Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just in case anyone doesn't believe that Jaime Herrera views her daughter as a campaign prop:

This was on her facebook page:

One of the reasons I despise this woman among the many I oppose her, is her blatant use of her baby as a campaign prop.

If she cared about this child, she'd spend what little time they have left at home with her.

She has repeatedly used this little girl to get earned media and to raise her profile for entirely political purposes.

And for that, there is zero excuse.

Jon Russell makes the big time. Sorta. Kinda.

Shortly before Russell fooled the people of Culpeper into electing him to their city council (A huge mistake as those of us paying attention in the local area knew) I was called by a reporter from a fringe-left outfit called "PR Watch," who wanted to chat about one of my favorite subjects, one Jon Russell, formerly Washougal city councilman, failed congressional candidate and failed candidate for state representative.

So, always eager to help when it comes to Russell, I directed said reporter to the now nationally renown Jon Russell Watch blog.

And I'm not as big on ALEC as I used to be, thanks to Jon: after all, if they can be fooled into hiring a guy like him, well, hell... what else can they be fooled into doing?

This article is what follows.

Posted by BRENDAN FISCHER on July 31, 2014

After forty years of pushing corporate-friendly policy in state legislatures, this week the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is launching its new project aimed at doing the same at the local level.
The director of the American City County Exchange (ACCE), Jon Russell, has been described as a "divisive" local government official, better known for pushing a national anti-immigrant agenda than for serving local interests and his constituents. ACCE's first meeting will coincide with ALEC's Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas this week.
The creation of ACCE comes as national corporate and ideological interests increasingly try to exert influence over municipal government. For example, over the past year, David Koch's Americans for Prosperity has spent money on the mayoral race in Coralville, Iowa, the Board of Supervisors election in Iron County, Wisconsin, and school board elections in Douglas County, Colorado and Kenosha, Wisconsin.
ACCE is not expected to spend money in local elections, but its role could be viewed as providing the policy counterpart to electoral spending by the Kochs and others.
Early reports suggests that ACCE will pursue similar policy objectives as ALEC. According toThe Guardian, "An early draft of the agenda for [the] meeting revealingly listed ACCE’s very first workshop under the simple title: 'Privatization' – though in the final version the wording had been sanitized into: 'Effective Tools for Promoting Limited Government'." Privatization has been a long term goal for many ALEC member firms, and ALEC model bills have called for the creation of a special state commission to privatize public services. Other ALEC bills call for the privatization of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, public schools, state pensions and more. Another workshop at the inaugural ACCE meeting is titled "Releasing Local Governments From the Grip of Collective Bargaining," which fits into ALEC's long-standing antipathy towards unions.

"ACCE is just another effort to rig our democracy"

ACCE also largely mirrors the structure, goals, and funding stream of its parent organization.
Its membership includes elected officials and corporate lobbyists, both of whom will have a say in approving "model" policy for the elected officials to introduce back home. According to ACCE's promotional materials, a benefit for corporate members is that it "enables business leaders to provide industry insights during policy creation."
Like ALEC, ACCE's funding appears comes almost entirely from its corporate members. Local elected officials are asked to pay just $100 for a two year membership, where corporate members pay between $10,000 and $25,000.
Some are skeptical of ALEC's newfound commitment to local control. For years, ALEC has pushed state-level preemption bills to prohibit local governments from enacting policies like paid sick days, a higher minimum wage, municipal broadband, or limits on GMOs, all of which would benefit ALEC's corporate members.
Given this history, many local officials aren't buying that ALEC and ACCE are looking out for the best interests of their constituents, as opposed to the interests of ACCE's corporate funders.
“ALEC and ACCE aren't about implementing a set of right-wing policies, they are about moving corporate America's agenda," Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges told the Center for Media and Democracy.
"Local government is the best way to reflect the values and meet the unique needs of the local community," she said. "ACCE is just another effort to rig our democracy in favor of corporate special interests."

ACCE Director Described as "Divisive" and as a "Lightning Rod"

ALEC -- which has pushed "Stand Your Ground" legislation, voter ID restrictions, and prison privatization -- is no stranger to controversy. Neither is the new director of ACCE, Jon Russell. Russell describes himself as the "founder" of ACCE, although it is a project of ALEC and he is an ALEC employee.
Russell was on the city council of Washougel,[sic] Washington from 2006 until 2012, when he resigned his office for a position with Students for Life of America, an anti-abortion group based in Manassas, Virginia. He was elected to the town council in Culpepper, Virginia earlier this year.
During his tenure on the Washougel[sic] City Council, Russell was described by The Columbian newspaper as "one of Clark County's most divisive governmental figures" and "a lightning rod, to say the least."
Russell "brought national causes to city government and backed conservative challengers against veteran council members in the 2011 elections," The Columbian wrote. Among other things, Russell introduced a resolution in support of Arizona's controversial immigration law, SB 1070, which many suspected was designed to boost his ultimately unsuccessful run for state office. (Incidentally, SB1070 matched ALEC's "No Sanctuary Cities for Illegal Immigrants Act" word-for-word.)
He also made his share of enemies. The former Executive Director of the Washington Republican Party set up a blog to track what he perceived as Russell's misdeeds, which ranged from setting up fake usernames to post comments on news articles to taking balloons from children.
Upon Russell's departure from Washougel,[sic] fellow councilman Paul Greenlee said he hoped his replacement would be more focused on local issues. "When they come into city hall, they need to be focused on Washougal, not on some agenda."
When Russell ran for office two years later on the other side of the country in Culpepper, Virginia, Washougel[sic] residents tried to warn voters.
"As a former resident of the town Jon [Russell] served on during his term, I wouldn't let him near a leadership position of my town ever again," commented Washougel[sic] resident Greg Evans on a Culpepper article.
"Russell's commitment is to himself," wrote K.J. Hinton. "Russell was using his city council seat as a launching pad for higher office. Fortunately for us all, his abysmal congressional campaign was a complete failure, as was his fall back campaign for State Representative... where, had he won either, I would have found myself in the unfortunate position of being a constituent. Clearly, he was no longer interested in being a city councilman, and towards the end of his tenure, he missed the majority of meetings that he was supposed to attend."
Despite Russell's spotty history as a local elected official, he insists that his group ACCE has the solution for making local government better. We'll see.
For the record, I've got no more problem with the Kochs than these leftists have with George Soros.

Nor do I engage in a double-standard like leftists typically do: if I had a problem with money in politics I'd have a problem with it no matter WHERE it came from, left OR right.

But even now, Russell has to be fake:  He HAS to claim this:
 ALEC -- which has pushed "Stand Your Ground" legislation, voter ID restrictions, and prison privatization -- is no stranger to controversy. Neither is the new director of ACCE, Jon Russell. Russell describes himself as the "founder" of ACCE, although it is a project of ALEC and he is an ALEC employee.
See, that's the kind of thing that keeps me working to keep Russell out of government.

He has no problem doing this sort of thing, over and over and over.  But who, with integrity, would make such claims to blow himself up in importance as if this plan WERE his idea?

I know you're reading this, Jon.  And I'm watching.  And next time you run for anything, I'm just going to work that much harder to make sure you don't win.

Montague gears up his hate PAC.

Among the many who got their political nose busted was the simple, lying idiot who helped run the ICC Scam in an effort to stuff this rip off down our throats.

Yes, Paul Montague is wasting his money so he can get embarrassed... again.

Montague blew a gasket... and a job... when he failed to stuff the formerly slam-dunked CRC/Loot Rail scam down our throats.

Damaging the reputation of the downtown mafia's Identity Clark County (aka, Identity Vancouver) by alienating legislators from this region who have not forgotten and will not forget his arrogance, his lies and his simpering chimp personality.



Washington Secretary Of State Business Registration · Data Updated May 24, 2014

Claim My Company

Responsive Leadership Initiative is a Washington Non-Profit filed on May 13, 2014. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 603403143. 

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Thomas B Eriksen and is located at 1499 Se Tech Center Pl 380 Vancouver, WA 98683.

The company has 3 principals on record. The principals are John Mcdonagh from Vancouver WA, Kim Capeloto from Ridgefield WA, and Paul N Montague from Vancouver WA.

Company Information

Company Name:  

File Number:  

Filing State:  
Washington (WA)

Filing Status:  

Filing Date:  
May 13, 2014

Company Age:  
1 Month

Registered Agent:

Thomas B Eriksen
1499 Se Tech Center Pl 380
Vancouver, WA 98683

Company Contacts



27500 Ne 14th Crt
Ridgefield, WA 98642


I'm going to be watching this PAC, carefully.  And each and ever person who is stupid enough to give these clowns a dime will go on a list.  And the businesses they work for, if any; as well as the businesses they own or represent, if any, will also go on a list.

Anyone involved in this idiocy is going to hear about it.

And any cause or candidate accepting money from these slime is going to wish they hadn't.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What democrat said this?

As a representative, he wants to work towards helping the environment, keeping energy rates down, and ensuring public safety, and education for all, as well as focusing on keeping clean, renewable energy a priority.
His name is Brandon Vick.

See, here's the thing: Brandon does not care about the things this district cares about.

It's like  Mussolini Mikey Briggs wrote this garbage.

Like his buddy Mikey, his progressives shtick reeks. 

There's nothing either in his wiki or in any of his bogus mailings that explains his vision.  There's nothing there to explain what he intends to do, what he intends to fix or how he intends to fix it.

Oddly, while Mussolini Mikey is a member of the C3G2 hate group, and has used that site to savage Vick's challenger, John Ley, but Briggs has yet to even mention Vick as near as I can tell.

Why is that?  Given how Mikey is mailing it in and his focus on Ley, it's almost like a deal has been cut.

Meanwhile, Brandon pays zero attention to the issues of importance to the people of this district.

Nothing about our cross-river transportation issues.  Nothing about crime.  Nothing about drugs.  Nothing about guns.  Nothing about law enforcement.  Nothing about unions.  Nothing about pot.

Even in this brief description, he fails in the most fundamental way: he fails to explain the "how" of any of it.

And Brandon's page, which has a narrative 8 and 1/2 lines long, is a snapshot of how worthless he actually is.

He's wasted 2 years "representing" this district.  And it's time for him to go.

Mussolini Mikey briggs loses his mind over on his pet hate site: C3G2.

The balloon of hate fills ever more with the fringe-leftists infesting us at the C3G2 hate site, but it's difficult to find a more delusional hater than our own Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Briggs is about to get slaughtered.  I'd be stunned if he made it past next Tuesday, but if the GOP runs a rock ape in November, he'll still get destroyed.

Fortunately for those of us who actually live in this district, that will be the end of his nonsensical political aspirations: his delusion; our nightmare.

Briggs wasted hours of his life lying about the CRC and his loot rail fetish.  While perfect for a fringe-leftist nutjob in Portland, his bizarre fixation on arguably THE most hated project in the 18th District psyche shows that he's a clueless idiot and fortunately for us all, he's about to see his political ego crushed.

Which brings me to this stupidity over on the hate site:

Responding to scumbag Johnny Laird, who obviously believes he didn't do enough damage to this community while he was working at the Daily Lie Factory (Is their some reason you haven't moved your dumb ass back to Texas, yet, Cockroach boy?) Mussolini bleated:

That's right up there with me writing
"It is my hope that Mike Briggs and the rest of the neo-communists will fail and not gain any offices.  Than,[sic] with Madore's reelection in 2016, their collective heads will explode.  I hope most of the citizens can see what the fringe-left whack jobs like Briggs have done to us, not to mention the rest of the nation, and they will burn out and become history.
Well, NATURALLY Mussolini doesn't want John to win in the primary.  Even a simple moron like Briggs knows that if Ley wins, it's likely that Briggs' abortive political fantasy will end the night of August 5th.

Of course, he doesn't mention any of that, or that Ley is one of his opponents.  And, of course, it's quite telling that he doesn't say anything about Vick, an utterly worthless waste of space in the legislature who needs to be replaced... but it's almost like Mussolini is acting as Vick's wingman.

But that can't be true can it?

Still, it seems that given how much Briggs has been mailing it in as part of his fake campaign (Mussolini has taken in a grand total of 6 donations over the last MONTH... how hard can he be working it... or is it that the wallets have just figured out how pathetic he really is?) that's he's acting more like Brandon Vick's wingman than he is a serious candidate.

But then, in this day and age, how can ANY democrat... particularly of the fringe-left nutjob variety... be considered serious?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wow. Another mailer from Vick?

A rehash of the first one, with stock quotes where these people say the same things about everyone.

Still, the mystery deepens:  Why aren't his seatmates on the ol' mailer telling us what a great job he's doing?

Where's the obvious endorsements of Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers and Rep. Liz Pike?

He better know the answer to that question.  In the candidate forums, he's going to be hearing it.

A lot.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs continues to prove he's unfit for elective office.

While not nearly the liar of, say, Bully Loserham's level, Mussolini Mikey IS a liar.  A big one.

Briggs has been one of THE most rabid supporters of the rip off known as the CRC/Loot rail scam.

The problem?

The people of the 18th District have made it clear that we have precisely zero interest in Mussolini's fantasy about light rail.  And Mussolini has made it abundantly clear that he could care less what we want.

His arrogance makes it impossible for him to grasp that his incessant yammering and lies about this system combined with the overwhelming opposition this district has to it means that, in fact, his claim that he will provide "Fair representation for all of our citizens in the 18th District."

And that lie, is, of course, in addition to his many other lies that as a democrat he naturally tells.

There is no way, for example, this fringe-left whack job could ever "fairly" represent anyone to the right of Mao.

And, in addition to lies, Briggs, a frequent poster on the C3G2 hate site stupidly confirms his loot rail fetish thus:

In short, this arrogant putz stupidly believes himself to be the smartest guy in the room (He ain't) and that those of us smart enough to disagree with him are idiots.

In the not too distant past, this same simple idiot kept whining about how, without the CRC Scam being built, no new business would move here:  And here:  And here:  And here:  And in dozens of places here:

Now, Mikey is entitled to his own opinion, no matter how warped and out of touch it may be.  But this district is strongly opposed to the loot rail rip off, and it makes zero sense what-so-ever to elect a clown would could care less what the people of this district think on this or any other subject.

The scum running teacher's unions: MEA (Michigan)

Michigan is now what every state SHOULD be: a right to work state.

Except when teachers try to leave the union organized crime unit known as the Michigan Education Association, this is what happens:

Home  >  Michigan  >  Michigan union tricks teachers into prolonging membership

Michigan union tricks teachers into prolonging membership

By   /   July 29, 2014  /   16 Comments
By Mary C. Tillotson |

Rob Wiersema teaches high school economics, and he knows the merits of a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Leaving the Michigan Education Association, he surmised, made economic sense.

Another professional association he found, offered better benefits at a lower cost.

But his simple economics become complicated. The union didn’t want him to go.

In December 2012, Michigan passed a Right to Work law, which allowed teachers and other workers to keep their jobs without belonging to the union. Until then, union membership was all but a requirement for employment.

“I thought, great, I’m out,” Wiersema said. “As soon as I heard you could leave, I thought, great. My contract is up in 2013. I sent letters to the MEA and the local association to say I quit, but it obviously didn’t work.”

He called the union and sent letters asking how to leave, but he got no reply. In June, he sent a “quit letter” to the state and local branches and the school. In July, union dues showed up on his credit card.

“I disputed the charge and said I wasn’t going to pay it,” he said. “Then I heard the MEA was going to go after people who didn’t pay it and have their credit reports take a hit.”

The MEA contends that teachers can leave the union in August only.

“People who thought they could exercise their right-to-work rights have unfortunately gotten a rude awakening that (the MEA is) now sending collection notices home,” said Vincent Vernuccio, director of labor policy for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. “If they have not opted out during the narrow window during August, they’re sending a collection agency after them.”

The Mackinac Center developed to give teachers the information they need to leave the union. It’s the MEA’s job to inform its members, Vernuccio said, but the Mackinac Center is trying to fill the information gap.

“Last year there were teachers and other school support personnel and other members of the MEA that wanted to exercise the right but were not informed that August was the only time they were able to do so. Because they missed the window, they were unable to exercise the right,” he said.

Lisa Jelenek, who retired this spring after 40 years teaching first grade through high school, said several teachers in her district applauded the Right to Work law. They think the union is more of a political organization than a service for its members, she said. Dues were high, almost $1,000 a year, and the union had not successfully negotiated a raise for them in several years.

Jelenek and some of her co-workers chose not to re-join the union for the 2013-14 school year, the first year in which right-to-work applied. They didn’t know about the August window until too late.
Lisa Jelenek tried in vain to leave the MEA before she retired.

The kind of scum running this union is the kind of scum that runs ALL unions: they could give a rat's ass what the members want or don't want... or even that they can leave.

The unions in Michigan fought to keep their organized criminal enterprise in place: they lost, the world did not end and the Earth continues to spin on it's axis.

But as proven repeatedly in Michigan and, for example, here locally at the grain terminal, unions don't give a damn about the law and demand only that the laws apply to everyone else... but not the unions.

This is the kind of thing that deepens my disgust of unions generally and public employee unions specifically.

And they need to go.

How worthless is the GOP in the US House?

Whether advocating impeachment or not, taking it off the table completely is as unutterably stupid as Obama taking military options off the table in Ukraine, or Iraq or Syria.

And the reaction of our enemies is the same in both cases.

By publicly renouncing the military option, both the House AND the moron-in-chief show how weak and vacillating we are.

When the community organizing idiot in the White House sent that message, it was the equivalent of an engraved invitation to Putin to do whatever he wants.

When the moron Speaker unnecessarily comes out and babbles that impeachment is off the table (Although we all know that Obama would be convicted in any fair court, from the court of public opinion on up of multiple high crimes and misdemeanors) that's an engraved invitation to that simple idiot in the White House to continue to use the Constitution of the United States as his own personal roll of toilet paper.

With morons like Boehner and Herrera in Congress, really: what the hell difference does it make to elect Republicans?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Wasting more billions to "fix" the VA.

The problem?

This won't "fix" anything, but it will increase bureaucracy, ultimately cost those of us who were promised "free health care, from the tip of our toes to the top of our heads for life" even more money while doing nothing to hold anyone accountable.

It will blow an additional $12 billion hole in the deficit (What's another $12 billion in a $17 trillion dollar ocean?) with only $5 billion in cuts to make up for it.  They SHOULD be able to fix these issues with the $140 Billion or so they got for FY 2013

It won't recover a dime from the VA upper management who outrageously received substantial bonuses despite their non-performance and the deaths of veterans who were the victims of a system run amok.

It will, once again, send the message that people who are not directly needed to support this Administration... specifically, veterans no longer serving... are dogs to be petted when they occasionally bark... but not to be fed as we veterans, euphemistically, starve to death.

You want to see the VA system get squared away in a hurry?

Force the upper echelons of government, including the president and Congress, and their families to use the VA system for their health care.

Imagine, for example, where Jaime Herrera's daughter would be if she had been reduced to reliance on the VA?  (And this is just another of the dozens of issues confronting the district where this ignorant twit does nothing, says nothing and typically, accomplishes nothing.)

6 days ago, I spent 6 hours in the Portland VA emergency room waiting to get 2 stitches in a forehead cut.

My wife, who has the patience of a saint about these matters sat their cordially despising a system that dehumanized those of us who now are forced to rely on it thanks to the worthlessness of Obamacare, looked at me and asked: why don't they have an urgent care clinic in Vancouver?  Why don't they have an ER in Vancouver?


Because our government, our Congresswoman, our two Senators; including the oh, so, powerful state cow, Patty Murray; have done nothing and are doing nothing to address these issues.  They have done nothing and are doing nothing to address the now million-file backlog of disability claims that the liar-in-chief swore up and down he would fix as a part of the series of lies he uttered to scam enough people into believing him so they'd vote for that scumbag.

Precisely none of these issue will be adequately addressed by this bipartisan, abysmal failure of government.

My fellow veterans will continue to die as they wait for an appointment, senior management will continue to act based on what's best for their bonus instead of what's best for their charge, the veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States.

This is the art of practicing "bright, shiny object" politics, the overt effort to cause the constituency to BELIEVE something is being done... when, in fact, NOTHING is being done.

It's like a Herrera press release that makes you THINK she's against the CRC without stopping to wonder: if she's so against it... then why hasn't she done something about it?

It is the institutional policy of confusing motion... with action.

Veterans died because of the VA.  Those who caused their deaths should be treated like any other criminal.  They should indicted, tried and if guilty, be convicted and spend serious time in prison... instead of getting away with it... like they have to date.

Small comfort to the families of those who, like me, are forced to rely on this system based on the lie that was put in the form of a promise... until we all signed on the dotted line.