Sunday, November 24, 2013

Madore Derrangement Syndrome: "Madore 'bought' his seat."

So, I attended a town hall meeting in Camas yesterday, and those sorts of things frequently draw an assortment of fruits and nuts.  This was no exception.

And this post is a result of that.

Some fringe-leftist whack job came up with the usual complaints about David Madore, falsely claiming that he'd “bought his seat.”

You frequently hear that sort of garbage from the left, still stinging from the loss of their fellow democrat in the election to Madore.

Well, gang, there are two primary reasons Marc Boldt was defeated in his abortive re-election effort

First, he was flat out wrong on the issues.

Second: democrats refused to vote for him.

Madore “bought” nothing.  But those playing that song typically draw some small level of comfort from their protestation while, for the most part, a statistical analysis shows that those bitching NOW were unlikely to have voted for Boldt THEN.

Just as a brief reminder, here’s the comparative numbers:

David Madore:  84,362                                                Tom Mielke:  91,139

Marc Boldt:        70,521                                                Joe Tanner:   84,859

Winner David Madore outspent Marc Boldt roughly 3:1.

Loser Joe Tanner outspent Tom Mielke roughly 8:1.

Tanner, who spent roughly $40,000 of his own money and went up on TV, lost.

How do democrats explain that?  They don't, because it's far too difficult for them to contemplate.  At least, sober.

Yes, I know, it gives the left comfort to continue to recite that “Madore bought his seat” mantra… over and over and over again.  It avoids just the tiniest bit of self-examination and introspection.  It provides them with a way to avoid the reality of their situation… which is, for them, frankly, too painful to contemplate.

But if the democrats REALLY want to tell the truth… the truth they’d tell?

14,300 of them who willingly voted for Joe Tanner, with equal willingness, refused to vote for Marc Boldt.

Boldt lost by 13,800 or so.  Tanner received 14,350 more votes than Boldt.

What would have happened if the democrats had just put their partisan hatred aside and, holding their collective noses, voted for Boldt?

I get that it’s hard to vote for someone who your machine has been telling you for a decade plus is “stupid.”  I get that it’s hard to get past the leftist sheeple, non-thinking-for-themselves concept of they would be damned if they would vote for someone who calls himself a Republican… even if he votes to the left of fringer nutjob Slimeball Stuart.

But here’s the thing, dems: if you’re looking for who to hold responsible for the loss of your boy, find a mirror and draw ever-shrinking concentric circles that end in the middle of your chest: because you have no one to blame but yourself.

Further, since David Madore outspent Tom Mielke by roughly 14 to 1, if, as you leftists claim, he “bought” his seat… then why didn’t he have more votes than Mielke? (Mielke, operating on $275,000 LESS, picked up around 5800 votes MORE than Madore.)

Tom spent around $24,000 total.  Tanner spent around $200,000… including going up on TV… which Mielke could not do because he didn’t have the money.  AND, Tanner received 500 more votes than Madore!

Did Madore’s positions mirror Mielke’s… or Tanners?

Clearly, with a clarity re-enforced in the most recent election with the advisory vote crushing light rail, the main reasons Madore and Mielke won were their positions.

But the leftists around here stubbornly cling to the idea that it’s not that they’re out of touch, running an agenda that the people of this county hate that made any difference in the election.  Nope… they insist that Madore bought his seat… that it was his money that made all the difference.

And in the year since that election, I have yet to hear a single leftist even remotely attempt to explain that if, in fact, Madore DID “buy his seat,” a seat that a large number of democrats… a HUGE number of democrats… where the hard core fringe-left REFUSED to vote for Boldt… then how did Mielke make it?  How did the chronically underfunded Mielke win?  After all, the same people were voting in both elections: the exact same areas, the precise same ballots.

Did Mielke buy his seat, somehow getting a special discount?

Of course not. But in the world of situational ethics inhabited by the left, where they only hold others accountable and not themselves, instead of facing the fact that the people have now, REPEATEDLY, rejected the leftist utopian vision of decades long, ever-increasing debt for a project the people do not want, do not need and cannot afford, they insist on irrelevancy and the charge that the voter is gullible and easily mislead… ie, stupid.

And let’s take it a step further:

In Washington State’s first congressional district, the eventual winner, Democrat Suzan DelBene, spent $2.8 million of her own money to “buy” her seat.

In fact, DelBene spent a paltry $14.55 per vote she received.  Of her own money.



So, DelBene spent 4 times more per vote… of her own money… (I guess she needed a hobby… and being a Congresswoman is as good as any, since it would take her 17 years or so at the current pay-scale of $175,000 per year in Congressional salary just to break even… what else could it be?) than did David Madore.

Are these same democrats bitching about that?

Of course not.  Frankly, it’s because any time anyone of these people complain about it without complaining about DelBene doing the same thing… only worse… by a factor of 4…. Why, that’s just good old fashioned hypocrisy… Brancaccio style.

This goes to the heart of the matter: their loss… their failure to vote for Boldt because he foolishly insisted on keeping a fake “R” after his name… because democrat leadership had been making him out to be an idiot since 1994 when it came to his multiple elections… is so unbearably hurtful for them to realistically consider… it’s like an unbearable light… so bright, it’s painful… but necessary for these partisan hacks to understand how the responsibility for their multiple failures in the past two elections rests not with David Madore… but with themselves.

David Madore?

He is the democrat’s “fault,” if you will, and they have no one to blame but themselves.  And none of their whining and sniveling makes any difference.  To fail to admit that is the height of self-delusion.  And a deluded group that refuses to face reality is a weak group.  You know... kinda like the dems around here.

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Jim Karlock said...

Since David spent his own money, unlike Leavitt, Burkman, Topper or Anne, he owes his allegiance ONLY to his conscience, not to developers, unions or other companies seeking favors.