Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All abord the Mike Briggs Fail Boat: no one wants to be his campaign manager!

Sources tell me that Mussolini Mikey Briggs is running into a little problem implementing his political death wish:  no one wants to be his campaign manager!

I'd heard rumors of such a thing recently: as it is now, he's asked about every democrat walking upright if they'd take the gig and all of them have shown at least the common sense that God gave a board fence... and turned him down.

Mussolini Mikey's ego refuses to let him understand the reality of the situation.  Mikey has talked himself into believing that first, he can win an election; second, that he can win as a fringe-left nut job in the 18th and third, that he has even a remote chance of taking out Liz Pike.

Those he's been babbling to in an effort to get something approaching a campaign, however, understand that reality all too well.

While Mussolini's ego, arrogance and fringe-left perspectives might play well in the Commissariat of the 49th, they won't fly anywhere else.

My contacts tell me, rather sadly and rather pathetically, that Briggs continues to try and find somebody... ANYBODY... who will help him pour political gasoline on himself and then light it.

I hope he DOES find someone... maybe some high school junior or something, who can help him jump into the vat of boiling hydrochloric acid that the 18th represents to leftists like Briggs, particularly of the delusional variety of pro-CRC  Scamming, don't-care-what-the-people-want, I'm-smarter- than-they-are types that Briggs represents.

So, by all means, Mussolini... run.  I can't wait.

Political outlook for 2014

The year 2014 will be, if anything, more abysmal than the nightmare that was 2013.

The campaigns upcoming will be sewers of primarily leftist vitriol, falsehood and exaggeration.

The left has shown that lies, false flag attacks, mischaracterization... the Obama campaign template... will be the order of the day.

Locally, the scumbag running the democratian publishes as if he's getting a check from the local democrats.  That will amp up as the election approaches.

Fortunately, the rag's circulation shrinks as the population grows, and the horse they're trying to beat has long since turned into dust.

The impact of the rag is limited: their efforts were not what resulted in the fringe-left, pro-CRC Scammer victories in the last election: on the contrary, every single advisory vote went against the democratian agenda.

But presuming Slimeball Stuart actually runs... and whichever other pro-CRC whore might run in his place... the rag will portray them as the Second Coming of the Political Christ... but it will not matter.

No democrat running for any office will have a record of actively opposing the CRC Scam, and an informed voter public will, with a minimal and hopefully THIS time competent GOTV program, destroy Stuart or Stuart-lite that might be running in his place, should Slimeball bother to do a political reality check.

None of the Senators running in Clark County are up, if memory serves.  Fringe-leftist money will attempt to buy elections for the left, rather hypocritically, given the rabid allegations aimed at Commissioner David Madore by local leftist scum... and that will happen around the state much like the abortive effort to drop $3 million on the Jan Angel race.  How'd that work out for them?

Hopefully (and rumors abound) an actual Republican... or 2.... or even 3... who will do the job will announce against THE most worthless state representative I have ever seen, Brandon Vick, in the 18th.  An articulate, knowledgeable candidate that's an actual Republican can take him out based on the fact that he's done absolutely nothing since he was elected... which, come to think of it, pretty much sums up what I forecasted about him before he was elected in the first place.

Expect democrat state representative Monica Stonier to lurch to the right and become as loud in her opposition to the CRC Scam as her keepers will allow her to go... which isn't going to be much.

Had Stonier went along with the Three Leftist Stooges in the Commissariat of the 49th District, I would give her no chance.  Stonier, who was trashed in the 2010 election by the democratian but who, somehow, underwent a miraculous transformation in the intervening 2 years and who barely won against what amounted to a non-campaigner,  was portrayed thus in the local rag in her 2010 effort at running:
 "....sings pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered. Her big campaign advantages over Hash are party connections and political clout. She — and not the eccentric attorney/accountant/computer nerd/rich guy — is the darling of local Democrats."
Somehow, none of that applied last cycle.  But then, situational ethics is the kind of thing the rag is known for.

If GOP candidate Lynda Wilson runs a smart, focused campaign based on fiscal issues and not the distraction of social issues, people will vote their shrinking wallets every time.  But that all remains to be seen.

With the destruction of the democrat brand this past year and the ongoing idiocy they will confront in the upcoming year combined with a politically weak and impotent governor makes the outlook bleak everywhere but in the most communist of bastions.

I believe the GOP will extend their numerical majority/coalition in the Senate.  (Which will be just the tiniest bit awkward for Senate Speaker Pro-Tem Democrat Sen. Tim Sheldon (who will have the seat as long as he lives if he wanted it)  and Senate Majority Leader Democrat Sen. Rodney Tom (Who has a somewhat more tenuous relationship with his democrat constituency and who will, no doubt, be facing millions in fringe-left rage dollars if he attempts to run for re-election)  one wonders: what happens to them if the GOP reaches a majority without them?

Sheldon will be back.  Tom?  Hard to say... but I wouldn't bet on it since they'll do everything they can short of shooting him to cause him to lose.

If, however, Tom survives what will obviously be a bloody, horrific primary, expect him to be re-elected.

But now might be a good time for the GOP Caucus to ponder the what-ifs of it all.  If it were me, I'd keep them right where they are... even if the GOP Caucus has the numbers to replace them and still maintain the majority.

The House is in reach, perhaps.  But it's going to take a level of intelligence and competence lacking for the past several years.  Rep. Richard DeBolt's departure will be a net plus... but who knows what he's going to be replaced with.

When it comes to the local coup attempt (Charter effort) it's almost impossible to say what is going to happen.

Local leftist are fading in their efforts to keep the fringe-left nutters whipped up against David Madore and Tom Mielke: as the local economy improves and Madore's fiscal policies bear fruit, it will become increasingly difficult to get rid of him... or to expand the number of commissioners to 5, or to try and implement the hideous idiocy of making Greg Kimsey the token RINO as county executive. They need to remember: The more bends they stuff into the county charter effort, the easier it's going to be to stop up the drain.

Further, how much would it suck for them if they set up that idiotic county executive scam and David Madore became that?

Hatred that's being "smurfed" rarely results in the desired outcomes.

At the national level... wow.  Just wow.

Most of the lies that were the framework of the Obama campaign have come home to roost in ways that no one could have anticipated.

Although, as you might expect, the GOP has once again screwed up the wet dream offered by the IRS/Tea Party scandal (heard much about that lately?) the Obama-inspired betrayal and slaughter in Benghazi, The debacle of the muslim brotherhood in Egypt, the disaster of Iran policy, And, of course, the issue illegal aliens... which the GOP is going to be complicit in when Boehner gets around to screwing the country later this upcoming year.

But the gift that is going to continue to keep on giving politically is the debacle of Obamacare.

Unfortunately, the weak-kneed, lily-livered punks running the GOP blew a golden opportunity by throwing us all under the Obamacare bus when they caved instead of standing strong.

But then, we all knew that was going to happen.

On paper, the moron in the White House should have been destroyed in the last election.  But the GOP found a way to screw it up, and did so brilliantly.

The House will hold... and likely gain some seats.  The Senate will remain in democrat control... the GOP will gain some seats, but not enough.

And even if it didn't, Obama would just veto the crap out of everything anyway.

Fortunately, we have no state wide elections to pollute our airwaves.

But the lies from Herrera, presuming she runs again, on TV about what she did, what she supported and what she accomplished would, no doubt, gag a maggot.  Fortunately, those of us on satellite TV are not subjected to that kind of tripe except on the networks, so we won't see that much.

The GOP candidate in the 3rd Congressional will win the election, so Dingethal, who seems to have a testicular fortitude problem when it comes to addressing his positions on the issues,  will find it difficult to get the money to put up anything more than token resistance.

The next cycle will be even more vicious and brutal than the last one.  And each cycle will get progressively worse until the voters rise up and scream ENOUGH.

I'm 58.  And that's unlikely to happen in my life time.

Compare and contrast democrats with establishment Republicans.

Jaime Herrera, Establishment Republican:
“Like it or not, the White House and Senate have blocked House efforts to address the issues with the Affordable Care Act. Nothing positive will be achieved by prolonging this shutdown any longer, or crossing the debt limit threshold. It’s time for my colleagues to face reality.”
HHhhmmmmm..... sounds like the Belle of Botox, aka Nancy Pelosi, wrote this for her.

And what has Herrera's "reality" gained us?

Instead of fighting for the right thing, she caved on the expedient thing...what she refers to, stupidly, as "reality."

Well, her "reality," that her vote supported.... has been an unmitigated disaster.  Millions across this country now have no health care insurance when a few short months ago, they were covered.

Allegedly, a million have managed to find a way to sign up for this rip off... while millions more have discovered that the use of the word "Affordable" as it pertains to Obamacare for many has been a cruel, pathetic joke.

And where has our imitation of a congresswoman been on this?

No where.  Like so many other issues where she has ignored her constituency to have it blow up in her face, she goes into full silent defilade mode, not to be seen or heard from... except, of course, the use of her baby as a political accessory... not unlike ear rings.

THAT we've heard about unceasingly.  Unfortunately, none of that smoke and mirrors crap makes her any more suitable to be in Congress.

The result?  This establishment paragon... this robot, built by Cathy McMorris of spare parts laying around her office... this waste of space... has disappeared on us like she so frequently does.  McMorris jerks the strings, and Herrera dutifully does what she's told... in this case, once again ignoring the will of the people she allegedly "represents," using the term advisedly.

Where have we seen that before?

Why, democrat Slimeball Stuart, erstwhile County Commissioner and political dead man walking told us.
"And I've said it before: I don't speak for the people.. I will NEVER speak for "the people," I speak for Steve and some of you are going to agree with me and some of you aren't."
This kind of bastardization of government has brought us to this.

This tossing of the basic tenets of alleged representative government into the garbage heap of history has brought us to this.

The very idea where those the people have elected can actually believe that they can supersede the judgement of the people with their own.  The monumental arrogance, in some respects, channeling the infamous dictators of the past... each and every one of whom believed themselves to be the smartest people in the room... and that all others were the ignorant unwashed.

Tell me: what's the difference between a Slimeball Stuart, a Liar Leave-it, or a Ridgefield Barbie congresswoman?

They all believe the people to be idiots.  They all believe those they would govern have zero value.  They don't care what we think, believe or want.

That's been made clear by the democrats scamming the CRC rip off, and our alleged congresscritter in Washington DC for this, the end of her 3rd year there and her 6th year in elective office, who has accomplished absolutely nothing to end it.

And that's what I mean when it comes to labeling.  Arrogant fringe-left nutters like Molehill Moeller, The Liar Leave-it (Another fake Republican, come to think of it) and the Camas Manikin... where are they different in what they actually want when it comes to the CRC Scam?

Stuart, effectively, tells the people to fuck off.  Everything he's done, lie upon lie, broken promise upon broken promise, all have been aimed at aiding and abetting the extortion needed for the CRC Scam.  One wonders: what reward has Slimeball been promised?

Herrera, effectively, goes to the other end of the spectrum.  She wants the people to BELIEVE that she opposes the CRC Scam... but ask her to list what changes she's made in it... where she's stripped off loot rail, or killed tolls, or raised the bridge to a height that won't necessitate a massive, $100,000,000 mitigation payment... and you'll just get a blank look.

She's written letters.  She's put out indignant press releases.  But what difference has she made?

None.  But then, her top donor is Kiewit, after all, and, well, when you've been bought for $15,000 in donations you really can't be expected to oppose those with the check books, can you?

She has had 6 years in office to do something.  And what has she actually accomplished?


So, Slimeball does all he can to make the CRC Scam happen, damn what the people want... and Ridgefield Barbie has done all she can to allow it to happen... damn what the people want.

And this goes to the heart of the matter.

I don't give a damn what party these scum claim for purposes of getting elected.

What I care about is what they accomplish once they get there.

In this case, Stuart has worked hard to screw the people, and Herrera has worked hard to allow him.

Combine that with Herrera's routine decision to vote with the democrats, and, well, gee: tell me again why I should vote for a so-called "establishment Republican?"

The worst that could happen is that Herrera loses.  And considering her voting record, her lack of courage, her failure to hold town hall meetings, her inaction on the issues that matter.... who would notice any difference in our representation in Congress?

There wouldn't be any.  Democrat, RINO like Herrera... what difference would it make?


In summation, it's easy to compare and contrast when in the end, they are precisely the same.

Monday, December 30, 2013

The GOP divide: or how the “get along to go along” party died.

I admit it: part of what I do is political consulting.

I’ve served at about every political level within this state: volunteer, PCO, executive board member for the Clark County GOP, Legislative chair in the 17th District… executive director for the Washington State GOP. I’ve been to several county conventions, one state convention (which I ran as part of my executive director duties (2000 in Spokane)) and one national convention (2000 Philadelphia).

I’ve met many of the GOP heavyweights, from Bush 1 and 2, to Karl Rove, to Lindsey Graham, to Bob Dole and many others. Many GOP Hollywood types… Robert Conrad, Connie Stevens, Ben Stein, and Jon Voight… the kinds of celebrities you’d find at a GOP National Convention.

I’ve worked as both a paid and unpaid consultant on a variety of campaigns for issues and candidates.

Many in the field are quite mercenary: they’ll work wherever the paycheck takes them.

I, however, refuse to take that final leap and sell out on principles for a paycheck.

I speak and write what I think the way I want to, without guidance or control of anyone. Being outspoken and consistent can make you something of a target.

It has me.

The result is that I’ve made enemies. I’ve always admired much of what Winston Churchill said and accomplished, but among the more notable phrases he is alleged to have uttered is this:
“You’ve got enemies? Good. That means that somewhere, you stood up for something you believe in, sometime in your life.”
I do that every waking moment. This blog, approaching 5000 posts, is evidence of that.

Some hate me for it. Most of those in power despise me, much the same way they despise those they would govern.

But it’s not limited to that.

Some in the GOP hate me as well because I speak the truth regardless of the party.

When I attack Jaime Herrera or Brandon Vick’s respective tenures in elective office, for example, I’m sure that they would just as soon put a bullet through my head as drink coffee with me.

And that’s fine. Telling the truth as I see it is how I roll.

I tell the truth as I see it to the extent that even family members are not immune to it: just ask my brother in law, Marc Boldt.

I say all this as a rather lengthy preface to my observations concerning the growing fissure between the GOP establishment and those who see that particular emperor has no clothes.

The most recent example (of many) was the idiocy of a budget deal where nothing was changed, nothing in the deficit was cut, business as usual was the order of the day and oh, yeah, by the way?

The GOP helped the dems cut retired and disabled veterans pensions while doing absolutely nothing to cut the pensions of federal civilians.

And yet, we are supposed to vote for that… vote for them?

I think not.

Locally, we have a congresswoman that I long since determined to be utterly worthless in every dimension. The biggest issue confronting her congressional district? The scam of the CRC.

What legislation has she passed to address the CRC issues of tolls, of being too short, providing $100 million wasted in mitigation, keeping loot rail as part of the design when there are a great many cheaper, more efficient and flexible alternatives?

Absolutely nothing.

What loyalty as a voter do I owe someone who has been in office from November 2007 through now… and yet has accomplished absolutely nothing except to vote for multiple issues where, once again, the GOP has thrown us under the Obamabus?

Absolutely none.

She governs by press release and taxpayer-paid mailers, refusing to hold open town hall meetings, instead favoring tightly controlled “coffees,” particularly with those who have checkbooks they’ll open for her re-election bid.

One of my two state representatives has done absolutely nothing except to pick up a paycheck since he was elected.

The only thing he’s got going for himself is that he has an “R” after his name in a hard corps “R” district.

Is that any reason I should reward him with my vote?

Hell, no, it isn’t.

But when it comes to that, the establishment types hammer those who don’t go along with their program, and tell us that we should just hold our noses and vote for them anyway?

And it doesn’t end at our local level.

It easily extends to state races, where in the past, the establishment has saddled us with the utterly worthless like Sam Reed, a thankfully former Secretary of State who cared much more about reducing his workload (supporting the convicted felon/sentence not completed vote; doing nothing about illegal alien voters, etc) and most recently, a gubernatorial, Lt. governor and attorney general series of candidates who in far too many instances, out-democrated the democrats.

Yet, the establishment tells us we should ignore our own incredulity, hold our nose and vote for them anyway?

To what end?

Here locally, for example, my top two issues are stopping both the CRC and Cowlitz scams from ever happening.

So, what positions does McKenna take?

Comes out in support of both of these rip offs.

And establishment GOP types who only care about the party label a candidate uses and not what their positions or substance or responsiveness or awareness of the population’s demands might be?

Why, they tell us to vote for them anyway.

We're told that we have to support the likes of Chris Christie, who will sell us out in a heart beat on illegal aliens and whose post-hurricane theatrics with Obama helped to defeat Romney.

Why? Because the polls say he's got the best shot at winning.

Big deal. If he does win, what do we get?

A big talker with a democrat agenda that happens to have an "R" after his name.

When I point out substantive objections to establishment candidates… at any level… my concerns are ignored, the blinders of the establishment are strapped on even tighter, and all we’re told is that gee, our candidates get closer to winning than yours… as if that justifies anything.

At the national level, the GOP appears to be just as interested in betraying the people as the left. They seem to be more interested in going about it at a somewhat slower pace, but the ultimate outcomes… illegal aliens, more debt, domestic and foreign policies in a shambles, an economy that has done little to close the gap between the haves and have nots, going so far as to assist the democrats in throwing military retirees generally and DISABLED military veterans under the Obamabus?  They sure seem to be the same to me.

The response from the GOP establishment?

Pay no attention to that: vote for us anyway.

Hell…. No.

I have zero interest in repaying those on the GOP left who take us to these insane heights… with my vote, or my silence.

The establishment types claim they’re only interested in winning. Here locally, establishment GOP’ers blew a fuse when the local party kicked then Commissioner Marc Boldt out, an effort seized upon by the local democrat newsletter known as the daily paper, as yet another example of GOP radicalism.

Never mind that the establishment GOP candidate, Boldt, got his ass kicked in the general election. Where was their concern about “winning” then? Nowhere. It never was about winning: it was about keeping conservatives out of office… the same goal, come to think of it, as the democrats.

And that’s the underlying basis for the problem.

Establishment GOP types believe they have to be like democrats to be successful. As a rank and file grunt, however, I have to ask myself: what good is that kind of “success” when the ultimate end just means that we get the same policies as if democrats were elected in the first place: locally, for example, had McKenna won, we’d have an advocate in the governor’s mansion who would out-Inslee Inslee on the CRC Scam and the Cowlitz Casino rip off.

Why should we vote for that? What’s the point? So what if McKenna had an “R” after his name: what would the tangible differences be now between the end of the first year of an Inslee Administration and the first year conclusion of a McKenna Administration?

Damned little that I can see. And that’s the trouble: I have yet to see the answer to the “why?” question from these same establishment types… save the labeling of the candidate… like checking a box.

Don’t concern ourselves with the outcomes; just vote for a Republican because he or she IS a Republican.

Right now we have at least some leeway as to where and how much to cut.

Hyperinflation in Germany: banknotes were cheaper than firewood.
But one day, we will wake up only to discover that luxury is gone… and the decision will be made for us as the value of the dollar bottoms out in ways reminiscent of the German Mark of the 1920's:

This is our future if we don’t act… and soon.

So, what does the GOP do?

Sign on for a budget that cuts $23 billion or so out of a, to date, $17 trillion debt... the equivalent of 23 cents out of $1700... a number that will continue to grow over the entirety of his insane administration… one that will force our debt to increase by additional trillions over the next few years… one designed to increase dependence on government instead of increasing our reliance upon ourselves… a budget that steals from the earners and gives to the takers.

It uses disabled veterans as a way to “save” money.

Instead of standing on obvious, allegedly conservative principles, the old school, establishment GOP has become, at its core, democrat-lite. Time and again, they abandon the concept of doing what needs to be done in favor of political expediency because at base, their number one concern isn’t us: it’s their fear over not being re-elected.

This, of course, is why term limits are so attractive to some: as long as these slime put re-election over the needs of the people… as long as they are willing to trade “stuff” in return for our freedom… then our democracy is in peril.

And what does the establishment tell us?

That we should ignore reality, ignore what our own senses and common sense tells us, and continue to vote for these types of people who live to waste our hard-earned dollars on an abortive effort to remain in office.

And that’s the divide in the GOP: the establishment, who exists to perpetuate the GOP at the expense of the people at any and all costs… and those who are out of the establishment whose primary concern is for this country.

The establishment is well aware of all of this: they recognize they’re under attack and that their positions of power, prestige and money are at risk. So, instead of changing and adapting to the new ideas… what do they do?

They attack. They belittle. They undermine. They help democrats defeat non-establishment GOP’ers… all under the same guise: non-establishment GOPers “cannot win.” So, the message they would send is to reinforce that by working with the left to do their best to make sure it doesn’t happen.

In November, 2012, the establishment candidates for president and governor of this state ran utterly bizarre, nonsensical campaigns. Breathtakingly stupid in concept and operation.  They lost... in ways that simply astonish those with any basic political awareness considering who their opponents were and the records they had to run against, particularly that of the anti-American, racist bigot in the White House.

Instead of introspection on the part of the establishment as to the causes of their defeat, a critical examination at the cellular level to determine where they were out thought, out planned, out executed... we get the same-o, same-o.

This is part and parcel of why I left the GOP. (There are other reasons, but for this discussion, these issues will do.)

To the establishment, the ONLY thing that matters is the letter after the name.

To the rest of us, results are the only thing that matter, REGARDLESS of the letter after the name.

It’s that simple, really.

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