Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How terrible is Clark County Government? Why doesn't anyone want the county executive job?

Since July, Jim Rumpeltes, a veteran city and county administrator, has been serving as interim county manager. The following month, the council voted to authorize Rumpeltes to sign a $27,000 contract with Strategic Government Resources, a Texas-based recruiting and consulting firm, to find a permanent county manager.
At the time, council Chair Marc Boldt said that the search for a permanent manager would be complete by December or January. But in December, Boldt expressed disappointment with the recruitment process, saying the search only yielded 22 applications when he was expecting more than 60.
Gee.  Imagine that.

Professionals in government looked over the insanity of the County Council and the idiocy of a petulant county charter system... combined with the firing of the LAST county manager... with the incompetent leftist leadership of my brother-in-law who isn't even allowed by the PDC to run his OWN campaign finances... and they rightfully concluded they wouldn't be caught dead in our zoo.

Here's where a little introspection would be helpful, Marc.

You need to ask yourself WHY this place is radioactive.

You need to ask yourself WHY this place has the reputation of being the insane asylum you've given it.

You need a little self-introspection to discover why you couldn't even get people to APPLY for the insanity you've caused.

Those in government... those who rammed this bogus charter down our throats... you need to find a mirror and look into as deeply as possible.

If you do?  You'll see the causes of why so many in the field of governance would rather have leukemia than work for a bunch of proven idiots.

If this great, "democratic" Charter scam was such a good deal... if the RINOs running this county were all that... they wouldn't have received a mere 22 applications... they'd have picked up a 120.

That they DIDN'T?  Is because this insane asylum is a place professionals would rather dive face first into a vat of boiling acid than actually work in.

Simple, really.

And as "disappointed" in this process as you are, Marc... it's not even a 100th as disappointed as I am in you.

Well done.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Joel Mattila, a complete sell out member of the local RINO establishment is tired of the establishment.

Pot, kettle, black, Joel.

You've sold out to get a position and your writing reeks of hypocrisy.  That you delete those who challenge you shows you to be a gutless politician just like Davey.

There is no one more establishment than the lowlifes running the local GOP.  And ALL of them are establishment and NONE of them are conservative.

Just sayin'.

So, is THIS the problem with the local GOP Cult?

Besides the local "leadership," I mean... as delusional as it is?

What, exactly, are we supposed to be?

For the current leadership and elected officials, most without an iota of integrity, we are supposed to support anyone with an "R" after their names.

Doesn't matter what their record is.  Doesn't matter how many billions they waste.  Doesn't matter how much they lie.  Doesn't matter if they ignore their constituents.  Doesn't matter if they lie to get elected or vote like Jimmy Jacks on a 3 day leftist bender.

For me... that is simply impossible.  Continuing to support most of the lying scum, either in party leadership or elective office?

Not going to happen.

I'm not the only one who feels that way.  More and more voters are looking at the actual records of the slime that have ceased representing US in favor of representing the special interests who now own them like the 13th Amendment is the 13th Suggestion.

This isn't merely a local infestation of course: it's the same thing at the national level.

But we are much more able to deal with the local examples of these vermin.

In fact, our county chair, Davey "Delete" Gellatly assures me that I am neither a "conservative nor a Republican."

Why has he concluded that?

Is it because for me, the only action I CAN take is to vote against corrupt Republicans by voting for their opponents, democrat or not?

Is it because I take a great deal of time reminding everyone what these people have done?

Is it because I keep reminding everyone of his criminal record, his lack of integrity? His penchant for lying?  His incompetence? His persona of treating women like objects?

Well, if being a Republican means turning a blind eye to the rot and disease that infests the party hierarchy... then I guess I'm not.

If being a Republican means ignoring the lies of those we've stupidly elected... then I guess I'm not.

If being a Republican means ignoring the record, the extensive record... of the party chair... a record that proves beyond doubt that he shouldn't have the job... then I guess I'm not.

The irony of a political neophyte like Gellatly passing judgment on anyone cannot be overstated.  The fact that he acts more like sheep than he does a shepherd when it comes to politics is blinding to his cult followers.

His meek acceptance of these things... his failure, for example, to show the least reaction to the announcement that my fake Republican Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was hired by a DEMOCRAT CAMPAIGN FIRM while in the midst of "negotiating" the horrific rape of our wallets with the WEA tends to show that he is dramatically unconcerned about either "conservativism" OR "Republicanism."

Are we, as this type of "Republican" would demand, required to put a label over substance?

I would love to know.  I would love to know exactly what ANY of the scum the GOP has elected would have to do before Davey Delete would act in the best interests of the party.

Because up to now... this horrific political year that just passed... it's fairly clear that if, for example, Rivers were convicted of axe murder, the Gellatly Cult would demand that she remain in office.

After all, she's repeatedly murdered both the truth AND Republicanism... what's a little spilled blood?

Am I a conservative?  Absolutely.  But one can certainly BE a conservative without guzzling the Republican Establishment Kool-Aid.

I will continue reminding everyone of the few of you who read my meager effort here that Gellatly continues to trash... without reminding everyone of his efforts to feed me information... of all the things that NEED to be reminded.

I'm not exactly sure why what I write or say is so very important to him... but it is.  After all, no one ever reads this blog and all I put up is gossip, right?

But I, personally, will never put party in front of honesty and integrity.  Those who've earned the RINO label (which is, after all, the Republican In Name Only label) take a different view.  And there's no lie they can't tell, like Sen. Lynda Wilson's (D-Tracy) lie, supported by Rivers, that their budget betrayal which shoveled billions down the McCreary rat hole would actually result in all of us having "lower property taxes."

That was not only a lie... it was a lie delivered to the Clark County GOP PCOs.

They lied directly to the collective face of the GOP here.  And how did they, the leadership of the GOP respond?

The same way they responded when Rivers sold us out on the gas tax/tab fee vote for $700 million.

The same way they responded when Rivers, Vick, Harris and Wilson sold us out on the CRC/Loot Rail scam resurrection.

They same way they responded when Rivers and Wilson caused our property taxes to explode... by shoveling $5.5 BILLION into the WEA's coffers.

The same way they responded when Boldt and the 3 Stooges jacked up our property taxes and fees.

Of course, an active, aware and engaged party leadership wouldn't put up with leftist, democrat votes like this; not for a moment.  But since the leadership of the local GOP is only active, aware and engaged in trashing conservatives... like, for example, me... there's no time left to force the clowns behind this insanity to be held accountable for their betrayals.

And those doing the betraying?  Why, they count on a complete lack of accountability... which is why their true colors become brighter ever day.

So, what are we to do?  The establishment scum running the local GOP want us to have blind allegiance to Der F├╝hrer and his party line, no matter what these fake Republicans do... or how they go about doing it.

We can't question the authority.  We can't point out the damage they've done.  We can't question the motives or the lies.  We can't point out that lowlife's like Rivers and Wilson are far less "Republican" then, well, *I* am.

Those of us who do ask those questions are attacked.  We are vilified.  OUR motives are questioned, as if asking why someone we busted our asses to get elected lied to us... repeatedly... and treated us like dirt as a result.

When we act by voting against corrupt incumbents, That makes us generally and me particularly someone the Chairs states:
You are not conservative nor a Republican. I don't answer to you or your followers. You've crossed too many lines and too many lied[sic} and you have no welcome place in this community. ... 
I mean this completely sincerely, this world would be better without people like you. I hope you have a heart change sometime and become a decent human being. And I'm sorry for anyone who has to know you as you are.
Well, if I'm sorry, it's because Davey has obviously suffered brains damage by failing to apply these same sentiments to himself, since he is guilty of each and every one of them.

But to be a Davey is to be a hypocrite.

This moron trashes me every hour on the hour.  Says a version of the same thing every time.  All while forgetting his own little episodes of lies, half truths, exaggerations and threats.

Odd that he can be so judgmental about others all while holding himself out as blameless.

Odd, indeed.

I am attacked by a know-nothing no one ever heard of before with the political experience of a rock ape... and a seething hatred of all things conservative who shows a frightening level of ignorance on a wide variety of subjects, from handling party finances to political strategies (remember when he kept telling us that clueless idiot in the 45th was actually going to win?)

...a punk with so little political knowledge that he blew off the Attorney General's law suit and simply ignored the court date, resulting in a default judgment being entered.  Sadly, he was so ignorant about local office holders that he listed Doug Lasher, DEMOCRAT county treasurer for, oh, the last 34 years or so, as a Republican.
Screen capture from the GOP website from a post put up by Gellatly
Further, ol' Davey doesn't want anyone in the GOP to run against my moronic, banned for life from running his own campaign finances, brother-in-law.  I've asked him about that, since that idiot is a self-professed non-Republican.  And what am I told?

Screen capture of a recent chat with the Dear Leader himself, Gellatly.
The irony here is that Gellatly has no problem lying, making up crap and attacking fellow Republicans when they don't want to go along with his program... going so far as to line himself up for a serious ass kicking in court because this nimrod ACTUALLY SUED A PCO.

Yeah.  That's leadership.

The demand that we just shut up, sit down and ignore the corruption they do... and spew... is simply not possible.

Unless you're a fake Republican like those running the show down here.

And how sad is that?

Don't get mad when you read this, Davey.  After all, to hear you tell it?

No one else will.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

A quick video for the #NeverTrump types: Democrats who voted for Trump

These are DEMOCRATS who voted for Trump (3 minute 47seconds) and you know CNN must have cringed to play this.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Davey Gellatly confirms lame effort to get Boldt back into the GOP brand.

Think Gellatly has changed?

Not at all.

The nonsense of Boldt's censorship magically disappearing because of party elections aside, (It does remain in effect even now, Davey Delete's lies to the contrary notwithstanding) it's clear that with the infestation of the fake Republican outfit of Carolyn Crain, who Gellatly USED to beat like a drum when he was feeding me information about her (if nothing else, Davey IS a huge hypocrite) that they are doing all they can to get Boldt to come out of the fringe-left closet he's been hiding in and reassume his fake GOP brand.

Part of that is based on this insanity:
Screen capture from the moronic GOP web site
Notice how whenever any other Non-Republican is running for re-election, they've got that cute little (R candidate needed) label under their name?

Do you see that under Marc Boldt's name? I mean, he's renounced the GOP as much as the GOP has renounced him.  And besides that scumbag fake Republican outfit that Crain ran against actual conservatives, Boldt is endorsed by the fringe-left Young Democrats...

So why doesn't that little label appear under HIS name?

Add that to Boldt being a GOP "guest" at Davey Delete's little coffee klatch that made cabfare around the end of the year, and it makes you wonder.

But here's the cherry on the top of that little sundae:

I asked Gellatly directly on the "Clark County Republican Group" page that I had been added to, why Boldt wasn't labeled as "needing an R candidate."  And the following were his idiotic responses. These, of course, are the kind of answers that make it clear that first, Gellatly himself is the one I'm making look like a fool... again... and second, his refusal to answer the question, instead, immediately falling back into his usual full-on attack mode... actually answers the question more directly than a yes or a no.

In Davey's case, if you're smart enough to disagree with that moron, his response is to immediately attack YOU, since he has nothing to justify or explain his positions.

CLEARLY, the plan is to get Boldt to run under the R label.  That's going to be a tough one, given all the tap-dancing my idiot brother-in-law did last time he ran when he started out, he claimed, as a "conservative Republican," which then morphed into a "MODERATE conservative Republican" (Kinda like being a FEMALE male) and finally, an Independent when he figured out he was going to get zero support from the non-RINO GOP... which he won't get this time, either.

On top of everything else, as I predicted, this idiot raised every tax, every fee AND once again came out swinging for the CRC/Loot Rail I-5 Bridge replacement scam.  Who didn't see THAT coming?  And how is that any different than his leftist/democrat opponent would have been?

Anyway, having pointed out the incompetence of listing Doug Lasher as a Republican on the GOP website...

Kinda typical for the morons running the show now, they actually made the needed changes...and suddenly, it went from this:

The "Before" I slapped Davey around screen capture.

To this:

The after
Yes, Lasher is now identified as a democrat, needing an (R candidate).

Unlike Boldt.

Who, Boldt claims, is NOT a Republican but who, even so, apparently doesn't need a Republican challenger.

Imagine the embarrassment.  Imagine what Carolyn Crain would do.  After lying for Boldt repeatedly when they were campaigning against the only Republican in the race, imagine how this fake Republican RINO PCO would have to react if a Republican DID announce against Boldt?

After all, the only announced Republican against Boldt when that coffee klatch took place wasn't even invited.  So, in a precursor to the actual election coming up, the scum running the GOP sent the announced Republican candidate the message that they were GOING TO SUPPORT BOLDT... even though Boldt wasn't/isn't a Republican.

Otherwise, why was he invited at no cost to show up?

There.  See how hideous these clowns are?

No matter.  Here's the little chat I had with Davey Delete using screen captures while it was happening.  Because Davey is SUCH a lying scumbag, it's always best to screen capture anything you get from him while it's happening.  You know, so it makes it that much more difficult for that slimeball to deny he's said what he's said... as he so frequently does... even when he's sober.

I have to comment on this "conservative grassroots" lie out of the gate.

There is absolutely nothing "conservative" about any of these scum.

Conservatives don't jack up our gas tax $700 million dollars.  They don't sell out to the WEA for $5.5 BILLION causing our property taxes to explode.  They don't recruit RINOs to run against conservatives.  They don't vote to support illegal aliens.  Those items, are in fact, what democrats do.

Why Davey Delete, an EXTREMELY accomplished liar of some renown, insists on using this label is obvious.  With his Nazi mindset of course, he's going to sign on to that "if you tell a lie long enough, loud enough and often enough, it becomes the truth" bullshit.  But the LAST thing the local GOP cancer wants to do is to "empower the conservative grassroots of Clark County."

Anyhow, the question is simple enough.  The idiocy known as the CCGOP website confirms that.

But Davey's playground, gutless response?  That's vintage Gellatly.

This guy INSISTS on walking DIRECTLY into ANY fan you hold up in front of him.

"Lying scum gossip monkeys."

This from a hypocrite that used to feed me information about his now Gunga Din, Carolyn Crain, to hammer her like a nail on my blog?

Why, Davey... tsk, tsk.

This guy's record is a nightmare.  His failure to respond to the AG's lawsuit led to a default judgment being entered because he didn't even respect the Court enough to walk into the courtroom.

But then, given his many experiences in front of a judge, I can see why.


He has "not been called out?"  I've been calling this scumbag out for MONTHS.  I've been beating him like a gong.  It's like he lives in an alternative universe where reality can't coexist with him.

His failure to answer... or explain... or even acknowledge the name "Boldt" speaks volumes.

Clearly, there were only two reasons why he refused to answer.

The obvious one is that I'm right.  He HATES that I'm right, but I typically AM right while he, OTOH, is typically wrong.  I'm sure he's checked out a few bridges to jump off over THAT, rhetorically speaking.

Or the other reason is I'm wrong, and he's just too much of a punk to explain it.

What else can it be?

Here's the irony of it all.

One has to wonder: if I am what he claims... then why did HE, Gellatly, feed me information about certain people when he wanted them smacked down?

Where have those 1.25 million page views come from?

And if nobody cares what I've got to say... then why is this psycho so very angry at me?

I mean, I'm hardly worth it... if he's right.

Get some help, Davey.  Alcohol can really screw you up. And your mental condition makes you a danger to yourself, dooder.

Clearly, you're unfit to be a 3rd-grade hall monitor, let alone the incompetent tool of a county chair you've morphed into.

Rivers feeling the heat? Wilson votes to betray us... again... by funding illegal alien tuition.

It was bad enough that the fake Republicans voted to screw us with a so-called state level "Dream Act" in 2014, the "Real Hope Act" that was the first bill to allow taxpayers to support illegals who shouldn't even be here, let alone be funded because they ARE here... will now likely be joined with another leftist effort, a bill that would:
"...make students who have been here for at least three years before earning a state high-school diploma eligible for College Bound, a scholarship program for low-income Washington students."
So, naturally, I was interested in how our two local RINO senators voted.

After all, particularly on the issues that really matter, the Bobbsey Twins are as likely to vote leftist/democrat as sunrise.

So, when I checked on the roll call and saw that Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) had sold us out... again... it wasn't terribly surprising.

But imagine my surprise when I discovered that Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was a no!

These two vote like they're connected at the skull.

So, why on earth would Rivers suddenly vote like she's both a Republican AND actually representing THIS district?

What happened?  Think she might be feeling it?

Sadly, it's far too late.  Several hundred million dollars too late.  Years of ignoring the voters of her district too late. 

But it does make me wonder: why would she be a "no" on this... when her betrayals have cost the people Clark County hundreds of millions more as a result?

I mean, why play like what this district thinks matters when so often in the past, it hasn't made any difference to Rivers at all?

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Remember when Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360) screwed us on her gas tax, in part because...

...she claimed her rape of our wallets would stop Inslee from screwing us with a carbon tax?

Yeah... that's what happened.

That was a lie, of course... a lie not unlike the lies she used to get elected to the Senate... lies that looked a great deal like this:

Screen capture from Rivers' campaign page.

Most everything she said in this gibberish was false, exaggerated or fantasy.

Particularly when it came to the lie about voting to screw us because, allegedly, it would stop Inslee from doing this:

Connelly: Inslee flies off to Davos as Olympia takes up climate bills

Will Inslee be missed?

Updated 12:39 pm, Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Another $1.5 BILLION that Rivers promised us wouldn't happen.

There are only so many reasons Rivers would babble that nonsense.

1.  She actually believed it.

2.  She knew better but lied deliberately.

3.  She was so desperate to excuse her betrayal that there was no lie she wouldn't tell to save her own ass.

Regardless of these reasons, any one of them makes her unfit to hold elective office.

You see, I knew that either Inslee was lying or the GOP Senate made it up to give themselves cover for screwing us.

But since Inslee had been up to that point (and continues to be even now) such an abysmal failure as governor that he HAD to accomplish SOMETHING... I also knew there was no way he would back down or back off this issue.  It was far too much like Obama and his idiotic Obamacare insanity.

So, there ya have it.  Rivers' claim about Inslee and his carbon tax was completely false, from start to finish.  But like most lies, the truth was bound to come out sooner or later.  And now, Inslee is taking a Swiss vacation at taxpayer expense to babble his lies on carbon taxes even more.

I'm surprised he didn't take Rivers with him.  Because she's the best liar in local politics today... and she can sharpen her skills in the big leagues.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Will a DACA amnesty be a betrayal?

We know betrayal.

At the local level, we're infested by fake Republicans who used the label to get elected and then who routinely voted... on the issues that matter... like the furthest-fringe-leftist.

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers (D-Strategies 360), who rang up literally BILLIONS in additional gas and property taxes while lying about them every foot of the way... all while scheming to resurrect the Loot Rail project known as the I-5 Bridge replacement...meaning additional billions from the people of Clark County.

Lynda "Jack Your Tax" Wilson (D-Tracy) who is nothing more than a sock puppet for her leftist, moneyed, string-pulling husband; Wilson claimed she was a conservative just long enough to get elected as a Senator... and who never votes against Rivers in anything I can find... joined with Rivers in jacking up our taxes to enrich the WEA by kowtowing to the Supreme Court they should have been ignoring on the so-called McCleary decision... and has also joined with her rape of our wallets on loot rail as well.

Along with the other local fake Republicans... Boldt, Olson, Stuart, Blom, Weber, Kimsey, Harris, Vick, Hoff... all of whom have lied about their platforms for election and/or jacked up our taxes by astronomical amounts while doing everything "Gas Tax" orders them to do... state and local politics has been one act of betrayal after another in these and so many other ways.  Throw our utterly worthless, do-nothing, COULDN'T EVEN FIND A WAY TO GET TO VOTE ON THE BUDGET DEAL Congresswoman into the mix and you have a herd of fake Republicans who pay lip-service to the brand while ignoring the tenets of Republicanism to out-democrat the democrats.

So, we are well-versed on betrayal here locally.

The democrats, naturally, want as many illegals as possible in this country as they scheme to get their illegal votes counted... California is, in fact, looking at allowing illegals to vote in all elections as it is.  Other leftists states are watching to see how that plays out and if California gets away with it, many other law-breaking, sanctuary type states will follow suit.

(Of course, the simple solution would be to cease counting Californian votes in federal elections and to simply unseat their two Senators and 53 members of congress until such time as they can hold voter-fraud free elections)

Some Republicans take a different view.  They have decided that rewarding those who break our laws will be the thing to do, because, well, it's the "humane".

I could care less about the "humane" aspect.

I am all about ending the problem.  Rewarding those who break our laws will not really serve as any kind of incentive to actually STOP breaking our laws... will it?

Various numbers of illegals under the unconstitutional program implemented by our most recent scumbag former president are bandied about.  One hears 800,000 prospective democrat voters.  Another number is 3.6 million.  And given the democrat's racism and bigotry laid bare by WikiLeaks in the last election, don't even stop to believe that they're doing this out of any sense of "altruism" or "humanity."

With GOP control of the 3 branches of legislative government, eliminating these people from our country, rounding them up and deporting them so they can go through the process like anyone else, anywhere else, with no special consideration or restriction as a result of their decision... or the decision of whomever was responsible... to bring them here illegally... should be easily done.

You'd think that.

But the presence of RINOs infesting the US Senate... the same RINOs who stopped the death of Obamacare they all campaigned on to get elected (There... detecting a pattern?) the Grahams, the Collins, the McCains, the Flakes... keep that from happening.

Self-deportation would be simple:  Make it illegal for illegals to own property.  Cars, Houses, businesses.  Make it illegal for illegals to attend our schools.  Make it illegal for illegals to receive any financial aid of any kind.  Make it illegal for them to receive any medical care beyond that needed to stabilize them for deportation.  End this bizarre illegal alien destination resort we've set up.

Reorganize immigration courts to deportation courts.

Change the burden of proof to the presumptive deportee.

Instead, clearly, amnesty is under consideration for hundreds of thousands here illegally.  Essentially, too many people are looking at this and thinking... Wow... there's so many of them and gee, they've been breaking our laws for so long... well, we'd best let them stay.

Yeah, because, you know... rewarding those who break our laws by giving them what THEY want has always worked out in the past, right?

The arguments in favor of amnesty for those here because of the illegal, unconstitutional program breathed into existence by Obama and struck down by the Supreme Court  are remarkably similar to those made in favor of the disastrous Reagan amnesty of the 80's.

Millions were granted amnesty.  And as a direct result, millions more looked at that and felt compelled to believe that if they came here and merely stayed long enough, they, too, would be given a free pass.

If... IF an amnesty for DACA types would actually FIX the problem, I might support it.

But history has shown these types of fixes, where those pissing on our laws get what they wanted in the first place are rewarded for their efforts inevitably leads to a worsening of the problem... not a solution to the problem.

And a DACA amnesty will be no different.

The other aspects of this... a retroactive end to anchor babies, an end to the lottery, and end to chain migration and the building of the wall should have nothing to do with DACA.  The wall should be built and Mexico should pay for it.  Those who are here illegally should be deported and never, ever allowed to come back.

There must be some individual cost to be borne by those who view our laws as a speed bump to reaching their goal.

Work that hard wherever you come from?

And you would prosper there... and there would be much less impetus as a result to come here.

This can has been kicked down the road since the Eisenhower administration.  Both parties are equally guilty in this.  We are now ideally positioned to put an end to this issue... permanently.

The only thing we're lacking is the will.

And instead of doing what needs to be done... what MUST be done... the GOP is finding a way to cave... again... because once again they've forgotten: the leftists always play the long game because essentially, they count on the GOP caving at some point down the road.

And they're rarely disappointed.

So, would a DACA amnesty be a betrayal?

It's difficult to conclude otherwise.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Well, THIS should be interesting: I just FOIA'd all of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers emails and text messages.

Thurston County Superior Court ruling:  all of that stuff is subject to public disclosure.

She's just the first, but I expect a fascinating outcome concerning who owns her and what they've offered/paid.

This is bound to be FASCINATING reading.

Larry Hoff - outright liar.

Look, I get that this Rivers sock-puppet, running in the 18th District, WANTS to be a "conservative."

But he isn't.  And the RINOs supporting this clown aren't either.  Wilson, Rivers, Harris... they've long since lost even a hint of conservatism in their deliberations.  Rivers lied to get elected and hung a $700 million tax bill around the necks of the people of this county.

Rivers joined with another fake Republican, Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) to ram a HUGE property tax up our collective butts... hundreds of dollars a year starting this year and going on indefinitely for each household in a Clark County School District.

I have asked Hoff which votes of these people he would have opposed.  He's refused to respond.

If he were such a conservative... then why wouldn't he come out and tell us?

Would this puppet have opposed Rivers gas tax/tab fee vote?

What about her vote where she joined with RINO Lynda Wilson to increase our taxes ANOTHER $5.5 BILLION?

Why does he lack the guts to say?

Because he's one of them... when he needs to be one of us.  If he was... for one second... a "conservative," these scum wouldn't have anything to do with him.

I see garbage like this, and it makes me want to throw up... particularly since he's now come out and confirmed he's a flat out liar.  And I really, really, REALLY don't want another liar elected to... anything... let alone my district's state representative.

Interesting election cycle coming up: Past is prologue?


As the reasons to vote against our local fake Republican senator in this arguably conservative district begin to pile up, let’s take a brief look back at how, once again, the GOP is adept at securing power but outright stupid in keeping it.

Locally, the GOP-controlled State Senate is the case in point.  It was remarkably similar to the US Senate now, and the RINOs running it lost control of the Senate for the exact same reasons it’s possible for these same types of politicians to lose control of the US Senate.

“Republicanism” is SUPPOSED to MEAN SOMETHING.

Here’s a partial list of what it meant to the scum running the State Senate since 2015.

It meant the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state’s history… without asking us, of course.

It meant unnecessarily caving to the 9 black-robed dwarfs across the street with a resulting unneeded addition of BILLIONS of dollars to the worthless education plant, the union teacher scum, and the WEA.

It meant cheaper drivers licenses for illegal aliens (and more expensive licenses for American citizens, when illegals shouldn’t be allowed to get any licenses for anything.)

It meant a resurrection of the hated and despised I-5 Bridge replacement scam, instead of working towards the better and cheaper solution of additional bridges, one each to the west and one to the east… instead, vaporizing billions and sucking all the money up for THOSE needed transportation solutions instead of the corruption of ramming light rail down our throats.

It meant allowing illegal aliens to get student aid, further dividing up a far-too-small pot as it is and depriving AMERICAN CITIZENS of taxpayer dollars THEY deserve.

It meant authorizing local dens of corruption like Vancouver and Battle Ground to ram tab fee increases down the throats of their citizens… without asking them. (Remember the $30 tab fee Initiative, I-695?  The year 1999 was particularly a good one...)

It meant implementing the first income tax in this state’s history, the .4% tax everyone has to pay to BEGIN to cover the cost of paid family leave.

That’s just the start, of course.  And if I had the money I totally would be suing their asses off, since this tax is an obvious violation of the state constitution prohibiting such taxes without a vote of the people.

It’s meant allowing sanctuary cities where leftists just piss on the law whenever it suits them.

To be a Republican is SUPPOSED to be, at a minimum, different from democrats.  On the issues that matter to us, it means that votes have to be made on principle and not on orders from special interests who buy you outright, like Sen. Ann “Gas Tax/Pot Head” Rivers has been bought outright… hired by a democrat campaign firm while she was “negotiating” our fiscal rape with the democrats and the WEA… and then while she was lying to us about what a great deal that was and how our property taxes are going to go down as a result.

In fact, her RINO sidekick, Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) GUARANTEED it.

Of course, by now, those paying attention know that our property taxes are set to explode.  The state portion of the property taxes will shoot up into the stratosphere thanks to the two RINO scum and the others who’ve sold us out… in fact, here are the names of the so-called “Republicans” who voted to bend us over and ram it ALL the way into our wallets:



NONE of them should be reelected.  And NO candidate who supported their vote (You listening, Hoff?) or their votes to screw us on the gas tax should be sent up there.

And all of the upcoming tax increases here locally are in ADDITION to the tax increases my moronic brother-in-law and his 3 Stooges have rammed down our throats in the form of yet ANOTHER 3% increase (over the last 2 years) in our property taxes.  Also, for those unfortunates living in Battle Ground and Vancouver, they're in addition to the tab fees the city councils have ripped out of their wallets.

It’s not like I didn’t warn you this was going to happen if these clowns were elected.  It was obvious.  A blind squirrel could see it in a minute.

And equally obvious is the reality that the failure of the RINO scum to vote like Republicans is what cost them control of the State Senate.

And that’s the crux of the matter:  There’s no point in giving these Houses to fake democrats when the real thing is available.  The record I’ve provided above is despicable.  It’s harmed many who simply cannot afford the variety of government that RINOs at any level of would want us to have.

At the federal level, the leftists are at LEAST as confident that they retake both Houses as they were confident that Hillary Clinton would be our president.

How’d that work out for them?

In the Senate, we’re losing at least two RINO scum, Flake and McCain, who you can bet aren’t being treated at the Phoenix VA for his cancer.  And why do you suppose that is?

Flake is a political moron who isn’t running for reelection because one of my spaniels outpolled him in Arizona.

But the number one thing these scum were sent up there to do was to get rid of Obamacare.  And have they done that?

Local RINO chieftain Brent Boger assured me that once the GOP controlled all 3 branches of government, it would be a snap.  How's that worked out for us?  I suppose he was as right about that as he was that Clinton would win the presidential election with 300 electoral votes.

And how did our utterly worthless coward of a congresswoman, who even lacks the guts… or is just too lazy… to face us on a regular basis since it intrudes on her social schedule... vote on getting rid of that cancer around our necks?

Why, stunningly enough, she was a “no.”  She voted to continue to enslave us to Obama's cancer.

I guess that sort of thing is what happens when you elect an empty suit who mails it in year after year.

And where is her transportation plan to resolve the issues confronting us here on the cross-river roadblocks?


That said, we have a GOP-controlled Congress that had passed Obamacare repeal dozens of times.  But as it turns out, they only did it because they knew Obama would veto it.

Yes, they did pass a watered-down version of tax reform.  But even that has only resulted in a slight uptick in the economy, because while everyone is WOWED by the pay increases and bonuses… no one is talking about our increasing deficit.

That’s right.  We’re now at around $21 trillion.  

Because even though we have record amounts of revenue piling up… we’ve got record amounts of spending to go with it.  And that just goes to show: Tax reform without spending reform is, ultimately, worthless.

And these “record amounts of spending?”

They’re happening on the GOP’s watch.

The hardcore Establishment types will begin to run around like headless chickens, clucking that the end will be here if the democrats take control of anything.

Well, when your RINOs are VOTING like democrats…. What’s the damned difference?

In the upcoming election, I will not be voting for any government official who does not respond to their constituents.

I won’t vote for any member of any government who lied to get elected, lied to stay elected, or who ignores their constituencies and/or votes for the special interests who own them.  I will vote against anyone endorsed by Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers, liar extraordinaire, who will only support sock puppets who won’t disagree with her on anything… and who will follow her RINO tenets of politics.

These means I will be voting AGAINST most county officials in office.  I will also be voting against Brandon Vick (Representative in the 18th District) because of his support of resurrecting the CRC scam… and against Larry Hoff, a Rivers RINO candidate puppet who fails to respect constituents he disagrees with.

I will oppose each and every RINO on the county council since they have yet to meet a tax or fee increase they didn’t like.  I will PARTICULARLY vote against my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, who is so incompetent that the Public Disclosure Commission has permanently banned him… or any family member… from running his own campaign finances.

So, yea… we have an incompetent running government around here (Boldt) who also managed to successfully make $5000 from his 2012 campaign (The one he lost to Madore) simply disappear.

Odd how he could do that with a watchdog agency like the PDC breathing down his neck.

We have officials who lied about their politics to get elected… Olson, Blom, Stuart, Kimsey, Rivers, Wilson… or lied to GET elected… Scott Weber, for example.  We have those who’ve sold us out… Rivers, Wilson, Vick, Hoff, Harris… and others.

The ignorant… or those too blind to know or care will continue to vote for the “R” label, no matter how big the liar in front of it happens to be.

I expect that the election season coming up will see brutality unknown in politics in either this century... or the last.  I expect there will be riots. I expect even more blood will be spilled.  I expect democrat flying squads, first popularized in Soviet politics, will physically assault supporters of candidates they don't happen to like with greater damage and intimidation as their goal.

I expect that character assassination will rule the day.  I expect RINO contingents will be even more savage in their treatment and lack of support for conservatives than the democrats.  I expect there will be even more fake claims against GOP candidates, ala Moore and Mr. Trump.

And I expect that to happen more and more and more until such time as the average voters decide they've had enough and then proceeds to hold those guilty accountable.

As for me, I wish I didn’t know any of this.  I wish I lived in the cocoon of ignorance where most voters reside.  I wish that liars didn’t piss me off.  I wish I could just live what’s left of my life leaving these inconvenient truths to others.

But that isn’t me and that’s why I’m here. SOMEBODY has to tell you, reader.  Someone must remind you who these people are and what they really do... mostly to us.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers: Nobody knows sewage like Rivers!

Rivers sycophant Steve Nelson has been spreading the Rivers manure around that the crap-sewers think she's a big deal:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Nobody... and I mean nobody, knows shit like Rivers, who has lied, exaggerated, mislead and ignored what her constituents think, believe or want... since she believes it meaningless to this completely despicable sellout who represents the absolute worst that politics has to offer.

And that was just for the gas tax and tab fee increases she betrayed us for.

Arresting Sanctuary City leaders? Of course!

Yesterday, it was announced that leaders of the separatist "sanctuary city, county, state" movement could be subject to arrest... at least, that option is being "explored."

I'll believe it when I see it, of course, but you want to see a crap-filled movement collapse?  Imagine the shots of these governors (especially the clueless idiot running THIS state) mayors, city council and chief of police types getting processed, mug shots and fingerprinted.

These leftists have a big mouth.  Breaking the law on a variety of issues, from being a slave to pot interests (Rivers) to being a clown... a partisan hack... on federal issues where they have zero legal say... like, for example, "Sanctuary Cities."

We CAN address the matter of illegals, easily, by ending the illegal alien destination resort we've set up here.

End their ability to own property of any kind.  End their ability to be licensed for anything.  End their attendance at schools.  End any welfare or social security benefit. Make it illegal to rent to, well, illegals. End any assistance of any kind for anything, save for emergency medical care that would stabilize them enough for deportation.  Permanently ban any illegal from ever coming back to this country for anything.  Fine each country of origin $10 million for each illegal deported... force THEM to put some skin in the game.

Relatively simple approach.  Easily implemented.

Because here's the thing: we either want to end the illegal alien problem or we don't.  Ending this sanctuary city masquerade and implementing these laws would pretty much get us there.

Doing what we're doing now?

Not so much.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Still think Ann Rivers is a Republican? Guess again. "Training for long-term care providers" about "LGBTQ" garbage.

Over the past few years, our own Senator here in the 18th, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, has been voting more like infamous democrat former Sen. Ed Murray than the "Republican" Rivers claims to be.

Here's another example:

Rivers is cosponsoring yet another gay rights bill (How many more than us do they need?) that requires "training for long-term care providers on the needs of the LGBTQ population."

Training?  Or indoctrination?

What different needs do gays and so forth happen to need in long-term care that the rest of us don't already get?

Is the plumbing of the so-called "LGBTQ" population any different?  Do they eat differently?  Drink differently?  Require any different care than anyone else in long-term care?

Nope.  But RIVERS thinks the caregivers need "cultural competency training."

How very... Republican... of her.

Here's the list of sponsors.  With the exception of Rivers, every sponsor of this bill is a democrat.

SB 5700 - 2017-18
Requiring training for long-term care providers on the needs of the LGBTQ population.
Suppose Rivers thinks there should be special training for, say, vegetarians?  What about gay amputees?  What about, say, Seahawks fans?

Look: we all know Rivers has been a fake Republican for years.  But between this, her efforts to recruit candidates to run against conservatives, her sock puppet Hoff and her hatred for Republicans generally and her votes to screw us out of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes... given her record, isn't it time she quit screwing around and switched parties?

Since she acts, talks, walks and VOTES like a democrat... why continue to lie about who you really are?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thought for the day from Dr. Martin Luther King.

“Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Local leftist scum react to Pike announcement.

We are cursed with local leftist political bigots and bigotry borne of sheer, fringe-left hatred of anyone who is wise enough to disagree with them.

A few days ago, Rep. Liz Pike withdrew from the county chair election and also decided to retire from politics altogether.

There was an article in the local daily democrat.  These scum responded.  They showed a level of hate-based ignorance and bigotry that is laughable in its dimensions.

The stupidity of most of these morons is altogether typical of your average brain-damaged leftist.

The hatred of people who disagree with them is palpable.  Yet, when the time comes for their heroes to depart from the political scene, if anyone were to similarly comment, these same slimeballs would lose their collective minds... even assuming the daily democrat would allow comments like this against a leftist.

The level of butthurt the average leftist exhibits over the loss of the presidential election continues to astound and amaze.

Every single punk commenting... was sure that criminally incompetent cow was going to win.  That she suffered an electoral slaughter of unimaginable dimensions had led to this variety of resentment, anger and whining.

You lost.  Get over it.  And after the midterm elections, the 18th district legislators will still have an "R" after their name... even those who screw us.

And no amount of your whining is going to change that.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The many faces of Marc Boldt: his reaction to Pike's withdrawal from the county chair race.

Not surprisingly, Boldt made an appearance on Liz Pike's announcement that she was leaving politics... unlike the 4 years he was a PCO and failed to show up for any Republican meeting or event.

A lot of people have the wrong idea about Marc.  There are, after all, two Marc Boldts: the public one that says nice things about you... and the private one that says something rather different.

This is, perhaps, the most obvious case of them all.

Boldt's comments, always texted to me, regarding Pike during the write-in campaign were despicable.
Yes, I worked on that campaign.  No, I would never consider voting for a clown so incompetent that the Public Disclosure Commission has permanently banned him from running his own campaign finances.   Yes, he has turned out to be the absolute disaster I knew he would be, his conservative cred long since vaporized to be replaced by a typical tool of the downtown mafia who could care less what we say... what we want... or what we believe needs to happen... and that includes Liz Pike.

Yes, I ultimately DID have to block him from texting me by having Verizon cut him off... since he constantly referred to Rep. Pike as my "girlfriend," as if my relationship with Pike was anything BUT professional.

So imagine my surprise when that two-faced moron left this message on Pikes retirement announcement:

Boldt's lies for public consumption.  Looks like Mains made him do it.

Boldt used to be a man of integrity. You used to be able to count on him... count on his conservative values. He used to be a... Republican.

But that is long gone... and what remains is a mere shadow of his former self; a tool... a complete sellout to the downtown mafia who could care less what his constituency thinks or says.

That is, I suppose, what you get when someone is elected county wide when 61% of the voters didn't want him to get the job. And this sentiment is a lie, a joke and in reality, rather an insult.

This is my top regret here. Had the GOP done what the GOP is SUPPOSED to do and align themselves behind the actual Republican candidate, Pike could have beaten Boldt like a rented mule and he would have deserved every whack.

But that was NOT going to happen. The signs were obvious: a blind man could see it in a minute. The Gellatly/RINO cult was already doing their best to bring Boldt back... Gellatly's lies that Boldt's expulsion somehow magically ended with a new Board notwithstanding (They didn't.)

And that's the truth of it. The two Marc Boldts: the pandering nice guy that tells you anything you want to hear in public... and the not-so-nice asshole that is completely different in private.

Friday, January 12, 2018

So, with Year One almost done... what happened to the riots? Where was the disaster of the #NeverTrump types?

So, here we are almost a year after Mr. Trump has taken office.

No riots.  No #NeverTrump er types out there beating their gums.

Where are they?

Of course there are a few RINOs with their noses still bent out of shape.  But in the main, they now look like morons.

Morons because they told us Mr. Trump couldn't win.  Morons because they slavishly believed in polls merely because they told them what they wanted to hear.  Morons because for the most part, my Spaniel knows more about politics than they do.

I look around today, and pretty much everywhere one can cast a glance, we are inarguably better off now than we were a year ago, 54 years ago... 8 years ago.  Why is that?

Everyone from Jeb Bush to Lew Waters documented that they don't have a fricking clue.  Why is that?

The street terrorists... #BLM and #Antifa have a hard time drawing much of a crowd these days.  Why is that?

We still have a country.  We're still functioning, leftist's best efforts notwithstanding. 

My rights, which the leftists assured us all were going to be ripped from me and others, still seem to be there.

Are things perfect? Of course not.

But they are light years... LIGHT YEARS ahead of where they were over the past couple of decades.

We still have issues to address: domestically, illegal aliens, infrastructure, so-called "sanctuary cities", an out of control education plant that vaporizes billions and pumps out functionally illiterate high school graduates like movie tickets... the remnants of the cancer of Obamacare and out of control government regulations that cost us additional tens of billions merely because they exist.

But who in their right minds expected EVERY issue to be addressed and resolved when you're cursed with the RINO Congress we've had for the past 7 years?  It's like herding kittens...

Yes, I accurately forecasted that Mr. Trump would win this.  Yes, there are things he's done and said that *I* would not have done and said and with which I disagree.

But n the main, he has been a positive force for change and as a bonus, he made a great many arrogant, clueless leftists and RINOs look like idiots wrapped in morons.

And that's ALWAYS a good thing.