Saturday, August 31, 2013

When Lefty Lou hates you, he hates you; volume MMMLXII

In a way, Lefty's ability to hate is a special character trait of his.  He hates deeply, richly; fueled by his frequently fringe-left perspective of sucking us all dry with taxes for his projects and a fanatical belief in his agenda being geometrically more valuable and prescient than the will of the people.

His documented history of giving leftists... both regionally and nationally.... a pass cannot be disputed.

Jim Jacks, thrown out of the legislature for his alcohol-fueled molestation.  Jim "Molehill" Moeller and his slaughtered-at-the-polls "what is and what isn't" candy tax.  Jay "can't get any of my agenda passed" Inslee, the board-plank of a governor.  Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, a man with no honor who sorts and studs local women like he's rented out to be a bull... all while going on trips paid for by local "supporters" and violating other ethics rules by voting on issues relating to the CRC Scam while working for a TriMet contractor. Marc Boldt's ethics violation by voting to spend county money to get his wife paid, a clear violation of the law.

Does anyone believe for one second if any of these people were Republican, we wouldn't be hearing about it as frequently as we see Brancaccio's bleating about Madore?

Nor can anyone dispute his hatred for David Madore, who he ridiculed in print repeatedly before his election due entirely to Madore's proper position on the CRC Scam along with Tom Mielke, who has been subjected to much of the same for two primary reasons:

They oppose most of the downtown mafia's agenda... and, my God...

They're conservatives.

Lefty Lou loved his fellow democrat on the county commission, fake Republican Marc Boldt.  Back in the day, of course, these scum demanded Boldt's resignation from the House of Representatives because he used to actually represent his district.  But then, he was elect3ed to the county commission and began to represent the downtown area... forgetting all about his district.

Brancaccio did everything he could to make Boldt's defeat inevitable: lying about the reasons for Boldt's expulsion from the party, throwing his entire, non-existent weight behind Boldt in the last election, effectively guaranteeing his defeat.

Lefty is responsible for beauts like this:
Boldt — a Republican — has positioned himself as a moderate and he gained a slight advantage after his own party began to beat him up.
First, voting like Steve Stuart's hand is up your back isn't "moderate."  Second, he gained absolutely nothing by getting kicked out of the party except Lefty's wishful thinking. 
 But Boldt began to lose some ground when he moved to the right. Look, the hard right-wingers will never vote for Boldt. So he actually needs to push more in a moderate direction, not less. Boldt has gone too far down the rabbit hole to come out looking different now.
 Doing what Lefty told him to do led to disaster.  This tends to cement the fact that Lefty knows as much about politics in his downtown mafia cocoon as he does honor... or fairness.

Then THIS bitchslap of Boldt:
On the I.Q. front Madore also has the advantage. Boldt is no dummy and has done very well at learning the issues. But if you're looking for the most likely candidate to win "Jeopardy," it's Madore.
Lefty has no clue... none... about political motivations among the average voter.  The people have repeatedly... and soundly... rejected Lefty's agenda.  And instead of defending that agenda and attempting to sell it using non-existent facts, what does Lefty do?

He hates on the faces of those who most responsible for shattering his dreams... and bringing his ego back to earth.

Its been a little while since Lefty has taken another shot in his hate campaign at Madore and Mielke, which leads us to garbage like this:

First of all, the county government is fine.  While leftist scum like Brancaccio tell us "we're all in a mess," the only reason they trowel that crap out is because conservatives are running the commission.

Lefty is, typically, lying to support his contention: he offers up the claim that "government" is in a mess, then offers up the now months-old hiring of Don Benton without offering one shred of facts to back his position.

And for a total, rabid, CRC Scamming scum bag to be oh, so concerned about $100,000 in salary while rabidly supporting the expenditure of billions and 40 years plus of ever increasing tolls while 65,000 commuting families get hurt as a direct result?

That takes a special kind of hypocrisy... and hatred... for Lefty to continue to run.

We are getting raped by the democrats at the national level.  Idiot stick in the White House is about to screw us into the ground with 17 trillion in debt, an addiction of Obama's known for YEARS, and what does Lefty focus on?

Local cab fare.

Like menstruation, this is Lefty Lou's blood letting against David Madore.  It's "that time of the month" again for the fringe-left pile of manure running the local daily paper.  And as we get closer to the formerly-loathed-by-Lefty county charter election, you can expect this scumbag and his minions generally, and Stephanie Rice in particular, to ramp it up; replaying the same irrelevant bullshit, over and over and over again... again, completely misreading the people's attitudes, cares and concerns...

Just like he did over the Boldt debacle.

The cluelessness that is the blithering idiot in the White House.

As we contemplate a version of foreign policy suicide, I've got to wonder: is this clown TRYING to start another world war?

Have we learned nothing over the past decade?

We cannot install democracy on the end of an American bayonet.  We are universally despised and reviled in the region by all sides in this conflict.

Dead, as my years in the military taught me, is dead.

Berry's got his panties in a bunch... not over the dead... but how they got that way and by who.

Besides the obvious: that this moron has killed tens of thousands of his own people the good old fashioned way: bullets, bombs, torture, knifes and so forth, never rose to the level of concern the Simpleton in Chief is expressing now.

The truly bizarre aspect of this is, as I pointed out, dead is dead.  So why is it that the value of these 1400 or so exceeds that of the roughly 100,000 or so he'd killed before the gas was used?

And here's the thing, skippy: what about when the rebel's use gas?  Is this simple idiot going to then bomb the OTHER side?

That's the problem when, in reality, there is no definable difference between the two sides:  they both hate, neither gives a rats ass about people, they've likely both used gas (Sarin gas by the rebels) they both would slaughter every man, woman and child in THIS country if they could figure out a way to get it done.

In this case, the empty-suited, Anti-American racist bigot in the White House apparently only draws "red lines" for one side... and not the other.

If this simple idiot does this, we will expend a half-billion or more; kill hundreds ourselves... maybe as many as Assad is alleged to have killed in this gas attack... and we will have absolutely nothing to show for it.

If this scumbag thought the bogus video he lied about repeatedly on the Benghazi thing was going to be used as a so-called "recruiting tool," then what the hell does he think will happen with THIS?

Meanwhile, this complete moron, having again shot off his mouth publicly, has given Assad DAYS to get ready: days to hide assets (and yes, they CAN be hidden) days to use human shields around critical targets and days to humiliate the clueless waste of skin even further in the eyes of the public.

Is it any wonder we're hated and despised around the world?

And that's the problem, when, like Obama, you place no value on life.

We must stay out of this: and if we don't... then Obama must go.  Vice President Biden can get his rocks off  by "making it his business to impeach him."  You know, like he promised back in 07 over similar circumstances when the president was named Bush?

Obama's and Lurch's faux outrage over this is just that: fake.  If they were going to be outraged by slaughter... that would have taken place 100,000 victims ago.

Dead.... is dead.  How they got that way?


Friday, August 30, 2013

Stephanie Rice lies as she trowls out the crap for Boldt.

While, on the surface at least, Greg Jayne is a marked improvement in  the upper echelon of the democratian; unfortunately, lying scum like Stephanie Rice still get a paycheck from the Lazy C.

Continuing on in her "there's no lie I won't put into print" meme, Rice used Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law and former Clark County Commissioner... and democrat... to take shots at the hated-by-her GOP.

Now, Rice has frequently had a problem telling the truth generally and about politics specifically.  If it's about the CRC Scam or politics to the right of Mao, expect this waste of skin to lie about it.

This manure she spewed in her latest political party assassination is, typically for her, both over the top and an outright lie:
Former Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who was thrown under the bus by the local Republican party for not being conservative enough, lost his bid for a third term last fall to Republican David Madore.
Marc Boldt was tossed from the GOP precisely like Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon... and most recently, 5 term democrat state auditor Brian Sonntag were chucked out of the democrat party:

Because they vote far too much like the opposition party.

The democratian, of course, isn't going to lift a finger over that sort of thing, so getting "thrown under a bus" is apparently a bad deal if you claim, quite provably falsely, to be a Republican... but just another day in the life when you're a democrat... or have I just missed their outrage over the democrats doing this?

Boldt voted in lockstep with democrat and CRC Scammer Steve Stuart: THAT is why he lost to David Madore... since Boldt only received 30% of the vote in his own, two-term commissioner district in the primary... the writing was on the wall... precisely like it's on the wall for Stuart.

Rice typically fails to include all the facts... just the ones that silly idiot wants you to know... like the democrats wouldn't vote for Boldt, either, and their were 25,000 under votes in the race.

Sources tell me that Boldt has interview3ed for jobs in Olympia.  Meanwhile, the democrats who used him to beat the hell out of the GOP, for all the good it did them, abandoned Marc and kicked him to the curb as soon as the election was over and Boldt's results showed what an abysmal effort he'd made to keep his job and how he'd managed to become the ONLY incumbent to lose their re-election bid in the general anywhere in Southwest Washington.

And the fringe-left scum, Rice, is going to blame the GOP for that?

Boldt's position on the CRC Scam is what got him killed politically... and that position is going to keep him that way... in a year.... or in 2 decades, that's what he's going to be known for... that is going to be his legacy... much like Jeanne Harris will be forever known as "Gavel Down."

Rice, of course, is very big on revisionist history.  She's very big on leaving out facts.  She's very big on lying.

And this column amounts to a prime example of that.

Here's a few others:

Democratian attempts to trash me again, provides cover for Boldt: Where's the brotherly love?


Stephanie Rice, winner of the Moronitzer Prize for Idiocy and disgrace to journalism screws up... again.


When Stephanie Rice Lies, Number 2


When Stephanie Rice lies.


No, Stephanie... it isn't. (Updated)


There's more, of course, but you get the drift.

No lie this ingrate won't tell, no exaggeration, no fact she won't leave out to make her opponents look bad... she thinks.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

So, the guy who founded Lumber Liquidators is an Obama toad.

This clown is bending us all over to kiss Obama's butt so he can scam his hydrogen operation.  Held a huge fund raiser in his own home a few months ago...

Tom Sullivan, the fake libertarian and crony capitalist extraodinaire, made that scumbag bank.

That, of course, is his privlege.  But this idiotic, self-made almost-billionaire who is supporting the scammers trying to hurt this country can do it without any of MY money.
The president is scheduled to attend a private dinner at the Miami Beach home of Tom Sullivan. The DNC did not immediately respond to requests for information on Sullivan, but a Tom Sullivan of Miami Beach, the libertarian chairman of Lumber Liquidators, has given large sums to the DNC in the past. (He also did not immediately respond to an email inquiry.) The $32,400 event starts at 5 p.m., and according to the Herald, the President is touching down in Miami at 5:40 p.m. EST. Lucky for the contributors, his motorcade probably won't deal with the rush hour traffic, but they're still missing out on about half of their coveted (and expensive) presidential ear-bending time -- Obama starts his next event at 7 p.m.
Flexible, situational ethics... the hallmark of muslims (Where's their outrage over the gassings in Syria?) democrat/leftists (Where's the anti-war protests?) and fake libertarians. (Where's Sullivan's common sense?)

More on tonite's Herrera fundraiser.

A reminder email went out yesterday: several different sources have sent it to me.
Thank you for your RSVP to the event tomorrow evening, Thursday, August 29th.  I have your name on the list.  If you have invited guests, who are already on the list, whom I don’t have email for, please forward this information to them as well.
If you are a part of the photo with Congressman Eric Cantor, please arrive at 6:30pm.  If you are joining us for the general reception only, please arrive at 7:00pm.  The invite is attached, for any other details you might be needing, but specific directions are provided, as GPS does not always direct people properly to this residence. 

Wiita Residence Directions:

(I removed this)

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thank you,

Rachel Torres
Jaime for Congress
Office:  (360) 597-3065
Cell:  (360) 624-1180
What's missing?

Any mention that Jaime Herrera will not be there.

The majority of those going to this function will have no idea that Jaime will be missing one of her actual, far-too-infrequent opportunities to make an appearance here.

Why is that?

After my post of a few days ago, calls were made to several people by Jaime's district director, Ryan Hart.

Ryan, former Clark County GOP Chair, is, perhaps, best known for violating state GOP bylaws by endorsing Herrera early in the primary.

His subsequent hiring as a $60,000 a year district director was, of course, sheer coincidence, I'm sure, and not to be confused with any kind of quid-pro-quot.  Paying Ryan to violate state party bylaws would be as unethical as Jaime endorsing Marc Boldt after the local party kicked him out for his solid democrat positions... and she'd never do anything "unethical," would she?

The content of the calls were apparently done to counteract my allegation that Jaime would be attending this fund raiser, despite having an infant in neo-natal intensive care as a part of her sympathy tour... and in response to the democratian's slavish and bizarre efforts to write about Herrera like she was paying them on a per-word basis.(In the interests of full-disclosure, my blog wasn't mentioned in these calls, because, after all, this IS the blog that NOBODY reads... but everyone gets upset about.)

These calls, then, were arguably campaign-related.  One quick question: why is Herrera using congressional staff for her campaign-related purposes?  That's not exactly kosher...

Is it?

More of that democrat "Big Tent:" Brian Sonntag kicked out of the democrat party.

Given the over political bigotry Obama and his minions displayed at the King Commemoration, I suppose this kind of thing is to be expected.

It wasn't all that long ago that our local rag threw a fit over democrat Marc Boldt's expulsion from the local GOP, a well-earned result of his pro-leftist stance on issues like the CRC Scam and the county charter.

Not to be outdone, Comrade Pelz, the commissar of the state democrats, has unilaterally tossed Brian Sonntag, 5 term-elected democrat former state auditor out of the democrat party.

His crime?

Joining the staff of the Freedom Foundation.

How dare he?

Sonntag was my only consistent democrat vote.  He did a solid job tilting at democrat windmills with his blind-to-politics audits.

By joining the staff of the Freedom Foundation you have chosen to attach your name to its Right Wing, Union Busting agenda. In addition to attempting to pass right to work legislation in Washington, the Freedom Foundation has a long track record of attacking unions.
Pelz and his minions are scum.  Are we going to see Lou Brancaccio flip his lid over this?

Of course not.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On Syria, are Obama and Biden diving headlong into the hypocrite pool?

Dec 20, 2007

2. In what circumstances, if any, would the president have constitutional authority to bomb Iran without seeking a use-of-force authorization from Congress? (Specifically, what about the strategic bombing of suspected nuclear sites -- a situation that does not involve stopping an IMMINENT threat?)

Obama:  The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.

As Commander-in-Chief, the President does have a duty to protect and defend the United States. In instances of self-defense, the President would be within his constitutional authority to act before advising Congress or seeking its consent. History has shown us time and again, however, that military action is most successful when it is authorized and supported by the Legislative branch. It is always preferable to have the informed consent of Congress prior to any military action.

As for the specific question about bombing suspected nuclear sites, I recently introduced S.J. Res. 23, which states in part that “any offensive military action taken by the United States against Iran must be explicitly authorized by Congress.” The recent NIE tells us that Iran in 2003 halted its effort to design a nuclear weapon. While this does not mean that Iran is no longer a threat to the United States or its allies, it does give us time to conduct aggressive and principled personal diplomacy aimed at preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
Dec 18, 2007 - Biden
Ladies and gentlemen, I drafted an outline of what I think the Constitutional limits [garbled] have on the President with the War Clause.  I went to five leading scholars, Constitutional scholars, and they drafted a treatise for me that is being distributed to every Senator.  And I want to make it clear, and I’ll make it clear to the President: that if he takes this nation to war in Iran, without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him.
We should stay out of  Syria.  We are never going to install democracy on the end of an American bayonet.

Will this moron start popping caps as an ally of al Qaida to take out the middle eastern version of Stalin?

No telling.  But we cannot make any substantive difference in this war and we should stay the hell out of it and allow these clowns to blow each other off the map... and whoever wins?

That should be our target if we're going to have a target at all.

Herrera fall out: I'm told she is not going to be attending the fundraiser the invitation indicates she would be attending.

I have heard from a source inside the local GOP that Jaime Herrera will not be attending the fundraiser listed in the invitation below.

It's just the tiniest bit strange that, no one in her office or otherwise connected to her could have contacted me, instead, acting kind of like I don't exist: it's not like I'm the hardest guy to get in touch with.  It's also kind of bizzare that an invitation indicating her presence would go out after the birth of her child and her attendant problems.would indicate that, in fact, Jaime WAS going to be there.

In the interests of full disclosure, however, I believe the source enough to take it as an article of faith that it's true, that Rep. Cantor is going to fly across the country to a house that he's never been in to meet a bunch of people he does not know to get checks for Jaime.

Sounds about right, doesn't it?  So, to all those wondering, here you go.  You now know everything I know.

The idiocy of removing the gay blood ban.

There are many disqualifiers from giving blood.

I am permanently disqualified from giving blood because I served in US Army/Germany for a period of time exceeding 6 months from 1980 to 1990.

Travel Restrictions
There are some specific conditions and activities that may prevent a potential donor from being eligible to donate. One reason is travel to areas where illnesses are or have been prevalent. Though most travelers will not become ill, there is a period of time where a traveler may be infected, but not display symptoms. To ensure the health of blood recipients, travelers are deferred from donating until the window where symptoms may appear has passed. See the table below for specific countries of interest.

Belgium, Netherlands (Holland) or Germany from January 1980 - December 1990 for a cumulative time of 6 months or more OR from January 1980 – present for a cumulative time of 5 years or moreIndefinite deferral

I don't particularly like it, but they have their reasons.

I really don't give a rat's ass that gay males are disqualified from giving blood.  They are the highest, most irresponsible risk factor for AIDS transmission.

If just one case of AIDS is transmitted as a result of taking out homosexuality as a risk factor, then what?

What happens?

You say you're "sorry?"

How does that fix anything?

Memo to the gays:  Not EVERYTHING makes you a victim.

What's a fringe-left nutter to do? Mike Briggs apparently doesn't know.

So, I was checking out some of the comments on a facebook post by Brent Boger and the two usual suspects showed up to whine because, of all things, Liz Pike is smart enough to disagree with them.

One of them, a particularly politically cowardly species, Mike Briggs, wants to be somebody so he's making all these moves like he's going to run for office next year... likely legislative.

There are few leftists possessed of his massive ego and arrogance; in fact, the obvious comparison would be with Jim "Molehill" Moeller, who could, actually, have given Mussolini lessons on ego and arrogance.

Mikey has a wide variety of problems politically, not the least of which is his complete inability to understand the difference between "winning," and "losing."

For whatever the reason, Mikey thinks (Or should I say, "believes," since "thinking" isn't one of his strong suits) that his representatives should ignore the will of the majority of their districts and just do what he wants.  And how weird is that?

Another one of Mikey's issues are his situational, left-gets-a-pass ethics:
Mike Briggs I think you are way off there AJ- Liz does not work with ALL the citizens. She is decidedly partisan and does not work with anyone she does not agree with. I know this first hand.
And Briggs, a political wannabe who routinely blocks those on facebook wise enough to disagree with him, DOES?

One of the problems with being a thin-skinned punk is that he TALKS a great game... but he doesn't play it.

Hypocrisy really isn't a good platform plank, Mikey.  Because anyone who knows me knows that if, God-forbid, Briggs were ever elected to even dog catcher, the little slimeball would not only NOT "work" with me, he would completely ignore me or anyone he "disagreed with," he'd cut them off and totally ignore them.

And then THIS beaut:
  • Mike Briggs Ok, I guess Roger was merely thinking out loud...And Dianna, true Representatives are leaders and do not destroy. They meet in the middle, hammer it all out, arrive at a mutually agreed decision and move forward. 'Always moving forward.
The lie in all this is obvious:

Briggs is a CRCophile.  A RABID supporter of the biggest rip off in the history of this corner of the country.

One wonders: what efforts have his leftist buddies made to "meet in the middle?"  What compromise have they offered concerning any of that?

None, of course.

Where's this sniveling punk's complaint about HIS side failing to "move to the middle," as if his ilk was anywhere NEAR the center?

No where.

And that's the most despicable thing of all: the all-too-typical fringe-left situational ethics.

Then this bit of idiocy:
Mike Briggs Dianna, I know it's easy to make comparisons between our federal government and the State but I try not to do this. Too many people drag the federal problems into our State and it only muddies the water. But I do see how easy it is to make the comparison.
Naturally, he offers up precisely zero examples of that fallacy, but then, that's Briggs.
Politics acts like a pendulum. Right now it has taken a hard swing to the extreme right side in Clark County but I believe it has reached its zenith and will begin coming back the other way soon.
Again, he offers nothing to illustrate this fallacy, confusing the mainstream interests of a population sick to death of being taxed and fee'd for nothing that makes any sense and voting accordingly as if it were some sort of "phase" we'd grow out of.
Clark County lags the National scene.
Again, no proof, just another leftist talking point.

Does anyone know of a mass-exodus from Clark County?  Is our population growing... or shrinking?

If this county "lags the National scene," then why do people continue to pour in here?  It can't be both ways, can it?  Somehow we're "backwards," but people move here every year by the thousands... I guess, if Mikey is right (and he, of course, isn't) it would be the other way around...

Wouldn't it?
With the advent of the Tea Party movement it threw "the status quo" into a frazzle. While I am not necessarily against this...every closet needs to be cleaned out once in awhile, I was against the mode of, "NO". And what happens is that both sides become angry, resentful and retreat to their corners.
Like Mikey "retreats" to his?
This is what has occurred in Clark County and the State. Both sides are no longer talking constructively. They are polarized. This is not good. This is what I want to see change.
This slimeball doesn't talk constructively.  In fact, this hypocrite continues to ignore people who disagree with him, believing that HIS judgement is superior to theirs and then complaining when he is ignored.

"This is what I want to see change" is code speak for "this is my platform that I'm going to use when I get crushed in any election I'm in."

Both Liz Pike and Ann Rivers received 60%+ of the last vote, and will receive even higher numbers in the next elections they're in.  This county is sickened by the Briggs of the world, they're sickened by arrogance on the part of our leaders who believe they're endowed by the right to ignore their constituency, and when those who ignore us get clobbered in an election... why, the Mikeys of the world blame the T-Party.

Nothing about the positions of those who get clobbered, just leftist talking points and excuses.

The left is going to be running some more speed bumps in the 18th in the next election.  I know of at least one Republican who is going to take Brandon Vick on and hopefully, out.

But the rest of the country is being buried in debt, taxes and war while the Briggs of the country make excuses if they address the issues at all.

Good luck Mikey.  I am so going to enjoy "Russelling" you.

Monday, August 26, 2013

I'm out of patience on the Herrera sympathy tour.

Nice article in the Lazy C's Herrera campaign newspaper a few days ago..  But this line got me:
It’s unlikely U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, will having any public meetings in her district between now and when Congress starts up again next month. She remains in the hospital with her infant daughter, Abigail.

But she's got time for a fund raiser or two in a few days, right?

Matter of priorities... right?

I was sickened by her efforts to use her pregnancy for political gain; after all, the empty suit has accomplished, essentially, nothing since she inherited her positions in the legislature and Congress through the efforts of Cathy McMorris Rogers, Congresswoman from the 5th District who built her out of spare parts laying around the office.

I wrote in an unpublished post: (My wife actually warned me not to publish it... and I listened to her... Now, I'd wish I'd done it)
On reading the article, though, my second thought was this: why do we have to know any of this?

What's the point?

What are we supposed to do?

Going back to the default mode: this is always about Jaime.

I am sorry it's turning out this way for her, if, in fact, it is.

But we didn't need to know any of this until the outcome was final, one way or the other.

Their decision to "share sad news" was an equally sad political ploy on her part.  But telling us about this?

Since announcing the sobering news on Monday, Herrera Beutler has received an outpouring of support on her official Facebook page.
Holy Munchausen's Syndrome, Batman!

As the resident cynic, and someone who has kept close track of the utter black hole of nothingness that has been Herrera's unfortunate tenure, I can only shake my head at the mindset of someone like this who would use this situation for political purposes.

And everything this woman does sure has the sheen of that.

I hope against hope that I'm wrong... dead wrong.  But what if I'm right?

Now, people will be riveted to Herrera for months as this drama plays out.... and if the baby is somehow born and lives, then wow... it's a miracle!

If it were my family, I wouldn't have said a thing until after it was over.  But like Rahm Emanuel once said, never let a serious crisis go to waste, and this, seems to be Herrera, doing that.

Well, here's the thing.  Jaime seems to me to be using this child as an accessory... sort of a set of ear-rings kind of thing; and she has been for months.

Frankly, it sickens me.  It's part of the reason I've always believed her unfit for any office... that she could use her baby in this way?

There's no excuse for this.  None.

This despicable human being can't EVER make time for her constituents, (When was the last time this coward held a town hall meeting?) and she holds her child up as a shield to avoid doing her JOB, but she's certainly got time to go out and sell a piece of herself like her office was on the street on MLK in Portland.

Bowman KNEW she was going to do this fund raiser: why didn't he mention it?

This woman is unfit for any elective office.  Always has been.

And this is another example of that.

No time for us.  Uses her own flesh and blood for political purposes... and has no trouble leaving her deathly ill child for a $250 per person fund raiser.


Tim "The Liar" Leave-it doesn't want to hear anything he doesn't agree with.

Interesting article in the democratian today, misleading title and all.
Officials learn new rules for chat on social media

Constituent communications becomes easier, more perilous, online

I started reading it because I believed, based on the title, that the state ethics board or the PDC had weighed in.

I was wrong: it actually addressed the issue of the immediacy of it more than anything: no new rules of any kind were actually mentioned: the rules are the same for social media now as they were, say, two years ago.

That said, it mentions various elected officials and their take on social media.

Starting with Sean "Fake Cop" Guard, buffoonish mayor of Washougal who is running against a real fire captain for re-election, who's ignorance extends to facebook: 
“I am one of the most computer illiterate people around,” Guard said. “I don’t think I know how to change my photo on Facebook.”
If he doesn't know, it's because he doesn't want to know.... His illiteracy extends to common sense and arrogance as well, of course: if the guy he's running against runs a campaign, then Guard will lose... although, if his opponent, Earl Scott, is running a campaign, it's invisible.

Next up was Brent Boger.  Brent is an interesting guy that I've known and worked with in the past several years....  over 10, certainly, and back to the Cindy Phelps coup d'├ętat days of  reorg, 2000.

I've had disagreements with Brent and will likely have many more in the future because his brand of Republicanism isn't what I believe Republicanism should be. 

Brent left the GOP over the Boldt debacle. And that's fine: I left it because they've lost touch with reality and compromise on principle with the ease of a surfer catching a wave.

Yes, I get that Boger burned shoe leather for Scott Walker.  Correspondingly, I had done more to get Republican conservatives elected before 9 a.m. then Brent typically does in a month.  Further, not everyone has the financial resources of an attorney to be able to polish their cred by spending a few days in Wisconsin on the issue du jour.

Brent's now famous observation concerning, for example, Marc Boldt comes to mind:
"The way the whole Boldt thing was handled was poor," Boger said. "I don't think they really understood that Boldt has obligations outside of his Republican Party lines. His obligations are to the citizens of the county, and that's far more important."
Kicking Boldt out of the party was in no way in conflict with his "obligations to the citizens of the county."  Boldt's "obligation" was to support the Freeholder election he helped to kill in 2011 because the democrats hated it, and because he claimed he hadn't ever bothered to read or otherwise become knowledgeable about the GOP platform... as was his obligation to join with Tom Mielke in doing all he could to kill the CRC Scam instead of bending the county over for the special interests who owned him like the 13th Amendment was the 13th Suggestion.

Our political disagreements notwithstanding, Brent does allow for divergent views and is willing to engage pretty much all comers, unlike the scumbag, lying little worm that's the soon-to-be-former mayor of Vancouver.

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt doesn't allow comments he doesn't like.  Not unlike his efforts to censor comments in the city council (How 3rd Reichish) the scumbag mayor of Vancouver doesn't allow people who disagree with him to have any voice.
Like many politicians, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt (3,174 Facebook friends) exercises control over his Facebook feed. He locks it down to prevent people from posting disagreeable content.
He calls it “filtering out the nonsense.”
That's right.  Because when the scumbag sees you disagreeing with him, he thinks it's "nonsense."  The gutless little worm does not tolerate opposing points of view, and lacks both the guts and the intelligence to engage the myriad opponents to his arrogant, Mussolini-like positions and rants.

I don't listen to this lying worm, because, like his hero Obama, he IS a lying worm.  So why bother?
In the end, there are no "new rules."  Public officials with guts take on all comers who aren't high on drugs or mental.  Cowards, like Leavitt, do not.

Never vote for a coward (Leavitt) or an ego-maniacal whack job (Guard.)
Just sayin'.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Greg Jayne, Week 3

Interesting column from Greg Jayne today: some misconceptions, but no more than many misconceptions held by the general public.

It certainly wasn't the uber-fringe-left screed of a Brancaccio or a Laird, but there was a tinge to it.

At the onset, let me say that's it's unrealistic to ever have total agreement with anyone: a complete break with the fringe left nutters by anyone working at the Lazy C that the rag caters to would likely result in Jayne having to contend with an IED on his car in this day and age.

The comments below this column were thoughtful and in many respects, fact-filled.  The usual leftist tards were out, although even their voices were relatively muted.

Too many stereo-types of the leftist variety were used (NO stereo-type should be used: they speak to a bias and any position should be backed with facts, even in a column of opinion) and they took away from the value of the piece.

When, for example, Jayne writes:
As for President Obama, he didn't speak about the Trayvon Martin case until a month after the killing — before Zimmerman had been arrested — and then again following Zimmerman's acquittal. His silence thus far doesn't mitigate the horrific nature of Lane's death, nor would his words.
I must disagree.

The "post-racial" president has a duty to speak to these issues: he had no trouble running his pie-hole after other race-based issues and killings... there is no reason for him to maintain his silence now in the face of racially motivated crime because the victim happens to be a lighter skin color.

"His words" are a responsibility of the office: he needs to make it clear that perhaps, MLK 3 was right when he said the "color of skin remains license to murder," only in this case, it's blacks murdering other blacks, (which the anti-American racist bigot in the White House never seems to have time to talk about)  or blacks murdering whites, which according to the White House mouthpiece de jour, they're completely unaware of.

Obama has been quick to shoot from the lip on race when he thinks it's to his political advantage.  But now the time has become long-since past for the president to confront some unpleasant.... nay, "inconvenient," truths about the nature of minority-based violence which results from democrat efforts to keep blacks on the plantation instead of inculcating us all with a sense of self-responsibility while eliminating the programing of "victimhood" as the excuse for failing to achieve.

My son is a first year law student at the University of Oregon.  He is also half-Asian.

He graduated from Ft. Vancouver with honors, he was a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Washington.

He has always been an excellent student.  His genetic make up has nothing to do with that.

So why is it that he's a law student and not a gang banger?

Are his top grades because he's a minority?  Or are they because he worked his ass off and refused to accept the idea that if he failed a test in school it was because of his Filipino genetics and not because he failed to study?

Blacks are killing each other at an alarming rate.  Obama doesn't care; Holder doesn't care; the NAACP doesn't care, the Congressional Black Caucus (A federally recognized racist organization... can you even begin to imagine a  Congressional WHITE Caucus?) doesn't care.  Rahm Emanual doesn't care, the media doesn't care... hell, blacks don't even care.

Now, those in the minority population cast a blind eye towards racially motivated killing when the targets are white.  Can you imagine if whites reacted the way blacks reacted to Trayvon martin's rightful death?

What would the reaction be if white political leaders knee-jerked the same kinds of racist responses to the murders of Shorty and Chris Lane that black leaders utilized to make bank off Trayvon?

THOSE are the harsh truths this president and these people need to confront and embrace.

People kill people because they kill people.  That they're poor does not make them murder: rich people murder as well as poor.

The likelihood of murder, however, increases as we move away from the societal model that precludes individual responsibility for our acts.

To teach someone that their actions are not their fault and they are not responsible for what they do, good or bad (You didn't build that...) is to ask fro these kinds of activities... these kinds of actions.

And, as a society, we excuse illegal conduct on a mass scale.  We excuse illegal aliens who break the law merely by being here.  It's not THEIR fault, you see.  They were all forced here at gun point, and forced to stay here because they'll be put on spaceships and carried out of the solar system if they try and go back.

Drug addicts are victims... because, hell's bells, they were FORCED to become addicts.  They had no idea that drugs were harmful when they started taking them.

Murderers murder because all too often, they spend a few years in prison and then they're out... in some cases, to do it again.

If you kill someone, you should forfeit your own life... quickly.  AND, every time.  Because what kind of message does it send about the value of life when the cost of taking one is chump change?

(And BTW, I would apply that to everyone, "murder" or no.  Kill someone with your car while drunk or high?  Then  you fry, for example)

Drunk drivers usually remain drunk drivers because we don't make the cost high enough to stop them... and people die.

Gun criminals remain gun criminals because we do not punish them enough for using guns illegally.

No, instead, we get  this:
Some leaders in Lane's homeland have criticized the gun culture of the United States, urging Australians to boycott our country. Some of that criticism is warranted; U.S. lawmakers' quick dismissal of expanded background checks for gun purchases earlier this year was indefensible.
"Expanded background checks" is code speak for punishing those of us who actually obey the law... an absurdity illustrated by this in the same paragraph:
On the other hand, the Oklahoma killers thought nothing of randomly shooting somebody in the back; it's unlikely that additional gun laws would have made them think twice.
Is this where I ask the question: if expanded background checks would make no difference... then why are advocating them?

We excuse and ignore crime in impoverished communities because they ARE impoverished.  We completely overlook contributing factors because of the increasing reliance on failing to hold the individual people accountable for their decisions.

We overlook the lack of responsibility of the parents, the decisions to become pregnant through irresponsibility, the knowledge that having a child out of wedlock typically results in hitting the social service jackpot of welfare equal in many cases to a $38,000 per year income... an incentive for many to get pregnant and then get addicted to free money.

We condemn absentee fathers and do nothing about mothers who force that absence.  We view the discarded fathers as biological cash machines... and mothers are not required to account for how the money the court orders removed is spent.

We fail to make visitation (God how I hate that word) as important as child support because there's no dollar sign attached; and the state, which gets between 9 and 13 cents for each dollar they collect in child support has no incentive to make sure Dad's see their kids.

Combine that with government efforts to limit parental authority in families where both parents are present, and further combine it with the inculcation of victim-hood in our children.... and you see what we get.

So when Greg closes with this:
All of which leaves us with nothing more than two innocent men who have been slain. There are no rational explanations, no easy solutions. And that's what makes it so difficult to write about.
I again take him to task: there ARE "rational explanations."   The "why" of it is relatively straight-forward.

There are no rational JUSTIFICATIONS, but those are two different things.

And the solutions?  The only thing that doesn't make them "easy" is the push back of the entitlement society where we shovel out cash as fast as possible to those who do nothing to earn it, all the while telling them that it's "not their fault," where the good of the country is shoved aside as our leaders force us to live in class warfare while they, generally, and Obama specifically, live like kings.

Requiring self-reliance on the part of our children would be a start.  Teaching them that if they fail to study and then fail to succeed in school, black, white Asian, Hispanic... well, you know what?

That's on you.

Implementing that attitude?

That's the part that isn't "easy."

We lack the will, the determination the guts that, at one time, made this country great.


Not so much.

If we as a nation resolve to fix this situation, then we can do so.

It won't be pleasant.  It won't be fun.  It will take years.  But it can be done.

Except... we lack the guts to do it.

And we will continue to suffer because of that.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Here's what the CRC-type scammers have done for the SR-520 disaster: our future if the CRC Scam is built.

The slime-types running the CRC rip off effort are the same type of scum ripping off the people on the SR-520 theft: $400 million was wasted before a shovel full of dirt was ever turned, and now you can add another $128 million for "construction delays and redesign costs" from the incompetent idiots of WADOT... the same scum shilling for the CRC rip off..
2 hours ago

State officials say construction delays and redesign costs could use up the Highway 520 bridge's $100 million in reserves and eventually send the project another $128 million into the red, The Seattle Times ( reported in Saturday's newspaper.
Most of the costs are related to design errors by the state Department of Transportation (DOT) that caused cracks in the first four giant pontoons. These required repairs, while others have been redesigned.
The estimate for when the floating bridge will be completed has also changed from late 2004 to April 2016.
Information released Friday on the DOT website comes a month after new
Transportation Secretary Lynn Peterson and 520 program administrator Julie Meredith held a news conference to reassure the public that the bridge project's $250 million reserve fund is sound.
The state doesn't have concrete plans for finding more money if the project requires it.

Careers should have ended over this.  Regiments of scum should have been fired and sued to recover costs.

Did that happen?

Nah.  None of them care... because it's not THEIR money.

Considering what the "experts" have accomplished with the floating bridge scam, God only knows what these geniuses would have cost us if we hadn't killed the CRC Scam.

The bastardization of Dr. King's dream.

The race industry is gearing up to bleed their victimization, sense of entitlement and lack of any self-accountability all over the TV screens of America for the next week in commemoration of the erosion of yet another pillar of American democracy.

In some respects, Dr. King was a remarkable man.  A registered Republican, Dr. King did something non of these scum acting in his name would ever consider doing:  He gave his life for what he believed in.

The scum active in the race-baiting business, the Sharpton's and Jackson's and Obama's, none of them believe in anything enough to die for it.

Dr. King's subsequent sainthood was over the top: no, his birthday is not, in my opinion, worthy of a holiday, for example,  given his title "Reverend" and the personal life of a slut, not unlike, come to think of it, Sharpton and Jackson, who also tarnish the title "Reverend" because they can't keep it in their pants.

So, for the following week or so, there's going to be a cacophony from the race-baiters about how things are worse off now for race relations than back in the day... the day of the Dred Scott decision.

I won't pay any attention to this much like I do all I can to avoid listening to the lies of the president: the left will get tens of millions in earned media but the fact is there's no point in listening to liars and professors of victimology and the "acceptable" whites who will kiss the collective asses of those who've become rich in ways most blacks can't even begin to imagine... on the backs of those very people they claim to represent.

Dr. King's plan was worthy.  But it's been morphed into a level of prostitution of his ideals where blacks are kept on the democrat plantation with the crumbs off Jackson's, Sharpton's, Pelosi's, Reid's, and Obama's table.

Multi-millionaires all, it's politically vital for them to keep minorities generally and blacks specifically believing they are victims.

If any of these people lived like Mother Teresa, they might have my respected.  But they all live like royalty from race-huckstering , and I despise them for it.

I freely admit that I believe in the concepts of character over color.  Unfortunately, these scum would all sell their children for their next "I am a victim" interview on MSNBC.  It's so patently transparent that blind man could see it in a minute.

What a horrifically missed opportunity.  If these swine would focus on the concepts of self-responsibility, of education, of hard work, and self-accountability, we'd have had one less Travon.... one less Shorty.... one less Chris Lane.

But come on... none of that was Travon's fault, right?  None of that was the fault of the punks who beat Shorty to death with flashlights, or who shot Chris to death as part of a gang initiation, right?

Just saying.

Friday, August 23, 2013

No... I'm not Travon Martin, thug. But...

Obama has magically managed to put more distance between himself and Jimmeh Carter as the Worst President Ever.

Up until 2008, there was no doubt that Jimmy Carter was the worst president in American history.  The damage he caused us, both fiscally and in foreign policy is still the stuff of legends.

After 2008?

Barack Hussein Obama has not only surged ahead of Carter but has managed to leave him behind by a distance that has reduced Carter to a fly spec as the SECOND worst president in the history of this country.

His efforts to capitalize on the Travon Martin assault and subsequent removal from the gene pool, his entirely race-based politics... not all that great a legacy for the formerly "post-racial" president.

As the messiah, Obama cannot help but continue on and act like and use those neo-communist community organizer skills which was the only experience this clown ever brought to the table.  And he acts like it.

I'm reminded of the Prince John character in the Robin Hood movies.

The silence from the Duke and Duchess of Washington, D.C.on black, racially motivated murderers  is deafening.

We all remember that "Travon could have been my son" babble, right?

Two of your "sons" felt compelled to beat a wounded-on-Okinawa Marine veteran to death with flashlights in his car in Spokane... so he would die in agony, and alone.

Three more of your "sons" apparently felt the need to slaughter an Australian baseball player, here getting an education in Oklahoma, as part of a gang initiation.

Photos and messages from the Facebook page of Sarah Harper, the girlfriend of Chris Lane.


Sarah Harper is sad, but also angry after boyfriend Chris Lane  was shot and killed in Oklahoma.

And yet... you seem silent.  You're as disinterested about these deaths as you were about keeping the Americans alive in Benghazi.  That moron holding the presser in the WH yesterday lied to them en masse by claiming he "wasn't familiar" with the death of Chris Lane.

He was "familiar."  He just didn't want to talk about the 8000 pound gorilla in the room. In the White House, when someone not black kills someone in self-defense, that's bad.

When black criminals slaughter those of a different color... well..,. that's worth a yawn.

Like the Germans living across the street from Dachau didn't know it was a concentration camp... if they didn't know... it's because they didn't WANT to know.

Obama's rank hypocrisy almost reaches the same level as the utterly laughable charge that the GOP is engaged in a "war on women."

The pants problem isn't the GOP's, dude.  It's yours.

If only we had a president who knew how to lead, that had a clue about policies, foreign or domestic.

If only we have a voting public less interested in "stuff," and more interested in freedom.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Respondents to date on the freeholder questionaire.

To date, 25 of the Freeholder candidates (Links below) with email addresses listed have responded to a greater or lesser degree.

I appreciate most of their efforts even if I may disagree with their positions.

As prospective elected officials, I am struck by the idea that when I, as a possible constituent, contact a prospective candidate, that they frequently substitute their judgement over mine for what is, and what is not "relevant," what they will and what they will not answer to.

Every question I asked is relevant to me and the others who developed them.  Failing to respond to your positions shows a distrust of our judgment... and that you've got something to hide or positions you're ashamed of or fear may harm your chances of getting elected.

And you are likely right on those impacts, so my default position is that when you fail to respond to the questions concerning your political affiliation, then you're likely a democrat; when you fail to respond to the question of your position concerning your take on the CRC that you likely support it, and when you fail to respond to the question of the Cowlitz Casino scam, then you likely support that as well.

And that you believe those questions to lack relevance is quite relevant... to me.

The question of "relevance" is solely left up to the questioner.No candidate for elective office, IMHO, should ever make any response to any political question "off limits."  No candidate for any elective office should require justification for the asking of a political question: we are not here to convince any candidate that our questions are worthy of their time - they allegedly work for us and if their arrogance precludes responding to questions from prospective constituents then that failure to answer precludes their election.

I am going out with the same questions for the 2nd and final time tonite.  I'll keep you posted.