Saturday, November 30, 2013

How quickly the slimeball running the local democrats forgets: Charter/Freeholders now a GOOD thing.

As an objectifier of women, Mike Heywood is hard to beat.

So enamored with porn that he had to view it in his last gig, which was as chief propagandist for the democratian editorial page (John "Pit Yorkie" Laird was Heywood's replacement)  and was subsequently fired for doing it (I guess no one else wanted the local leftist club's chairmanship... since they gave it to him) one of the things you can count on, in addition to his poor judgement, is his rank hypocrisy.

It wasn't all that long ago that our local neo-communists freaked at the very idea of a charter.  This self-same Heywood babbling in the democrat swindle sheet of May, 2011:

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Why do local democrats hate rural voters and fear the democratic process?

One thing I've come to notice over the years is precisely how much democrats think the voters are stupid... and how much they fear and despise them.

Written by Michael Heywood, who brought the same level of factuality and even-handedness to this article at The Clark County Democrat party newspaper as he did to the editorial page of the democratian before his ignominious exit, it's the kind of tripe that makes anyone remotely acquainted with politics sick.
Proposed changes in county charter could be awful
Or it could be great.  Heywood doesn't really have a clue because none of the proposals scaring him out of his shorts have even been discussed, let along presented.
Clark County's government structure is somewhat antique and outdated. A system invented to manage road construction and not much else in the way of governance clanks along clumsily in a high-speed era of complex and varied civic action.
Democrats have, and still do, (at the time this was written) control the commission for decades.  Yet, what have they done to address these shortcomings?
Streamlining and modernizing the machine appeals to the progressive psyche, but the folks who have convinced the Board of Clark County Commissioners to consider adopting a new county charter have other agenda priorities.
Here.  Let me help with that:

We're too clueless to offer any other alternatives, so when anyone tries to address the stupidity of the current system, we're going to attack them even before we know what their proposals are... because under the current system, we get everything we want, including a government that ignores the electorate and actively seeks to bury us under billions of dollars of debt.
They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital.
Because we like the current urban interest's dominance over rural values.  That is, we like ramming our view down their throats while doing everything we can to keep them from having a voice.
They are far away from achieving their goals, but inattention from thoughtful citizens could ease their path.
God forbid that they might want to do or change anything in a way we don't like, so, you fellow neo-communists, get out there and get involved!
Without much evident public support, the charter-change advocates have persuaded the county commissioners to start the ball rolling toward charter change for the third time in recent history. In January the board formally adopted a resolution to consider a move from the present form of government to something different.
Much like the moronic CRC that the fringe leftists so strongly support which has practically zero public support, and loot rail that has been crushed time and again at the polls, people who actually believe in democracy instead of giving it lip service like us actually took a run at the commissioners to see if they could present an alternative to the people.
Different how? That depends entirely on a panel of elected freeholders and how ably they can sell their program.
This is an outright lie, of course.

It "depends entirely" on what the voters want at the polls.

But you see, we're too stupid to think for ourselves.  That's why these slimeballs hate Tim Eyman... because all the initiatives that rein in government are HIS fault.  You know, like the voters didn't have anything to do with the outcomes?
So far the county commissioners have ordained that, should the charter process go forward, each of the three commissioner districts will be represented by five freeholders who would be elected at the Nov. 8 general election. Any registered voter would be qualified to seek election to the board of freeholders. Upon their election the freeholders would establish a schedule of hearings and meetings for the consideration of what might be included in a new county charter. Upon a majority vote by the freeholders, the Board of Clark County Commissioners would be obliged by tradition if not certainly by law to lay the proposed charter before the electorate.
And God help us... we simply CANNOT let the PEOPLE actually have a SAY in how their government is organized or what it does... right?

And that's the idiotic part of this.  As a conservative, I welcome participation by the electorate.  Leftists like those dominating our government at every level fear and despise it.

So, now, being the highest non-elected hypocrite in local politics, what's "Heywood's Headline?"

Odd, isn't it?  Fringe-left nutters like Heywood HATED the very IDEA of a charter when democrats controlled the commission.

Now, with two GOP commissioners, this "...they hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital" garbage went right out the window.

How quickly they forget.

And Heywood's take on the county executive model is sheer bullshit as well... but then, he stupidly believes that the democrats had anything to do with the bizarre outcome of stamping the seal of disapproval on their loot rail fetish while simultaneously re-electing the scum pushing it the hardest.

Heywood taking ANY credit for the outcomes in Vancouver or Battle Ground makes as much sense as that lying slimeball in the White House taking credit for fixing the economy, or making Iran get rid of nukes.

But we should all know better.

Odd, isn't it?  They hated it with a passion, and along with the democratian PR machine, soundly trashed the very idea of it.

What's changed?

Their hatred at the success of David Madore has overcome their faux fear of "...rural interests dominance over urban values."  They hate so much that there concerns of the past, which from their fringe-leftist view were perfectly valid, were suddenly rendered moot by the election of David Madore.  Besides proving how shallow and politically driven they are, it shows the neo-communist thought process to a "T."

Don't like the results of an election?  Can you partner with the local rag like you're sending them checks?  Can you make up an issue, presuming the scumbag running the paper pounds on your target with a sledge-hammer?

Then flip your position.

It's all good, and since the scumwad running the rag was in lockstep with you while you were whining, moaning and bitching like cut cats at the very thought of doing what you rabidly support NOW will never hold you accountable... or even mention... your hypocritical flip on the issue.

Now, in the face of their abysmal failure to manufacture a reason to recall Commissioners Madore and Mielke... they seem to have settled on this variety of legal lynching.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Since the president has jumped into the slime zone with his "tea-bagger" comment...

Is this a bad time to talk about his sex life?

I mean, is there any doubt this empty suited, anti-American racist bigot doesn't swing both ways?

The guy in question, appropriately named "Reggie Love," apparently brings out the best in our sewer-brained Commander in Chief.  (Look it up.  plug in "Obama boy friend" to google, and you'll get 206,000,000 hits)

I get the left's fetish with sort of thing: leftists at all levels apparently practice the craft extensively, given their obsession about it.

But the scumbag in the White House may have tip-toed over the edge with this tidbit:

Obama Refers to Tea Party Members as 'Tea-baggers'

President Barak Obama used the sexually vulgar expression “tea-baggers” to refer to tea party members in a letter he wrote to a Texas grade school Teacher. The term “tea-baggers” has been used to ridicule the tea party, a group of American activists who advocate reducing taxes,  shrinking the size of government, and returning to traditional family values. Obama was replying to a letter he received from Thomas Ritter, a 5th grade school teacher from Irving, Texas. 

In his letter to the President, Ritter expressed deep concern that the Affordable Care Act was a law that “caused such a ­divisive, derisive and toxic environment.” Ritter said that he wrote to the President with great trepidation because he feared “retribution.” He asserted, “The reality is that any citizen that disagrees with your administration is targeted and ridiculed.” Moreover, Ritter begged the President to, “Do the right thing not the political thing. Suggest a bill that Americans can support.”
Ritter went on to accuse the President of making fun of "tea-baggers” and blamed White House Press Secretary Jay Carney for ridiculing Sarah Palin, noting that it was “beneath the dignity of the White House” to engage in this kind of political targeting. Obama defended himself, writing, “I... appreciate your concern about the toxic political environment right now. I do have to challenge you, though, on the notion that any citizen that disagrees with me has been 'targeted and ridiculed' or that I have 'made fun' of tea-baggers.”
It's unfortunate that the slimeball running the show has done more damage to this nation than practically any other cause it's been out displeasure to experience.

How I long for the simple idiocy and stupidity of Jimmy Carter.  Dumb as a board fence, but essentially without guile, he was one of the more honest morons to ever serve in the White House, but as clueless as he was (is).... compared to the current occupant, he was a genius.

Is this a good time to point out that Senator Cruz was right?

Oh, the whaling and gnashing of teeth of the establishment republicans about Sen. Cruz's positions on Obamacare.

Everyone from that empty-suited idiot representing us (allegedly) in Congress to Mitch McConnell blew the call.

The mainstreamers were wrong.

Ted Cruz was right.

Why haven't those slimeballs who attacked him the most, either directly... or indirectly... apologized?

Why haven't they acknowledg3ed they were wrong and he was right?

When it comes to the empty-suits like Herrera... and the RINO's like her, and McCain, and Graham and McConnell and Boehner, et all, and those of that ilk who threw us under the Obamacare bus... why haven't they apologized?

Just another of the many nails in the GOP coffin.

Cruz was right, all along.

Joe Wilson was right... all along.

And what are the slime who went along with this injustice doing about it?


Let's remember, people: politics does not happen in a vacuum.  A large part of the reason our economy, domestic policies and foreign policies are in such horrific shape is because the "establishment," having determined that our rape was inevitable, decided to try and relax and enjoy it.


Not now... not ever.

Parenting by press-release: Jaime Herrera.

Regular readers know of the well-earned disdain I have for our utterly worthless, and apparently quite clueless, do-nothing in Congress.

The federal equivalent of our own local do-nothing State Representative, Brandon Vick (R-Absent), Herrera, aka "Ridgefield Barbie," has been in elective office for the past 6 years, and seems to have managed to avoid accomplishing anything in any of them.

For several months now, unable to point to any legislative accomplishment of any kind, she's been buffing her "bright, shiny politics" meme of distraction over achievement by using her child as... well... something.

From the very beginning of this drama, Herrera's most intimate moments have been open to all when it comes to her child.  Why?  Why is it any one's business... except for her deliberate decision to use her deathly ill baby for political gain?

Meanwhile, she's thrown us under the Obamacare bus, failed to act on the CRC Scam, even after it's second crushing defeat (Last year, she falsely pledged to be "guided by the outcome of the CTran vote") and sent out a mailer lying about her support of veterans.

Folks, there's a reason her top donors are from a bridge contractor... Kiewit.

And Now, Babs continues to use her child's illness as political accessory... we get a press release that she might make it home before Christmas... and naturally, we'll get a press release that she HAS made it home when she DOES make it home, with all the accompanying publicity that goes with it, as Jaime's people continue to use the media to portray that clueless moron in a sympathetic light.

I despise anyone who would use their child(ren) as accessories... like a purse, or earrings.  Herrera is all that and worse, taking it all to a whole new level.

And I, for one, find it sickening.
November 26, 2013 1:04 pm
A spokesman for southwest Washington Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (BUHT'-lur) says her infant daughter was moved from a hospital to an outpatient facility last week in California, and she could be home in Camas by Christmas. (A "spokesman," a euphamism for Casey Bowman, press release God.)

Herrera Beutler's first child, Abigail Rose Beutler, was born prematurely in July with Potter's Syndrome, a kidney and lung condition that's typically fatal. Abigail has been called a "miracle baby."
She received dialysis treatments at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif., and will eventually need a kidney transplant.
The Columbian reports ( Herrera Beutler has been on leave since the birth, except for a few crucial votes. She plans to resume full-time congressional duties once Abigail is home. Her husband Dan will be the primary caregiver.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Reflector is now the Clark County Democrat Newsletter North.

I used to respect the Reflector for the most part.  I occasionally opposed the utter cluelessness of Marvin Case's devotion to the Cowlitz Casino Scam, for example, but typically, the positions were well-researched and well thought out.

And then, I read today's abortion from Ken Vance.

There is a problem when ignorance is given a position of authority in mass communication.  A big problem.  And the latest local example is Ken Vance.

I have just finished reading his column where he illustrates his complete lack of knowledge as to what happened and more importantly, how it happened.  I appreciate that he at least acknowledges his lack of information and knowledge concerning the issues, then goes on to show a frightening naiveté about the very issue he condemns, mouthing the politically motivated talking points of the fringe left as if they were paying him.

Here is the thing, Ken:  You are right: you were not there.  You also have no intimate knowledge of county HR policies, and you show a frightening lack of political understanding on both what happened and how.  But before I go any further, let me quote the newspaper that you now find yourself in lockstep with as you join their campaign to get rid of the conservative control of the county commission.

On one of the VERY FIRST STORIES in the jihad they ran, even the Columbian indicated that what happened DID NOT circumvent or violate hiring policies:
However, the county provides a few exceptions to the requirement that job positions be publicly advertised, and says elected officials have the discretion to appoint department heads.
Are you aware of this once-stated in the Democratian's anti-Madore jihad of some 60 stories and columns that say, essentially, the same thing... over and over and over?

If not... why not?

Do you remotely begin to understand the phrase "have the discretion to appoint department heads?"

ENGLISH... DO YOU SPEAK IT???  (With apologies and some minor editing to the movie Pulp Fiction.)

So, when YOU, Mr. Vance, quote the lie (and it is a lie if the Columbian’s observation is true) from the county’s “former chief diversity and inclusion officer” said that they “’100 percent circumvented our process’ when they appointed Benton” in the face of the paragraph above… when you look at the totality of the leftist opposition that you’ve now joined, and then say, well, even if it was legal, it was still wrong?

You’re building up a straw man and then beating the hell out of them by condemning Commissioners Madore and Mielke for something they did not do (Violate policies) and then telling us that you’ll stick by your condemnation, even when they’re legally exonerated.  Vance tells us:
Madore and Mielke have repeatedly said they have done nothing wrong. I guess that will ultimately be decided, one way or another. But, is that really the litmus test for a politician? Would Madore and Mielke be validated if a judge or ruling body later determines they didn’t commit the violations Strong and Largent claim they did? I don’t think so. I hope we all expect more from our elected officials.
That sort of tripe is right out of the Brancaccio playbook.

In your world, Ken, even when (And it's WHEN, not IF) those in authority come back with exoneration of this issue... and they will (Ken, have you yet to stop and wonder why there is no recall effort underway?  Could it be that it's because those coming after Madore and Mielke know damned well they're no where close to meeting the hurdle of proving illegality required to get a judge to sign off on such an effort?) you STILL will condemn them?  Are you kidding me?

Have you lost your senses?  You tell us they claim they haven't done anything wrong, and then tell us, even though it might be true that they have done anything wrong, it's still wrong?

If they haven't done anything wrong, then what other litmus test do you want?  What else is there besides "right" and "wrong?"

That you don't LIKE what they've done is nothing but your opinion.  And your opinion is no better than anyone elses.  The difference is that you have a responsibility to the readership.  Clearly, you have failed in that responsibility on this issue.

That's Brancaccian logic at it's best.

Here’s the thing, Ken: besides violating any journalistic tenet of fairness (Again, precisely what the Columbian does… and you are supposed to be better than that) you have shown your true colors by failing to do research, failing to understand or acknowledge the political motivations of those whining the loudest, failing to discuss this issue with either Commissioner in question and failing to come to the conclusion, which is as obvious as the nose on your face… That if, for example, they had hired, say, Jim Moeller, who isn’t even qualified to be in public office, let alone hold this position… you wouldn’t have heard a peep out of any of the scum pounding Benton and the Conservative Commissioners.

If we needed a “Columbian North,” I am sure we would ask for one.  And the fact that you never bothered to call either of the commissioners you are so roundly condemning?

Clearly, at one time or another, you worked for the Columbian.  Because failing to allow those in your cross-hairs to respond?  That is how THEY roll… and it is just as despicable for you to do it then it is when they do it.

The entirety of this scam is based not on the hiring of Benton... which may or may not turn out to have a great outcome for us all.

It is, instead, based entirely on Lefty Lou Brancaccio's institutional hatred of Benton and Madore because locally, they've been among those with the highest profile dedicated to stopping the Columbian's agenda of ramming this multi-billion dollar waste of money down our collective throats in the name of loot rail.

Time, of course, WILL tell.  And for all of your with the poisoned mind set of Mr. Vance, I've got to ask you: what are you going to do or say if Benton does an exceptional job as ES Director?  What would it take for you to back off?

We all know the answer to that: nothing.  There's nothing Benton, nor Madore nor Mielke can do to get the haters to admit that they were wrong and that Mielke and Madore were right.  Benton could do the job like he invented environmental services and it wouldn't make any difference to the ignorant, the malleable, the leftist sheeple like Lefty Lou and now Ken Vance who hate this hiring for the sake of hating it because it fits in with their personal political meme.

And there's no possible way it could ever be rehabilitated in the minds of those who refuse to give this situation a chance, or who bask in their ignorance of what actually happened, the authorship of the policies (all democrats, BTW, policies that have been in place for years) in question or the ultimate outcome of the hiring in question, which is success for the department or failure.

If, ultimately, the ES Department becomes a disaster, or drops to the level it was before Benton's hiring, then I will personally lead the charge to get rid of him.  But here we are, 5 months or so down the road, and that doesn't seem to be happening.  And what if it doesn't happen?

What if Madore and Mielke made the right choice?  And why isn't that possibility even addressed?

Ken, you've shown a frightening level of ignorance and political gullibility.  I expected better from you.  You are certainly no Marvin Case.

So, in that vein, the recent actions of area newspapers – and in this case, that means you, Ken Vance of the Reflector – have left me disgusted, disheartened and demoralized.

Perhaps you should stick with high school sports.  Because clearly, this situation is far over your head.

Herrera using veterans with her fake lie: "Jaime Supports Veterans"

So, I got another waste of taxpayer dollars from the empty-suited idiot representing us in Congress.

Let me be clear here:  Jaime Herrera has done absolutely nothing for veterans.

Let me repeat that:

Jaime Herrera has done absolutely nothing for veterans.

Part of the reason I oppose this moron is this statement she made to me back in 07.  It's the kind of thing that just sticks with a guy:

Back when Marc Boldt and Cathy McMorris were ramming her down our collective throats as the appointment to replace Richard Curtis, I asked her about her 11 year absence from the area.  She responded that it was "just like being in the military."

That's the kind of thing that makes my head explode... and that proves there's nothing the Camas Manikin won't say to get... and stay... elected... it's like she's a female version of Tim "The Liar" Leave-it.  And this lying turd of a mailer... where she actually... and falsely... tries to get people to believe that she actually "stands with our veterans?"

That's like her press releases that indicate she's "concerned" about the CRC rip off.

She hasn't DONE anything about the CRC Scam, you understand... but she's CONCERNED about it... as if, for example, her "concern" is enough.

Well, her non-existent "support" of veterans is just that.  And her "concern," without her "action," has made zero difference... precisely like her inaction on the CRC Scam.

She tells us she "voted for," or "supported," or "co-sponsored" a particularly worthless bill that accomplishes dick (HR 1796) 

She goes on to lie about HER PERSONAL EFFORTS to reduce the VA Backlog...because an appropriations bill she had nothing to do with took another ineffective swipe at the problem which is just as bad now as it was when her worthless carcass was elected to Congress.

She went on to lie about rural medical services, citing veterans having to drive 50 miles to get prescriptions filled, apparently never having heard about the VA's prescription by mail service... again showing her ignorance as to VA related issues and systems.

She also tries to get people to believe that "co-sponsoring" legislation, again about something she knows nothing about (Specifically, the sexual assault issues within the military) is really... hard... work, or deserving of some sort of medal.

It ain't.

In the past, Ridgefield Barbie has taken votes that not only don't "support" Veterans or the Military; she has instead taken votes that actually HURT the troops.. and veterans.

Clearly, this vacuous nonsense is but another reason to despise the Camas Manikin.

Slimeball Stuart sinks to new depths of scummery.

We already know that Stuart doesn't give a rat's ass what his constituents want, need or say: he laid it all out in his infamous "screw you" video:

Now, he's tending to act like he's seriously addicted to drugs or some such nonsense:
While Stuart spent most of the two hours debating the merits and accuracy of the document, he eventually recognized his labors were fruitless, as the document is nonbinding.
"Pass it, don't pass it, it will have no effect," Stuart said, visibly irritated by the scenario. "This is a waste of everyone's time and resources."
If he was "visibly irritated" and called it a "waste of time" and so forth... then why did it bother him?

But this is the best part of Slimeball's self-delusion:
At one point, Stuart queried if Mielke had read every piece of the resolution and its references. Mielke said he had not, which prompted Stuart to compare the situation to the flak he has recently taken for not having a finalized contract in front of him before voting on the C-Tran matter that prompted the resolution.
Sure, because a non-binding resolution (at least to him) has the EXACT same impact as putting the people of this county on the hook for millions of dollars while ceding eminent domain rights to an unelected, out of state agency; all in the name of giving his pet project... a project that has been completely rejected by the people of this county... an act of, well oral sex... not to mention the amount of time devoted to this single resolution and the amount of public scrutiny this resolution has received, unlike the scam rammed down the throats of the people of this county because Slimeball didn't care WHAT we thought: he says as much in the video.

For the fringe-leftists, like Slimeball, moral relativism is what's for dinner.

Fringe-left nutters like Slimeball are always irritated when representatives of the people... of which he is not... get in the way of their efforts to screw us.

And the irony of it?

He doesn't know the half of it.

Isn't it a little late, Berry? You've already screwed us...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Molehill steps on his minature crank over Clark job numbers.

So, Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller weighs in... stupidly... by giving that scumbag in the White House the credit for the October Clark County job results while ignoring the disastrous Washington/Oregon and Portland results (-8100, -500, -3000 jobs) which also happened while that communist in the White House was "improving" the economy... when he wasn't working to destroy our insurance/health care system.

It's interesting to note that Molehill gave Obama credit for this... while ignoring the jobs vaporized in Oregon and Washington in October, but then, that's how lying scum roll, I guess.

Here's the memo, Molehill:  every one of those 3 places that lost huge numbers of jobs is run by more moronic leftists like you, Jimmy.  The only place that gained any jobs around here was run by... who, again?

That's just one of the many things to despise about scum like Moeller: even in the face of this reality, that slimy worm still has to fricking lie... and if Obama gets credit for the result in Clark County, then he certainly gets "credit" for the statewide disasters in Washington and Oregon... right?

So... 4100 new jobs for Clark County in October: think the leftist scum will give Madore any credit?

In addition to his steadfast and proven-by-the-people-at-the-polls opposition to the CRC Scam, what the scum on the left call this "single issue candidate" who "bought his seat" also ran on a platform of job creation, an agenda he's doggedly pursued in the face of complete opposition by the despicable rag of a newspaper and his colleague, soon-to-be-former county commissioner democrat Slimeball Stuart.
So, today's headline on jobs? 
Clark County sees solid gain of 4,100 jobs in October

As you would expect, there's zero mention of Commissioner MAdore in this outcome: the sole commenter, a fringe left whack job, acts a typically stupid question:
Aaron -- is it possible to determine just how many of these 4,100 new jobs in Clark County are a direct result of the 'floodgates' being opened through the reduction of development and other fees approved by the BoCC and as promised by Commissioner David Madore?
When you have a case of Madore Derangement Syndrome like the leftists around here, it's simply impossible for those swine to credit Madore with ANYTHING, particularly the biggest fringe-left pig in SW Washington, Lefty Lou.

Now, watch as the leftists do what they can to undercut these results... without comparing Clark County to the rest of the state, Oregon or the tri-county area across the river... all of which suffered reversals.

When it comes to the leftist nutters... no good deed will go unpunished.

Here's just a sample of the "War on Women," as practiced by the leftists.

This Ain't Hell bringing us this tidbit:

War on (Conservative) Women

Marilinda Garcia

Pat sends us a link from the New Hampshire Journal in regards to the announcement yesterday by Republican Marilinda Garcia (pictured above) that she intended to run for the 2d Congressional District seat, currently occupied by Democrat Anne Kuster. According to the article it only took minutes for Democrats to begin to demean her.
Within moments of her announcement, prominent Democratic State Rep. Peter Sullivan attacked Garcia on Twitter using sexist language and imagery. Sullivan compared the three-term State Representative, who holds a Master’s degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, to reality television celebrity Kim Kardashian. He went on to refer to her as “[Republican State Rep.] Al Baldasarro [sic] in stiletto heels” and “a lightweight.”
Yeah, I looked at Wiki and Ms. Garcia is a little more than a nothing like Kardashian;
While Garcia attended high school, she was a member of the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Repertory Orchestra and the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Senior Orchestra, as the Principal Harp. She attended Tufts University and the New England Conservatory of Music (NECM), earning joint bachelor’s degrees in 2006.
After graduating from Tufts and NECM, served as a court appointed special advocate for abused and neglected children. She also began teaching the harp at Gordon College, Phillips Exeter Academy, and St. Paul’s School as an adjunct professor in music. She also attended Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, where she obtained her Masters degree in Public Policy in 2010.
Garcia was elected to the New Hampshire House in 2006, at the age of 23.
We hear about the Republicans’ “war on women” with no real evidence of any such war, but the way that the Democrats treat conservative women is absolutely disgusting. Ms. Garcia is obviously an accomplished and educated young woman and to reduce her to a pair of shoes and one of the media’s favorite tarts is completely unwarranted. I’ll just sit here and hold my breath while I wait for Democrats to justify this misogyny.
Democrat hypocrisy being what it is, I suppose this sort of thing is just standard for those scum.

When Boeing leaves: a GOP opportunity that will likely be missed.

Recently, the state GOP saddled themselves with a RINO Chair (Susan Hutchinson) who got her panties in a bunch because when she ran for the gig, she apparently didn't understand what the phrase "salary range" meant, or that the "Legion of Choom" executive board did not, apparently, support her candidacy... and thus, she got the low end of the scale ($75,000) instead of what the chair she was replacing, local conservative icon Kirby Wilbur received ($95,000) which naturally led to that idiot trotting out the "War on Women" meme as some sort of a justification for getting a $20K bump instead of charging ahead and doing something WORTHY of a pay raise... 

...has been handed a golden opportunity to stick it to the democrats who allowed this series of debacles to happen.

Our obviously brain-damaged governor is the gift that keeps on giving.  He makes Obama look brilliant, and that guy can even operate a urinal.

The question?

Has the GOP noticed?

Will they do anything with this?

If so... what?

I have no faith in the GOP organization at any level.  Here, locally, they were all talk and no action in the Vancouver Soviet's city council races... another opportunity lost, particularly after all that talk about how THIS local regime can do it so much better than the LAST regime.

This guy lays it out.  Take a read.
Governor Inslee – political Idiot - *Governor Inslee tends to speak in sound bites.* *His statements do not need to make sense.*  We wrote, earlier this year that our newly anointed Governo...

When your president is a psychotic liar: 80 million to lose employer insurance coverage.

I have to admit that I hope... sincerely... that every insured moron who voted for that complete, lying, scumbag in the White House loses THEIR insurance.

I honestly do.

People like me have been hammering this lying son of a bitch as much as I hammered on The Liar Leave-it's lies during his first campaign... turns out I was 2 and Oh on that... both are lying scum who should be in prison... both are totally corrupt cowards... and if both vaporized off the face of the planet at this point, they wouldn't be missed.

SHOCK: 80 million could lose employer coverage under Obamacare...

Equally idiotic was the scumbag-in-chief caving to Iran and shoveling out billions of dollars as the fee for his effort mto sell out Israel.

I can already visualize the "sorry-about-that" press conference when Iran gets around to nuking Tel Aviv.  Mossad elements might take a different view and it could get messy.

A map of the people Slimeball Stuart does not represent and that Mussolini Mike doesn't care about..

Slimeball Stuart has made his position clear... on video:
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
As most readers know by now, Slimeball's position was crushed at the ballot box.  Here's the precinct map that shoes the countywide destruction of Slimeball's favorite issue: loot rail and the CRC Scam that goes with it:

The small red area were the five precincts foolish enough to vote for this idiocy.

That means that every other precinct in every other location voted "no" to loot rail.

Commissioner David Madore's take:

Liked · 5 hours ago

New Clark County maps reveal dramatic election results.

Our very capable GIS (Geographic Information System) team hit a home run in providing a graphical representation of our County’s Advisory votes. Click on each of the ballot measures to see the outcome.

It turns out that nearly the whole county voted against Light Rail, voted against Bus Rapid Transit, and voted for a new toll-free East County Bridge at 192nd Avenue. It doesn’t get much more dramatic than this.
As soon as the results are certified, we will put the winning resolutions on the agenda and do exactly what we said we would do, respect and honor the vote of the people. The people have spoken. It is our job to listen and respond. We work for you!
That the scum shilling the CRC Scam don't care about this outcome shows their view of  who, exactly, works for who.

They believe we work for them.

We don't.

Monday, November 25, 2013

More rank hypocrisy on the county charter from Slimeball Stuart.

No, it wasn't all that long ago that Slimeball and his democrat running buddy, Marc Boldt, trashed the effort to make Clark County into a charter county, to the rabid applause of the local democrat party, who in hammering the effort babbled:
They hope to give rural interests dominance over urban values. They suppose they can make it harder for county government to raise and spend money on social problems and infrastructure capital.
Oddly, that concern seems to have vaporized.

Wonder why?

And then, Lefty Lou's babble:

In Our View: Solutions … No Problems

County commissioners once again ponder reforming local government

Published: March 19, 2013, 6:03 AM

When a wild goose chase clearly defines itself before it even begins, responsible travelers will decline to embark on the journey. Such is the case before Clark County commissioners as they ponder another expedition into the well-known futility of changing county government to a home rule charter.
Another apt metaphor for this crusade is a solution in search of a problem. Voters have rejected a proposed home rule charter three times in 20 years, most recently in 2002. This micro-introspection of a macro-bureaucracy became so yawn-inducing in 2011 that county commissioners declined to even pull out the stethoscope. Seven public meetings were attended by a grand total of 113 people. (The level of interest might have been even lower than such a paltry number denotes, because there's no way of knowing how many people attended multiple meetings). In response, county commissioners correctly declined to pursue the matter further.
We'll see if the new board of county commissioners is equally perceptive. They could consider the matter this week.
Granted, all forms of government should be subject to frequent review, as a healthy method of being held accountable. But on this repair job, we're having a hard time finding what's broken.
Reforming county government could include any of a dozen or more changes, none of which have been accompanied by any measurable public demand. This lack of motivation might explain why only six of 39 counties in Washington have adopted home rule charters. As Erik Hidle explained in a Saturday Columbian story, potential changes could include giving residents referendum powers on county issues, changing some elected offices to appointed jobs, increasing the number of commissioners and making office[sic] nonpartisan.

Both the despicable rag and the leftist lowlifes of the democrat party are clearly motivated by partisan hatred and their failure to keep their fellow democrat in office... even though that failure was their own fault.

And now, all of a sudden, we have this dramatic reversal from Slimeball Stuart?
Commissioner Steve Stuart has also stated that he hopes to see the board move swiftly in an effort to see the new charter placed on the November general election ballot in 2014.
THIS is the kind of laughable hypocrisy Slimeball is known for.  It's the kind of hypocrisy that we see him jobless at the end of next year, and it's the kind of hypocrisy I am repeatedly going to call him out for.

Of course, he could always resign and save himself the embarrassment.

It's time for Israel to ignore that moron in the White House and act alone.

So, as most aware Americans have watched in abject horror as that simple idiot in the White House sold out our main ally in the Middle East tom a renegade country responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of American soldiers and Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan, it's time for Prime Minister Netanyahu to call his bluff: Israel needs to attack Iran, right now... today.

No more dicking around.  No more negotiations.  No more anything but to attack.

Because at the end of the day, a Tehran that glows in the dark is far more preferable than a glowing Tel Aviv and a "concerned President" holding a presser where he "condemns" Iran for nuking Israel.

The options are simple: Does Israel risk the wrath of the moronic administration for attacking Iran to eliminate the obvious, repeatedly stated threat they represent?

Or do they save themselves from destruction by pre-emptively eliminating that threat no matter what that rank amateur in DC wants?

Seems obvious to me.  Let's hope it's just as obvious to Mr. Netanyahu.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Madore Derrangement Syndrome: "Madore 'bought' his seat."

So, I attended a town hall meeting in Camas yesterday, and those sorts of things frequently draw an assortment of fruits and nuts.  This was no exception.

And this post is a result of that.

Some fringe-leftist whack job came up with the usual complaints about David Madore, falsely claiming that he'd “bought his seat.”

You frequently hear that sort of garbage from the left, still stinging from the loss of their fellow democrat in the election to Madore.

Well, gang, there are two primary reasons Marc Boldt was defeated in his abortive re-election effort

First, he was flat out wrong on the issues.

Second: democrats refused to vote for him.

Madore “bought” nothing.  But those playing that song typically draw some small level of comfort from their protestation while, for the most part, a statistical analysis shows that those bitching NOW were unlikely to have voted for Boldt THEN.

Just as a brief reminder, here’s the comparative numbers:

David Madore:  84,362                                                Tom Mielke:  91,139

Marc Boldt:        70,521                                                Joe Tanner:   84,859

Winner David Madore outspent Marc Boldt roughly 3:1.

Loser Joe Tanner outspent Tom Mielke roughly 8:1.

Tanner, who spent roughly $40,000 of his own money and went up on TV, lost.

How do democrats explain that?  They don't, because it's far too difficult for them to contemplate.  At least, sober.

Yes, I know, it gives the left comfort to continue to recite that “Madore bought his seat” mantra… over and over and over again.  It avoids just the tiniest bit of self-examination and introspection.  It provides them with a way to avoid the reality of their situation… which is, for them, frankly, too painful to contemplate.

But if the democrats REALLY want to tell the truth… the truth they’d tell?

14,300 of them who willingly voted for Joe Tanner, with equal willingness, refused to vote for Marc Boldt.

Boldt lost by 13,800 or so.  Tanner received 14,350 more votes than Boldt.

What would have happened if the democrats had just put their partisan hatred aside and, holding their collective noses, voted for Boldt?

I get that it’s hard to vote for someone who your machine has been telling you for a decade plus is “stupid.”  I get that it’s hard to get past the leftist sheeple, non-thinking-for-themselves concept of they would be damned if they would vote for someone who calls himself a Republican… even if he votes to the left of fringer nutjob Slimeball Stuart.

But here’s the thing, dems: if you’re looking for who to hold responsible for the loss of your boy, find a mirror and draw ever-shrinking concentric circles that end in the middle of your chest: because you have no one to blame but yourself.

Further, since David Madore outspent Tom Mielke by roughly 14 to 1, if, as you leftists claim, he “bought” his seat… then why didn’t he have more votes than Mielke? (Mielke, operating on $275,000 LESS, picked up around 5800 votes MORE than Madore.)

Tom spent around $24,000 total.  Tanner spent around $200,000… including going up on TV… which Mielke could not do because he didn’t have the money.  AND, Tanner received 500 more votes than Madore!

Did Madore’s positions mirror Mielke’s… or Tanners?

Clearly, with a clarity re-enforced in the most recent election with the advisory vote crushing light rail, the main reasons Madore and Mielke won were their positions.

But the leftists around here stubbornly cling to the idea that it’s not that they’re out of touch, running an agenda that the people of this county hate that made any difference in the election.  Nope… they insist that Madore bought his seat… that it was his money that made all the difference.

And in the year since that election, I have yet to hear a single leftist even remotely attempt to explain that if, in fact, Madore DID “buy his seat,” a seat that a large number of democrats… a HUGE number of democrats… where the hard core fringe-left REFUSED to vote for Boldt… then how did Mielke make it?  How did the chronically underfunded Mielke win?  After all, the same people were voting in both elections: the exact same areas, the precise same ballots.

Did Mielke buy his seat, somehow getting a special discount?

Of course not. But in the world of situational ethics inhabited by the left, where they only hold others accountable and not themselves, instead of facing the fact that the people have now, REPEATEDLY, rejected the leftist utopian vision of decades long, ever-increasing debt for a project the people do not want, do not need and cannot afford, they insist on irrelevancy and the charge that the voter is gullible and easily mislead… ie, stupid.

And let’s take it a step further:

In Washington State’s first congressional district, the eventual winner, Democrat Suzan DelBene, spent $2.8 million of her own money to “buy” her seat.

In fact, DelBene spent a paltry $14.55 per vote she received.  Of her own money.



So, DelBene spent 4 times more per vote… of her own money… (I guess she needed a hobby… and being a Congresswoman is as good as any, since it would take her 17 years or so at the current pay-scale of $175,000 per year in Congressional salary just to break even… what else could it be?) than did David Madore.

Are these same democrats bitching about that?

Of course not.  Frankly, it’s because any time anyone of these people complain about it without complaining about DelBene doing the same thing… only worse… by a factor of 4…. Why, that’s just good old fashioned hypocrisy… Brancaccio style.

This goes to the heart of the matter: their loss… their failure to vote for Boldt because he foolishly insisted on keeping a fake “R” after his name… because democrat leadership had been making him out to be an idiot since 1994 when it came to his multiple elections… is so unbearably hurtful for them to realistically consider… it’s like an unbearable light… so bright, it’s painful… but necessary for these partisan hacks to understand how the responsibility for their multiple failures in the past two elections rests not with David Madore… but with themselves.

David Madore?

He is the democrat’s “fault,” if you will, and they have no one to blame but themselves.  And none of their whining and sniveling makes any difference.  To fail to admit that is the height of self-delusion.  And a deluded group that refuses to face reality is a weak group.  You know... kinda like the dems around here.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

In addition to his hypocrisy and Madore jihad, Lefty Lou suffers from rank narcissism.

In an abortion of the local newspaper, few issues have been more rank than Brancaccio's jihad against David Madore.

That effort has been just one of the many issues confronting this community that the scumbag editor of that the "you name your" STD daily that infests our community is possessed of.

The idea that this scumbag thinks his newspaper was in any way responsible for the outcome of this election goes to Brancaccio's narcissistic view of the world.

Look, I admit that if he were on fire, I wouldn't piss on him to put him out.  But that's because he's been a liar and a bully running a paper of liars and bullies, and he has damaged and divided this community with a campaign of lies, deceit and deliberate falsity as the Chief CRC Pimp among many other issues.

Further, his failure to EVER use balance in his political coverage, confining his rabid attacks only and against those wise enough to oppose his garbage to those on the political right... and those who are smart enough to see through his years of lies, distortions and exaggerations.

It's unfortunate that we have a man who runs what could be a balanced and factual news organization that is pure, unadulterated leftist scum.

The slimeball that is Lefty Lou presents supposition as fact, and hides behind the concept that he can be as leftist, as false, as leftist as he wants to be... that he can use anyone as a pinata that he so desires, as much as he desires, because the concepts of truth and fairness don't HAVE to apply in his column of his "opinion."

That's why the scumbag maintains two "blogs" concerning politics on the website of his cancerous rag... so the scum working for him, like Stephony Rice, for example, can abandon journalistic tenets whenever they feel like it... they can babble utter falsity and lie about people all they want under the guise of a "blog" as if that somehow protects them from the requirement that they print the truth.

Today, Lefty Lou's column details the utter disdain and contempt that Councilor Jeanne Stewart, who has done more for this city in a single day than the scumbag editor of this carbuncle on our community has accomplished in his entire sorry, worthless life.

Lefty, being one of those scumbags that enjoys pulling the wings off of flies kinda guys, felt compelled to, once again, use his column to lie about this election, lie about David Madore and, of course, lie about Jeannie Stewart.

Few are more impressed with our resident scumbag editor than he himself.  But if that wart on a pig's ass that he runs had half the throw-weight he deludes himself into believing it does, then our local elected officials would be called Senator Tim Probst, Commissioner Marc Boldt, Commissioner Joe Tanner and  Rep. Adrian Cortes.

But they're not.

Brancaccio has deluded himself into believing that fringe-leftist nutters who have elected fringe leftist nutters like Molehill, Cleveland and Wylie,  would somehow elect fringe-left nutters regardless of either his efforts or the very existence of David Madore is one of the many bizarre, nonsensical positions that scull maintains.

But this continues to be the platform and the effort that this slimeball is going to attempt to use to sway the outcome of future elections.

Oppose any part of the moronic democratian agenda, and this slime-bucket will beat you over the head with David Madore... even if, rhetorically speaking, you'd never heard of him.

I watched the video of that slimy snake sitting in the front row of the last lynch mob with his silly-assed mug, which isn't worth taking a healthy dump in... helping Slimeball Stuart run the latest lynch mob that he'd whipped up as if those leftists, union scum and CRC cronies represented anything close to a cross-section of the community instead of just another herd of leftist sheeple that he can whistle up at a moment's notice.

Stewart is wise enough to despise our scumbag editor and everything he stands for, just like our scumbag editor despises Stewart, his lies to the contrary notwithstanding.  His claim that he "likes Stewart" and that she was "an important voice in opposition at the council" is a proven lie by virtue of his rabid efforts to elect only those in lockstep with the democratian's agenda.

The lie, for example, that Madore was toxic in the last election... the lie that she was going to run against The Liar until Lefty began his serial trashing of Madore... she lost for her city council seat... how could Madore have been any more "toxic" for that than a mayoral run, save for the scumbag editor's efforts to beat her to death with him?

That Brancaccio's cowardice makes him lie this way, in the face of the bizarre Topper endorsement when Stewart's "important voice in opposition" was never supported by this very scumwad, is just another symptom of his psychosis.

The only criticism that I have for her is that she didn't rely on Temple Lentz's poignant response to the slimeball running the show at the democratian when she so adroitly told him... in writing... to go fuck himself.

While Jeannie Stewart has more class in her little finger than the entirety of the scum infesting the democratian, I wish she had, just once, given in to the temptation.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Guts. Courage. Football.

Watch this. Eight minutes, 20 seconds.

Stunning revolation: Betty Sue Morris never bothered to read any CTran contract either!

On fringe-leftist Ron Goodman's "Gee I hate Benton and Madore" facebook page, someone asked the question:
Can anyone comment on the C-Tran Board's haste to approve the LRT contract without actually looking at the final product, which I gather was changed right up to the last minute before the actual vote to approve LRT? Its not that I'm unhappy with the vote, or the contract itself. It just gives the appearance that C-Tran is railroading through LRT without public input or a full review - which is NOT good government.
As (I believe?) Ron, Debbie, and others here have noted, its not just M&M we need to keep an eye on when it comes to looking at good governing practices. I hate to point this out, but those who oppose the misdirection and malfeasance of M&M who are themselves members of other governing agencies in the County NEED to ensure their own i's are dotted and t's crossed - to not do so just gives our opponents fuel.
There were the usual leftist whack job "we support them no matter how much they screw us" responses... and then democrat former Commissioner Betty Sue Morris jumped in with an astounding confession:

She hadn't ever bothered to read the contracts the CTran Board signed, either.

In fact, she seems proud of that misfeasance.
  • Betty Sue Morris During my years on the C-tran Board (12 of them) I don't ever remember seeing an actual contract, nor reading one. The directors (after Les White) always fully explained their provisions and gave us an outline of what it said. This one did move a little faster than most, but the board had g
  • Betty Sue Morris Given direction to Hamm earlier in the month to negotiate the contract with Tri-met and bring it back as quickly as possible. The late Sept board meeting was publically noticed appropriately and it's singular purpose was to give the Executive Director authority to sign the contract. Frankly, had I been on the board for that meeting, I would have been expecting going in to be asked to vote. I have no idea why Bill Ganley said in this morning's paper that he was surprised when the vote was called. Ganley's been on that board for more than a decade!

HHhhmmmm.  This seems to be a democrat pattern.  Don't bother to read or allow the public to examine proposed contracts... or bills... or laws... just make them responsible for them.

Morris's response, of course, justifies absolutely nothing.  A contract on a multi-billion dollar project that cedes the powers of eminent domain to an unelected, out of state agency?  NATURALLY those scum didn't want us to review it.  They'd have been burned out of the building had the public known about it first... and they then voted "yes" on that massive rip off.

Here's the thing, Betty Sue: that YOU didn't care enough to bother reading the contracts doesn't make it right... nor does it make this scam that The Liar, Slimeball,  "I'm Bought," Screw-the-people and "Busted Eye" voted for any more ethical... moral... or legal.

Just sayin'.

GOP Congressman Radel should resign: Cocaine brain.

There's no excuse for this nonsense, and this moron should go.  Now.

No lawmaker should remain in his or her seat if they are, in fact, law breakers.

I get that Kennedy only murdered one woman, but that was one too many.

But if you're in elective office, at any level, and you break the law... DUI, Armed Robbery, illegal drugs or anything else?

Then the first thing that should happen is that you resign.

Because no one makes anyone break the law... and you've sworn an oath that your lawbreaking has violated.

Party doesn't matter.  Position doesn't matter.  I don't break the law, why should those in office who do not suffer the ultimate political penalty for doing so?

And, no:  "rehab" doesn't cut it.  "Rehab" is what you do before your get busted.  Otherwise, rehab is what you're doing in an abortive attempt to save your political ass.

Fla. Congressman Enters Rehab After Cocaine Charge

Florida Republican Rep. Henry "Trey" Radel, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession and received a year's probation, said Thursday he has checked himself into a rehabilitation center.
The freshman lawmaker said in a statement that he is seeking treatment and counseling in a Florida center for his drug and alcohol abuse.
"It is my hope, through this process, I will come out a better man," Radel said. "I will work hard to gain back the trust and support of my constituents, friends and most importantly, my family."
On Wednesday, Radel called a late-night press conference to announce that he is taking a leave of absence from Congress and donating his salary to charity.'
"I'm not going to sit here and make any excuses for what I've done," he told reporters. "I have let down our country. I've let down our constituents. I've let down my family, including my wife. And even though he doesn't know it, I've let down my 2-year-old son."
The 37-year-old lawmaker said he takes responsibility for what he did.
At a court hearing earlier Wednesday in Washington, Radel told a judge, "I've hit a bottom where I realize I need help" in acknowledging that he purchased 3.5 grams of cocaine from an undercover police officer.

From the "no lie a leftist won't tell" file: Russell Simmons, vacuous Obamacare slimeball.

It takes a special kind of stupid to shoot off your mouth because of a race-based slavish devotion to a blithering idiot of a president who just happens to resemble your skin color.

Russell Simmons: ObamaCare Already Saved Thousands, Possibly Millions, of Lives

To the average American, ObamaCare is part web site disaster, part shattered campaign promise writ very, very large.

Millions of Americans have already been forced out of their existing health care policies, a number that may skyrocket in the new year.
Russell Simmons sees it differently.
The hip-hop mogul says ObamaCare is already so successful it's saved thousands, if not millions of lives.
Yes, we initially wanted single payer, and we had to compromise back in 2009 for the Affordable Care Act. But, it is a damn good piece of legislation that has already saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives. So, let us not give up now.
It's this kind of stupidity and ignorance that got that moron in the White House elected in the first place.

Of course, the privileged ones in the upper part of the top 1% of the rich like Mr. Simmons will never have to concern themselves with issues like premiums, copays and deductibles.  This kind of "Bread and Circuses" bullshit is why Obama's numbers are lower than Bush II's. 

The Obama's and the Simmons of the world will have the finest medical care that money can buy.  The rest of us?

Not so much.

It would be different if these scum were forced to contend with the disaster they've developed and support.  But we all know THAT will never happen.  And that's just part of their rank hypocrisy.

Remember Rule One of legislation:

If you have to lie to get your bill, your project, your program passed?

Then it shouldn't BE passed.

Thanks to Mr. Simmons for coming up with yet another reason why this trainwreck should be repealed.

National democratian buffs their leftist partisan hackery.

The local daily rag makes no bones about it: their mission is to work for and further the local leftist's agenda and candidates... not unlike their larger version they use as a model... the New York Times.

Yesterday, the scumbag running the US Senate used the nuclear option.  I believe they pulled the trigger under the guise that democrat popularity is unlikely to sink any further.  After all, as Soviet tanks were entering Berlin, Hitler polled in the high 60's according to Gallup, so how bad could it get?

Back in 05, when the GOP was contemplating the nuclear option, the leftists in the Senate, including that waste of skin now in the White House, bitched like cut cats.

As the GOP was stupidly pondering the same move, here's an excerpt from the roll of used toilet paper aka the New York Times back in 2005:
Many of the wisest Republicans are well aware that their leaders are playing a dangerous game and that they are doing it for frivolous reasons. The judicial nominees can easily be replaced. But the sense that there are certain rules that all must play by, whether to their advantage or not, is something that cannot be restored. Senators need only to look at the House to see what politics looks like when the only law is to win at any cost.
Apparently, when it's the democrats engaging in this sort of things, the communists at the Times take a somewhat different view:
In the raucous and dysfunctional House of Representatives, any bill, no matter how inflammatory, has been dubbed bipartisan so long as it attracts a handful of Democratic votes. While Senate leaders have held up for praise any legislation that has secured strong bipartisan majorities — a farm bill, an immigration overhaul, a reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act — Democrats have seethed as one presidential nominee after another fell to procedural blockades and major initiatives like gun control collapsed when they could not reach the 60-vote threshold.
Then on Thursday, before a solemn, almost funereal gathering on the Senate floor, the pretense came to an end.
It's not just the standard, fringe left hypocrisy such as that exhibited by the scumbags at the democratian as their usual lack of ethics and basic fairness are in play EVERY DAY.

It's that their lies are even thinly veiled attempts at what journalism is supposed to be: the fair and unbiased reporting of facts.

That, of course, is an unheard of concept here locally... but it's apparently a universal construct of leftist media everywhere.

And this... is just another example... of that.