Sunday, July 30, 2017

Government and freedom.

I had a dream this morning.

It was about the encroachment of government on our freedom.

We are, I believe, the freest country on the planet.  But what does that mean when our freedoms are undergoing a constant assault from those who would govern us?  Our power becomes less and less important while government's power grows, and is rarely contracted?

Freest as opposed to what?  That's more an indictment of every other country than it is an award to ours.

Here in Washington, as I've shown on occasion, our state supreme court has already made it legal for those in the political realm to lie to us.  As a result, just about everyone in politics and government takes to the lie to manipulate the voting public.

Locally, the Columbia River Crossing was (and remains) One Big Lie.  Nationally, Obamacare was (and remains) One Big Lie.  Many of those claiming they would seek nothing less than repeal of that cancer on our country were engaging in One Big Lie. And of those directly involved, who has paid for their crimes against us?

Locally, we elect and reelect politicians who lie to us on a regular basis.  Rivers lied her way into office by claiming as a part of her platform that she would oppose any gas tax or tab fee increase. She stood up in front of the GOP PCOs a few weeks ago and lied about her betrayal to the people of her district and this state, along with Wilson who told us to our faces that "I just want you to know that everyone in Clark County will be receiving a property tax that's going down."

As it turns out, the County Assessor, who seems to know a tiny bit about property taxes, doesn't think so:
"Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next year's tax bills."
The question: somebody is lying.  The County Assessor, who has no particular dog in this fight; or the two local GOP senators who sold us out, so the WEA could get their cut of $5.5 BILLION ADDITIONAL tax dollars to use to beat the hell out of the GOP in upcoming elections... two senators counting a on a short attention span and a lack of actual voter involvement.

Of course, if you're getting paid by the democrats at Strategies 360 like Rivers is, selling us out is not only become profitable, it can become lucrative.

The chair of the local Republican Party tries to lie his way out of situations he puts himself into on a regular basis.

Most every day, in most every way, those we've trusted to speak for us have morphed into the oozing slime of those we detest.... caricatures of corruption and allowing themselves to be owned by the special interests infesting us.

Our checkbooks are raped far faster than our wages grow.  They take more and more as a percentage of our earnings and it's never enough... all while delivering less and less while lying more and more.

Between the RINO philosophy of betrayal and the influence of huge money... with each and every lie, each and every exaggeration, each and every misdirection at every level of politics... each and every time we are lied to... each and every time those we trust with our vote effectively piss on us for their own purposes... our freedom shrinks.

We are witnessing the prelude to our own demise.  Not, as the haters would tell us, as a result of President Trump.

This corruption and voter ignorance of it was going on long before the possibility of a President Trump ever existed.

Look around you.  Are we more free now than we were, say, 20 years ago?  Hardly.  Government at all levels has dramatically increased their economic enslavement of the producers to keep the poor on the plantation.

BOTH parties are equally guilty.  BOTH parties lie and scheme and manipulate.  BOTH parties county on getting you to accept their lies as truth... and the lie of the GOP repeal of Obamacare is just as real as the lie of Obamacare itself.

The voter remains the only hope.  Calling those out who would belittle and reduce our freedom until it's gone through their lies and manipulation... and then VOTING THEM OUT OF OFFICE is the only way.  Even if that means voting for democrats...until candidates come to understand that we're now going to pay attention.  We are going to know when you stab us in the back.  We are going to know when you steal money out of wallets.  We are going to know when you lie.

And we are going to replace you.

We have to, you see.  It's the only way.

Alexis Tocqueville weeps.


Pete Masterson said...

At this point, I don't believe that I can support one single incumbent at any level of government.

Just a guy said...

It's difficult to disagree with you.