Sunday, November 24, 2019

Thoughts on impeachment.

Anyone with the political awareness of a rock ape likely has an opinion on the ongoing left-wing kabuki theater masquerading as an "impeachment inquiry."

FWIW, here's mine:

Hatred is not a basis for impeachment.

And hatred is all they've got.

We've heard the term quid-pro-quo.  It is a ground for impeachment, if the left is to be believed.

Quid-pro-quo's like this one:


It's apparently OK for Vice President Joe Biden to engage in QPQ, but not President Trump.

How does THAT work?

We also already know that the democrats on the Committee have refused the Republican members the ability to call their witnesses, something that won't be an issue on the Senate side, should this ever get there.

Instead, we get "witnesses" like this:

And this:

And this:

And before anyone starts in on me concerning how one sided these videos are, here's the heart of the matter:

The issues Rep. Jordan discusses with these witnesses go directly to the center of the claims the democrats are raising as grounds for impeachment.

In short: the democrats have no case.

They accuse President Trump of doing something that then-Vice president Biden ADMITS to doing, on video.

Their witnesses conclude, presume, or heard things.

Hearsay is never grounds for any conviction.

And then, of course, we have this:

Ukraine president says 'no blackmail' in phone call with Trump

As a student of World War Two, I was frequently struck by many historians characterizing the last several months of Nazi Germany thusly:

"Most knew the war was lost.  But most also knew that the only way Hitler could remain in power was on a sea of blood."

The parallel here is not democrats to Nazis.  The parallel is the strategic aspect of the situation.

Some are suggesting that President Trump is showing a level of genius beyond that of Speaker Pelosi's comprehension.  Some are agape at how foolishly she allowed herself to be maneuvered into making the biggest political mistake since King George stamped "Return to Sender" on all of those petitions the colonists sent to him about how he and his military were abusing the colonies.

There is no way possible to secure a 2/3rds vote in the Senate for impeachment.  Pelosi isn't an idiot and she knows that.  Polling would suggest that the independent vote is swinging towards the president as the left suffers their own, self-inflicted death by a thousand paper cuts; most recently the acknowledgement that the formerly trusted FBI had altered a document that was designed to enable that agency to spy on American citizens, including Donald Trump and his campaign... for presentation to the FISA court.

I also get that polling indicated the first name of our president today would be "Hillary," but here's the difference: for these pollsters to indicate that their research shows this blowing up in the democrat's face is likely an understatement.

So now, the House is faced with two choices, equally disastrous to them individually and politically:

1.  Take these fantasies and turn them into "Articles of impeachment" and send it over to the Senate, where folks like Sen. Lindsey Graham are fired up and ready to blow it all open by subpoenaing everyone from Barack Obama on down... and how will that work out for the dems in a presidential election year?

2.  Run this "investigation" to the end and drop it, admitting they had screwed up and that it never should have happened.  They will likely lose the House... but it protects the democrat senators up for re-election in swing states by keeping the splatter off of most of them.

The problem is that there is clear evidence the leftists had no intention of ever working with the President on anything.  There is equally clear evidence that all those occasions where the President made what were, at the time, outrageous claims like the FBI was spying on him and his campaign... well... weren't so outrageous after all.

I call it the Obama Factor.  Obama lied to us so much and so often ("If you like your plan, you can keep your plan... if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor..." etcetera) about so many things that towards the end of his disastrous tenure, no one believed him about anything.

The same thing applies to the House.  How many times, for example, did Rep. Adam Schiff who is running this inquisition, tell us that he had rock solid evidence on Trump and Russian Collusion, evidence that he never presented because it didn't exist?  Even now, how many times has he told us that he did not know who the alleged whistle-blower is, only to be tripped up by his own lies?

Indeed.  If Schiff doesn't know who the whistle-blower is, then how does he know Vindman was being asked to out him?

This is absolutely the lynching it has been described to be.  The hypocrisy of the left in this matter, their lies, their obstruction... they will be paying a terrible price for that.

And when President Trump is re-elected next year, this will have played no small role in that outcome... perhaps the biggest own-goal in political history.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

So.... why the low turnout?

We've all seen it:  low turnout 

This most recent election had what many are allegedly so concerned about: abysmal numbers of voters sent their ballots in.  Millions of taxpayer dollars wasted in trying to get the people to exert the required effort to put dots on a ballot and then, to sign the envelope and put a return address on it... and stuff it in the mail.

I've written about this before:

Friday, August 10, 2018

Low turnout, particularly in the primaries, will naturally continue.

Low voter turnout, particularly in Washington State, has become the new norm.

Voters are dispirited.  For years, elected officials have routinely ignored those they would govern.  Voters are apathetic and for good reason.

The result is a mass attitude among the non-politically involved of "why bother?"

Will we see a 40% turnout in this primary?  That's likely to be a stretch.

That makes candidate driven Get-Out-The-Vote efforts even more critical.

I believe that candidate-driven GOTV efforts such as their own campaign phone banks and the like easily exceed party-driven efforts as more and more people become increasingly disenchanted with party labels, particularly on the GOP side of the ledger.  When candidates break through and make that personal connection?  The ripple effect of that can make all the difference.

Who is going to have emotional buy-in for uninspiring puppets like Larry Hoff in the 18th?

Who is going to chomp at the bit to vote for the RINOs like Jeanne Stuart, Julie Olson, Paul Harris or even Brandon Vick?

What have these candidates done FOR us... instead of TO us?

I want those who actually KNOW the issues to vote.  I want those who KNOW the positions and records of these candidates to vote... but why vote for a Hoff when you have absolutely no idea what the hell he'll do if he DOES get elected because like so many RINOs, he won't TELL us?

The local GOP provides zero reason to vote.  The worthless idiocy and waste of money on an inane slogan... "Be Bold - Vote Republican"... inspires no one and explains nothing.  How does that serve as any incentive to get people to vote?

How did THIS stupidity work out for us?
The RINO Chair clique will be voting, en masse, for a non-Republican (Boldt) yet they expect us to vote for their fellow RINOs.  No hypocrisy there, eh?  They set the example and allow others to ignore party loyalty precisely as much as they ignore it... precisely as much as Boger supported a democrat for mayor of Washougal, for example; precisely as much as 5 of them ignored it to endorse a non-Republican for county chair in 2015 while those still with us refused to endorse the only Republican candidate running for this same position now.

The Republican base already (rightfully) believes it's being ignored... does anyone realistically think they're chomping at the bit to vote for anyone but those few conservatives running that the local party despises and attacks every chance they get?

Our congresswoman ignores us and hates our President, typically voting with the democrats when it matters; our late-starting US Senate candidate backed by the party is far too little, far too late in the Washington State Soviet.  She doesn't even know, she claims, if she would vote to impeach him or not. Is it any wonder that she's at risk of losing to a carpetbagging rank amateur?

That's why, locally, voter identification is the critical element for candidate GOTV efforts. Identified supporters called by the candidate or a candidate's family member can have a ripple effect among their supporters.  But that won't work at the party level.

If democrats lead in the primary, that will be yet another symptom of exactly how worthless the local party has become under the ignorant and incompetent leadership we must endure for the next few months until reorganization... until the insanity of the past several months can be reversed.

But until then... there is no real voter enthusiasm for these candidates.  Voter's opinions are diluted by illegal votes, and below average candidates combined with incumbents who have given their allegiance to special interests at the expense of their constituents.  Also, frequently, the voter's opinion is snuffed out by manufactured votes as well as an activist Supreme Court that can't wait to throw out the will of the people as expressed at the ballot box as they have done so many times before for reasons both real... and imagined.

They GUT any incentive to vote unless you're a hard-corps, politically active individual who understands that the lack of enthusiasm and lower turn out amplifies the value of your vote... and you can climb past the barrier of disgust and worthlessness your effort makes you feel.

Most can't.  As a result, most won't bother.  Until such time as voters believe their vote makes a difference?  Apathy will be the natural result.

And until the obvious causes for this voter apathy are reversed... who... and how... can anyone realistically expect any of it to change?
In Clark County, it wasn't the strife of the continuous efforts of the criminal element of the local (self-identified) GOP that resulted in this abysmal outcome.  Counties around the state had much lower turnout in many cases and they don't have a RINO Cult issue to contend with.

Clearly, based on the numbers, the sham GOP outfit aka "Activate," well, didn't.

Ran by many of the losers and incompetents of the last regime, the horrific outcome of their efforts was to be expected.

But when you have an outfit ran by lying playground punks, what other outcome could reasonably be expected?

Between courts trampling the will of the people, massive illegal voting, and electing fake Republicans like Herrera, Rivers, Blom, Olson, Harris and so forth, increasing voter apathy is expected and will continue.

To get people to actually vote, you have to convince them that their vote actually matters... that their vote... actually has meaning.

This time around, the voters bitch-slapped the governments that have rammed tax and fees down our throats at a frighteningly high rate.  They ended the low-expectations of the governments demand to implement institutional racism.

But here's the outcome:

Most of I-976, the tab fee initiative, will be thrown out for violation of the single subject law.

By the time the legislature is done with R88, the laws governing racism in this state will be as if R88 never passed.

The King County and Seattle Soviets, among others, have already filed suit to overturn I-976, the tab fee reduction initiative, because the only time they tolerate laws is if they agree with them.  Those scum want what they want and they don't give a damn what state law is, if it conflicts with their agenda.

The result?  As a percentage, fewer and fewer will vote.  Because even when their side of an issue or their candidate wins?

What the hell difference does it make?