Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Sorry, but we should not be bailing out uninsured private home/property owners in Texas/Louisiana.

Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina revisited.

BILLIONS of wasted dollars to bail out those irresponsible enough to have property subject to flooding/hurricane events without adequate insurance or no insurance at all or, not enough insurance (No excess flood insurance to cover the gap between FEMA coverage and actual loses - picture those insurance policies for the elderly that are designed to cover most excessive cost over what Medicare covers) to cover the damages these disasters cause and again, a complete lack of accountability... either for those stupid enough to go without flood insurance in a flood zone, or for those stupid enough to hand over the cash.

Hurricane Sandy... Hurricane Katrina... and now, this hurricane... and their failure to learn from past mistakes will have zero impact on their knee-jerk reactions to this disaster.

But the Federal government's "liability" is limited to Federal infrastructure and facilities.

In early December of 2015, the lower part of our house was flooded when the outdoor drainage system was overwhelmed and backed up into the lower part of our split level.  Around 3 hours of high winds blew yards of pine needles off our evergreen trees, and they all congregated at the one spot that would cause such a backup. That was followed by a massive rain dump, monsoon-like, that lasted an hour.  Damage would have been much worse had I not been in my home office... and walked downstairs during the worst of it to discover that the carpet in the hallway below me had changed color from the water pouring in.

I ran outside and cleared the blockage in less than a minute... but by then, it was too late as the water had poured down our driveway (uphill to downhill), and then backed up to go inside the vents of the house and our dryer.

The damage was $24,000 for this freak situation, and we weren't insured for any of it.  It took weeks to repair and only the quick thinking of my wife in getting a commercial disaster firm in here kept the damage from being worse.

Of course, we aren't in a flood zone... and in fact, sit on top of a hill at about the 500 foot level.

But nobody gave us a thing.  No checks.  No emergency housing.  No nothing.

We sucked it up and we paid for it.

And while the disaster of Texas and Louisiana is magnitudes worse, the principle is the same.

Like us, those suffering the loss or damage of their houses due to flooding after making the decision to either not buy any, or not buy enough flood insurance SHOULD be accountable for that decision.

As taxpayers, we should not.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

(Notice of intent to remove Gellatly as Chair) Things aren't going well for Davey Gellatly

Tsk, tsk.

So, Davey is in receipt of a notice of "intent to remove Gellatly as Chairman."

Will wonders never cease.

To address that issue, there is a vote scheduled for this Saturday, to refer getting rid of Gellatly to the PCO's.  It will require a 2/3d's vote to move it forward.

I'm not going to replay the multiple reasons Davey should be axed: they've been gone over repeatedly.

His removal is an obvious step to restoring competency to local CCGOP leadership as this guy is clearly in WAYYY over his head and no more should be running the local CCGOP than he should be running a 3rd-grade student council.

But the skullduggery that's afoot?

Davey's juvenile antics resulted in the Vice Chair, LA Melharry, resigning from the Board.

That position remains vacant.  Now, it appears that Davey has rounded up the puppet he wants to replace LA.

Davey, being Davey, wants to control everything so this vote for Vice Chair is scheduled to take place on September 14th AT DAVEY'S HOUSE!

Nothing sketchy about THAT, eh?

Any vote on the Vice Chair position should be postponed until AFTER the outcome of Gellatly is determined... and that election SHOULD be done by the PCOs. (NOTE: I have been informed that the PCO's DO vote on this replacement.  I misunderstood the process and for that I apologize.)

It's not just corrupt politics... it's badly DONE.... and OBVIOUS corrupt politics.

But that's the variety we've come to expect from this guy.

Here's the email he sent out campaigning for both himself and his hand-picked replacement.... since there's a decent likelihood that if Gellatly is referred to the PCO's he'll resign first (That's typically better than getting fired) and the Vice Chair then... becomes the Chair.

Remember back in the Nixon days?  Remember Nixon had a VP... a guy named Spiro Agnew?

Well, it was starting to look bleak for ol' Spiro.  (Holy pusillanimous pussyfooters, Batman!)
Less than a year before Richard M. Nixon’s resignation as president of the United States, Spiro Agnew becomes the first U.S. vice president to resign in disgrace. The same day, he pleaded no contest to a charge of federal income tax evasion in exchange for the dropping of charges of political corruption. He was subsequently fined $10,000, sentenced to three years probation, and disbarred by the Maryland court of appeals.
How neat was the timing of all of that?

And who was Agnew replaced by?

A congressman from Michigan that no one had ever heard of: one Gerald R. Ford.

When Nixon "picked" Ford, the Establishment knew the end was closing in on Nixon and they wanted Ford to get the gig so they could control him.

This looks an awful lot like that.
From: David Gellatly <>
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2017 10:08 AM
Subject: Call To Special Meeting September 14th, 2017 630PM
 Good Morning Committee Precinct Officers!
I hope you are all enjoying your summer and the beautiful weather we have had. In following the completion of our 2017 Lincoln Day Dinner, Vice Chairman Leslie Melharry has resigned the position. This is a very time consuming position which chairs the Lincoln Day Dinner Committee and oversees the entire event and team. Please join me in thanking Leslie for the great deal of time she invested on our behalf to put on the large event. Leslie will continue to be an important part of the party, serving as a precinct committee office[sic] and on multiple campaigns.
Considering this vacancy, we are in need of a new Vice Chairman. This role is important as we begin planning immediately for next year's LDD event and in the case the chairman is unavailable, she would fill in.
I am extremely excited to relay that Stacie Jesser who currently serves as the President of the Clark County Republican Women's group, which is the 3rd largest and fastest growing NFRW group in the state.[sic] Stacie was the lead in putting on this last year's annual Clark Cup bi-partisan softball game with raised a great deal of fund[sic] ("fund?"  And $700 is a "great deal of fund?"  And you mean to say that DAVEY wasn't the one responsible for that waste of time?) for Santa's Posse children's charity.
She currently is on the CCRP board as an executive member as[sic] has[sic] helped produce our CCRCC meetings and fair booth. There is no question it would be a privilege for us to have someone with her qualifications step up to help the board and the central committee as we move forward. (And there is no question that the condition required of her to run for the gig is to support retaining Gellatly) 
With this said, filling this position requires a special election for the seat. And if there is anyone else who would also like to be considered, please let me know and I will notify all if other names come in.  Please have self-nominating names submitted no later than Wednesday 9/13/17 at 12pm.  This will serve as the official call to meeting, and will follow up with details as the date approaches. This is strictly a special election and the agenda will be limited to this action, so we can expect it to take approximately 30 minutes for official business.
We will hold the special election at my residence Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at 630pm.
Following the Special Election, we will have a hot dog / chili dog feed for the members of the central committee, were we will have the opportunity to welcome the new vice chair and well as thank Leslie for serving this past year in the position. Please RSVP for the dinner so we can have a reasonable expectation of food needed. This will be a great opportunity to spend time getting to know each other!   
David R. Gellatly 
Chairman, Clark County Republican Party
Davey, I'm no grammar expert God Knows, but dude, you need to step away from the Jack and proofread your stuff before you send it out.

"Regards," indeed.

Davey's problem is that he has zero "regard" for anyone but himself.

Here's the thing: every PCO needs to contact Jesser and find out what her position is on getting rid of Gellatly.

And if she refuses to answer or answers that she supports this clown, then she needs to be met with massive opposition so that the Board hears it. Her position on this will be the political weather-vane as to her suitability to take over once Gellatly resigns.

Until Gellatly screws the Party again (and he will) this is the best opportunity to get rid of this utter disaster, who rules the CCGOP like it's his own personal fiefdom with lies, threats, and intimidation being the primary tools of his trade.

And, not to worry, Davey.  No one cares what I have to say OR reads my blog.  Right, Dino?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Sheriff Joe and the RINO outings...

OK: Here's my brief take on Sheriff Joe:

He's been convicted of MISDEMEANOR contempt.  He's now 85 years old.  There's no question that this judge, who appears to have been the subject of a criminal investigation by Arpaio and who should have recused himself as a result, charged Arpaio with two weeks remaining in the election (last November) would jail Arpaio and there were, apparently, at least some elements of political motivation in an effort to make sure he was not reelected.

Other Republicans have been convicted of various bogus charges, later overturned, for just that reason: Sen. Ted Stevens (R-AK) was convicted as a result of massive prosecutorial misconduct and the timing of the trial was meant to insure he would likely lose as a result of that trial and, in fact, he did... although after the election, the Justice Department dropped the charges against Stevens.

While House Majority Leader, Rep. Tom DeLay was charged with "conspiracy to violate election law," which caused him to step down from Majority Leader and then, under pressure from the same RINO elements screwing us now, make the decision to not run for reelection.  He was convicted of the charges, brought by a democrat prosecutor, when a Texas Court of Appeals ruled that evidence did not support the conviction.

I am reminded that during his tenure, Barack Obama pardoned over 1900 convicted felons.  He cut loose dozens of terrorists from Gitmo that had killed and maimed Americans... and after he gratefully cut them loose, most of them returned to do it again.

Some of those have committed murder since Obama released them.  Some, rape.  Some, robbery. None of them resulted in the RINOs... or the fringe-leftists... attacking Obama the way they've attacked President Trump for pardoning Arpaio.

The list includes the usual #NeverTrumper scum: Speaker Ryan, McCain, Flake (living up to his name), something called Justin Amash (MI-03) along with their leftist buddies couldn't wait to trash the President for his decision.

Since the President began his campaign through now, the RINO #NeverTrumpers and the left have attacked him incessantly.  They combine to, typically, oppose everything he says and everything he does.

Arpaio's conviction appears to have been politically motivated as stated, the man is 85 years old and there is little likelihood that he stood any chance of a fair and unbiased judiciary at his October sentencing.  That the RINO reaction seems to have exceeded the relatively muted democrat response is based on a simple axiom: if a political opponent (The GOP RINO Leadership) is determined to commit political suicide, our job (the democrats) is to stay quiet and let them.

When 2018 rolls around... and we're still yoked by Obamacare, a massive increase in the so-called "debt ceiling," increases in our multi-trillion dollar debt (Twenty, is it?) as well as a failure to finish tax reform and the like, the cause will be the ever-shrinking concentric circles that end with these low life crooks who all ran on platforms promising all of these things. (Just like you: right, Jaime?)

Like the leftists they're aligned with, they are dedicated to the destruction of the Trump administration and as a result, we are caught in the middle.

But since when did these scum ever care about us?

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Thoughts on Sheriff Joe.

It's said (because I say it a lot, given that it's true) that both politics and nature abhor a vacuum.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio became a force in law enforcement because of his interesting "rehabilitation" techniques which have been documented frequently in many other venues.

But he also became known for his efforts in enforcing immigration laws against illegal aliens.

To set the table, I oppose the presence of illegal aliens here in our country.

To set it further, I don't give a damn what their nationality, color, religion or sexual preference/gender identity issues may be.

We are, allegedly, a nation of laws.  While I find that a systemic approach to ending this illegal alien destination resort would go a long ways towards eliminating the problem of illegals, it will be a while... if ever... until that philosophy is implemented; although it would be the easiest thing, by far, to do to end illegal aliens as a problem... no matter where they come from.

The vacuum Sheriff Joe made a stellar effort to fill was the pathetic lack of enforcement of those laws which, when enforced, are designed to keep illegals out.  The guilty party there was the federal government.

Not just under Obama, although his efforts to open our borders to anyone while freeing tens of thousands of illegal alien criminals into this country are the stuff of legend.  (Look up MS13 and related as a brief primer: Obama is as responsible for their presence here as he's responsible for the "JV Team" that is ISIS)  But the entirety of the enforcement of our Borders since Eisenhower's round up deported around 1.5 million during the course of his efforts, with hundreds of thousands more self-deporting during that time frame, has been abysmal.  (See "Operation Wetback")

The result today is millions of illegals living here as openly as citizens.  And everything that goes along with it.

We hear of the stories... the multi-time deported illegals who commit crimes... Murder...( Francisco Sanchez, deported multiple times, shooting and killing Kathryn Steinle) and here more locally, rape of a 65-year-old woman by a man deported at least 13 times (Sergio Jose Martinez) to name a very small few of those slaughtering and otherwise hurting those here legally... and the pathetic response by municipalities around the country has been to become even more vocal about their efforts to foil federal law and the President's efforts to enforce it with these illegal sanctuary cities, counties and states.

Clearly, Sheriff Joe wasn't having it.  He saw a need and he filled it.

Arizona passed a sweeping state level law, SB1070, which reflected the horrific failures of the federal government to ignore the laws of this country concerning our secure borders.

It was an attempt to pick up the slack for the Fed, to protect the people of Arizona.

Instead of acting to strengthen the borders and increase implementation of these laws that have been on the books for years... and ignored... for years... the Obama Administration worked to have the laws overturned so they could go back to dimly ignoring them.

The blood spilled by the illegals Obama allowed here?  That's on his hands.  As is the blood spilled by the illegals past presidents allowed here happens to be on theirs.

I've been reading comments around the web today.  It's devolved primarily into two camps:  Arpaio's a racist who ought to be hung if the leftists are to be believed on one side... and applause for the President's pardon of the man from this MISDEMEANOR on the other.

I support the pardon.  From Sheriff Joe's perspective, he had little choice in the matter: he could ignore his oath and watch these law-breakers go free... or he could act to get them removed from this county and this country... which should be the duty of everyone with a badge.

There was little doubt the leftists wanted this now 85-year-old locked up.

In fact, many of them wanted him dead.

And now?  That ain't gonna happen. Leftists see that as their "proof" that the President is a racist.

But then, that's much like seeing Obama's pardon of druggies and murderers as proof he was on smack.

Frequently, to be a leftist is to be a hypocrite.  This is them... doing that.

Friday, August 25, 2017

What is it with RINOs and this blog? And what happened to DRG?

Some of the current, leading RINOs of Clark County have, over the years, done a great job of feeding me information... Particularly when it served their ends.

Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers

Brent "Guess I'm Never going to be a Judge" Boger

David "Not For Long" Gellatly

To name a few.

But let me disagree with them... and By Golly, I become "Gas Tax" Rivers' "dishonorably discharged veteran" (Particularly ironic given some body's history I happen to know) or

Brent "Judge" Boger's "disgraced blogger."

And who could forget the Chair of the Clark County GOP, David "Can't wait to share what you write" Gellatly?

Over the years, politically, I've pretty much remained the same.

My positions.... just about what they always were.

Rivers had no problem with me when I was working on her campaigns, spending hours in consultation with her, going to dinner with her and her husband Fred... even being in business with her for several years.

But hold her accountable for her multiple betrayals of her county... her district... and, well, me... even though that was my JOB... (As described by Rivers personally... my gig was to "keep me on track," she said on more than one occasion...) and her hiring by a democrat campaign company, Strategies 360, WHILE A SITTING SENATOR "NEGOTIATING" A $5 BILLION GIVE AWAY TO THE TEACHER'S UNION... among other things... and suddenly, I become Satan's spawn.

Boger, in fact, had no trouble at all when I volunteered for his campaign for prosecutor and used this very blog to defend him against his now best bud, Lefty Lou Brancaccio (Has Lefty been replaced?  No?  I guess that shows how unimportant HE was, since they never bothered to fill his job.)  He's provided me with a great deal of info in the past and we worked well in the background to try and kill that horrific charter scam that screwed us so hard since the 49th voted it in.

But then... then... the RINO sect found themselves on the outside looking in.  And they didn't like that... AT ALL.

I started hammering "Gas Tax" Rivers for lying about her position on gas tax and tab fee increases.  I nailed her for overstating how much she had in her campaign account by around $180,000... for a year... I beat on her like a drum when she went out and recruited Battle Ground City Councilman Shane (let's put a 15% sales tax on food) Bowman to run against Rep Liz Pike because Liz wouldn't obey Ann's "orders."

I serve as a thorn of truth in the side of her lies... and so this is what she says in return.

I get that.

Boger, for what seems like the dozenth time, claimed to return to the GOP.  He got a bit piqued at some Bylaw changes, claiming many were illegal and so on...  and discovering that few cared.  SO, he ran for PCO and sadly, won.  I heard of his plans; he aligned with leftist Carolyn "Fake Republican PAC" Crain and his buddy Sean "The Mad Texter" Guard in a failed effort to install RINO's at the top... and has been since limited to taking what he thinks is surreptitious pictures and videos and attacking anyone, including County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick, for even talking to me.

How quickly Boger forgets... how much he worked with this "disgraced" blogger.

And Davey?  DRG is no different.  Like the other two, a complete hypocrite.

No one has put as much effort into savaging me as Gellatly.

Made up crap ("Fired" by Rivers... forced to back down when I bet him his job as Chairman that I could prove that to be a lie... and a paste job from Rivers claiming that I was a "Dishonorably Discharged" veteran... forced to back down when I drilled him for being a lying SOB and telling him that I will be suing him.) because I disagreed with his abysmal handling of the Lincoln Day Dinner and his decision to pay Tomi Cleavage more money than any other speaker in CCGOP history I'm told, particularly after that child... (frankly, I can't quite understand why a punk like her is worth listening to regardless of any political positions she may have or had) made her pro-abortion cred known.

For his part, Davey promised that as a result of his efforts, this would be the greatest Lincoln Day Dinner in Clark County history.

For my part, I knew he'd say that regardless of the outcome... and the outcome was abysmal.

THE biggest fund raiser of the year didn't raise enough money to keep the office open beyond, possibly, the next 3 months.

Because it was a financial failure, the focus shifted to other, far more secondary "successes" that resulted from DRG being forced to give away tickets he couldn't sell... like "new faces..." as if THEY paid the bills.

And now... now... DRG has retreated to merely "cut and paste" leadership.  No substance... just links to what OTHERS are doing... and, of course, his "bi-partisan" activities like an upcoming "Alzheimer's function..." designed to make him look good... like that idiotic softball game that took place shortly after Congressman Steve Scalise  was shot by a fringe-left nutjob during softball practice in Washington, D.C.

That sort of thing accomplishes nothing, of course, except to burnish Davey's "statesman" cred.

The problem, of course, is that as Chair, he has only two jobs:  Raising money for the local Party and defeating the democrats.

Davey has done neither.

I have called him on this... and I will continue to call him on this sort of thing until he's gone.... which will hopefully be soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Gellatly: backing himself into a corner.

Yesterday, I posted some FB conversations between Chair Gellatly and myself that had taken place before Davey's apparent epiphany... suffered by many who have sent me information while attempting to manipulate what I put out here on this blog (that nobody reads)... that I lie, exaggerate, make it up and so on.  And, to acknowledge what's happened since, Gellatly doesn't deny any of it.

So instead of addressing the 800 pound gorilla in the political arena... his incessant trashing of me personally in an effort to damage me, personally... he acts like none of his efforts in that regard have ever happened.

Here's what he said along with my response:

Too cute by half, Gellatly is deliberately failing to acknowledge his own hypocrisy:

And that's the crux of the matter.

Gellatly stupidly believes this is all about him.  He does everything he can to MAKE it about him.

But when he causes financial disaster, like the Lincoln Day Dinner, it's all about anyone and anything BUT him.

He wants to have it both ways.  And that's not how this works.  That's not how any of this works.

He makes posts attacking and insulting people... leaves them up for awhile and then deletes them.  The entirety of his political knowledge (the GOP really DID get it's ass kicked in the 45th... they really ARE going to lose the Senate... not that it matters considering their record of how they've trashed this state WITH that control....But there's ol' Davey, telling us to ignore the results and once we educate these pro-income tax voters by telling them the lie that electing the democrat guarantees a state income tax.... why, they'll all magically become GOP voters and so on and so on and son...) would easily fit into a thimble.

His arrogance crosses way over the line into narcissism the likes of which are unknown in local GOP Chairs, RINO or otherwise.  And that sort of attitude in the leadership of an organization, volunteer or otherwise but PARTICULARLY volunteer, spells disaster.

He has worked far more diligently to attack those under the increasingly smaller diameter GOP Big Tent than he has the political enemy that allegedly means the most: the democrats.

Imagine: if he had spent all this time going after THEM, the way he's been going after ME, maybe we would have a chance in the 49th.

I doubt it, but it's possible.  Instead, we've got no chance in Charley's Country... in part because the chair is too damned busy beating those who disagree with him until the morale improves.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Where the President blew it on Afghanistan

We've been in the war over there for the better part of 15 years now.  And we have perilously little to show for it.

We cannot win any war by using a variation of the Chinese water-torture technique.

We need to get all in... or all out.  And we need to recognize that in fact, if we were to slaughter every member or sympathizer of the Taliban, al Qaida and ISIS and then leave... or only keep a small force (civilian/mercenary or active military) in that country...then in a matter of months, what would happen?

Nature and politics abhor a vacuum.

Afghanistan is a country more comfortable with the 11th century than the 21st.  Warlords, tribes, religious divisions... outside the cities, those are what rules that country.

We could eradicate terrorism from the face of the Earth, including from Afghanistan.

Then what?

What stops other elements... countries... local warlords... from moving in as we move out?

And what stops Iran from continuing to pay for and supply the terrorists in the country now?

Recognizing operational security as much as the next guy, and having a well-developed appreciation for it, I do agree with the President's changes in the rules of engagement and local control of the battlefield.

But what will that accomplish without a massive involvement and commitment, many times that currently ongoing?

This is a massive and complex problem.  It would likely take hours to explain it all in detail; the limitations of speaking in public make that impossible.

The ripple effects can't all be identified.

If, in fact, the goal is to kill terrorists, the first thing is to define exactly who qualifies for that designation?  What about their supporters and sympathizers?  It's a thin, thin line between sympathizing with terrorists and actually being one.  Are we not also required to kill both?

As a nation, we have to recognize that no matter what we do in that arena, it will be condemned by the world.  Much like the left and our President, no matter what he does with this turd sandwich, the left and their media tools will attack it and him, while, as always, they fail to put forward any viable alternatives because much of this political realm is based on hatred and not reality.

The stark imagery of stacking bodies until the current snapshot of terrorists and their supporters is eliminated; declaring victory, leaving a country with, say, 10% of its current population behind outside the cities, leaving behind a mongrel token military force, picking up and going home?

Then what?

It's a great plan if stacking bodies...killing terrorists... is the ONLY goal.

And then... we just walk away and leave Afghanistan desolate, broke, isolated and fat pickings for, say, Iran?

How does this impoverished country pick itself up and even begin to try and join the more modern family of nations?

And how is this accomplished without invading Pakistan, which is a known terrorist haven? (After all, wasn't Bin Laden in a compound roughly a mile away from Pakistan's version of West Point?  Like they didn't know he was there?)

How would World War Two have turned out if we had limited our targets to just Germany and Japan?  What if we had never bombed any targets anywhere else?  What if we had never invaded North Africa or France or the island chain from Guadalcanal to Iwo Jima, Burma and India?

And having achieved success in that War, what would have happened had we merely picked up and went home?

All of Europe would be a Soviet playground.  All of Japan and the rest of SE Asia that isn't already would have ultimately became a Chinese lake.

How is Afghanistan any different?  We're not "nation building," but what happens if we don't?

You've all seen the signs in the stores: "You break it, you buy it" or some variation.

Like it or hate it, we broke Afghanistan and clearly, we own it.

We can, no doubt, maintain control over the major cities.  But rural Afghanistan?  The 7th century version that hasn't changed in all of that time?

The effectiveness of a centralized government in that Dark Ages hellhole is nonexistent.  Rife with corruption, dependent on poppies for heroin, gobbled up by a grateful drug-ingesting population here in America, what can such a government do and hope to accomplish?

An estimated per capita income of $2000, their GDP is ranked 139th in the world... with a per capita comparison of 204th.

The most recent budget for the State of Washington, including the WEA Scam, is over 23 times the budget for Afghanistan.

Their population is almost 5 times ours at 33 million.

Only 38% are literate.  Opium is their number one export by far.

Tell me: how do we even remotely maintain Afghanistan as a viable entity if we just, effectively, pick up and leave?  And what happens if they're NOT a viable entity?

So, here's my take:

Remember: politically, no matter what the President does, the left will vilify him for it.  That gives him a freedom of action he otherwise wouldn't have.

We either go in, full bore, kill everyone that even remotely is involved with terrorists; invade Pakistani terrorist havens and kill them there as well and then leave; or we just leave.

The outcome is inevitable no matter what we do.  And while we are looking at missions, we should defoliate every poppy field they have.

That we haven't already is inexplicable and inexcusable.

Afghanistan is unsolvable.  It is a pool of corruption, pay offs, poverty, and the poster child for what amounts to an economic black hole.

We cannot save a country that doesn't want to save itself.  And it's not worth spilling another drop of American blood.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, David Robert Gellatly ACTUALLY COMPARES HIMSELF WITH THE PRESIDENT!

But first, a musical tribute to poor, poor Chair Gellatly.

There are many groups and people who sing it better than the Seekers... like my junior high school choir... but nevertheless, it's important to set the table for what I'm about to show you.


Davey's having a tough day.  Being outed as a rank hypocrite when it comes to trashing me and my meager little blog NOW, but being all over it and supportive when he needed it THEN... well, while it goes to his pattern of life, it does tend to reduce HIS "moral high ground" to rubble that looks like the end result of an A10 convention just outside Kandahar.

Yes, he actually wrote... and posted... this today:

That this simple idiot could POSSIBLY compare himself to President Trump... is simply... beyond belief.

DRG has no idea what difficult is.  He's got no clue about the kind of pressure President Trump faces on a minute-by-minute basis.

What kind of idiot tries to compare himself to the president under these... or any OTHER...circumstances?

No, Davey, you DON'T have to "deal with it."

You can resign... or you can be thrown out.  The president, of course, will do neither.  But then, you ain't him.

In fact, you ain't fit to carry his luggage.

And it takes a truly huge narcissist to even fantasize that he is.

So, Gellatly didn't always think so badly of me...

I was looking over some past FB messages from our esteemed GOP chair... and thought you might want to see them as well.

I freely admit I get information from all over.  And that includes Chair Gellatly.  And when I agree with it, I post it.  And you need to ask him how much *I* was paid to do THIS, since so many of his ilk claim I write what I write because I'm being PAID to write it... which is a crock.

Like many in the GOP of the past, I was the greatest thing since canned beer... when they wanted something from me.

But once I disagree with them?

My, how things can change.

Please note: Gellatly contacted ME to do this... and not the other way around.

PAC MASQUERADES AS REPUBLICAN PARTY. Takes in money from confused citizens. Throws an expensive party at a huge loss, and members stay at luxury hotel suites, eating and drinking like kings and queens on the PACs dime... Waiting on PDC this weekend and will itemize to dissect the data before releasing the final damage. FYI, the PACs event was boycotted by every single elected official. Including past attendees Rivers and Harris, who believe in the party leadership and would like to see side parties disolved... Lots of info to follow up.
You accepted their request.
I have pictures that show Rivers, VanNortwick, Stewart and Boldt were there.
Be careful, that was bad intel
Also, Shane Bowman, as far as that goes. There may be others, but I'm still working on it.
Liz got them from a thrid part that was not accurate'. Last years pics
HHhmmm... OK. I was sitting on all of this until the PDC's came out. But Crain doesn't seem to be all that big on doing them, unless I'm missing something.
Look at them, Marty McClendon was in them too since last year was an election year and he showed up. I confirmed these folks were not there
I am waiting on PDCs too, but I have good intel that says they stayed in the suites there and had lots to drink, all paid by the pack...
OK. Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering where the PR blast was this year, like it was last year. Crain had a ton of pictures up last year, nothing showing a crowd this year. Seemed kinda odd.
Meaning they raise money by pretending to be the party then spend in on themselves living the highlife
Yeah... looking forward to the break out of expenditures.
I confirmed ahead of time that zero elected would show up... They all agreed, Rivers even notified Carolyn that she could no longer support the PAC in any way
HHhhmmm.... OK. That's quite the turn around considering she gave them $1300 last year.
We had someone go there and look at attendees. They said only 20 to 25 people, many from Oregon... huge loss would be expected due to minimum spend at the Heathman is several thousand
Between us... now you see why reaching out to Rivers had to be done. Killing the PAC was top priority
Yeah... that would sting somebody's wallet.
Rivers has to back off conservative incumbents she doesn't happen to like.
It's kinda like being in a boat with a single oar.
She will, I will make sure she supports Liz and others, if she wants to have support by the party. Working on this, and people are currently on board
Yeah... there's some embrassing questions in there for Ms. Crain.
OK. Let's see the magic happen.
To be fair, I met with Crain and asked her to change the name or dissolve the PAC. I did my due diligence and she refused and told me I could do nothing to stop her... well, maybe not but she just went from 200 last year to 20 this year, lol I like that trend
On phone.
Its tough to deal when there's an ego involved...

Honestly, the Crain & fake party are not relevant in Clark County anymore... their "biggest annual event " sold 16 tickets ... basically that few people on the registration of the PAC and a couple of her friends from Oregon. Not a single elected official. No one even talks about them anymore. It's a forgotten past. My recommendation would be to drop using the name of it and no one will even remember it existed.

Let's see what their C4 says. I'm out of the blog loop until Tuesday. But their C4 was due today. Meanwhile, what about accountability? She got we she wanted and now we're all suffering because of it.
She lives on drama and attention.... I just like the idea of her existing being forgotten

I'm not any more happy about the Tomi thing than most. But Lars will be the headliner now and we have bigger issues to take on... Third bridge and no light rail! Keep up the good work bringing things to light... I may have info for you soon.


Carolyn Crain endorse Ann for mayor!?
Gee. I'm stunned and amazed. Aren't you stunned and amazed?
Not at all... but still, that's off the deep end even for her.
A pro light rail democrat
Where did this come from? Did AMO announce it?
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She says she didn't but Ann has her name on the first list
As a 2017 endorsement
OK. I'll crank out a few words and do a screen capture. Happy to help.
If I share something- need you to not share till Saturday after the announcement. PLEASE do not let this get out... very important we wait until Saturday. But after Saturday central committee meeting will be all good.
We will do one of the biggest ground game street teams ever to hit downtown vancouver
So, when do you want the Crain thing out?
I'm ouuta here in the morning and won't be around a computer until Sunday late pm.
I'm not sure if it's better to wait till we have a candidate, probably an even bigger deal after he announces that she is picking the dem
OK. It's ready to go. Just let me know.
Will do!

Love fest is going all out. Steve is on track. Carolyn supports the dem.
Yup. Happy to hammer her for it as well. Let me know when.
Now that Steve's officially announced, Carolyn is showing she'd rather have the Democrat - I'd say go all out now 🙂
K. I'll get on it tomorrow.
You're the man!
I look forward to sharing what you write about this one
No problem.