Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bergdahl freed in POW swap.

West Pointer/Ranger Sloan Gibson to take over the VA on interim basis.

Read the article here... but his background as a money man and 5 year head of the USO along with his past military service shows he should at least have a clue.

But then, so did Shinseki's resume'... and what a bust HE was.

My take on the Lew Waters issue.

At the outset, I support Lew.

Over the past few years, I have seen PaulBots from all over the country engage in this type of filth against Lew for committing the cardinal sin of speaking his mind. It's just one of the many reasons I am opposed to anyone with the last name of Paul and any one of those in his cult.

I've been messaged by some to try and contact Lew in an effort to chill him out.  My response:

Hell, no.  Lew's an adult.  He's got proven conservative cred.  And every word against Lew strengthens my resolve, my hatred and my opposition to their efforts to dominate the political scene.

In time, those morons will work themselves directly out of the picture... becoming a footnote on the local political scene (See Ellen Craswell) and we'll be through with them.

Those engaging in this character assassination have picked on the wrong target.

Their cowardly anonymity is the thing... their psychotic effort to silence a critic, reminiscent of the Nazi's is the thing.  Their obvious effort to engage in Alinski's Rules are the true outcomes of this.  It shows who they really are.

I cannot support them.  I cannot support campaigns where any of them are allowed to work or volunteer.  I will actively attack them and support any effort to get rid of them from our political scene.

Lew Waters is a good man.  He's done something few of the cowards attacking him have done: bolted on a uniform and put his ass on the line.

He is one of us who pre-paid our First Amendment rights.

And I am proud to associate myself with him, his blogging efforts (far superior to my own meager sign post) and his efforts in the name of conservative causes and local transparency.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Luke Jensen's Lego-cy Carnival at King's Way tonite!

Come on by and have a blast!  Proceeds go to the Children's Cancer Society.   Starts at 5:00 pm, goes thru 8... Plenty of games for kids of all ages, usually pizza and other goodies, and all goes to a good cause.

Democratian gets it wrong to the end.

For the rest of local history, the democratian and the morons who run carrying the tattered and torn CRC/Loot Rail banner will engage in revisionist history in an effort to shorn themselves for the responsibility of this debacle and blame everyone else for the waste of $200 million and over a decade of time.

In fact, Jaynes' babbles as much:
The Columbia River Crossing, a much-discussed, much-lamented proposal to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge between Washington and Oregon, is expected to be officially buried Saturday. It was 14 years old.
The cause of death was listed as neglect brought about by intransigence, as the Washington Legislature in 2013 declined to provide funding for a project that was the result of years of work between multiple government agencies and thousands of comments from the public. Oregon lawmakers earlier this year ignored the dying proposal, leading to the planned burial when the project’s office closes and its lease runs out.
There was "intransigence," all right.  Sen. Ann Rivers and Sen. Don Benton were "intransigent" when it came to doing their jobs and representing the people of this region.

CRC Scammers like Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart were equally "intransigent," as was the rag itself, our local cancer on our society.  Even after the efforts of Tiffany Couch unearthed the corruption and policies which deliberately excluded public input from having any impact... a fact the CRC Scum ALWAYS ignore... they keep reciting the "thousands of comments from the public" scam without also adding the line "each and every one of which was ignored by those in charge and not one of them made any difference."

Reciting that line over and over and over again is the same thing as saying that when the Allies dropped millions of leaflets over Germany during World War 2, each and every one of THOSE was ALSO a "public contact."

Yet, the rag keeps bringing it up like the CRC actually made an effort to listen... and that never happened.

They refused to listen BEFORE the advisory votes crushed their dreams, and they refused to listen AFTER. Just look at the 3 morons on the leftist Christmas list: each of them staunch defenders of this rip off even in the massive of massive and overwhelming opposition.  Each with the ongoing support of the tin-eared rag of a daily paper.

Unlike Sens. Rivers and Benton, the CRC Scammers were determined to the end to keep the people silent. They were determined to the end to see their plan to ram loot rail down our throats through to the end.  They protested a vote, a voice of any kind for the people of this county, claiming that such a vote "would make no difference" and even going so far as to stupidly suggest that we throw our votes away by voting a blanket YES just to show THEM.

So, yes.  There WAS self-destructive CRC Scammer intransigence.  But it wasn't Legislative.  It was on the part of each and every slimeball who refused to compromise, who continued wasting tens of millions of dollars in the face of public resistance with the support of this rag.

When offered the possibility of building the bridge without the hated loot rail, what was the response?

"No light rail... no bridge."

That edict, issued by Oregon Governor John Taxhaber, confirmed the Oregon State Supreme Court and stubbornly carried around by CRC Scammers such as Mussolini Mikey Briggs, Bulky Winningham, Craig Pridemore and all the rest of the leftists.

The rag's revisionist, incomplete history that, of course, is never mentioned: they have yet to mention the Oregon Supreme Court decision that puts the lie to the entirety of their revisionist column of today... that even included the lie that the federal government "demanded" loot rail on the bridge when, in fact, the only "demand" was a "mass transit component," which meant that Bus Rapid Transit could have served just as well... but would have done little to nothing to help out the dying TriMet and their billion-dollar debt.

And even now, in the end, the scum behind this rip off cannot come up with any possible reason to waste billions and to yoke the 65,000 plus commuters with $2000 a year of ever-increasing tolls for the next 45 years to begin with... another factoid the rag neglects to mention.

But then, the truth about this scam has NEVER been something Lefty Lou and his minions could face.... even now... when it's over.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fundraising continues to suffer for the M&M Twins.

Time flies if you're haying fun.

For the M&M Twins, times drags on in horrific ways.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs' first campaign manager quit because Musso couldn't pay him.  His abysmal ability to raise money remains in place, having only scammed a paltry $4735 in FOUR months.


And Bully Winningham?  She hasn't done much better, raising a whole $11,396... the vast majority coming from out of state and almost all of it coming from out of district.

Bully's been shooting off her mouth for just as long as Mussolini... both signed up on 21 January.

Their biggest issue besides their fringe-left, completely out of place ideology, is an inability to tell the truth and to answer questions.

Mussolini lies about being a voice for "everyone," when everyone who is remotely aware of him knows that he only represents the fringe-left that he wraps himself in.

Bully just flat out lies, period.  Even when it makes no sense to do so.

Combine that with her executive position in a company that outsources 10's of thousands of jobs overseas... and, well, you see the reasons behind her abysmal failures as well.

In comparison, Ann Rivers in the middle of a 7 way primary, had raised a paltry $28,000 in cash by this point in her race.

No fake inflation like Bully's pathetic effort of almost $4000 in in kind... no loans to herself like Mikey, who has lent himself more money that he's raised... nothing of the kind, "Contributions" to Bully as fake as her "likes" number on her campaign facebook page..

Local democrats are shoveling some cash down their rat hole, but it's a write off... like a lottery ticket.

These two will be humiliated.  And they can't say I didn't warn them.

On the lighter side: Obama's buddies at a party.

Translation: "I'm gonna sing that song, it won't take long, we're gonna do the Twist and it goes like THIS!"

Let me help you with this, Mikey: You ain't GETTING elected.

One of Mussolini Mikey's MANY political issues is his level of self-delusion.

A year's long CRC/Loot Rail scammer who lies about his governance style (Really, Musso?  You'd be a voice for ME?  And how, exactly, does that work?)  Mikey simply seems incapable of understanding the district that he's moronically attempting to scam an election from.

A rabid and ignorant Charter Supporter, Briggs is actually PROUD of writing this king of garbage in his efforts to get support from the few druggies that bother to vote... as if those few wouldn't vote fringe-left nutter anyway.

The following was taken from a post I made, with regard to a post/statement by Mayor Sean Guard of Washougal.
..." It remains to be seen if Rep. Liz Pike will be reelected this November so that she might try to amend that marijuana law and to make it more effective. And it also remains to be seen if I am elected, for the first time, to the State House. However, one thing I am sure of, if elected I will make it a priority of mine to attempt to work on that existing law, and to make sure it is more equitable and effective. And another very salient point, I FIRMLY believe if the State is going to pass laws which require action on any community, and the State intends to tax anything which predicates action by that community, I will work very HARD to ensure, that those tax revenues are SHARED with all the communities in my district, with respect to the amount of financial burden that is placed upon them. It would seem to me, and because the people of Washington State have spoken with I 502- that a Tax and Regulate approach is the best thing for all parties concerned."
First, Mikey, you ain't getting elected.  Your rhetoric notwithstanding, you already know that.

Second, Mikey, you already know Bully ain't getting elected, either.

Third, in the unlikely and horrific event you WERE elected, you'd be a worthless, backbench rookie.  YOU would only do what you were told.

And your parsing of the language makes your "pledge" worthless:
 I will make it a priority of mine to attempt to work on that existing law,
"There is no "try."  There is only "do," or "no do," you gutless little worm.  You can't even talk straight in a letter to the editor.

The people of the 18th District opposed this initiative district wide.  A quick review reveals that, like the loot rail scam you love so much, this initiative lost in EVERY PRECINCT IN THE 18th DISTRICT.

Much like, come to think of it, you will..

A true story about the VA (LANGUAGE WARNING)


A study in contrasts: West Point, Obama and Bush.

Obama 2014:

Bush 2008:

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mussolini Mikey Briggs pegs the moron meter... again. This time on the charter idiocy.

Since the fringe-left nutters were the rabid force behind the charter effort this time as they struggled to implement what amounts to a legal coup attempt, Mussolini Mikey has managed to shoot himself in the foot once again.

I flatly guarantee that the 18th District will reject the charter.  Period.

Now, that said, Mikey is hanging out over at the democrats hate site, aka C3G2, tying to get someone... anyone... to support him (And God knows how little his support is going to be at the end of the day, given that his fundraising, for example, is as pathetic as the rest of his positions)  he has to babble the following:

  • Mike Briggs I was very pleased and very proud to hear of the group, Freeholders, getting this Charter put to bed and ready now for the voters. I know it was a tough job but I am sure it will have a real impact on the voters, and hopefully, make this a "Beginning of the End", for the Reign of Terror, Clark County has been experiencing since Madore began his rampage.
    8 hrs · Like · 2
  • Esther Schrader Mike Briggs, it's going to take lots of hard work & focus to persuade voters to approve the Charter. This group can do it!
    8 hrs · Like · 3
  • Mike Briggs This group can surely help. But what I see needed, no matter where it comes from is, marketing. You must find a way to reach the voters in way they will hear the msg...and respond.

Hatred.  Partisan hatred.  It's Briggs' modus operandi.

This charter has no chance.  None.  But the leftists live in their cocoon and they firmly believe that this thing can make it.  But then, apparently, Briggs believes he actually can get elected.  And how bizarre is that?.

You know, like many of these same assclowns, including Briggs, were sure the CRC/loot rail Scam would be built?

A group of people driven by hatred can help.  Help bury this garbage pile effort to regain control of the commission.

Here's the thing: what Briggs sees as needed is worthless.  He's going to be destroyed this November, more of a laughing stock footnote then, say, David Shehorn.

Hatred is never a good political platform.  Yet the hatred by the left reeks... it drives them... it's not about what's best for the people of this county: it's about what's best for the rabid fringe-left nutjobs hanging out on that site.  And no matter what they do, they'll come across like blithering leftist morons... kinda like Parker did yesterday with her despicable performance.

Every person these scum send out will have posted something idiotic on this silly-assed facebook page, and this blog will beat them to political death with it.

The voters WILL "hear the message."  They will ALSO "respond."  And after they vote against Briggs, they'll check all the "no" blocks on the ballot concerning this stupidity.

And that's a shame, really, but it's much like the left still wants to kill the charter because they hate the idea of giving the people a voice... precisely like they hated to allow us to vote on the CRC Scam... since they don't give a rat's ass WHAT the people want when it conflicts with their agenda.

Kudos to the commissioners on the pot ban.

So, I've been reading the comments under the article in the democratian.  It appears to me that many of them stand as testimony to the fact that pot causes brain damage.

As I have been saying since the beginning, pot is still illegal in this state.

Let me write that again:

Pot is still illegal in this state.

It is, in fact, illegal in EVERY state and that includes this state as well as Colorado.

That those who support the pot industry and consumption lied their way into getting the people to vote for this scam and the vote, which won statewide but lost in Clark County, was absolutely meaningless in the face of the federal Supremacy Clause:  (Article Six, Clause 2)
This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.
"Laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding."

The "why" of it is obvious.  Possession, use and sale of pot is a violation of federal law.

It was a violation of federal law before I-502 passed and it was a violation of federal law after it passed... and it remains a violation of federal law now, today.

The fans of pot commenting under the article in question really don't care about that: they want to get wasted when and how they want to get wasted, laws be damned.

The commissioners, who swore an oath to uphold both state and federal law take a somewhat different view... and rightfully so.

Those who don't believe they can actually live without yet another way to fry their brains do have an out, but I must have missed it: seen any real movement in Congress to repeal the federal drug laws making this illegal?

Of course not.

But that's the solution, boys and girls: you want to smoke your brains inside out, well, bully for you.  Get the law changed at the federal level and you can do some business.

Otherwise, kudos to Commissioners Madore and Mielke who stood up for their oaths and the laws of this nation... potheads be damned.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why do those shilling the charter have to lie?

When Randy (Did you know he was a MENSA member?) Mueller tell us "it's a bare bone product" that is a lie.

A "bare bones" effort would be one where there is a charter... and then there is a county initiative/referendum  and NOTHING ELSE... THAT would be "bare bones."

I cannot support a retaliatory action such as this, one based primarily on leftist hate.

This isn't about what's best for us.  This is about revenge and retaliation.  And I will do all I can to oppose it.

The commissioner selection.

Wow.  So much hatred on the left.

1.  It won't be Pridemore.

It's idiotic to pay a loser like that the big bucks just so he can take a leave of absence from his Oly job and campaign.

Do us all a favor, Craig: stay in Olympia.

2.  So, chose between Parker and Barnes.

Parker would be a total pipeline to the downtown mafia that owns her like the 13th Amendment was never adopted.  She's just doing this to plus up her resume'.  Lying about the parks and the bridge though, did nothing to help her, nor did her smarmy superiority.

I don't think it was an act, however: anyone who lies as much as as long as she did about the CRC Scam does it not as an act, but because it's second nature.

Barnes is as dumb as a plank fence, and he lies like a rug (No, Ed, you did NOT "help Rodney Tom in his first election."  Tom was first elected as a REPUBLICAN.  And ol' Eddie would dive into an exploding volcano before he's help a Republican do ANYTHING.)  Barnes doesn't give a damn WHAT the people want: he's totally in the tank for the "I only speak for me" school of thought... but so is Parker.

None of them want to cancel that idiotic and likely unconstitutional TriMet contract idiocy.

Still, Barnes doesn't have a clue and because he's not all that bright, going down there and pounding him like a nail would actually be a hoot.

I say: pick Barnes.

My testimony to the Freeholders.

I am opposed to this abortion of a county charter, warped and twisted by the leftists infesting us, a product of personal animus and leftist partisanship that bears no resemblance to anything approaching what's best for the people of Clark County.

Watch, fellow conservatives.  The fringe left nutters will be giddy about this piece of crap.  And the reality of those allegedly representing us on this board's true motives along with those of Greg Kimey... and God KNOWS, given how badly HE wants to be the county executive that will have ZERO impact on his deliberations... will be transparent for all to see.

The following is my testimony to the Clark County Freeholders.
My opposition to the county charter. 
Early on, in 2011, there was an effort to develop a county charter and put it to a vote of the people.
Both the Columbian and the democrats were opposed to such an effort: 
The Columbian writing 3 years ago (May 28):
Cheers: To county commissioners for putting an end to the home rule charter process this year.Inspecting methods of government is always a good idea, but there was no demonstrated need to elect a slate of freeholders to, in essence, draft a county charter that would replace the current system. A series of meetings produced no discernible public interest in the process outside of the same handful of activists who have promoted a county charter for years, only to lose at the polls. Better to save the staff time and the estimated $100,000 it would cost to sponsor an election.
The democrats writing in their newsletter:
Proposed changes in county charter could be awful 
Clark County’s government structure is somewhat antique and outdated. A system invented to manage road construction and not much else in the way of governance clanks along clumsily in a high-speed era of complex and varied civic action. 
Streamlining and modernizing the machine appeals to the progressive psyche, but the folks who have convinced the Board of Clark County Commissioners to consider adopting a new county charter have other agenda priorities. 
They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital. 
They are far away from achieving their goals, but inattention from thoughtful citizens could ease their path.
Without much evident public support, the charter-change advocates have persuaded the county commissioners to start the ball rolling toward charter change for the third time in recent history. In January the board formally adopted a resolution to consider a move from the present form of government to something different. 
Different how? That depends entirely on a panel of elected freeholders and how ably they can sell their program. 
So far the county commissioners have ordained that, should the charter process go forward, each of the three commissioner districts will be represented by five freeholders who would be elected at the Nov. 8 general election. Any registered voter would be qualified to seek election to the board of freeholders. Upon their election the  freeholders would establish a schedule of hearings and meetings for the consideration of what might be included in a new county charter. Upon a majority vote by the freeholders, the Board of Clark County Commissioners would be obliged by tradition if not certainly by law to lay the proposed charter before the electorate.
So, back when democrats controlled the county commission (And even with Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke on the commission, democrats controlled it) they were wildly opposed to it. 
Now that they’ve lost control of the commission, they seek to utilize the freeholder process to overturn the election results of November, 2012, and topple the conservative control of that commission… all their concerns listed above swept aside as they bask in the hatred of Commissioners Madore and Mielke by engaging in this obviously retaliatory effort to weaken the commission to the same stature as “hood ornament.”

“Hatred,” they’d gasp? Why, we don’t “hate” anyone! 
That’s a lie, of course. Merely glancing at their efforts to find a pretense to recall Commissioners Mielke and Madore… or their main hate site on facebook (The falsely named “Clark County Citizens for Good Governance,” a site that should be named something entirely different.) would quickly disabuse the reader from any conclusion save that this entire effort is retaliatory against the commissioners remaining.

We are told that government should never engage in a retaliatory practice. Yet, oddly, the entire basis for this activity is nothing BUT “retaliatory.” Repeated efforts have been made by some freeholders that even go far over the line into unconstitutional in their obvious and frequently admitted efforts to either get Sen. Don Benton out of the legislature or force him to resign from county government to remain a senator by the nonsensical effort to restrict county employees from running for partisan office. 
That variety of hatred... and that is entirely what that is… hatred… is the basis for all of this.

What we know is this: had then Commissioner Marc Boldt remained in office, none of this would be taking place and no effort would be underway to weaken to the point of absurdity the position of commissioner in this county. 
This isn’t about what’s best for the people of Clark County. This is about partisan hatred that is so obvious a blind dog could see it in a minute. Those pushing for this will never admit it, of course, but the reality does not in any way speak to “good governance,” nor does it speak for “what’s best” for the people, since the majority of those shilling this could give a damn about the people when it comes to their issues and projects that happen to conflict with the will of the people, even when expressed at the polls.

No, this effort is not even a thinly veiled attempt to overturn the will of the voters because a certain small and vocal segment of the people aided and abetted by the newspaper demands retaliation against the victors of November. 
In everything from the temporary reduction in pay (Which would only last until the Salary Commission ignored it) to the massive increases in costs of staff and infrastructure that a 5 commissioner board would require to the “cocooning” of Administration from the commissioners themselves… this is a bad idea designed to weaken the commission, increase the size of government and the costs that will go with it.

The veneer of respectability for this coup attempt does not change the fact that, at base, this is a result of the efforts of a group of angry people who were thwarted in their efforts to ram the CRC down our throats and because they didn't happen to like who got the gig for Director of Environmental Services. 
Your charge as a group is not to engage in retaliation. It’s no more acceptable for you to engage in that practice than it is for any governmental body to engage in it and God knows we’ve heard the newspaper whine about THAT. 
As a result, I urge a “no” vote on this misguided and partisan effort to inflict a life-long punishment of the people of this county for the actions of a few and at the behest of some who’s collective noses were disjointed when they lost… repeatedly... at the polls… an action that would be steadfastly opposed by many of these same people had the democrats kept control of the commission.

We are liable to suffer long-term pain for short-term satisfaction. And that, ladies and gentleman, is no way to govern. 
I will do all that I can to defeat this effort this November. And those of you voting for this ought to be ashamed of yourselves, since your alleged job is to put partisanship aside and do what’s best and what’s right for the people of this county, regardless of political affiliation. And no one with a straight face can remotely claim that this… is that.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The final resting place of my last Commander:

Taken yesterday in Arlington by a friend:

Major General John Stanford was the finest officer I ever knew.  I served as his Command Adjutant and Chief of Administrative Services at Oakland Army Base a thousand years ago...

After he retired from the Army, he was the Fulton County (GA) Manager (Executive) and then was headhunted to become Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools.

When we last met, I was on legislative staff and he told me of his plans to run against Gary Locke for governor.  (MG Stanford was a Republican.)

Tragically, he died at age 60 of leukemia before he could start his campaign.

I miss him now, and his death was a terrible loss for our state and nation.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hinton: Jayne is confused that we give a rat's ass about HIS "traditional union."

When you're an amoral leftist, it's easy to make this kind of connection when it suits you.

This was the original headline:  Jayne: Gay marriage hasn't affected my traditional union

So what?

Bank robbery doesn't effect it either, right?  Nor does income tax evasion.

Nor does speeding, street racing, plane crashes, anorexia, cheating on math tests, wasting billions on the CRC Scam or a host of other activities that either are... or should be... outlawed.

The people of this state have, of course, spoken.  Democracy enables stupidity: one need look no further than the city council of the Vancouver Soviet, or the morons elected by the people of the 49th District to "represent them" in the legislature.

Morality is an evolving sphere of social mores to be sure.  But at some point, the leftward lurch of this kind of idiocy will swing back as the pendulum of history begins it's inevitable swing in the opposite direction.

There's much more to the matter of morality then how it may or may not impact one facet of American society.  The issue of marriage between the same genders has been distorted and lied about for decades by it's proponents: simple constitutional principles have been bastardized into unrecognizability.

At the local level, it's the idiocy of McCreary and nonsensical threats from an out of control State Supreme Court; at the national level, it is new, evolving and absurd definitions of equality.

In a nutshell:

My take on the Supreme Court's gay marriage decision: why conservatives lost... again.
Is this a bad time to point out that our rights are not determined by our sexuality?

A gay male or female has EVERY right I, as a heterosexual do. He can marry any female old enough, unmarried, of sound mind, etc, etc.... just like me.

So what's the big deal?

Yeah, yeah.... I know... it's not the same thing for those supporting gay marriage.

Unfortunately, however, rights are rights: and applying the term "right" means that while *I* can marry someone of the opposite sex, for example, it only becomes discriminatory if someone else can't do EXACTLY the same thing.

And by "exactly," I mean EXACTLY. If I can't do something, and you can't do something, then it's not discriminatory. If I CAN do something; and you can't do EXACTLY the same thing, then it IS discriminatory.

A case in point was the debate about insurance companies being required to provide birth control because many of them provided viagra or some such.

Women threw a fit. But no one stopped to look at the issue: Viagra or something like it is used to treat a medical condition so that something works properly. Birth control is the exact opposite: it is used as a treatment to STOP something from working properly.

The differences are both clear and obvious... precisely like the issue of gay marriage.

These insurance companies didn't cover birth control for EITHER sex, thus no discrimination was taking place. But, like the gay marriage kerfuffle, politics determined, based on a completely fallacious discrimination argument, that insurance companies would be REQUIRED to provide birth control to women.

Not because it was right. Not because it was Constitutional. Not because it was discriminatory... but because women whined, sniveled and bitched like cut cats until they got what they wanted.

Sound familiar?

Correspondingly, I don't have the non-existent "right" to marry someone of the same sex. That someone gay also doesn't have that right is called "equality."

And that's the problem with this entire argument from the gay perspective.

They demand a right that isn't a right; that is, they demand the ability to marry someone of the same sex, when that "right" doesn't exist.

As a hetero, I have no problem denying homosexuals the "ability" to marry the same sex, since it is not a "right." I don't have that ability... homosexuals don't have that ability... so what's the problem?

And, BTW, I don't need to go to the Bible to determine this... human rights were around, if not in place, before there was a Bible. This is not a moral issue for me; this is a legal issue.

Society makes the determination as to which norms are practiced. If gays want an ability that straights do not have, then they should seek society's approval to gain it. If they can't get our approval, well, that's just too damned bad.  But calling this discrimination?

The military discriminates against a wide variety of protected classes every day without comment by these same cheerleaders.

Women LOVE discrimination when it benefits them (Women are a minority?  Seriously?  Women don't have to register for the draft.... seriously?  Must be that situational equality thing again.)

The bogus nature of the "reasoning" for this is just another sign of "progressive" success in the continuing face of conservative failure.

Socialist/progressives NEVER give up. They believe, rightfully, that time is on their side, as conservatives turn away from the fight.

The left is like a river in a canyon.  Over time, they carve through solid rock.  And over time, the left's attacks cause the right to fold.  Because they are more than willing to do what they must to achieve their aims, while conservatives recoil in horror from the thought of doing what must be done.

There. See? It's easy when you think about it.

There are new challenges and frontiers for those who don't want to let a little thing like social constructs get in the way of what they want to do.

With the advent of gay marriage, all of the arguments against opposing ANY immoral behavior, no matter what it might be, are swept away.

Over time, laws against incest... statutory rape... bigamy... sex trafficking... you name it... all of them have days that are numbered.

Because you know what, Greg?

None of that will have any impact on your so-called "traditional union," either.

Many democrats are finally getting what the rest of us have known since he was a candidate: Obama "detached," "flat footed," "incompetent."

Seriously?  Who knew?

This guy was a clueless moron BEFORE he scammed the people into voting for him with his "bread and circuses" approach that the more ignorant and the leftists fell for big time.

Now, he's setting about to cripple the democrats as much as his "leadership" has crippled our country. When they get crushed at the polls this Fall, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

Dems are sprinting away from this clown at warp speed. For the GOP, who can screw up boiling water, he's the gift that keeps on giving... and it's going to take decades to repair the damage he's inflicted.

Unless you're a veteran.  Because once your dead, it's really hard to repair that.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Brancaccio lies again: "More political guys should jump on in."

First, he lies by omission:

"More political guys should jump on in."

If.... IF.... They AGREE WITH HIM.

A portrait of the latest democratian edition
What would his take be if, like so much of the rest of the population of this county, those "political guys" happened to disagree with him?  What if the vast majority of those in elective office came out swinging and demanded that the terminal be built here?

Would that change one iota of Lefty's self-serving pap?

Of course not.

Here's the thing: Lefty Lou has lied so often about so much, does anyone REALLY believe that the downtown mafia's taxpayer paid development on the waterfront wouldn't get built anyway, terminal or no?

Does anyone really believe that the terminal can't be ameliorated?  That it can be dealt with in a way that won't offend the cash-only sensibilities of these whining little jerks?

The oil trains are coming through... in large part, because that moron in the White House won't sign off on the Keystone Pipeline.  The only question is will this community benefit from it financially?  Or some other community?

And, of course, the biggest issue of all is this:

Literally for years while this slimeball was lying and attacking in every imaginable way to get the idiocy of the CRC Scam built, what did he print... perhaps hundreds of times?

That there was nothing the Vancouver Soviet could do about it, their lying scumbag of a mayor notwithstanding.

That there was nothing that the county commissioners could do about it.

And most importantly, that there was nothing the PEOPLE could do about it... because that scumbag never cared WHAT we wanted when it clashed with the rag's agenda.

How'd that work out for him?  That piece of crap, multi-billion dollar waste of money getting built?

The Port of Vancouver made the decision to build the terminal.  It was their decision to make.   That Lefty whines about it is irrelevant.  That the leftists are pissed off about it is meaningless. The Port made the decision as a matter of law: a law Lefty wants them to break.

It's not all that different from the fringe-left nutters pissed off about WalMarts getting built around here.

The way the law works is this: if a developer of any kind, including the kind for an oil terminal... wants to build something that meets all the legal requirements... a store... a housing development... a gas station... an oil terminal... then the governing body cannot deny them that permission.

The fact is that had the Port said "no," they likely would have been on the losing end of a legal battle that would have lost them a lot of money while still forcing them into this decision.

Meanwhile, we're faced with the same whining, sniveling, only-I-matter bullshit Lefty Lou is so known for.

I expect the Governor, who like most pissing into the wind on this issue (Including the moron running the democratian) consumes massive amounts of petroleum products, will likely say "no," but I could be as wrong as the next guy.

The terminal IS going to be built.  It's just a matter of where and when.

Meanwhile, energy independence is the farthest thing from the fringe-left nutters whining the loudest about it.

In closing, the fact is that there won't be any "dog fight" between the Vancouver Soviet and the Port.  The Port holds all the cards, the Soviet's got nothing to offset that and, if they feel like getting their collective asses kicked in court as a result?

Well, everyone has the government they deserve.

It's just a shame that a bromide like that doesn't also apply to a community's newspaper.

Quoting one guy who only speaks for himself merely because he happens to agree with your take... no matter how stupid and ignorant it may be, does nothing to address the issues.  I, for example, happen to completely disagree with that clown's take.  Does the fact that he has a title and his head up Lefty's nether regions somehow equate to credibility that anyone else doesn't have?

For example, *I* disagree and actually believe that this decision DOES happen to serve "the best interests of this entire region."  And I guess that the fringe-left whack job running our local cancer on our community isn't going to be shilling the attitudes and perspectives of others who happen to disagree with this clown in such a favorable light.

Because ignoring the other side of an issue... or attacking it on a personal level... or allowing surrogates like the pit yorkie to engage in name calling (I guess the anti-CRC Cockroaches had the last laugh, eh, pit?) is how he rolls.

Stephen A. Smith. A man of conviction.

Stephen A. Smith.

Man enough at the time to admit he totally blew the call on both the NFC Championship that Seattle won; and then proceeded to blow the call on the Super Bowl (And a great many others have some ownership of that...)

Is also man enough to stand up for his convictions on race.

Watch this:  Props to Steven A. Smith who COULD have caved to the pressure. 


Friday, May 23, 2014

Any doubt as to why Herrera crashed the Superbowl White House gig disappears.

Russell Wilson is, by all accounts, as real as Jaime Herrera is fake.

This is why Ridgefield Barbie crashed the party: photo ops and selfies with people of Achievement.

Well, that and pictures with fellow idiot Obama.

As pathetic as this is for her, I've got to wonder: is she going to get a single vote more because she's now a Seahawks groupie instead of a Congresswoman representing Southwest Washington?

The World Wonders.

But this kind of middle school girl crap does nothing to enhance her throw weight among people paying attention.

"It has to matter." Memorial Day. (Language Warning)

Another Memorial Day is upon us.  Another weekend of sales... and barbecues... and picnics.

Another weekend where the vast majority of us will simply ignore what it's supposed to mean and go about our days... without giving a thought to those who sacrificed to give us what we have.

Another day where I thank God I helped to persuade my stepson to stay out of the military.

"It has to matter."

I love my country.  As screwed up as we are... and we are screwed up... I love this place.  I loath this government because it represents the failed promise to us all that we are supposed to be something special, that we are supposed to be something different, something for the world to look up to, that they, as a government, were going to be the best, most honest, most transparent...

That said, I cannot even begin to imagine serving in the military as completely and utterly fucked up as it is today.

And that's why I worked hard, over a period of months, to keep my kid out of the clutches of the Marines and into college where he belongs.

As a Veteran of 14 years in the Army, I know the value of value.  Whether freezing my ass off on the East German border or frying in the sands of Saudi Arabia, it actually mattered that I was there on that wall standing a post.  I believed that I was not alone, that I would not be forsaken, that my unit would walk into hell to be by my side if it came to that... because they would never abandon me.

These are the thoughts, I am quite sure, of Ambassador Stevens, USFSI Officer Sean Smith, SEALS Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty... likely up until the end of their lives.

But they were abandoned.  And there is no excuse or "reason" that justified that violation of trust.

Memo to Hillary Clinton:  It makes all the difference in the world. It would to you if your dumb ass had been there, Mrs. Clinton

But it is also the kind of thing that made me conclude that the death or dismemberment or crippling of my son... a possible outcome of his service... would have to matter.

It would have to mean something.

That exceeds the idiocy of military social programs, women in combat, ending DADT, cutting the disability and retirement pay of our military members (A move favored by our utterly clueless moron of a Congresswoman) or any of the other stupidities being foisted on the Armed Forces by non-serving POGS with an agenda... geometrically.

"Colby, if you go (To 0311, light weapons infantry) you may come back in a box.  You may come back minus pieces.  You may come back in ways that screw you up for life.  I won't be able to fix you.

And it has to make a difference.  It has to matter."

When your government proves its disdain of the military by abandoning those who've taken the oath, both past and present... gutting it while our enemies expand geometrically... showing a clueless ineptitude that only a community organizer can bring to the world stage... and illustrating that continuing lack of concern as our brothers and sisters die waiting to be seen for the promised medical care... at this point?

It doesn't matter enough.

This Memorial Day, I'll do what I always do:  Lower my flag on it's 24 foot pole to half-staff until noon; rapidly raise it to it's full height.  Go to Willamette National Cemetery to see my brother and the tens of thousands of others who all have one thing in common... one thread of the bond that cannot be broken through time or politics or lies or distortion.  All that have gone on before... at one moment in time... put their ass on the line for this country.

A country with a government that turns it's back on them and on us now as they have done for decades.

The President ran on a platform of fixing the VA.  But like so many other of his promises, that one was just as hollow, just as cynical and just as worthless.

I had an appointment last Tuesday that I waited roughly 4 months to get.  An hour before the appointment, I get the call: the doctor called in sick today: we have to reschedule.  Will June 24 work?

My wife went with me to the Portland VA once... we had to wait for a prescription. 

A prescription which, by the way, would have been $68 per year cheaper at Fred Meyers, or Costco, or K-Mart, or Walgreens... People who never set foot in uniform getting a better deal than people who served... and who were SUPPOSED to get free medical care for life.  And, so, we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.  Hours went by.  She couldn't stand it.  The men and women she saw in that waiting area... many very old, many very broken.  Tears in her eyes, she asked:

"How can they treat you this way?"

"Easy.  We've got no where else to go."

And we don't.  And now, we find out that many of us... far too many of us (And ONE is "far too many of us") waited into a grave.  And the Commander-in-Chief didn't miss a single stroke on his golf game.

"It's got to matter."

Seriously.  And no one should enlist until it does.

This Memorial Day weekend, pause a moment.  Stop for just one second and marvel at all we have.  Think about the sacrifices it's taken to make it all possible.  Ponder how much longer we can keep it.  And then go have a burger.

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

 “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  - Benjamin Franklin