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Apple Cup results: How Hitler reacted.


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To the rest of the world, this is corruption: $478,000 donated in Rep. Dicks' name

The Seattle Times tells us:

"Norm Dicks, D-Bremerton, was named as an honoree in charitable contributions totaling $478,000 in the first six months of 2008. Some say these so-called honorary contributions are one more way for companies and campaign donors to curry favor with members of Congress. Dicks says there's nothing improper about the contributions and that companies don't automatically gain favor with him for donating to charities he supports."

"Dicks says there's nothing improper about the contributions and that companies don't automatically gain favor with him for donating to charities he supports."

So, the culture of corruption in Washington, DC continues unabated.

Congressman, I'm sorry... but there is a LOT "improper" about this backdoor graft. You know it. I know it. And anyone else that can string together a coherent thought knows it. That you allow it goes to the corruptive influence of special interests in politics today, no doubt on both sides of the aisle.

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$487,000 donated in Rep. Dick's name

By Bob Young

Seattle Times staff reporter

Boeing gave $10,000 earlier this year to one of Congressman Norm Dicks' favorite charities, the National Guard Youth Foundation.

So did Boeing's archrival, EADS, the parent company of Airbus.

But that's small change compared to another defense contractor, TriWest Healthcare Alliance, which gave $100,000 to the youth foundation's gala dinner in February honoring Dicks, a Bremerton Democrat, for his staunch support of the charity.

TriWest followed that up with a $50,000 contribution to another charity event hosted by Dicks and four other members of the powerful defense-appropriations subcommittee that doled out $459 billion in contracts this year.

Some say these so-called honorary contributions are one more way for companies and campaign donors to curry favor with members of Congress.

"This is a new stealthy way to retain influence with favorite and most helpful lawmakers. It shows you have similar interests as someone like Norm Dicks and that can be nothing but helpful to your long-term goals," said Keith Ashdown, chief investigator for the nonprofit Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Such contributions are being disclosed this year for the first time. Firms and lobbyists now are required to report when they give money to charities that in some way honor members of Congress and certain executive-branch officials.

Dicks far and away leads members of the Washington state delegation in being named in these contributions. In the first six months of 2008, he was reported as honoree — almost always with several other members of Congress — in charitable contributions totaling $478,000.

The vast share of donations linked to Dicks come from three events: the youth-foundation dinner honoring Dicks and Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., for their advocacy; the Armed Forces Foundation Congressional Gala hosted by Dicks and four other congressmen; and the Prevent Cancer Foundation's Spring Gala chaired by Dicks and three other members of Congress and their spouses.



Saturday, November 29, 2008

Does our government, now or in the future, get it when it comes to energy?

Noticed the price of gasoline, lately? Of course you have. That begs the question: now what?

Will this almost cratering of the price at the pump end our fervor for energy independence?

Will this again cause us to take our eye off the prize, energy self-sufficiency?

Will this cause us to close our eyes to increased drilling off our shores as part of a long term, strategic energy plan?

Democrat leadership has proven themselves unalterably tone deaf on this issue. Our President-Elect has already made noises that he will revoke President Bush’s Executive Order lifting the executive ban on offshore drilling. Further, democrats demand a so-called “Windfall Profit Tax.” (I refer to it as “so-called” because any tax increase passed would just be passed along to and paid for by us…. The end user.)

Any energy strategy must include increased drilling.

Here locally, we see the impacts of failing to keep up our transportation infrastructure. And even when government begins to address the matter, they seem to allow personal and social beliefs to interfere with practical and cost-effective solutions to the issues confronting us.

Thus, we here locally are confronted with a colossal waste of $4 Billion scarce transportation dollars… all in the name of light rail. The completed project will do absolutely nothing to address either congestion or freight mobility. Besides safety, those two purposes should amount to the ONLY reasons for new construction.

I point to this sorry episode, which has already wasted $93 million on studies for a pre-ordained outcome (anyone breathing knew these clowns would only accept a new bridge with light rail; why play games that cost us $93 million wasted dollars to get us where everyone knew where we were going anyway?) as an indicator of how out of touch and genuinely foolish government can be when their true purpose is social engineering designed to enrich the very few at the expense of the very many.

Comprehensive energy policies must be based on what truly is; not on things planners wished were the reality of our situation.

Mr. Obama has an opportunity to govern in a realistic manner from the very start. NO energy source, petroleum-based or nuclear, should be off the table or rejected out of hand. Mr. Obama and the democrats must avoid the traps of the Kyoto Treaty and its economically crippling requirements that restrict developed economies for the furtherance of third-world economies, who will not be constrained to follow the same laws concerning pollution.

Can this wholly-unequipped and inexperienced man govern with vision? Or are the leftist philosophies that he used to hose the fringe-left, element the philosophies that will rule the day?

Only time will tell. But I am not confident in the competence of either our current administration, nor the one that will replace it when it comes to this Nation’s energy future.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Note to Justine Kondrat:

Justine seems to have expressed some outrage over the fact that my cocker spaniel appears to have more Cowlitz blood running in his veins then the ubiquitous David Barnett:

in response to another comment wrote:

Justine Kondrat : 11/23/08 5:43pm - Report Abuse

"In the first place the main people running the show for the poor Cowlitz tribe are not Indians or are 1/64th such as David Barnett who spouts tribal rhetoric but is about as Indian as someone from Germany or would that be France?"

I am very tired of hearing this particular point of view. Why is it that the only people who tell me that I'm not Native American are non-Native Americans? I co-led a trip of undergraduate students to the Swinomish Community Reservation and I was welcomed with open arms as family, as a "distant cousin." I have never been questioned by another Native American about my heritage and my right to practice my culture, even if I have dark brown hair and paler skin.

Do we tell Germans who they are? Do we tell Chinese people who they are? No. We let them define themselves. It's really upsetting that people don't understand this.

Germans and Chinese do not get to ram one of the largest casinos on the face of this planet down the throats of a community that does not want it, or where they do not and probably never will live... much, come to think of it, like you.

You claim you're "tired of it?" Not half as tired as we get of being lied to, used, abused and ignored by that precious sovereign nation you care so much about... particularly since you don't live here and won't have to contend with the massive negative effects of your tribe's criminal enterprise.

We do not want your casino here. You obviously don't give damn one about us.... why should we give a rat's ass about you?

Since you asked.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So let me get this straight: a local ISP is hosting a terrorist website?

The Jawa Report blog is reporting that a local ISP and domain registration business is hosting a terrorist website via, located right here in Vancouver, WA.

The information they've provided includes this: = =

It will be interesting to follow these events and see what, if any, response is forthcoming.


How I see it: It's time for Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders to resign.

Recently, there was a dinner where the US Attorney General, Michael Mukasey, collapsed in the middle of his speech and was taken to the hospital.

Shortly before, and most probably unrelated to that collapse, our own Washington State Supreme Court Justice Richard Sanders, who to this point I respected and admired; decided to engage in Code Pink childishness and idiocy and yell out in front of the several hundred in attendance: "Tyrant! You are a tyrant!"

He justified his un justifiable actions by spewing about how much he disagreed with Mukasey and the administration on a variety of issues related to the war on terror.


But when others attempted to hold him accountable for his Code Pink idiocy, he prevaricated. He denied. He deflected. And those others were attacked, wrongfully, by more of the leftist media, while Justice Sanders let it happen.

Too late, he finally admits it.

And for that, Mr. Justice, you must resign.

Your inability to control yourself in this setting goes to your stability and reasoning power as a Supreme Court Justice.

Mr. Sanders, what did you think was going to be said at a dinner where the AG was going to talk about Bush war on terror policies? If you were in such strong disagreement with those polices, THEN WHY DID YOU GO TO THE DINNER?

Was this childish idiocy your plan all along?

Michelle Malkin lays it all out here:

What the hell were you thinking? Leftists will rally around Justice Sanders on this, because they're still possessed of BDS, and because they're so upset that we're actually accomplishing something in Iraq. Fringe nutters are, as apparently Justice Sanders is, incapable of critical thinking, and they would rather we fail and spill that blood for nothing than succeed and actually accomplish something worthwhile.

It's time for you to go, Justice Sanders. Your leaving would actually be a change I could believe in.

And that's a damned shame.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mielke wins!

Tonite, the Clark County Elections Office officially certified Tom Mielke as the winner in the Clark County Commissioner's Election for seat 1!

It was a fascinating race, by any measure. Tom was obviously underfunded, the democrats were clueless at the county level and completely stuck on stupid over the casino (where Barnett paid good money for a friendly majority) the idiotic I-5 Bridge replacement and light rail.

That and all of the other tax/fee increasers local dems love to foist on us so they can pay off their union buddies killed the deal... and for the first time in 30 years, the Clark County Commission is under Republican control.

Is this the shape of things to come in 2010, when people have had 2 years to soak in the disaster that is democrat control of government?

Stay tuned!

The Columbian nails it: In our view Nov. 25: Casino MOU is Folly

Let's be clear, here: there is precisely one reason why the current commissioners would even consider slamming together yet another iteration of the MOU with the Barnett/Mohegan/Cowlitz Mob, and that reason is Tom Mielke.

David Barnett has spent $200,000 of his hard earned(?) dollars corrupting our local government. Steve Stuart is a wholly-owned tribal subsidiary; Betty Sue Morris has had a mysterious drive that occasionally seemed to exceed even Barnett's to get this thing built; ignoring the wide array of government, civic and local groups protesting the imposition of this economic black hole on the people of this county in favor of people that do not, and never have, lived in Clark County.

With Mielke taking Betty Sue's seat, the likelihood of any agreement getting signed grows weaker by the second... so if an agreement is going to be signed, it has to be before the end of December.

So, one wonders: when Stuart sniveled yesterday that “They’re going to twist whatever we do to suit their own needs,” was he talking about everyone wise enough to oppose his desire to ram this thing through before Mielke gets in? Or just the Columbian?

No need to be bitter, Mr. Stuart. Like Pam Brokaw, we already know what you are. At this point, we don't even need to discuss the matter of price.

In our view Nov. 25: Casino MOU is Folly
County’s disdain for Cowlitz proposal is clear; no need to impart any other message

Tuesday, November 25 2:00 a.m.

Here’s an unusual answer to one of life’s most crucial questions: “No, I won’t marry you, but let’s sit down and discuss the prenuptial agreement.” That’s essentially what Clark County commissioners are telling promoters of the Cowlitz tribal casino that’s proposed for a site on Interstate 5 near La Center.

On April 7 all three commissioners signed a resolution declaring “our opposition to the development of a major commercial gaming facility in the unincorporated area of Clark County.” That sounds pretty much like a “No!” to us, certainly negative enough to send casino lobbyists courting some other prospective bride.

And yet, as The Columbian’s Jeffrey Mize reported Monday, the commissioners are back in the dating game, talking once again with tribal officials about a memorandum of understanding. “I can tell you that we are getting closer to getting things back to the public, which we had promised originally,” County Commissioner Steve Stuart said.

The resurrection of MOU negotiations is both hypocritical and ill-timed. The commissioners’ intent is clear: They want to cover all bases. If — heaven forbid — the mega-casino is ever approved by the federal government, the commissioners want a signed document that would enable them to extract mitigation efforts from the casino builders. But the commissioners already have all the document they need: that April resolution. The bride-not-to-be told her suitor how little she likes him, and how much she fears that he will lower the quality of life in her community. End of discussion.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Stuart, bought and paid for by Barnett and the Cowlitz Tribe, works to sell us out for a casino.

By now, we should all know the story. The first shill for the Cowlitz was David Barnett.

Barnett had the advantage of being the Chief's (John Barnett) son. So, he became the "casino developer."

Now, the entire purpose of jamming a megacasino down our throats here in a community that doesn't want one is to first, enrich Barnett; second, enrich the Mohegan Tribe (Casino financiers) of Uncasville, CT and only peripherally to take care of Cowlitz Tribal Members, the vast majority of whom do not and never have lived anywhere close to Clark County.

Barnett is a bully. He has used threats and intimidation, belittlement and allegations of "racism" against most of the main opponents of this project; He has been the recipient of at least two restraining orders, one from a local woman running a casino opposition group, and one he was having an affair with in Seattle (He was married at the time). He has since been replaced by a mouthpiece lawyer, Phil Harju, who's escapades are discussed here:

Among other episodes by Mr. Barnett have been his three separate efforts to use his money to buy politicians that, first; once bought will remain bought; and second, will do everything they can to support his organized crime effort of ramming one of the largest casinos on the planet down our gullets whether this community wants one or not.

Barnett first used his money to corrupt our elections back in 2004. Late in that election, Barnett laundered something like $25,000 through a democrat-front group, heavily relied upon by our local fishwrapper and democrats, (Washington Conservation Voters) to attack a candidate for the state House at the last minute because he was a casino opponent.

Who benefited from Barnett and the tribe's corruption? Pam Brokaw. Brokaw lost... and Brokaw has again benefited from Barnett's corruption during our recent Commissioner's Race.... and again, appears to have lost.

Brokaw has a large number of political faults, not the least of which is her arrogance. Arrogance, of course, is one of the many things that goes before a fall.

She was telling anyone who would listen that she was going to kick Mielke's butt. The problem with that kind of talk is that when you keep telling people you're going to beat someone like a rented mule, they tend to think that you don't need their financial support.

So, all of a sudden, Mielke found some messages... messages that apparently resonated, since he was one of the few able to stem the Obama tide in an open seat. And Brokaw panics.

And the next thing you know, Brokaw admits meeting with Barnett. And all of a sudden, because time is running out and Brokaw can't be caught dead accepting cash directly from Barnett, Barnett stupidly uses one of his companies to drop $75,000 into the campaign (otherwise known as "nuking") in the last 5 days.

Only this time, he was caught and the Columbian ran with it, exposing the corruption of Brokaw and Barnett in time to make a difference.

Based on these figures and the thousands provided by a union PAC that would benefit from the construction of this megacasino and the almost $100,000 that Barnett has spent on Brokaw shows that we know what she is... anything else is just a matter of price.

But the other recipient of Barnett's largess was none other than Steve Stuart. Except in Stuart's race against Mielke, Barnett's corruption was more successful.

Barnett wised up a little more with Stuart's race. He again laundered money through an outside organization, but knowing that his money was political poison, he violated a dozen or so state/federal laws by bundling his cash through yet another leftist front group out of state, "Progressive Majority." (For so-called "independent expenditures" that were by no means "independent" as required by law) It was $100,000 in cold, hard, cash with one purpose in mind: to corrupt our election and buy himself a county commissioner. He was successful in both endeavors.

He went out of state because he knew that, at the time, out of state expenditures had a much looser standard for reporting. In fact, Barnett's cash wasn't revealed until late December after the election.

By then, it was too late. Barnett and Stuart had scammed the people of Clark County into electing Stuart over Mielke. Remembering this and knowing about it is an important element of perspective when reviewing Stuart's efforts to ram an MOU with this corrupt tribal administration BEFORE Mielke takes office.

Stuart denies that, of course. But Stuart has been bought and paid for. So, when you read this article in today's Columbian, keep all this in mind.

County-tribe casino deal in works
If new pact will have needed support from board is unknown
Sunday, November 23 10:23 p.m.
Clark County and the Cowlitz Indian Tribe are making progress toward replacing a casino agreement that was struck down two years ago.

“I can tell you that we are getting closer to getting things back to the public, which we had promised originally,” Commissioner Steve Stuart said last week. “What we bring and whether it will be satisfactory to anyone, I can’t tell.”

Stuart said the county does not yet have a draft proposal to replace the 2004 memorandum of understanding covering the tribe’s plans to build a casino complex west of La Center.

A state hearings board struck down that agreement because there wasn't enough public involvement.

The county doesn't want to fall into the same pit again. Earlier this year, commissioners had three hearings to take public testimony on what residents want to see in a new agreement.

Stuart said the county would report back to the public on county-tribe discussions before any draft agreement is completed.

But with Commissioner Betty Sue Morris, a Democrat who has been a commissioner for more than 12 years, retiring in early 2009, there might not be two votes to approve any new county-tribe deal.

Republican Tom Mielke holds a 197-vote lead over Democrat Pam Brokaw, based on the latest returns released Friday. The race is almost certainly heading to an automatic recount, but Brokaw likely will have trouble making up such a significant deficit.

Mielke generally has taken an anti-casino stance, so much so that Cowlitz casino developer David Barnett spent $59,000 on anti-Mielke mailers and $17,500 on automated phone messages in the campaign’s waning days. (I'm sure that Mize just "forgot" to mention that Barnett paid $100,000 for Stuart back in 2004, and that Stuart remains well-bought.)

Commissioner Marc Boldt, a Republican who won a second four-year term in this month’s election, always has opposed the casino project and has said he wouldn't have signed the 2004 deal if he had been in office.

Stuart said he understands that casino opponents will question if the county is trying to push an agreement through before Morris retires.

“They’re going to twist whatever we do to suit their own needs,” he said. “That’s their job. They’re the opposition. I don’t blame them for it.”
(Of course you don't - edit)

Tom Hunt, a spokesman for the anti-casino group Citizens Against Reservation Shopping, said he doesn't understand why commissioners would want a new memorandum of understanding, especially since they were so critical of a final environmental impact statement on the Cowlitz casino.

“The county’s was the tribe’s harshest critic,” he said. “And yet willy-nilly, they are willing to sit down and negotiate an MOU.”

The 2004 agreement requires the tribe to comply with county building and health codes, to build roads and intersections to keep traffic flowing, to pay for law enforcement and prosecution of misdemeanor crimes, and to compensate the county and other local governments for lost property taxes. It also required the tribe to establish an education and arts fund with 2 percent of net gambling revenues to support charitable activities in Clark County.

After the agreement was declared invalid, the tribe enacted a gaming ordinance that embraced those same provisions. The tribe also granted the county a limited waiver of tribal sovereignty, which allows the county to sue the tribe if it fails to live up to its commitments.

The federal government, through the final environmental impact statement, appears to have accepted the gaming ordinance as a substitute for the invalidated 2004 agreement. And that raises questions if the tribe has any reason to make concessions in hopes of signing a new deal.

Phil Harju, the Cowlitz Tribe’s vice chairman and spokesman, said the tribe always has been open to discussion on a government-to-government basis with the county. But he declined to discuss what the tribe would like to see in a replacement agreement.

“The tribe is not negotiating with the county in the newspaper,” Harju said.

Jeffrey Mize: 360-735-4542;

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Irony of Brancaccio: Saturday's "Press Talk."

Many readers know that our esteemed newspaper is bankrupt. For many here, we can believe that the Columbian has been bankrupt intellectually for years, and the financial aspect has just now got around to catching up to them.

Today's Brancaccio column serves to confirm the intellectual bankruptcy this newspaper has been mired into for the past several years.

Clueless reporters. Pathological bias. Using their lofty position as a weapon. Attacking and censoring those they disagree with on a personal level. Classic journalistic incompetence where, instead of reporting the news, they attempt to become the news.

Editorial policies that come across as they are written by the City of Vancouver and the democrat party.

And this column is a case in point.

The Cliff Notes version is that Brancaccio would like us to believe that somehow, "credentialed journalists" have any greater value than anyone else.

They don't. One need go no farther than this last election where these so-called "credentialed journalists" became butt boys for Obama to see where they have left behind the one thing that may... may have separated them from the internet riffraff, of which I am one.

And that thing... that one element... is integrity.

The duty of a journalist is to report the news. Not to push an agenda... not to substitute opinion for fact... not to attempt to sway public opinion in evil and despicable ways knowing themselves to be immune from consequences at the time of their sordid efforts.

This paper has a history of being just that; an attack organ against those wise enough to disagree with their positions and perspectives. Their editors attack and belittle those with whom they disagree on a regular basis. They endorse strictly on party lines, and that party has become the democrats as this county grows. They lie and mislead about their biases in an effort to polish their veneer of impartiality while they attempt to personally damage and assassinate the reputations and lives of those who object.

And Brancaccio tells us: "Newspapers, in fact, have always had credibility as their main focus."

Maybe "newspapers." But not THIS "newspaper." Setting up bogus polling with pre-determined outcomes to support the light rail part of your agenda does what to your credibility?

Endorsing, for example, only democrats for open elective seats in this past election does what to your credibility?

By writing a column referring to credibility without doing anything to insure your OWN credibility does what, in fact, to that credibility?

Like so many other of your efforts, it damages it further. And in the end, what little you have left is disappearing... along, it would seem, with your newspaper generally.

And Brancaccio whines about the comments at ends of the stories in this paper, referring to it thusly: "We continually try to steer folks to be passionate and constructive, but there always are a few who think cheap shots are the way to go."

Then, perhaps, if your would talk to John Laird, your own editorial page editor, he'd knock it off.

Censorship of the comments at the ends of these stories, typically aimed at those who disagree, runs rampant. Many of these stories don't even have a passing glimpse of credibility or impartiality, violating many journalistic tenants on a regular basis. A reader becomes enraged, again, and resorts to the same tone and tenor displayed by the reporter or columnist writing in the paper.

Brancaccio goes on: "Hey, most all of us wish everyone in a society would have a level of respect for others." This one almost caused me to blow chunks, Lou.

There is such a level of hypocrisy here that it doesn't even need comment. So, I won't.

Suffice it to say that before you criticize others, a smidgen of introspection and mirror-gazing might do you, and your paper, a bit of good. But I doubt it... given that, as far back as 1997, one of your own reporters was questioning this very issue:

From: The Columbian Date: July 28, 1997 Author: MIKE FEINSILBER

The Columbian 07-28-1997

WASHINGTON -- Would you believe this? A lot of editors worry that you wouldn't -- that people are less willing these days to believe what they read in the newspapers. They fear that, for a variety of reasons, newspapers are suffering a crisis in credibility, losing the irreplaceable asset of believability. The press has a lot to worry about these days: stagnant circulation, too few young readers, the Internet's ...
Eleven years later... and you still don't get it.

Gee. I hope this was both "credible" and "civil" enough, Lou.

Press Talk: Online info — from soup to nuts
Friday, November 21 9:46 p.m.

Is anybody home?

Who doesn’t love the Internet, right?

Well …

What’s in the soup?

Anyone out there a fan of the TV show “Boston Legal?” It’s a smartly written series about a high-powered quirky law firm. It often weaves in current events.

Take the latest episode. Attorney Alan Shore — played by James Spader — takes on an employer who fired one of his workers because she voted for Senator John McCain.

The employer’s position was — in essence — that if his employee had any sense at all, she would have realized that McCain was the wrong choice.

Shore’s defense of the employee? Americans have the right to vote for whomever they want. And every American can make that choice no matter how uninformed or unintelligent it is.

To help support his argument, Shore pointed to where many Americans get their news.

“People forgo newspapers for the Internet, where — instead of relying on credentialed journalists — they turn to these bloggers, sort of entry-level life forms that, intellectually, have yet to emerge from the primordial soup.”


Objection, your honor! I want to stand up for my blogger friends. In fact, we have several bloggers connected to The Columbian who are excellent.


Friday, November 21, 2008

The new, 2012 Pelosi!

Shamelessly reproduced here from Iowahawk via Victoria Taft.

Absolutely hilarious!

It's in the way you dress. The way you boogie down. The way you sign your unemployment check. You're a man who likes to do things your own way. And on those special odd-numbered Saturdays when driving is permitted, you want it in your car. It's that special feeling of a zero-emissions wind at your back and a road ahead meandering with possibilities. The kind of feeling you get behind the wheel of the Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition from Congressional Motors.

All new for 2012, the Pelosi GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition is the mandatory American car so advanced it took $100 billion and an entire Congress to design it. We started with same reliable 7-way hybrid ethanol-biodeisel-electric-clean coal-wind-solar-pedal power plant behind the base model Pelosi, but packed it with extra oomph and the sassy styling pizazz that tells the world that 1974 Detroit is back again -- with a vengeance.

We've subsidized the features you want and taxed away the rest. With its advanced Al Gore-designed V-3 under the hood pumping out 22.5 thumping, carbon-neutral ponies of Detroit muscle, you'll never be late for the Disco or the Day Labor Shelter. Engage the pedal drive or strap on the optional jumbo mizzenmast, and the GTxi SS/Rt Sport Edition easily exceeds 2016 CAFE mileage standards. At an estimated 268 MPG, that's a savings of nearly $1800 per week in fuel cost over the 2011 Pelosi.

Much more:

Trouble in Mohegan City? Barnett's fellow conspirators in the MegaCasino are getting hammered by bond ratings.

Rumor's are flying that Barnett is in serious financial trouble. Now we get confirmation that the Mohegan Tribe's stock and credit ratings are getting blasted.

There's certainly an element of karma here. Using intimidation, racist rhetoric, threats and the like relied on to date by Barnett, Harju, et al as a business model doesn't work all that well.

Nor does election corruption, attempts to buy friendly governments, nuking elections with massive cash infusions to casino-friendly candidates, restraining orders or sexual harassment.

Had Barnett's efforts been transparent, honest, and community friendly, there might have been a way or ways to avoid all of this. But you're not going to get your way by hammering people. People don't respond well to these kinds of tactics. And the Mohegan Tribe would be best served by cutting their losses and getting out now.

And as a suggestion, I think the Mohegans would be best served by expanding their empire to locations that desire that expansion. I also think they ought to check out their partners first. You never know what you might find if you run a records check before you start doing business.

Associated Press 11.19.08, 03:40 PM EST
Moody's downgrades Native American casino debt

Moody's Investors Service on Wednesday cut credit ratings on $2.2 billion of collective debt issued by two Native American casino companies, citing a downturn in gambling revenue.

The credit rating agency lowered Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority's corporate family rating and probability default rating to 'B1' from 'Ba2.' The 'B1' rating is assigned to securities that "lack characteristics of a desirable investment," Moody's (nyse: MCO - news - people ) said.

Moody's also cut Mohegan's $971.4 million senior subordinated notes to 'B3' from 'Ba3' and its $250 million senior notes to 'Ba3' from 'Ba1.' The rating agency assigned a 'stable' rating outlook.

Moody's said negative gaming trends in Connecticut and "significant" dividends paid to the Mohegan Tribe will hamper the company from lowering the debt-to-earnings ratio in the near-term consistent with a 'Ba2' rating.

Mohegan operates the Mohegan Sun casino near Uncasville, Conn., and the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in Plains Township, Pa.

Related Quotes
MCO $15.82 +0.19

Separately, Moody's downgraded the ratings for Mashantucket (Western) Pequot Tribal Nation and its special revenue obligation bonds from investment grade to junk - to 'Ba1' from 'Baa3.' It assigned a 'Ba2' corporate family rating and 'Ba2' probability of default rating as the company's ratings fell into junk status. The ratings outlook is negative.


From the "Will Wonders Ever Cease" file: Democrat Senator-Elect Begich (D-AK) comes out swinging to open ANWR.

In spite of the overwhelming support that crosses all party and demographic lines, many of the fringe-left hang on to their bizarre but cherished idea that how 2000 acres looks to caribou up on the North Slope is more important then utilizing those fields as part of a comprehensive, long term, energy independence strategy.

Of course, there exists a large leftist segment that would put this country on it's knees in a heartbeat; they hardly have the needs of our Nation at the fore of their "thought process."

One of the many problems with large, elective government is that those senators and congressmen/women that don't live in a given region can cheerfully throw that region under the bus for purposes of polishing their enviro-cred. Thus, a Ted Kennedy (A rather hypocritical opponent of Nantucket Sound Wind Farms) may continue to vote "no" on opening ANWR, since he doesn't give a damn about the people that would benefit from such a move, and he would rather things "look nice" than do the dirty work of making our country energy self-sufficient, or as close to that standard as we can possibly become.

Initially, at least, Mark Begich appears to be cut from a different cloth. Time will certainly tell.

Begich ends low-key approach
Alaska's senator-elect says that he staunchly favors ANWR drilling.

By Kim Murphy November 20, 2008

Reporting from Seattle -- Mark Begich settled in Wednesday as Alaska's newest U.S. senator-elect by doing what almost no other Democrat in Washington would ever do: declaring his support for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

But this is Alaska, where Democrats are of a different stripe, Begich reminded those who haven't seen many national-level Democrats from Alaska lately.

"I think anyone who knows me knows I'm a different Democrat. I'm from Alaska. I'm a believer, a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, a supporter of drilling in ANWR. Alaskans are very liberal [in their belief that] government should not interfere in their personal life," he said."I'm definitely different from a New York Democrat -- you can bank on that," he said in response to a question from the New York Times.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, now that the people have spoken by re-electing the governor responsible for our $5 BILLION deficit, what is she going to do about it?

Hint: Massive tax increases.

The Governor's race was yet another where I didn't vote. On one hand, we could vote for the incumbent; an arguably inept, incompetent frightened little gnome entirely responsible for the deficit (Just like she would be entirely responsible for a surplus... since she took all the credit when the economy was doing well... and none of the blame now that it's tanked) or a "Mainstream Republican" who probably lost the election with his idiotic support of using $75 million to keep the Sonics in Seattle after the huge anti-Sonic vote in King County.

While the governor was right about the fact that this state did not have a $3.2 BILLION deficit that she refused to address during her campaign (following the Obama template) it appears that she was "right" about that subject in the worst possible way: she was off by $1.8 BILLION; for a total deficit, SO FAR, of $5 BILLION.

Now, most folks have a hard time understanding what that much money in a deficit really means. So I have come up with a way to express it that newspapers (still supporting the leftists) refuse to use. I call it the "per-capita" method, or the "per-person" method.

What is that method? it's dividing the number of people in this state (I'll use 2006plus figures of about 6.5 million) into the projected, so far, deficit of $5 billion.

That figure will get us the amount of the deficit for each man, woman and child in this state.


$769..... EACH.

For my family of four, well, that's over $3,000.

Does our governor have the guts to face down the unions? She's already bent us over to get the tribes to finance her re-election (money well spent, I'd say) by costing us $140 million per year, cash I'd say we need pretty bad right now; is she going to attempt to ram an income tax down our throats? Will she cut back her own office's outrageous budget increases? Will she force state agencies to make the needed cuts, or will she hurt us all with massive tax increases to keep those who've bought her happy?

Wash revenue drops, budget deficit tops $5B
Thursday, November 20 3:45 a.m.

The deeply troubled economy is sapping Washington's tax collections again, saddling newly re-elected Gov. Chris Gregoire - who pledged not to raise taxes - with a $5.1 billion budget hole.

Gregoire is preparing an austere, no-new-taxes plan to deal with the deficit, which includes about $500 million in needed savings this year and another $4.6 billion for the 2009-2011 state budget, which takes effect in July.

Some savings measures for the current budget already are in motion, including an across-the-board spending cut and hiring freeze. Gregoire's budget director, Victor Moore, said Wednesday the administration hopes to expand those savings for the current fiscal year without calling a special session of the Legislature.

But lawmakers from both parties agreed that once they convene the regularly scheduled session in January, work must begin immediately to bridge the daunting shortfall.

"This will be ugly," said Rep. Ross Hunter, D-Medina, chairman of the House Finance Committee. "It's much larger than I expected it to be."

In a letter to state workers, Gregoire said bridging the budget gap "will require great sacrifice on everybody's part."


We will see. And if she can get us out of this one, then we need to start calling her "Houdini."

More fringe left idiocy: Palin faces ethics charge for doing "Greta" from her official office.

I'm not a huge Palin fan. But I've never been sure that my lack of confidence in her is a result of "her," or the moronic job the McCain campaign did in handling her.

That said, she does scare the crap out of leftists in ways I haven't seen here locally since their collective panties got into a bunch over violating the rights of pharmacies and pharmacists by forcing them to carry a certain medication they really, really, really like (The morning after pill, to be precise.)

Palin faces ethics complaint over Van Susteren interview

As Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin settles back into her job as the state's chief executive, a new ethics complaint filed Tuesday after her interview with Fox News' Greta Van Susteren says Palin already is improperly mixing her official duties and broader political ambitions.

By Kyle Hopkins
Anchorage Daily News

ANCHORAGE — She's a national political figure and one of the world's most famous people. She's also governor of Alaska.

As Sarah Palin settles back into her job as the state's chief executive, a new ethics complaint filed Tuesday says she's already improperly mixing her official duties and broader political ambitions.

The charge: Palin broke state ethics rules by holding national television interviews about her run for vice president from the governor's office.

The complaint comes as Palin's personal life, her prospects as a future presidential candidate and everything she says and does continues to draw headlines.


H/T to Victoria Taft.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

So, the Obama Administration starts with a corrupt Attorney General candidate.

This is not a good start.

Eric Holder had overwatch over both the infamous Marc Rich pardon scam where Rich bought Bill Clinton so that he would be pardoned for his crimes while he was a fugitive financier who gave up his American citizenship while under indictment; and the pardons, also by Clinton as part of the set up for his wife, the FALN Puerto Rican terrorist group.

Mr. Obama was all about "change." Can someone help me out with precisely what "change" is brought about by the confirmation of such a corrupt figure as our Attorney General?

Race played a huge part in the Obama vote. While it was, I've been assured, in no way racist for blacks to voter for Mr. Obama merely because he was black, somehow, the Klan sheets would be broken out if the reverse were true: that whites should have voted for the white candidate.

Mr. Holder also happens, Like Mr. Obama, to be at least part black. That cannot be a reason to offer him the AG slot, but given the shady background and questionable ethics already displayed by Mr. Holder, it's difficult to find any other reason.

So, when is enough, enough?

I’m watching the auto makers attempting to join with the Wall Street crowd to scam the taxpayers out of billions.

When is enough, enough? What do we tell them when they come back in a few months? What do we say when they come back again and again and again?

I could join the choir and say something cryptic like, “when do I get MY bailout” but I am extremely fortunate not to need one. But there are many hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses around this country that due… businesses that I would venture to say employ tens of thousands more people than the Big 3.

I support American manufacture (except all of the Big 3 have been manufacturing American market cars outside our borders for some time, now… so really, what, exactly IS an “American Car,” anyway?) of motor vehicles. But at least part of this concerns innovation, design and quality control.

Mini Cooper sales, for example, are up 30% year to year over last year.

So… how come Mini sales have skyrocketed while the Big 3’s have tanked? The Big 3 build small cars. Why aren’t they selling?

In the end, $25 billion won’t bail these people out. $250 billion won’t bail these people out.

What’s their business plan? Exactly how much money do these people have? Do they even HAVE a business plan? Is this like that idiotic $700 Billion bailout where promises were made, but then immediately violated?

In the end, what concessions are the unions willing to offer? I haven’t heard anything about that.

Would those people rather be laid off… or would they be willing to absorb a substantial pay/benefit cut?

Terrible cars. Bad marketing. Service that sucks. (Recently, for example, I went to Vancouver Ford for yet another recall on a sedan I own. They told me that it would take 45 minutes (it took two hours) and that they didn’t have one of the recall parts I needed (They’d have to order it and I would have to come back 2 weeks or so later) and even THEN they failed to fix one of the recall problems that caused me to bring it in the first place… and THEN they fudged the amount of time I was there on the work order, so that while I was there for 2 hours, the work order said I was there for something like 50 minutes… proving once again that figures don’t lie, but liars figure.)

Add that to design for parts and maintenance that would make a grown man weep… and have to be preformed on an increasing basis by factory technicians because no home wrench could hope to have the diagnostic equipment needed to tell the end user what the problem is.

They have to fail. Then we’ll see what we can get to rise from the ashes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vancouver Keeps up the fight against the Cowlitz MegaCasino; Campbell flips out

Look, there are a great many more reasons to oppose the imposition of this organized criminal enterprise than there are to support it. Most people acknowledge that; it's why David Barnett appears to have failed in his most recent efforts of political corruption when he, again, attempted to buy Pam Brokaw in the Clark County Commissioner election; a matter of wasting $75,000 in a last minute nuke of the process.

Now, the article is here: in short, it indicates that Vancouver has notified the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals of their intent to appeal the recently-thrown-out decision to kick the suit against the Cowlitz Tribe over their efforts to stuff their casino down our throats.

Phil Harju, famous for HIS sexual harassment issues (detailed here:) comes out with his standard clueless shlock of "hammering" Vancouver for wasting money, etc, etc, yaddah, yaddah.

“This is a complete waste of taxpayers’ money,” he said Monday.

Apparently, Mr. Harju has mistaken where he lives as somewhere within the borders of the city of Vancouver instead of Olympia; thus what he thinks of Vancouver's actions in this regard are a worthless as boobs on a boar hog. Still, given his utterly monumental arrogance (and man, don't we WANT an organization ran, in part, by people getting restraining orders from women and making a practice of spending tens of thousands of dollars to corrupt our elections, people who act inappropriately in matters of sexual harassment and people who, in fact, have been fired because of sexual harassment? Why, I can't imagine why folks don't beat down the door to BEG such an outfit to locate here in the face of such rabid opposition.) and his position as mouthpiece (since they shelved Barnett due to his "women - restraining order" problems) I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected.

“The tribe is still willing to have discussions with the city of Vancouver on a government-to-government (basis),” Harju added. “There’s no need to sue the federal government.”

Of course there's a "...need to sue the federal government." When the fed is getting moronic by giving any serious consideration to this horrific project and they won't otherwise listen to reason, suing them is the only alternative left.

What's surprising about all of this is that city councilman Pat Campbell, assuming these entries underneath the article are, in fact, by city councilman Pat Campbell) has apparently lost his ability to reason.

Here are the comments under the article:

Comment (show/hide)
by Lamont Cranston : 11/17/08 6:01pm - Report Abuse

More taxpayer money ****** on something to be determined by the federal government. $100000 could be better used to help the homeless families with dependent children instead of a group of lawyers in Seattle.Besides that why didn't you use lawyers from Vancouver? Seattle has enough of our money through the taxes at the gas pump.

by baseball bat : 11/17/08 6:31pm - Report Abuse

the homeless with dependant children are all tweakers and freakers. give the kids to a reponible person like lamont to raise.

by M Johnson : 11/17/08 7:14pm - Report Abuse

baseball bat, you are ignorant.

by pat mugerl : 11/17/08 7:57pm - Report Abuse

what a waste of my money to fight a lost cause, the casino is going in anyway. lacenter has nothing to do with casino, its in ridgefield.

by Pat Campbell : 11/18/08 6:53am - Report Abuse

I think if you check the record we have not had an executive session for legal matters since the dismissal of the prior lawsuit. At that time I believe media was advised that the city stated something like, "It was pretty speculative so we are not surprized." I certainly was not consulted about appealing that decision. Having our attorneys pursue this with given our financial circumstances doesn't sit well. How do you tell good people that they have to be let go while you have time and money to legally challenge Native Americans who want their version of the Waterfront Project 10 miles north of Vancouver? It should have been brought to executive session.

by Pat Campbell : 11/18/08 7:02am - Report Abuse

So every year we hav a big celebration at the Fort with the Nez Perce while we are slamming the Cowlitz who are providing local social and health services out of new health department building at I-5 and Fourth Plain. I can see why people become bitter. God forgive us.

by Allen Hoff : 11/18/08 7:08am - Report Abuse

Is the city of Vancouver against the casino because they (da Mayor) will be unable to dip into the money? Think of the construction jobs that would be available for unemployed construction workers. That would help Clark County, wouldn't it?

by Pat Campbell : 11/18/08 7:12am - Report Abuse

Allen, that was an argument for approving $$$ for the Waterfront Project last night.

by Rip Torn : 11/18/08 7:19am - Report Abuse

Uh, Mr. Harju... you don't live here. What we do with our money down here is no more your business than what your tribe does with its money up there.

In short, if we want your advice, we'll ask for it. But how we do what we do is none of your business. Besides, aren't you busy defending your actions in that sexual harassment suit that's cost Thurston County $1.5 million (not including legal fees) that was just upheld by the Court of Appeals?

by Pat Campbell : 11/18/08 7:19am - Report Abuse

This is another example of why we need to have our executive sessions recorded as I advocated last night at our workshop with AWC lobbyist Mark Brown.

So, I believe I'm going to take this opportunity to answer many of your questions, Mr. Campbell.

Let's go!

Mr. Campbell asks:

Having our attorneys pursue this with given our financial circumstances doesn't sit well.

That all depends. It doesn't sit well with Barnett or the Cowlitz, but it "sits well" with me and tens of thousands of others. Are you on the tribal payroll?

How do you tell good people that they have to be let go while you have time and money to legally challenge Native Americans who want their version of the Waterfront Project 10 miles north of Vancouver?

Pick a method. In writing... by phone... word of mouth... anything like that will do.

The idea that any elected official could even remotely begin to equate the Waterfront Project (which I do not support) with one of the largest casinos on the face of the earth tends to show that Mr. Campbell operates under a high level of delusion.

I'm stymied here. That anyone could do the "Waterfront Project = MegaCasino" math with a straight face is frightening.

Vancouver is absolutely doing the right thing here. The megacasino project does not belong here and is not wanted here. Vancouver is attempting to make that happen.

It should have been brought to executive session.

I'm sure you'll bring that up. But make sure the initial action on the legal challenge didn't include permission to appeal to begin with.

So every year we hav[sic] a big celebration at the Fort with the Nez Perce while we are slamming the Cowlitz who are providing local social and health services out of new health department building at I-5 and Fourth Plain.

Well, I would venture to say that what we do with the Nez Perce has nothing to do with and is totally irrelevant to the Cowlitz situation. In fact, if the Nex Perce were trying to screw this community the way Barnett and the Cowlitz are making that effort, I'm not so sure the celebration would be taking place.

As for the Cowlitz's efforts to suddenly act like they belong here or have a history here, I'm surprised that you'd be drinking that kind of Kool Aid, Mr. Campbell. They don't.

So, why are you shilling so hard for them? Looking for work? Looking for another huge Barnett check like Brokaw got?

I can see why people become bitter.

So can I. That anyone could be elected to any political position with such a total lack of knowledge and such complete ignorance about the many and varied and massive damages this megacasino will cause this community is enough to embitter anyone.

The idea that an elected official would take a public position that confirms his bias to the extent that he should recuse himself from any votes on these matters goes to a particular level of ignorance about how these things work, don't you think?

God forgive us.

So, you really think God will have a problem with any legal efforts to keep this criminal enterprise from taking place?

Actually, Mr. Campbell, if anyone should seek "God's forgiveness" perhaps you should start. Abrogating your responsibility to the voters because of the possibility of a great buffet or something is indefensible. Having to jack up our taxes even more to put up with the massive impacts of this casino is even worse.

Meanwhile, efforts by the city to bail out the Columbian on their building debacle continue; efforts that will cost the taxpayers additional tens of millions, and Mr. Campbell seem strangely silent about that, instead, focusing on a legal fees that, if successful, would ultimately SAVE the city tens of millions down the road.

So, if you repent your idiocy, maybe God can, in fact, forgive you. I'm not so sure about those of us who vote.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Is President-Elect Obama a liar, and is it too late? "Deficit doesn't matter."

I admit that I did not vote for Mr. Obama. Nor did I vote for any other presidential candidate (including Mr. McCain) But I did pay close attention to the race.

And I distinctly remember Mr. Obama telling us that Mr. Bush was "the most fiscally irresponsible president in our history." (Obviously, during his drug use, he must have zoned out on Mr. Carter's administration.)

Well, it's fairly clear that Mr. Obama was not the "anti-candidate" that he portrayed himself to be. But, does that make him an outright liar?

Listen. And then make your own decision.


Michelle Malkin nails it: Road to GOP redemption: Roll back the bailouts, draw a line in the sand


Why Republicans EVER supported this is beyond me. There is nothing "Republican" about a "bailout" by any stretch of the imagination.

To be a Republican is to SUPPOSED to include fiscal conservatism. It's SUPPOSED to include personal responsibility. How did caving to the left in the bailout issue reinforce either one of these Republican principles?

And then, we find out that the entire basis for the bailout, the so-called "purchase of troubled assets" was a lie, and we're not going to purchase those assets!

Well, I see "bailout as a strangely appropriate term here. And what's happened is that the leaders and pilots of our government from both sides of the aisle have bailed out of the "plane of state," leaving us without anyone to fly the plane... and leaving those of us who are passengers to sit and wait for it to crash.

This type of betrayal is why I've now become an independent. Why would anyone want to be a Republican when to be a Republican is to betray your core principles for political expediency?

Road to GOP redemption: Roll back the bailouts, draw a line in the sand
By Michelle Malkin • November 17, 2008 07:36 AM

While Republican strategists and Beltway blowhards convene VIP retreats and meetings and save-the-party parties, the road to GOP redemption starts right now. There is opportunity to be seized right now. There is a line in the sand to be drawn.

Right now.

The first step toward GOP redemption is to stop the automakers’ bailout and roll back the creeping conversion of the Crap Sandwich 2.0 into an all-purpose bailout bonanza for every last American industry and corporate special interest in financial peril. The second step is barbecue Naked Emperor Hank Paulson and the Federal Reserve over their refusal to disclose how they are dispensing billions of dollars in loans.

John McCain screwed this up. The out-of-touch Republican leadership in Washington screwed it up. And let’s be honest: Too many of the same tired old faces now trying to reclaim seats of power — like Newt Gingrich — crumbled on the massive banking bailout and capitulated to Reid/Pelosi/Paulson/Bush when steel spines were needed most.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Seattle Times nails it: Change Washington law to open government

If we could only see this happen at every level of government.

Originally published November 16, 2008 at 12:00 AM Page modified November 16, 2008 at 12:54 AM

Comments (6) E-mail article Print view


Change Washington law to open government

The Washington Legislature should follow the recommendations of the state Sunshine Committee to more narrowly define when government agencies can cite attorney-client privileges to keep information secret from the public. Sliver-thin majorities in two state Supreme Court decisions have helped to keep the secrets.

Seattle Times editorial

THE state Legislature should blow away the clouds gathering over open-government practices in recent years and follow the clear recommendation of its own so-called Sunshine Committee.

Officially known as the Public Records Accountability Executive Committee, the panel voted 7-3 Wednesday, urging the Legislature to pass legislation to raise the shades on what has become a state Supreme Court-condoned practice of excessively hiding information from the public.

The panel recommends lawmakers more narrowly define when government agencies can cite privilege for attorney-client communications or work — definitions that have expanded over the past few years thanks to sliver-thin majorities on the state's highest court.


Like a broken clock, the Columbian occasionally gets it right: Bailout Bad Idea

I don't frequently agree with The Columbian editorials. But when they get it right, they get it right... and this time, they got it right:

In Our View Nov. 16: Bailout Bad Idea
Propping up dinosaurs is not a good tactic

Sunday, November 16 2:00 a.m.

This week, members of Congress are expected to consider a bailout of U.S. automakers. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said the Senate will begin debate Monday on $25 billion in emergency loans and a test vote could be conducted on Wednesday. A bailout of U.S. automakers — at least as described so far in America’s murky economic crisis — would be a bad idea for at least five reasons:


Note to retailers:

I know you people are desperate. But advertising for Christmas 6 weeks in advance will result in the same kind of sickening response the avalanche of political commercials caused.

So, I'm making a list and checking it twice:

If you advertise for Christmas items before Thanksgiving, I ain't buyin' a damned thing from you. And I'm thinking that I won't be alone in that decision.

Retail sales are going to suck. There's really nothing you can do about it, so save your money (and our sanity) and hold off until after Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Why does The Columbian lie about their fake "lack of bias?"

Look, everyone locally knows The Vancouver Columbian is in serious financial trouble.

Besides an inability to adapt or innovate, they editorially covered the last election like the DNC was paying them. Yet, even though they continued to lie about their lack of bias, they seem to believe the average reader is too stupid to see through the smokescreen.

Take for example, one of the dimmer bulbs on their peculiar tree... their editorial page editor, Mr. John Laird.

Mr. Laird went so far as to burnish their lack of bias by spewing out this little tidbit:

Endorsements box score — For any liberals who fume that The Columbian is way too conservative: We endorsed 13 Democrats in the past two weeks.

For any conservatives who yelp that we’re way too liberal: We endorsed nine Republicans.

In legislative races, we endorsed six Democrats and five Republicans.

In county commissioner races, we endorsed one Democrat and one Republican.

Finally, to anyone who thinks any of this matters: It doesn’t. We endorse the best candidate in each race (strictly our opinion, remember), party notwithstanding. If that person represents the Progressive Lying Golfers Party, well, so be it.

John Laird is The Columbian’s editorial page editor. His column of personal opinion appears on the View page each Sunday. Reach him at

Now, on the surface at least, that appears to be exactly what it is. For the uninformed, non-political reader, this appears to be a reasonable approach to endorsements. Balanced, possessed of all the right words and sentiments.

But when it comes to bias... it's all, every word, a complete lie.

No... the contents of those paragraphs aren't a lie. The endorsements were precisely what he said they were.

Where the lie comes in is this phrase: "We endorse the best candidate in each race (strictly our opinion, remember), party notwithstanding."

Now, the problem I have with that lie is this:

In every open seat where The Columbian provided an endorsement... in any seat where there wasn't an incumbent, this paper endorsed a democrat.


Check it out.

The folowing are the endorsements made by the Columbian, minus incumbents.

President: Democrat Barack Obama

State treasurer: Democrat Jim McIntire

17th Legislative District Representative: Democrat Tim Probst

49th Legislative District State representative: Democrat Jim Jacks

Clark County commissioner: District 1: Democrat Pam Brokaw

Number of democrat incumbents this newspaper endorsed AGAINST: ZERO

Number of Republican incumbents this newspaper endorsed against: ONE

They endorsed David Carrier against one of the most heavily, bi-partisan-endorsed and experienced state senators in SW Washington, Don Benton.

So, on one hand, we have the editor of the editorial page telling us that party had nothing to do with it, and on the other hand, this same paper ONLY ENDORSED DEMOCRATS FOR OPEN SEATS, AND ONLY ADVOCATED THE REMOVAL OF A REPUBLICAN... AND NOT ONE DEMOCRAT.

Coincidence? Sure. It was pure coincidence that there were 5 open seats they endorsed in and each and every endorsement went to the democrat.

Towards the end of the election, folks were talking about putting lipstick on a pig.

And no matter how many layers of lipstick you put on THIS pig, it is most definately still a pig.

And, oddly enough, when someone commented to this effect under their articles bestowing the "unbiased, even-handed award" on themselves, it took all of about, oh, 5 minutes for that post to disappear.

Clearly, they don't like being called on it when they lie. Well, when they start reading this blog, they'd better get used to it.

There's something wrong when a school district supplies fake social security numbers for illegal alien employees.

There's something sickening about this, and some folks ought to go to prison over this.

Dallas ISD faulted for using fake Social Security numbers

12:04 PM CST on Friday, November 14, 2008
By TAWNELL D. HOBBS / The Dallas Morning News

Years after being advised by a state agency to stop, the Dallas Independent School District continued to provide foreign citizens with fake Social Security numbers to get them on the payroll quickly.

Some of the numbers were real Social Security numbers already assigned to people elsewhere. And in some cases, the state's educator certification office unknowingly used the bogus numbers to run criminal background checks on the new hires, most of whom were brought in to teach bilingual classes.

The practice was described in an internal report issued in September by the district's investigative office, which looked into the matter after receiving a tip. The report said the Texas Education Agency learned of the fake numbers in 2004 and told DISD then that the practice "was illegal."


Somehow, "heads should roll" doesn't quite seem adequate.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Phil Harju, Cowlitz mouthpiece, implemented in $1.52 million sexual harrassment award.

Maybe it's something in the water.

First, megacasino developer David Barnett racks up restraining orders from women... then Phil Harju, Cowlitz Council member and megacasino shill, helps to cost the taxpayers of Thurston County (Or their insurance company) a lot of money.

$1.52 million award against county upheld

Harju, a now former Thurston County Deputy Prosecutor, "left the prosecutors office job this year to become General Counsel for the Cowlitz Tribe." After Barnett's restraining orders, Harju had to take a more active role in attempting to scam the people of Clark County.

Another council member, who doesn't even have a drop of Cowlitz blood in his veins, was fired for sexual harrassmwent from a gig at Microsoft.

HHhhmmmm.... and some people want this kind of "leadership" in Clark County?

OLYMPIA – The state Court of Appeals has upheld a jury's $1.52 million award in a sex-discrimination lawsuit against Thurston County.

The jury's verdict found that three women formerly employed as Thurston County prosecutors were forced to endure a hostile work environment and suffered retaliation after they complained about their treatment.

During the 2006 jury trial, one of the former prosecutors testified that Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney Ed Holm participated in the discriminatory treatment, including "several incidents in which Holm described various women based on their breast size and whether they were good looking," reads the appeals court's opinion. "He made sexualized comments to her, mentioning at one time that he could save expenses by sharing a room with a female Lacey Police officer, who he described as really good looking."

Holm said the former prosecutor's allegations are not true. He also pointed out that he was not named as a defendant in the lawsuit, and as a result, he did not have the right to cross-examine witnesses.


By The Way, since the Columbian Web Site hasn't seemed to mention it, here are the current numbers:

Tom Mielke
.............83,991.............. +190

Pam Brokaw ............83,801

Apparently, there wasn't a count today, but we're getting close to the end.

The Mielke - Brokaw race for Clark County Commissioner.

This race has it all.

A razor-thin lead. Political corruption of the worst kind by the megacasino developer has he tries to buy yet another county commissioner.

One candidate essentially unqualified by service, temperament, education or experience to be a county commissioner, a wholly-owned subsidiary of David Barnett... a local version, come to think of it, of Barack Obama. (Well, except for his education, maybe... since he hasn't released his transcripts) with every advantage: massive democrat support from the local daily newspaper who wrote an endorsement of her that showed such hatred and vitriol against Mielke that I thought the paper was going to burn in a flash.

Entirely financed by casino interests while she protests that "Truth is I have not taken a position supporting the casino."

It takes a peculiar brand of political ignorance to trumpet the fact that you lack the courage to take a position on one of the major issues confronting this county. The big question? WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE A POSITION?

Reading comprehension is also a problem. Brokaw writes: "I've advocated having an agreement in place with the Cowlitz Tribe in case the federal government approves the proposal."

Guess what? by writing that, YOU TAKE A POSITION. And the position you take is SUPPORT OF THE CASINO.


And then, she lied about her position on tolls for the unwanted, unneeded and collassaly wasteful I-5 Bridge replacement. She wrote: "As for tolls, I haven't agreed to anything save for considering them as a possible funding component down the road."

OK, here's a bulletin. THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY TO BUILD THIS BRIDGE WITHOUT TOLLS. This woman must think we're stupid.

To support this bridge and the light rail the downtown mafia wants is to support tolls.

In Ms. Brokaw's world, up is down and down is up. And I earnestly hope that Mielke's lead of 190 votes holds up. The last thing we need is a delusional county commissioner.

This blog is now operational.

A lot has happened... and a lot is happening.

Let's get to work.