Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Memo to Jon Russell: Lying about your education.

Reading the American Legion Magazine today, I came across a fascinating article on page 62, "Congress, by the numbers."

The most interesting factoid?

27 Representatives and 1 Senator have no degree beyond a high school diploma.

So Jon, when you lied about having a degree, it was totally unnecessary. It clearly didn't make any difference to those elected to the highest levels of government in the country today.

Odd that they could do it without lying, and you couldn't.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Guilt by Association?" The wierdness zone, Jon Russell and Steve "Cold Hard Cash" Stuart.

So, Steve "Unmarked Bills" Stuart was out and about today. And what was he doing?

He, Stuart, was PERSONALLY taking his 4x8'S off Russell's 4X8 frames, removing Russell's signs, and then replacing them with the signs he'd screwed on directly over the top Russell's as shown in the post below.

How weird.

Of course, I'm sure Stuart's had a few questions to answer just like Russell over his strange bed fellows.

How sad is it that Russell is so screwed up that he's given his locations and his wood to a fringe left democrat like Stuart, instead of Alan Svehaug, Stuart's GOP challenger?

And how sad is it for Stuart that he can't use his own wood and put up his own signs?

But to take Russell's signs down... and then put his own back up using Russell's wood, as if none of this had happened?

That is totally bizarre.

Note the Svehaug 4X8 attached to what had formerly been a Republican sign. Note the obvious signs of removal and re-attachment on Stuart's 4X8.

Why didn't Russell invite Svehaug instead of Stuart to use his sign locations and frames?

Inquiring minds want to know.

And Steve... Jon... I've got people everywhere.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Guilt by association?" The curious case of Jon Russell... and Steve "Easy Money" Stuart

What's wrong with this picture?

In a political world where likes attract, here's the curious case of Jon Russell and Steve "I can be bought" Stuart.

Now, the scummier elements touting both Russell and Herrera generally, but Russell specifically, TRIED to run the scam that one of Russell's many political opponents was only masquerading as a Republican and that, in fact, she was a democrat. Russell's slithering lackey, Gary Wiram, was particularly fond of lying that way.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that Russell had given at least three of his 4X8 sign locations and frames to Steve "Unmarked bills, Mr. Barnett" Stuart... democrat... who proceeded to put his signs directly over the top of Russell's.

(Note the first layer of corregated plastic behind Stuart's sign. That's Russell's sign.)

No hypocrisy there, eh, Gary? Where's your sniveling about that?

Stuart, the most corrupt elected official known here locally today, who holds his office by virtue of a little $100,000 "gift" bundled through Progressive Majority (Not unlike a $40,000 gift bundled through "Unite Here", likely from the same source for Tim "The Liar" Leavitt. (Never forget: "Cash" Stuart was a major player in Leavitt's campaign)) from Cowlitz Casino developer David Barnett; Stuart is one of the people making a serious effort to saddle 65,000 commuters with a thousand dollars or more in tolls per year to screw them to pay for a bridge and loot rail system Stuart wants, but certainly won't have to pay for.

That brings me to the Russell-Stuart connection.

Jon Russell Watch is devoted to the fact that politically, Russell isn't anything close to the act he puts on. So now, I've got to ask: why is Russell doing Stuart this particular favor?

Now, I get that Stuart is terrified. There's enough money being put together out there to end his political world, especially now, where Stuart is caught up in having the decidedly wrong brand (democrat) and the decidedly wrong plan (hurting tens of thousands of county voters for his own agenda.)

Stuart is pro-abortion, pro tax, pro big government.

So, how is it that he's been given at least 3 prime Russell sign locations to the extent that all he had to do put his own signs up directly over Russell's?

Is this what David Madore had in mind when he maxed out to Russell?

I don't think so.

Is it possible that Stuart is just taking the sign frames without Russell's knowledge or permission?

I don't think so.

All of which begs the question:

Why would Jon Russell allow Steve Stuart to do this? I mean, all of TeacherJudyBanks' followers were/are leftists, save one... but this is ridiculous.

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

The myth of Patty Murray's concern for Veterans.

As usual, the local rag is again reassuming their typical election year status as an arm of the Democrat National Committee. Their latest effort?

This bogus puff piece on Patty Murray where they falsely claim she's visiting with a "focus on Veteran's issues."

While marketing herself as a champion of veteran's issues, that persona is false. What she's really doing here is focusing on veteran's VOTES as opposed to veteran's ISSUES.

One problem a commentor on the Murray puff piece spelled out is this:

...I take 3 prescriptions. The VA charges $27 for a 90 day prescription. I can get all 3 from Costco or Freddies for $10 for a 90 day fill. Copays are higher at the VA for those in priority 7 or 8 unless you can show in a means test that you are destitute. I am a WW2 veteran and can get better and cheaper medical care through BC/BS and Vancouver Clinic. So much for Patty and her great help.

mooney — August 27, 2010 at 9:09 a.m. ( suggest removal )

So, when it comes to the issue of medication, we get better care from WalMart or Fred Meyers.

That is not to say Murray does nothing for Veterans. When I could not get the VA to provide me with script to enable me to go to Fred Meyers and get my FOUR prescriptions from them that would cost me $40 for the quarter that would now cost me $108 at the VA for the exact same thing (Man, it's a damned good thing I served 14 years in uniform... so I can get the same medications that civilians can get for only $68 MORE... PER QUARTER... meaning that the VA charges me $272 MORE per year for these meds then civilians WHO NEVER SET FOOT IN THE MILITARY pay at Freddies... or Costco... or WalMart.) Murray's Veteran's guy actually arranged for the VA to give me the script I needed to get the much cheaper prescriptions filled at Fred Meyers.

But when I asked him to get Murray to look in to why the VA charges us much more than Fred Meyers for these same drugs, he flat out refused to even ask.

So it's not that Murray doesn't KNOW the government/VA is screwing us... it's just that she doesn't care.

And this "The Homeless Women Veterans and Homeless Veterans With Children Act?"

Since when do female veterans or veterans with children rate ANY consideration that male veterans WITHOUT children don't also rate?

Here's a clue, Patty. In this state, we've outlawed gender as a consideration by the state government and every government below that level. Women are worth precisely NOTHING more than men; men with children are worth precisely NOTHING more then veterans WITHOUT children... and I say this as a veteran WITH children.

"Separate but equal is not equal." Perpetrating the myth that one veteran is worthy of consideration or benefits that ALL veterans cannot have because of their gender or because they've got children is garbage and the kind of pandering that sickens me.

Murray has had 18 years to work to fulfill the promises made to me and millions of other veterans when we enlisted, as I did during the Vietnam War; or were drafted; that we were to have FREE health care, from head to foot, FOR LIFE... the operative word being FREE.

If Murray had muscles to flex... if she was all that and a bag of chips for veterans... SHE would have fixed this stuff.

She hasn't. And I have paid thousands of dollars over the years for my "free" health care, health care that I prepaid by serving my country.

I've got to wonder: when is Russell going to endorse Rivers?

OK, the dust has settled. Russell's had a few days to get used to the idea that his political life is over.

The question is this: when is he going to endorse Rivers?

There's a been a lot of talk about unifying behind Ridgefield Barbie, no matter how unearned, undeserving, clueless and ignorant she may be so that we can get someone... anyone... in the seat with an R after their name.

But none of that talk seems to have seeped over into the 18th District, where Jon Russell brought all of his abysmal campaign skills from his disastrous run at Congress to an equally disastrous run in at the state representative level.

In large part, Russell himself bears the responsibility for that. In another part, a complete political moron by the name of Gary Wiram bears responsibility for helping Jon acquire the reputation of sliminess he's achieved, with a series of slithering pieces that seemed to mostly fail to mention that he was still getting a pay check from Russell... what little Russell could afford given his unbelievably awful fund raising abilities.

Hopefully, all of Russell's supporters have learned some valuable lessons here. Now the question is this:

Will Russell unequivocally endorse Rivers?

And why am I not holding my breath, since he hasn't done it yet?

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

FiveThirtyEight: Rossi to lose.

This is as close to a sure thing as possible. Is it impossible for Rossi to win? of course not.

Is it likely the numbers would look this way if he had announced in February when the poll came out showing Rossi ahead?

Not even close. Pride goes a long way before a fall.

Why am I so sure this is accurate?

In 08, this guy only managed to call 35 races in the US Senate correctly. Of course, there were only 35 races TO call, but that kind of accuracy is difficult to ignore.

Washington Senate More About This Race »

Murray vs. Rossi

Projected Election Results

Based on polling and demographic data, this is the prediction of how the state will vote on election day.

Murray 49.1% +/-6%

Rossi 48.5% +/-6%

Chance Each Candidate Wins The Seat

The chance that each candidate will win based on 100,000 simulations with random variation in the local and national political environment.

Murray 54.3% chance of win

Rossi 45.7% chance of win

Recent Polls

DatePollSample Size538 Poll Weight
Size of lead
Aug. 18-19SurveyUSA618 LV
Aug. 18Rasmussen750 LV

July 27-Aug. 1PPP1,204 RV

July 28Rasmussen750 LV

July 14Rasmussen750 LV
June 22Rasmussen500 LV

June 9-13Elway405 RV

May 26Rasmussen500 LV

May 4Rasmussen500 LV

May 3-23U. Washington850 RV

April 29-May 2Elway405 RV

April 19-22SurveyUSA517 LV
April 4Rasmussen500 LV

March 9Rasmussen500 LV
Jan. 24-25Moore Information500 LV
Show 10 More

If ignorance is bliss, Ridgefield Barbie supporter Neal Kirby must be ecstatic.

Service Employees International UnionImage via Wikipedia .
There are many people out there who don't have a clue. Failed Republican Senate candidate (He raised $1325) Neal Kirby of Centralia appears to be one of them.

Benton sent out a letter informing people of Barbie's leftist tendencies. Babs co-sponsored SEIU legislation that would have both required unionization of day care workers AND required the owners of the day care facilities to PAY THE UNION DUES OF THE WORKERS IN QUESTION, according to Herrera herself.

For some of the more ignorant, like Kirby, he wrongly believes that because a bill has the same number, it's the same bill. In this case, clearly, it is not.

HB 1329 passed the House. It also passed the Senate. But was it signed into law?

No. Of course not.

The Senate administered the time honored coup de grace; they turned it into what amounts to a study, and the House refused to accept the changes the senate implemented.

THAT'S what Benton, Zarelli, Swecker et al, voted for. Not the SEIU crap that Babs supported and then lied about when I, among others, busted her.

Kirby, who couldn't raise cab fare when he ran, is too ignorant about the legislative process to even begin to understand where he's wrong and Benton is right. Herrera supporters babbling this line, like Pacific County chair Nan Malin who wrote a similar lying, ignorant letter to another newspaper, need to understand that, like it or hate it, Herrera co-sponsored SEIU supported legislation that day care centers did NOT support (her lies to the contrary notwithstanding) and she did this along with voting with the democrats to strip out the last $229 million from the state emergency fund, an issue that is perfectly OK for a Herrera winged monkey since he doesn't mention that.

To attack a sitting state senator because you don't like what he has to say is one thing. To lie about what he's done and what the bill means?

That's something entirely different.

The relatively meaningless endorsements Herrera recieved during the primary (Smith; a family friend. McMorris; built Herrera from spare parts and is interfering over here in a district that is, really, none of her business. Gorton; endorsed Barbie because a former chief of staff is her consultant. Zarelli; gaver a hard look at running for Congress himself, but knew that unemployment issue has killed any hope of running for any higher office. The 3 darkest deepest, bluest democrat counties in the district where few if any Republicans are even running (Like Pacific County, which has precisely ZERO Republicans running) endorsements are as meaningless as Barbie herself.

When it comes right down to it, the empty suit from Ridgefield should write a letter to every newspaper that pubvlished this trash and apologize for the idiots she had write these letters in the first place.

It is this very kind of thing that keeps me from supporting Babs. If this is the kind of people she has supporting her, then I want no part of her.

Come to think of it, given her lack of experience, education, or vision, I want no part of her anyway.
For more information on the TRUTH of Herrera's Horrific HB 1329, click this link that gives the whole story on the issue.
Timing of misleading letter suspect

State Senator Don Benton’s letters to the editors criticizing congressional candidate State Representative Jaime Herrera for her support and co-sponsorship of House Bill 1329 is just a misleading lie. He portrays the bill as forcing workers to join government unions, yet Senator Benton and every Republican Senator in the State Senate including Senators Joseph Zarelli and Dan Swecker voted “yea” on the bill Herrera co-sponsored. Only two senators voted against the bill and both were Democrats. This is all public record on the state legislature’s website.

Benton, Zarelli, and Swecker didn’t vote to force workers into state employee unions anymore than Herrera co-sponsored a bill to do so. HB 1329 which Herrera co-sponsored and Benton voted for instead addressed conditions and training for employees in daycares.

Why Senator Benton would tell such a blatant misleading story about Representative Herrera and a bill he supported himself, and then write it to be timed as ballots arrived in voters mailboxes, is simply an attempt to win an election without regard for the truth. Benton uses his status as a state senator to add credibility, but it’s still a lie on behalf of the candidate he supports.

Benton should retract his false statements. Candidates need to repudiate the inaccurate statements made by such prominent supporters such as Senator Benton and help monitor for the truthfulness of their supporters. Winning a campaign on lies isn’t the way to begin a congressional career.

All three Republican candidates for the 3rd Congressional seat are quality candidates. All three offer pretty clear distinctions between themselves with their style and the policy stands they are taking, but Benton’s misleading statements only diminish the quality races the candidates are running.

Representative Herrera has been endorsed by three county Republican Parties, the Washington State Farm Bureau, former Congresswoman Linda Smith, State Senator Joseph Zarelli, former US Senator Slade Gorton, current Congresswoman Cathy McMorris, among many others.

Herrera had the bottom ranking on the “big spenders” list and voted against all new taxes in the last legislative session. She won the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the National Federation of Independent Business. Her conservative credentials are well established.

Neal Kirby



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Speaking of the AFP Ad helping or hurting, State democrats have filed an FEC complaint over it.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the AFP ad, below, was primarily casted by Herrera supporters and that the ad was shot before the end of the primary.

AFP MUST do much better in this kind of thing; the coordination issue was low-hanging fruit for the dems, who now will be able to smear Ridgefield Barbie with this appearence of obvious coordination.

seattlepi.com Web Search by YAHOO!

Last updated August 25, 2010 4:17 p.m. PT

Wash. Ds file federal complaint over TV ad in 3rd


OLYMPIA, Wash. -- The state Democratic Party has filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over a TV ad attacking Democratic congressional candidate Denny Heck.

The complaint alleges that a national conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, may have illegally coordinated efforts with the campaign of Republican candidate Jaime Herrera, who is Heck's opponent for the open seat in the 3rd Congressional District.

Party chairman Dwight Pelz says the complaint was mailed Wednesday. The complaint cites the use of people in the ad who are supporters of Herrera.

Herrera spokesman Casey Bowman says the campaign had no involvement in the ad, and will dispute the claim with the FEC.


Gee... what do you think the Columbian will do for endorsements now?

County races:

Assessor? The democrat. Can't remember her name.

Clerk? Parker. Won't matter to them that she's a total union hack or that she uses illegal campaign signs.

Treasurer? Lasher. He's a democrat.

Prosecutor? Golik. He's a union thug endorsed by all the other union thugs. A one-trick pony who doesn't know crap about most of what the prosecutor's office does and he's endorsed by Curtis. Do we want another whiner and sniveler like "I need more money" Curtis?

The obligatory Republican will be Lucas.

They will, of course, endorse both incumbent House members in the 49th. They are, after all, democrats, and it doesn't matter that Moeller is the moron behind the candy and soda tax that while the rag's been hammering the tax they've simultaneously been covering for Moeller, who sponsored it.

Also, Jacks, of course, has been voting for every tax increase and spending bill known to man.

But they are democrats, and the rag lacks the testicular fortitude of the Seattle Times, who endorsed, say, a challenger to Rep. Hans Dunshee for the tax increases, mid-recession, that our leftists are famous for.

49th - Moeller and Jacks. (Off year for Pridemore.)

In the 17th, Probst is the incumbent. The rag will wrap him up like he's a conservative democrat, but he is a democrat and these clowns will endorse him.

With the tab issue to the fore, Harris has been damaged. The left will go negative on him immediately, dredging (heh) up his alleged pollution issue and then combine that with this plate stupidity.

His opponent is a fringe-left nutberger, thrilled to the bone to have been an Obama delegate to the National Convention. With any luck at all, the empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot she supported will endorse her.

But she is a democrat, and I expect the rag to use that as the excuse to endorse her.

17th - Probst and Stonier. (Off year for Benton, tho they'd rather not build their loot rail idiocy then to ever endorse Benton)

In the 18th, the democrat put together a campaign that garnered him a whopping 31% of the vote. Brancaccio could come close to getting those numbers. Orcutt drew a pass and it's an off year for Zarelli.

18th - Kampe.

In the Congressional race, while Ridgefield Barbie is the GOP candidate, by every measure (save one, his party affiliation) , Heck is by far the superior candidate. And he is a democrat.

Barbie's issues didn't suddenly stop by moving into the general. She'll still be owned by the establishment, she'll still be McMorris's puppet, she still won't know her ear from a hole in the ground, she still won't have any experience, education, vision, temperament, plan or clue and she continues to be as worthless as a brass door knocker. And Heck is the democrat.

WA03 - Heck.

Murray brings home the bacon. That's all the paper needs (or wants) to know. They'll dress it up, but at base, they count on Murray to write checks for their moronic waste of time, effort and money known as the loot rail/bridge replacement project.

While I anticipate that Rossi, a bit of a leftist himself, will come out in support of that utter nonsense, dong a "me -too" to keep the local unions from pouring quite so much money into the race, Murray will market herself as a democrat with a proven track record of wasting our cash on crap the rag wants. How can they resist?

I base this perspective on the track record of the stain on journalism. It's essentially how they rolled in 08, and there's been no real change in personnel or attitude since.

What? Murray is lying? Rossi is lying?

Most readers here know I have a fair amount of disdain for both candidates. But is anyone surprised by this?

The Truth Needle The Seattle Times has launched a new feature to help voters discern fact from fiction between now and the November election. The Truth Needle will examine the claims of candidates and campaigns in the top races and decide whether they are true or false.

Truth Needle False: Murray's statement about teachers' jobs

Sen. Patty Murray said earlier this month that 3,000 teaching
jobs in Washington state were at risk in the fall without new federal aid that
she helped pushed through Congress.

The claim: Sen. Patty Murray said this month that 3,000 teaching jobs in Washington state were at risk in the fall without new federal aid that she helped pushed through Congress.

What we found: That's not the case. In fact, state officials say school budgets largely are set by now. Any teachers subject to layoffs are likely already gone, and those with new contracts can't be laid off this school year, according to the governor's budget office.

School districts do want the money. There's some hope it can be used to help offset across-the-board cuts that Gov. Chris Gregoire expects to announce this fall. And many school districts want to bank the bulk of any federal money received until next school year, when even bigger budget cuts are expected.

But Murray painted a different picture on the Senate floor this month when she pushed for lawmakers to approve $26 billion in federal aid to the states, including $10 billion in additional funding for public schools. Washington state is expected to receive about $205 million to distribute to school systems.

"In my home state, nearly 3,000 jobs are at risk," said Murray, who's running for a fourth term in the U.S. Senate. "That means 3,000 teachers in Washington state who are right now in limbo. Who are spending this summer not knowing if they'll return to a classroom or a pink slip in the fall."


These guys are lying? Damn. Whoda thunk it?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Americans for Prosperity ad... does it help... or does it hurt?

Few reading this blog for long will have to wonder where I stand on my support (or the lack thereof) of Ridgefield Barbie for Congress.

So, here's an ad we've been hammered with staring a few who, among other things, endorsed Herrera long before the primary:

"Heck supported the liberal 787 billion dollar stimulus."

So did Brian Baird.

You know, the same Brian Baird that Herrera couldn't find any reason to criticize?

"Denny Heck is a 30 year political insider."

And Ridgefield Barbie isn't "... a ... political insider?"

Or is it just the matter of degree? That is, Heck's been an insider longer and that's bad... while Herrera has been an insider for less time, and that's somehow ... better?

"Tell Denny Heck Washington State needs leadership... not Nancy Pelosi's failed policies."

The problem, of course, is that Herrera wouldn't know "leadership" if it bit her on the.... ankle.

Unfortunately, this ad provides precisely zero reasons to vote for Babs.

The IE's will have to do much better to overcome her upcoming abysmal performances in the debates where Heck will flatten her like a pancake.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Light blogging this weekend: doing the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.

We'll be out there all day today; all night and until tomorrow afternoon.

Come on by to Battle Ground High School Stadium and check it out, particularly tonite when we do the honorarium at 10 or so.

Pictures later.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A little more perspective, please, Jon.

I saw this blurb in the Columbian:

Russell concedes in 18th, urges prayers for winner

Blog: Political Beat


Republican Jon Russell, who made a strong showing in the competitive 18th District primary race, kept his fingers crossed until Friday, thinking he still had a chance to edge top fund-raiser Ann Rivers for the second spot. But on Friday, trailing by 1,400 votes, he conceded.

Russell, a Washougal city councilman, did not endorse either Rivers or Democrat Dennis Kampe, who took the top spot. Instead, he congratulated them both and issued this statement:

"I encourage my supporters to lift them up in prayer, to be equipped to meet the extreme pressure they will face, if elected in November. I also ask you to hold the winning candidate accountable to abide by the Founding Fathers' view of the Constitution on every vote."

Russell noted that he spent just $16,000 and managed to win 7,293 votes, while Rivers,a Republican political consultant, raised more than $60,000 and received just 8,729 votes.

Kathie Durbin

It seems just a little odd to me that neither Russell nor the paper mentioned the $30,000 he raised and spent along with the 6 month advantage of campaigning for the 3rd Congressional seat that Russell had over Rivers.

So, in reality, Russell spent $46,000 for this effort and campaigned for 6 months longer than Rivers.

Now, I understand why Russell wouldn't want to mention that, since his congressional race was a train wreck from the get go and his state race was a disaster.

But at the end of the day, Russell effectively campaigned for FIFTEEN MONTHS and spent a fair amount of money only to wind up with this typical-for-Russell abysmal outcome.

Perspective, Jon. It's what's for dinner.

Face it, Jon, you got beat by a superior candidate. A superior fundraiser (How embarrassing is it that even after running for Congress you couldn't raise any money?) and someone who didn't have to lie about her education; superior to yours as it is; or what her spouse was as opposed to you calling your wife a "doctor."

YOU had EVERY advantage when Rivers started to campaign, in everything from money spent to name familiarity to the fact that you were an elected city councilman who could, and did, use their position as a campaign prop.

And you lost anyway.

You need to learn the fine art of introspection. You didn't lose because Rivers had the money.

You lost because of who you are and what you did during the course of the campaign. It was, in fact, yours to lose and you pulled it off brilliantly.

The end.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pacific County! Here's your election results!

One thing the reader has to notice: There are precisely zero Republicans running... for anything.

What kind of GOP organization can possibly exist that can't get a single Republican candidate for ANYTHING?

I'm thinking that Nan needs to stay home and fix her own organization before she gets out there and screws everyone else's up.

Pacific County


Precinct Results



Votes %

Bruce P Walker (Prefers Democratic Party)




Precinct Results



Votes %

Pat M Gardner (Prefers Democratic Party)




Precinct Results



Votes %

Virginia A Leach (Prefers Democratic Party)



County Commissioner #3


Precinct Results



Votes %

Lisa Ayers (Prefers Democrat Party)



Clay Harwood (Prefers Democrat Party)



Cathy Russ (Prefers Democrat Party)



Pacific County


Precinct Results



Votes %

John L. Didion (Prefers Democratic Party)



Scott L. Johnson (Prefers Democrat Party)




Precinct Results



Votes %

Renee Goodin (Prefers Democratic Party)




Precinct Results



Votes %

David Burke (Prefers Democratic Party)