Thursday, August 29, 2013

More of that democrat "Big Tent:" Brian Sonntag kicked out of the democrat party.

Given the over political bigotry Obama and his minions displayed at the King Commemoration, I suppose this kind of thing is to be expected.

It wasn't all that long ago that our local rag threw a fit over democrat Marc Boldt's expulsion from the local GOP, a well-earned result of his pro-leftist stance on issues like the CRC Scam and the county charter.

Not to be outdone, Comrade Pelz, the commissar of the state democrats, has unilaterally tossed Brian Sonntag, 5 term-elected democrat former state auditor out of the democrat party.

His crime?

Joining the staff of the Freedom Foundation.

How dare he?

Sonntag was my only consistent democrat vote.  He did a solid job tilting at democrat windmills with his blind-to-politics audits.

By joining the staff of the Freedom Foundation you have chosen to attach your name to its Right Wing, Union Busting agenda. In addition to attempting to pass right to work legislation in Washington, the Freedom Foundation has a long track record of attacking unions.
Pelz and his minions are scum.  Are we going to see Lou Brancaccio flip his lid over this?

Of course not.

Just sayin'.

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