Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Democratian continues to protect Jim Moeller: In Our View: ‘Yes’ On I-1107

Look, I'm a "yes" on 1107 as well. Using any excuse to jack up any tax in the midst of a horrific recession is unacceptable... much like the Democratian's efforts to shield the moron behind the reason for this initiative in the first place. And this clown is PROUD of it.

Proposed tax on candy is complicated

Beyond usual policy discussions, how would confections be


Rep. Jim Moeller, D-Vancouver

Rep. Jim Moeller wants to make this clear: He has nothing against candy.

In fact, he loves candy. Especially Almond Roca.

“It’s my favorite candy,” he says. “No one hates candy in this Legislature.
We fuel ourselves on coffee and candy.”

But one of Moeller’s top priorities — adequate funding for the state’s public
health departments — is languishing due to the state’s budget crisis.

So the Vancouver Democrat has stirred up a tempest by introducing a bill that
would levy the state’s 6.5 percent sales tax on candy and gum sold in
Washington. The tax is expected to raise $17 million in 2011 and $30 million
annually thereafter, with all the revenue dedicated to funding public health
programs.the first place.

More here.

Now, as I've pointed out in the past, I've got no problem with the rag's position on this issue. It was a stupid idea from a monumentally arrogant jerk. As stated, any tax increase in these economic times is moronic. A huge increase by volume such as this even more so.

The problem I have is that in the several times they've pounded the tax, I have yet to see where they ever mentioned Moeller as being behind it, and the Democratian's support of I-1107 AGAIN fails to mention that this dillwad is behind the tax in the first place.


Because he's a leftist. Because he is a major supporter of the steaming crap pile known as the i-5 Bridge replacement/loot rail project. Because he also voted to cut the Democratian's B&O tax. Because, while he's dropped a turd with this bill, he typically carries Brancaccio's water like Gunga Din.

It is this kind of thing that makes our local paper garbage, and an embarrassment as a news source. There is no excuse for covering for Moeller... none. But it's the kind of thing these slime balls do.

And there is no doubt that, even in the face of his "Candy Man" idiocy, these morons will endorse him again... for the general... this November.

Just sayin'.

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Lew Waters said...

Candy man Moeller, never met a tax he didn't like.

I look forward to casting yet another vote against him this year and this time, there is a real good chance he will lose.