Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Stephanie Rice, winner of the Moronitzer Prize for Idiocy and disgrace to journalism screws up... again.

As we already know, the truth and Stephanie Rice are rarely occupying the same space at the same time.

Tonite, however, she was stupid enough to put it in writing:

The problem with Rice's idiocy is that when your focus is hurting a political enemy like that of her and her employer, you can occaisionally get stupid.

REAL stupid. 

And this is just another one of those many times.

MULTIPLE people, INCLUDING THE PERSON IN QUESTION, have commented below the story that the person in question is, in fact, real AND, the person in question.

If Rice wasn't a complete hack, an embarassment to journalism and a total waste, she would have called David and asked him about this FIRST.

That way, she would have avoided confirming what most people already knew:

That she's a total dick.

Michael Schroetke, democrat and typical Boldt supporter swings by to vent concerning my positions on Marc Boldt.

I give him props: he used his name when he emailed.

The executive summary of his missive?

I am a "reprehensible human being," my blog, which he apparently reads, is a "dung heap," and I am somehow avoiding the truth because I failed to point out that teachers haven't endorsed Don Benton, although, to the best of my knowledge, no one that I know of, including Benton, ever said they did.

Of course, as always, when readers don't like how, what, when or the way I publish what I publish, they can always feel free to avoid my effort and start their own... because for those on the outside looking in, such as Mr. Schroetke, it's easy to be a critic.

That said, uneditied, here is the email I've received from this fine specimen of a Boldt supporter, with, by the way, his permission (I do not publish emails without that permission, even my little "dung heap" of a blog has SOME standards:)
Kelly J Hinton,

How reprehensible it is to attack a member of your own family because they don't follow the destructive, regressive, hate mongering platform of the Republican Party.

Congratulations, you are a fine example of why the Republican Party is imploding.

On another note, I haven't seen a post on your dung heap of a blog about Don Benton lying about being endorsed by teachers. It is your blog so you have every right to avoid any semblance of truth, which you do every single day.

It is mind boggling as to why you far right Republicans believe so strongly in the destruction of America.


Michael S. Schroetke
Registered Voter, 17th Legislative District
Clearly, Mr. Schroetke has a somewhat limited ability to allow that diversity of thought his ilk are alleged to be so famous for: but that is certainly his privilege.

That said, I was struck by the rather simple fact that it was not the contents of my letter to the editor in The Reflector (That I believe he's referring to.  It could be any of my posts on this blog as well) that Mr. Schroetke disputes... au contraire.

It's that I was possessed of an opinion and chose to express it at all.

How dare I?

How DARE I not follow his rules as to what is, or is not, acceptable thought or expression?

How DARE I be possessed of any ability to form a coherent thought and express it in a way that doesn't meet with his approval?

I do admit, however, to some confusion:

Is he upset because I expressed these opinions at all?  Or is he upset that I expressed them in opposition of my brother-in-law?

That isn't altogether clear.  In fact, it's rather nebulous, and I've got to believe that Mr. Schroetke's subsequent desire to somehow assign some level of responsibility because I failed to attack Sen. Benton for something he never said actually tends to make this more into just another partisan hackery complaint.

As I see it, I can follow along with what the fringe-left democrats opposing David Madore (who I am also not voting for) want (And yes, they are using Marc to do that, although he likely doesn't realize it... or care if he does realize it, as long as he gets re-elected... which, come to think of it, is why he'd accept support and financing or campaign consulting from Lenin at this point if he were alive to give it.) or I can do what my rights as a veteran... and as an American, allow me to do.

I am no longer a Republican.  Mr. Schroetke apparently doesn't know, or doesn't care about that.  I, for example, will only be voting for president, the democrat running for congress, the democrat running for AG, state auditor, Tom Mielke, and the 18th District legislators.

Odd isn't it, that this "far right Republican" is voting democrat for Congress and Attorney General, don't you think?

Oh, well, not to worry.

Mr. Schroetke can keep railing away at those wise enough to espouse a different view than his, and I'll keep writing this blog.

When I'm not busy "believing so strongly in the destruction of America," that is.

A gutless, slimy Boldt buttboy swings by.

Kinda left this burning bag on my doorstep.
Why the push on Boldt at the last minute, putz? Afraid he might actually win? You and Lew are both cowards, and you won't post this to prove it. You hide in your little blogs and delete anything you don't like. Boldt will win, you will lose (again) and Madore will go back to US Digital with his tail between his legs whining the whole way. Coward. on Boldt's C4 is finally up: Bizarre Zone: only spent $1800 in the past MONTH?
This is the only post like this going up.

But I've got to wonder if Marc condones this sort of thing.

First of all, this isn't a "last minute push," and I am HARDLY a "putz."  I've been bringing these issues to the attention of those taken in by the formerly conservative Marc Boldt as a method of showing that he's now at least as far to the left as his runnin' buddy, Steve Stuart.

I always find it odd that an anonymous poster actually calls me a "coward."  Marc knows me; knows where I live... knows my phone number.  Never used it, you understand; even when he was telling Jaime Herrera that he was trying to talk me out of beating her to a political pulp and trying to get me fired; he, in fact, never called... and has NEVER discussed this blog or my positions with me, PARTICULARLY since he lied to me about holding a countywide advisory vote on the CRC.

I haven't exchanged 100 words with him in almost 3 years.

I don't actually believe that exercising my pre-paid First Amendment rights equates to "hiding."  And the factual inaccuracy (I have, truth to tell, won more then I've lost) doesn't speak well to the author of this post.... who, like every other, I can identify if I had a mind to... and who, while clearly is a little slimeball teeny-bopper who is about have his mommy take his internet away from him, can be sought out by, say a higher authority.

Try a death threat next time, if you really want to make an impression.

If Boldt wins, he wins.  I'll live.  Just worse off then I would be if he didn't... as, come to think of it, we all will.

But if you want to accuse me of cowardice, at least be man enough to sign your name.... OK, T? 


Here's a look at the part of the county that Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart, Tim Leave-it are excluding from the CTran votes.

The gray area is excluded.  The CTran rip off district to the areas circled in red is one street wide.  Every retail center in the county is included.  Every tax increase for those of us in the grey area: rammed down our throats without any say.

Everyone else is cut out.  Silenced.  Ignored.  And the Irony is that Marc Boldt won't be allowed to vote on the tax increase, either... since he lives in the area that won't be allowed to vote.

So, there you have it.

Only about a quarter of the land area is included.  The rest of us, because we don't support Boldt's tax agenda, are excluded based on a motion HE made to cut us out and guarantee our silence.

Is it any wonder Boldt finds the idea of a county-wide vote to be ridiculous, given his well-established effort to disenfranchise tens of thousands of us on a tax he wants, a tax we all have to pay, and a tax that, thanks to Boldt's efforts, we have no say over?

Boldt's C4 is finally up: Bizarre Zone: only spent $1800 in the past MONTH?

So, we've got a guy who claims he's raised a total of $89,758, but $96,963 in Cash Contributions (Where'd the $7000 difference go?) and that he's only spent a total of $63,762 through yesterday... including ONLY $1800 since the end of the last reporting period for expenditures... Sept 27?

Does that sound believable to you?

 Expenditures just reported:

Does that seem believable to anyone?

Why would Boldt and the democrats running him sit on what appears to be at least $20,000 in cash?

Where has Boldt's money gone?  Who's received it?   Boldt hasn't given or lent himself any money... so where did that cash go?

My Reflector Letter to the Editor this week.

Boldt has shown himself unfit for elective office

Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 9:00 am

There are many pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage democrats endorsing Marc Boldt and saying all these great things about him. As his brother-in-law, and his legislative staffer for six years, I know him better than any of those people and their support of a man who allegedly stands in opposition to them in every way except taxing us, the CRC, light rail and life-long tolls, but who seems to have dumped his integrity to get re-elected is troubling to say the least.

My concern is for the people of this county. By killing the promised charter form of county government vote, scornfully denying the entire county the right to vote on the CRC and by supporting the gerrymandered C-Tran tax district that excludes 60 to 100 thousand voters from having a say, but not from paying the tax, Boldt has shown himself unfit for elective office.
I’m sorry I can’t support Boldt. He stopped being a Republican years ago when he voted to confiscate our weapons in the event of an emergency, a vote I warned him was unconstitutional back in October, 2005 when he took it, but a vote he ignored me on nonetheless.

We do not need a commissioner whose number one priority seems to be his paycheck. Marc belittles the idea of allowing this county to vote on the CRC, he’s lied on his political literature about “fighting” to give us a legally-required vote, he’s raised our taxes; he voted county funds to make sure his wife, my sister-in-law, was paid; and he mirrors the other downtown democrats like Steve Stuart while he usually ignored Republican Tom Mielke on the commission. As a result, he’s helped turn this county into an on-going, agonizing train wreck of debt, unemployment and stifled business growth.

There are reasons the GOP rightfully censured him and a further reason that 70 percent (primary election) of us in his commissioner district rejected his continued governance.

Please join with me in rejecting him for county commissioner.

Kelly J. Hinton
Brush Prairie

Where's Boldt's 7 day pre-election C4 (Expenditure) report?

Just another requirement he's blown off?

You democrats are going to have to do better than that.

The irony of our ballot: Advisory Votes 1 and 2.

"Advisory vote of the People," it says.

Odd, that.

The entirety of the legislature of this state felt it important enough to seek our input into 2 different issues which, if inacted, will make precisely $194,000,000 difference over the next ten years.

But Marc Boldt and his sidekick, (Or is it the other way around?) Steve Stuart, think so little of the people of this county that they don't want to hear from us on an issue that will cost $10 billion and result in sucking $100,000,000 (to start) EACH year out of THIS COUNTY... forever.

We heard all the bullshit excuses, haven't we?
A few weeks ago, lawmakers from the 17th District asked commissioners to put an advisory vote on the November ballot, and commissioners said they could not legally have an advisory vote on a matter over which they lack the authority to decide.
That's a lie, of course.  Had they wanted to, they could have put the entire thing up for a REAL up or down vote...

You know, like we had in 96 or so the first time this garbage was blown out?
This time, Commissioners Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt made it clear they did not even care if what the 18th District lawmakers were suggesting was legal.

My brother-in-law the commissioner just said he didn't give a damn what we wanted.  Swell.
They went so far as to make fun of the idea
Make fun.

Of the idea.

To ask... and get... the desire of the people they would govern on this huge project that will indebt the people of this county long after these scum have turned to dust.
and ask if lawmakers, facing the worst state budget crisis in decades, didn’t have better things to do with their time than to send a letter seeking a meaningless vote.
See, it's only "meaningless" if you don't give a rat's ass what the people want.

That, of course, sums up Marc Boldt to a "t."
“I am sure you must know the I in I-5 stands for interstate, NOT county,” Boldt wrote. He said the state will approve money for the construction of a bridge, not the county.
The self-evident flaw in Boldt's "reasoning" is that WE WILL PAY FOR IT, NO MATTER WHO "APPROVES" THE MONEY.

The idea that an elected official is contemptuous towards an effort to determine the will of those picking up the tab, like such an effort would be radioactive and personally harm them is anathema to democracy.

This kind of thing is why people hate their government.  This Moeller-style arrogance is yet another proof that the downtown mafia has completely and utterly co-opted Mac Boldt... since he has shown complete contempt for the will of the people expressed anywhere at the polls.

That, of course, is yet another reason to toss him out on his ear.

It's remarkably easy to show contempt for a corrupt public official who has shown contempt towards hundreds of thousands of taxpayers by ridiculing the very idea that we should have a say.

There's more of this lying garbage from both Stuart and Boldt in the article.  Stuart, of course, took the Leave-it tact of lying to get re-elected, having promised us TWO years ago to get us a vote LAST year on the CTran loot rail rip off that we are only now getting THIS year.

So, when you're an outright liar, it's not surprising that you express the kind of tripe Stuart spews here.

But Marc?

Well, Marc is supposed to be different.

He's supposed to be honest, and truthful, and, well, Christian.

Instead, he's turned into another Jon Russell.  And I despise what the two have them have done to us.

Meanwhile the legislature finds a way to ask us about $200 million over ten years.  And these two slimy county commissioners, in their reeking arrogance, heap scorn on the very idea that they just MIGHT want to know what we think about their efforts to bury us under a mountain of debt for the REST OF OUT LIVES, forcing families and the small businesses depending on that money to suffer and feel the pain of THEIR arrogance towards us.

So much for that "servant leader" garbage, eh, Marc?.

Neither of them are fit for elective office in any way... because their FIRST concern must be what WE want, and if WE want to vote on EVERY DAMNED DECISION THEY MAKE... well, that is just too damned bad.  Their job is to make that happen.  Not to question it, not to judge it, not to do anything at all but what we TEL:L them to do.

And, of course, they can always quit if they don't like it. But somehow, I that that 6 figure salary will keep their arrogant asses glued to their seats.

UPDATED: Competitive race predictions.

President: Romney

Governor: RINO Rob McKenna

Lieutenant Governor: Owen

AG: RINO Reagan Dunn

Commissioners:  No idea

17th District Senate: Benton

18th District House:  Adrian Cortes..... but

Legislative representation for Clark County: 12 Republican, 3 Democrat.

Mitt Romney: 

Face it, that clueless moron in the White House makes many long for the days of who had been arguably, up to now, the worst president in history: Jimmy Carter.

Every element of Obama's presidency is in the toilet.  There's little chance another black democrat politician of any stripe will be elected to the presidency for generations, because this lying incompetent screwed it up for blacks for that long.

Not only has he been an abject failure, he's poisoned the well for those who will come after him, because no matter who the democrats run, their mantra will have to be "I'm not Obama."  And that ain't gonna be enough to get elected on.

Romney is surging everywhere... even here... even Oregon.  And that surge combined with normal people's hatred of what Obama and the democrats have done to this country will be enough for Romney to win.

RINO Rob McKenna:

I, personally, would rather have Dixy Lee Ray.  But that's just me.

RINO Rob is an embarrassment, and there would likely be no difference between his governance and that clown Inslee.  But he's got an "R" after his name and those that have that, even if, like Boldt, they're flat lying about it, are likely to do very well this time around.

Brad Owen

Brad's a crook.  Thousands of dollars have disappeared from his office (Don't know if he took it) business has been steered his wife's way, he scammed a job for a buddy of his that he raped the taxpayer's with and which resulted in a 35% plus jack in his office budget a few years back.

But Brad ain't Finkbeiner, the penultimate RINO, Pflug-like in his positions... and that will be enough.

RINO Reagan Dunn

Has even less integrity than Boldt, and I didn't think that was possible.  He read the writing on the wall, and STUPIDLY (not to mention, dishonestly) underwent an election year epiphiny and swapped over to becoming a gay-marriage supporting slimeball.

That said, the "R" after his name is likely to get him elected as Republicans roll out in droves and ignorantly vote for this clown.


The only one of the lot I support is Mielke, and Tom's non-campaign has been a complete disappointment.

He's effectively made no effort to fund raise, built no organization a year ago when he needed to, spends 100 times too much effort on those waste of time signs that NEVER GOT HIM ELECTED TO ANYTHING and he failed to go up on TV.

His opponent, Joe Tanner, has morphed into the typical democrat pol, parsing his words, hiding his positions and trying his best to move as far to the right as his downtown democrat masters will allow.

But he has outhustled Mielke in every imaginable way.  And for that, Tom has precisely zero excuse.

That said, Tanner supports the CRC, supports replacing the bridge, supports light rail and supports tolls.  And then, he lies about it.

But I guarantee you this: If elected, Joe Tanner will do absolutely nothing to stop any of it..  And that is the precise same thing as rabidly supporting it.

Tanner, of course, is up on TV.  Mielke, as I stated, is not.  And the Rule of Television applies:

The side up on TV has always won.

Mielke is right on the issues... most every voter likely knows that.  Tanner has been shucking and jiving on the CRC because he likely knows it's the 3rd rail of politics around here, and the result is he refuses to publicly commit to the positions those inside baseball knows he has.

This election then, boils down to this:  issues... versus television.

Right, Marc?  Right,. Jamie?

I oppose Marc Boldt, my own brother-in-law.  In any other community, that would be a huge story, and the rag knows it.  But they'd melt into pig iron before they'd let anyone know, because Boldt, a democrat, is their guy on their betrayal of the people of Clark County.

Kicked out of the GOP for becoming the very definition of the phrase "RINO," Boldt has sold his soul to a political segment who usually wouldn't wiz on him to put him out if he was on fire.

They've funded his campaign, and showing his increasingly evident political ineptitude, they've actually taken it over and are running it.

That's very bad for the likelihood of Boldt's success.  Democrats are losing everywhere this go-round, and when you lay down with dogs, etc.

Even the democratian, which rabidly supports him because of his utterly moronic support of the CRC scam, thinks he's an idiot.
On the I.Q. front Madore also has the advantage. Boldt is no dummy and has done very well at learning the issues. But if you're looking for the most likely candidate to win "Jeopardy," it's Madore.
They've even demanded Boldt's resignation in the past.

But in the past, he wasn't carrying their water like Gunga Din.

This, however, is the corollary to the Tanner-Mielke race:  if the side going up on TV always wins, then obviously, Madore, who has spent enough to buy his own TV station (yes, an exaggeration, but you get the gist of it) will obviously win.

In Tanner - Mielke, Mielke's right on the issues.

In Boldt - Madore, Madore is right on the issues AND has spent bank on TV.  (I haven't seen any of his commercials, though, so I don't have a lot of faith in the idea that he's been sending out the right messaging) which likely means that Boldt is done.

And if he is done, the message is this:  selling out to the special interests who now own you because it's convenient for them to do so will only get you so far.

I want Tom to win, because Tom is best for this county.  That Boldt ignored him the last 4 years isn't a sign of anything bad on Tom's part: it's a sign that Boldt sold out to the left.... and I would like nothing better then to see him pay for selling us out on this, and selling us out on that empty-suited waste of skin Herrera, who is unfit for elective office anywhere.

It will be hard for people to vote "no" on jacking the CTran tax and then turn around and vote for candidates like Boldt and Tanner who want it implemented.

And, in fact, here's a friendly reminder of Marc's efforts in that regard:

Just sayin'.

Don Benton

Probst has proven himself to be the typical leftist slime the insiders have long knew he would be.  And this ain't the year for that.

A vote for Probst is a vote for all of the other tax and fee increases that dillwad has rammed down our throats, as well as a vote for the fringe-left Seattle whack jobs they inevitably appoint to be Chairs in the Senate.

Good luck with that.

Adrian Cortes

Up until now, I've been a big supporter of Cortes.  But now, I'm starting to hear it.

I urged Adrian to get back into the race: it was self evident that he should weeks before that actually happened.  He dithered, he waffled, he failed to show that he was a man of decision.

One of the reasons I oppose Brandon Vick is that Vick was mailing it in, seeing the election as an entitlement instead of something he needed to work for.

Now, I look at Adrian's PDC's and I hear cricket's chirping.

As of this past Sunday, he'd doing precisely dick in the area of fund-raising; he's frequently not showing up, and he hasn't raised a dime in 10 days.

That's what we've had with Vick... who couldn't even make his own appointment happen to his own seat in the legislature.

That Brandon was foolish enough to mention his trainwreck of a tenure as party chair in the voter pamphlet will cost him the election, as no democrat will vote for him and given his abysmal time running the GOP and his colossal mishandling of the Boldt situation (Which needed to happen but which did NOT need to happen publicly)  most independents will pass as well... and that will likely be enough to keep Vick from being elected... ending a political career before it started... and now leaving us with a choice between two below average, don't really care candidates.

Most of this consists of two suppositions: the Romney wave, which is lifting the RINO Rob boat will have a similar effect down ticket, and that the people of this community hate the CRC.

If I'm right, then these outcomes are pretty close to on target.

If I'm wrong?

Then not so much.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GOP Slaughter in early ballots in Pennsylvania. GOP vote up 16.9%

This morning President Obama’s campaign indicated they are going on the air in Pennsylvania and sending Joe Biden to the state trying to protect a state that just one week ago was considered to be safe ground.  One possible reason? The enormous GOP edge in absentee ballot returns in the state, creating an enormous and unexpected hole for the President’s campaign to dig out of.

In 2008 the GOP edged the Democrats by just 2% in absentee returns. As of today the GOP’s lead is 18.8% — a 16.9% bump in a state Obama won by 10% in 2008. Republicans have turned in 55.2% of the absentee ballots to date while the Democrats have returned just 36.4%.

The Romney Victory team has been on the ground in Pennsylvania for months with over 60 staff and dozens of offices. We have made over 5 million volunteer voter contacts including over 1 million volunteer door knocks across Pennsylvania. That voter contact is paying off in the absentee ballot returns and clearly the President’s campaign sees it in their numbers. That’s why they are playing defense in the Keystone state as Governor Romney’s momentum allows us to expand the map.

2008 AB Votes Cast
2012 AB Votes Cast

Monday, October 29, 2012

Another face shot for Barry O: GALLUP: Romney up 52-45 in early voters.

Oh.... this is getting so suckey for the empty suit. 

**GALLUP SHOCK** Romney Up 52-45% Among Early Voters



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29 Oct 2012, 5:25 PM PDT 480post a comment

Very early on, before this campaign started in earnest, live or die, I publicly cast my lot with Gallup and Rasmussen. As a poll addict going back to 2000, these are the outlets that have always played it straight. It's got nothing to do with politics and everything to do with credibility and not wanting to kid myself. So when an outlet like Gallup tells me Romney is up seven-points, 52-45%, among those who have already voted, that's very big news.  

Just as Gallup did with their bombshell survey showing that 2012 is looking like a year where Republicans will enjoy a record three-point turnout advantage over Democrats (a ten-point shift from 2008), for whatever reason, they buried the lede with this latest bombshell, as well. When you consider the fact that the CorruptMedia's been talking for weeks about how Obama's crushing Romney in early voting, you would think Gallup proving that Narrative a big fat phony lie would be news. Instead, though, they bury this explosive news at the bottom of a piece headlined: "In U.S., 15% of Registered Voters Have Already Cast Ballots".
Sounds like a nothing story, right?
Except waaaaay at the bottom we learn this:
Thus far, early voters do not seem to be swaying the election toward either candidate.
Romney currently leads Obama 52% to 45% among voters who say they have already cast their ballots. However, that is comparable to Romney's 51% to 46% lead among all likely voters in Gallup's Oct. 22-28 tracking polling. At the same time, the race is tied at 49% among those who have not yet voted but still intend to vote early, suggesting these voters could cause the race to tighten. However, Romney leads 51% to 45% among the much larger group of voters who plan to vote on Election Day, Nov. 6.
When Gallup says early voters don’t seem to be swaying the election, presumably what they means is that because Romney is ahead by five points nationally, an early voting advantage of seven-points isn't going to "sway the election."  

Democrat Mike Briggs asks the question: isn't your opposition to Boldt of a "personal nature" and of "bias" regarding this "family member" of mine?

In the endorsement of Boldt and Tanner in the Camas Post Record, ordered, no doubt by democratian editor Lou Brancaccio, which I naturally nailed in the eye, I commented about this con job.

That led to an exchange apparently with Stephanie Rice's poor husband... given who he's married to... which led to democrat Mike Briggs, staunch CRC/loot rail/toll supporter (since like the vast majority supporting this rip off, including Boldt, they don't have to pay it every day they go to work) who posed the following:

Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
Mr. Hinton, aka McClued- I understand your problems with Marc Boldt are more of a "personal nature" are they not? Do you believe you might be a little biased in your comments regarding this family member of yours?
To this point, what Marc and his people have been telling anyone who'll listen is that I'm beating the hell out of Boldt because I'm on Madore's pay roll.

That's a crock.

So, here is my response:

 Kage McClued · Top Commenter · Owner/Writer at Clark County Politics
Uh, no, Mr. Briggs. If I were making any of this up, then perhaps that might be the case. But telling the truth here?

Look, I know more about Marc then you... or anyone of you who have endorsed him. You can't understand why I, a family member, would oppose his re-election. Since you can't, you pawn it off as some sort of family quarrel gone public without asking yourself these simple questions:

Has Hinton lied? Is he making this up? What does HE have to gain by doing this, except the enmity of those in the family who don't care if the Nazi Party was endorsing him, financing him or running his campaign?

If I HAD a bias, don't you believe it would be FOR him instead of against him? But no. This isn't about Marc, per se'.

It's about his selling out and getting the support of his year's long political opponents... opponents in the past who have called him "stupid," (Joe King, for example) who denigrated him in every imaginable way, including demanding his resignation from the House... who stand for everything he, up to now, has opposed; such as partial birth abortion and gay marriage. It's about being endorsed by Jim Moeller and being too ashamed of Moeller to say that... anywhere... because Marc is desperate to get re-elected... no matter what that takes.

And I don't want ANYONE in government like that, PARTICULARLY when they can govern ME. And that Marc is my own family... my own brother-in-law... gives him no cache when he claims to be one thing and then proceeds to ignore all of that... merely to get re-elected.

As you know, this is precisely the same tact I've taken against Jon Russell, beating him politically to a pulp, for, among other things, his treatment of YOU during the planning commission debacle. So, no... it isn't about bias.

It's about honor, integrity and truth on the part of those we vest with that authority... it's about electing those who will seek out and heed OUR will, and not the will of the special interests buying him like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion. It's about electing those who will not lie to us... like Marc has lied to us... and to me... about the issues confronting us.

Thanks for asking.
Reply · Like· 2 seconds ago
To which, completely missing the point, Briggs responded thusly:

Mike Briggs · Top Commenter · Works at Civic Activist
Mr. Hinton and/or Mr. McClue, You just wrote 388 impassioned words merely to tell me, "No, I am not biased because Marc is my family member".

You are welcome to your opinions Mr. Hinton but I do not believe you have changed my opinion of Marc Boldt at all. I do not think it wise to compare someone like Marc Boldt with someone like Jon Russell--at least, not here in Washougal.
Resulting in this from me:


Kage McClued · Top Commenter · Owner/Writer at Clark County Politics
Actually, that message wasn't remotely addressed to you.

It was an explanation to any reading this who would wonder why I would take this position when it comes to a family member. I provided a full explanation of my motivation that should certainly get anyone past the spin of the Boldt Camp... which up until now has been reduced to telling anyone who listens that my position on Boldt is because Madore or someone working for him is paying me.

That said, I view Boldt and Russell as precisely the same. While you may not share that view, that's up to you. But the parallels... the lack of integrity... the dishonesty... the situational ethics... are all startlingly similar.

Further, there's no peeling a democrat off another democrat; Boldt is one of you. Of course you're not going to let the truth interfere with your prejudices or positions: if democrats allowed that, Obama would get zero percent of the vote.

But as I pointed out and you did not deny: I know Marc better than any of you... I worked as his legislative assistant for 6 years... And I don't want him in my government. You hardly know him at all, and because he's a sell out, THIS time, you'd vote for him in a minute... because, frankly, he's not Madore, and your sort doesn't want anyone opposed to the CRC scam in office anywhere if you can help it.

But we also know that if Marc were running against a credible democrat who shared your bizarre, totalitarian view of the CRC rip off, you'd dump Boldt like a bad habit.

But you all are using him now... integrity and honesty be damned. I get that. And that's where the Russell-Boldt connection is so tight.

And Mr. Briggs, please don't confuse me with someone who cares what you happen to believe is "wise" when it comes to my positions. The truth is the truth... even in Washougal.

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