Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My new favorite National League manager: Tony LaRusso

Speaks for itself. H/T Orbusmax.


I am given to understand that Mike Nolan has left us.

I have just now been informed that Mike Nolan lost his battle with cancer this morning.

My condolences to Erin and their children. Mike Nolan led a life of service to us all.

He will be missed.

This week's PDC Complaint Winner is..... Jon Russell!

As readers know, last week I filed a 5 count PDC Complaint against Jon Russell.

That complaint alleges:

First, if you and anticipate spending more then $10,000 in a campaign, then you must file electronically.

I understand why a career politician type like Russell wants to hide as much of his campaign as possible. But the rules are the rules, and they're fairly straightforward, and certainly someone who constantly reminds us that he owns a clinic (as if that's any reason to vote for him) while having a nothing-but-political-resume' should have no trouble figuring out the PDC rules....

Shouldn't he?

Second, it’s really naughty to pay off congressional campaign debt with state representative campaign dollars.

I know Russell is an abysmal fund raiser. Who would actually WANT to give money to him? Months on the Congressional campaign trail.... and Russell could only raise $30,000.

Don Benton, while running for the US Senate, raised that in a week.

Third, it's just as naughty to falsely report the date of a debt on a C-4.

Fourth, did you really believe you could list March debt on an April C-4 reported May 10th?

And finally, when you use those darn consultants, an itemization of their services is required.

Especially those consultants you're paying while they trash someone... or others... without mentioning, even in passing, that you're still paying them.

Yes, this is certainly the Jon Russell we all know and love.

The PDC seems to have agreed with my position, or the following email was just a huge coincidence:

From: Jennifer Hansen []
Sent: Thursday,June 24, 2010 5:32 PM
Subject: PDC Filing Reminder - Weekly C-3s
Importance: High

A filing reminder from the PDC for 2010 candidates and their treasurers:


Mailed reports are filed when they are postmarked; electronically filed reports are filed when they are transmitted. E-filed reports can be submitted 24 hours a day. Any candidate may e-file contribution and expenditure reports, candidates who spend or expect to spend $10,000 must e-file their reports.*

So, you see, the part about filing electronically seems fairly straightforward and simple enough that even Russell, who seemed stumped as to what his duties were as Chair of the Washougal City Council Finance Committee, given his horrific overwatch of the Sellers Debacle and the $100,000 that still vaporized should be able to get it.

Only.... he didn't. And, apparently, doesn't.

Because he is STILL filing manually, in violation of a rather clear requirement as outlined above.

So, to that end, I AGAIN filed an ADDITIONAL PDC complaint against Russell for again failing to file electronically. And when he fails to file electronically NEXT week, I will AGAIN file a complaint against him for that.

I guess in Russell's world, he don't need no stinking rules.

Just like we don't need him in government.

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18th District wrap up.

Well, here's the numbers based on C-3's filed by the candidates.

Brandon Vick..................$200 to $7300 ($4,415 actual donations)

Jon Russell .....................$195 ($175 in personal funds) to $11,500 or so

Anthony Bittner..............0 the same at $4571

Ann Rivers......................$3550 to $43,679 ($35,470 actual donations)

Dennis Kampe.................$1335 (Plus $1000 in personal funds) to $16,960 ($14,160 actual donations)

Anyone else running has either dropped out or filed short form, limiting their financial involvement to $5000 or less.

So, what's it all mean?

It means Bittner, Russell and Vick have no serious support.

It means that the democrats have written the 18th off and made Kampe their token candidate, when he has to write himself thousand dollar checks.... that aren't even loans.

I've been doing this long enough to know that money is certainly not the only indicator of support. I've been to a couple of parades, for example.

I look at Ann Rivers' US Senatorial size parade posse, in comparison to lesser candidates like Jaime Herrera or any of the others running.... and I've got to wonder: who really has the support?

When Russell finally accepted the inevitable, that is that as a congressional candidate, he had little chance to rise above punchline status and ditched that to run for the 18th, I figured he was a kamikaze candidate.

Russell knows he can't win. While he claimed he had an "Army of 200 volunteers" when he bailed out of his flaming congressional run, there's no evidence that he has anything of the sort.

Two hundred volunteers could hold car washes and raise more money than Russell has. And an abysmal showing in this election will fortunately mean he's through.

Recent events verifying his propensity to lie will follow him for the rest of his hopefully short political career.

Bittner has almost completely disappeared, sullying what otherwise could have been a promising political career by engaging in rather rank cowardice.

While a painful conclusion to draw, the fact is that Bittner has yet to attend a single, solitary forum of any kind. He's blown off the 18th District PCO's, the Columbian Editorial Board (An act that for incumbents I recommend, but for new candidates represents something of a vital learning experience and name recognition opportunity) a couple of forums and has, so far, blown off CVTV as well.

From all appearances, this has long since ceased to be a political campaign as much as it's become an ego boost to a kid who seems to be incapable of taking representation of the people seriously.

Brandon Vick is a young man with a possible future in this business at some point... but now ain't that point.

He has shown himself incapable of raising anything approaching the necessary money to get his message out. And, unfortunately, it seems he's saddled himself with many of Shannon Barnett's campaign herd... and, well, they weren't all that... and as a result... well, we see the result.

Except for some minor exaggeration on his web site (No Brandon, in fact you're NOT "the only candidate that has the strength, vision and energy needed to win these battles.") he has not engaged in the falsehoods of a Russell as a campaign strategy.

At some point, with more experience and a better plan, he could become a force to be reckoned with.

This, however, is not that point.

There are 4 candidates fighting over what amounts as the same universe of disaffected and fringe elements. Haugen has gone completely off the reservation by espousing the idea that we should just eliminate the House of Representatives (ala the Nebraska plan) while Carson's issue, allegedly based on a failure of the mainstream parties to assist him in his now finished crusade to keep the BPA from running power lines down the street from my place, has vaporized as much as his ability to raise money.

Russell, who is now dealing with 6 different PDC violations (1 repeated) along with allegations that will dog him for the rest of the time he's in politics, (Concerning his almost pathologically false portrayal of his wife as a doctor) and as someone engaging in a whisper campaign because he's afraid to make allegations in public, attempts to take ownership of Tea Party affiliation. Vick, who at least showed up for several weeks at the We, The People vetting sessions (also, come to think of it, blown off by young Mr. Bittner) while Russell didn't seem to be all that frequent a guest; as something of a claim in.

Unfortunately, these people are pounding each other over the same group of voters, and are likely to cancel each other out. Kampe will get the votes of the few democrats who will actually vote in the primary before being destroyed in the general, but his percentage of the vote will likely put him in the top two positions come primary night.

Rivers has run a superior campaign in every respect and looks like she'll win all of it in the general, but will certainly be in the top two in the primary. Focusing on the issues an staying on target is it's own reward.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm stunned: Under Oath, Union Official Says Obama Lied About Blago Contacts

Well, here's the appeal set up. Failing to allow Blago to call Obama now will get any conviction overturned.

Thanks to Doug Ross # Journal for this tidbit.

Gee, What a Surprise: Under Oath, Union Official Says Obama Lied About Blago Contacts

Sitting down? I don't want to catch you off guard, but a powerful Democrat union boss said that President-elect lied about not having contact with disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich about his vacated Senate seat.

Top union leader Thomas Balanoff said he was at dinner the night before the November Presidential election when he got a call that was blocked... So he didn't take it.

Later he listened to his messages: "I walked outside, listened to it and it was from President Obama," Balanoff said.

"Tom, this is Barack, give me a call," the soon-to-be President-Elect said on the message... After Balanoff sent word through an Obama aide to call him back, Obama returned his call later that night.

"Tom, I want to talk to you with regard to the Senate seat," Obama told him... Balanoff said Obama said he had two criteria: someone who was good for the citizens of Illinois and could be elected in 2010.

This brings to mind a little number I put up back in December of 08:

Thursday, December 11, 2008
MORE: Obama denies it, but the evidence is mounting: He DID discuss his replacement with Blagojevich
As reported on Little Green Footballs yesterday, evidence is mounting that President-Elect Obama lied when he in declared that he had not discussed his replacement with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Yesterday, the reference was to a TV station (KHQA) that had pulled two articles concerning these meeting(s) after Obama's denials.

Today, the issue is a Chicago Tribune article dated October 30 that references a meeting between Obama... and Gov. Rod Blagojevich.... concerning the very thing that Obama has denied: a meeting with Blagojevich concerning Obama's successor.

Hat tip to directorblue via Little Green Footballs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

RED ALERT: Chicago Tribune article referenced Obama-Blago discussions on Senate Seat!

David Axelrod, KHQA and now the venerable Chicago Tribune all independently reported that Governor Blagojevich and Barack Obama held discussions regarding his Senate replacement. For those keeping score at home, this makes four different sources (KHQA had two articles on the topic) referencing one or more meetings, which Barack Obama said never took place. Who would you believe: me or your lying eyes?


All this crap just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about our President.

More lies of misrepresentation about Sarah Russell, fake doctor.

I admit it. I just don't get it.

Sarah Russell is not a doctor. So why does she misrepresent herself as one?

This goes beyond weird.

This is just getting out of hand.

Thanks again to the anon tipster who keeps send me this stuff.

Cross posted at Jon Russell Watch.

Update on Jon Russell's lies about his wife's profession and revisionist history.

As I pointed out yesterday, Jon Russell has been lying about his wife's profession since he hit the campaign trail for Congress.

He has repeatedly referred to her as a "physician," and even now calls her a "family nurse practitioner" when, in fact, she's an "advanced Registered Nurse practitioner" (according to the state) and in the article mentioned below, Russell referred to her as a doctor.

Here's the screen capture of the article yesterday:

The paragraph in the screen capture above in the lower right corner says:

“Though Jon Russell isn’t a medical practitioner, as co-owner of Columbia Gorge Medical Center in Washougal with his wife, Dr. Sarah Russell, he claims to have a novel approach to healthcare.”

He also seems to have a novel approach to lying.

Now, to protect himself, or at least try to protect himself, I anticipated that Russell would set about to get this lie changed. That, of course, is why I did a screen capture that provides undeniable proof that Russell has been lying about his wife for reasons only he can explain to you. That's also why I didn't use the screen capture yesterday in the original post, because I knew he would set about to get the article changed because I forced him to tell the truth.

So, here's the screen capture of that same article today:

Revisionist history at it's finest.

The offending article now says:

“Though Jon Russell isn’t a medical practitioner, as co-owner of Columbia Gorge Medical Center in Washougal with his wife, family nurse practitioner Sarah Russell, he claims to have a novel approach to healthcare.”

Odd, isn't it?

Yesterday, his wife was a doctor. Today, she's presented as a family nurse practitioner. The state, however, says she's an advanced registered nurse practitioner.

At this point, maybe the problem is that Russell has no idea WHAT his wife does. But one thing is certain: she's not a doctor.... even though in the interview, Russell clearly indicated she was.

Now, I appreciate the fact that Russell reads my blog, and that in his panicked state, immediately set about to change the story he SHOULD have changed over 2 months ago. Can anyone not believe that Russell lied deliberately, and only had the story changed to be a little more truthful (he's still lying about what his wife is) only as a result of this blog and Russell Watch?

Why, if it weren't for anticipating this completely predictable thug's actions, I wouldn't be able to prove that he was lying... would I?

In fact, I anticipated he would do that, which is why I did a screen capture in the first place, because except for lying, Russell has proven himself to be very big on revisionist history.

But the fact is that a picture really DOES tell a thousands words, although this picture really boils down to just a few:

Jon Russell is an out and out liar.

And is that who we want to send to Olympia?

Thanks for the anonymous tip that pointed this out on the first post.

Cross posted to Jon Russell Watch.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Update: So, who's still breaking the PDC law in the 18th District this week?

Earlier, I had posted this:
Regular readers already know that CCP has filed complaints against two candidates in the 18th District. So, here we are a few days later.... let's see how they're doing now, shall we?

First was Anthony Bittner, who really doesn't want to be the state representative from the 18th District unless someone hands it to him like a chalupa at Taco Time.

Bittner has failed to file anything since the 27th of May. While not required to file C-3's if he hasn't made any deposits, which is something of a euphemism for "if he's so lame he can't raise any money," he's still required to file for his expenditures.

On June 10th, Bittner was required to file a C-4 for that purpose. According to the records, he's filed nothing.
This is an error on my part; Bittner in fact filed two C-4's within 48 hours of the CCP complaint filing... although it is bizarre that according to his filing for April (submitted 44 days late) Bittner indicated he had zero expenses of any kind.

Clark County Politics regrets the error, and since Bittner is now in complaince, will not be filing further complaints aginst his campaign at this point.


Next was Jon Russell. Russell, in direct violation of PDC requirements, has been filing his paperwork manually instead of electronically.

Even though he and every other candidate was warned by the PDC via email on Friday, he's STILL choosing to break the law by failing to file electronically.

That's just one of many of Russell's violations, detailed here:

But how someone who has sworn an oath to uphold the law as an abysmal example of an elected officials in the Train Wreck known as Washougal should expect anyone to support him when they are deliberately breaking that law is beyond me.

Tomorrow, presuming these issues aren't rectified, I will file an additional PDC Complaint against each of these candidates, as they continue on in their journey of disrespecting the law they tell us that we should send them up to Olympia to make.

Fat Chance.

Cross posted at Jon Russell Watch.

Recently, I was asked: "If Herrera wins the primary, are you going to let up on her?"

Not only no, but hell no.

Folks, I believe there is a place for partisan politics. But as individuals, we must find the line between blind obedience to a party line and the suspension of common sense.

Party allegiance isn't a death warrant. At the end of the day, if Ridgefield Barbie and her keepers manages to fool enough people into voting her in, either through to the general or, God forbid, into Congress, what exactly does that change?

Will she somehow magically become honorable? Will someone install a knowledge chip that will give her a clue about any of the major issues confronting us? Will she suddenly stop lying to us, exaggerating her background, her knowledge and suitability to actually be IN Congress? Will she suddenly cease her betrayal of Republican principles like she did while in the legislature, becoming a Guardian of the SEIU and while spending our money like a drunken sailor to help her leftist buddies? Can we be sure that she'll betray us again, representing Cathy McMorris Rogers, who built her from the ground up, instead of us?

Will the mentality that allowed her to leave the floor of the House for hours at a time to fund raise; which allowed her to ditch us during session for yet another McMorris trough session in DC suddenly return to the level where her FIRST duty becomes us... instead of her?


The despicable political cartoon that is Jaime Herrera will not mysteriously cease being the waste of skin she is. Concepts of honor and truth will remain as foreign to her if she wins as they are now.

There are no circumstances where I will not do all I legally can to keep her from winning any election.

Period. Ever.

For those wondering, I hope I've made my position clear.

Cross posted at Jaime Herrera Watch.

Proof of Jon Russell's lies about his wife being a doctor.

From the Vancouver Business Journal:

Local clinics feel waves of national policy
Newly-signed healthcare legislation creates new rules, regulations and many questions
April 2nd, 2010

In Clark County, where 10 percent of the population is uninsured and another 13 percent can't afford access to healthcare, according to the Clark County Public Health Dept., many patients are already encountering the effects of a brave new world in healthcare - one complete with different rules, regulations and lots of questions.

Though Jon Russell isn't a medical practitioner, as co-owner of Columbia Gorge Medical Center in Washougal with his wife, Dr. Sarah Russell, he claims to have a novel approach to healthcare. As does Dr. Rebecca Hoffman, who runs a similar clinic in Vancouver, Great West Family Care.

This, of course, is a lie. Sarah Russell, Jon's wife, is not a doctor and never has been.

Why someone has to lie about this sort of thing is simply beyond me. But lying like that is yet another reason to vote for someone... anyone.... besides a clearly pathological liar.

Russell had a duty to tell the truth to these people.. He had an additional duty to correct this story once it came out.

Do we want a proven liar to represent us in the legislature?

I know I don't.

Crossposted at Jon Russell Watch.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another example of why it's wrong to confuse The Columbian with "journalism."

In what must be their fourth story of the issue, the idiots at the bridger/looter Pravda Columbian paper have, once again, whined and snivel about the moronic "what is and what isn't" candy tax.

They've done it before, and they'll most like do it again.

What did they leave out?

The moron who is behind this law. The simple idiot bent on jacking up our taxes in the midst of a horrific recession. The fringe-leftist whack job that this rag has supported since he first climbed out of his "screw the people" hole.

Jim "The Candy Man" Moelller, (Socialist 49th District).

If these morons were true "journalists," isn't it obvious they would have pinned the "credit" for this complete stupidity where it most properly belong? They obviously know he's behind it: why are they protecting him?

This tax didn't develop in a test tube. Saying
"Others say Washington is not the first state to separate candy from baked goods for sales tax purposes, using the pivotal ingredient of flour. The language, drafted by the multistate Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, aims to makes sales-tax rules more uniform across the nation.

“At least 24 other states have this definition,” said Mike Gowrylow, a spokesman for the Washington State Department of Revenue.

If EVERY other state adopted this stupidity, that wouldn't justify ANYTHING. It's pretty clear these leftists are making a concerted effort to spin this for their fellow travelers so it isn't used as yet another in the series of excuses to bludgeon these morons at the polls in November.

But the quiz question today is this: why are the scum at the Columbian so bent on protecting Moeller? Why aren't they telling the whole world who is directly responsible for this garbage?

Well, I think we know why, don't we?

For more on the background, check out Lew Waters on the Candy Man.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is the stupidity of the bridge cheerleaders genetic?

So, another "have to build it the way the paper wants it" article in the Cancer on the Community (aka, The Columbian) website.

We actually HAVE 6 through lanes; they WANT 6 thru lanes... but they feel compelled to dress it up with 4 wasted lanes... all to bring loot rail into Vancouver (which is, of course, the only reason to replace an otherwise perfectly functional, safe, serviceable bridge) so we go out and pay consultants to tell the CRC what they want to hear (The very idea that they're not doing any one of a half dozen better, cheaper, more realistic ideas is proof of that) an voila'! Any smaller, cheaper version of the bridge isn't good enough.

Well, the moron writing this article tells us:
“The conclusion that jumped out to us was a capacity issue,” said Ted Rutledge, URS transportation manager based in Denver. “Both northbound and outhbound[sic] were really at or over capacity. So based on that alone, it’s not going to meet the need.”

Well, the "experts" have already shown that a new bridge with their fantasy 12 lanes won't do any better, and we've known that for years:

Congestion on new I-5 bridge back to today's level by 2030, study finds

Planners and elected officials who back the project are aware of the shortcomings, but say it's better than doing nothing


Monday, July 07, 2008
The Oregonian Staff

A $4.2 billion project designed to relieve the Interstate 5 bridge bottleneck will -- in two decades -- return congestion to about the same level drivers experience today.

Less than 30 mph traffic at the new Columbia River bridge will thwart trucks and commuters alike for 3.5 hours each morning by 2030, up from about two hours today. And thousands driving south into Portland every day will stack up for miles behind the already difficult Rose Quarter bottleneck -- a separate problem altogether.

Much more:

So, here, we have an outcome anyone with 2 firing brain synapses could arrive at for free, unlike the tens of millions that have been wasted for the billions they WANT to waste that has vaporized already:

NO bridge, of ANY size, will do ANYTHING to decrease congestion or increase freight mobility; which, along with safety (which, according to Don Wagner, doesn't apply here) stand as the only justifications to spend transportation dollars in the first place.

But the fact is that no other solution was EVER acceptable to the downtown mafia, who want to blow a $100,000,000 per year hole in our local economy for tolls to pay for a horrific, multi-billion dollar waste of money because THEY want loot rail in downtown Vancouver while WE have to pay for it.

The obvious solution to addressing bridge capacity is to build additional bridges... and screw loot rail.

We don't want it, we don't need it, we've crushed it at the polls, and if my brother in law had any guts, we'd be crushing it at the polls AGAIN this November to put an end to this turd.

So, The Steaming Crap Pile again ignores the massive opposition to ANY bridge replacement idea as formulated, and they do so under the guise of their self-serving brand of agenda-furthering "journalism."

So, the PDC sends out an email reminder to EVERY candidate yesterday...

A few days ago, CCP filed a PDC complaint against Jon Russell.

Russell, best known for an abortive congressional campaign and working so diligently to screw up Washougal city government, isn't the most transparent campaigner you're ever going to see.

In fact, Russell has, to this point, filed manually in a deliberate effort to cover up his donations and expenditures, all the while knowing (and hence, all the while violating PDC law) that he would have expenditures in excess of $10,000.

That was complaint Number One of Five.

One of the immediate results of filing this complaint seems to be this:

From: Jennifer Hansen []
Sent: Thursday,
June 24, 2010 5:32 PM
Subject: PDC Filing Reminder - Weekly C-3s
Importance: High

A filing reminder from the PDC for 2010 candidates and their treasurers:


Mailed reports are filed when they are postmarked; electronically filed reports are filed when they are transmitted. E-filed reports can be submitted 24 hours a day. Any candidate may e-file contribution and expenditure reports, candidates who spend or expect to spend $10,000 must e-file their reports.*

How cool is that?

I file this complaint against Russell, and 2 days later, this pops out.

Regardless; as of this writing, Russell chooses to continue to break the law while continuing to run an opaque campaign.

Oddly, I never believed that campaign laws were mere suggestions. Apparently, Russell, who, as chair of the Washougal Finance Committee oversaw every aspect of the Stacee Sellers debacle, doesn't agree.

Cross posted at Jon Russell Watch.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today's odd factoid about and from the cancer on our community.

The dems are here... a few, anyway.

1600 from the GOP rolled in here for the GOP coffee klatch a few days back.

900 looks to be the number for the leftists.

Nah.... nothing defensive about THAT, right?

But that's not the point of this post. The point is this:
However, more crucial than delegate counts to local merchants is the number of visitors overall, and there’s no disputing the fact this week’s convention will significantly boost the local economy. In fact, June has brought five conventions that are expected to pump more than $2 million into the local economy.

Yeah, OK, swell.

Yet, these same lamebrains babble incessantly about a bridge and loot rail charitably expected to vacuum $100 million EACH YEAR out of that SAME "local economy."

Oddly, they never seem to talk about that.

Why not? It's much like the rape or near rape of a woman by someone involved in an "Inconvenient Truth." He doesn't want to talk about that, either.

Remember, kids: those yelling the loudest in favor of this stupidity are inevitably those who will pay the least when it's built. As in, nothing.

Isn't it easy for slime like the local rag to spend YOUR money?

Yesterday, I mentioned the bizarre Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan.

In yesterday's episode, I made mention of the truly bizarre Rules of Engagement in place in Aghanistan:

To win this war, we are going to have to kill a lot of people. Some of them will be innocents. We will never set out to kill innocents, but some innocents are going to die. Sorry about that.

As a nation, that reality should have been our guiding principle from day one.

Unfortunately, we are led by someone apparently incapable of understanding or appreciating that truism. So, we get Rules of Engagement that were written as if OBL had signed off on them.

People can shoot at us; throw their weapons down and run away, knowing full well that we can’t return fire against unarmed people… even if they were shooting at us moments before.

I don't, for one second, believe that McChrystal implemented moronic ROE's like this while living in a bubble. This kind of stupidity likely came from the fevered brow of the community organizer in chief.

The fine folks at This Ain't Hell, who are a lot closer to this than I am, have come up with this hopeful sign:

Petraeus to review ROE

I picked this article up from Ace of Spades from the Telegraph which claims that the new commander in Afghanistan, General Petraeus is going to review the Rules of ENgagement that the troops there have been laboring under for the past year;

“There will be no change in overall policy but all aspects of tactics and implementation will be looked at afresh,” a Pentagon official told The Daily Telegraph. “The issue of ‘courageous restraint’ is a controversial one on the ground and there may be ways it can be modified.”

Changes to allow soldiers more flexibility in using lethal force are likely to be welcomed by both American and British troops.

This month became the bloodiest of the nine-year war yesterday after four British were killed when their Ridgeback vehicle rolled into a canal in Helmand.

Yeah, Petraeus had better put a more flexible ROE in place before that dick Eikenberry gets his greasy, ham-handed paws on them. Knowing Eikenberry like I do, he’d rather have the troops shoot each other than the Taliban.

This is the trouble with the current command philosophy at the White House level. And GEN McChrystal's career self-immolation appears to be responsible for this.


To be a democrat is to be delusional: Kaine says "We're not on the defensive."

I'm sure by now that most people have seen that YouTube scene of Hitler and his staff in the Bunker a few hours before the end. He's being briefed on the military situation, and he depends on relief by Waffen SS General Steiner's non-existent army. It's a scene that's been parodied a thousand times, with subtexts put across the screen to make Hitler and the others seem to be talking about everything from WSU beating the Huskies in football to Swine Flu to any number of other situations like that. Here's the Swine Flu example:

The moment I saw the headline on the bizarre story "'We're not on the defensive,' Democrat's leader Kaine says," I was instantly transported to YouTube and those pages re-running the bunker scene.

Clearly, Kaine shares the delusion of Adolf Hitler.

(No, I am not comparing Kaine or any other democrat to Hitler. That was the leftist game when they made an industry out of comparing Bush to Hitler... as the 12.4 million hits on Google in response to the search term "Bush Hitler" will return, with 1.09 million image hits)

But for ANYONE to claim the democrats are not on the defensive is to be sunk in the depths of delusion that only a Hitler-like character could possibly believe.

I GET that you have to be delusional to be a leftist. But the only question that is going to matter in November is this: Are you better off now then you were 10, 8, 6, 4 or 2 years ago?

I saw a talking head on TV the other day who explained it like this:
"You know, when Obama got up this morning and looked in the mirror, I'm sure he was struck by the thought that just about everything that COULD go wrong, WAS going wrong... and it was going wrong on HIS watch."
Memo to Tim: Every thing, at every level, is going wrong. Economy, employment, war, the Gulf, debt, worthless currency, massive increase in government payrolls.... all on you.

And YOU people are in charge.

And then YOU say you're "not on the defensive?" Seriously? Really?

How much does it suck that only soccer can get Americans to feel this way about their country... thanks to people like you? (BIG H/T to In.sur.rec.tion)

When election night, 2010 is over, you folks will be praying (sorry, bad euphemism, since many of you are atheists) that the slaughter is only as bad as 1994.

And as I recall, 1994 was a massacre... an epic nightmare to your side of these issues.

Promise after promise made; promise after promise..... broken. An incompetent, clueless moron elected president who has buried us in a mountain of trillions in debt; who has expanded the size of government geometrically, who has no clue or interest in foreign policy, who has bent over for the Russians and the Chinese every hour on the hour; who has no clue about Afghanistan, Iraq or terrorist who would slit his throat a dozen times before breakfast without giving it a second thought.

A state budget where the money junkies of the left have jacked up our taxes in the midst of a recession, blowing the budget up like a balloon instead of making the tough calls like cutting state employees both in numbers and in pay across the board, forcing the people to bear the burden of a bloated government.... and they've done it with a smile... while self-delusional types like Kaine do nothing to stop it, claiming they're "not on the defensive."

Belief in a party or it's goals should not replace common sense like it has in the White House and in Olympia. Striving to maintain the illusion that you people are not going to be crushed here in a few months will do nothing to solve your riddle.

Politically, it makes sense for us to hope that you political idiots keep doing what you're doing.

The problem is that you're getting us killed. The problem is that you're burying us further and further in debt with every lie, like Obamacare. The problem is that the Gulf is getting worse and worse every day while your disinterested president has his weekly White House parties on our tab and doesn't miss his golf game... the same golf your sort crucified Bush for playing.... because, well, after all, to be a democrat is at base, to be a hypocrite.

So, for me, I would rather have a successful and healthy country, unlike the sickly crone you clowns have created, than political success.

And that, unfortunately, seems to be the exact opposite of what you people want... which is political success at all costs.... no matter how many die, or how many generations you enslave for your short sighted debt.

Maybe you should also ask them what their last name (Reid, as in son of Harry Reid) and party (democrat) are because this guy doesn't mention either. (Democrat Rory Reid's latest governor ad on YouTube.

"Not on the defensive?"


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Afghanistan. Stay…. Or go?

This September will mark the 9th year of our active combat involvement in Afghanistan.

I want to take the time to verbally shotgun our “I’m-by-no-means-qualified-to-be-president, but-I’ve- played-one-on-TV” Commander-in-Chief for his lack of faith and concern in and for our military. That is the curse of choosing someone in the middle of a war to lead this country who has opted to view our military men and women with contempt, as “I spoke out against the now wildly successful Surge” Obama has done.

But frankly, I’m just too tired.

The how and why we find ourselves in the position we’re in has no place in this discussion. THIS discussion involves the next step…. The “what now” step.

The United States should have a goal in Afghanistan. The trouble is, even with a diverse military background, with duty and schooling and experience in the enlisted, NCO and company grade officer ranks, even with work in Saudi Arabia and over 6 years overseas, I haven’t been able to figure out what that goal is, or how we’ll know when we have absolutely achieved it.

This is an important discussion to have, I believe, and I’m writing about it in the context of the McChrystal debacle.

McChrystal is a black ops guy. You see the “tab” collection. “Special Forces.” “Ranger.” Apparently, McChrystal was a battalion commander… at the ripe old age of 33, an unheard of feat in the modern military era. McChrystal ran Black Ops in Iraq for 5 years or so before his Afghan gig as CG, ISFA; the command he ultimate resigned from in the face of his remarks to the Rolling Stone reporters.

He’s been taking some heat from Michael Yon, a former Green Beanie himself, who now gets his kicks as an “embed” independent reporter type. Yon, perhaps best known for an amazing picture taken a few years back, has been hammering McChrystal and other general officers for the Afghan strategy, in every aspect from the almost laughable Rules of Engagement, which govern when, how and under what conditions our Forces may fire on the enemy to that same lack of a goal to strategize TO, to the corrupt Karzai regime that hundreds of us have died and thousands of us have been wounded to prop up.

Let me throw this into the mix: I have a vested interest in this issue. I have a son who is seriously considering the military as an option.

And I am doing everything I can to talk him out of it.

Clueless leadership of a war is a death warrant for kids that have been trained to believe they’re making a difference.

Are they?

Well, I might think they were if I or anyone else knew:

A. What’s the goal in Afghanistan, and

B. How do we get there, and

C. How will we know when we’ve achieved it, and

D. How much are we willing to spend in lives and money, to get there?

McChrystal, I believe, knows how to fight that war. But he found himself hamstrung by extraneous and irrelevant political restrictions, because we are much more concerned about some nebulous “world opinion” then we are the blood and lives of our children.

So, we send the finest armed force the world has ever known over to this country to fight what amounts to a caveman insurgency, tell them to knock the stuffing out of the bad guys, and then give the bad guys every possible strategic and tactical advantage. The result?

“June (2010) deadliest month for troops in Afghan War.”

Shouldn’t things be getting better by now?

Militarily, what are the differences between Iraq and Afghanistan?

Could it be the ROE are so restrictive in Afghanistan that we cannot win militarily?

I don’t want to see anyone that doesn’t NEED killing get killed. But this isn’t, by any means, a perfect world.

I believe that all REASONABLE steps should be made to avoid collateral damage. I’ve never been one to “save the village” by “destroying it.”

But as a nation and as a military, unless we can destroy the enemy AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEM, we are facing eminent defeat.

This means: airstrikes against Iran. This means leveling villages that provide aid or comfort to the insurgents. This means fighting these people on OUR terms, instead of theirs.

At the end of the day, we are going to lose unless we make the costs so prohibitively expensive for the fight to continue that those involved pick up their football and go home.

McChrystal, I believe, understands all of that. That, as a general officer, he could vote for a complete military imbecile for the presidency in the middle of a war calls his political judgment into question, certainly; but how could he possibly have known for a certainty the depths of the ACORN-in-Chief’s stupidity?

So, he finds himself in command of an untenable military situation: He can win, but he has been ordered to tie one arm and a foot behind his back to do it.

He fully understands the implications of a rotten, corrupt, central government. He understands that we can’t look at the Afghan people and ask them to either believe in such a government or to believe in US, when we’ve already (and quite stupidly) announced we’re going to leave pretty soon.

Everyone aware there’s a war going on in Afghanistan is also aware of our efforts to “Vietnamize” it. The patterns have unmistakable parallels.

We’re propping up a corrupt government. We’re trying to train a military up enough to fight for themselves. We’re sick of being there. We won’t take the military steps necessary to punish those supplying the insurgents with an unlimited amount of supplies and other support.

In a nutshell, that certainly seems to be the plan we’re following now at the strategic level. And the Taliban know it (They’ve got internet access as well) so they don’t even have to fire a round in a village or a region. All they have to do is retell the Obama campaign promises, promises that see us leaving… and then look around and ask: “Who is going to protect you then?”

And anyone would somehow expect a different outcome?

McChrystal sees all of that, and his political ignorance aside, he sees an increasingly difficult military situation, made unnecessarily so by moronic dictates from people like Obama, who don’t know (or care to know) any more about the military than they do brain surgery.

The problem is that Obama isn’t the brain surgeon in chief… he’s the Commander-in-Chief. His military ignorance has, is and will hurt this country. McChrystal is faced with the idea that he must go out and play patty-cake with the bad guys, knowing that he’s doing so with a White House which will toss him under the nearest bus with a rapidity that would make the Reverend Wright debacle look like a fender-bender in comparison.

To win this war, we are going to have to kill a lot of people. Some of them will be innocents. We will never set out to kill innocents, but some innocents are going to die. Sorry about that.

As a nation, that reality should have been our guiding principle from day one.

Unfortunately, we are led by someone apparently incapable of understanding or appreciating that truism. So, we get Rules of Engagement that were written as if OBL had signed off on them.

People can shoot at us; throw their weapons down and run away, knowing full well that we can’t return fire against unarmed people… even if they were shooting at us moments before.

Great for the insurgency.

Not so great for us.

McChrystal commands troops who are dying because of these and other rules. He’s sick of it. He sees what I see. He ponders what he can do next.

He takes the Buddhist monk route, but instead of pouring gasoline on himself and lighting it, he pours gasoline on his career and lights that. Now, America is becoming familiar with terms like “Short-sighted… Chaos-stan… Bite Me… Obama looked uncomfortable and intimidated… he didn’t seem very engaged… I was selling an unsellable position…” and so on.

These are the kinds of things the American people MUST know. We MUST pay attention.

McChrystal asks himself, directly or indirectly, “How can I change this? How can I make it different?”

Was this a deliberately planned verbal fragging of Obama?

I don’t think so. Special ops are all about targets of opportunity. I believe (And I have nothing to base this on except a well-developed gut) that McChrystal read the story and made a snap judgment that here was an opportunity that he could not pass up.

Commands don’t pay 4 star generals any more money. Obama couldn’t reduce McChrystal in rank; to do so would, under these circumstances, require a court martial and provide McChrystal with a platform to pulverize him.

What to do with McChrystal is a fascinating problem as well. But now, he’s looming there, not unlike a buzzard, waiting to pounce on Obama publically, and blow holes in what seems to be a chronically failed policy that is leading us, at a great cost in blood and treasure, no where.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CCP has filed a PDC complaint against Jon Russell.

Look. I admit it. I loath Jon Russell. I pity the people that buy into the facade that Russell stands for anything but Russell and political opportunism.

But the basis for the complaint, which was rather complicated and large and which grew to several pages as it was being developed, is based on evidence that Russell has deliberately attempted to manipulate the transparency aspects of the Public Disclosure Commission's effort to shine a light on campaign finance in this state.

The rules are fairly straightforward.

First, if you and anticipate spending more then $10,000 in a campaign, then you must file electronically.

I understand why a career politician type like Russell wants to hide as much of his campaign as possible. But the rules are the rules, and they're fairly straightforward, and certainly someone who constantly reminds us that he owns a clinic (as if that's any reason to vote for him) while having a nothing-but-political-resume' should have no trouble figuring out the PDC rules....

Should he?

Second, it’s really naughty to pay off congressional campaign debt with state representative campaign dollars.

I know Russell is an abysmal fund raiser. Who would actually WANT to give money to him? Months on the Congressional campaign trail.... and Russell could only raise $30,000.

Don Benton, while running for the US Senate, raised that in a week.

Third, it's just as naughty to falsely report the date of a debt on a C-4.

Fourth, did you really believe you could list March debt on an April C-4 reported May 10th?

And finally, when you use those darn consultants, an itemization of their services are required.

Especially those consultants you're paying while they trash someone... or others... without mentioning, even in passing, that you're still paying them.

Yes, this is certainly the Jon Russell we all know and love.

Transparency? Fuggedaboutit. Clearly, we have a series of issues that call his competency into question; we have a series of actions that call his honesty into question; and we have a series of statements that certainly could tend make one believe that, well, he and the truth are often strangers.

Cross posted at Jon Russell Watch.

How the GOP protects establishment candidates.

I was checking out Crosscut today, and read one of those pro-cheerleader articles divining the tea leaves for the upcoming election.

The writer was Chris Vance, the GOP chair who was running the show for most of our precipitous decline in the legislature.

Some of what he said made sense, of course.... it's hard to be wrong about everything.

But what struck me was his take on Herrera?Castillo in the 3rd CD; you can read about it here; what he had to say was no different then most Herrera kool aid drinkers, and as a certified member of the Bellevue Mafia, I suppose his remarks were to be expected.

What Vance left out of his column (and it's hard to believe the oversight wasn't deliberate) was that the poll was ordered, orchestrated and paid for by Herrera.

He also failed to mention the crosstabs, because the crosstabs haven't been, and won't be, released.

Furthering that old saw that a grand jury could indict a ham sandwich, the Herrera Herd and the rest of the establishment have been babbling like blithering idiots over this worthless poll with a sample of, ahem, 300; that was designed to do what it has done; garner hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of earned media for Ridgefield Barbie.

Vance's pro-Herrera propaganda without questioning the veracity and source of such a poll, without even MENTIONING that the poll was bought and paid for by Herrera.... well, was that a question of competence, or a deliberate act?

Either way, the poll is worthless without the release of the supporting information. And you would think that Vance, in his eagerness to stuff Herrera down our throats here in a district within which he does not reside, would have known that.

The cynic in me is fairly certain he does.

But hey. What do I know?

Cross posted at Jaime Herrera Watch.

Monday, June 21, 2010

CCP has filed a PDC complaint against Anthony Bittner

I freely admit that politics is a complicated game. Some, quite mistakenly, believe themselves to be good at it (See Jon Russell Watch for a good example) while others desire their 15 minutes of fame while actually completely lacking in anything approaching substance.

Anthony Bittner is just such a person.

Clark County Politics has filed a Public Disclosure Commission complaint against Anthony Bittner because Anthony has shown himself incapable of understanding the transparency aspect of the campaign finance system as embodied by the Public Disclosure Commission.

Anthony has yet to show up at any Republican campaign function. He has missed the 18th District PCO meeting, disrespecting GOP officials; he has missed every candidate forum. He has, in fact, missed every political function since he announced.

That, of course, is his privilege. But the filing of the necessary paperwork to show transparency in campaign finance isn't a suggestion.... it's the law. And Anthony Bittner, as of this writing, hasn't filed any of the required paperwork since April 27th.

And that's illegal. And that's why I filed the complaint against him.

I will be filing another complaint tomorrow against someone who should know better.

Much more to come.

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt: ANOTHER democrat position?

We all know that Tim "the Liar" Leavitt was a scammer and a liar in the last election, falsely claiming that he opposed tolls on the bridge; he, of course, supports tolls; always has and has done nothing... and will DO nothing... to keep massive tolls from being implemented, just like his democrat buddy and campaign staffer Steve "Easy Money" Stuart... who is doing everything he can to nail 65,000 commuters with a $1300 or so yearly fee to go to work.

Now, The Liar wants to silence political dissent.

The details are in this article in the local rag. But suffice it to say: The Liar is sharing yet another in the long list of leftist philosophies (The Liar was, after all, an early endorser of Obama) that he kept so carefully hidden from the Republicans who got him elected: in this case, that the First Amendment is, in reality, the first suggestion.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

John Laird is a Wienerville Whiner? Doesn't he have a mirror in his hovel?

Wienerville is the Planet of The Columbian, where morons with keyboards seem to believe they're imbued with the right to not only tell US how to live... but to coerce both us and government into meeting THEIR expectations... as if they are somehow superior to our own.

They're not.

Whoda thunk it? A moron who thinks when authority yells, we should just cave to whatever they want, what those of us who pay the bills want be damned.

I AM surprised that Laird would bitchslap Koenninger with this observation describing that spender of our money and trampler of our rights thusly:
Well, the dominant trait is worshipping the status quo, or maybe even the status
quo ante. If you are overly reminiscent, if you abhor change and believe our
best days are behind us, then you might be a Hound of Whinerville.
How many dozens of "back in the day" columns has Tommy the K subjected us to? How many reminiscing efforts have leapt off his keyboard? That's no particular reason, of the many reasons, to jump up in that moron's face and remind him how much harm he's caused this community and some of the people in it.

Why, using The Laird of Planet Wieinerville philosophy, we can just get rid of democracy altogether, instead of the situational employment so advocated by the cancer of our society.

Here's an example of this simpleton's babble that fits that bill completely:

Another characteristic is chronic disregard for established expertise. If you believe another guy’s education, training, certification and experience make him no smarter than you, then you might be a Hound of Whinerville.

Here. Let me translate:

If someone with a title or a bunch of letters after their names tells us to do something, well, by golly, we're retarded if we just don't do what we're told!

One of the many reasons to trash the rag and their efforts to ignore the will of the people is this kind of attitude.

Take, for example, the crock of cow crap they babble on about incessantly, AKA the unneeded and unwanted I-5 Bridge replacement/loot rail project. Lying, utterly worthless polls, but a psychotic fear of putting this up to the only poll that matters.... a vote of the people.

Using unlimited amounts of OUR money to go out and find the millions-sucking consultants who agree with them and their perspective while simultaneously ignoring those who don't. Building a complete waste of money THEY won't have to pay for.

And that, of course, is what makes the babble off of Laird's keyboard criminally stupid:

Completely ignoring the other side.

In everything from a pre-ordained outcome study where many people, including me, knew months in advance that the only acceptable outcome to the Scum at the Planet of The Columbian would be the absolutely unnecessary replacement of the I-5 Bridge entirely to get loot rail into Vancouver while completely ignoring the many cheaper, much more viable alternatives; to supporting their position with lying, utterly worthless polls, this stain on journalism has done everything they can to burden this local area with an unnecessary, multi-billion dollar debt.

And the rank hypocrite leading the pack?

John Laird.

Here's just one example: Laird babbles about ignoring "another guy’s education, training, certification and experience."

In Wienerville, they have all been trained to "Respech mah authority!" Well, if THEY LIKE that authority.

Just yesterday, these morons attacked a Woodland city councilman for his fine effort to respect the law these clowns don't care about, when he ran a resolution supporting Arizona law HB 1070.

Exclusive of the fact this despicable rag lied about the impacts of this resolution, what else did they do?

Well, they ignored the "education, training, certification and experience" of the councilman in question.

So, what does that make these scum?

Taking it to the next level, the idiocy of The Columbian's positions in this regard, COMPLETELY ignores the "education, training, certification and experience" of those who examined this steaming, economy-killing crap pile and discovered it was a total waste of time and billions, but that scum like Laird felt that it was "better than nothing."

So, when LAIRD comes out and does the exact same thing he accuses other of doing... what does that make him?

I think we know the answer to that, don't we?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

OK, we get that the Columbian is a fringe left rag...

And a proven cancer on our community... but this is over the top, even for the pig that wrote this:

Jeers: To Woodland City Councilman Benjamin Fredericks, who this month urged the council to pass a resolution supporting Arizona’s short-sighted law requiring local police to try to determine people’s immigration status. Fredericks offered no evidence as to how illegal immigrants pose a threat to Woodland, nor any plan for how the city’s small police force would enforce such a law if the state Legislature were to enact one. Woodland City Council members Al Swindell, Marilee McCall and John J. Burke disagreed, rightly pointing out that such a resolution just breeds hate and discontent, and puts the city in an awkward position of enforcing federal laws.
Unexplained is the obvious: How any resolution supporting a law passed in another state would "put the city in an awkward position of enforcing federal laws."

The hemorrhoid on the science of journalism has done a lot of damage to our community, from attacking individuals who stand up to their tyranny to lying polls.

But to suggest that any city council in this area doing a resolution in support of a state law in some other state would then, somehow, magically have to begin enforcing the law they're supporting of SOME OTHER STATE may just be the most moronic, asinine and infantile crap this rag has ever printed.

That their fellow leftists lied or were stunningly ignorant about the impacts of such a resolution sent the message that Woodland is now a sanctuary city, where violating the law is, in fact, a sought after outcome... but an outcome wanted by this crap pile's fellow leftists across the country.

Being in the unfortunate position of having read the resolution in question, there is absolutely NOTHING in that legislation that would have put the city in the awkward position of ANYTHING concerning enforcement. The moron who wrote this garbage doesn't explain how they would have to enforce federal law; they just drink the kool aid and stupidly babble that Woodland would, in fact, have to enforce federal law.

And God forbid, even if it were true, that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, would actually enforce the law.

Those claiming that the resolution would be "divisive" are absolutely right. It would divide those of us who support the laws of this country, which obviously doesn't include the toilet paper, from those who would not only allow, but encourage, the criminal violation of this country's immigration laws.

So yeah, there's "jeers" all right... for the insipid moron who babbled this paragraph in the bankrupt paper... which, with any luck at all, will one day be out of business, replaced with the Reflector... a paper who doesn't always get it right, but who does get it much more right then the used condom of news in Vancouver.

Friday, June 18, 2010

You're a tougher man than I, Marine.

Devotion to duty like this is an uncommon vitrue. I understand he held that salute for a minimum of 3 hours... nonstop.


You're a tougher man than I, Marine.

From this year's Rolling Thunder tribute.

So, in the 18th, who's breaking the law?

That's today's quiz question: who is filing on time for the Public Disclosure Commission and who isn't?

Well, let's take a look, shall we?

Filing C-3's (donation reports) were due on the 7th and 14th.

Who filed for those dates?

Well, Ann Rivers did. Brandon Vick did. Dennis Kampe KINDA did. But he missed his June 7 filing... and then got it in a little late. He filed a C-4 on June 7, but no C-3.

What about the rest of the candidates? Who's breaking the law?

Anthony Bittner? Check. He hasn't filed a thing since April 27th.

Jon Russell? Check. He was supposed to file C-3's on the 14th, according to this:

June 1 Begin filing C-3 reports weekly, each Monday, for deposits made during
previous 7 days (Monday thru Sunday)
Russell's filing manually in an effort to make it a little more difficult to find out that he's paying off congressional debt with state representative campaign funds... something of a definite no-no. And, of course, the second he's able to find enough suckers to get him up over $10,000, (You know, the same $10,000 he claimed to have already raised to the PCO's on May 22nd? THAT $10,000?) he's going to have to retroactively file his entire campaign electronically.

But then, Russell's never been one about true transparency, has he?

And where's his filing for the 14th?

No where.

Hiding hings as a part of your campaign isn't all that great of a strategy. Paying for things with state funds that are prohibited for a federal race... also not cool.

Paying someone (Gary Wyram) to do hit pieces under the guise of disinterested bystander for We The People without him indicating that he's being paid to do it?

Typically Russell. And typically unethical and scummy.

Cross-posted at Jon Russell Watch.

So, the Columbian quotes this blog, but won't acknowledge or link to it?

One of the reasons I despise the local cancer on our society is that while they appear all too willing to use this blog as a source of information and quotes, they refuse to extend me the courtesy I always extend them: namely, a link to this location.

We already know Lou Brancaccio hates blogging... how many times has he written columns denigrating bloggers as a source of information?

Gee, was it all that long ago that THIS blog broke the story and provided proof in the form of the FBI report proving that Baird's no town hall meetings due to threats scam was just that: a scam... only to have the hemorrhoid of journalism come back two weeks later and do a story on that issue... even though they clearly got the information from me, and then did a rapid FOIA to the FBI like I had so they could act like they hadn't got the information from me? (After printing dozens of stories doing damage control for Baird as if he was paying them)

There are reasons this rag is so reviled; they include their agenda driven plan to stuff loot rail down our throats and saddle us with billions in debt to bring that project into Clark County, a debt none of THEM will have to pay for (Rank hypocrite, Lou. Look it up.) there support of the Nazi-like efforts of the city of Vancouver to silence those who wanted downtown redevelopment put to a vote, a redevelopment that keeps us buried in debt while using taxpayer subsidies for the Hilton... support of the fringe left candidates like Jom Moeller, now known as then "Candy Man" because of his moronic "M&M's are taxable but Twix candy is not" bill, a bill these idiots TWICE condemned... without ever naming Moeller as the sponsor?

But one of the big reasons I wouldn't use these scum to wrap my fish is this:

A local blogger posted a photo of the cannibalized sign and asserted, "Clearly, this was done by a Bittner supporter," then went on to admonish the 18-year-old that "Damaging political signs is a criminal offense."

Bittner demanded a retraction , writing on the blog, "It is NOT clearly an Anthony Bittner supporter. Vandalism is a criminal offense but so is slander, keep that in mind."

Could these slimeballs acknowledge WHICH "local blogger?" Nope.

That's asinine for the reasons previously mentioned, and totally moronic because they didn't use the picture they were talking about, apparently forgetting that a picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words.

The reasons for this are obvious. They know that I believe their paper to be damaging our community with their leftist bent. They know that I have attacked them, and will continue to attack them for using their rag to bludgeon those who disagree with them. They have banned me from commenting on their "stories," but then can't seem to stay away from, and use MY blog as a source of their own stories... which perhaps illustrates better than most the hypocrisy that is the editorial policy of this crap pile.

My tracking software shows multiple visits to this blog on a typically daily basis by the paper. But they obviously fear what I have to say.

So, here's a clue: you don't link to this blog?

They you are hereby denied permission to use anything, in any form, posted here.

Does that help you?

Do we understand each other? Good.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

When Jon Stewart starts in on you...

Things aren't going well for the empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot in the White House. And when the Hollywood Left rolls off you and you're a democrat... things are really bad for you.

H/T to Big Hollywood.

Over the course of just a few days we’ve seen Rolling Stone, Maureen Dowd, the LA Times, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Joan Walsh, Rachel Maddow, Howard Fineman, and the NY Times all, by their own definition, become racists. Jon Stewart, however… Wow.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Respect My Authoritah
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party


Yes, we are all racists now!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

That tears it: Bittner is a real slimeball.

We have enough lying scum in politics... and now we have Anthony Bittner.

Bittner mislead KOIN 6 news into believing that HIS signs were damaged in the sign destruction rampage of Friday through Saturday when the victim who suffered the most by far was Ann Rivers, who lost hundreds of dollars worth of signs while Bittner's were left alone.

Instead of having the guts to tell KOIN the truth, or correct their story, this simple minded idiot just posts it on his Facebook page as if it's true.

Here's a picture of his Facebook page:

Here's the link captured off his page

Anthony Bittner for Washington State District House of Rep. 18th District
Koin 6 reporting on the sign vandalism in my race.

KOIN Local 6 is Everywhere – and Always On.

There is no excuse for this kind of despicable conduct. None. I wonder if he's going to show up at the Republican Women's Function tomorrow.

I hope so. He's got some explaining to do.

Memo Number 2 to Anthony Bittner: it wasn't your signs stolen or damaged.

Earlier, I mentioned the rather odd coincidence that Ann Rivers had suffered hundreds of dollars in damaged and destroyed signs over the Friday - Saturday period in the Hazel Dell/Salmon Creek area.

The coincidence?

None of the damaged signs were Anthony Bittner's. All of the damaged signs in that area were co-located with Bittner's.

Anthony was just a bit miffed at me for pointing that out. Having schooled the young man as to what threats would avail him and having pointed out that no campaign or campaign supported by low-level morons who would engage in this type of activity had ever won, I thought that would be the end of it.

Well, guess what. It wasn't.

SOMEONE, and no, I don't know who, sent this picture to KOIN 6,

claiming that the sign damaged was a Bittner sign. That's obviously untrue, but then, the same mentality that could destroy other people's property in the name of a political campaign was, no doubt, similarly responsible for this lie to the media.

I sincerely hope that Bittner had nothing to do with this. But I also know that yesterday, the picture in question was removed from River's facebook account unknown to Rivers.

There is no excuse for this. Certainly, by now, Bittner has contacted KOIN 6 news to correct the story.... right?