Friday, January 19, 2018

Well, THIS should be interesting: I just FOIA'd all of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers emails and text messages.

Thurston County Superior Court ruling:  all of that stuff is subject to public disclosure.

She's just the first, but I expect a fascinating outcome concerning who owns her and what they've offered/paid.

This is bound to be FASCINATING reading.

Larry Hoff - outright liar.

Look, I get that this Rivers sock-puppet, running in the 18th District, WANTS to be a "conservative."

But he isn't.  And the RINOs supporting this clown aren't either.  Wilson, Rivers, Harris... they've long since lost even a hint of conservatism in their deliberations.  Rivers lied to get elected and hung a $700 million tax bill around the necks of the people of this county.

Rivers joined with another fake Republican, Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) to ram a HUGE property tax up our collective butts... hundreds of dollars a year starting this year and going on indefinitely for each household in a Clark County School District.

I have asked Hoff which votes of these people he would have opposed.  He's refused to respond.

If he were such a conservative... then why wouldn't he come out and tell us?

Would this puppet have opposed Rivers gas tax/tab fee vote?

What about her vote where she joined with RINO Lynda Wilson to increase our taxes ANOTHER $5.5 BILLION?

Why does he lack the guts to say?

Because he's one of them... when he needs to be one of us.  If he was... for one second... a "conservative," these scum wouldn't have anything to do with him.

I see garbage like this, and it makes me want to throw up... particularly since he's now come out and confirmed he's a flat out liar.  And I really, really, REALLY don't want another liar elected to... anything... let alone my district's state representative.

Interesting election cycle coming up: Past is prologue?


As the reasons to vote against our local fake Republican senator in this arguably conservative district begin to pile up, let’s take a brief look back at how, once again, the GOP is adept at securing power but outright stupid in keeping it.

Locally, the GOP-controlled State Senate is the case in point.  It was remarkably similar to the US Senate now, and the RINOs running it lost control of the Senate for the exact same reasons it’s possible for these same types of politicians to lose control of the US Senate.

“Republicanism” is SUPPOSED to MEAN SOMETHING.

Here’s a partial list of what it meant to the scum running the State Senate since 2015.

It meant the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state’s history… without asking us, of course.

It meant unnecessarily caving to the 9 black-robed dwarfs across the street with a resulting unneeded addition of BILLIONS of dollars to the worthless education plant, the union teacher scum, and the WEA.

It meant cheaper drivers licenses for illegal aliens (and more expensive licenses for American citizens, when illegals shouldn’t be allowed to get any licenses for anything.)

It meant a resurrection of the hated and despised I-5 Bridge replacement scam, instead of working towards the better and cheaper solution of additional bridges, one each to the west and one to the east… instead, vaporizing billions and sucking all the money up for THOSE needed transportation solutions instead of the corruption of ramming light rail down our throats.

It meant allowing illegal aliens to get student aid, further dividing up a far-too-small pot as it is and depriving AMERICAN CITIZENS of taxpayer dollars THEY deserve.

It meant authorizing local dens of corruption like Vancouver and Battle Ground to ram tab fee increases down the throats of their citizens… without asking them. (Remember the $30 tab fee Initiative, I-695?  The year 1999 was particularly a good one...)

It meant implementing the first income tax in this state’s history, the .4% tax everyone has to pay to BEGIN to cover the cost of paid family leave.

That’s just the start, of course.  And if I had the money I totally would be suing their asses off, since this tax is an obvious violation of the state constitution prohibiting such taxes without a vote of the people.

It’s meant allowing sanctuary cities where leftists just piss on the law whenever it suits them.

To be a Republican is SUPPOSED to be, at a minimum, different from democrats.  On the issues that matter to us, it means that votes have to be made on principle and not on orders from special interests who buy you outright, like Sen. Ann “Gas Tax/Pot Head” Rivers has been bought outright… hired by a democrat campaign firm while she was “negotiating” our fiscal rape with the democrats and the WEA… and then while she was lying to us about what a great deal that was and how our property taxes are going to go down as a result.

In fact, her RINO sidekick, Sen. Lynda Wilson (D-Tracy) GUARANTEED it.

Of course, by now, those paying attention know that our property taxes are set to explode.  The state portion of the property taxes will shoot up into the stratosphere thanks to the two RINO scum and the others who’ve sold us out… in fact, here are the names of the so-called “Republicans” who voted to bend us over and ram it ALL the way into our wallets:



NONE of them should be reelected.  And NO candidate who supported their vote (You listening, Hoff?) or their votes to screw us on the gas tax should be sent up there.

And all of the upcoming tax increases here locally are in ADDITION to the tax increases my moronic brother-in-law and his 3 Stooges have rammed down our throats in the form of yet ANOTHER 3% increase (over the last 2 years) in our property taxes.  Also, for those unfortunates living in Battle Ground and Vancouver, they're in addition to the tab fees the city councils have ripped out of their wallets.

It’s not like I didn’t warn you this was going to happen if these clowns were elected.  It was obvious.  A blind squirrel could see it in a minute.

And equally obvious is the reality that the failure of the RINO scum to vote like Republicans is what cost them control of the State Senate.

And that’s the crux of the matter:  There’s no point in giving these Houses to fake democrats when the real thing is available.  The record I’ve provided above is despicable.  It’s harmed many who simply cannot afford the variety of government that RINOs at any level of would want us to have.

At the federal level, the leftists are at LEAST as confident that they retake both Houses as they were confident that Hillary Clinton would be our president.

How’d that work out for them?

In the Senate, we’re losing at least two RINO scum, Flake and McCain, who you can bet aren’t being treated at the Phoenix VA for his cancer.  And why do you suppose that is?

Flake is a political moron who isn’t running for reelection because one of my spaniels outpolled him in Arizona.

But the number one thing these scum were sent up there to do was to get rid of Obamacare.  And have they done that?

Local RINO chieftain Brent Boger assured me that once the GOP controlled all 3 branches of government, it would be a snap.  How's that worked out for us?  I suppose he was as right about that as he was that Clinton would win the presidential election with 300 electoral votes.

And how did our utterly worthless coward of a congresswoman, who even lacks the guts… or is just too lazy… to face us on a regular basis since it intrudes on her social schedule... vote on getting rid of that cancer around our necks?

Why, stunningly enough, she was a “no.”  She voted to continue to enslave us to Obama's cancer.

I guess that sort of thing is what happens when you elect an empty suit who mails it in year after year.

And where is her transportation plan to resolve the issues confronting us here on the cross-river roadblocks?


That said, we have a GOP-controlled Congress that had passed Obamacare repeal dozens of times.  But as it turns out, they only did it because they knew Obama would veto it.

Yes, they did pass a watered-down version of tax reform.  But even that has only resulted in a slight uptick in the economy, because while everyone is WOWED by the pay increases and bonuses… no one is talking about our increasing deficit.

That’s right.  We’re now at around $21 trillion.  

Because even though we have record amounts of revenue piling up… we’ve got record amounts of spending to go with it.  And that just goes to show: Tax reform without spending reform is, ultimately, worthless.

And these “record amounts of spending?”

They’re happening on the GOP’s watch.

The hardcore Establishment types will begin to run around like headless chickens, clucking that the end will be here if the democrats take control of anything.

Well, when your RINOs are VOTING like democrats…. What’s the damned difference?

In the upcoming election, I will not be voting for any government official who does not respond to their constituents.

I won’t vote for any member of any government who lied to get elected, lied to stay elected, or who ignores their constituencies and/or votes for the special interests who own them.  I will vote against anyone endorsed by Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers, liar extraordinaire, who will only support sock puppets who won’t disagree with her on anything… and who will follow her RINO tenets of politics.

These means I will be voting AGAINST most county officials in office.  I will also be voting against Brandon Vick (Representative in the 18th District) because of his support of resurrecting the CRC scam… and against Larry Hoff, a Rivers RINO candidate puppet who fails to respect constituents he disagrees with.

I will oppose each and every RINO on the county council since they have yet to meet a tax or fee increase they didn’t like.  I will PARTICULARLY vote against my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, who is so incompetent that the Public Disclosure Commission has permanently banned him… or any family member… from running his own campaign finances.

So, yea… we have an incompetent running government around here (Boldt) who also managed to successfully make $5000 from his 2012 campaign (The one he lost to Madore) simply disappear.

Odd how he could do that with a watchdog agency like the PDC breathing down his neck.

We have officials who lied about their politics to get elected… Olson, Blom, Stuart, Kimsey, Rivers, Wilson… or lied to GET elected… Scott Weber, for example.  We have those who’ve sold us out… Rivers, Wilson, Vick, Hoff, Harris… and others.

The ignorant… or those too blind to know or care will continue to vote for the “R” label, no matter how big the liar in front of it happens to be.

I expect that the election season coming up will see brutality unknown in politics in either this century... or the last.  I expect there will be riots. I expect even more blood will be spilled.  I expect democrat flying squads, first popularized in Soviet politics, will physically assault supporters of candidates they don't happen to like with greater damage and intimidation as their goal.

I expect that character assassination will rule the day.  I expect RINO contingents will be even more savage in their treatment and lack of support for conservatives than the democrats.  I expect there will be even more fake claims against GOP candidates, ala Moore and Mr. Trump.

And I expect that to happen more and more and more until such time as the average voters decide they've had enough and then proceeds to hold those guilty accountable.

As for me, I wish I didn’t know any of this.  I wish I lived in the cocoon of ignorance where most voters reside.  I wish that liars didn’t piss me off.  I wish I could just live what’s left of my life leaving these inconvenient truths to others.

But that isn’t me and that’s why I’m here. SOMEBODY has to tell you, reader.  Someone must remind you who these people are and what they really do... mostly to us.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers: Nobody knows sewage like Rivers!

Rivers sycophant Steve Nelson has been spreading the Rivers manure around that the crap-sewers think she's a big deal:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, text

Nobody... and I mean nobody, knows shit like Rivers, who has lied, exaggerated, mislead and ignored what her constituents think, believe or want... since she believes it meaningless to this completely despicable sellout who represents the absolute worst that politics has to offer.

And that was just for the gas tax and tab fee increases she betrayed us for.

Arresting Sanctuary City leaders? Of course!

Yesterday, it was announced that leaders of the separatist "sanctuary city, county, state" movement could be subject to arrest... at least, that option is being "explored."

I'll believe it when I see it, of course, but you want to see a crap-filled movement collapse?  Imagine the shots of these governors (especially the clueless idiot running THIS state) mayors, city council and chief of police types getting processed, mug shots and fingerprinted.

These leftists have a big mouth.  Breaking the law on a variety of issues, from being a slave to pot interests (Rivers) to being a clown... a partisan hack... on federal issues where they have zero legal say... like, for example, "Sanctuary Cities."

We CAN address the matter of illegals, easily, by ending the illegal alien destination resort we've set up here.

End their ability to own property of any kind.  End their ability to be licensed for anything.  End their attendance at schools.  End any welfare or social security benefit. Make it illegal to rent to, well, illegals. End any assistance of any kind for anything, save for emergency medical care that would stabilize them enough for deportation.  Permanently ban any illegal from ever coming back to this country for anything.  Fine each country of origin $10 million for each illegal deported... force THEM to put some skin in the game.

Relatively simple approach.  Easily implemented.

Because here's the thing: we either want to end the illegal alien problem or we don't.  Ending this sanctuary city masquerade and implementing these laws would pretty much get us there.

Doing what we're doing now?

Not so much.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Still think Ann Rivers is a Republican? Guess again. "Training for long-term care providers" about "LGBTQ" garbage.

Over the past few years, our own Senator here in the 18th, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, has been voting more like infamous democrat former Sen. Ed Murray than the "Republican" Rivers claims to be.

Here's another example:

Rivers is cosponsoring yet another gay rights bill (How many more than us do they need?) that requires "training for long-term care providers on the needs of the LGBTQ population."

Training?  Or indoctrination?

What different needs do gays and so forth happen to need in long-term care that the rest of us don't already get?

Is the plumbing of the so-called "LGBTQ" population any different?  Do they eat differently?  Drink differently?  Require any different care than anyone else in long-term care?

Nope.  But RIVERS thinks the caregivers need "cultural competency training."

How very... Republican... of her.

Here's the list of sponsors.  With the exception of Rivers, every sponsor of this bill is a democrat.

SB 5700 - 2017-18
Requiring training for long-term care providers on the needs of the LGBTQ population.
Suppose Rivers thinks there should be special training for, say, vegetarians?  What about gay amputees?  What about, say, Seahawks fans?

Look: we all know Rivers has been a fake Republican for years.  But between this, her efforts to recruit candidates to run against conservatives, her sock puppet Hoff and her hatred for Republicans generally and her votes to screw us out of hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes... given her record, isn't it time she quit screwing around and switched parties?

Since she acts, talks, walks and VOTES like a democrat... why continue to lie about who you really are?

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thought for the day from Dr. Martin Luther King.

“Cowardice asks the question, 'Is it safe?' Expediency asks the question, 'Is it politic?' But conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.



Local leftist scum react to Pike announcement.

We are cursed with local leftist political bigots and bigotry borne of sheer, fringe-left hatred of anyone who is wise enough to disagree with them.

A few days ago, Rep. Liz Pike withdrew from the county chair election and also decided to retire from politics altogether.

There was an article in the local daily democrat.  These scum responded.  They showed a level of hate-based ignorance and bigotry that is laughable in its dimensions.

The stupidity of most of these morons is altogether typical of your average brain-damaged leftist.

The hatred of people who disagree with them is palpable.  Yet, when the time comes for their heroes to depart from the political scene, if anyone were to similarly comment, these same slimeballs would lose their collective minds... even assuming the daily democrat would allow comments like this against a leftist.

The level of butthurt the average leftist exhibits over the loss of the presidential election continues to astound and amaze.

Every single punk commenting... was sure that criminally incompetent cow was going to win.  That she suffered an electoral slaughter of unimaginable dimensions had led to this variety of resentment, anger and whining.

You lost.  Get over it.  And after the midterm elections, the 18th district legislators will still have an "R" after their name... even those who screw us.

And no amount of your whining is going to change that.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The many faces of Marc Boldt: his reaction to Pike's withdrawal from the county chair race.

Not surprisingly, Boldt made an appearance on Liz Pike's announcement that she was leaving politics... unlike the 4 years he was a PCO and failed to show up for any Republican meeting or event.

A lot of people have the wrong idea about Marc.  There are, after all, two Marc Boldts: the public one that says nice things about you... and the private one that says something rather different.

This is, perhaps, the most obvious case of them all.

Boldt's comments, always texted to me, regarding Pike during the write-in campaign were despicable.
Yes, I worked on that campaign.  No, I would never consider voting for a clown so incompetent that the Public Disclosure Commission has permanently banned him from running his own campaign finances.   Yes, he has turned out to be the absolute disaster I knew he would be, his conservative cred long since vaporized to be replaced by a typical tool of the downtown mafia who could care less what we say... what we want... or what we believe needs to happen... and that includes Liz Pike.

Yes, I ultimately DID have to block him from texting me by having Verizon cut him off... since he constantly referred to Rep. Pike as my "girlfriend," as if my relationship with Pike was anything BUT professional.

So imagine my surprise when that two-faced moron left this message on Pikes retirement announcement:

Boldt's lies for public consumption.  Looks like Mains made him do it.

Boldt used to be a man of integrity. You used to be able to count on him... count on his conservative values. He used to be a... Republican.

But that is long gone... and what remains is a mere shadow of his former self; a tool... a complete sellout to the downtown mafia who could care less what his constituency thinks or says.

That is, I suppose, what you get when someone is elected county wide when 61% of the voters didn't want him to get the job. And this sentiment is a lie, a joke and in reality, rather an insult.

This is my top regret here. Had the GOP done what the GOP is SUPPOSED to do and align themselves behind the actual Republican candidate, Pike could have beaten Boldt like a rented mule and he would have deserved every whack.

But that was NOT going to happen. The signs were obvious: a blind man could see it in a minute. The Gellatly/RINO cult was already doing their best to bring Boldt back... Gellatly's lies that Boldt's expulsion somehow magically ended with a new Board notwithstanding (They didn't.)

And that's the truth of it. The two Marc Boldts: the pandering nice guy that tells you anything you want to hear in public... and the not-so-nice asshole that is completely different in private.

Friday, January 12, 2018

So, with Year One almost done... what happened to the riots? Where was the disaster of the #NeverTrump types?

So, here we are almost a year after Mr. Trump has taken office.

No riots.  No #NeverTrump er types out there beating their gums.

Where are they?

Of course there are a few RINOs with their noses still bent out of shape.  But in the main, they now look like morons.

Morons because they told us Mr. Trump couldn't win.  Morons because they slavishly believed in polls merely because they told them what they wanted to hear.  Morons because for the most part, my Spaniel knows more about politics than they do.

I look around today, and pretty much everywhere one can cast a glance, we are inarguably better off now than we were a year ago, 54 years ago... 8 years ago.  Why is that?

Everyone from Jeb Bush to Lew Waters documented that they don't have a fricking clue.  Why is that?

The street terrorists... #BLM and #Antifa have a hard time drawing much of a crowd these days.  Why is that?

We still have a country.  We're still functioning, leftist's best efforts notwithstanding. 

My rights, which the leftists assured us all were going to be ripped from me and others, still seem to be there.

Are things perfect? Of course not.

But they are light years... LIGHT YEARS ahead of where they were over the past couple of decades.

We still have issues to address: domestically, illegal aliens, infrastructure, so-called "sanctuary cities", an out of control education plant that vaporizes billions and pumps out functionally illiterate high school graduates like movie tickets... the remnants of the cancer of Obamacare and out of control government regulations that cost us additional tens of billions merely because they exist.

But who in their right minds expected EVERY issue to be addressed and resolved when you're cursed with the RINO Congress we've had for the past 7 years?  It's like herding kittens...

Yes, I accurately forecasted that Mr. Trump would win this.  Yes, there are things he's done and said that *I* would not have done and said and with which I disagree.

But n the main, he has been a positive force for change and as a bonus, he made a great many arrogant, clueless leftists and RINOs look like idiots wrapped in morons.

And that's ALWAYS a good thing.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

What it's like to be inside that vacuous space known as the "Head of the Chair."

It's unfortunate that we have the chair we have.

Something of a drinker; vain, arrogant, and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is... by himself he's damaged the local party far more than all of the other RINOs put together.

Of course, maybe "RINO" is the wrong label.  "RINO" is a label that implies the basic knowledge of politics, of what Republicanism is... what it should be... and how they've warped and twisted it into something utterly unrecognizable... something that resembles the vision of a downtown mafia democrat.  There's little to indicate that this head space contains even a remote clue about any of this.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we have now.

Fake Republicans who vote precisely the same as their democrat opponents would have had they won... interchangeably, in fact.

Massive tax increases, massive fee increases... that same arrogance of Steve "I never speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart.

A direct comparison between local democrats and their agenda with local RINOs and THEIR agenda shows little to no discernible difference.

With the current Chair, that is perfectly acceptable.  In fact, there's nothing the RINOs can do that cause him to act against them... to take any actions to remind them which side of this kabuki theater they're supposed to actually play for.  And that's why he's doing everything he can to be able to  announce to the world that my idiot-wrapped-in-a-moron brother-in-law is back in the GOP fold... no matter how much he HAS sold us out... and how much he WILL sell us out.

It's the crown on the Chair's empty head, you see.

And that's why I thought I'd chat about what's going on in this particular dome's brain.

It's dark in here.  It's selfish.  It's small.  It's incessantly worried about what others think.... that so-called "hate blog" in particular.  There is no response available to the accurate observations of others that make this brain feel oh so bad... so all it can do is strike out and try and strike back.  It's almost impossible for this head to learn, because the almost suffocating feelings of insecurity crowd that out.

In the real world, if allegations are false you certainly don't dwell on them.  You don't fail to understand, particularly when the allegations are accurate that maybe... just maybe... the fault doesn't lay elsewhere.  

You understand that in politics, your duty is to no one group of people.  You try and think for yourself... which is so very hard to do in here.

You stop listening to those who view you as a tool in much the same way you view others.

That someone could lie as much as this brain does and even begin to face himself on a daily basis is the most astounding thing of all.

Yes, it's dark in here, save for the hatred of one person who simply won't shut up about the lies, the incompetence, the arrogance and the ego of an out of control child who, in reality, shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, let alone a large county political party... and then lie about it to boot.

In fact, the largest cancerous tumor in here is the warehouse of lies, falsehood, self-aggrandizement and the like.

Someone far smarter than I once opined that there's no end to what can be achieved if no one worries about taking credit for the outcome.

In this head, that isn't even a shadow of a thought.  It's all me, all the time in here.  And sooner or later, even the Cult members are going to get sick of it.

And it's a pity, really.  It didn't have to be a place of self-delusion, of cancerous sores and gangrene.  And it's really kind of sad that it turned out this way... but it's better to destroy this politician's efforts to become somebody in their infancy then if, God help us, he was ever elected to anything... like *I* know he wants to be.

It's musty, creepy and it looks like a Hustler centerfold collection.  The walls are covered with things we don't even want to know about.

And how sad is that?

Burnishing her RINO cred, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers gets into the baby-selling business.

In yet another sign that she has switched parties to the democrats in every imaginable way... save for a formal announcement and a press conference... Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers has once again shown her hatred of conservative politics by co-sponsoring the "build your own baby" bill, reducing the womb to a manufacturing plant where women can be paid to crank out babies.

Now, it's illegal to sell body parts in this state... and, to the best of my knowledge, in any other state as well. And yes, there are other states where commercial surrogacy is just peachy. Still in other states, it's totally illegal.

But Rivers, joined by RINOS Walsh and Fain, has cemented herself into the same category as the rest of the democrats who sponsored this bill, SB 6037.

For those of us in the 18th District, we have to ask: is this what a conservative Republican would do?

It's not unlike Rivers' betrayal on the $15 billion gas tax/tab fee hike she voted for back in 2015.

It's not just that she lied on the issue to get elected, pledging in writing to vote against gas tax and tab fee increases...

Partial screen capture from Rivers' campaign web site
...It's that the gas tax bill would have passed even if she DID vote against it... because those bending us over HAD THE VOTES, meaning Rivers' betrayal was completely unnecessary... and had she kept her word, the bill WOULD HAVE PASSED ANYWAY.

Her betrayal of Clark County (which put us on the hook for $700 million, or roughly $1500 for every man, woman and child living here at that time) and her district (which was massively opposed to her betrayal) was entirely unnecessary to the passage of the bill. In short, had she kept her word?

The bill would have passed anyway.

Our wallets would be getting raped just as much... (for example, each time I fill up my diesel truck, roughly $20 of the cost goes up to Olympia in fuel taxes) but not with her help.

That made her decision to screw us one of the most perplexing, inexplicable and unexplainable decisions I have ever seen made in the Legislature by anyone, ever.

And that idiocy brings us to the commercial baby business bill.

There are 28 sponsors to this bill. In the Senate, a bill needs 25 votes to pass. In short, the 3 RINO sponsors were not needed.

This, once again, is yet another example of Rivers exhibiting her true, democrat colors.

The bill itself is SB6037.  For more information, including the multiple down-sides to this effort, please read this article from the Family Policy Institute of Washington.

And the next time there's a ballot in front of you with Rivers' name on it for anything?

Remember this:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Analysis of the Gellatly Boldt support email (below).

(Note: this post addresses the email Gellatly sent out as part of his cover for getting the GOP to support Boldt's reelection over Liz Pike.)

Unfortunately, the local GOP organization has a great many problems caused by the incompetence and lack of integrity on the part of the Chair, Davey Gellatly.

Having a serial liar in charge of a political organization for some might appear to be an oxymoronic observation.  In this case, however, the person most responsible for these lies and the subsequent weaknesses and division rife within the local Party has a credibility problem that simply cannot be denied.

So, when an explanation of incompetent behavior is provided, one must view the subsequent crap troweled out by the source with something more than a critical eye.  And if Davey has proven nothing else, he's proven that you can't take his word for it for anything.

This email justifying the beginning of his efforts to align the party with my brother-in-law, democrat Marc Boldt over an actual Republican candidate, in this case, Rep. Liz Pike, is certainly his latest case in point.

Boldt has been out of the GOP since he was kicked out for doing the exact same thing he's doing now: effectively voting like Jim Moeller.

Gellatly and the rest of the RINO cult want him to remain Chair, even though 61% of those who voted in that election voted for someone else.

Boldt has done what I knew... and said... he would do.  He has raised our property taxes the maximum amount, caused fees to skyrocket, put admission charges back on the parks that we've already paid for, and most importantly, he has continued his rabid support of the CRC/Loot Rail scam... the EXACT same thing he had done while a commissioner until he got his ass kicked in 2012 by David Madore... for doing those exact, same things.

Carolyn Crain, David Gellatly's lackey who can seem to figure out how much Gellatly detests her, of course put together that fake Republican scam outfit to get my democrat brother-in-law elected over the only Republican then running.

Now, because of Gellatly's ascension to GOP Chair and the fact that the local RINO hierarchy keeps a collar around his neck with a leash attached; the underhanded, behind-the-scenes efforts of the Gellatly Cult to get Marc Boldt re-elected so he... and they... can continue bending us over and raping our wallets until Clark County turns into a local version of Detroit.

Below is an email Davey Delete sent out to explain it all.  Actually, the entire sorry effort was written to make an attempt to placate one of the sharper GOP knives in the drawer (Much sharper, I might add, the Davey D.)

As per usual for most things Davey writes, it's rife with lies, half truths, and exaggerations... including an exaggerated sense of self-importance and inflated job descriptions.

Party chairs are required to do a great many things.  None of them are mentioned here by Davey D., however; he speaks for no one but himself and hasn't been cleared to discuss politics or anything else with any government officials in the name of the party.

He isn't some sort of super lobbyist who can go see anyone he wants, whenever he wants, to shill positions that amount to his own fantasies.

Gellatly is making a serious attempt to get Boldt to come back to the fold, so-to-speak.  That's why, for example, Boldt was invited to the RINO goat rope a few days back at W23.

I thought something like this might be going on; that's why I wrote the post day-before-yesterday calling the Gellatly Cult out to get them to show their actual position on supporting REPUBLICAN candidates.

This sort of thing became obvious when Davey D. kept his pie-hole shut when democrat/fake Republican Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers was hired by democrat campaign firm Strategies 360 while she was in the process of negotiating away billions of dollars of our property taxes to the democrats at the end of last session.

Allegedly... supposedly.... being a Republican is SUPPOSED to mean something, midget strippers notwithstanding.

I knew then that Gellatly was going to get Boldt back if he could, because save for launching his own despicable political career, Mr. DUI cared no more about Republicanism than my Spaniels.

Strategically, the RINOs HAD to get Boldt back in; thus Davey D. makes up the lie about how party decisions end at the completion of a party term... or two years.

That's a crock on so many levels, of course, but it fits Gellatly's purposes neatly and, like everything else this clown makes up on the spot, it has the sound of legitimacy to it, no matter how illegitimate it actually is.

The question as to WHY they would want and obviously lying taxaholic who continues to rabidly support THE most hated project in the history of the Northwestern United States and who despises conservatives and routinely disrespects his constituents.

And no, I'm not talking about Gellatly; he doesn't HAVE any constituents... which makes his use of the term absolutely bizarre.  However, when you're in the business of resume' self-inflation, I suppose this sort of thing is to be expected.

This, then, is Gellatly being Gellatly.  His problem, besides is complete lack of political experience, maturity, intelligence and the like is that once again, he is NOT going to be the brightest guy in the room.

And this is where Gellatly's biggest problem comes into play.

Gellatly will deny all of this, of course.

But his problem is simple.  He has lied... repeatedly... in writing... about a wide variety of issues.  He has attacked and threatened several people who are wise enough to disagree with him and his "vision."

Including me.

So, at a time when strength of character and a history of truthfulness would come to his aid... Gellatly has none.

So, yeah, Davey.... deny it.

Who's going to believe you?

As expected, the Gellatly RINO cult is positioning the local GOP to support democrat Marc Boldt.

It didn't take a genius to figure out this was going to happen.

I am in possession of an email from Davey Delete Gellatly that is so full of lies, half truths and down right misstatements that it must be read to be believed.

So, in this post, I am going to provide the email and then in the follow-on post, I'm going to analyze and interpret Gellatly's lies to tell you what they REALLY mean and, of course, how Davey is going to try to pull this off.

With the RINO stench of the Board majority and the helicopter presence of Carolyn Crain, who Gellatly used as his personal punching bag to me and who set up her fake Republican organization to get my fringe-left brother-in-law elected to county chair combined with the RINO scum who endorsed Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' RINO puppet in the 18th District... there was little likelihood of any other outcome.

Here's the bogus crap Gellatly has put out to cover his scam.


From: David Gellatly <>
Date: January 8, 2018 at 12:50:20 PM PST
Subject: Re: CCCU concerns over comments
Reply-To: David Gellatly <>


I included XXX on this clarification[sic] for you with regards to the Columbian. Hope this helps and please keep in mind the agenda of the Columbian often determines the words and quotes they use.
  1. Someone "leaked' this board action to the Columbian and focused this action with regards to Marc Bolt, which the Columbian decided to create a story out of. I am not aware who did this.
  2. As I stated to the Columbian, the board action was not implemented with this direct purpose in mind but rather the common practice to give the new board a clean slate, which was especially necessary after the faulty decisions of the previous board.
  3. It is correct that all previous actions by previous boards do not continue over the the[sic] next, and therefore the censure was lifted some years ago, and any previous sanctions are no longer valid.
  4. I have met and "chatted" with nearly every elected official[sic] in Clark County and the City of Vancouver. Marc happens to be one of the few I have not yet had the opportunity to do so with and the only member of the county council I have not yet met with. Discussion in not considered any type of endorsement but rather the necessary dialogue to give our a party a voice. If we do not communicate with the elected officials in a respectful manner, we can not expect to get any results we hope for.
  5. Personally, I will remain neutral in all races until after the primary season and the body of the 180 members of the CCRCC has made endorsements. The chairman does not make endrorsements[sic] for the party, only the majority of its members have this ability. Once these endorsements are made, I will do my best to support these candidates for election.
  6. We will support all elected Republicans in between election seasons as per the purpose of the CCRP. However, we will have discussion will all elected officials to give our platform and core values a voice.
  7. The CCRP has recently moved in the correct direction and should be much more effective moving forward. Our constituents are very excited to rejoin our party again and make a positive difference in our community. 
  8. Thank you for your support for our president! We definitely share in this support and excitement.
Please relay these points to your friends and neighbors who joined in your concern. Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help with.
Have a great week,
David Gellatly
On January 8, 2018 at 2:47 PM David Gellatly <> wrote:


Thank you for reaching out. It is a normal practice for new boards to recind[sic] previous board's policies and decisions which they had in place under their time. The board prior to the current had made many false statements in their decision making process and it was important for us to clean the slate. This is not a controversial[sic] thing to do, it is a common practice and common sense. While the censure of Marc Bolt[sic] was in fact technically lifted at the end of that board's term years ago, the answer to the Columbian is simple and clear; 'our board has a clean slate to make decisions and is not held to previous board's decisions". If the Columbian decided to write about Bolt, as I stated in the article, this was not the purpose our the board's decision.

As far as your concerns with meeting[sic] with elected officials, this is my duty as chair of one of the major parties in Clark County. I meet with the chair of the democrats, I meet with the democratic mayor and yes, I will meet with independants[sic] like Marc Bolt[sic] to ensure our parties' voice is heard on all levels and see were we can work with those our constituents has[sic] chosen for office.

In an election season, we will support the most conservative voice who can win the position. In the day to day processes, we will work with those elected where we can to accomplish common goals and agendas. If anyone questions whether meeting with those elected and working to move our platform forward in Clark County is reasonable, then I would question whether or not they understand how government works. We must have diolague[sic] to make change. Discussion is not an endorsement, it is how things get done.

As far as Trump goes, our party has been extrememly[sic] supportive and communicated this regularly. Our party is and has moved is[sic] a very positive direction in the recent months and should be a much more effective organization. We are very excited about the direction of the party, as are the majority of supporters flooding back now the we have corrected course. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive and we have brought integrity back to our organization and working are now together in a way we can be very proud of. Of course we deal with the continuing lies and trash in radical bloggers writings, but that has no affect on reality nor the majority of opinons,[sic] and of agendas the Columbian pushes.

I communicate with constituents regularly and through out the county and look forward to a great year in 2018. I would love to see you at some of the events so you can stay informed on the direction and progress of the CCRP! I hope this provides clarity for you and those you communicate with. We will have updates which any and all are free to join tostay[sic] informed.

Thanks for all you do.


David Gellatly

On January 8, 2018 at 2:07 PM wrote:

Hello David, 

I'm hoping you are aware that the Republican base is the unincorporated and rural areas.  When these folks vote, they do control the outcome.  That is good for the party, except when the party supports the wrong people, as was seen the last election.  These folks are conservative, some more and some less, but they have one thing in common.  If the Republican party does not support people they want, they either won't vote, or they will vote for the other side.  This is unique to the party.  The opposite party supporters don't do that. This dictates the direction the Republican party must go, regardless of who is in charge.  

These are people who just want to be left alone by government and live their lives according to their beliefs and comfort levels.  They are not happy with the majority of the Republicans holding office today, because, except for Liz Pike, they have done very little on their behalf.  They are particularly unhappy with Mark Boldt, Jeanne Stewart and Julie Olson.  We expect you will see them voicing their dissatisfaction at the next election. 

A recent article in the Columbian claimed the party rescinded all of the former board's work, which included sanctions on Mark Boldt.  The article went on to say that you were going to meet with him for discussion.  The question your base is asking is just what you will be discussing?  This is a concern to CCCU and should be to you.  There is a distinct line between voting Republicans and voting Democrats.  With all of the upheaval within the Republican party, conservative voters are becoming concerned that the party they usually support, has gone in the wrong direction. 

As a review, the voting Republican base supported David Madore, and as you know, he would have won the seat again, if Jeanne Stewart and Tom Mielke had not split the vote.  This would have happened, even when he was not actively campaigning.  Those folks are what you are depending on.  If you do not focus on their concerns, they will not focus on your candidates.   Please consider the direction the party is going, and try to bring it back to true conservative voters.  As you know, the voters are in control, and it only takes one vote to decide an election. 

PS.....They are very happy with President Trump and the changes he has made.  This fact can give you an idea of where the party needs to go.

Best Regards,  

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

So, with the election cycle coming up, what are Gellatly and his RINO cult going to do?

Davey Gellatly has never really been one to follow the rules.

From multiple DUI's to bench warrants to viewing the local GOP as his own personal fiefdom, Davey has shown that the rules are meaningless obstructions to whatever his own goal happens to be.

Best known for his treatment of women as documented here and his strip club connections, Davey Delete is a political idiot wrapped in a political moron.

But now the question is this: how much is the local party actually going to support Republican candidates who just don't happen to fit the criteria Gellatly's RINO cult implements?

A few brief years ago, fake Republican Carolyn Crain and her fellow RINOs did everything they could to get Young Democrat-endorsed Marc Boldt elected as county chair... an election that proved that 61% of the voters of this county did not want my psycho brother-in-law to get the job.

Boldt has been the same disaster I knew he would be, continuing his unbridled support of the CRC/Loot Rail scam to include tolling; his increases in our property taxes and his efforts to implement ever-higher fees.

That's what I knew he would do; that's what he and his fellow Stooges HAVE done.

Crain's fake GOP outfit is now all over the Party hierarchy.  Crain refuses to accept the reality that Gellatly routinely trashed her to me for purposes of attacking her and her effort to get the Boldts of the region elected, right here in my little blog; she acts like it never happened because as much as Gellatly trashed her, she desperately wants to be relevant and to be around the center of power.

For Crain to acknowledge that Gellatly believes her to be a blithering idiot is for Crain to be cut off from any impact at the party level.

She would rather sell her kids than be relegated to the back of Gellatly's political bus.

It's a symptom of the RINO disease.

But that begs the question:

Will the GOP support the Republicans challenging my incompetent, non-Republican leftist brother-in-law?

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text
Was it REALLY "$20,000 raised"  Or is that another Gellatly lie?
At the local RINO conference held at Warehouse 23 a few days ago in yet another desperate effort by Gellatly to bail out the party from his Lincoln Day Dinner disaster, mention was made that my moron brother-in-law actually showed up, which is a great deal more than he used to do as a Republican PCO, where he blew off all GOP functions (including PCO meetings and conventions) for all 4 years he wasted this precinct's representation in party politics.

Why would they mention this non-Republican... both a guy kicked out of the GOP for voting like his name was democrat Steve Stuart... and a guy who dumped the GOP so he could make it to the general and take over... even though the PDC has implemented a lifelong ban for Boldt and or his family members to have any control over his campaign finances (How's that for a sign of competence?) is beyond me... unless... unless Gellatly intends to welcome Boldt back into the RINO fold.

Liz Pike has announced her candidacy to run against this clown.  Will the RINOs back her?  Or, as I suspect, do they hate conservatives so much they will either covertly or overtly support the democrat who's got the job of county chair?

Well, Davey... what's it going to be?

Then, of course, we have the question of sock-puppet Larry Hoff running in the 18th.

Every RINO in government, from Jaime Herrera to Kim Wyman to Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers to Lynda "democrat" Tracy and RINOs in between have endorsed this empty suit who has no positions and who ignores questions by prospective constituents... is the party going to stay out of that race as well and let the people decide?

Ultimately, the special interests who own Gellatly like the 13th Amendment was never passed will not allow that gutless punk to stay out of it.  With Crain in the proximity of the EBoard, you can bet that her efforts to keep the democrat who has the job IN the job will be unrelenting.

I expect that Gellatly's RINO cult will do the same thing this election cycle as they've done in the past... and that's to continue to trample on GOP tenets and to continue to show that lack of integrity that Gellatly has become so known for as he drags the Party down with him.

Time will tell, but it's a well-established pattern of arrogance... and cowardice.  Because any party chair who would sue a PCO should not only NOT BE party chair, they shouldn't be allowed out without a keeper.

Unless it's to head on over to Adrian's.  Again.

Right, Davey?

Monday, January 08, 2018

A supporter of Dorothy Gasque stops by. I respond.

Sometimes, campaign supporters can get really, really mad when there's pushback at something their candidate said or did... or didn't do. This is a comment from one of them.
Jeff L said... 
I appreciate the efforts of people who call out instances of Stolen Valor. In this case, you were wrong. And I'm afraid of the damage you may have already one to a highly-qualified candidate to replace Jaime Beutler, who needs to go. 
Unfortunately, instead of just clearly stating you were wrong and apologize, you tried to downplay your arrogance. This, to me, has remnants of birtherism. When provided with prove[sic], the false accuser, you, is never fully satisfied. What is it, exactly, that you want? Video of Dorothy kicking doors down? 
Further, if Dorothy was a male instead, would you have been so quick to falsely accuse an honorable soldier of the heinous act of Stolen Valor? My gut says no. My gut says you're trying to save face. But the only way to do that is with a clear, unambiguous apology. And even then, you and this blog will forever have its integrity called into questions. 
I hope you allow this comment to remain on your blog so people will know that they aren't alone in the feeling of disgust from you accusing an honorable soldier of Stolen Valor.
My response is, well, long. I respect the effort and the thought that went into this attack, so I need to make sure, I believe that a full understanding is achieved by Jeff L... whoever he may be.

So, yes, Jeff L... your response is going to remain on this blog...permanently.
I appreciate your obviously rabid support of your candidate. As of now, the only congressional candidate I know I will NOT be voting for is Jaime Herrera, as far as that goes. 
But your knee jerks so hard here I'm surprised it's not broken. 
I called this as I saw it. I ALWAYS call these things as I see them. 
So, in order, I am going to respond to your observations, just so you understand that all is not what it appears: 
1.  I appreciate the efforts of people who call out instances of Stolen Valor. In this case, you were wrong. And I'm afraid of the damage you may have already one[sic] to a highly-qualified candidate to replace Jaime Beutler, who needs to go. 
I never made any claim that DG did not deploy. I did, and do, however, dispute her claims of what she did while she was there. 
As I pointed out, words have meaning. There is a huge difference between "Lead" and "participate" in. 
There is a huge difference between "organize" and "participate in". 
There is a huge difference between "Manage base security" and holding the rotated position of "Sergeant of the Guard." 
You may not like those realities, but that's what they are. 
DG was trained as a missile technician. She had, apparently, zero combat training beyond that everyone received in BCT, and she indicates she was among 350 infantrymen, ANY ONE OF WHOM FAR EXCEEDED HER LEVEL OF TRAINING FOR A COMBAT ASSIGNMENT. 
Does it remotely make sense to you that SHE would be placed in charge of combat units, even at the squad level, when any number of troops already there were far more qualified then she was? 
When you served in the military, and you obviously did based on your decision to opine on this issue, did you ever find yourself in a similar situation? 
I spent 14 years in; enlisted, NCO and Officer. Cavalry, Infantry, Adjutant General (Administration) Infantry again and Force Modernization (Bradley M3CFV Fielding in the 1/11 ACR) 
In all of that time, I was never once led by anyone not fully qualified in every sense of the word, not only by rank but also by training and experience, in any situation of any kind. Thus, when I read where this woman had "lead combat patrols" in a time when women were not allowed to do such a thing, my cynicism needle pegged. 
As it turns out, DG has not provided any evidence that suggests she, in fact, was a combat leader; save her own narrative. 
Now, when it comes to your claim that she is "highly qualified candidate to replace" JB, I beg to differ. (And, for the record, I despise JHB; a quick review of my meager effort here would quickly confirm that.) 
To the best of my knowledge, DG has zero experience in elective office. She has zero experience on legislative staff. She has zero experience in foreign policy or economics. In fact, besides her obvious desire to replace Herrera, I fail to see any qualification of any kind. I believe that any state legislator at any level is far more qualified to replace Herrera than DG is. 
“Liking” a candidate does not make them something they are not. 
But that is also in the eye of the beholder. One person's completely stark resume' is another person's recipe for success. 
2. Unfortunately, instead of just clearly stating you were wrong and apologize, you tried to downplay your arrogance. This, to me, has remnants of birtherism. When provided with prove[sic}, the false accuser, you, is never fully satisfied. What is it, exactly, that you want? Video of Dorothy kicking doors down?
I didn’t clearly state I was wrong because no evidence has been provided to clearly indicate that I WAS wrong, save for DG’s actual INVOLVEMENT in the situations she listed. 
I indicated as such. That she PARTICIPATED in these situations does not equate to her running them, leading them, organizing them or managing them. 
You have your standard of proof and I have mine. Your standard leans to merely accepting what she wrote at face value. My standard leans towards reviewing the evidence provided wherein her commanders characterized her duties over there somewhat differently than she did. Am I to ignore their words and just accept hers? 
Fortunately, I suppose, how you “take” what I have written on this or any other issue is of no concern to me. I do not write to meet your standard any more than you write to meet mine. I could say something equally cryptic and irrelevant in return, but what’s the point? 
DG used certain words, words that were NOT on the award form she provided me. To that end, you would have me turn a blind eye to what your candidate provided me; the words provided by her actual leaders, and merely, doggedly, just accept what she had written on her website while failing to accept what THEY had written on recommendation SHE provided me. 
I would be “fully satisfied” had the words on the ARCOM recommendation form matched the words she had written on her website. There is no reason they SHOULDN’T have matched… yet they didn’t. 
I’m sorry if that upsets you, but there you have it. 
What is it exactly that I want? Something from the US Army that matches the language DG is using. 
Had she used the exact, same verbiage she provided, you likely wouldn’t find this discussion necessary. 
But for whatever the reason, she did not. That is her choice; my pointing out these differences is my choice. 
It’s not like, for example, that form DID say she led combat patrols, that she DID organize traffic control points or that she DID manage base security and I, for my part, refuse to acknowledge those words, or lied about their presence. 
The form in question did NOT say that… did it? 
3. Further, if Dorothy was a male instead, would you have been so quick to falsely accuse an honorable soldier of the heinous act of Stolen Valor? My gut says no. My gut says you're trying to save face. But the only way to do that is with a clear, unambiguous apology. And even then, you and this blog will forever have its integrity called into questions.
Your gut is flat wrong. Gender plays no part here: I beat the hell out of ANYONE that lies to get elected, lies to remain elected or lies when confronted with their falsity. 
In fact, you wrote that entire paragraph to make yourself feel better and oh-so-much-more-superior. 
You don’t know me, however, so in the face of all of this, you merely fell back to leftist talking points because your candidate just happened to have the reproductive system that supported it. 
I suggest you get your “gut” checked out and maybe avoid wasting your time listening to it. 
I will be happy to provide what you refer to as a “clear, unambiguous apology” the moment I get clear, unambiguous evidence that she did PRECISELY what she said she did without exaggeration or falsity. 
I have yet to see that and, in fact, have seen evidence to suggest something somewhat different. 
As for my blog, no one reads it. It’s the least read little effort in the United States. And oddly, every person that I go after for lying, exaggerating, misleading, or screwing us outright shares the public view that my little effort here has no integrity. 
That didn’t stop many of those same people, from the current Clark County GOP Chair to State Senators and Representatives and city councilmembers and county commissioners from providing me with information that has been advantageous to them, of course. But now, because I call them to account, all they can do is, well, what you’re trying to do, which is to belittle and degrade my efforts to hold ALL politicians accountable for what they say or what they do or both. 
Party is irrelevant to me, though lately, the GOP has been a much more target-rich environment, and certainly, gender is equally meaningless to me. 
But if you were to believe that, it would destroy a major part of your foundation for your disdain for me and my efforts here. Right? 
4. I hope you allow this comment to remain on your blog so people will know that they aren't alone in the feeling of disgust from you accusing an honorable soldier of Stolen Valor.
Your self-serving “feeling of disgust” is certainly your problem. 
Like everyone else, you and the others have the ability to read what I write here or not. 
The entire purpose of all of this has been to point out that *I* have found what *I* believe to be evidence of exaggeration of a service record. You, of course, may feel free to disagree, that is your privilege. But you offer up absolutely nothing to disprove what I have written because, at the end of the day, the evidence your candidate provided was somewhat lacking when it comes to the actual history of what took place, and what she wrote took place, at least in the eyes of those who both wrote and signed off on the ARCOM recommendation she provided me. 
It appears that we are not going to agree on this: you believe the only reason your candidate doesn’t walk on water is that she doesn’t like wet shoes. 
As for my part, I have been in the political game for 29 years ending with my retirement from it last year. That time has taught me, repeatedly, that few candidates qualify for Sainthood; party or gender notwithstanding. 
In fact, you can look up a few better-known examples such as Sen. Richard Blumenthal and his Vietnam problem, or former Altantic City Mayor Robert Levy’s Special Forces problem.  His supporters sounded, well, a lot like you. 
I freely acknowledge that your candidate served in Iraq (never said she didn’t) and, as the paperwork she provided indicates, that she PARTICIPATED in combat patrols, traffic control points and was Sergeant of the Guard when the duty rotated to her. I also acknowledge, as does the record in question, that she participated in 3 raids of some sort and that she provided invaluable assistance when it came to searching and processing female suspects.
But even you should be able to acknowledge that she did not "lead combat patrols," did not “organize traffic control points,” and did not “manage base security.” 
And in all of your vitriol directed at me, you never claimed she did those things either. 
So tell me again: why does this seem to upset you so much?
This pretty much sums up my position on all of this and I will be referring any further inquiries to this post.

And Jeff, thanks for stopping by.  I wish your candidate luck.  In this GOP district, she's going to need it.