman is no better.  Our two fake local allegedly GOP Senators who have done us so much harm and are about as Republican as my Spaniels.

And that's the point of this essay: labels... as used by political parties... are utterly meaningless.

I will never vote for anyone based on the label they claim ever again.  Ever.

If we, as voters, would use our franchise the way the Founders intended... if we'd actually pay attention and vote for the person, regardless of their claimed party affiliation... imagine how much better off we'd be as a nation?

And now we can't even get rid of a law that they've had YEARS to prepare to do away with.  And these are the best we can do?

It wasn't that long ago that campaigns were specific.  If you vote for X, X pledges to make 1, 2 and 3 happen.

Well, here locally, we found out how worthless that can be when Rivers betrayed her district on the gas tax/tab fee scam.

And now, at the national level, we've found out how worthless it can be when a bunch of fake Republican pinks would rather sink this country as a viable entity than do what they were sent there to do... what they campaigned on... what they promised us they WOULD do if... only... we... would...reelect them.

And how has that worked out for us?

We have elections coming up in the future, of course.  Next time, don't ignore the record of these people when they come begging for your vote.

If they've lied to us in the past, they WILL lie to us in the future.

If they've raised our taxes in the past?  They'll do it again in the future.

If they've tried to steal a little of your freedom in the past... they'll steal more of it in the future.

We have to learn from this GOP debacle.  We have to know that we cannot trust the words of anyone merely because they claim to be this, or claim to be that.

We simply can't.  We can't afford it any more.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump starts to peel back the military onion: Bans transvestites

Finally.  Should have been on Day One.

Trump Says Transgender People Will Not Be Allowed in the Military

I write this as one of my nieces (by marriage) is attending Armor Officer Basic Course in Ft. Benning to become a tank platoon leader

She should no more be a "combat leader" than she can levitate.

One of the things I was growing more and more concerned about was the Trump Administration's inaction on reversing the damage Obama caused the military through his test-tube corruption of what it's supposed to be about..

Like most leftists, Obama both loathed the military and viewed it as a play thing to experiment with social programs.  After all, HIS kids will never serve. 

The result of Obama's military hatred?

In addition to the lack of equipment, the personel cuts in the middle of a war, the sequestration budget cuts and the like (had to keep those Obamaphones running) Obama decided to superimpose his fringe-left, daisy-picking views over the military structure.  The result?

A complete debacle.  And a much, much weaker US Military.

Is it any wonder the Russians and the Chinese laugh at us?

Women in Combat Arms is a disaster.  The only definitive study ever done by any military component, the Marines, proved that.
This was as stacked as a unit could get with the best Marines to give it a 100 percent success rate as we possibly could. End result? The best women in The GCEITF as a group in regard to infantry operations were equal or below in most all cases to the lowest 5 percent of men as a group in this test study. 
They are slower on all accounts in almost every technical and tactical aspect and physically weaker in every aspect across the range of military operations.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.  Your female platoon leader can't keep up.  Can't ruck.  Can't shoot.  Can't carry her own equipment.

"Physically weaker in every aspect across the range of military operations."

That the scum Obama appointed to run the military... and that includes many political flag officers... were sort of an informal "affirmative action"... goes without saying.  The then Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus was among the worst.  He rejected the official study out of hand, claiming:
Mabus sounded off on the Marine Corps' Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force following the release of partial findings last week that showed combat units containing women performed more slowly and shot less accurately than all-male control groups, and that female volunteers had much higher injury rates over the course of the experiment. 
"It started out with a fairly large component of the men thinking 'this is not a good idea' and 'women will never be able to do this,' "When you start out with that mindset, you're almost presupposing the outcome," Mabus told NPR Sept. 11. When you start out with that mindset, you're almost presupposing the outcome."  
He added that there probably "probably there should have been a higher bar to cross to get into the experiment" for female volunteers. 
In his Saturday Sept. 12 Facebook post, LeHew rebutted those claims, saying that the leaders who participated were the most mature, progressive and open minded in the Marine Corps. 
Mabus actually spent 2 years in the Navy, and received his automatic promotion to Lieutenant (JG) on time.
Justin D. LeHew from Columbus Grove, Ohio, enlisted in the Marine Corps July 11, 1988. After graduating recruit training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina, Private First Class LeHew reported to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California for training as an Assault Amphibian Crewman.
SGM Justin LeHew

Sergeant Major Justin LeHew has served 29 years and holds the Navy Cross, the second highest combat award the Marines have, second only to the Medal of Honor.
Then LT(JG) Ray Mabus

Mabus, of course was guilty of his own allegation, of course; that is, he had a "no matter what the official/sanctioned report/experiment concludes, we're going forward with this insanity" mindset which has, of course, presupposed an outcome... that has resulted in this insanity of lower morale, lower standards, lower effectiveness and lower capability.

Mabus had zero proof that any of his positions were legitimate... or anything besides political.  In fact, the proof was just the opposite: that he was dead wrong.  And SGM LeHew simply couldn't let that stand, so he put his career on the line and set the Secretary straight, not that it made any difference to a leftist POG like Mabus.

But this was just the second arrow in the leftist quiver.  It started with the legalization of gay marriage in the military, which has led to massive fraud committed by troops who simply, technically, "marry" an on base roommate which enables BOTH of them to receive a whole host of benefits denied their single counterparts... large cash amounts every month called "BAH," or "Basic Allowance for Housing," (Which depends on where you're stationed but it's a tax-free bonus that single troops who have to live in the barracks because they're single don't get)  and "Separate Rations," which is a food allowance those living in the barracks typically don't receive... and the irony is that BOTH soldiers in the "marriage" receive this benefit.

Putting the issue of morality aside for the moment, this adds up to several thousand dollars per year, tax free, each, that's the result of fraudulent marriage.  And who's picking up the tab for this?

How does this institutional scam make our military MORE effective to close with and destroy the enemy?

And it happens all the time.  Of course, the simple solution is to end gay marriage on active duty if we want to save a few hundred million dollars a year... but hey.

They then moved on to forcing the taxpayer and the military to both pay for AND accommodate trans-gender mutilation surgery... the most famous of which at this point was actually paying tens of thousands to mutilate Bradley Manning, then convicted and sentenced to 35 years confinement for the release of 750,000 classified military documents... surgery and medication that took place WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON.

Clearly, the blow back from this insane program has been enough.  The purpose of the military isn't to cut your wang off and give you fake boobs... nor is the purpose the opposite, to cut your boobs off and attach some sort of wang so you can be one of the boys.

Those engaging in that sort of thing have issues.  And anyone with societal issues so desperate that they have to be mutilated to satisfy a leftist shtick in the political realm have precisely zero place in the Armed Forces of the United States.

It reached the point where, to make sure we don't offend the gender sensibilities of the female crewmen on the USS Gerald Ford, this carrier was built... without urinals.

Imagine going to a ballpark... say, Safeco Field... finding a men's room, and just seeing stalls.

More expensive (leftists don't give a damn how much their experimentation costs, THEY ain't paying for it, WE are) less efficient, takes up more room, etc, etc.

But, by God, EQUALITY demands it!

There are many layers to this onion yet to peel.  This is but the start.  But it's a good start.  And now, we have one less thing to detract from the budget and the effectiveness of the US Military when we can, as a people, afford neither the cost nor the reduced capabilities this kind of nonsense causes.

Next: getting women out of ground combat slots.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Jayne and the democratian would sell their own children to get the CRC/Loot Rail scam built.

Typically, editorials and "opinion" pieces from the local democrat daily newsletter have a common thread: they're bereft of logic, common sense and rarely reflect the community they are, allegedly, here to serve.

Jayne's idiocy this morning is no exception.

It starts out hammering Oregon for doing what he and the rest of the morons he works with would cheerfully implement if it was for a new, unneeded, unaffordable waste of billions known as the "CRC/Loot Rail scam."

The hypocrisy of such a position is obvious.

THEN, he waves Jaime Herrera around like SHE is EVER going to do ANYTHING about any of this.  She won't, of course; given the opportunity during the CRC/Loot Rail scam she did nothing of substance and her positions, letters and empty threat collection designed to make the people of Southwest Washington BELIEVE she was doing something... accomplished absolutely nothing.

The CRC was primarily killed by two people: Don Benton and Ann Rivers, using Tiffany Couch's forensic accounting skills which told a truth this despicable rag could care less about and the political position of David Madore, who put voice county-wide to the voter-hatred of the fraud the democratian continues to support at all costs no matter what we think... because, after all, we're stupid and the democratian/downtown mafia knows SO much more than we do.

Rivers, who was a major force in killing that rip-off then, has become such a democrat that she now works for a democrat campaign firm, Strategies 360, while a sitting GOP state senator who will be well-compensated by her democrat masters for screwing us sideways on the state budget and the WEA McCleary scam.

She's been just as instrumental in resurrecting this rip off as she was in killing it.  I hope whatever they're paying her to betray us is worth it as much as they paid her on the gas tax scam and the other ways she's screwed the people of her district and Southwest Washington.

Meanwhile, Jayne comes out and babbles utter nonsense like this:
The bill calls for creation of an Oregon transportation commission to seek that approval by the end of 2018. That gives us up to 17 months for what could turn into a brouhaha between the states. It gives us nearly a year and a half to ponder what in the world Oregon officials were thinking. The guess is that Clark County residents are going to make plenty of noise about this, enough to draw the attention of the governor and lawmakers in Olympia. And considering that Washington has 75 percent more population and a Gross Domestic Product more than twice as large as Oregon, officials here have plenty of weight to throw around.
As if Oregon cares about any of that.

There is nothing... NOTHING in the babble from Jayne that will cause Oregon to do ANYTHING.

All the sturm und drang in the world from this county didn't move the CRC Scammers one inch... and they LIVE here.  What makes a moron like Jayne believe...for one minute... that it will make any difference to another state?

Thus, there is ZERO weight to throw around.  And this faux outrage is tempered by the lack of a jihad on the democratian's part of CTran's sell out on TriMet's ability to exercise eminent domain in Clark County or get $5 million instead... a fraud and a rip off that at the time and since has drawn, relatively speaking, cricket chirps from these same thugs with barrels of ink.

But that's not the worst of it.  Oh, no.  That's reserved for THIS idiotic tidbit from ol' Greg:
Instead, Oregon is either consciously or subconsciously extracting some revenge for the manner in which Washington lawmakers scuttled the Columbia River Crossing proposal in 2013. That might result in some benefits of this unnecessary salvo from our unneighborly neighbors. If it triggers discussion about replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge and eventually building additional bridges across the Columbia, it will have been worth it.
So.  This scumbag ascribes a motive which doesn't exist... in the HOPES that it gets the CRC Project back up and running... saying such a move would be "worth it."

Yeah.  Because, you know.... paying a huge toll to cross a bridge to then pay ANOTHER toll that Oregon has put into place... why, that makes PERFECT sense.

This, then, is an INVITATION for Oregon to put up their toll booths, as long as it "triggers discussion about replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge..."

It won't be worth it, of course.  Our utterly worthless congresswoman has been sitting on her thumbs since she parachuted in here 10 years ago and she has offered absolutely NOTHING in terms of solving our cross river transportation problems, and if the I-5 Bridge rip off takes place, it will suck ANY available transportation funding for additional bridges across the river out of the area for decades.

Notice how much the democratian, Rivers, Wilson, Harris, Vick and Steve Stuart all think the same?

Who CARES what the people of this county want? Why does THAT even matter?

Clearly, these clowns would sell their children into slavery to get this insanity built... and damn what we think or want on the matter.

We NEED and WANT additional bridges built FIRST.  THEN we can look at replacing the I-5 Bridge.


But to insist that Oregon doing what the democratian WANTS to do to get a bridge scam built, and that we have ALREADY done in screwing up the King County road system beyond belief is some how "bad," or "wrong" or "unfair," as if "fairness" was somehow a deciding factor in government?

That's sheer hypocrisy.  But then, that's also Jayne and the democratian... so I repeat myself.

Of COURSE Oregon "shouldn't" do this.  But how quick would the rag be to condemn if the shoe were on the other foot?  They had, if memory serves, zero problem calling for tolling on these same freeways as a way to get the CRC Scam rolling, even before a shovel full of dirt was turned.

They, if I'm not mistaken, wanted tolling on the 205 even though NOTHING was going to be built in conjunction with that freeway as a result of the CRC Scam.

So, perhaps they should explain why... when THEY want tolls... it's good... good... But when Oregon wants tolls?  It's bad... bad...

The outcome's the same.  We get raped ether way.  But in democratian land, raping OUR wallets is perfectly OK if it's for the right cause... (bridge they want replaced... ballpark scam they want built... just to name two...) that we have zero say over.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

So, Herrera did what she always does in a case like the proposed Oregon tolls.... just like the CRC Scam: she wrote a letter.

None of them made any DIFFERENCE, you understand, but MAN, did she get people thinking she was actually DOING something... or what?

The legislative/congressional business is an outcome-based business.

During the CRC/Loot Rail War, Jaime did an amazing job of making people BELIEVE she was on our side... and she made people BELIEVE that she was actually fighting for us... actually DOING something.

The questions I asked about her involvement in stopping the CRC Scam... repeatedly... were never answered:

1.  What, specifically, have you done legislatively to kill this project?
2.  Since the answer to question 1 is "nothing," WHY haven't you killed this project in Congress?

Now, we're in the same situation with Oregon's idiotic tolling scam.  With the flip of democrats Wilson, Rivers, Harris and Vick on the CRC, that scam needs to be addressed as well.  Just don't hold your breath in either case.

Anyone looking at it knows it's just another suction hose stabbed into the fiscal jugular vein of the 75,000 or so commuters living here in Clark County... because the nearly $300 million they extort from us here in state income tax just isn't enough to support the Oregon welfare state.

So, what does Herrera do?

What she always does.  She writes a letter.  She had it publicized.  She made the dreamers of this county actually BELIEVE she's GOING to do SOMETHING... and it got the widest possible dispersion so every media outlet in SW Washington would show this hard-charging, "young" congresswoman "fighting for us!"

Except, of course, for one thing: no amount of snarky letters designed to fool her constituents into continuing to vote for this worthless do-nothing will accomplish anything.

The letter doesn't SAY anything, you understand.  And that's the whole point.

It's worthless.  It's LESS than worthless.  And what Herrera SHOULD have done is to ACT on the scam FIRST, kill this deal and let the whole world know about it AFTER the fact... and write letters later.

Failing that, she SHOULD have spelled out in detail HOW she was going to run this plan over with a tank. But, oh, no. The CRC Scam taught her that all she HAS to do is write letters... and in this case, publicly slapping Brown won't make the Governor intransigent about this or anything... will it?

I bet Kate Brown is terrified.  I bet that she's had at least one absolutely sleepless night.

And I also bet Brown is going to completely ignore it, since it means nothing and more importantly, ACCOMPLISHES nothing... except to fool the people of this region into, once again, believing she's actually doing make a difference. when the reality is completely different.

Jaime Herrera has proven many things over the last 10 years she's defrauded the people of this area into believing she's actually "representing us."  You can, for example, count the number of open town hall meetings she's had since she moved into Congress on one hand... 6+ years ago. And that proves she's an intellectual coward, afraid to face the people foolish enough to have put her into the job in the first place.

That, by itself, is reason enough to get rid of her.  Add to that her joining with the two fringe-left nutbergers representing us in the US Senate to attack then-candidate Donald Trump, and you can see where she has managed to destroy any real ability to ask for help from the White House on this deal... since you can bet that Trump's staff knows who was "naughty" and who was "nice" during the election.

So, in effect, Herrera is on her own.

And that's a terrifying thought indeed.

Just not for the government or special interests of Oregon.

Friday, July 21, 2017

As expected, the morons in the GOP-controlled senate screwed up the Hirst fix AND just handed the election in the 45th to the democrats.

On July 14th, I pointed out that the idiots running the state senate, who just got done screwing us AGAIN (First, it was the gas tax.... next, it was wasting unnecessary billions on the teacher's union...) had completely blown the handling of the Hirst issue.

The ONLY way that stood any chance to get Hirst "fixed" was to hang it on the General Fund budget.  As I pointed out:
The House democrats refuse to move on Hirst (Why should they? The GOP Senate has given up its leverage to the House as much as the entire Legislature ceded their authority to the Supreme Court) and the GOP Senate refuses to vote out a capital budget.

Each blames the other, publicly. And nothing happens.

The problem is simple: In voting out the General Fund Budget, the Senate gave away the keys to the castle.

That, of course, is beyond the idiocy and insanity of the REPUBLICAN senate smacking US with BILLIONS of dollars in new taxes... quite unnecessarily. Which, when added to their rape of our wallets on the gas tax/tab fee rip off kind of ends any particular reason to vote GOP in the legislature.... doesn't it?

So, yeah. If the GOP Senate needed to hold up a budget to "fix" Hirst, although any fix would only last as long as they maintain control of the Senate, which ends in a little less than 4 months, regardless; they picked the WRONG budget to hold hostage.

The democrats have no crying need to cave on this: any fix would only be temporary anyway, and what makes anyone think for a second that Inslee wouldn't veto it anyhow?
That, of course, is precisely what happened.

And now, the dems can beat the GOP to death in the 45th over this stupidity.  They can ginzu the GOP-controlled senate because of the utter stupidity of people like Rivers and Wilson who were too damned dense to see reality.  Now they can hang every, single, unbuilt project around the GOP's neck and they can do it with ease.

We look at this, and we scream "property rights!!!" In the urban locations where the dems are strong, the idea of water rights and property rights is esoteric nonsense.  In the city, they turn on a faucet and they get water.  That's all they know or care about.

Now, the dems will go out in the urban areas and POUND the GOP as the reason the schools and other buildings aren't getting built, and the reason dozens of other state-financed projects are not going to happen.

And the problem is the GOP response to that... might as well not be a response at all. Even if it COULD be "explained" in such a way that it would make any difference, in politics, the rule is simple:  If you're explainin'?

You're losin'.

What was a difficult election to win in the 45th... just became impossible.  And most of that is based on GOP ineptitude and a complete lack of strategic vision... not to mention the short-sighted efforts of the RINO contingent in THEIR campaign to depress the GOP vote by voting like they were all named "Jim Moeller," because causing our gas taxes and property taxes and tab fees to skyrocket is certainly a winning formula.

And the idea that we HAVE to elect that woman in the 45th "or else..." or else we get a "state income tax..." is nonsense, since no state income tax can be implemented without a vote of the people... except for the wannabe income taxes like the one the GOP just implemented with their caving on the paid leave scam... completely ignoring that obviously bogus "super majority rule" they eyewashed us with at the start of session.

So... no.  The last chance for GOP control continuing in the senate or happening in the House just blew apart.  And the reason is the ever shrinking concentric circle that ends in the laps of the GOP in the senate.  They will have no one to blame but themselves... and the result may be suffering even greater than that the GOP Senate just got done inflicting on us.

Sheesh. That we trust government to these idiots is simply inexplicable.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Linkin Park-Chester Bennington moment.

Time for you to ask your legislator, congresswoman, senator: where are you at on the Oregon tolling plan?

Those politically aware likely already know about Oregon's ongoing effort to punish Clark County commuters further with a toll on the already paid-for I-5 and I-205 freeways south of the Columbia River.

The point of the exercise is to extort hundreds of millions of additional dollars from Clark County residents primarily because they are well aware that there's really nothing the citizens of this county can do about it except complain.

Curiously, I have already received information that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) doesn't care if tolls are implemented or not.  In fact, if she has her way, Clark County residents will be paying tolls not only to Oregon, but for the CRC/Loot Rail Scam that she and the other Clark County RINO's have been doing their best to resurrect.

Rivers, who became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the left and the other special interests she now represents beginning sometime in early 2015, is personally responsible for ramming hundreds of millions of dollars in gas tax/tab fee increases down our collective throats, and she also co-wrote the last budget that she and the other Legislative RINOs voted for in the last session that has implemented the start of an income tax, while causing our property taxes to skyrocket.

It's amazing that she would be on the pay roll of a democrat campaign firm while "negotiating" with the democrats on a budget that costs us billions.

No conflict of interest there, eh?

So, since Rivers ignores me even though I am a constituent of hers, perhaps she'll be a little more forthcoming with the rest of you.

And while we're at it, don't be afraid to contact our worthless caricature of a congresswoman, who can single handedly put an end to this nonsense since it requires federal approval... meaning federal government approval...and she sits on the House Appropriations committee... which should give her enough muscle to kill this deal if she wanted to.

Of course, don't expect any help from the White House: Jaime burnt that bridge to the ground when she joined with our two fringe-left US Senators to trash President Trump during the campaign... a typically bone-headed move on her part that we will all suffer for. Write in Paul Ryan indeed.

So, sit down in front of your computers and dig up your legislators.  Dig up your council types.  Dig up the elected officials in your city.  Dig up your congresswoman.

And put it to them: where are you at on the Oregon extortion plan.... and what are you going to do about it?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

So, here's what Wilson and Rivers had to say about the rip off budget they voted for.

Regular readers well understand that the GOP-controlled state senate has betrayed us once again.... much like they've done on so many other issues important to the people of Clark County... this time by causing property taxes to blow up.  How... "Republican" of them.

Part of the problem with the time the Bobbsey Twins spent babbling is they talked so much at the PCO meeting about such unimportant crap (relatively speaking) that they barely mentioned the 8000 pound gorilla in the room... their betrayal on the budget vote where they both screwed us sideways by voting for an additional entitlement and tax on the workers of this state (Yeah.... that's Republican, right?) and then voted to stuff another $5.5 billion into the teacher's pockets that they have to steal from us.

The irony of the Wilson/Rivers Hirst discussion is simple: if they were going to hold a budget hostage, considering how they raped us, they should have held the general fund budget as the victim.  Because now, they have zero leverage to make the democrats do anything... since they simply... don't... care.

In fact, the Capital Budget scam will just be another arrow in the left's quiver, not the GOP's.

There was no requirement... none... to jump through any hoop held up by the state supreme court.  They had zero power to force the Legislature to legislate anything.  The GOP RINOs knew that; I have been demanding something... anything... information in/from the state constitution that enables a coequal branch of government to take over control of another branch of government without any ability to do so, save for that which those in the Legislature provided.

To date, no one has been able to provide such a linkage.

Now, the GOP-controlled state senate has screwed us once again... putting a brand new, statewide payroll tax on employees into place (0.4%) that the vast majority of people will never benefit from... but which will cost a family making $40,000 a year ANOTHER $160.... added to the GOP's massive gas tax/tab fee increases, the increased costs for driver's licenses for American citizens and the MASSIVE increases in property taxes that we have to look forward to, thanks in part to these two fringe-left whack jobs; one of whom, Rivers, actually works for a democrat campaign consulting company, Strategies 360.

Of course, both Wilson and Rivers lied about the impacts of both their budget and their vote: here's the video that you can watch for yourself:

Note that at 5:36 in this video, Wilson says, and I quote: "I just want you to know that every one in Clark County will be receiving a property tax that's going down."

Which, of course, is why the County Assessor, Peter Van Nortwick, reiterated to me something rather different...
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
Who are we to believe?  Those who did this to us?

Or those who are going to be held accountable?

Uh oh... Looks like Brent Boger is in full-on petulant jerk mode.

Brent is very big on his cell phone camera.  He's all about the hidden camera shot and the surreptitious video.  He was especially good back in 2015 when he dutifully recorded Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' political hari-kiri during a town hall meeting we were at.

This video is a Brent Boger/Lew Waters production... deleted... but not before I grabbed it.  I can't thank them enough for outing the REAL Ann Rivers as she explains, without guile, her complete and utter betrayal of those of us who stupidly believed in her... and who mistakenly thought she had integrity.  Isn't the internet swell?

I guess he doesn't really care that Rivers thinks he's a putz.  Oh well, I suppose some people are destined to play the role of the yapping "Spike" to the really big dog, and ol' Brent has found his lapdog niche.

But that said... this guy has gone over the edge.

I am a constituent to Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick.  So are most of the people reading this... in fact, by virtue of his position as a county-wide elected official, everyone living here is a constituent.

In the warped would of Boger, those who are wise enough to actively oppose his peculiar brand of RINOism are not to be talked to.  Anyone even chatting with me, for example, is subject to getting the "treatment" from that scumbag Boger.  And this is a case in point:

Naturally, progressive leftist Dalesandro is one of Brent's buddies, and naturally, he'll shoot off his pie hole on Brent's FB page to join with Brent in trashing those to the right of Mao.

Of course, YESTERDAY, ol supersleuth put up a picture of Berrigan chatting with me, and as a result, Berrigan was "coordinating" with me.  You know, because Berrigan and some others actually had the temerity to do a silent, non-obtrusive protest.

For a fringe-left nutjob like Boger, freedom is a limited construct.  The only ones who can exercise that aspect of our lives here in America seem to be those moronic enough to agree with him.  And that means he's got more in common with antifa than he does the GOP.

In this case, a few days ago, Van Nortwick let it be known that he expected that our taxes were going to skyrocket as a result of the betrayal of the RINOs in the Legislature who betrayed us using McCleary as the excuse.  In response to another individual, Peter wrote:
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
Now, I get that something like that makes out Boger's puppet master to be a liar.

It won't be the first time she's lied to us and it certainly won't be the last.  And the question, then, is who do we believe on this issue?

Two women, who likely ended their political careers by voting for this rip-off and then lying about it?

Or the county assessor who, after all, does know a thing or two about property taxes?

Boger appears to be losing it.  His playground bullshit is getting so ripe that even Ann Donnelly lit Brent up after his jerk-ish display:

Yes, Mr. Van Nortwick.  That is PRECISELY what this clueless idiot is "suggesting."  In fact, I'll take it a step further:

He's not suggesting it...

... he's DEMANDING it.

Oh, and a special thanks to Lew Waters for being riveted to every aspect of my blog.  I guess even he needs someone to look up to.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

With RINO's running Congress...

I'm a "disgraced blogger" acording to Teddy Bear Brent Boger... Then why...

...have close to 1900 people read my meager little post about ol' Brent needing a hug?  (As of this posting, the number is 2033)

And why would Boger have this "disgraced blogger" work on his do-nothing campaign for prosecutor?

When you have the slavish devotion of Tim Probst, uber-leftist democrat candidate wannabe, how else is one to be classified?

And when a group of leftists and democrats believe that the Chair is now "leading the CCGOP in the right direction," that is TRULY cause for concern.

Here's the thing: the current version of what this clown thinks of me aside, this hypocrite had no problem with my free effort to help him get elected to prosecutor which, considering how lazy he was, was a putt far too long for him to ever make.

Odd, isn't it?

Boger used to be so helpful to the blog he now calls "disgraced."

Take this beaut, for example:

And the picture he sent me?

And then this dandy little article:  (Hey, Sean... if you're wondering what Brent REALLY thinks about you, well, wonder no more!)

I have a ton of this sort of thing archived, much of it from those trying to attack me now.

Right, Sen. Rivers?

Clearly, of the two of us, someone has changed.  And with equal clarity, the political chameleon and opportunist here is named Boger.

And did I leave out "hypocrite?"

I guess I didn't.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Uh, oh. Looks like Brent Boger needs a hug.

Look.  here's the thing.

Brent Boger was at the PCO meeting Saturday as was I.

I get that he fancies himself as some sort of expert in the political realm.  And I get that he has an inferiority complex the size of Rhode Island.  But here's yesterday's snivel-fest as he feels all beat up and that those wise enough to oppose him or his peculiar style of politics are big meanies:

The ironies are many. I'll just name a few:

First and foremost, I don't give a fiddler's damn what Boger does. Stay... go... who cares? He actually believes that what he thinks matters. Oddly, I missed his buddy Sean Guard yesterday, who joined with him and others in an interesting but doomed effort to retake control of the party... and yeah, I helped to kill that... as I would do it again.

Guess ol' Sean must have texted his regrets about not being able to make it.

What *I* do is point out that while he claims to be GOP, his politics are decidedly anything but. He supports leftist causes... the list of C3G2 hate types patting da poor widdle boy on da back over feeling SOOOOO bad on his FB page is long and distinguished... and not out of place at a democrat convention.

Secondly, this clown ACTUALLY asks his fellow RINO's and leftists the following question:
Hinton and Berrigan no doubt would like to see me out of the Republican Party. Should I accommodate them? I have no political ambitions beyond serving as a Washougal City Councilor. But I'm not going to let them push me out.

This guy has picked up his football and we, we, weeeed all the way home from the local GOP more than anyone alive. He pushes HIMSELF out with the regularity of a full moon and this hypocrite is going to ask his leftist facebook posse to ask if he SHOULD quit?  Because of me and Berrigan?

How pathetic is that?

Did I have anything to do with his multiple OTHER sniveling efforts to quit?

Nope. That petulance was all on him. He acts like a baby so often, he's a joke. Rivers and I used to talk about that... a lot.

Third, it's not terribly surprising that a fringe-left whack job like Boger would assail anyone publicly for exercising their First Amendment right to protest against politicians they oppose at a public, open meeting.

They were not being disruptive.  They weren't making noise or interrupting in any way. They were, in fact, engaging in a symbolic exercise of free speech, which like most leftists, Boger can't stand when the words don't reflect his perspective.

Boger calls Berrigan, et al's protest "feckless." Clearly, Boger's own FB snivelfest was a much more accurate definition of the term.

The irony of all of this is the same as it is for everyone else I irritate so much they get fixated on me: If my words and actions mean so little... then why does what I do or say matter?  I'm a nobody, a nothing. And when I'm needed... why, I get calls, emails and all kinds of requests to help.

Right, Brent?

Brent, it's not a matter of me or anyone else "pushing you out."

You've quit the GOP more times than you've blown election calls... and your last blown one was a BEAUT, even though you did delete it:
Here is my final prognostication for federal elections. Clinton will win with a 4% percent popular vote margin over Trump. She will have an Electoral College margin of 300 to 238. Trump carries all of the Romney states including Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina plus carries Ohio and Iowa carried by Obama in 2016. There has been a noticeable drift toward Clinton over the weekend in the polls. There still is the shy or hidden Trump vote theory that is plausible but I don't think will significantly alter the results.
(And let's face it, you really blew the last one and I'm pretty sure that since you're one of those never-Trumper types and I got the election outcome right, that REALLY gripes your shorts) I can't help but think that played a role in your little passion soliloquy... where you conveniently left out that YOU are "best known" for dumping the GOP whenever you throw a snit.

As for me "coordinating" with Berrigan you have no better idea what he was talking to me about than you do election outcomes.

For the record, those two fake Republican senators lied their ass off on the impacts of their latest betrayal: ripping us off for a $5.5 billion budget increase that WE are going to pay for.

In the words of our assessor:
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
That you were ignorant enough to believe those two, who never once spoke about why they screwed us on the budget, since there is no justification for that, then you shouldn't be let outside without a keeper.

It doesn't always go your way, Boger. And if anything, I pale in comparison to your own efforts to extol YOUR own virtues. The problem is that you see yourself as some sort of political oracle and wise man when, in reality, you're just a punk... and not all that highly thought of yourself... wrong more than you're right.

In the end... stay, go, vaporize... But when you stupidly open up your piehole like you did here, as an elected... (or whatever you call it) official, you're fair game.

Hey, I know... maybe I should start publishing all of those emails you sent me asking for help, and publishing stuff in my blog for you and so forth.

Would that be OK?

You freaking hypocrite.

The Bill Bryant Excuse Tour

I admit it.  I supported Bill Bryant as much as he supported our President.

That is, not at all.  And his political cowardice actually earned Inslee my vote.

Yesterday, I attended the Clark County GOP quarterly PCO meeting, expecting only to hear from our two resident state senate RINOs, Wilson and Rivers.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw Bryant.  I wondered what the hell he was doing there... and was stunned when his presence devolved into what amounted to an attempt to justify his abysmal performance during the last election... which a blind man could see in a minute he was going to lose.

Political cowardice rarely evolves into a solid political platform and Bryant's pathetic campaign was no exception.

Yesterday, we were charted, graphed and math-ed to death by this guy who got his ass kicked by a mental cripple.

His conclusion?

"My opposition to Trump didn't make any difference in the outcome."

Oh, that's not how he framed it, of course.  If memory serves, he said something to the effect of "my decision not to endorse either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump made no difference in the outcome."

Bill Bryant, the Republican candidate challenging Gov. Jay Inslee, repeated earlier statements that “if Trump believes what he says, he is not fit to be president.”
Yeah.  Verbiage like that had no impact.

That's crap, of course.  I sat there and my response was that it made a difference to ME...

This was all part of getting wowed by self-serving, precinct level analysis.

On November 3rd, I predicted the following outcome:

Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily. 

Trends are downward on the governor's race for the GOP vote.  We have to stop that trend, he tells us.

What's problematic here is that the same thing happened to Chris Vance... as Vance ACTIVELY opposed Mr. Trump.

CandidateVoteVote %
(Prefers Democratic Party)
(Prefers Republican Party)

(Prefers Democratic Party)
(Prefers Republican Party)

To suggest, then, that opposition to the GOP's presidential nominee made no difference is to be delusional.

Back when Chris Vance was wrecking the state GOP during his horrific tenure as the state GOP Chair... a tenure the GOP has yet to recover from... with his fallacious "Suburban Crescent" nonsense, he was saying much the same things as Bryant, yesterday.

Understanding that to be the GOP candidate requires you to at least pay lip service to the GOP tenets and the GOP's nominee for president would be a critical element in actually putting a GOP candidate into the governor's mansion.

One PCO suggested that the message needed to be changed, a suggestion that Bryant, who did such a SPECTACULAR job with HIS campaign, immediately denied.

Because, you know, out-democrating the democrats is absolutely what the GOP needs to do to be successful.

“They came on in the same old way and we beat them in the same old way." - Duke of Wellington

Here, the messaging doesn't work.  The left holds every advantage in this state and the GOP refuses to play by their rules.  The dems are more than willing to get into a fist fight while the GOP caves when it matters like a cheap suit.  The result?

A severe butt-kicking statewide, year in and year out.

To become a Republican state will require a concerted effort at ALL levels of the political realm.  But most of all, it will require that those elected with the GOP label to actually vote like it.

Our GOP-controlled senate is a mirror duplicate of democrat-controlled state senates of the past.

Billions upon billions of dollars in tax increases, more and more accommodation to illegal aliens, bigger and more expensive government, lackeys to the state unions and, of course, owned by the WEA.

In the past two years, my fake Republican state senator by herself has voted for the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in the history of the state.  This session, she's voted to jack our property taxes up to astronomical levels.

Gubernatorial candidates, who sound like leftist democrats even though claiming GOP allegiance, are causing the GOP base to stay home in droves.

Or, in the alternative, GOP candidates from hard-corps GOP districts like the 18th lie their way into office and then vote like their politics are from downtown Seattle, betraying their districts and flipping on a dime... or getting hired by the democrats directly... to sell us out.

Republicans are getting a smaller percentage of the vote because the people paying attention have noticed that GOP candidates lie to get what they want, and we get screwed for years as a result.

So, when you start out with a less than GOP message, you're going to get a less than GOP turnout as more and more voters on the right join with me in ignoring the label of convenience and a party that won't hold these liars accountable... by either staying home and not voting... or voting for the democrat... which I am doing more and more.  That wasn't particularly easy for me; a former executive director of this state's GOP, to do or say... but it becomes increasingly easy as those we elect become increasingly comfortable lying to us and screwing us.

Right, Sen. "Gas Tax" Rivers?

Bryant failed to acknowledge any of that... and he "proved" his point by drowning us in charts.

During his campaign, he attacked Trump, refused to take a position on the oil terminal and he supported the CRC/Loot rail scam.

Tell me again why any Republican should have voted for him?

Bryant was going to lose regardless.  But his political massacre was largely self-inflicted.  As I wrote at the time: for the governor race:
Governor: Inslee

It is possible to run a more out of touch campaign than Bryant has... but I don't see how.  Another RINO coward when it comes to Trump, much of the base will undervote him and the most ignorant, worthless governor this state has ever known will be reelected easily.
And no chart can change any of that.

As for me, I will never vote for the "settle-for" candidate again.

And clearly, that's who Bill Bryant was.

Cross-posted in Clark County RINO List.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Where, once again, the GOP State Senate blew it on Hirst.

The amazing stupidity of the GOP-Controlled Senate cannot be overstated.

I've been vacillating between believing the basis for the action of those morons has been the RINOs running the show, their simple incompetence, or a complete desire for self-immolation... a desire that is likely to be realized the day after the next election in November when the GOP loses in the 45th and subsequently, loses the tenuous control they've got in the Senate.

At this point, it's leaning in the direction of simple incompetence.

Right now, the GOP Senate would like the base to think they're at an impasse.

The House democrats refuse to move on Hirst (Why should they?  The GOP Senate has given up its leverage to the House as much as the entire Legislature ceded their authority to the Supreme Court)  and the GOP Senate refuses to vote out a capital budget.

Each blames the other, publicly.  And nothing happens.

The problem is simple: In voting out the General Fund Budget, the Senate gave away the keys to the castle.

That, of course, is beyond the idiocy and insanity of the REPUBLICAN senate smacking US with BILLIONS of dollars in new taxes... quite unnecessarily.   Which, when added to their rape of our wallets on the gas tax/tab fee rip off kind of ends any particular reason to vote GOP in the legislature.... doesn't it?

So, yeah.  The GOP Senate needed to hold up a budget to "fix" Hirst, although any fix would only last as long as they maintain control of the Senate, which ends in a little less than 4 months, regardless; but they picked the WRONG budget to hold hostage.

The democrats have no crying need to cave on this: any fix would only be temporary anyway, and what makes anyone think for a second that Inslee wouldn't veto it anyhow?

Once again, GOP idiocy has put us, the people, in an untenable position because those gutless cowards were terrified of being called names because they "shut down government."

Like that matters... since in the end, they're going to lose anyway.

As a result, tremendous losses are being suffered, home construction in rural areas are close to at a standstill, and none of those in the Legislature are getting hurt.

A blind squirrel could see it in a minute.  Why couldn't they, besides the fact that Rivers is on the democrat's payroll, I mean?

It's just a shame that they'll be losing on cowardice... instead of principle.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trump to dump DACA?

Until now, government at every level has lacked the guts to do what needs to be done about illegal aliens.

As we all know too well, the last Administration viewed the Constitution of the United States as their own personal roll of Charmin.  And one of the many illegal and unconstitutional actions was Obama's DACA.

DACA, or "Deferred Action For Childhood (Illegal) Aliens," was one of the many end-runs around the law that leftists rather hypocritically supported when their hero abused it, but who completely freak out at their self-delusional perception that President Trump is acting precisely the same way the criminal formerly in the White House acted.

The reality is that whatever bar President Trump has to clear has been set fairly low by the prior occupant of the White House.  And getting rid of each and every unconstitutional act Obama engaged seems like a solid foundation for the first year.

Not as solid as the RINOs in Congress repealing Obamacare or implementing tax reform, but the same GOP cowards obstructing those actions are also the ones who did nothing about DACA.

Even at the state level, it was the GOP senate that implemented the state level version of the so-called Dream Act, a law that allowed illegal aliens to both get in-state tuition in our universities AND to become eligible for state student aid... because there's certainly enough to go around... enough slots in our schools and enough money to give all of them aid... with slots and money left over for illegal aliens.

It was also the GOP senate that approved a GOP senator's bill to charge citizens more for their driver's licenses than illegal aliens who, of course, shouldn't be eligible for any license of any kind for anything.

Now, it seems more and more like anyone challenging DACA will win.

Trump admin to lawmakers: DACA in jeopardy

Washington (CNN)The DACA program, which protects undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children, could be in serious jeopardy, President Donald Trump's secretary of Homeland Security told lawmakers Wednesday.

Secretary John Kelly told Democrats of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that while he personally supports the program, he could not commit to the Trump administration defending it, according to members in attendance and Kelly's spokesman, David Lapan.

Kelly said that legal experts he's talked to both inside and outside the administration have convinced him that it is unlikely the DACA program, the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals executive action, would sustain a court challenge.

In this instance, of course, the phrase "undocumented immigrants" refers to "illegal aliens."

One of the many steps we, as a nation, must take to secure our borders is to eliminate this country as an illegal alien resort destination.

This is a baby step to accomplish that.

Illegal aliens are a massive problem that will require a massive response, to include expanding border security, building the Wall or some version of it, expanding the Border Patrol and increasing the number of immigration courts to get these people processed and deported.

The other steps are self-evident and I've gone over many of these options, options that have to be implemented and sooner, rather than later.

But this is a step on the journey.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Speaking of the RINO List, I'm hearing that Rivers and Wilson... who both screwed us with their budget vote... are the featured speakers at the quarterly PCO meeting.

This Saturday, there's a Quarterly PCO meeting.

There's a lot going on as I understand it, not the least of which is a rare appearance by the two local Senators feelin' the heat over their recent budget betrayal, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360)  and her new sidekick, Sen. Lynda "WEA" Wilson (D-Tracy).

This, of course, goes directly to the matter of party inaction when those falsely claiming the banner of Republicanism betray those who supported their election in the first place.

Sightings of these two at PCO meetings are rarer than Rivers massive... and expensive... waste of time known as the Sasquatch Bill. 

Rivers' lengthening list of betrayals has, apparently, finally, caused her to take notice that the natives are restless.

Between her hiring as some sort of campaign consultant for the democrat campaign company, Strategies 360, While she was negotiating THE STATE BUDGET WITH THE DEMOCRATS and the serial philanderer that runs it, combined with her lies about the gas tax and tab fees and her even more recent betrayal of giving the WEA $5.5 billion MORE in our tax dollars... the impacts of which on our property taxes were described yesterday on Facebook by County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick thusly:
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
These two, Wilson and Rivers, voted for this nightmare.

Like most every other RINO and democrat.

The problem Rivers has, besides her obvious democrat leaning (The ONLY reason she just doesn't switch parties... and when the GOP loses control over the Senate this November as they will with the loss of the 45th District special election... don't be surprised if her employers require her to ditch the GOP as a condition of continued "employment".) is two-fold.

First, she lies.

Second, her voting record is a stain on anything related to the tenets of the GOP.  In fact, it's much more a product of a 49th District democrat than it is an 18th District Republican, and the irony is that Sen. Annette Cleveland (D-49) was a NO on the budget, voting more Republican than my own Republican Senator!

The result of these two issues?

Rivers will refuse to take responsibility for anything... her falsehoods, her betrayal of trust.... her betrayal of the voters, the massive tax and fee increases (remember, the $700 million betrayal as a result of Rivers' gas tax/tab fee betrayal was the result of a "business decision" when she lied to get elected to the Senate in the first place) that we're going to have to suffer through... all her doing.

She'll excuse.  She'll prevaricate.  She'll get you to think she had no choice.

Well, that's why they call it "voting."  She ALWAYS has a choice... but the obvious conflict of her employment with a democrat campaign firm while she was "negotiating" with the democrats in the Legislature... which sources tell me the Senate knew nothing about until I took steps to make SURE they knew... lays it out for anyone to see that her true motivation for her sellout wasn't what was right... or best for us... or even "Republican."

And, she lies.

I asked her in the January, 2016 town hall meeting how it was that we could believe her.  I mean, when did we know she was telling the truth?  Was there, like, a sign that went across her forehead to give us a clue?

No matter what she might say NOW.... this is what she said THEN.

And that was certainly nothing to be proud of.  Nor was it anything to claim to be Republican of, so to speak.

So, Gentle Reader, I put the question to you:

Why are the Bobbsey Twins suddenly now showing up to a meeting they should never... ever.... miss in any event? I mean, if they gave a damn about what the people they're allegedly representing think, they'd be at EVERY PCO quarterly meeting.

Wouldn't they?

And how often do they show up?

So, why now?

They're feeling the heat and believe... falsely... they can engage in some good ol' fashioned damage control?

Since their actions are inexcusable.... good luck with that.

Or, in the alternative, they're going to attempt to squash the movement to oust the Party Chair.  In this instance, that's likely to cause more harm for him than good if that's what they're setting out to do.

What happened to them?  How did they morph into what they are now, from what they used to be?  Who got to them? 

For Rivers, it was like someone flipped a switch.  Almost overnight, she turned her back on everything I had seen that wrongly caused me to respect and admire her.  Something happened.  It wasn't even subtle.  But the populist woman of the people who could have been so much and done so much for the people has changed into just another caricature of a politician... a conniving, what's-in-it-for-me stereotype, now literally owned by a democrat campaign company.... who, among other things, has worked diligently to get democrats into office.

Wilson has also become something to be ashamed of.  If Rivers were to stop suddenly, I'm reasonably sure that Wilson's head might disappear.

Since she was, sadly, elevated to the Senate, I've got to wonder: has Wilson EVER voted against Rivers?  On ANYTHING?    She sure disappeared in the county chair election, while Tracy spent bank getting my clueless-idiot brother-in-law elected (with 39% of the vote) to the job.  Is she anything but Tracy Wilson's puppet?

Didn't think so.

Regardless, action is required here.  Not motion.... action.  Every day the Party fails to act against those who pee on its legs while claiming its rain merely serves to embolden the Rivers and the Wilson types when they insist on throwing us under the bus of the special interests that own them like the 13th Amendment was actually the 13th Suggestion.

No speech will fix that.  No turning a blind eye will make it go away.  The Party needs to act.  Or, in the alternative, they need to question the reasons for their own existence, if this is the kind of candidate... the kind of person... they are choosing to support politically.

Failing to act against those who utilize Republican tenets as their own personal roll of toilet paper makes the Party complicit in their acts.

And while those of the RINO ilk will no doubt applaud their betrayal... the people of this county, given the outcomes of their respective betrayals in this past session alone, let alone the other betrayals over the past two years... will likely have a differing view.  Particularly given the outcomes that represent the massive assault on our wallets that these two have helped to arrange... not to mention their major push to resurrect the hated CRC/Loot Rail scam... an inexplicable flip from the days when these two actually did represent the people of their districts... instead of the special interests they now answer to.

As this meeting comes up, there's a lot to think about.  Rivers' and Wilson's efforts to tap dance out of their poison political situation likely ain't part of that.

Cross-posted at Clark County RINO List.