Sunday, July 12, 2020

My bi-annual "who will I be voting against" list.

From the FWIW file, here it is:

Governor: Inslee

Attorney General: Sideshow Bobby Ferguson

Secretary of State: Wyman

Superintendent of Public Instruction.: Reykdal

Insurance Commissioner: Kreidler

Congressman: Herrera

Clark County Council: Blom








14th District Senate: King

17th District Senate: Wilson

17th District House: Harris

18th District Senate: Rivers

18th District House: Vick

18th District House: Hoff

19th District House: Walsh

20th District Senate: Braun

49th District House: Llafet

Thursday, July 09, 2020

Charges must be filed against State Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and and former fake Republican County Councilor John Blom

Politics, as those of us involved in it will tell you, is a filthy business.

As a decades long victim of the "cancel culture," I can certainly attest to it.

A couple of days ago, John Ley, candidate for the Senate seat in the 18th District, posted the details of several text messages, alleged to have come from incumbent Senator Ann Rivers' husband... though, based on years of editing her speeches back when Rivers was a Republican, I have my doubts as to HIS authorship.

Details of these text messages can be found here on Clark County Today, as well as on Ley's campaign website. Screen captures of the actual tirade are on the lower part of this web page.

And now, as if that isn't bad enough, allegations of campaign impropriety that reaches the criminal.

Allegations against corrupt incumbents Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and former fake Republican John Blom

The regular political reader knows, beginning back in 2015, Gas Tax Rivers dropped her pretense of being a Republican and voted with democrats to betray her district and Clark County by supporting the largest gas tax and tab fee increases in this state's history in direct betrayal of her campaign pledges, used to get elected to the Senate, to oppose BOTH increases.

River's Campaign Pledge to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases.
She later claimed that she did it because it was a "business decision" and her only regret was about having made the pledge in the first place.

(As always, thanks to Brent Boger for making this what he believed to be surreptitious recording and Lew Waters for posting it.)

Well, these allegations appear to support the idea that she makes a wide variety of "business decisions" and many of them wind up benefiting her.

Her list of outrages didn't end there:

Rivers voted to end court-mandated legislative transparency based on the initiative passed by the people of this state in an underhanded effort to keep the people from looking into her practices as a Senator.  She also voted for the McCleary budget which caused our property taxes to explode. She actually co-sponsored a moronic democrat fringe-left bill that requires corporate boards in this state to actually be made up of a minimum of 25% women, or of those who IDENTIFY as women.

That's right; they don't actually have to BE women.  They just have to SAY they're women.  And how idiotic is that?

And, of course, she lied on her PDC's about the amount of money she had in her campaign account by well over $150,000.

While that goes to a pattern of lies and deceit, she's now appearing to engage in pay-to-play.

These allegations, which appear to be quite legitimate, are violations of CRIMINAL law, which, based on her increasing pattern of dishonesty and deceit appear to be the inevitable outcome for an arrogant liar who refuses to be held accountable for her betrayal of her district and the people of Clark County, who have to cough up $700 million in her gas tax and tab fee scam alone.

Rivers and Blom are two of the slimiest political creatures this blogger has ever seen or heard of.  It appears that both of them are guilty of attempted bribery, extortion and trading in special influence.

Those charges should be filed against both Rivers and Blom as soon as possible.  There is zero percentage in waiting.

Monday, July 06, 2020

We're circling the drain. It's time to put a stop to it.

First and foremost, this has never been about racism.  It's always been about control and racism has been their excuse. Clearly, however, race plays no part in this.

So, the riots continue in most democrat controlled cities.  And, of course, blacks continue to slaughter each other and children are killed... but none of the rioters care.

The slimeball mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, fosters attacks against the Portland Federal Building (One wonders: if that scumbag Obama was still running the show, do you think any of this would be happening?  Would Wheeler's cowardly communist edict that the Portland Police would not help in the case of such attacks still be in effect?  Would the Guard have been called out weeks ago to restore order?)  The moron mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkin, who has so much blood on her hands when her "Summer of Love" insurrection failed and when rioters were allowed on the freeways to block them, seems to have gone quiet now that since HER house was a protest target, she finally grew some balls and put a stop to that Zone of murder, rape, robbery, burglary and extortion she thought so highly of.

But this lawlessness is happening all over the country.  Just a few days ago, a group of blacks was allowed to intimidate a group of whites, when, while armed, they demanded reparations, dressed in black with the allegedly leftist-hated assault rifles on hand to enforce their extortion:

Can you even begin to imagine about the outcry if these people had been white, say, supporting the KKK?

Hypocrisy of this criminality aside, it has to be ended.


Because, you see, we live in an envelope.  And the question becomes simple: how far do they push that envelope until the envelope pushes back?

We know the drill.  Black Lives Matter is a known terrorist group run by Marxists, with an avowed aim of killing police.  Their ignorant idiot fellow travelers in antifa are kinda like the Nazi's in their street thug phase back in the late 20's in Germany.

Many of those who supported the rise of Hitler because they foolishly thought they could control him.  Antifa no doubt feels the same way, though they'd never publicly admit it.

So, when does it end?  When do the people put a stop to it?  When does the majority rise up and take a stand, telling those who govern that this has been more than enough and it's time to shut these people's down?

In Seattle, where a black man driving a car struck two white morons out on the freeway after 1 a.m. a few days ago, killing one, there has been no cries of outrage from the antifa scum they were part of.  None of this Black Lives Matter bullshit has been heard.

Imagine... IMAGINE what would be going on if they had been black and the driver had been white?

From the governor who claimed to be unaware of Seattle's Durkin Insurrection Zone when asked about it (one of his bigger lies) to the chief of the Washington State Patrol to the leftist mayors and police departments around the country... this is all on you.

And it must end.  Or you're likely to get it ended for you.

And you... and those like you... probably wouldn't like that at all.

Friday, July 03, 2020

How am I finding myself caring less and less over the deaths used as excuses for these riots?

You know, there have been allegedly unarmed blacks killed by police and that really upsets people.  George Floyd (or George Kirby as our REALLY with it Speaker of the House, Nancy "Botox" Pelosi just put it) or COVID paroled felon, Rayshard Brooks; or, perhaps most famously, Breonna Taylor.

Floyd, of course, WAS unarmed.  He died of a heart attack aggravated by the cop's knee on his neck and the drug store of illegal drugs (
fentanyl and methamphetamine) in his system.

Brooks, of course, stole an officer's taser from him and was rightfully shot.  The Wendy's where the shooting took place, owned by a Wendy's franchisee, was burned to the ground... well, because.

Taylor, it is claimed was shot 8 times in a drug raid, while the boyfriend in her house, who claimed to be the actual shooter during the raid, wasn't even scratched.

How likely is that?

So, many are using their deaths and a few others as the excuses to murder, rape, rob, loot and burn.

And typically, where these activities take place?  The leftist mayors of those cities not only allow it, they foster it.

That made me ponder for a few moments.

When the shoe is on the other foot, who is protesting this?

Delbert “Shorty” Belton, WW2 Vet, beaten to death by two black teens in Spokane

Delbert Belton, WWII Vet Murdered: 10 Facts You Need to Know |

I just found some white men to kill:

‘I just found some white men to kill’

This black police officer murdered this unarmed white woman.

  The beating and burning to death of this 83 year old woman:

Black Chicago police shoot unarmed white man in the back.  Notice how the media keeps the victims race out of it?  Must be because it's only relevant if the victim is black.

I could go on and on and on.

And these crimes do not include the undeniable fact that blacks slaughter each other like movie tickets getting punched out at a theater.

The fact is that in answer to my question (who is protesting this?) the answer is:

No one.

Where's the outrage?  I mean, isn't this enough of an excuse for whites to riot against blacks the same way that whites are rioting against other whites? (Sounds strange, but estimates are only 1 out of 6 rioters are black, the rest are mostly white... which is a HUGE clue that this isn't about race, and that instead, race is just being used as an excuse.)

Here's the reality.  Calling anyone and everyone smart enough to call these scum out is not racism.

Rioters, as stated, are vastly more white than black, vastly more ignorant than blacks and vastly more tools than blacks.

So to me, the rioters all have one color: rioter.

Every day that goes by, I care less and less what these scum want or say.  I don't want anyone to die or to be assaulted.  I DO believe ALL lives matter,  even if such sentiments would get me stabbed in some quarters.

But no protest gives anyone the right to interfere in my life in any way.  Nor does it give the rioters the right to murder, rape, rob, assault, loot or burn.

And we're long past the time to put an end to it.

The mayors of Seattle and Portland look like idiots.

My position on these riots is clear: there's no difference between "protestors" and "rioters."

Likewise the hypocrites running Seattle and Portland have made THEIR positions clear.

They totally support the rioters.  They understand that this has nothing to do with race and everything to do with their communist agenda.

Mayor Jenny Durkan on Twitter: "While we believe community and  demonstrators can and should continue gathering peacefully on Capitol Hill,  the disorder, violence and impacts on businesses and residents threatens to  derail
Add caption
They're all about destruction, murder, rape, assaults, looting and burning... unless, of course, any of those things involve them or their families.


Not so much.

With the cowardly Ted Wheeler, his minor epiphany took place when rioters made an effort to set up an autonomous zone not unlike the communist thugs in Seattle.

Their mistake was in the location: by intention or by mistake, Wheeler's Portland Apartment was located in the middle of it.

And that was the line the milquetoast fringe-left cowardly mayor of Portland would not allow to be crossed.  After all, while countless thousands of the people of his city had been robbed, directly or indirectly (What's the tariff on costs so far?  Tens of millions in damages, theft, vandalism and the like while Wheeler ordered his police to stand by and watch it?  An orgy of crime that has gone on for weeks?  Tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on government costs... burning down an obviously racist Elk who needed burning down, an act that took hours... an yet another crime the police and fire department ignored...) and countless thousands more who's rights have been decimated by out of control crowds who block and intimidate with impunity... "arrests" where the same rioters are out in hours, free to intimidate the people and push THEIR rights as superior to those of the people Wheeler is SUPPOSED to protect.)  and hundreds of businesses damaged and destroyed, both by actual rioters and Wheeler's failure to protect them in the riot zone, and hundreds of police have been injured by these scum, that's fine.

As long as he isn't personally involved.

Portland has whacked millions from the police department.  But how much has the armed security of the city commissioners and the mayor been reduced?

Take a guess.

If you guessed zero, you'd be right.

In Seattle, who hasn't heard this insanity concerning her Insurrection Zone on Capitol Hill?

Mayor Jenny Durkan on Twitter: "While we believe community and  demonstrators can and should continue gathering peacefully on Capitol Hill,  the disorder, violence and impacts on businesses and residents threatens to  derail
Durkin's brand of democracy has resulted in two dead teenagers and three wounded by those practicing "democracy."
And was it the slaughter of two black kids brought about by this incompetent, fringe-left moron that ended that charade?  Was it the wholesale distribution of weapons, including those terrifying assault rifles that were illegally handed out like Costco samples that caused her to come to her senses and eliminate the insurrection zone that INCLUDED the abandonment of entire police precinct?  Was it the rapes, the robberies?  The extortion that went on every day in this "police free zone?"


It was the hard-corps communist city council member Sawant leading rioters to the mayor's HOUSE that turned the trick.

It was giving that brain-dead moron a minor taste of the medicine she's been helping to jam down the throats of the people in HER city that she is SUPPOSED to defend.

Game time was over. Letting the scum occupying that area of HER city play her like a tuba was over.

She pulled the trigger, unleashed the police and within 3 hours, it was over.

That nightmare... that blood, that agony?

It's ALL on her.  ALL on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin.

Stand back for a moment and ask yourselves: would this be the reaction if these rioters had been right wing?  What if they had been opposed to abortion, for example?

Would they be given this carte' blanche to burn whatever they wanted?  Assault whoever they wanted?  Burn out abortion providers? Loot businesses in a city where 90% of the vote went for Hillary?  Attack the homes of the leftist "city leaders" who not only ALLOW this mayhem, but who foster it?

IMAGINE the outrage!  Both Durkin and Wheeler would bus their personal antifa police forces in to crack skulls.  It would be open civil war.  The National Guard would have been called in INSTANTLY.  And THAT "lawlessness" would... not... be... TOLERATED!

We know WHY this happened.  The better question is how have we arrived at the point where lawlessness is not only allowed, but encouraged?

And what are we to do about it?

When the time comes for the end of the United States, it will not be as a result of external forces.  Why should it be, as they sit back and watch us destroy ourselves?

These riots have never been about race.  Race was always the left's excuse to show their disdain for government, for property... and for people.  They've pulled it off brilliantly.  And they've set back so-called race-relations decades in the process, because as they have taught millions THEIR disdain for others, millions have decided to take the same course and show equal disdain for them.

Until I see an end to blacks beating up helpless whites.  Until I see an end to blacks slaughtering, beating and robbing elderly whites.  Until I see an end to black nationalism and nazism, I have no interest in their issues.

Until black lives matter to blacks, I simply don't have room to give a damn about those pictured to be as purse as the driven snow who were wrongfully killed or otherwise abused by white police officers when black police officers do the exact, same, thing.

But no one protests for the white victims of blacks.

Because no one cares.  Only "Black Lives Matter," you see.

This is what their hatred breeds.

But to expect we can be subjected to this endless criminality without pushing back at some point is absurd.  We do not have limitless patience.

Rivers of blood are going to happen.  The only question is when.