Monday, August 29, 2016

CCGOP response.

Well, here's what I know.

If Herrera hadn't voted like Pelosi had her hand up her neck, chances are she would have received total support.

But that likely would have included the more mundane issues of having the guts to hold open town hall meetings, for example. Not voting for massive budget increases, doing something besides showing up in magazines to display YOUR "heroism" over your child's medical issues might have made a difference.

It likely would have meant never even considering jacking up the debt ceiling. It likely wouldn't have involved cutting veterans retirement and disability.

Cowardice or laziness is rarely an appealing political platform.

If Rivers had voted against the horrific gas tax and tab fee increases... AS SHE PROMISED IN WRITING SHE WOULD... or refused to support that extortion without a referendum clause so WE could have the final say... instead of using it to lie to get elected (does anyone think for a second that she would have been elected dog catcher had she ran on a platform of massive tax and fee increases?) or disavowed any of the additional tax increases upcoming that she WILL be voting for... what are chances the party would have supported her?

Instead, we get tagged $700 million (Over $1500 for every man, woman and child in Clark County) and $500 million of that is going to King County. And her only regret?

Not breaking the pledge to her constituents... but that she made the pledge at all.

Which is why, in large part, if you go to her campaign web site NOW, you'll see that she promises ab-so-lute-ly nothing.

She's got a lot of words that are utterly meaningless. No promises/pledges/vision equates to no accountability. And the LAST thing Rivers wants is to be held accountable for what she does... and doesn't do.

And that body-climber Blom?

He's just going to be a rubber stamp for the three democrats running the county council now. So, the idea of putting him at the same level as the leftist he's running against (Who I am going to be voting for, BTW) is his reward for joining with the democrats and RINOs who financed his effort to silence a conservative on the council.

He thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.

He ain't.

When you vote like a democrat, have the arrogance of a democrat and ignore your constituency like a democrat, well, then, you should expect to be treated like a democrat.

Today's irony: leftists express the most outrage under democratian CCGOP hit piece on non-support of GOP candidates. Why is that?

Imagine my surprise when I most recently checked out the comments under the democratian/RINO hit piece (Who says there's no coordination between the Boger/RINO wing of the establishment and the democratian?) and read the outrage from the leftist C3G2 haters infesting us... mostly of the democrat ilk.

Why is that?

Why would the fringe-left whack jobs CARE about what the GOP does SOOOO much?  The majority of these people are hard core fringe-leftists.  They've got that Nazi thing down pat. 

But the main question is this: why do they care?  Why does it matter to them what the GOP is doing?

Unless, of course, they support the candidates in question: if these leftists support Rivers, Blom and Herrera, THAT could cause their outrage.

We have the usual sniveling psychos, the C3G2 haters.  Most likely wouldn't vote for a real Republican (unlike these 3 slime) if you had a gun aimed at their head.

Here's the comments.  Read for yourself:
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Jess Rubenstein
Why exactly should I vote for either party? Since moving in the sum mer of 2013 all I have seen from the GOP is attacks on anyone who does not kiss their ring. The democrats? Do they even exist in Clark County and if so come out of hiding. 
I am a moderate independent who in all honesty is disgusted by the way this recent primary went. Every day I would open up my mailbox to nothing but attack ads towards the other side. Nobody wants to appeal to the voters these days by saying "this is what I stand for and here is what I want to accomplish". Instead it is "so and so" is crooked and that they suck. 
I really do wish we had a legit third option because the current two leave a lot to be desired.
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Lizzie Hal · 

Some of these horrible "liberal agenda" candidates, like Eric Holt, LD18 candidate, remind me of Republicans of yore. Fund public schools, listen to constituents with humility, encourage small business and entrpreneurship. We have a serious crisis in the Republican party. Perhaps after this election, we tear it down, choose candidates who show respect to all and act with gentility and humility, and base their platforms on facts, rather than fear. I'm a registered Dem, was registered Independent, but the Dems have become the umbrella party for civility.
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Jon Alldritt · 

I find it interesting for creating comedy sketches to listen to democrats that don't know what is going on in their own party to chatter unknowingly of what is happening in the republican party. 'You know you are a progressive liberal if.....
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John Worthington · 

It is next to impossible to establish a King County Republican base when you have to share the party tent with someone with the values of someone like Senator Rivers.

As long as she and others like her represent the R brand, a meaningful checks and ballances will elude Washington State.

You have to be less repugnant than that. It has been shown that Rivers will take money to be repugnant. Clark County can do better than that.

It is not enough to take money and lead. Clark County needs someone who will lead in spite of money not because of it.

Case in point, the transit project over the Columbia river. Eventually, a Republican has to better articulate why it is better for Clark County to resist light rail other than to say it is too expensive. Clark County has a chance to get transit right. Seattle is all about catering to developers and creating density by frustrating people out of their cars, and into utopian socialized mass transit corridors. The R's here have also failed or taken developer money just like the D's. 

Given Rivers' insatiable appetite for money it is just a matter of how much before she leads Clark County in only the way Rivers knows how to lead. It won't be long before money writes another law regarding transit in Clark County.

Republicans need a well reasoned counter argument so that at least when we get mass transit it is to serve the dots on the map with limited stops at express speeds, rather than build mass transit dots between the city dots that only those who live in the system will use.. Republians need to win this argument with a better argument on mass transit rather than rely on the stingy tax payer approach. Eventually the population grows and the money offered by the development elite becomes too much.
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Lizzie Hal · 

Clark County, or certain people in Clark County, don't one light rail for the same reason Marin County never wanted it. Poor people ride mass transit.
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Betty Sue Morris · 

Lizzie Hal I'm not poor and I would ride it if it were available.
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Jon Alldritt · 

Betty Sue Morris 

Busses will get you closer to where you are going most the time at less cost or just catch MAX by PIR or the Ecpo Center. Save millions on moving people.
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Lizzie Hal · 

Betty Sue Morris I love to ride the MAX. But Vancouverites are afraid of people who might be...North Portland residents. If you have lived in this area long enough, you know that means black people. This is NIMBY land use 101. Rich suburbanites fear the urban "element." So stupid.
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Jon Alldritt · 

Lizzie Hal 

How racist you are the blacks live in east Vancouver and are great people for the most part. The reason we do not want max is it would not go anywhere and Portland would profit from it while we lost money. The last contract showed how bad a deal it was.
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Lizzie Hal · 

Jon Alldritt How could it possibly only benefit Portland when we are the commuters and downtown Vancouver looks like it is still stuck in 1930. Seriously, you can still see the sign from my husband's family's old bar. This is land use 101, like I said, just like Marin County. If you can't understand that I'm the one for it, and the racists are against, you might need to step back, unpack your white backpack of privilege, and see exactly what you do to encourage a diverse society in your daily life.
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Lizzie Hal · 

Jon Alldritt "great people for the most part". Wow.
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Lizzie Hal · 

Whom does the Columbian endorse for LD18 Senate? They punted as well. If Rivers didn't get 60% as an incumbent who has taken $280k from corporate donors to Holt's grassroots Berniecrat $10k or so, I'd be surprised.
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Atul Mathur · 

Quoting Carolyn Crain “Republicans vote for Republicans, and we do not play these games...”. How about Republicans voting for national interest instead?
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Melanie Kenoyer · 

Exactly. Would Ms. Crain vote for Charles Manson if he ran as a Republican, over Jesus, if he ran as a Democrat? The GOP seems to run only as Party over Country and have for years when they voted against bills in Congress that would have helped the economy the GOP under Bush2 destroyed because they would rather the USA was decimated rather than have Obama "win" by fixing the economy. Luckily, he was able to do a lot to fix it despite their obstruction.
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Carolyn Crain · 

Please see my response to Betty Sue above.
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Christian Berrigan · 
Works at Self-Employed

Why are so many liberals expressing outrage over this? Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.
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Chris Strizver
I'd like to think there are so many Americans expressing outrage...and rightly so. These types of shenanigans do nothing to make this nation great.
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John M. Kowalski · 

Which "liberals?" What's a liberal to you anyway, anybody who favors democratic, consensus-based policy making?

Because your record in Clark County is precisely in opposition to democratic, consensus-based policy making.

And I wish you had endorsed Jaime Herrera Beutler, because tying her to the likes of you would help us elect Mr. Moeller. Hopefully your minions won't vote for her. (And why would anyone anyway? She can't bring herself to denounce Trump - or embrace him. In this she's trying to follow Paul Ryan, who is also a coward.)
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Christian Berrigan · 
Works at Self-Employed

^^^^^ please, puhleeeeze, post this EVERYWHERE verbatim. Thank you!
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Stuart L. Riley · 

I think you are confusing amusement with outrage.
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John M. Kowalski · 

Stuart L. Riley He's confusing a lot of things with outrage. Being factual, for example. Schadenfreude for another. Rubber-necking at the scene of a car accident for still another.
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Lizzie Hal · 

John M. Kowalski no disrespect but my family would never endorse this Republican party. and our blood don't run much more Union when you cut us. the entire national party needs to be burnt after this election and rise from the ashes.
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Tom Sharples · 

"In a year where the party has such a “controversial and unworthy nominee” in Donald Trump, the local party shouldn’t be playing the game of deciding who is Republican, Nierenberg said."

Not sure I follow the logic of this statement. It seems to me that especially when we have a questionable nominee for the office of president, we should be actively vetting other candidates to see if they have a track record in office or a documented history of stated positions or activities in their prior life worthy of our active endorsement. Not everyone will agree on whether a given candidate will pass this level of rigor, but please don't tell me we shouldn't even consider the question.
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Douglas Green · 

The GOP is now a hybrid church of the Inquisition era and Leninist summer camp: the insistence on deference to the thinking of the collective, obedience to something other than your own conscience and the stink of a new form of 16th century Spanish Catholicism, complete with punishment for apostasy. But let's not cry too many tears. The business and Main Street wings put their heads together and invited in crazy town. Now they have a Frankenstein they neither understand or control. The good news is that the hacks and wackadoos now running the show don't offer anything - and blind obedience to party is simply un-American.
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John M. Kowalski · 

"The GOP is now a hybrid church of the Inquisition era and Leninist summer camp: ..."

I don't think there are enough Eastern Europeans (of all religious flavors and none at all) to actally be like a Leninist summer camp, even though they certainly DO act like Leninists (and some of the wackier Republicans on the national stage are OK with that term too.)
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Kelly Keigwin · 

Madore wants to fund driving the bus off of the cliff and these people want to blindly follow him. They are so far out there that they can't see that they are destroying our democratic process with obstructionism - and this applies to the entire Republican Party in this country. I'm a lifelong Democrat, but I would, and have, voted for an R when they were the better candidate. This all or nothing, "kill 'em all" mentality is disgusting and is what has delivered the most far right, anti-freedom candidates ever seen in this country. Controlling people is not democracy. Honoring the will of the people is. The "alt right", aka Tea Party gone wild, aka new fascist agenda is the most unAmerican movement, created by scared white people who want to dominate and control the lives of the rest of the people in this country. I'm ashamed to admit that I live in Clark County when these things happen, and I am a proud Vancouver resident. Power to the people, not the angry and destructive few. You are not patriots. You are not for freedom and what "makes this country great". You are an embarrassment.
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Suzanne Gerhardt · 

In response to Carolyn Crain's comment on here...
You are confusing fact with fiction again. Despite your decision and the other 5 that left with you, there was still more than enough PCOs for a quorum, even without the 2 late arrivals. It was to your own detriment and the canidates you support that you and the others left the meeting. In addition you were not barred re-entry, however you were stopped from being disruptive and trying to cause a scene. You showed no respect for those who were trying to engage in the meeting. Come in slamming doors and screaming, that is unacceptable behavior. You also forgot to mention it wasn't just a non PCO who stopped you but the Sargent at Arms who per the bylaws is not allowed to be a PCO. Part of the duty is to maintain order and integrity of the meeting.
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Ann Bellows Laurier
Integrity Suzanne? Webster ="The quality or state of being of sound moral principle" The current state of the local GOP certainly does not live up to this definition.
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Suzanne Gerhardt · 

You have the right to your own opinion. I do believe the board and PCOs have interity and dedication to improving the party. Everyone may not agree 100% but at least work together on what we can agree on. But seeing as you haven't been a PCO for the last couple of years and based on my personal interaction with you, it appears you may be out of touch and not aware of the complete picture. Attending the precinct caucus only to rant and rave yet not stay to participate in the process does not help only hinders. Perhaps give the party a chance especially with a new batch of PCOS coming in. Like any group change is fairly constant both good and bad.
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Christian Berrigan · 
Works at Self-Employed

With regard to Ann Rivers, I was proud that the CCRP was unwilling to put their stamp of approval on a candidate who got into office promising to oppose Gas tax and tab fees, then turned around immediately and voted for them once in office.

I don't think an intellectually honest party should condone candidates lying or promise breaking to get into office.

Of course liberals will criticize anything conservative, even if it happens to be standing up for integrity and trust in our candidates.
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Stuart L. Riley · 

There are some liberals who like what you guys are doing for reasons you don't seem to understand. Your hatred of anything that you think is remotely liberal, is distracting you from focusing on winning this fall.
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Christian Berrigan · 
Works at Self-Employed

Stuart L. Riley hatred is an inaccurate and inappropriate description of the Antipathy many feel toward policies designed to rob us of our liberty, quell freedom of thought, and confiscate the fruits of our labor. Kind of like how the left "hates" so many of the principles upon which our country was founded. 

Hope that clarifies a few things.
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Sam Atkinson · 

What a load of horse pucky. Intergrity? What a bunch of corrupt clowns at every turn. Benton on down...
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Melanie Kenoyer · 

Christian Berrigan freedom of thought? Is that why the GOP kicked Probst out whan he did not adhere to the party line?
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Stuart L. Riley · 

Christian Berrigan No. Hatred is both accurate and appropriate. You denial runs deep. 

You and your type don't just treat differences of opinon as simple disagreements. By your very words, you think anyone who is liberal wants to rob us of our freedom and liberty. But thank god, you and your kind are the annointed defenders. For you, this is holy war, a jihad. You must purge your ranks of the unbelievers. Purify the party. So, it's obvious you and others in the CCRP are driven by simple hatred of anyone you think is a liberal. 

Compromise creates allies. Allies creates unity. Unity produces success. Your, "my way or the highway" approach never works. It always results in failure.

Even Reince Priebus knows a nominee does not have to pass a purity test:
"Well, a nominee is not - doesn't have to adopt every single position and platform position of the Republican Party."
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David Knight · 

Stuart L. Riley It was a questionaire Stuart, not the inquisition. They were free to answer it or not. If they chose not to answer, they would not be offered local party resources. The principles asked about would show local donors what the candidates stood for.
Many chose not to answer because David N. offered them a better deal NOT to disclose their opinions to the local republican party - thus using his money to bypass the grass roots citizens potential support.
Very similar to the situation where the banks don't need depositors money anymore because the federal reserve hands so much newly printed money out now.
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Stuart L. Riley · 

David Knight I'm sorry, were there alternative candidates leaning Republican running for the same positions that I was not aware of? Nope. You have 3 candidates running opposed to candidates that lean Democratic. Yet the CCRP, in all its "wisdom" decides not to endorse them. One candidate they chose to oppose. That smells of an attempt to purge the ranks of the non-believers who may support policies that "rob us of our liberty, quell freedom of thought, and confiscate the fruits of our labor." (That's kind of a good/evil, black/white viewpoint, but that's a quote from Berrigan.)

The voters spoke in the primary. One would think the local party would heed the "will of the voters". Or is that just something said, but usually ignored when things don't go the party's way?

Usually, the better strategy is to divide and conquer the other guys, not your own party. So, you all just keep doing what you're doing. Many liberals are enjoying the show. Snatching defeat from the mouth of victory seems something the CCRP is getting good at, thanks to people like Berrigan and Ross.
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John M. Kowalski · 

There is no integrity in the CCRP "leadership." If there were, their favored politicians would raise necessary funds to fund the needs of Clark County.

And we all know their favored politicians are not doing that.
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Christian Berrigan · 
Works at Self-Employed

Melanie Kenoyer sounds like that was before my time. I have no idea about that. There was a wide variety of candidates who were endorsed at the meeting. People who did and did not support Trump got endorsements. People who were supportive of CCRP leadership and others who have not been supportive both got endorsements. The party is not obligated to endorse anyone who puts an R next to their name. I can assure you, that if Obama, Joseph Stalin, or David Duke put an R after their name, they would get an OPPOSE vote. The "R" simply cannot be an "immunity card". While you may not agree wit...See More
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John M. Kowalski · 

Christian Berrigan "[H]atred is an inaccurate and inappropriate description of the Antipathy many feel toward policies designed to rob us of our liberty, quell freedom of thought, and confiscate the fruits of our labor."

You're clearly not *demonstrating* freedom of thought by any means. Anybody can do garden variety right wing hate-talk radio no-nothingism. If you truly were exercising liberty and freedom of thought, we'd see Christian Berrigan's freedom of thought, not gimcrack derivative Mark Levin. 

But that original thought would have to come from Christian Berrigan. That takes internal discipline, something Mr. Berrigan appears to not want to cultivate. Otherwise, we'd see the volume at less than 11 now and then...

"Kind of like how the left "hates" so many of the principles upon which our country was founded."

You know, like the slaveowners' principles...

Yes, Mr. Berrigan, we normal people see what a tortrued, morally bankrupt mess you and the CCRP are.
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John M. Kowalski · 

Christian Berrigan Well, the Republican Party as a whole, nationally went from being an anti-slavery party to one that seems OK with overt racism. So frankly I can't see why anyone *would* be in a Republican party that has compromised its original core principal!
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Sam Atkinson · 

Berrigen is the perfect example of a disturbed raving lunitic that chooses to share his sickness rather than face his own twisted insecurities. Thinking his world is, well right, he should get on meds and a treatment plan. However, like Modare they just blame and avoid no matter what, sociopathic behaviors don't respond to reason.
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Eric Child
This is truly a pathetic example of lack of leadership in what's left of the republican party. The disease known as the "liberal agenda" is destroying what's left of common sense in America...
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Kelly Keigwin · 

You're blaming the rampant Tea Party influenced crazy that has ruined the Republican Party I grew up with on the anthem of the paranoid and delusional, the "liberal agenda"?
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Terry Whipps Conner · 

What an embarrassment our county party leadership are. As they are grasping to retain whatever control they think they have, they wildly abuse the 98% of reasonable TRUE Republicans who seek good governance examples from them.
Like · Reply · 5 · Aug 28, 2016 8:17am
David Knight · 

Is it reasonable to withold campaign money if a candidate agrees to fill out a party questionaire? It is the job of the local PCOs to inform the electorate of party candidates and what they particularly stand for. The party worked over a year to get super majorities to approve GOP principles. The questions to the candidates allowed the candidates to reflect on their own perspective of those principles.
But at least one major PAC would NOT contribute to candidates who agreed to fill out that questionaire. This is exactly how the public is denied information about candidates. These are the cronies who seek to control the local party again. They push controversy under the rug and control the grass roots from the top down.
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Chris Strizver
Crain said after the meeting. “Who the hell are you voting for, then? ... Are you voting for Democrats?” How about you vote for the best AMERICAN. I [expletive] hate that both parties forget we're all on the same damn team. If a Democrat is the better candidate, then hell yeah that's where your vote should go!
Like · Reply · 17 · Aug 28, 2016 8:15am
Ann Bellows Laurier
Thank you Carolyn for trying to stand up to this pathetic excuse of Republican leadership in Clark County - most of whom are poor sheep listening to a handful of misguided power mongers.
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John Kilvik
Because the Clark Co Republican Party receives about 75% of its financial support from David Madore, who finished third behind Tanisha Harris and Blom in the primary, it's not surprising, given his history of vindictive actions towards those who disagree with him, that the CCRP would follow his example of losing poorly.
Like · Reply · 9 · Aug 28, 2016 6:13am
David Knight · 

That is not even close to the truth. I am sure it is what you would like to believe and would encourage others to as well. This appears to be a good forum for that.
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Loren Lee
David Knight . . .so can you confirm just how much David Madore is contributing to the CCRP so we can get a glimpse of the truth you claim to know? Madore's vindictiveness has been confirmed with each loss since his initial 2012 election.
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Stuart L. Riley · 

It's at the point where a CCRP endorsement doesn't mean anything anymore. At least not to rational voters.
Like · Reply · 8 · Aug 27, 2016 11:57pm · Edited
Bruce Samuelson · 

It'll be a December to remember
Like · Reply · 2 · Aug 27, 2016 10:11pm
Carolyn Crain · 

How about a fact more or two. The party pulls this during the very last weekend of the summer break EVERY year since they took over. Lisa Ross, vice-chair asked for the addition of two pco's right as we were counting heads to decide to walk out. The fact that they entered "executive session" with no real "executive business" to be discussed tells most people they want to hide their personal rantings. The fact that I was stopped from stepping back in by a non-pco says a ton! The fact that the quoroum was only "two over" after we walked out with two people added after 11 am says a ton more. When the Quorum count was called they claimed they still had one. Consider this, a vote of 22 to 21... who abstained? Our quorum was 46, We started at 55. What the heck? I am disgusted and they should be ashamed but they lack the integrity. The election cycle is in play and these Libertarians have taken us for the very last ride of their childhood. The adults have entered the arena. Say goodbye Clark County Leadership....
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Stuart L. Riley · 

Just so you know, I'm liking this because you make sense, and I agree with you. Not because of the lack of unity CCRP. I'm all for a rational, sane opposition. Right now, it looks like someone let the inmates loose from the asylum.
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Betty Sue Morris · 

And what's wrong with voting for a Democrat?
Like · Reply · 14 · Aug 28, 2016 7:52am
Stan Hatfield ·

Betty Sue Morris think about it, what have that got to lose?
Like · Reply · Aug 28, 2016 8:33am
Michele Wollert
Betty Sue Morris That question was on my mind, as well. Carolyn Crain, I know you courted Democrats and asked them to vote for you. Why should they not be given respectful reciprocation?
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David Knight · 

Michele Wollert Why indeed should we not always vote for the best candidate? Why should not the democrats do their best as a party to define themselves, and the candidates then use that baseline to differentiate themselves?
Why should not the republicans be allowed that same role without all this name calling?
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David Knight · 

The only controversy appears to be that the local GOP is expecting the local republican politicians to honor the constitution and keep thier word. The horror.
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Richard Bullington · 

Thank you Caroline for tagging perennial candidate and "expert" on seemingly everything, Lisa Ross, as one of the leaders of these fools. It will come in handy the next time she spies an obscure position for which she runs claiming to be "an outsider".
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David Knight · 

Richard Bullington Oh so this David Nierenberg is YOUR kind of outsider? Convenient that he has so much money for negative ads against those you hate. I wonder where he gets all that money? Well as long as he agrees with you eh?
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Carolyn Crain · 

Betty Sue Morris It isn't that I was talking about a single voter's vote. It is the Clark County Republican Party Leadership aka the Executive board and a couple of their own local pals who are voting as the leadership of a county party to NOT endorse a Republican in a race with a Republican and a Democrat. Again, its' this purging process because they alone seem to believe that they alone are capable of determining if a Republican is Republican enough for them to be called a Republican!
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John M. Kowalski · 

Carolyn Crain While I applaud the behavior of you and the majority citizen representative councilors (the real ones, not M&M), at some point I think it's worthwhile to wonder whether or not the CCRP as it exists now should continue existing.

I was raised in the Catholic Church, and left that institution for a variety of reasons, among them, that their practiced morality and their theology was to me inferior to alternatives. 

If you can't rid the CCRP of the sickness that Mr. Berrigan, Mr. Madore, and others have, perhaps it's time to be rid of the CCRP. I honestly can't understand why fol...See More
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Dave Boroughs · 
Works at Retired

The Do-Nothing GOP snubs the Do-Nothing-But Collect-a-paycheck-and-cadallac-healthcare Congresswoman. MEH!
Like · Reply · 13 · Aug 27, 2016 9:34pm
Bridget McLeman
Seems like a fairly cannibalistic pattern of behavior.
Like · Reply · 14 · Aug 27, 2016 9:23pm
Bridget McLeman
Of course, this behavior is not new. To quote, “What really needs to happen … is we have got to get together. We have got to stop eating our own,” Harris said. See the Political Beat, February 12, 2016.
Like · Reply · 17 hrs

Never ceases to amaze how those who hate Republicans the most know so much about them and their problems, and how to fix everything for them.

If they would just do what the leftists wanted them to do, everything would just be swell!

The irony?

These same people can't seem to see the forest for the trees.

The vast majority of offices in Clark County are held by who?

Those claiming to be GOP.

Which begs the question: if the CCGOP is doing such a terrible job... then how come more offices are occupied by Republicans (and those claiming to be Republican) than ever before in county history?

County council?  2 fake Republicans, 2 real Republicans 1 democrat.
County offices?  2 fake Republicans (Weber and Kimsey) a sorta Republican (VanNortwick) and a Republican (Atkins) 1 democrat
Legislative offices?  5 Republican, 7 fake Republican  3 democrats

This is the same variety of garbage the rag ladled out when Boldt got his butt kicked out of the party back in 2012.  What was the outcome of that?