Monday, January 15, 2018

Local leftist scum react to Pike announcement.

We are cursed with local leftist political bigots and bigotry borne of sheer, fringe-left hatred of anyone who is wise enough to disagree with them.

A few days ago, Rep. Liz Pike withdrew from the county chair election and also decided to retire from politics altogether.

There was an article in the local daily democrat.  These scum responded.  They showed a level of hate-based ignorance and bigotry that is laughable in its dimensions.

The stupidity of most of these morons is altogether typical of your average brain-damaged leftist.

The hatred of people who disagree with them is palpable.  Yet, when the time comes for their heroes to depart from the political scene, if anyone were to similarly comment, these same slimeballs would lose their collective minds... even assuming the daily democrat would allow comments like this against a leftist.

The level of butthurt the average leftist exhibits over the loss of the presidential election continues to astound and amaze.

Every single punk commenting... was sure that criminally incompetent cow was going to win.  That she suffered an electoral slaughter of unimaginable dimensions had led to this variety of resentment, anger and whining.

You lost.  Get over it.  And after the midterm elections, the 18th district legislators will still have an "R" after their name... even those who screw us.

And no amount of your whining is going to change that.

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