Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cowardman Brian Baird: hypocrisy again: votes "yes" on HR3081 the same night it was published.

So Brian, what happened to your bogus "72 Hour Rule?" Why did you just vote "yes" on the continuing resolution... the same night it was published? How could you have voted "yes...." AGAIN.... without reading the bill? Whatever happened to your self-imposed rule?

You know, the rule Baird repeatedly ignored in voting "yes" to screw us all? Even the local rag has babbled about it...while those paying attention knew it to be an empty gesture... meaningless to Baird except as a publicity gimmick the Democratian cheerfully puffed up.

So Baird, who is thankfully done being our Rep in Congress, once again bails on principle, and we once again suffer for it.

Well done.

Herrera's hypocrisy catches up to her... again.

Ridgefield Barbie has this problem. The problem is that since McMorris parachuted her back in here to run for Congress (and let there be no doubt about it, Little Miss "I can't imagine being anything but a state representative" Herrera was sent back here ONLY to run for Congress) she, Herrera, has never hesitated to lie, exaggerate and misrepresent herself to us or for us.

In everything from lying about the job she had in McMorris's office, to lying about raising money for the Bush campaign, to lying about her support of SEIU legislation, to lying about blowing the last $229 million in the state emergency fund, to dumping us during session so she could jet off to DC for a fundraiser to having her winged monkeys lie about Sen. Benton, Ridgefield Barbie has consistently shown herself to lack integrity, honesty and character.

Today was no exception.

Check this out from the Political Blog:

Bad Timing

Blog: Political Beat


Republican congressional candidate Jaime Herrera chose Wednesday to begin airing a new TV ad that attacks the D.C. establishment and portrays her as a hometown girl.

"Here in Southwest Washington, we know what they don't in the other Washington," Herrera says in the ad. “We’re against bailouts, reckless spending and more debt. It’s costing us jobs. And we’ve had it with career politicians.”

But here's the thing: Herrera herself was in that "other Washington" Wednesday taking thousands of dollars in donations from bona fide Republican career politicians.

According to the Seattle P-I, Herrera’s fundraiser was hosted by former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton, who introduced her to the D.C. Republican establishment and news media last winter, and by lawyer-lobbyist Tim Peckinpaugh.

The P-I reported that the admission price for the Herrera fund-raiser "was at a level usually charged for incumbent members of Congress, but Republicans were pulling out the stops Wednesday" for Herrera, who is running against Democrat Denny Heck for the 3rd District seat being vacated by Rep. Brian Baird.

The 3rd District race, considered a toss-up, is one of the most closely watched House races in the country this year.“If Jaime Herrera knows so much about Southwest Washington, maybe she should stay a little closer to home,” quipped Heck spokesman Grant Lahmann.

In her ad, Herrera declared, "My opponent’s spent 30 years in politics and he’s supported the madness in the other Washington.”

In fact, Herrera got her start in politics working for U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers in that "other Washington" before coming home in 2007 to seek appointment to a vacant seat in the Washington Legislature, where she has served three years.

Heck served five terms in the Legislature representing Clark County back in the 1970s and early 1980s and later served as chief of staff to Gov. Booth Gardner. But for the past 10 years, he's been out of public life, launching and investing in several successful businesses.

He's made only a few trips to D.C. in his life.

Which raises the question: Who's the "career politician" in this race?

Kathie Durbin

That's not really a question. As the empty suited cardboard cutout said during the fixed, in the bag appointment process that foisted this political waste of skin on us:

“Every step I have taken since high school has been preparing me for this. There is not a job in the world I would rather have.”

Besides her obvious lie (Of course there is a job she'd rather have: that of congress critter. Why did she have to lie about that?) in reality, this disgrace to Republicans has spent the entirety of her adult life being a career politician. And she's SUCH a "hometown girl" that when she jumped back in here after a 10 year absence, she knew next to nothing about our issues, concerns or problems. But since her appointment was in the bag from the start, her obvious ignorance then, like now, was meaningless to her puppet masters... just as her obvious use of her voting registration only connection here was a tool to become state representative.

All the lies, all the deceit... all of it is embodied in this work of fiction known as her commercial.

And it's as despicable as she is.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Daily News endorses Rivers.

It speaks for itself:

Send Rivers to Olympia; retain Takko and Blake

Send Rivers to Olympia; retain Takko and Blake
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Sept. 29 Daily News editorial

Three Southwest Washington House seats are up for grabs in the upcoming general election. Nineteenth Legislative District incumbents Dean Takko, D-Longview, and Brian Blake, D-Aberdeen, have drawn challenges from Republican Kurt Swanson of Kelso and Independent Tim Sutinen of Longview, respectively. In the 18th Legislative District, Republican Ann Rivers of La Center squares off against Democrat Dennis Kampe of Brush Prairie on the Nov. 2 ballot. Rivers and Kampe are vying to replace Jaime Herrera, who gave up the 18th District seat to make a run for Congress.


Neither candidate in the race for the 18th District House seat has legislative experience. But Republican Ann Rivers impressed us as most capable of succeeding in the give-and-take of state politics. Rivers has a professional's understanding of the political process that likely would be of considerable value in Olympia. She's managed a number of political campaigns, as well as advised corporate clients on political issues. Rivers also has worked with the Republican Caucus in the Legislature and as a consultant with the House Republican Organizational Committee in Southwest Washington.

Rivers also is the candidate most familiar with Cowlitz County, having lived here for many years. We believe Ann Rivers can be an effective representative for the 18th District, and urge voters to send her to Olympia.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Is the Clark County press release about state initiatives a violation of state law?

Here's the Clark County Commissioners Press Release (Typically leftist, I might add, given the selective fact set they use) on the upcoming initiatives:


County sees potential losses due to state liquor ballot measures


Mary Keltz, Public Information Outreach
Phone: (360)
397-6012 ext. 3

Vancouver, WA -- Initiatives on the November ballot could further erode local services as the measures take a toll on state and county budgets, Clark County budget staff told the Board of County Commissioners Wednesday.

Here is how the measures could affect Clark County:

- I-1100 would eliminate state-owned liquor stores and the state’s centralized distribution center, cutting county funding by $1 million in 2011-12 and $1.4 million every two years starting in 2013.

- I-1105 would eliminate the liquor excise tax and state Liquor Control Board revenue, cutting county funding $1.2 million in 2011-12 and $2 million every two years as of 2013.

- I-1007 would repeal the recently implemented soda, candy and bottled water tax and reduce sales tax for certain food processors, cutting up to $300,000 a year from county revenues.

Budget staff presented that preliminary assessment as part of the September monitoring report on county revenues and expenses. The Board plans to take a closer look at the local impact of state initiatives during an upcoming work session.

The monthly report shows a delicate balance between county revenues and expenses through the end of 2010. However, the outlook for 2011 and 2012 is becoming increasingly uncertain due to continuing weakness the job market, retail sales, construction and housing.

August sales tax revenues were down 6 percent from August 2009, the first significant decline in six months. If sales tax revenues are flat through 2012, the county would receive $2.5 million less than expected under slow-growth scenarios.

A $3.7 million cut is easily sustained: a 20% reduction in salaries and benefits for all county workers makes it a simple task. And supporting Moeller's idiotic "is it is, or is it ain't" candy tax doesn't get them any sympathy from me.

That said, there doesn't seem to be any mention of sales tax from the sale of liquor. Does the county commission believe that the sale of liquor would be tax free?

Of course not.

Then why isn't there any mention of the sales tax revenue from the sale of liquor after these initiatives are adopted in this county sob story?

If you're going to tell "the facts," then tell ALL of the facts... and in this case, that means including the sales tax revenue from non governmental sales... a figure strangely absent from the self-serving pap put out by our county government.

It is a violation of state law to use public resources to support or oppose an initiative. By failing to address all of the issues, including the failure to provide the projections of sales tax to make up the difference in "lost" revenue, one wonders: is this press release such a violation, since it reads more like a campaign hit piece then an informational summary?

More of the Democratian's double standard.

Having been the recipient of the local rag's lack of integrity, honesty and fairness, I'm not terribly surprised that the fishwrapper would actually link to a left-leaning blog; after all, as a leftist cancer on our community, could they do anything else?

Temple Lentz's blog (Lentz, who was the blogger and campaign manager of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt during his disgrace of a campaign for mayor, also is the person behind the Daily Couv blog... something the rag knows, but plays along with since it's one of their "buds") is one of the more typical double standard efforts of the left, where leftists are spared the level of examination those on the right receive on a daily basis. Yes, the local cancer on our community knows damned well it's Lentz... but because they "like" her, they're going along with her program.

Naturally, a propaganda sheet like the Democratian will do all they can to support, and link to, efforts like Lentz's.

But in their double standard world, linking to other blogs and allowing made up on the spot efforts huge publicity... while ignoring conservative blogs, stealing stories and information from those conservative blogs without crediting those efforts and, when mentioning the blogs at all, doing so only in some arrogant, condescending way... and usually, without a link... is typical for the Democratian. Because in their twisted minds, the reader is too stupid to click through and see for themselves, read for themselves and, God forbid, think for themselves...

So, we see crap like this. It serves two purposes: first, free earned media for their bud Heck, and second, widest possible dispersion of their fellow leftist's blog.

Lentz should write them a check.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our state initiatives.

We have an unusually large number of initiatives to ponder this go round. Generally, every initiative supported by the left should be opposed; every initiative opposed by the left should be supported.

Generally, every initiative opposed by the left cuts revenue or leftist work force (That is union) numbers. Of course, in the midst of this Obama recession, any measure accomplishing those two goals is likely sound and a natural response to the economic circumstance of debt and confusion the left have brought us to.

Generally, every initiative supported by the left increases an already unnecessarily bloated state budget by increasing, or more easily allowing the increase, the extortion of the hard earned dollars from an increasingly smaller pool of tax payers who are finding themselves increasingly responsible for paying the bills of the left.

With that in mind, here are the initiatives and the correct votes on them all:

This is Eyman's latest effort. It requires a 2/3rds vote to jack up our taxes in the legislature.
The left hates it. Unions hate it. Clearly, we need it desperately.
This is a yes.
The point of this exercise is to privatize Labor and Industry insurance.
The left hates it. Unions hate it. Clearly, we need it desperately.
This is a yes.
Obviously unconstitutional in our state, shilled by those ashamed to even call this a state income tax, it's class warfare at it's worst. A classic "camel's nose under the tent flap approach," anyone buying into the obvious lie that this number won't plummet to far below the $250,000 these scum shill as the ceiling for this tax (The lowest ceiling in America for states with an income tax anywhere else that has it is $13,000... does anyone really believe that it won't take long for this money vampire to stick it's fangs into every one's jugular?)
No one has yet to be able to point out where imposing this fiscal slavery has made any state "better," any government "stronger," any people "better off." Make no mistake: the sole purpose of this idiocy is to give the government cow bigger teats for the left to suckle.
The left loves it. The unions are paying for it they love it so much. It's obviously a disaster, because if a state income tax was the problem, then why are Oregon and California such horrific train wrecks?
This is an obvious and absolute "no."
I put these two together since they both address the long overdue privatization of liquor sales in this state.
There is no reason for the state to be in the consumer goods sales at all. Period.
Privatization of many state functions as a part of fiscal reform should be front and center in the next legislative session. Removing the yoke of oppression of state employee unions; dramatically cutting their numbers, pay and benefits to reflect the economic reality those of us paying the bills face every day... these things should be done immediately.
The differences (or some of them, anyway) are laid out by the TNT here:
1100 allows liquor to be sold anywhere beer and wine are sold and it eliminates price controls... meaning larger retailers (Costco) will get volume discounts (You know, like they do for everything else?)

Allow retailers to negotiate with manufacturers and distributors for volume and other discounts on liquor, beer and wine. Currently, restaurants and other retailers pay the same price for products. If a Washington retailer buys something from a California winery, the winery has to make that same product available at the same price to all Washington retailers.

Let producers pay for shelf space in stores. Some retailers, including Costco, do not take that kind of payment in states where it is allowed.

Permit distilleries, wineries and breweries to give gifts to retailers. Currently, only small gifts of little value such as coasters and T-shirts are allowed.

Allow liquor, beer and wine manufacturers and distributors to extend credit. Currently, they must take payment on delivery.

Let retailers centrally warehouse alcoholic beverages, like other products.

Remove a law that requires retailers to pay the same price whether a distributor delivers to them or they pick up their product from the distributor.


Backed exclusively by two large liquor distributors who ponied up $2.2 million, it would allow retailers to receive volume discounts on liquor, but not beer and wine.

What bothers the state’s small grocers about I-1105 is that it would prevent them from buying liquor directly from manufacturers. Small stores often buy from small wineries and breweries that are too small for distributors.

The left hates these, as do the unions, for entirely self-serving reasons that make no sense.
Deregulation means smaller government. I don't even drink, so I don't have a financial dog in this fight. The principle of this thing, however, means that every state taxpayer has a dog in this fight, no matter the outcome. And I support shrinking government under any circumstance. The lack of deregulation in 1105 means, to me, that it's much more smoke and mirrors than 1100.
I, personally, am a "yes" on 1100 and a "no" on 1105.
This initiative has been the subject of many posts here on CCP, and is the result of Jim Moeller (Communist-49) jacking up our taxes on certain candies and soda pop. Of course, in Moeller's world, some candy is candy, and some is not... which is a perfect example why. The Democratian's efforts to protect Moeller by deliberately failing to tie this tax to him directly notwithstanding, the Candy Man should be fired this November and his tax dumped with him.
The Left loves it. Unions love it. It's an obvious crap pile done to feed the insatiable appetite of the leftists in government who never met a tax they didn't love.
I'm a yes on getting rid of this turd.
This bill requires yet another half-billion in state debt.
The Left loves it and the unions love it. We can't afford it.
I'm a "no" on this.
The Seattle Times says this about it:
Under a new program, Build America Bonds, the federal government pays 35 percent of the interest on taxable state bonds. It is an alternative to making the bonds federally tax-free, and for the state it is a better alternative for short- and medium-term bonds. The direct subsidy allows states to borrow more money to
build roads, ferries, buildings, etc., with no extra cost to state taxpayers — not now, and not ever. From a state's point of view, it is free money.
There's a catch.... there's always a catch. First of all, our state ALWAYS views our money as "free money."
What they're leaving out is that it adds to the debt.
The Left loves it. Unions love it. And that's why I'm a "no" on it.
I'm a "no" on this.
Leftist hate this. Unions hate this. I'm for it.
Vote "yes."

See, it's simple, really.

The Columbian's despicable Storro coverage: The only thing missing is "I'm Tony Golik and I approved this message."

I must admit, like the local rag doesn't know me, I don't know democrat union thug Tony Golik. That he IS a democrat union thug willing to use this situation for his own political purposes is all I need to know. But the local cancer on our community's coverage of this debacle is over the top and obviously politically motivated to help Hollywood Tony win.

The problem for them both is that I believe this steaming pile of political opportunism is going to backfire on them both.

The comments section is lighting up, and some of those commenting are finally starting to do what Brancaccio is to politically biased to figure out: This thing is going to blow up in Golik's face.

Regular readers get that the Columbian typically acts like a leftwing propaganda sheet. Their biased and lying coverage of this unwanted and unneeded bridge/loot rail project is legendary; their efforts to protect fringe left nut jobs like Baird, Moeller, Jeannie Harris and their ilk makes any pretense of fairness or integrity the punchline of a porn movie with the people of this community getting screwed.

Their Storro coverage is no exception.

Brancaccio has broken his arm patting himself on the back over the Storro coverage, but then, looking up the term "ego-maniac" does tend to result in Brancaccio's picture. But worse then that, he's decided to do everything he can to get one of his leftist union hack buddies elected... and he's pounding the Storro case to get that done.

Hollywood Tony, of course, shouldn't even be involved in this case. Its as stupid as prosecuting that guy for ripping off the used water heater... another sorry episode that Golik should have put a stop to.

But no. Golik knows he's swimming against the surf. Unqualified to do anything but act as a criminal lawyer, Golik has no noticeable experience on the civil side of this office, so important to the day-to-day running of this county's show.

Brancaccio knows it as well. He sees that Golik, as a democrat, couldn't get above 50% in the primary. So, Brancaccio made the decision to carry Hollywood over the top.

Thus, every day, all day, it's Golik/Storro.

In the overall scheme of things, Storro case isn't all that. But the rag decided to MAKE it all that in an effort to get that pathetic lug elected.

No union president should be elected to anything, especially in this day and age. Electing this clown guarantees horrific pay and benefit increases to pay off those who sold us put to support him.

But in their campaign mode, we can continue to expect our local joke on journalism to keep hyping Golik as he does everything he can to crush Storro in the treads of his leftist, democrat thug tank treads on his way to hopefully losing in the general.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Seattle Times endorses.... Heck

Anyone reading this blog for 10 seconds knows I will never support Ridgefield Barbie for anything... ever. She has proven to be much more a non-functioning embarrassment then an asset to the GOP, local supporters have no idea how badly they've been manipulated since this card board cut out was parachuted in on us by Cathy McMorris from the other side of the state so McMorris could start building her "stable," working double overtime to fill the perceived GOP leadership vacuum in this state caused by the departure of Jennifer Dunn.... giving the 6th District in far northeastern Washington TWO members in Congress to represent it while giving those of us in the 3rd nothing.

Unfortunately for all of us, the GOP candidate who should have made it to the general did not do so. And now we're left to chose, essentially, between this utterly worthless waste of political skin and Heck.

I'm not all that big of a Heck fan, either. He represents the political version of leprosy known as the democrat party... the political equivalent of child molesters and budget rapists. While I know I will never in what remains of my life, ever, vote for Ridgefield Barbie, I still don't know if I can vote for Heck (Right now, Chris Boyd as a write-in looks to me like my plan)

The Seattle Times did an endorsement today. And they endorsed Heck.

Some would say that such an endorsement is not surprising, given that Heck is a democrat and the Times is in, well, Seattle. (Seattle happens to be where I'm from... and I'm here to tell you, it's a GREAT place... to be from.)

Maybe. But this paragraph in the endorsement where they almost completely and rightfully ignored Babs sums her up as good as any:
His Republican opponent, Jaime Herrera, has been in the Legislature three years and worked as an aide to Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Listening to Herrera speak in coached sound bites, it is clear she needs more seasoning before seeking a job at this level.
She also needs integrity, character, education and a clue. Right now, her only allegiance is to McMorris. And unless something happened in redistricting back in 2000 that I'm unaware of, McMorris should have precisely zero say in either what goes on around here or who our congressional representative may be.

Heck? Maybe.



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The Democratian continues to protect Jim Moeller: In Our View: ‘Yes’ On I-1107

Look, I'm a "yes" on 1107 as well. Using any excuse to jack up any tax in the midst of a horrific recession is unacceptable... much like the Democratian's efforts to shield the moron behind the reason for this initiative in the first place. And this clown is PROUD of it.

Proposed tax on candy is complicated

Beyond usual policy discussions, how would confections be


Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver

Rep. Jim Moeller wants to make this clear: He has nothing against candy.

In fact, he loves candy. Especially Almond Roca.

“It’s my favorite candy,” he says. “No one hates candy in this Legislature.
We fuel ourselves on coffee and candy.”

But one of Moeller’s top priorities — adequate funding for the state’s public
health departments — is languishing due to the state’s budget crisis.

So the Vancouver Democrat has stirred up a tempest by introducing a bill that
would levy the state’s 6.5 percent sales tax on candy and gum sold in
Washington. The tax is expected to raise $17 million in 2011 and $30 million
annually thereafter, with all the revenue dedicated to funding public health
programs.the first place.

More here.

Now, as I've pointed out in the past, I've got no problem with the rag's position on this issue. It was a stupid idea from a monumentally arrogant jerk. As stated, any tax increase in these economic times is moronic. A huge increase by volume such as this even more so.

The problem I have is that in the several times they've pounded the tax, I have yet to see where they ever mentioned Moeller as being behind it, and the Democratian's support of I-1107 AGAIN fails to mention that this dillwad is behind the tax in the first place.


Because he's a leftist. Because he is a major supporter of the steaming crap pile known as the i-5 Bridge replacement/loot rail project. Because he also voted to cut the Democratian's B&O tax. Because, while he's dropped a turd with this bill, he typically carries Brancaccio's water like Gunga Din.

It is this kind of thing that makes our local paper garbage, and an embarrassment as a news source. There is no excuse for covering for Moeller... none. But it's the kind of thing these slime balls do.

And there is no doubt that, even in the face of his "Candy Man" idiocy, these morons will endorse him again... for the general... this November.

Just sayin'.

Notice the cowardice of the democrats this cycle?

seeing ads by democrats on TV... and the number one thing I notice is that none of them are talking about the democrat agenda... and none of them are talking about even being democrats.

You notice that?

Kitzhaber doesn't talk about his horrific track record, nor what he'll do if Oregonians are stupid enough to elect him again. His party affiliation?

Hard to say from his commercials or web site.

Wyden? Nothing from him about his support for tax increases, the bail outs, the horrifically false "stimulus" he voted for without reading, or any of the other measures he's supported that have buried us under a mountain of debt. Nothing from him about cutting the government pay roll; taking pay cuts, reducing taxes, or holding the president accountable for his multiple lies about the economy. His party affiliation?

Can't say from his commercials or his web site.

Schrader? See "Wyden," above.

Even Heck. Heck, of course, is running for an open seat. But his failure to distance himself from the leftist business as usual crock dooms his candidacy. His ONLY option has been to turn hard right in this hard right year, and then point out Ridgefield Barbie's provable lack of integrity.

But it's likely too late for that now, and we're equally likely to get stuck with an utterly worthless political waste of skin in Congress, representing Spokane, since McMorris no doubt views Herrera as if the 13th Amendment didn't exist.

The moronic, unneeded and grandstanding "Pledge to America" doesn't help either, given the GOP's recent congressional control and their continuing failure to keep those promises then.

But the democrat cowardice is palpable. Combine that with their institutional self-delusion, and the outcome is clear.

And for the left, it ain't gonna be pretty.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

An ethical conundrum for "Hollywood" Tony Golik.

As we all know by now, "Hollywood" Tony Golik has shown a great many cards as to his motivations... not to mention ego... for unnecessarily jumping out front to use this pathetic criminal case for political purposes.

Typically, neither 'wood nor his shop prosecute cases such as these (Theft 2), but ever the union thug political opportunist, Golik believes he's found a pony to ride to election... and he's going to ride it.

The problem is this: Bethany Storro's lawyer has provided a large donation to "Hollywood" Tony Golik campaign.

The lawyer is Andrew Wheeler. In the interest of full disclosure, Andrew worked on state GOP staff when I was there holding down the Executive Director slot.

Like any other defense lawyer confronted with dealing with a political thug who is a highly placed prosecutor, I can understand why Wheeler forked over the check... last July, to be precise... since PDC records indicate that neither Wheeler nor his firm have ever donated to anyone else in this state... ever... for any other political campaign. Getting leaned on by Hollywood Golik and his union buddies must be par for the course... and who wants to put up with that?

But isn't it just the tiniest bit unethical for Golik, who has received the maximum pre-general election donation from Mr. Wheeler's firm, to actually prosecute a case against a defense lawyer that's written him a large check?

Now, I'm not a lawyer, and I don't even play one on TV, but it appears to me that Golik has a problem.

If he keeps his puss out there prosecuting someone who's defense lawyer has done a pre-primary max out to him, isn't that just the tiniest bit a conflict of interest? Now, I get that Hollywood's motivation isn't justice as much as it's earned media... or publicity.

But really, shouldn't Hollywood now recuse himself, hand the case off to the prosecutors who SHOULD be handling this, instead of using this pathetic case to try and get people to forget he's a democrat union thug?

We'll just have to see, because I've got to tell you: if Hollywood doesn't get this done by COB next Wednesday, he'll be dealing with a bar complaint on Thursday.

Golik must avoid even the appearance of bias and favoritism. And prosecuting someone with a lawyer who has donated to this clown's campaign makes that, well, just the tiniest bit difficult.

Until Thursday, then...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Goldy at HA seems, well, just the tiniest bit upset: an elected democrat and 2 former democrat candidates endorse REPUBLICAN Pam Roach.

Goldy's throwing a fit (doesn't he always?) because a sitting democrat House member in the 31st (Christopher Hurst) and a two-election political foe of Roach's, Yvonne Ward. along with a former opponent of Dan Roach; retiring state representative and Pam Roach's son; all endorsed the re-election of Pam Roach to the 31st District state senate seats she's held, well, for a generation.

Warning for language that makes this blog look like a seminary discussion over lace pattern table cloths.

by Goldy,
09/22/2010, 10:06 AM

The 31st officially became the stupidest, most pathetic and most completely dysfunctional legislative district in Washington state yesterday, as three “prominent” Democrats (you know, about as prominent as a Democrat can be in cousin-marryin’ country) issued a press release announcing their endorsement of too crazy-even-for-the-Republican-caucus state Sen. Pam Roach. Really.

So what prompted Yvonne Ward, Karen Willard and state Rep. Chris Hurst to make such a “painful and necessary” decision? Well, Sen. Roach may in fact be a gun-toting, mouth-foaming, flower-avenging wingnut, but unlike her general election challenger, fellow Republican Matt Richardson, at least she doesn’t, um, “sexually assault” young girls.

You know… allegedly. The Tacoma News Tribune felt too “uncomfortableto repeat the Democrats’ charges, but lacking an attorney on retainer to advise me otherwise, I have no qualms about reporting the public statement of an elected official


Sometimes, you're the windshield... and sometimes you're the bug.

In his typically measured tones, it looks like Goldy's the bug.

Citizen Assaulted for Filming Kitzhaber at a public event

Well done... if reverse racism and fear is how you want to run your campaign.

Oregon Catalyst gets the nod for this info.

Is this what "justice" looks like in Clark County? "Hollywood" Tony Golik prosecutes the mentally ill, and OR's the sane?

As we all know, "Hollywood" Tony Golik is using the Sorotto case to become a media star for obviously and stupidly political reasons, cashing in on the misery of this woman and her family.

Then, we have what happened today with Anthony "Baby Face" Bittner, the one man crime wave and former joke of a candidate for the 18th District House Seat being vacated by Ridgefield Barbie.

Bittner was recently arrested on suspicion of drug and forgery charges. He faces new allegations of stealing wakeboards to sell on Craigslist. Out of custody on supervised release, Anthony Bittner, 18, was re-booked in the Clark County Jail this week on suspicion of two counts of trafficking in stolen property. He was subsequently released back to his parents’ supervision.

This is why I believe that Golik should not only NOT be elected, but he, in fact, should be fired. What the hell is this guy thinking? Where's his priorities?

When you add this to the fact he's a democrat union hack, that's the political kiss of death.

Democrats supporting this buffoon must have a screw loose.

Memo to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt:"fairness" means treating EVERYONE the same.

As we all know by now, Tim Leavitt has earned the nick name "The Liar" because his entire campaign for mayor was one long lie about his position on tolls... a position he abandoned as soon as he THOUGHT he could.

Taking it a step further, he has been an abysmal mayor, completely bereft of leadership skills and people skills, who showed himself incapable of exhibiting leadership during Jeanne "Gavel" Harris's high speed come-apart. Last time I saw such a deer in the headlights look on anyone's face was, well, an actual deer I caught in my headlights.

Now, I understand that in reality, nothing is going to happen to Harris of any import as a result of her despicable conduct. Even though Harris is unfit for elective office, she's on the correct side of the massive embarrassment of extortion known as the loot rail?bridge replacement project.

Any politico that supports that organized criminal rip off could knock over a 7/11 and get a parking ticket as long as they're on board with the downtown mafia. Harris will get off scott-free when she should be forced off the council for her abusive conduct and her faux apology.

Now, part of the cover being provided for Harris and the rest of these pro-bridge/loot rail idiots is the city attorney limiting the ability of people to speak about any subject they want (Hello.... didn't they teach the First Amendment in law school?) by publishing obviously unconstitutional "policies" (Kind of like the Nazis passed laws to make their actions "legal") in an effort to shut up opponents of loot rail and the bridge replacement and tolls... issues that Vancouver CAN impact.... even thought they, like Leavitt, flat out lie that they can't.

So, what's the memo?

You babble that policy must be followed. It doesn't HAVE to be followed, after all, as any leader knows, policy provides GUIDANCE, not hard and fast LAW. But where you're stepping in it again, Liar, is that you don't apply the policy equally.

Lew Waters lays it all out on his effort at the link.

As a mayor, Tim "The Liar" has been a disaster. And there is zero excuse for allowing ANYONE to ignore policy unless you allow EVERYONE to ignore it.

One muslim’s position on the Ground Zero mosque (From my alma mater)

Some times, I wonder what the hell happened to Huskyville. This is one of those times.

Posted by Jim Hoft on Thursday, September 23, 2010, 5:09 PM

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to write a threatening email about a victory mosque on top of the bones of dead Americans don’t use your hotmail account and a university computer.
Stop the 911 Mosque received this email today.

We received an email today about the Ground Zero mosque stating, “we will build our Victory Mosque … We will even build it on top of your grave!” The IP for the sender indicates they accessed their email account via a computer at the University of Washington.

Here is the email:

From: Malik Bawwab
Date: Thu, Sep 23, 2010 at 2:44 PM
Subject: Coalition to Honor Ground Zero Contact: We Own You!!!
To: Webmaster

From: Malik Bawwab

My name is Malik Bawwab and I am an Arab Muslim! And we will build our Victory Mosque wherever we want to build it! And there is nothing any of you damn infidels can do about it! We will even build it on top of your grave! You can cry all you want and complain like little babies, but WE OWN YOU!!! And all my Arab brothers and sisters spit on your grave!!!

Sent from (ip address):

Malik made a mistake by using his yahoo account and school computers.

This looks like the culprit(?)

It looks like he’s a Huskie. (Actually, GP, that's HUSKY)

Malik may be passionate about his Victory Mosque at Ground Zero… But he’s not very smart.

Malik also raised a little hell at a speech by a pro-Israel speaker on campus.

If you find out any more on this radical punk please leave it in the comments or shoot me an email.

I’ll be updating.

UPDATE:Down with Dems added:

Well at least we can all now agree on one thing: it IS a Victory Mosque.

Well, all of us except Obama and Bloomberg.

UPDATE: Malik Bawwab may have a record.
Hat Tip Kenneth

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Social Security, the two faces of Jaime Herrera.

Someone, I think it was Will Rogers, once remarked something to the effect that he hated to lie. As I recall the story, he said something like it "gives me too much I have to remember."

As anyone looking at this blog knows, I do not support Jaime Herrera for Congress. In everything from her appointment to the House back in 07 through this campaign, she has shown a lack of integrity, knowledge or that she gives a damn about people. The vicious personal attacks her winged monkeys engage in, the fact that she's the establishment GOP puppet combined with the fact that my pet cocker spaniel has spent more time in this area over the last 13 years then she has makes her absolutely unqualified to represent this district in Congress.

So, today's story in the Bellingham Herald was not surprising or out of the ordinary for Ridgefield Barbie, perhaps the emptiest suit running for Congress in this country.

Babs claimed, at a forum in May, that she DID support privatization of Social Security. That, of course, was what she needed to say as part of her chameleon-like effort to advance in the primary. Now, when she needs to act a little more bi-partisan, well, it's a different story. But then, with Barbie, it's ALWAYS a different story.

And what *I* don't want representing me in Congress is someone who needs training wheels. Herrera was all about having people look at her hair-strand thin "record" of selling us out in the legislature. So now, her claim that she's "new to this" rings hollow.

Relabeling stupid doesn't help you win elections. We are at war in a fringe-left economy crippled by stupidity and we don't need to institutionalize that stupidity by sending cardboard cut outs of true representation to Congress.

But then, she's told us from the beginning that she doesn't "presume to pretend to know."

How true that is.

As the Bellingham Herald puts it:

3rd CD: Herrera sets record straight on Social Security
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Buzz up! Buzz up!email this story to a friend E-Mail print story Print Reprint Text Size:

Republican congressional candidate Jaime Herrera says she supports keeping Social Security intact and not changing the retirement age. Her campaign said this week she does not favor allowing private accounts for younger workers that could be invested in the stock market. But she does support incentives for people who open their own accounts.

Never mind that Herrera held up a sign at a Lewis County Republican Party candidate forum in May for saying "yes" to the private-accounts or privatization idea. Other Republican candidates in the 3d Congressional District race also held up "yes" placards during a "lightning round" of questions.

Social Security privatization is one of those issues that Democrats would like to use against Republicans in congressional races so it was not surprising that a source sent me a clip of Herrera and her "yes" sign. Denny Heck, her Democratic opponent on Nov. 2, has said Social Security is a highly successful anti-poverty program for the elderly, and he's strongly opposed the shifting of any of its resources into private accounts.

But Herrera's spokesman Casey Bowman says the video misstates Herrera's real position and that she misunderstood the forum question.

Jaime misunderstood the question, which we realized in talking about it afterward. … Jaime understood the question as "should people receive additional tax incentives for investing in IRA’s or 401k's?"— a concept that she strongly supports. She doesn't support diverting any funds currently going to Social Security.

The actual question asked: "Do you believe that Americans should be able to use all or a portion of their Social Security taxes to invest in individually owned retirement accounts such as a 401K or an IRA?"

To be fair to Herrera, she has expressed support for retaining Social Security in its present form in several other venues. She also has said she wants to shore up its financing and opposes raising the retirement age to 70. Bowman sent an email with the following links to mainstream news reports that captured those sentiments – here in the Oregonian and here and here in The Columbian.

Bowman wrote that the verbal glitch is the reason Herrera's campaign will "never agree to another 'lightning round' again.' " His email also said:

To be clear, Jaime does not believe in privatizing Social Security. We know her opponents will be looking for any daylight on this issue, but she has been consistent in this message, on record, throughout the campaign … she doesn't believe the money that people pay into Social Security should be diverted elsewhere by the government. She strongly favors tax incentives to encourage families to save for their retirement through 401k's or IRA's in addition to, but not in place of, Social Security. … When she speaks to groups, she consistently encourages young people to invest in their own 401-k's and IRA's like she has done because overspending bills like Obamacare do threaten the future of Social Security. The only action in regard to Social Security she has posed on the campaign trail is shoring up its funding so that it's there for our seniors, as promised.

I put in a question about the video to the Heck campaign, and spokesman Aaron Wasser sent this reply:

"Jaime Herrera can't have it both ways. The question was clear. When asked directly whether or not she supported privatizing social security, Jaime Herrera said yes."This forum happened months ago and Jaime never said she misheard or was confused by the question, she was perfectly content to let her answer stand until she was asked about it."

I expect Democrats to use Herrera's step-back in some fashion. It is the second time she has backtracked from a position she appeared to take in public.

At the 1:29 minute mark in this radio report Herrera advocated for 10 percent across-the-board cuts to the federal government, including agencies, Congress and the White House, saying:

"And boy, now more than ever do we need government oversight. I'm one that has said I believe that Congress, the federal agencies, the White House, they need to take a 10 percent across the board reduction in their budget."

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and the Heck campaign have pointed out that would mean 10 percent cuts to veterans programs and perhaps Social Security. (Here is the link to the KIRO blog post about the interview.)

But Herrera says that she misspoke. Her real position on cuts is that members of Congress and federal-agency appointees should have their pay cut by 10 percent – something she sees as a symbolic act that would show some sympathy to Americans struggling through the recession.

In an interview earlier this week after her fundraiser in Lacey, Herrera explained the error saying: "I'm new at this." Herrera also said state Sen. Joe Zarelli has pointed out the hazards of across-the-board cuts, which hit disabled people as hard as a tourism program, and "I very much see the wisdom of (avoiding) that. I meant keep everything on the table."

She also said a pay cut would not erase the federal debt but sends a good message:

(R)emember how I said Congress lives in a bubble … I do think they need to live in the same world as everyone else. A pay reduction sends that message to the American people … We end the debt by getting the economy moving. We also have to stop digging. … Do I want to eliminate all of government? No."

Heck has said since early July that he supports a 10 percent pay cut for members of Congress. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has pointed to this Columbian story that quotes Heck at a July forum in Vancouver and again here on Heck’s campaign blog.

Heck said members of Congress should take 10 percent pay cuts until the economic crisis ends.

Cross posted at Jaime Herrera Watch.

Did the House screw up with the "Pledge to America?"

It is a long proven axiom that when your political opponent is bound and determined to commit political suicide, it is your duty to stand aside and let them.

The left generally and the House particularly is on the ropes. They are getting beaten like rented mules and the fascinating thing is that they're beating themselves....

With a chain.

So why do this?

It's kind of like having 10,000 nuclear missiles when you could destroy the entire planet with 1000.


What this provides the left with is an opportunity... a rallying cry.. an ability to distort and lie and exaggerate while waving this document around.

The question Boehner has to ask himself before he does this is: will this document provide us with ANY additional seats?

What do we get out of this that we already don't have? Does it do more for us? Or to us?

Of course, with McMorris in leadership, maybe this sort of thing is not surprising.

This was, I believe, a mistake. It's unnecessary grandstanding. And it's going nowhere.

From the GOP side, I would be surprised if we're even hearing about it in a week or 10 days.

The left, however, will bang this without letup as a tool to whip up their base... because leftists are so gullible (or else they wouldn't BE leftists) and so easily manipulated (Or else we never would have heard of Obama) and their keepers know this.

So, with under 6 weeks to go in the election... why do this? Is the cost worth the benefit?

I don't think so. But time will tell.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A quiz for David Hedrick.

Unfortunately, the records request took somewhat longer then I had anticipated, but as my source told me... it was worth the wait.

I have a 12 page extract from David Hedrick's Marine Corps personnel file.

Much has been said of the allegations by Hedrick that his record is classified.

It isn't.

Hedrick enlisted out of Tampa on October 7, 1997 for a 4 year enlistment and was discharged on April 4, 2001.

He earned a good conduct medal, a Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, a certificate of appreciation and an Expert Rifle Badge.

Hedrick was an 0311, Rifleman. He served in that capacity for 2 years and 11 months.

His records make no mention of any schooling or MOS of 0317 (Sniper) or 0321,(Reconnaissance Man). Hedrick was in Okinawa from June 3, 1999, to January 12, 2000.

He "participated in Urban Warrior Advanced Warfighting Experiment" in San Francisco with a "Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force" for 2 weeks in March of 99.

That is the totality of the entries on the NAVMC Form 118/Combat History-Expeditions-Award Record (1070)

This is a solid, if unspectacular, record. There is no explanation for the early discharge (Some 6 months).

It is a record of service to this country to be proud of. But it is not the record Hedrick has mentioned... and it's certainly not the record his supporters frequently cited.

For example:

J Says:

This time you have been caught miss-stating the facts Lew. There is only one place with Marine pictures of Hedrick on the web. This video.

Granted, you can’t see him well in the picture on the rope, but you can in many of the others. You took that reference from this video while clearly misleading everyone. Are you being completely forthright Lew?

Also, I found quite a bit about Hedrick’s “questionable military history” today after talking to a Marine who served with him in the same unit.When Hedrick is asked what he did in the Marines, he always says the same thing.

“I was a grunt in a HELO unit”

Hedrick was in fact a grunt in a HELO unit, albeit an extremely modest grunt.

Hedrick was also a Combat Water Safety Swimmer. This is the highest swim rating in the USMC with less that 1% making the cut. I found out you have to be a WSQ (permanent qualification) just to try out. In Hedrick’s class, of the approximately 100 or less WSQ’s on Pendleton, about 50 tried out and only 12 got into the class. Of that 12, only 5 graduated. Hedrick was among them.

I didn’t know that, did you?

Hedrick maintained a 1st class PFT throughout his time in the Corps, (Physical Fitness Test) the highest rating.

I didn’t know that, did you?

Hedrick was an expert rifleman, again the highest rating. As the best shot in his platoon, Hedrick was selected for and graduated from Designated Marksman training, which is a type of sniper school.

I didn’t know that, did you?

Hedrick was selected for and competed in Super Squad. This is a huge honor and is essentially the Marine Corps version of the Army’s Ranger challenge.

I didn’t know that, did you?

After serving overseas where he was part of a live mission (more about that later) he turned to the U.S. and joined Recon. This is Marine Corps Special Forces.

I didn’t know that, did you?

The fact is, how could a braggart who is “claiming to have done something that he did not do” for political gain, achieve all of this and most of his closest volunteers don’t even know about it? That doesn’t make sense at all does it Lew?

As for Hedrick’s involvement in a mission overseas, I am collecting information to corroborate the story I was just told by a Marine that was there with him. So far, it is nearly bullet proof. You might want to get an apology ready for this one.

Take a close look at the video above. Rumor has it that the island in the background of the picture where Hedrick is clearly shown on the deck of the USS Belleau Wood (The only LH3 in the Pacific at the time), is a little hotspot in Indonesia called East Timor. Hmmmmm, Hedrick as an 0311 (infantry), on the USS Belleau Wood, in late 1999, with an Island in the background that looks an awful lot like East Timor, where the 31st MEU, of which Hedrick was a part at the time, was conducting a live humanitarian operation as part of INTERFET, where according to Bill Clinton there were NO combat troops. Not a single one, I tell you. Clinton said the Navy was there to “feed the distressed people of East Timor”. For those who are wondering, 0311’s don’t show up to make you breakfast.

Of course, one must ask the question, what ship delivered the first round of support to East Timor where militias from the Muslim, Communist, West of the island were murdering and terrorizing the locals who had the audacity to demand independence, democratic representation and freedom?

That’s right,… It was the USS Belleau Wood.

What was the mission of the 31st MEU in Indonesia? Supporting INTERFET troops with supplies and logistics delivered primarily be helicopter because of the lack of fixed wing landing positions on the East side of the beautiful island of Timor.

What does Hedrick tell everyone he did in the Marines again?

“I was a grunt in a HELO unit”

Don’t worry; I will have much more after I check on a few things and it only gets better from here.

No. It only gets worse. Much worse.

There is nothing in the record to substantiate much of any of this beyond basic infantry training and a brief deployment in Okinawa. No mention of swimming of any kind. No mention of his PFT score. He never attended "Designated Marksman" training, which likely doesn't exist, and certainly not as any kind of "sniper school."

There is no mention of any "Super Squad."
Ranger Challenge is an ROTC competition, not to be confused with the "Best Ranger" competition, where 2 man teams, from Army-wide entries, are tested under extreme conditions. "Squads" do not Rangers make.

Hedrick shows as serving as a "recon Marine" for just under 5 months, but neither qualified for the MOS nor did he attend the Recon school (As a graduate of the Army Recon School at Ft. Know, with the MOS (it was 11D back in 72; it's 19D now, as I understand it.) to prove it, I'm sensitive to that kind of thing.

To confuse such an assignment with a non-existent thing called "Marine Corps Special Forces" is, well, just something of a joke.

Calling the deployment story "nearly bullet proof" when there is essentially nothing to back it up is an example of the very thing "J" denies:

The fact is, how could a braggart who is “claiming to have done something that he did not do” for political gain, achieve all of this and most of his closest volunteers don’t even know about it? That doesn’t make sense at all does it Lew?

You're right. It doesn't. So the quiz question is this: why did he appear to do it?

This is an entry put up by somebody named Britany Welles, who apparently lives in Camas.

A US Marine needs our help.

At an August town hall, a Marine named David Hedrick stood for our freedom. You will recognize him from this youtube video that was played all over the world, including Fox News, Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest.



We all know Hedrick is a Tea Party Patriot, but there is much about him that you may not know. Years ago, Marine Cpl David W. Hedrick, found himself serving on foreign shores. As a special forces sniper, with his spotter injured and unable to take the field, Hedrick could have stayed in the rear, but he refused. Instead, he ventured into enemy territory alone, and took up an over-watch position to protect a platoon of Marines on patrol.


Soon, an enemy sniper and his twenty some comrades bearing AK47s appeared within spiting distance of Hedrick's location. The enemy took up positions to ambush the approaching squad of Marines. No one in his right mind would have challenged that number of men alone. Most would have snuck away or sat quietly, but not Hedrick.


Instead he fired his weapon taking out the enemy sniper and his spotter. Then Hedrick turned his weapon on the remainder of the AK47 wielding terrorists firing into them until his weapon was empty. While reloading, Hedrick was hit by explosives causing the disability and scars he caries to this day. Despite being hit by shrapnel, bloody and outnumbered, Cpl Hedrick continued to fight until the squad he had saved reached his position.


How do I know this story? My husband is one of the Marines Hedrick saved that day and my little girls have since been born as a testament to his courage.


David Hedrick is a real American Hero and he needs our help. He is now running for U.S. Congress. While he has more conservative grass roots volunteers than everyone else in the race, he will not be purchased by special interests and has refused their money. To remain competitive, Hedrick must raise $100,000 by May 1st from people like us. If he does not reach this goal, he can not afford to compete. We must not let this happen to someone who has given so much for our country. Please, even if you have never donated before, donate something and spread this to everyone you know.


After what David gave for us, can you do nothing? Please help this Marine, and thank him for what he did for every one of us. This is the kind of man we need in the U.S. Congress.



-Britany Welles


This kind of thing is pathetic on so many levels.

There is absolutely NOTHING to suggest that ANY of this kind of babble is true.

So, the cat is now out of the bag.

Time to come clean, David. This kind of Stolen Valor crap is sickening. And when you sold out your supporters by going to work for Herrera several months ago, imagine how much more effective this information would have been if I had figured out how to get it all back then.

Cross posted at Jaime Herrera Watch.