Thursday, September 29, 2016

My response to Lew Waters Reflector LTE.

I don't condemn Rivers for her actions here; they were an accurate reflection of the majority consensus of her district.

I DO, however, condemn her for lying to get elected in 2012.

Sen. Rivers pledged, in writing on her campaign web site, that she would OPPOSE the gas tax and tab fee increases which yolked the people of Clark County with a $700 million bill, $500 million of which went to King County for their various transportation boondoggles.

I also condemn her reasoning for doing so, laid out in a video taken during the 9 January town hall meeting here in Battle Ground and hosted by Mr. Waters on YouTube... since taken down because of her own self-embarrassment.

In this video, we find that even though Rivers gave her word, she felt compelled to ignore her pledge based on what she called a "business decision." Of course, we show a net loss of $500 million as a result, so maybe she should leave the "business" aspects of government alone.

She also told us that had she kept her word, she would be thought of as being a "Pansy." Additionally, she informed us that had she NOT betrayed us on her gas tax vote, our bill would have been $7 BILLION instead of a mere $700 million.

That's absolutely untrue, of course; had she kept her word and voted "no," the tax still would have passed and her integrity would have remained intact.

As it is now, anything she says she's going to do is suspect. Any pledge she makes has to be questioned.

You see, she's found the magic "key" to electoral fraud: claiming her betrayals are a "business decision," she can do anything she wants and not be held accountable for any of it.

This is the video in question that Waters removed because it didn't quite work out the way they planned.

See for yourself.

As a former executive director for the Washington State Republican Party, it is difficult for me to do this, but the reality is that I cannot and will not vote for anyone who views their pledges to us as something they can feel free to ignore whenever the mood strikes.

I will be voting for Eric Holt. I might not agree with Holt's politics, but I believe him to be an honorable man who will keep his word... and not renege based on "business decisions."

The January 9, 2016 Rivers town hall meeting.

This is Rivers' defense of her betrayal of the people of her district and Clark County.

I cannot reward her with my vote... ever... given the length and breadth of her lack of integrity.

I believed her when I wrote her pledge that she put up on her campaign web site:

 When are we supposed to believe her?


She lied. She failed us. Her efforts in the state senate will cost each and every man, woman and child living in Clark County $1500.

And I have had enough.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why I oppose Kim Wyman's reelection as Secretary of State

Here's the reality: the last 3 (Including Wyman) secretaries have spent the entirety of their time in office avoiding the issues they can most impact.

They've wanted felons to be able to vote, frankly, because it's too much of a hassle for these people to construct a database of felons to scrub against the voter roles.

So, for the most part, they've been behind some version of letting everyone vote regardless of criminal record.

But they've also been behind some version of letting everyone living here, criminal or illegal or even legal alien vote.

Wyman has done nothing about the sanctity of the vote since she was elected.

No demands from her that this state require proof of citizenship to register.  No demands that this stae require identification to cast a ballot.

It's not as bad as Oregon, where they've got a setup where everyone getting a license is automatically registered to vote without proof of anything (The Full Democrat Voter Participation Act) which has resulted in illegal aliens being registered to vote in federal elections.

But it's still bad enough and for that, Wyman has zero excuse.  None.

And while I get that the leftist running against her won't be any better on the issue, I refuse to award misfeasance in office with my vote.

That Wyman COULD have done something about this and chose not to is the thing.  And I've had it.

Lars Larson nails it.

Lars Larson
31 mins ·
Americans consider voting a sacred right of citizens, right? Well, maybe, but our public officials apparently think of it as no big deal. Case in point, the self confessed Washington state mall mass murderer, Arcan Cetin (Arshawn Shatawn)...who shot five people to death last Friday night and then when captured, quickly admitted he was the killer. Police confirm he’s only a permanent resident of the United States...not a citizen. The Washington Secretary of State confirms he’s been a registered voter two years and has cast ballots in three elections. I’ve pointed out for the past two decades that voter registration in Oregon and Washington are ripe for fraud. Online registration, no proof of who you are, no proof of citizenship, and anonymous vote by mail. No way to tell how many tens of thousands of illegal voters may be joining we citizens in November to pick the President, Governors, Senators and lawmakers. But we know Arcan Cetin an illegal voter. Don’t bother Googling the story cause no one’s covering it but me. Cetin announced on Facebook his support for Hillary Clinton. If only he supported Trump...the story might get its due.

Monday, September 26, 2016

THIS young man knew oppression. The athlete scum sitting down or kneeling for the anthem don't have a clue: Jose Fernandez RIP.

One of the reasons I want to punch the scum dissing our Anthem and our country in the mouth is this:

Do you think... do you remotely believe for one second... that THIS young man would have ever considered insulting our country the way these scum are doing it?

I don't think so.

You see, he knew oppression.  He knew what it was like to have police murder, and government murder, and being told what you have to do with your life every waking moment. The Kaepernicks and the other whining bitches have no idea... no clue... not even a hint of what oppression actually is.

Fernandez knew.  And now he's gone, taken from us in a tragic accident where the initial investigation has shown that drugs and alcohol were not involved.


The leftists supporting these slime around here don't have the faintest clue.

Watch this video about a young man we should all aspire to become.  A young man not fortunate enough to have been born here like these multi-millionaire punks... but a young man who loves this country with all of it's faults.... that we should all feel.

I won't be watching the debate tonight.

I've made my decision as to who I'm voting for.  Nothing will be said there tonite that won't be repeated and re-repeated time and again.  And there's no word, series of words, organization of words or presentation of words that could ever get me to cast a vote for Clinton.

Most everything Hillary says is going to be a lie.  So why bother to get sucked into the hype?

Clinton supporters will lie about how great she was and how Trump got his butt kicked.  Trump supporters will talk about he kicked Clinton's butt so hard her grand children (Born and unborn) felt it.

The reality here is that few minds will be changed tonight.  If Clinton passes out on the stage (even money THAT happens) we'll see the replay roughly 500 times.

The reality is that I believe Trump has this won.  There's nothing I can do about anything that gets said, and the highlights, such as they may be, will be played over and over and over.

Other things are going on and I'll be tending to that.

So, for all of you watching this verbal football game, enjoy.  I'll pass.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Question for everyone in and/or running for elective office: what are you going to do about it?

As you are no doubt aware by now, a muslim slaughtered 5 unarmed, innocent people in a Mall north of Seattle.

Of course, it could also have happened here at OUR Mall, or at one of our many other "gun free zones," or what have you...

So, here's the question:   what are you going to do about it?

This, you see, is why you get paid the big bucks.  It's why you're there.  And while, perhaps, I've missed it, it seems to me that there has been deafening silence on the part of all of those who are either tasked with protecting us or who want the job of protecting us by representing us in a legislative capacity, be it local, state or national.

I want to know what YOU are going to do about this so it never happens again.

In fact, I DEMAND to know what you're going to do because here's a simple clue:  what we're doing... or not doing now?

Ain't working.

We can no longer ignore this.  We can no longer believe it's not going to happen here.  We can no longer turn away from this issue.

So tell me: what are YOU going to do about it?

I want to know.  And I urge every one of you, and my tracking software puts the figure into the hundreds; regardless of party, regardless of who you now support, to contact those people and ask them.

Do not allow yourselves to be shucked or jived.  Don't put up with the "SNR," or the "Sincere Non-Response."

Tell them that if they don't respond or if they come back with crap that you will not vote for them.

They HAVE to have a plan and WE have the right to know what that plan looks like.

Demand it.

The time to wait is long past.

 We have arrived at the time to act.

You hearin' me, Jaime?  What about you, Jay?  Patty, you got any of those oh, so political pearls of wisdom to drop on us? Ann, stop jacking our taxes and fees up long enough to focus on THIS issue.  Liz, what's the plan?  Annette?  Paul?

We need to know.  And we need to know right... fricking.... now.

Why did law enforcement and media lie about the Mall Shooter being "hispanic?"

Well, as we all know by now, the suspected Mall Shooter is from Ankara, Turkey; one Arcan Cetin, 20, now living in Oak Harbor.... well, except he's in custody, wherever that may be.

Almost as soon as news of the shooting happened, we were told that the shooter was identified as a "Hispanic male."

Why?  e damned sure didn't look "hispanic" to me.

To mislead us?  To aid in throwing the suspect off when it came to being looked for?

Or was it, as I suspect, just another leftist effort to take the focus off the source of these terrorist attacks and what 99% of them have in common.... namely, islam?

Frankly, we all knew who was behind it the moment we heard about it.

As a rule, random Hispanics simply don't walk into a store and begin to blow women away.  But we all know about a certain group that does engage in that sort of thing.

Now the questions are: what do we do about it; how long do we put up with it and how many more of us have to be slaughtered or crippled before our government acts to end this?

That's what government is for, is it not?

These attacks must end.  We must take increasingly harsher steps to put an end to them.

We simply cannot continue to do what we've been doing... since clearly, that DOES... NOT... WORK.

Time's up, Barbie.  Time's up, Patty.  Time's up Maria.  Time's up, Jay.  Time's up senators, congress-members and legislators.

Start dealing.  Or others are going to start dealing for you.

Remember, boys and girls, this COULD have been the Macy's at Vancouver Mall.  These COULD have been US, our wives, daughters and a man related to us.  Even though it wasn't, they WERE Americans and they, as well as we, deserve better.

It's sheer chance that it wasn't down here.  But the question becomes this:

What are you going to do when it IS "us?"  What are you going to do when it's YOUR blood on the floor or that of your family member?

Then what?

Do we have to lose thousands more before we begin to do what must be done?

(Memo to RINO Lewwy:  Nice to know my hook is still firmly buried under your skin.  Heh.)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Five slaughtered north of Seattle at a mall. Are you carrying a gun, yet?

In yet another example of the idiocy known as a gun free zone (I NEVER go ANYWHERE without my .45) five people were slaughtered by what is being described as a "Hispanic male."

Is he hispanic, or a run of the jihadi terrorist?

I don't know... but my money is on the jihadi because, well, you know, hispanics just haven't been going around shooting up soft targets lately, but I have no trouble imagining a group who is known for that sort of thing... and their blood line typically doesn't begin in Mexico.

But that's not the point of this post.

Had any one of those people slaughtered last night been armed.... this might have had a somewhat different outcome.

Even hypocritical, anti-gun leftists carry.
Anti-gun Legislator Arrested With Gun
California Democrat And Gun Control Advocate Charged With Arms Trafficking
Radical Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested On the Street in Ferguson; Wait Until You See What She Got Arrested For!
Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested At Airport -- With Gun...
You see, it's not that politicians like our governor, the president, the Speaker of the US House, and Hillary Clinton don't want guns.... it's that they don't want US to have guns.

These people are SURROUNDED by guns.

And that leads me to you:

Are you armed?  Do you have a gun?  Are you carrying it EVERYWHERE YOU GO?

You can bet that none of those people at the mall... thought they'd get shot last night.  And the guy who shot them was counting on them being unarmed.

And that worked out very, very well for him and his plan.

It didn't work out so well for  the four women and one man he slaughtered.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The two requirements for a Brancaccio endorsement: Kiss his ass and/or hate Madore

It's not terribly surprising that Lynda Wilson picked up the endorsement over Tim Probst: after all, she was part of the gang that went ov3er to Lyin' Lefty Lou Brancaccio's house in the RINO Convention earlier this year: and you know that EVERY SINGLE ONE WHO WENT TO THAT SHINDIG WILL GET ENDORSED.

What's it take to get a Lefty endorsement?

1.  Kiss his ass.

There's a variety of ways that can be accomplished.  Sign on full-force to Lefty's agenda, bow and scrape before him, get half blitzed over at his house... any of those things will work.

2.  Hate Madore.

The RINOs that gathered over at Brancaccio's house of ill repute all had three things in common: they lie about their party affiliation, claiming to be Republican when their voting record is typically indecipherable from the left (check out Olson and her buddy Chuckie Green.  If Green had won against Olson, his voting record would mirror hers since we were unfortunate enough to have her elected.) they hate Madore specifically and conservatives generally.

3.  Start running full page ads in the financially crumbling daily democrat newsletter.

I'm sure that the full pages ads I'm hearing DeWils has started running had zero impact on Lefty Lou's desire to keep the checks coming in with the Wilson endorsement.

Local Republicans who are in overt collusion with Clark County liberal establishment to reclaim power for the establishment. Photo taken at at the home of liberal Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio.
Picture of 5 RINOs at Lying Lefty Lou Brancaccio's house paying homage so he'll be "nice" to them.

Of these people, who did Lefty Lou Brancaccio endorse?

McDaniel, Olson, Wilsons... and he will Boger as long as Brent plays ball.

Paul Harris also got the gig because he hooked up with the "hate-Madore" RINO clique.

Sam Kim, who used to be someone I respected and admired until Chopp bought him for a high 5-figure sum (and let's not remember how awkward it would have been for his fring-left sister, Rep. Cindy Ryu, to explain to her buddies in the Legislature why SHE is a neo-communist and why her brother is a "Republican") got the gig because he's running against Vicki Kraft, and, well, if Madore even talks to a candidate that's reason enough for Lefty to hammer that person.

Columbian Editor Lou Brancaccio and Establishment Republican Brent BogerKim, of course, also had the extra added benefit of running as a dem... and you know how Lefty loves to suck up to THEM, right?

After all, when you're drinkin' buddies, what else can you expect?

Have to wonder: what ever happened to the good old days when Lefty was going to come after Boger in his column of fantasy, lies and fiction until his fellow leftists generally and Betty Sue Morris/Craig Pridemore particularly beat the hell out of Lefty to get him to knock it off.

You all remember that, don't you?

I do.  That was back in the days when Boger was more like a Republican and less like a punk.

It's not unlike my former business partner, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and myself.

One of us has changed.

One of us has found "accommodation" with the various ways they shatter their integrity and roll over... kind of like the "Art of the Deal," so to speak.

And you know what?

It ain't me.