Saturday, July 29, 2017

I admit it, I'm confused about the anger towards McCain. Our local senators betrayed us just as badly. Where's the anger towards them?

McCain betraying America generally and the GOP particularly shouldn't have been a surprise.  He's a RINO.  That's what RINOs do, though in his case, it was likely personal to stick it to the President as some never-Trump, campaign pay back.

And so many of you are angry about McCain... being McCain.

Here's where the confusion for me comes in:  At the local level, Senator's Rivers and Wilson are guilty of the exact, same, thing.  Where's the anger towards them?

These clowns are so far left that democrat Sen. Annette Cleveland was the only Clark County senator to vote correctly on the budget.

The others... Republicans all... vote for MASSIVE property tax increases... and two of them lied about it to the PCO's a few short weeks ago... they voted for imposing a statewide employee tax that will be .4% of their pay... to begin with.

Yeah, McCain and his fellow RINOs screwed us.  And many people are pissed.

But how many of you voted for Wilson?  How many of you voted for Rivers?

Feeling betrayed, yet?  It wasn't like I didn't warn you.

Where's YOUR anger over what THEY'VE done?

How many of you in the 18th voted for that complete, democrat-employed sell out Rivers AFTER she hung a $700 million gas tax around our necks?

What kind of message does it send to re-elect someone AFTER they lie to get elected, and bend us over to rape our wallets?

Of COURSE Wilson and Rivers screwed us.  Of COURSE McCain screwed us.

Why shouldn't they get paid off by those who own them to rape our wallets?  We keep re-electing them and the GOP organization seems utterly helpless in the face of their political intransigence.

That they should be expelled from the GOP is obvious.  But the organization of do-nothings seems hypnotized by a level of political bullshit that seems to cause their brains to stop functioning.

Look... Every politician is entitled, within certain limits, to vote however they want.  Just like the Party is entitled to punish them when the become democrats while using the GOP label.

But the inaction of the voters and the organization that is supposed to represent the political tenets of Republicanism all serve to reinforce the concept of representing the special interests over their pledge to represent us, The People.

That is why Wilson and Rivers are raping us.  That is why Vick and Harris voted with them to resurrect the CRC Scam.  That is why Rivers lied about her opposition to the gas tax.  That is why they abandoned us in the McCleary extortion.

And that is why McCain screwed us on Obamacare.

Because we so rarely stand up to these people BEFORE they hurt us.

And after?

Well, it's a little too late, wouldn't you say?

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