Thursday, November 27, 2014

So, Graf leaves the democratian.... so what?

There seems to be this rather bizarre idea that local government should respond to the whims of a daily publication that bases their editorial policy on the psychopathic levels of hatred towards someone in government expressed by its editor should be treated the same as a paper that actually tells the truth and treats people fairly.

How weird.

It didn't take Tyler Graf all that long to throw any pretense of integrity or fairness aside in his reporting for the daily democrat.  But then, the fish rots from the head down and one of the lessons I learned in college (Philosophy 102 at Eastern, if memory serves) is that the reason concentration camp guards and reporters have the ability to treat others differently than they would treat themselves is that both of these groups assumed the values of the organization for which they worked.

The reporters at the democratian lie, slant, exaggerate and omit because those are the values of the clown who runs that paper.

You either sign on to those values and his Madore jihad, or you're gone.  Simple, really.

So, it's not terribly surprising that Graf, who appears to be roughly 12 years old, whines about how the county government responded to his juvenile antics.

When, for example, he writes garbage like this, I've got to wonder.
Real transparency would mean a politician would explain himself to the county’s largest newspaper, or supply it with timely information.  
Why would they do that?  See, Graf, here's the thing: you people have no interest in telling the truth.

Your paper has flat out lied.  Your rag's editorial policy is to attack... rabidly.... those wise enough to oppose the idiocy of your neo-communist agenda.  Your despicable rag even repeatedly referred to those of us opposed to the stupidity of the CRC/Loot Rail scam as "cockroaches."

I'm not particularly sure if Graf was here at the time John "Pit Yorkie" Laird was allowed to spew that manure or not.  Nevertheless, it helped set the tone for years to come.

Graf fails to understand that with freedom comes responsibility.  And as Graf's exit spiel proves, he has no responsibility to the truth, instead, constantly allowing his fringe-left, pro-jihadist attitude to infest everything he writes.... the kind of attitude that Lefty Lou encourages with his cult of personality as a result of his hatred of David Madore.
Transparency does not mean posting propaganda on a Facebook page, deleting negative comments from community members responding to said propaganda
This garbage here, of course, is outright rank hypocrisy.

See, in Graf's stilted view, it's perfectly OK for HIS rag to DO THE EXACT SAME THING.  Odd, isn't it?

Graf, an obvious C3G2-style hater, works for an organization that first pioneered the art of censoring comments and banning those who simply won't kiss their ring... or ass, for that matter.  And yet, this punk then proceeds to condemn someone else for doing the EXACT SAME THING?

And, of course, fortunately for us all, what is and what is not "transparency" isn't up to Graf, either, because by the time he and the rest of that disgrace to journalism he's been working for spindle, fold and mutilate the truth in the name of their agenda.

Nor, for that matter, does "transparency" resemble enabling your proven enemy of the truth to selectively cherry-pick information and then twist it until it bears no resemblance to reality as part of their meme.
(many of which simply point out factual mistakes)
Much like many of the comments from community members responding to democratian propaganda, you mean, Graf?

When you're the object of a local hate group whose sole reason for existence is to destroy you, how is it that you can conclude that allowing those scum to pollute your own, personal, facebook page with THEIR lies, exaggerations and hatred is somehow a responsibility of an elected official, all the while working for a rag that routinely does the same thing to those who disagree with THEM?

I get that you work for their propaganda arm of the Madore-haters.  I get that it's your job.  I get that the scumbag you answer to has achieved a psychotic level of hatred of the man.

But that doesn't provide you with any excuse, Graf.  That Befehl ist Befehl crap is just that, crap. Your responsibility is to the truth.  The whole trutgh.... not just the parts you think you like, leaving out little factoids that provide context or tidbits that run against the  meme. That you would condemn others for that which your own excuse for journalism practices every day it's in existence while you turn a blind eye?  That makes you a total hypocrite.
and then calling those people members of a “hate group.”
Yeah?  And?  The shoes fits perfectly.

So, what's your point?  How many names have the scum you worked with a for called us?
Madore does all of these things.
Yeah?  And?

Here's the thing, Graf: you're not going to last all that long shilling for a non-profit now that you've failed as a reporter.  Your lack of integrity, your gullibility and your ignorance doom you there as much as it did here.

So, you are doing us all a favor and leaving.

I'm fine with that.

You won't be missed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Ferguson Mess.

Millions of dollars of damage.  Theft.  Murder.  Arson.

All over the rightful death of a thug:

The media mostly portrays thus punk as just some sort of victim.  Those who believe this have deluded themselves in large part much like the C3G2 haters.

But I really don't give a damn if this punk was as pure as the driven snow.

In the end, he got stupid... he got dead.  And for Ferguson, regardless of the outcome, riots were going to be inevitable. Because those fostering this attitude of hatred and division don't make money when everything is going fine.

Think in terms of Al Gore and the global warming scam: those preaching the lie of global warming don't make bank of it when or if everything is fine.

And remember: Gruber declared the American Voter "stupid."

But what the race baiters have accomplished... are accomplishing... is far worse.

Led by hypocritical hucksters like Barack Obama, Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton and Jessie "How many out of wedlock psycho kids do I have" Jackson, many have used this situation as an excuse to unleash THEIR inner thug.

This isn't helping "race relations."  On the contrary, it increases fear and tension among those portrayed as having "white privilege".

I was astounded as I watched a group of primarily white morons blocking traffic and raising hell in Portland last night on the news.  So, whites were out there making noise.  The me, too-ism reeked of the white guilt the progressives demand that we all share due to the accident of our births... the color of our skins... as the excuse they need to take over control of our lives.

Those holding these coats are unaffected by the fight.  The millions in damage caused by scum in Ferguson and to a lesser extent, around the country, will not impact these race-baiting worms in any way.

You think Obama lost any sleep over this?  Or Sharpton or Jackson?

Hell, no, they didn't.  They just see it as yet another opportunity to make money as a result of their race hustling business.

Much like Obama ramming Obamacare down our throats without his personal concern that he or any of his family will be subjected to its dictates; that having been a useful tool, he will bear the fruits of that in his personal life and the lives of his children in perpetuity without care or concern that they will ever suffer because of it... none of these slime will ever be negatively impacted by this issue.

The damage inflicted served no positive cause.  The damage inflicted was color-blind, with thugs and criminals raping the lives of many business owners where those of all colors watched their entire lives go up in smoke.

To the scum who actually believe that this will make "change," I cannot disagree.  The problem, for them, is that by living up to the stereotype, the change they receive will not be the change they seek.

Meanwhile, blacks slaughter each other at astounding rates... and no one gives a damn.

Chicago is an abattoir for primarily young black men, and the Attorney General of the United States does nothing, because the guy running that cesspool of corruption is a "FOB," or a "Friend of Barack."

Blacks have THEIR "civil rights" violated with each tick of the clock by other blacks around this country and those running the show do nothing.

That's right up there at the local level with the democratian preaching about truth, integrity and fairness, tenets of character essentially unknown by those running government.

What it's accomplished for me is a desire to buy an M4 or an M16.

What it's accomplished for me is a desire to make sure that my children are now armed at all times.

What it's accomplished for me is an even deeper shame for my government.

What it's accomplished for me is a reason to buy more ammunition.

What it's accomplished for me is an even deeper distrust of the leftists infesting us and their agendas... and a shame for my government as they drag us down deeper into the abyss.

There is no excuse for what happened in Ferguson post grand jury announcement.

The governor of Missouri should be impeached.  The way to have defused this situation was to have put a brigade of National Guard troops into Ferguson fully dispersed.

Looters should have been shot.  Arsonists should have been shot.  Block traffic?  Go to prison.

Peaceful protest?  I have zero problem with that.

Cause damage?  Steal?  You're going down.

I had a platoon sergeant back in my Recon days so long ago.  He was a man of many sayings: one of his favs was this:
"You looking for sympathy?  It's in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphilis.'"
That was ingrained in me at the cellular level by the events of Ferguson, MO and the fringe-left nutters who used this as an excuse to burn and steal and destroy.

So, to those who think they've got it so bad, I leave you with this:

"If you're looking for sympathy...."

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clark County gets another 7,300 jobs, and naturally, no credit goes to the commissioners.

In keeping with the democratian's hate jihad against David Madore, there was no mention of his fee waiver plan as being in any way responsible for this massive economic growth our county is experiencing.

In fact, Betty Sue Morris immediately jumped in to make sure that everyone knew that the fee waiver hasn't been responsible for any economic growth:
Betty Sue Morris · Top Commenter · Vancouver, Washington
Robert Stevens, the numbers quoted above are across jurisdictional lines. The fee waiver applies only in the unincorporated area. A fair comparison would be to see how many of those newly employed, which we are all glad to see, are in cities and and how many are in the unincorporated county and, second, how many of those are a direct result of the fee waiver. Many may well be jobs within an existing business and have nothing to do with the fee waiver. So before anyone praises or criticizes the fee waiver program against it's goal of creating jobs, we should have those numbers.
One has to wonder: did Betty Sue drill down like this on her watch as a commissioner when we had decent to good economic news?  Or  did she just refuse to take any credit for it one way or the other?

And, of course, that toady Dalesandro had to jump in with his "You're absolutely right, J.B.!" cloying garbage.

But that's not really the point of this:

Oddly, in all matters concerning county government, David Madore is responsible for everything bad, and anything good, like another months of several thousand job growth?  Well, in the world of the fringe-leftist, he had nothing to do with that.


It's not just that the democratian and the left lie so much... it's that they do it so badly when they do it.

But as I have frequently pointed out here: if David Madore found a cure for cancer, these scum would complain about the size of the test tubes he used to make it happen.

Jeanne Stewart sworn in - Clark County has an all GOP commission; Brancaccio's head explodes.

We all know how obsessed Lefty Lou Brancaccio is with anyone or anything Commissioner David Madore supports.

Even now, Lefty's jihad against Madore continues.  His anti-Madore fetish during the campaign was the garbage of legends.

He was, for example, much more concerned about defeating any candidate supported by Madore in any legislative role than he was concerned about the lies of Timmy "The Liar" Leavitt or Scott Weber that they used to get elected.

And how did that work out for Lefty?

Not that great.

And so, today, our newest Commissioner, Jeanne Stewart, was sworn into office to finish out Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart's term resulting from his early exit reward for throwing this entire county under a TriMet bus.

Ed Barnes will sink back into his well-earned anonymity; the leftist plan to foil the people of this county once again shattered by now 3-time loser Craig Pridemore's defeat.

The left could care less, of course: they're always the smartest guys in the room... they think... and that's why of 15 legislators representing Clark County, 12 are GOP... and of 3 commissioners, all are GOP.

Lefty's best efforts notwithstanding.

So, today, it all came together.  All the planning, all the work, all the feints, all the misguided counter-productive hatred from the left.

Congratulations of Commissioner Jeanne Stewart.  Well done.

Memo to the Battle Ground WalMart: do your employees even speak English, or are they scamming to avoid work?

Moments ago, my wife dropped into the relatively new Battle Ground WalMart to pick up a few things for her new office.

She just called me from the store, using language she rarely uses to describe the employees there, who seem to be doing all they can to avoid eye-contact (And thus risking the possibility of providing customer service) when she ran into one and asked her if she could point out the "command center" for products that people use to hang pictures and the like.

Either the woman (Eastern European) didn't understand her or she, more likely, damned sure did understand her and wanted to avoid the effort; but either way, she just looked at my wife and said "Sorry..." in heavily accented English while she turned around and walked away.

Not "I'll find out," or "I don't know," or "drop dead."  She literally turned her back on my wife and walked away.

Wife calls me, livid.  We talked about it and she made the decision to take her cart up front, walk out and go to Fred Meyers.

I support WalMart.  I support the idea of WalMart.  I've said as much in this very blog.

But it will be a cold day in May in San Diego before I ever go back there if this is how they're going to treat people there.

Did I mention that Brandon Vick is not the sharpest knife in the drawer?

I've made no secret of my disdain for one of my two state representatives, Brandon "Lumpy" Vick.

"Lumpy" is a nickname Vick earned as he was in the middle of his first legislative session "representing" us in the 18th District... as it became clear he wasn't going to do anything he didn't have to do including the heavy lifting involved in the introduction of even a single piece of legislation.

During the course of his campaign to be re-elected, Vick essentially lied outright by making the specious claim that he was actually on 6 committees, a meme that scum down at the democratian repeated by rote, as if they didn't know better.

That Vick was returned for two more years of inaction and confusing motion with action is far more a testament to the even lower quality of his opponent, fringe-leftist nutter Mussolini Mikey Briggs than it is to anything Vick has achieved... or, in the alternative, failed to achieve.

He made that bizarre claim to counter the laziness reputation emanating from Olympia based on his actions... actually, his lack of actions... during that first year.  And his frequently repeated and false claim that HE was the guy sent in for "tough" negotiations, when, in fact, he is a backbencher wall-flower like Jaime Herrera, and if he got "sent" for anything, it was coffee for the adults.

And, of course, we'd like to believe that our legislators have a clue.  At the national level, it's clear that Herrera doesn't have one, neither of our Senators have one, and God Knows that clueless moron in the White House doesn't have one.

And now, once again, we get Brandon Vick who felt compelled to offer the following comment on the scum running rampant in and around Ferguson, MO.


"I thought it made me think."

If only.

I would like to know when, in Vick's lifetime, "massive riots" approaching anything like this have ever taken place?

Yes, I am well aware of the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999.

But those were a parking lot fender dent compared to Ferguson's 70 car pile up.

There are times, I believe, when those in a position of authority (No matter how unfortunate that may be...)  should speak out on the events surrounding us and/or impacting us.  But built in TO that is the presumption that they have at least an inkling on the subjects they're going to babble about.

I have, and will continue to, hammer Jaime Herrera for remaining silent on many of the issues confronting us.  But when she (Or, actually, her keepers) send out a press release, they at least have a vague notion of the issues at hand.

Brandon Vick, with this remark that he wrote, appears so far in over his head that he can't see straight.

"... but I thought it made me think."


Monday, November 24, 2014

Wilson exonerated by grand jury

I am Darren Wilson

For those who thought the democratian didn't lie to support their candidates? Dake admits it!

Of course, anyone reading that excuse for a true newspaper already knew this: but to get a newspaper reporter to admit it?

Lies that lying liars lie.

WHY do they have to lie for those they support?

You are referring to an editorial written by the editorial board. It is skewed toward your opponent because the opinion writers chose to endorse Sharon Wylie. That is not a news article.

I will email you questions tomorrow morning. Thanks,

It's as if... they can lie about anything they want if it doesn't come under the guise of "news."  (Like they don't lie about news as well.)

This is part and parcel as to why this despicable rag is a crap stain on the underwear of true journalism.  Lying, to them, is perfectly OK whenever they want, but particularly in support of their agenda.

And the word for that is hypocrisy.
From Lauren Dake
To Anson Service
Today at 12:04 PM
Hi Anson,

Trying to reach you today or tmw sometime. Is there a time that works for you?

Please let me know as soon as you can.


Lauren Dake
Politics reporter, The Columbian
Office: 360-735-4534
Cell: 541-554-1162
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From Me
To  Lauren Dake
Today at 3:03 PM 

Hi Lauren,

You can email me. I would like to have a written record of what I tell the Columbian because what has been reported about me has not been 100% accurate or the complete story. It is heavily skewed toward my opponent and the things I have written or said have not always been represented correctly.

Dr. Anson Service
Candidate for Representative of the 49th District, Position 1 - Vancouver, WA

From Lauren Dake
To Anson Service
Today at 3:05 PM 
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, Anson. 
Are you referring to any of my stories? Do you have specifics? If we got something wrong, we would put a correction in the paper. 
It would be better to chat on the phone, but I can email you questions if that's what you insist upon.

Lauren Dake
Politics reporter, The Columbian
Office: 360-735-4534
Cell: 541-554-1162
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From Me
To Lauren Dake
Today at 4:25 PM 

This message contains blocked images.

The story that was run this past weekend had no authors name to it. I am short on time right now, but the summations made are not correct, especially given all of the information that is available on my website. Many issues are directly addressed on my website Issues

Whoever wrote it must not have done any searching for answers, because my ideas to fund education are not paper thin and they are right there on my website. It also makes the comment that I do not know how legislation works. That is totally false. My opponent said that, not me. Initially I indicated that it was not hard to learn and that I was new to it, meaning I had never been a legislator. There are many things you have to learn as a legislator that you can only learn once you are a legislator, but how legislation works is not one of them. I would not have any problem catching on immediately and surpassing her performance in every way. In fact, I have already reached out to several Democrat legislators and many Republican legislators and have made relationships so I can hit the ground running once elected. They have agreed to work with me on several bills right off the bat. Some of my issues are directly influenced by talking with these legislators. Basically, I am not sure how the Columbian has been able to make the claims that have been printed. Heck, I even emailed full explanations to you several months back that contradict what was written this past weekend. So, it appears that I have not been given a fair shake here and it appears as though the stories are meant to convince the public of something rather than simply present the facts.  One reader contacted me and asked me why I wanted to raise fishing and hunting license prices to raise $3 billion. I never said that, but that is the message they got from your article right after the editorial board. You also know that I was not treated with respect during that board. So, because I could not possibly elaborate on complex issues with three candidates in the room all wanting a chance to talk, and with Lou cutting me off when I was trying to speak, it is important for you to know that nearly everything is spelled out on my website in detail if you are interested in reporting on the issues. Basically, the only thing Sharon has over me is that she has already been a legislator and knows where the cafeteria at the capitol is. Those miniscule things do not matter. With regard to education, experience in vital issues, advocacy for jobs here in Vancouver, and community service, I have her beat in all those and other areas. Have you seen the interview where she makes a sexist claim against men and women? What about her NFIB rating? She got a failing grade on that. That is something that matters to businesses and workers here. Well, I have to go. Yeah, go ahead and email me questions and I will give you a succinct answer that is simple and easy to write about.



Education We Can Be Proud of Dr. Service and his Proposal for a Washington Dual Language Immersion Program Crime in Vancouver Jobs and the Economy Transp...

View on www.electansonser...
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Dr. Anson Service
Candidate for Representative of the 49th District, Position 1 - Vancouver, WA

From Lauren Dake
To Anson Service
Today at 4:35 PM
This message contains blocked images

You are referring to an editorial written by the editorial board. It is skewed toward your opponent because the opinion writers chose to endorse Sharon Wylie. That is not a news article.

I will email you questions tomorrow morning. Thanks,

Lauren Dake
Politics reporter, The Columbian
Office: 360-735-4534
Cell: 541-554-1162
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From Anson Service
To Lauren Dake
Today at 5:41 PM

Even if it is an opinion article, should they really be saying things that are factually incorrect? I understand if they have an opinion, but they are stating things as if they are true when they are not. You are right. That is not news. That is fiction. Even still, when you wrote about me after the ed board a few months back, you did not give me a fair shake either. Again with the whole parks passes thing. The point was that there are ways to cut waste and raise revenue, and that tax increases should be the last resort. That is not what you printed. 

So, I suppose the editors get to print whatever they want, and if they want to print lies about me, I guess that is their prerogative. I am finding difficulty justifying feeding information to a publication that knowingly prints false things about me though.  Info on me might help sell issues, and the last thing I want to do is support a group of people who are spreading rumors in their newspaper.

Dr. Anson Service
Candidate for Representative of the 49th District, Position 1 - Vancouver, WA

Hagel out; All of the Generals should resign.

Hagel's resignation is long overdue.

As THE individual most responsible for implementing the crippling Obama policies of paying for Obamaphones taking priority over force capabilities; for shattering the social fabric of the Armed Forces with gay social programs and the idiocy of "women in combat," and the promotion of generals for their political pliability and not for their military skill set.

And that's the thing, you see: I last wore the uniform 28 years ago.  I ended my service as a commissioned officer, having started out as a 17 year and one day old Private and having worked my way up to Staff Sergeant... before getting my butter bar.

They taught us certain things concerning Duty, Honor and Country that it seems our military leadership have long since forgotten in the political jungle the Clueless One has replaced the military with.

The horror stories of military affirmative action.  The billions wasted on social programs in the military.   The reductions in force WHILE WE'RE STILL AT WAR.

Can you imagine what would have happened to FDR if he had pulled stunts like this?  Kicking our multiple tour combat veterans and their hard-won experience because of... tattoos.  Seriously.  Tattoos are getting warriors kicked out by barring them from reenlistment.

While our enemies gain strength at a geometric rate, we become weaker and weaker and weaker in the face of Russian and Chinese hegemony.

As a General Officer, you are SUPPOSED to be the epitome of Duty, Honor, Country.

You are SUPPOSED to stand at the height of meritocracy, being where you are with what you have based solely on your performance.

Now, it seems that your gender plays a role.  Your color.  Your religion. 

As a soldier, I never cared about any of that in combat arms.  I believed in my leadership because they got where they are (Unlike Obama) because they had proven ability and experience and a record that showed their ability to perform as leaders.

Now, we get officers like Hassan, and leaders that allow that politically correct BS.

Now, we get officers who get positions and promotions because they share the right political views, while hard-chargers are bounced because of their source of commissioning, because they were prior enlisted, because they screwed up a decade ago.... because, because, because.

We are getting weaker by the day.  Our enemies are getting stronger.  And those who know better... those with stars on their epaulets... sit silently.

Imagine the changes in policy that could be brought about if every single flag officer... every single one of the Joint Chiefs of Staff walked into Obama's office and handed in letters of resignation.

It's what the country needs.  It's what this situation demands.

I'm not so concerned about Hagel: he shouldn't have left years ago; exactly like Shinseki should have resigned the instant that anti-American racist bigot in the White House floated that bizarre idea to make our wounded veterans pay for their own medical care.

But these people have long since forgot that their duty lay with the people of this Country and the Constitution that are sworn to preserve, protect and defend... from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

And our military... our country... suffers because of it.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mussolini Mikey learned nothing by getting destroyed in the 1-8.

Of all candidates running for legislative office in Clark County, guess which one did the worst?

I'll end the suspense for you: it was Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Bob Dingethal even got more.  So did Bully Loserham.  Even an unfunded, unknown McCluskey.  He brought up the very bottom of the pact... the worst of the worse.

There were many reasons for that.  He's possessed of a personality of a snake; Leavitt-like arrogance, cluelessness, dim-witted sliminess, a tin-ear and complete ignorance over what the people of this county want.

A terrible fundraiser, a clueless campaigner, he was slaughtered by arguably the weakest, worst incumbent running, Brandon "Who says there's no free lunch?" Vick, Mussolini managed to get THE worst vote count by percentage of any of the fringe-left nutters running in the big three.

Expressing relief that he could stop lying about who he is and what his positions are because of the campaign, that slimy little worm STILL "blames" Rivers for being the Bridge Killer, too stupid to realize that every time he babbles about the CRC/Loot Rail scam, he strengthens any candidate generally and Ann Rivers particularly because of the successful effort to kill off Mikey's bridge fetish.

So, he's engaging in the same whining and sniveling that resulted in the revulsion that got him kicked so far to the curb.

He also seems confused over the importance of the democratian in this equation: if the democratian mattered, it would be Commissioner Pridemore, Rep. Stonier, and Sheriff Gardner.

They don't, of course.  But because he's worn out as many sets of knee-pads as a democratian lackey as he did in his abysmal effort to support the Obamaian-like effort to ram that horrific scam down our collective throats.

Clearly, Mr. 36% learned nothing from getting politically massacred... from being the laugh-stock/doormat I knew he would be.

And Mikey, I'm still out here... just waiting for you to either get stupid and run for something else, or to support someone else who is running.

You know... so I can Madore whoever that poor, miserable sot might be?  

Democrats are perfectly OK with this when it's their guy.

In a sea of leftist hypocrisy, you can bet the fringe-left infesting us will be whining like cut cats over the nuclear option THEY implemented in the Senate to get rid of those bothersome GOP filibusters... which they didn't use nearly enough, by the way... so they can ram their appointments through Congress.

Now, of course, as it inevitably will, the shoe's on the other foot.

And what are these hypocrites going to start whining about?

The rules THEY implemented.  Because, well, you know, it's different when the left does it.  It's ALWAYS "different" when the left does it.

And that's why the fringe-left and the race baiters are so thrilled with Barry's decision to use the Constitution as his own version of Charmin 2-ply.

In a move that will cost us additional hundreds of billions, explode our schools, cut college slots for citizens and the like (Which has already happened, given that in many states, including our own, illegal aliens pay tuition at the in-state rate when they should, in fact, be deported) the president has told Congress to drop dead, a move that can be reasonably expected to happen repeatedly over the next two years, but a move that had a GOP president done it on, say, tax reform or privatizing social security or eliminating affirmative action, would have resulted in universal condemnation, media attacks across the country reminiscent of Lefty Lou's Madore jihad and riots that would make Ferguson look like a parking lot fender-bender.

This, then is a video summary of what took place and what will take place repeatedly before the horror of this scumbag's term is over: