Wednesday, November 30, 2016

GOP wins with Pelosi victory; democrats lose.

Over the past two decades or so, certain political party patterns have emerged.

Locally, the 49th District is "Charlie's Country," so to speak.

NO ONE running on the GOP message or platform can win there... not even a RINO such as Carolyn Crain.

But the rest of the county?

At the legislative level, until... and likely even beyond... redistricting, the rest of this county remains a bright red.  At the council level, fake Republicans dominate.  But they are still labeled as GOP, even if they all vote like their fellow leftists.

Thus, even a bald-faced liar such as Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers will be easily re-elected, because the democrats insist on running hard... or harder... left candidates who would sound more at home in downtown Seattle than in districts where their message cannot win.

You cannot continue to insist, for example, that the CRC is a swell idea in a district where every single precinct voted against it every chance they got... and expect to win outside the neo-communist 49th.  You can't shill an income tax, or light rail, or expanded social programs, or welcoming arms for prospective terrorists and expect to win in vast swaths of a district that has proven itself to be hard right.

With the continued "leadership" of the left as represented by Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile, Steny Hoyer, Harry Reid/Chuck Schumer and prospectively, a fringe-left, America-hating muslim terrorist sympathizer by the name of Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN), the GOP found itself with the best of all possible outcomes as a result of the re-election of the Belle of Botox as House Minority Leader.

The map of America tends to show how out of touch these people are.  In real terms, the democrats have, as I understand it, monolithic government in 7 states while the GOP controls 24 states with GOP governors and legislatures and more governorships than ever before.

This kind of thing is an ongoing process.

Even here in the Washington Soviet, democrat control of the legislature teeters on the brink; the GOP somehow managed to maintain control of the Senate but only because one democrat is caucusing with the GOP... a miracle after yet another betrayal by the GOP-controlled senate over the gas tax/tab fee scam they ran on us that is doing so much damage to lower to low income families for the next several years.

The trend, which continues unabated, is for the GOP resurgence to continue... and even pick up steam.

The reality is that the further left the dems go, the more the GOP benefits... which is why keeping Pelosi right where she is was the best possible move the democrats could have made... for the Republicans.

The left's only hope to regain ground is to moderate and move back towards the center.

That means they have to move away from socialism of the variety they most prefer, that practiced by Castro.

That means they have to understand that human nature Trumps (So to speak) political ideology.

Generally, the political golden rule is that people vote their wallets.  Here locally, for example, the expenditure of billions of dollars for an unneeded project made zero sense where it mattered: the people who were actually going to have to pay for it.

Those pushing it the hardest were on the left, and by doing that, they worked to get and keep Republicans around here elected for the next decade.

There were two glaring errors and whole bunch of little ones:

The first error was lying to the public.

We hate liars.  Those supporting this scam were constantly lying from the getgo: the entire purpose of replacing the I-5 Bridge then... and now... was to extend loot rail into Clark County... or so said the Oregon State Supreme Court.

Every other reason was backfill, designed to try and justify an unjustifiable decision.

Over time, that became clear.  But supporters, who, by policy, had taken steps to silence the public on this issue, refused to back off from their totally bogus assertions, even in the face of being proven as liars.

The second was treating opponents like dog crap stuck to their shoe.

Everyone from soon to be former Rep. Jim Moeller to the slime at the democratian insulted, belittled, attacked, slandered and libeled those of us who actually had the sense to represent the well known will of the people.

One of them, a fringe-left nutburger by the name of John Laird, editorial page editor for the daily democrat, went so far as to refer to opponents as "cockroaches" in a column he wrote.

These things leave a lasting impression.  But the biggest impression is that generally, leftists don't listen; they don't care, and they put their agenda ahead of their job of representing the people.  Of course, many in the GOP do that as well... but not as a function of the GOP itself.

The reality is that the left was rabid about making this project happen, then... and now.  But the other reality is that the vast majority of those shilling this scam would not be the ones paying for it.  And when given a chance to express an opinion, those who would have paid the estimated $2000 a year in tolls for this massive waste of money simply refused to support it... and the local left has made us suffer ever since.

It is this kind of arrogance and stupidity, embodied in Minority Leader Pelosi and every other democrat running... that their way is the only way and opponents are objects to be scorned, attacked, insulted... all according to Alinski's Rules for Radicals.

This past election, those who support Trump were castigated as racist, bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic and the like merely because some changed their minds (Obviously, may who voted for Trump had also voted for Obama in the past but refused to vote for Hillary) and some who supported  Trump from the start.

Why is that smart?  How does that serve to persuade those you need to convince that you are right and they are wrong?

Even today, Obama showed the introspection of a board fence when he babbled: 
"In this election, [white working class voters] turned out in huge numbers for Trump," Obama said, answering Jann Wenner about why that group, which he won a good percentage of in 2008 and 2012, didn't vote for the candidate he endorsed. "And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments."
No possibility that those 8 years of polls that indicated the people of this country felt that we were heading in the wrong direction... overwhelmingly... and that Hillary doubled down on many of those policies sending us there might be at fault.

Not even a hint that his policies; the betrayal of Obamacare, the massive overreach of his illegal executive orders concerning illegal aliens and the like, just went too far for too long, among many other issues he engaged in.

Lies are not consistently a great platform to run a campaign from.  And perhaps the biggest lie ever foisted on the American people was this "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan" nonsense, combined with that "a family of 4 will save $2500 a year in premiums" crap he shilled.

Just like the GOP was in 08 and 12, the reality is that the dems were out-thought, out-hustled, out-planned and out-executed by a man they had zero respect for.  They refused to see that when Trump held a rally, he didn't have to pay people to show up.... and he ran his campaign for a great deal less money.

They discounted the impact he had when he crushed 16 other candidates to become the GOP.. and these same people were assuring us that Trump would not be the democrat nominee.

Regular readers may recall how the GOP establishment freaked... about how they did everything they could to try and reinvent the GOP as democrat-lite.

Not unlike the RINO scum working over the local GOP...  Except the major difference was the GOP LOST in 12, and won here in 16, keeping the local overwhelming majority of elected officials at least claiming allegiance to the GOP in office.

The dems, on the other hand, oddly seem to have concluded that they didn't move far enough away from the mainstream, and want to double-down with a terrorist supporter like Keith Ellison running their show.

While that might make them feel better, its not going to win them any elections.  And in 18, they have 25 senate seats to defend... an almost impossible task, particularly for a group who let it be known how much they despise those who oppose their agenda.

The outcome of this presidential election was a disaster for the left, where everyone appears to have been convinced beyond redemption that Hillary was going to destroy Trump; the most obvious example being the LA Times poll, where on November 6, their own poll showed Trump at +5 over Hillary, yet they projected in the face of that number that Hillary was going to receive 322 or so electoral votes... which shows such an astounding level of self-delusion... that they refused to believe their OWN data... and predicted a massacre of Trump by Clinton.

So what, exactly, does that do to leftist credibility?

And now, they whine because Hillary won the popular vote... as if that means anything.

Well, one of the many pre-election scenarios out there that perhaps, TRUMP might have won the popular vote and lost the electoral vote.

If that had happened... do you think any of these clowns would be whining about THAT?

Of course not.  You see, in their world, it ALWAYS different when a leftist does it.


Yet somehow, these whining little kids believe hypocrisy to be perfectly acceptable when THEY engage in it for THEIR candidates.

Take a few moments and watch the reaction of these ignorants on the "Young Turks," a group of fringe left nutjobs who clearly know as much about politics as they do about performing an abdominal resection: )

They were SOOOOOOO arrogant.  They were SOOOOO smug.

And they were SOOOOOO wrong.

And this is the future of the democrat party.

That, of course, is why the House Democrats reelecting Pelosi, who was ALSO dead wrong on the election outcome, is such a great thing for the GOP.

I'm reminded of the Duke of Wellington at Waterloo:
"They came on in the same old way and we defeated them in the same old way."
And with the victory of Pelosi and the insanity of giving he DNC chairmanship to Ellison?

The dems have guaranteed GOP dominance for years to come.

And they simply don't get it.

But they will.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dear Senator Rivers, 2.

Since you screwed your district and the people of Clark County sideways by helping to hang a $700 million tax bill around our necks in complete violation of your pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases, I thought I'd take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the massive increase in my tab fees that went along with your betrayal of your constituents.

Last year, I paid $54 for tabs on my now 28 year old Bronco that I drive, perhaps, 30 times a year, primarily during inclement weather because it's lifted and I can use it to get through some flooding and to help my neighbors out.

Imagine how delighted I was to discover that, in addition to you nailing us for 12 cents a gallon for fuel, my tab fee has now increased to $84... from $54... for one year.

I think of you often... usually when I buy fuel.

But I CERTAINLY had thoughts about you today when I opened up my tab renewal notice.

Thanks once again for bending us over for the special interests who own you while heaping dishonor on the professional political class.

I'm ashamed I ever voted for you, and believe me, it's a mistake I'll never make again.

Most sincerely, K.J. Hinton

Constituent you ignore when it comes to communicating with your office in Olympia.

Uh, oh... looks like I upset Carolyn Crain!

So, as the sting sets in and the carefully laid plans of the RINO contingent to take over the local GOP gets blown to pieces, this is the kind of reaction it's generating.
Subject:  Just in case you hadn't seen this 
I was amazed to receive this email below regarding ME! I know KJ Hinton has been writing trash about me, Paul Harris, Ann Rivers, Jaime Herrera, Shane Bowman, Jennifer McDaniel, Brent Boger, Jeanne Stewart, Julie Olson, Lynda Wilson, and Marc Boldt. Obviously being a Republican is a dilemma for the board so they have resorted to having KJ write their trash and he is paid  to do it! Now he has lied and added more as I am hearing him trashing Kathy McDonald... what is next?
Having already proven herself to be both a liar AND a hypocrite, Crain is reduced to claiming that I am getting PAID to write my perspectives.  Not hard to see the leftist Jimmy Mains/Chuckie Green influence here.

While it SHOULD go without saying after all these years... NO ONE PAYS ME ANYTHING TO WRITE ANYTHING ON MY BLOG.

Also of note is this: I supposedly "lied" about McDonald... yet Crain fails to indicate HOW I lied: what did I write that wasn't true?  Is writing the truth really "trashing" someone?

I get that the very idea that someone who can figure out what is going on and then object to it is simply beyond Crain's retarded ability to understand when it conflicts with her RINO agenda.

In Crain's world, telling the truth and providing facts represents "trashing."  Well, if any candidate or even candidate supporter disagrees with anything I've written, they can certainly write a rejoinder which I will publish unedited.

And those reading this will note that she made absolutely ZERO effort to point out where ANYTHING I wrote was wrong, incomplete or exaggerated.

And that, frankly, is because there is nothing in that regard she CAN say.

Here's the reality: that a hypocrite like Crain wants these 4 people elected to ANYTHING is, by itself, reason enough to vote against them.

Frankly, I expected better from Mattilla.  He would be best served if he told her to go pound sand since she's radioactive.

But here's the thing: We all know exactly and precisely what Crain has done and is attempting to do to the party.  The lies (such as her bogus claim that I'm getting paid for this) her fake named organization that worked so hard to get my Young Democrat-endorsed whack job brother-in-law elected... her efforts and disruption here and her willingness to attack anyone wise enough to oppose her aims... those all speak for themselves... as does her endorsement of Chuck Green, democrat, in the councilor election against Julie Olson and her subsequent job as an admin on the C3G2 hate site.  This hissy fit all started when the party refused to endorse her over Lisa Ross.... and all this whining, sniveling and back-stabbing is the result..

Everything after that is a caricature of "hell having no fury like a woman scorned."
Apparently David Madore has resorted to posting trash on Facebook about me and it is filled with LIES!
Haven't read it.  Don't really need to.  But what was it Crain wrote a few weeks back?

I do not know who wrote it but the fact that David Madore posted these lies is atrocious. Please stop and think for a second.
So.  It's OK for CRAIN to post lies, but not for anyone else?

Tsk, tsk.  No double standard THERE, eh?

By all means.  Stop and think.  And do it for even MORE than "a second."

Feel free to dig down... deep.  Don't take my word for any of this.  But correspondingly, don't take anyone else's word for it, either.  Do your own research.  Go below the surface.  Review the history of this woman and her efforts and what she's accomplished (A miserable failure as a candidate) and what she wants to do now... and with whom.
Who voted and spent money as a board in violation of our county party bylaws to fund candidates they were running against other Republican Candidates this year?
I'll byte.  Who?

Who set up a fake GOP organization to support a leftist like Marc Boldt?

That was you, wasn't it Carolyn?


Who spent Republican donations to campaign for LIBERTARIAN candidates when a good Republican was on the ballot in 2014?
You mean like you people supported the democrats instead of a "good Republican" in the county chair race?

Who tried to bring forward 5 amendments which were in complete conflict with our own constitution last year?
You got me.

Who's trying to bring bogus amendments to the bylaws forward that are in complete conflict with being a conservative NOW?

Who voted to NOT endorse Republicans this year?
Who worked to get a self-admitted NON-Republican elected to the county chair position LAST year?

The current party leadership!
Why, that would be CAROLYN CRAIN!


Realize how important this vote is... your attendance at this one meeting is critical to this 3 year effort.
Critical to WHO, Crain?  YOU?

Just because you've been wasting your time and effort while you do your best to damage the party, you think anyone else should?

They even intend to try to unseat Susan Hutchison with Christian Berrigan and need Katja Delavar and Joe Wagner and David Gellatly to do it. Those three votes on the WSRP board matter! Please help by attending and voting!
Wow, Crain.  When did Hutchinson start to pay YOU?

What's wrong with running against Hutchinson?  You sound the same as you did when Ross ran against... and defeated... YOU!


Please recognize the truth and vote for the 6 amendments we bring forth, vote against the vetting amendment.
By all means, recognize the truth.  Crain can't.  So, someone's got to do it for her.

The vetting amendment is vital to keep fake Republicans from getting party support.  Those like Crain, Boger, Blom and that ilk who would be much better off running as they are: democrats... 

 and vote for the following candidates which will return sanity to our county party:
 Melanie Wheeler for Secretary
Joseph DelliGatti for Treasurer
Kathy McDonald for state committeewoman
Joel Mattila for state committeeman

And that's a shame.  Some, like McDonald, obviously have no place in GOP leadership.  DellGatti is nothing more than a Crain sock puppet.

Clearly, if Crain supports these people, they shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator.

The chair and vice-chair to follow!
Holding it close to the vest to reduce the amount of truth-time, eh?
While writing this there have been 4 more nasty emails sent out to people.
Like the one you sent out, here?
 Please stand up for Republicans in this county!
By voting against anything Crain wants or any candidate she supports.


Carolyn Crain

More on McDonald.

Not surprisingly, Kathy McDonald is a co-founder of a women-only political group, "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle."

Besides being a discriminatory, extra-partisan group that includes Charter Scammer Betty Sue Morris, this group also supported the CRC Scam that the people overwhelmingly opposed:

The money quote:
The group supports candidates of any party who see the importance of economic development for the region, including the Columbia River Crossing project, Schauer said.
Not particularly Republican, that.  But very much particularly Republican in name only.

 And taking it a step further, McDonald was also the treasurer for the Dump Madore PAC owned and operated by democrat David Nierenberg and the scam PAC's email contact.

Contact Information
Address - 1605 NW 65TH STREET
State - WA
Zip - 98663
Phone - 360-607-8959

And how Republican is that?  Do you really want a state committee woman who claims to be a "conservative" who worked for a price to get rid of one of the conservative pivotal figures in killing the CRC Scam, a scam she obviously supported, representing the GOP at the state level?  Only to replace him with an arrogant, inexperienced RINO punk who is going to vote to screw us as much as the other leftist Stooges on the council?

And, of course, as far back as 2005, McDonald was pro-tax increase, telling the Columbian: 
"I'm not anti-tax," said McDonald. "I'm a fiscal conservative. And I'm also a mom with four kids. I make them ride the bus."

McDonald said changes to the ballot proposal were made by C-Tran after feedback on the November defeat and show[sic] a commitment to listen to the public. "You have to have a good transit system for healthy economic development," she said. 
Columbian, The (Vancouver, WA) - June 22, 2005
How can she be anti-tax, considering how much money she's made from her efforts to jack our taxes up?

These things matter.  A pro-tax political mercenary who claims to be a Republican but who appears, when looking at the paper-trail, that she'll work for and with anyone if the price is right.
Memo to Ann Donnelly:  It takes a great deal more than YOUR say-so to convince anyone with a record like this that she's a conservative.

If you actually believe that (which I doubt, for some reason) then you have a very strange definition of the term.

To the PCO's in this meeting, I say this: vote for whomever you like.  But don't vote based on packaging or who endorses who.

Check the record, think for yourself, be aware and vote accordingly.  But do not be fooled: my Spaniels have more of a record of conservatism than McDonald.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Kathy McDonald and the rest of the story.

There's an email pinging around the net to a "select few" (apparently) from Ann Donnelly, explaining why she's supporting Kathy McDonald for State Committeewoman.

This email is well written, far better than my own meager effort here to be sure... but then, that's what's to be expected of a PhD.

And it's all that, as far as it goes.  But there's a few things left out of the story that Ann either didn't know... or didn't want YOU to know.

In this case, the simplest thing you can do is, well, follow the money.

One of my hobbies is to peruse the PDC's.  You can find out a lot just by looking.

The PDC's, for example, told me that Ann Rivers had been deliberately overstating her campaign funds by a paltry $175,000 or so... for over a year.

They told me that for some reason, the $135,000 she surplused from her last campaign in August never seemed to make it into her surplus fund account, instead... apparently... vaporizing into thin air.

They told me that she had made in excess of $10,000 in payments to the Bank of America... for something.

They told me that it appears my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, decided he needed $5000 from his abortive 2012 commissioner campaign, so he took it, claiming that it was repayment of a loan he'd made to the campaign...except for one minor detail;

There's no record of any such loan having been made... or any other loan, for that matter.

Yes, it's amazing what you can find by looking.

For example, I discovered that Kathy McDonald has a thing for consulting on campaigns where our taxes are going to increased.  Not in opposition... but in support.

Here's the Cliff Notes version:

It looks like McDonald made around $24,000 for helping to jack up our taxes for the library... an effort that lost here in Clark County but passed by a large enough margin in the rest of the library district to pass over all.

Then, of course, she made bank of the Port's effort to keep their unnecessary and unneeded tax increase that was overturned by the voters... "Citizens for a Strong Economy," the falsely named mission by the Port of Vancouver to stick it to us with a huge tax INCREASE for $2000... Along with a cool $5000 from the useless effort to keep the voters from taking Arch Miller's head and replacing him with Jerry Oliver.

Most recently, she also picked up $2500 from democrat David Nirenberg's "screw David Madore PAC," aka "Connecting Clark County."

So, while I have little doubt that McDonald is many things to many people, I missed the part in Ann's recitation of her many virtues that covered "political mercenary."

Donnelly acts as if McDonald is new to local GOP leadership.  Well,  I admit to a failing memory, but I also seem to recall from the deep, dark recesses of my mind a time when she was on or near the Executive Board for the Party and she was asked to resign because she'd held a fund raiser for Tim Probst.

Donnelly writes:
You and I both know: we cannot continue to depend on the same handful of people as we go into a new chapter for the Republican Party. Grateful as we are for past dedicated and in many ways successful work, when an outstanding new talent is available – someone of deep experience and formidable ties outside our region (a fair description of Kathy) – we would be wise to diversify our base of activism.
Utter nonsense.

By any measure, the current GOP is more successful in every way that it ever has been.  And that includes when Donnelly was running it. It has more office holders than ever.  Despite the efforts by many masquerading as "moderates" under the GOP banner.

It would be one thing if they WEREN'T successful.  THAT would be a reason to replace them.  But they unarguably ARE successful.  And Donnelly/McDonald want to get rid of them anyway.

Now, why do you think that might be?
I am a strong supporter of Joel Mattilla for State Committeeman based on the same rationale – the advantage of adding a phenomenal new talent to our CCRCC Executive Committee.
I can appreciate that... but it's also irrelevant to the issue of McDonald... who is many things but "phenomenal NEW talent" ain't one of them.  She's been around as long as I have... and that's going on 25+ years now.
Just so is Kathy McDonald, and as luck would have it, she[sic] and Joel worked side by side along with many of you, in the Trump election organization.  Kathy has the ideal skills and track record to convince us of her suitability for this job.  She is not an unknown factor.  
Weird.  I must have missed that.  It kinda reminds me of the set up about John Pennington and the Plum Book, getting a sweet job as Region 11 FEMA director that he was absolutely unqualified for... until he was outed as having a degree from a bogus matchbook cover university... all because the then Congresswoman from the 8th District, Jennifer Dunn, said the same kinds of things about Pennington to the Bush Team... even though, to the best of my knowledge, that description was somewhat less than truthful... since I had never seen or heard from him at any point during the campaign.

And when it comes to her "track record," working on campaigns to raise our taxes isn't really a suitable record to have for a Republican... is it? 
You have seen her recent email describing her qualifications. She proved herself years ago in the fast-moving, demanding world of conservative activism in SW Washington led by Linda Smith.  Kathy knows our region intimately and has earned the unquestioned confidence of the broader business community, an element of our electorate within which we need stronger relationships.
Sorry, but her "track record" seems to me to disqualify her as a "conservative,"  In fact, Donnelly's support of McDonald seems to do the same.

You see, both Ann Donnelly and Kathy McDonald appear to have endorsed my brother-in-law, leftist Marc Boldt, for county commission chair, instead of voting for a conservative or a Republican.

Odd, then, that two people who endorsed a candidate who has raised our taxes, ignored the voters on the issues and who governs in a way reminiscent of a junior Fidel Castro would either know what a conservative is or make the claim that they somehow qualify with that label.

Screen capture from Boldt's county chair campaign page.
That McDonald is a member of the downtown mafia may be swell from Donnelly's perspective, but it's hardly a reason to support her for any candidacy.  In fact, I might venture to say that it's something of a reason to oppose her effort, as I oppose the rest of the not even subtle effort of the RINO clique to retake control of the party FROM conservatives... while I find it odd that those involved in that effort actually make the demonstrably false claim that they are, in fact, "conservatives."
Kathy has something unique– deep connections to statewide and national conservative organizations, including serving on the national Trump transition team.  She is trusted by President-Elect Trump to advise him on appointments to major offices.   When needed, Kathy can call upon national and state leaders, and even the Trump administration, with her in-depth knowledge of their strengths to assist us when needed.
Utter nonsense.  I seriously doubt that Trump knows she exists.

McDonald is a nobody.  She has no connections of consequence, no leverage and no ability to make anything happen.  That Donnelly would attempt to mislead us into believing this nonsense is, well, just bizarre... because here's the thing: if she's all that?

She can do it without being elected to anything.  With all this "power," it's not like she wouldn't use it for the forces of "good" merely because someone else got the job she wanted... right?

So why are her alleged (hardly proven) powers a reason to elect her?

Beats me.

Look, I get that the RINO's want to take over again... with the same mediocre results to show for it.

This isn't for the good of the party.  These two could care less.  Just for one example, Marc Boldt was a PCO for my precinct for 4 years and never once showed up at a meeting or did anything else to help the party for the entirety of that time, save for his moronic effort to get the GOP endorsement after he was actually endorsed by the Young Democrats... one of the biggest fringe-left organizations in the county... who DID endorse him right after Donnelly and McDonald did the same.  And that made zero difference to either of them.

And how "conservative" is that?

Look.  I'm not in the party.  Not a member.  Not anything, as far as that goes.

But when someone is telling a story about someone because they want them to get a job to help get rid of conservatives in the party like they did from elective office, they need to tell ALL of the story... and not just the parts they want you to know.  Here, electing McDonald to this position is the local equivalent to making Mitt Romney Secretary of State.

I'm reminded of the Trump story of the snake, which ends thus:
" 'I saved you,' cried that woman, and you've bit me, heavens, why?" Trump read, turning the song into a sort of fable. "You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die.
'Oh shut up, silly woman,' said the reptile with a grin. 'You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in.' "
Anything less than telling ALL of the story makes Donnelly no better than a Columbian reporter.

Just sayin'.

And now you know the REST of the story.

This week's irony: The Jayne's democratian column on "fake news."

C'mon, fam.

THE largest purveyor of "fake news" in the region is now, all of a sudden, COMPLAINING about "fake news?"

Hypocrite, much?

THE two largest scams ever perpetrated against this area were replete with "fake news."

For the icon of fake news, one need look no farther than the late, unlamented, CRC Scam this same despicable cancer on our community did their best to ram down our throats for a decade; trashing anyone opposed to their idiocy and failing to do anything about the multiple illegalities involving that rip off.

A close second was the Lefty Lou jihad against conservatives generally and David Madore particularly.

Nothing Madore did was right.  The constant drum beat of recall when that was impossible was never blunted by stating and restating that there was nothing that took place that would have net the legal standard required.  There was zero effort to hold Steve Stuart accountable for his slander of Madore and Mielke at the commission meeting where he falsely and publicly accused them of violating the sunshine laws... a he lynched them in front of his "storm the Bastille" fringe-left nutter crowd.

Jayne, a total kool aid drinker from the old school, tells us that "fake news is new snake oil for today's gullible public."

Well, that certainly explains the leftist view of many: pure, virgin, snake oil (not to be confused with olive oil) swallowed by the gallon.  Locally, the variety and viscosity of the bovine excrement produced in our democrat daily.

And that's the irony: Jayne condemns "fake news" for one reason only: the outcome of the vote made the rag look like a bunch of idiots.  If the outcome, God Forbid, had gone the other way?

The entirety of Jayne's screed is based on two premises: first, that we are incapable of thinking for ourselves and second, that every single "example" he used was based on and used by the right, therefore when we were wise enough to vote against their favored criminal incompetent, it's because those who supported TRUMP were fooled into voting for him.


I abhorred the thought of voting in another term for Obama based on her obvious criminality, her pathological inability to tell the truth, and her insipid incompetence.

Nationally, the democrat left, in the guise of the fairy tale media matters/ types and their various acolytes were the template for ANY "fake news" operation ongoing.  And these two operations have been ongoing for YEARS, without comment or complaint on the part of this rag.

So... why now?  What's changed?

Well, the left lost.  That's what changed,

The idea that reading a story from a single source or even multiple uncredited sources is enough to move the voter needle to the point of a bad outcome for a candidate is a great way to avoid any responsibility for this outcome and as absurd as actually believing anything Brancaccio writes.

Jayne stands as an example of that he would condemn.  His side lost.  For them, a stunning defeat because they allowed themselves to be deluded into a surety that #Hillbilly had this thing won hands down.  But that's all a part of the fringe-left arrogance that infests us all.

Using Jayne as a local example; that same leftist media bias, as over the top as I've ever seen it right here in our own little area, clearly does not allow for any effort in achieving introspection and ferreting out the many and various ways that the leftist dominated media has been failing us... and failing us for years.

I freely admit that fake news is out there: but I also know that it's on BOTH sides of any equation.  And perhaps, instead of doing their usual one-sided expose' crap, a little self-examination is called for on the part of the leftist propaganda mill known as the Columbian might be in order.

Maybe, just maybe, before this carbuncle on society complains about "fake news" on the part of others, they should get a handle on the "fake news" they pump out whenever anyone opposed to their agenda becomes the subject of their examination... or whenever they oppose... (East County Bridge) or support (The Yakima Millionaires baseball stadium) either a project or a candidate there's no lie they won't print, no exaggeration they won't engage in, no character assassination beyond them.

You would THINK that having gone bankrupt once, they'd get a clue and play it straight.... but nope; that's far too much to expect from these punks with keyboards.

One thing's for sure:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Democrats: is a name change required to repair the brand?

We've seen it before: brands renaming themselves or their products, for whatever the reason (although it's usually associated with failure) in such a way that the product itself doesn't change, but its packaging does.

Is it time for the democrats to rename themselves?

I believe it is.  And I nominate a name that accurately and truly reflects what the democrat party is; how they do business and how their actions compute:

The Hypocrite Party.

The endemic double standard of the left reeks.  They attempt to hold those they oppose in utter contempt.  They rig their primaries so those they see as "dangerous" have zero chance of being nominated.

Just ask your hardcore (yet simultaneously delusional) Sanders supporter for details if you lack them from the ethernet... they'll tell you all about it.  The party of the "Big Tent" really is more of an ideological phone booth, where those with pro-life or pro-family positions have no place, even though they may be ideologically as pure as the driven snow in every other respect.

Those in the gay community or of a minority persuasion find themselves savaged if the don't go along with the current arty meme, which looks much like it was designed and implemented by Vlad Lenin and Saul Alinski more than it was by the party of Kennedy.

And now?

It really wasn't all that long ago that leftists threw an outright fit over the idea that Trump might not accept the results of the election.

The democrat's criminal incompetent had this to say about it, in fact:

And so what are we finding ourselves faced with today?

Clintonistas are spinning it, of course; the claim seems to be that Hillary's Hypocrisy is perfectly OK since someone else shilling for George Soros is actually doing it; Clinton is just joining a movement "started by someone else."

Kinda like Quisling joined the Nazi Party.

Make no mistake: Clinton has now, through her actions in this matter, dragged the democrat party even further into the hypocrite column that Barack Obama, who famously claimed, before he and Congress more than doubled it, that the deficit in 2008 was "unpatriotic."


Connect the dots and the leftist party is no more about democracy than they are about performing abdominal resections.  No democrat is hitting up the media to be quoted that this kind of thing represents the very worst of politics and will now be used as a cudgel against the left for years to come.

Why is that?  Why is the left suddenly silent about that which just a few short weeks ago was so very important to them when it applied to Trump?

Leftists, lying like they do, hide behind the mantra, "gee, don't you want honest elections?"  Like they care... because if the LEFT wanted "honest elections" they wouldn't be courting the illegal alien vote, wouldn't be lying about voter ID being "racist" and wouldn't have had Obama come out and urge illegals to vote in this election.

Further, if "honest elections" are what these scum care about, surely at least ONE of the states where a recount is being considered would be a state Hillary won... wouldn't it?

Then why isn't it?

Gee.  I wonder.

Obama did his best this cycle to load up the voter rolls with illegal alien/non-citizen voters through his open borders policies, which is some instances have led to dead Americans, murdered by the thugs he's let in.

All without a peep from his fellow leftists who frankly, could care less and who feel that, somehow, ANYONE who wants to live here, REGARDLESS of circumstance... should not only be ALLOWED to live here, but that we should pay them for the privilege.

Meanwhile, veterans are dying while we wait for appointments, or we're turned away and kill ourselves when we ask for help... after 8 years of Obama promises of fixing the VA system which clearly he... and most other democrats... could care less about except when it comes time to pander for our vote.

So yeah: my take on all of this is simple:  If you're gonna be a party of hypocrites, stop hiding it.

Embrace it.  Revel in it.  After all, what have you got to lose?

(DISCLAIMER:  By making this suggestion, I in no way discount the number (or stench) of local GOP hypocrites who lie to get elected, get elected and do nothing, or claim to BE GOP when their policies and votes and record is to the contrary. or cause us much more harm than ever believed possible.

But the GOP itself does not have a party-wide hypocrisy or double standard about it, (for example, as much as the Establishment hates the idea of a Trump presidency, they didn't implement a system to keep that from happening) and when those in charge lie to us or about us, we push back.  Hard.)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Leftist hypocrisy: remember those clowns whining about Trump accepting the election results?

Ahhhhh, yes.  The whining and sniveling when Trump refused to play their "accept the results of the election" game.

You remember it, don't you?

Donald Trump: 'I will totally accept' election results 'if I win'

Story highlights

  • Twice Trump implied he would only accept the results of the general election if he won
  • He made his comments during the debate Wednesday and at a rally Thursday
Delaware, Ohio (CNN)Donald Trump said Thursday he will accept the results of next month's election if he wins, a caveat that threatens to cast unprecedented doubt on the legitimacy of the electoral process.
Trump offered a stunning declaration during the final presidential debate that he might not accept the results of next month's election. In his first speech since the debate, Trump seemed to simultaneously double down on the stance he articulated Wednesday night while also trying to clean it up.
Trump argued forcefully during a rally here that he was being asked to "waive" his right to contest the election after critics slammed him for refusing to pledge to accept the results of the election the previous night during the final presidential debate.
"I would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the United States that I will totally accept the results of this great and historic presidential election, if I win," Trump told supporters here in his first comments since the final debate.
After raising concerns about voter fraud -- instances of which are extremely rare -- Trump also pledged to accept "a clear election result."
"Of course, I would accept a clear election result, but I would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable result," Trump said. "And always, I will follow and abide by all of the rules and traditions of all of the many candidates who have come before me. Always."
Oh, the whining, sniveling, whaling and gnashing of teeth.  The rending of garments.  The ashes and sack cloth.

So, what do we get today?


This, of course, is a prime example of leftist hypocrisy.

The double standard.  The scum that is the left.

Under the circumstances, these same leftists who complained about Trump failing to drink their kool aid about election results, should be OUTRAGED!  They should take to the streets in protest!

They won't be, of course.  Most will cheer on this effort to overturn results they didn't like.

But had the shoe been on the other foot?  The leftists and the media would be trashing Trump and his supporters for anything approaching this.

And these scum who claim it has nothing to do with getting Hillary in and kicking Trump out have yet to explain why none of their chalenges have taken place in states that Hillary won.

But then, that's what hypocrites do.

The insanity of the Boger/Crain GOP takeover attempt.

The fake Republicans who brought us such luminaries as democrat control of the county council, higher taxes, Higher fees, bigger government, more rules and less freedom are at it again.

Democrat Carolyn Crain and Chief RINO Brent Boger are making a serious effort to turn the local GOP into a neo-democrat joke:

For example:  With leftist idiocy like this...
Section 4.  Not withstanding the adoption of such core principles, no Republican shall be ineligible to hold CCRP office and no Republican candidate ineligible to receive party resources solely for not adhering to such principles. 
Carolyn Crain's endorsement of Chuckie Green, 

The effect of this kind of garbage is that a democrat could run as a Republican and these same morons, like a Boger or a Crain, can literally come in and continue to take their democrat positions, knowing that because of their bylaw scam the GOP would have to support them.  Or, as far as that goes, even endorse democrats for election, like Boger endorsed my whack-job brother-in-law and Crain endorsed democrat Chuckie Green, co-moderator along with Crain and that blithering idiot Smith of the fringe-left C3G2 hate site:

For example, these scum supported my whack job brother-in-law, who was also endorsed by the Young Democrats, as fringe-left a political organization as you can find in Clark County, all the while being endorsed and supported by these closet democrats.

Clearly, they missed the results of the most recent election, where clowns like Boger found an excuse to oppose the president elect, hypocritically ignoring their OWN WORDS: Republican shall be ineligible to hold CCRP office and no Republican candidate ineligible to receive party resources solely for not adhering to such principles.
Brent with his drinking buddy, Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio
Unless their name is Trump, right Brent?  Then, you come out and hammer him using the audio tape scam... and then, to make sure that doesn't come back and bite you in the ass, proceed to take down your leftist rant where you sniveled about it and declared that you, personally were refusing to vote for the man.

And that's the thing, you see: Boger and his fellow leftist clowns are pure, rank hypocrites.

This is nothing but a bald-faced effort to become even bigger democrat tools than they are now by taking over the party.

These two RINOs set the bar impossibly high to make sure that those claiming to be a Republican actually ARE Republican, requiring a 75% vote to to avoid endorsing their fellow democrats and leftists instead of relying on a simple majority for anything. Further, they remove the district of an aspiring candidate from any consideration, requiring a county-wide PCO vote to impact the votes of a district.

This is being set up in anticipation of the runs for re-election for democrat county councilors Julie Olson and Jeanne Stewart, who masqueraded as Republicans to get elected, but who have voted like the hard corps democrats they defeated to get elected in the first place.

Their leftist voting record should be the determinant... but it won't be under this mutiny.

They should be defeated.  And here's the thing: if they don't like it, they can always quit screwing around and switch parties, instead of tip-toeing around the reality that they are out of touch and, frankly, butt-hurt that their efforts have availed them very little to date.

As it should be.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Politics and Thanksgiving.

For many, this is going to be a difficult day.

It's unlikely that extended families are monolithic when it comes to their politics.

As our house is undergoing an extensive renovation, we don't have a kitchen that's functioning.

I'll be spending it with part of the the wife's regiment, the extended family that has frequently opposed my political view, particularly when it comes to holding my brother-in-law accountable for his leftist bent and CRC support.

I am willing to take this chance because the tensions here should not impact a holiday like this.

So, here's how I'm going to play it:

I'm not going to say anything political at all.

A month or so ago, I was doing my monthly food bank bit... we had some down time... and I was watching and listening to this group of maybe 6 fellow volunteers discussing the upcoming election and their confidence that Hillary was going to, effectively, slaughter Trump.

I didn't say a thing.

One of the more sure of this group decided that he had to know what I thought the outcome was going to be, given they knew my work as a consultant and analyst.

I tried to back out... but he was insistent.

So I told him:

"It's going to be Trump.  And it's not going to be close."

I thought these fine, Christian, church going folks were going to string me up.  I told them that it was a professional judgment and not a personal judgment... and that if I had seen evidence to the contrary, I would have joined them in their conclusion.

I live in a world of numbers and experience.   The conclusion I had reached several months ago, that Trump was inevitable, would have been starkly different had the numbers I was watching and my experience told me it was different.

That the same experience which told me that the election of Hillary Clinton, and her doubling down on the destruction caused by Obama, would be a disaster if it were to take place...

... but at this point, we'll never know for certain.

The more insistent fellow came to within an inch or so of becoming violent, which would have been very bad...

For him.

Last weekend, we went back to the food bank and did it again.

This group... that was oh, so sure I was wrong.... didn't say a word about it.

Including Mister Insistent.

It was as if the election never happened.  And I was fine with that.

I am thankful for a great deal today.  I am mostly thankful for my family... my health isn't bad... the kids are doing well... we're in pretty good shape.

I'm also thankful that of the two candidates who stood any kind of realistic chance, the disaster that would have befallen us was avoided.

That brings us to the Thanksgiving table...

When obvious political divide exists, the thing to do is to avoid it altogether.

Everyone has a role in this day.  And among those roles is the wisdom to understand that first, the election is over and nothing can be said or done to change that; no one is required to defend or attack any position and no one is either required to get mad or get hurt by those closest to them.

On this day, I would keep politics off the table.  This is one of those rare occasions that should result in a commonality of goals: no matter what anyone's position may have been on November 8 or may continue to be today, none of it is worth causing even superficial scars amongst family.

Do your best today.  Be thankful for what you have.  Understand that regardless of your political perspective, if we can survive 8 years of Obama, we can survive anything.

The quality of mercy is mightiest in the mighty.  There's no point in gloating or hurting anyone's feelings.  And whatever may be said to you, understand it's the temper of our times and just smile and nod.  Don't rise to the bait.

There will be many Thanksgiving days ahead of us and remember, both no matter how much the outcome may have disappointed or elated,  this too shall pass.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One political standard: Trump

Regular readers here should know by now that I am merciless when it comes to politicians who lie to us.

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, who lied about her position on increasing the gas tax and tab fees, hanging a $700 million bill around our necks (Making the waste of $200 million on the CRC Scam) look like lunch money in comparison; and now, no doubt, who will lie to us about whatever she decides for whatever the reason since that the GOP in the 18th District have shown they'd elect a brick if it had an "R" after its name.

Scott "Flat out lied to scam you into electing me" Weber, who ran on a platform of eliminating his job as an elected position... and then, like most corrupt politicians motivated by money, just proceeded to sit on his ass and collect the checks... without making ANY effort to implement his campaign promise.

Brandon "Mr. Committee" Vick, who did, essentially, nothing his first year in the House, lied about it by claiming his failure to do anything was part of a "plan," and then proceeded to lie about being on SIX different committees SIMULTANEOUSLY to show how hard he was "working," when in fact, as I pointed out, the reality was quite different and that once session started, he'd be lucky to be on two, let alone three... which was absolutely dead on as it turned out.

Marc "Pure democrat" Boldt, who went from "Conservative Republican" to "moderate Republican" to "no Republican" all in the same election as Jimmy Mains sucked out what was left of Boldt's brain and who, subsequently, became the REAL chair of the Clark County Council, using Boldt as his puppet.

All claim to be Republican.  I will never vote for any of them because they have no integrity and, per force, are unfit for election to any office.  I will, in fact, vote for whoever is running against them... as I did in the 18th District this year.

Regular readers also know that I picked Trump to win this far over a year ago, warning the rest of the GOP that the only way to defeat him would be to take his issues away from him by assimilating those positions party-wide.

I continued with that pick in the face of the disbelievers and the nay-sayers.  I took a lot of flack for my position on this... and those who attacked me because of my pick have become strangely silent in the face of the reality that I was right and they were wrong.

That brings us to yesterday, when word first leaked that Trump was backing away from his position on making sure that Clinton faced justice.

Those same morons who know as much about realpolitik as they do about retargetting nuclear missiles, having been destroyed at the polls and having their hated-based assurances of Trump's imminent defeat blow up in their faces, are now telling us , "see, I told you so" like the playground punks they are.

Like many (Most?) Trump supporters, I flipped out when I read this stuff.  You cannot "drain the swamp" and continue to allow the complete freedom of the biggest alligator within that swamp.

I carefully read what was said.  And the gist of it, nuanced to be sure, was not that he was going to stop these efforts.  The gist of it as I interpreted it, is that the investigations are going to continue but he is staying out of it.

Is that spin?  Perhaps, but not from me.  That was from yet another campaign talking head from the Trump organization this morning on FOXNews.

I can appreciate the list of things the man has to do and wants to do as a new president.  The idea that Trump has to expend ANY political capital to make a Hillary prosecution happen is nonsense.  Every poll taken concerning Comey's failure to get Clinton busted has come back with a majority, typically in the 60's, indicating that they believe Clinton should be indicted for her misdeeds.

How much political capitol does it take to implement the overwhelming will of the people, particularly when that was a pledge you made to get elected in the first place?

The question remains: will Obama pardon her?  Or will he try to maintain at least a shred of dignity for his abysmal tenure and stay away from doing such a completely partisan thing?

This smacks of a deal, you see.  My guess is that Trump is giving Obama cover for a decision NOT to pardon her.

That way, Obama can leave without looking like just another leftist moron (Think Clinton and Mark Rich) keep his hands clean and then leave the field open to allow Trump to do whatever it is that he wants to do in all of this.

I give him 6 months from now to implement his campaign pledge.

The moment I determine he has lied to us...  am going to dump my support of him precisely like I have dumped my support of any other lying political scumbag who is so insecure as men and women and who doubt their own positions so much that in their arrogance, they have to lie about them to get elected.

Even if we were betrayed, however, I take some solace in the fact that Trump at his worst is better than Clinton at his best.  And as the whining naysayers babble their "I told you so's," they are, I believe, as right about that as they were about the outcome of the election itself.

Trying to remain relevant by whining?

Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking my knee jerked a tad too quickly.

It better have.  Because if it turns out that Trump lied to get elected?

His history will be one term and out.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Rampant political hatred.

It seems that political hatred is the basis for much of the political actions and discourse these days: from RINO betrayal here locally to leftist hissy-fits on multiple levels, the baby-pin brigade whines and snivels like 4 year-olds not getting their ways.

The hypocrisy of those involved reeks, of course.  Here, locally, tools of the left are doing their best to take over the local GOP since the PCO's have long-since invited them out of having any say over  local political affairs, the end result is that 4 fake Republicans are running the county council; jacking up our taxes and fees, adding regulation and increasing the size of government.

These people recruited fellow RINOs to run against conservative voices in local and legislative races, not caring that those efforts would result in higher taxes, higher fees, more regulation and bigger government.

You know... acting like democrats?  Acting in ways that make them recoil in horror at the very thought they'd be treated in kind.  Their efforts to take over outed on this blog.

At the national level,  their fellow travelers are acting like scum, attacking property and those physically who don't share their view.

They act in ways that would OUTRAGE them were the shoe on the other foot.

Plays, TV shows, riots, walk outs, road blockages... whining and sniveling punks... rich, spoiled leftist hypocrites... all because the criminal incompetent the left supported lost.... as, when it comes down to it, I had indicated she would for over a year.

Were the shoe actually laced up on the other foot, the left would be telling us "elections have consequences," the verbiage Obama spoke upon his ascension if memory serves.

They would tell us that the outcome was a mandate and that we had to join with them in their sprint over the cliff.

Part of the thing that pisses me off the most isn't the leftist opposition, which will wear away in time.

The thing that angers me is the rank hypocrisy of it all.

On my meager effort here, I do my best to treat and judge everyone the same.  I don't care what you party is... I don't care if I'm related to you (just ask my psycho brother-in-law) I don't care what your plumbing is.

If you lie... if you're corrupt... if you ignore the people?

I out you here.

That's why I've outed the RINOs.  That's why I've attacked my own state senator and former business partner and former friend of 11 or so years when she lied about her opposition to the gas tax and tab fee increases.

Around America, we're greeted by illegal aliens proclaiming that Trump isn't their president.

Ya think?

We're greeted by seething hatred from the leftists...

More Electors Get Death Threats From Hillary Voters 
Texas member of electoral commission tells them to "go to hell" 
- November 21, 2016 1895 Comments

A member of the electoral commission in Texas says his colleagues are getting death threats as angry Hillary supporters ramp up the pressure before electors cast their vote on December 19th.

Hillary voters around the country are bombarding electors with emails, some of them threatening, in an effort to force them to vote against the outcome of the presidential election. 
“At first everyone was kinda enchanted by it. Now all the electors are starting to get beaten down. There are some electors who have been threatened with harm or with death,” Texas elector Alex Kim told NBC 5.
“When people ask me to vote for Hillary Clinton, there’s no way,” he said. “I reject the Democratic Party principles and I reject Hillary Clinton.” 
Kim said he had a message for all the people who are trying to pressure him into changing his vote; “Go to hell”. 
As we previously reported, another elector in Michigan said he has also received a number of death threats, including a promise that he would be shot in the head if he voted for Trump. 
“I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive,” Michael Banerian told the Detroit News, adding that he has been labeled a “hateful bigot” by the same people who are violently threatening him. 
A petition to demand electors change their vote to Clinton has also surpassed 4.5 million signatures. 
Meanwhile on Twitter, Hillary supporters are organizing on how to pressure electors under the hashtag #HamiltonElectors, a reference to Mike Pence being lectured by a cast member of the musical show. 
Unfortunately for them, conservatives found the hashtag and have now largely taken it over to decry leftists attempting to overturn the results of a democratic election. 

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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison
These same people remained silent in the face of the abuse Obama heaped on our Constitution.  They remained silent in the face of Hillary's pathological lies on a variety of subjects, her pay-for-play corruption on her money laundering scheme, THE DNC insults to minorities, the rigging of the democrat primaries, the effort by interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile to pass CNN debate questions along to Hillary.

For the left, there was nothing particularly objectionable about any of that.

And now, it's blown up in their collective faces.  Those opposed to their peculiar form of governance get hatred in return... much like we get hatred in return by the RINO posse'.

In time, it will die down as many conned by the left come to realize that they've been played.  The leftist media will "Madore" Trump, to be sure; like Madore, there will be NOTHING that Trump does, says, or person he appoints that will meet with their approval.

As we've seen, that sort of thing doesn't have the impact it would have if journalists had done their jobs instead of whoring themselves to their fellow leftists.  For a local example,  you need look no father than our own Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Media efforts in this election were and continue to be, totally shameful.  And it won't stop as these same people fail to realize they're eating there own tails.
 Advertisements... contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826), Letter to Nathaniel Macon, January 12, 1819

I read no newspaper now but Ritchie's, and in that chiefly the advertisements, for they contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826), Letter to Nathaniel Macon, January 12, 1819
The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826) 
Editor: a person employed by a newspaper, whose business it is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to see that the chaff is printed.  
This perspective, almost 200 years old, has gone full circle back to the same type of corruptive idiocy they showed back in Jefferson's day.

They make no apologies for it.  And I make no apologies for trashing them.  But I WILL point out that in this instance, the people have wised up and the rag's impacts will be correspondingly less in the future.

Political hatred is a loss-leader.  It results in the confusion of motion... with action.

That applies equally to all sides.
You disapprove? Well, too bad! We're in this war for the species, boys and girls. It's simple numbers. They have more. And every day I have to make decisions that send hundreds of people like you to their deaths. - Colonel Carl Jenkins played by Neil Patrick Harris - Starship Troopers Movie (1997)
We don't have the luxury for this hatred, but there's no way to stop it.

That does not mean we shouldn't be aware of it.