Sunday, March 29, 2015

Politically, how to stay on my island.

It's not hard, really.

First of all, before anything else, you have to believe in the will of the people.  Whatever that will may be, you job is to express that will, not to replace it.... not to ignore it... not to parse it.

If you, for example, know that your district is opposed to a gas tax increase, your only job is to do everything you can to oppose it.

If you, for example, are presented with a bill... any bill... that is designed to keep the people silent about the outcome of the bill... then no matter what the bill claims to do, your only job is to oppose it.

If you, for example, FORGET WHO VOTED YOU IN, like your intelligence, or your view of the world is somehow far superior to the people that put you there?

Then you should likely resign.

Like everything else in politics, there's a spectrum.  On the left end of the spectrum, the elected official believes his or her agenda is superior to that of those he or she would govern.

My favorite example is that of Steve Stuart, a former county commissioner who was bought off like a cheap suit to throw this county under the bus on the TriMet eminent domain scam.... his vote guaranteeing his a cush job continuing on in government since he knew he was committing political suicide by selling out the people of this county.

Now, of course, he has to make do with a six-figure job that was his payoff.

Here's Steve's take on governance and how worthless the will of the people actually is.


Stuart is not the only one who shares this view:  Most everyone on the CTran Board could care less what we want.

Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller is a great practitioner of the art.  Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, whose only accomplishment besides turning his liver into a specimen in a jar is to lie his way into office... is the poster child for all things despicable in the political realm.

This variety of arrogance extends to all levels of politics... from the scut level Leavitt and Stuart occupy to the White House.

Local democrats as a whole, for yet another example, could care less that as a group, the people of Clark County have repeatedly made it clear we do not want the CRC and that we certainly do not want light rail, in ANY way shape, manner or form... including the ubiquitous "light rail ready" bridge variety.

("Light rail ready" is just code speak for providing the left with yet another way to ignore the people and rape our wallets... to move their scam from "light rail ready" to "light rail operational.")

The irony of all of this is that the local left refuses to learn their lesson:  the incessant yammering of the democrats concerning the CRC... the latest from that simple idiot of a governor yesterday:
"Inslee, a proponent of the project to replace the Interstate 5 Bridge, does not hide his frustration that the project failed. 
Although it’s still a top priority, he said on Friday, 'the local community has not yet coalesced.'"
Is that the understatement of the year, or what?

This incessant whining about the CRC has resulted in the people of this county effectively crushing the left at the polls... like Chuckles Green is likely to be crushed.

So, from my perspective, I laugh out loud every time a leftist babbles about this idiocy.

But it goes to the point of the issue:  the left doesn't care what the people want... at any level... even when they're punished badly at the polls.

The proof of this is in the fact that even though they've been clobbered since 2012, not one local leftist has in any way modified their positions on anything as a result.

It's like the voters have been yelling at a brick wall.  No democrat running for anything around here will even come close to admitting they were wrong, or acknowledging the will of the people in this matter.

Outside the 49th, no democrat can get elected dog catcher as a result.

The only problem is that the GOP, who have been handed control of most all of SW Washington as a direct result of leftist intransigence, may have forgotten this lesson.

There are very few reasons why the people have handed over control of government to the GOP.

First and foremost is simple: the local GOP candidates have put on a facade that they are what the democrats are not: a responsive group that actually listens and actually responds to the sense of the will of the people.

As long as Republican electeds continue to be responsive to those they would govern, they will continue to be elected.

As the reasons to elected Republicans gradually shrink to the point of being vaporized,  so will GOP control.  So will GOP candidate's success.

As it is, this is the last term the GOP will maintain control over the Senate.

People will vote GOP as long as the GOP continues to listen.  The gas tax scam of the Senate tends to show that they have stopped.

And since they have acted precisely the same way the democrats would have had they remained in charge of the Senate, that means there's precisely zero reason to keep sending them back.

As a result... we won't.  And like the democrat's insistence on falling on their swords over the CRC, the GOP Senate's insistence on pulling the pin on a hand grenade and then swallowing it over the gas tax will begin to have the same result.

You want to stay on my island?

Then stop trying to out-democrat the democrats.  Because when you sell us out for the greater good or your superior vision or knowledge or intelligence?

You're not being any different than the other guys.  And if we wanted the other guys?

They'd be in office and YOU would be on the outside looking in.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is it time for Israel to nuke Iran?

Is it time for the United States to destroy Iran as a viable entity?

The government of Iran is devoted to destroying, in no particular order, Israel and the United States.

Do we as a country wait until they launch an undeniable attack?

Iran killed and maimed thousands of US troops in Iraq with no particular response from us.
What makes anyone think they've changed their thirst for American blood?  (And yes, failing to punish Iran was huge mistake by Bush 2)

The Scumbag in Chief continues to have that clueless moron John (Did you know he served in Vietnam?) Kerry sell us... and Israel out.

At some point, there is no doubt that muslim terrorists will pop a nuke in the United States.

And the leading candidate... but by no means the only one... is Iran.

Instead of negotiating with the Iranians, who just a few days ago were chanting for our death, I believe it's time that they be destroyed in return for their slaughter of tens of thousands of others, their support of terrorism around the world and, of course, setting an example for the rest of the world.

Because here's the thing:  That empty-suited, fringe-left idiot in the White House makes Neville Chamberlain look like a rank amateur.
Is there any question that the equally slimy John Kerry or Susan Rice will be making the Sunday morning political shows to trumpet this great deal that the scumwad running the show doesn't want to let Congress look over (Another violation of the Constitution) when an "agreement" is reached that will continue to allow Iran to achieve nuclear weaponry.

Or, we can eliminate them as a threat.

Clearly, they are a threat to us.  Clearly, they are a threat to Israel.  Clearly, they are a threat to all nations in the region.

The question: do we punch them first?

Or allow them to punch us?

Does Israel punch them first?

Or do they wait for Iran to, effectively, destroy them?

I'm thinking that "after" is just a tiny bit too late.

C3G2 Hater Chuck Green's campaign event: "reengaging the voters" and signing them up for his campaign

When you're running a facebook hate group like C3G2, aka Clark County Citizens for Democrat Governance, it's easy to fool those sheep.

Which brings me to Chuckie.

Chuckie, allegedly, is doing his civic bit to organize all the leftist groups in the area for a little chat.

The ulterior motive, of course, will be to get them organized for his campaign against Olson for the District 2 council race.

But, oddly, the Chuck-Wuk wasn't talking about that when he set this garbage up:

Public · Hosted by Chuck Green

Please plan to come and participate in a community forum called "Where Have All the Voters Gone?".

This forum will be a non-partisan community dialogue on why voter turnout was the lowest in decades (50% in Clark County) and how we can not only get those voters back to the ballot box in 2015, but also bring back those who did vote in 2014.

Co-hosted by the League of Women Voters, NAACP-Clark County, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the National Women's Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation (NWCAVE), it will include presentations from Vancouver City Councilmember Jack Burkman on some turnout data and mapping from the 2014 general election, Betty Sue Morris on what's at stake in the 2015 elections, Greg Kimsey on the Elections office observations (and hopefully part of the discussion of what the Auditor's office can do to help implement some of the voter re-engagement suggestions), and myself (Chuck Green) on the voter/non-voter survey we did last fall. A thank you to Councilmember Anne McEnerny-Ogle and LWV for help in arranging for the facilities and for CVTV.

There will be opportunities for those attending to provide questions and suggestions to those participating in this roundtable format discussion.

The major political parties have been invited to be represented, as I think they need to hear what the community is saying and hopefully, engage in a civil discussion about what they can do to commit to helping get voters back. Deanna Pauli-Hammond, Chair of the Clark County Democratic Party, has committed. We hope to have someone from the Clark County Republican Party there to represent the GOP at the forum, I have heard from the Chair of the Clark County Tea Party and they are interested.

I have been working with Dr. Carolyn Long of WSU- Vancouver's Political Science Department to help craft an agenda and flow of this discussion, because we are time-constrained.

More about this soon. The Forum will be Sunday, April 26, 4-5:30 PM at the Vancouver Community Library's Columbia Room.

This event will also be broadcast on CVTV. The room's capacity is about 120 persons, so let's fill it.

Thanks to High Five Media for the flyer.
Of COURSE he wants to "fill it" with his fellow haters.  After all, what kind of a campaign event would this be if he couldn't fill the room?

And so who does he get to show up?  Every political figure he can who will support HIS candidacy.

I get why he hasn't said anything about running yet.  After all, when word gets out that the true motivation only has to do with increasing his fellow LEFTIST turn out, it will be just the tiniest bit awkward for people like CVTV, who really should cancel unless they're going to do the same for EVERY candidate running for office this year... and how likely is that?

This isn't even a thinly veiled campaign event.  It's the real deal... with BS Morris "talking about what's at stake in the 2015 election..." when he, right now, is the only fringe-leftist whack job running.

Wow.  This one is tough to figure out.

Chuckie would never admit any of it, of course, but you know damned well that his motivation is ONLY to increase the leftist turn out... which is the reason for his focus on race-based fringe-left groups.

Friday, March 27, 2015

So, what's the deal with the fringe left and Bergdahl?

In a tenure of stupidity, THE dumbest, most indefensible thing I believe I ever saw, outside of playing golf minutes after finding out an American had just been beheaded by the terrorist JV Squad, aka, ISIS, was inviting the parents of that asswipe Bowe Bergdahl into the Rose Garden to provide these terrorist sympathizers with the world's biggest stage to spout their garbage as the president "takes credit" for trading 5, high-value terrorists from Gitmo in return for a deserter.

We all saw the garbage Obama defenders troweled out:  claims from that lying bitch that he had "served with honor and distinction," for example, while 6 soldiers were killed looking for that scumbag.

Even now, leftist slime are parroting that "we don't leave anyone behind" crap (As if it were true) like this guy DID NOT VOLUNTARILY DESERT ON HIS OWN.

It's certainly one thing to take that position when an honorable warrior has been captured in the performance of his duty.

But this made even less sense than giving that girl a Bronze Star (Without a "V" device) for getting in a car wreck and getting captured by Iraqi's... Jessica Lynch.

Bergdahl deserted.  He deserved no consideration as if he left under duress... as if he hadn't written how "ashamed" he was to be an American BEFORE he was "captured."

Of course he should be courtmartialed. And if found guilty, he should be shot.

So... what is the left's love of this guy based on?

What's up with that?  Why do they seem to care so much more about this scumbag than they do the blood of those killed and wounded looking for him?

C3G2 hater Chuck Green running against Julie Olson for Position 2, county council.

It's sad, really.   Chances of any hater running (and winning) for anything outside the Vancouver Soviet are fairly slim, but particularly THIS scumbag, who is both a rabid CRC Scammer AND one of those scumbags who is pushing the hated BRT down everyone's throat.

That he supports that crap along with the idiocy of the charter (Which lost in District 2, if memory serves) in the face of a district 2 vote in opposition would usually be a tailor-made opportunity for whoever is running against a thug like that.

The problem is Olson's lack of strong opposition to the CRC Scam, a failure that ultimately led to her defeat against a weak candidate named Stonier in 2012 for the legislature.

Still, I look forward to watching the hilarity ensue as this moron tries to use his hate group (Which was his motive behind it) to get elected to the county co0uncil minority.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More mental masturbation by the democratian on the GOP's effort to out Kimsey: GOP wounds itself

It was but a few years ago that the local GOP FINALLY did what they should have done years before: they effectively kicked then Commissioner Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law, out of the local GOP since he had long since even lost even a remote resemblance to anything Republican.

The headlines when the GOP took THAT action?

The same kind of tripe the Lazy C is troweling now over the GOP's Kimsey effort.

In Our View: GOP Wounds Self-Inflicted

Criticizing your own is no way to act as the campaign season approaches


So, here's today's headline:

In Our View: County GOP Wounds Itself

Group's troubling habit of attacking its own detrimental to the party as a whole

Let's take a look at the record, shall we?

On the day the rag spewed it's first snivel over something which, in reality, is none of their fricking business,  The commission had two democrats (Boldt and Stuart) and one Republican.

County wide officials were democrats in the prosecutor's office and treasurer.  Republicans had the rest... and, as far as that goes, still do.

Legislators were all GOP outside the 49th except for Probst in the 17th.

Now, what's the score?

The entire county commission is GOP.

Every legislative seat outside the Vancouver Soviet is GOP.

The same number of county of county officials are members of the same party now as they were then.

In fact, since the rag predicted gloom and doom, the GOP has gained a legislative seat and the democrats have been obliterated at the polls.


Greg Kimsey is, to our misfortune, the county auditor.  He is also the very model of a RINO, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the downtown mafia who is a rabid CRC supporter and who hates David Madore and Don Benton as much or more as anyone in the C3G2 hate group.

In short, he is as "Republican" as my goldfish.

He illegally used the voter pamphlet as a campaign puff piece for the Charter, lying in content as much as he lied during his campaign efforts to convince everyone that the piece of crap in question was somehow better for us.

That, of course, flew in the face of the local GOP's position in opposition to the charter scam.  His active involvement in opposition to the local party's position is more than adequate justification to kick his ass out of the party, the lamination of the leftist rag infesting us notwithstanding.

Back in the day, the rag spewed a wide variety of crap resembling the garbage they're shoveling out now.

And all that begs the question:

If this result represents "wounding," don't think for a minute that the local democrat cabal wouldn't give their collective left testicle to be bleeding like this.

In the end, a rag that hates everything seriously GOP cannot be used as a source of advice, or concern or anything else concerning their target.

Greg Kimsey should be kicked out of the party.  He should have been kicked out the moment he took a public stance in favor of the CRC Scam, let alone his lies and efforts on behalf of the democrats concerning the charter.

The idea that Kimsey is some great or important political figure around here is a joke.  His ilk represents the biggest threat against the GOP as he works tirelessly to weaken it from within.

If he vaporized tomorrow, he'd be no more missed than say, Craig Pridemore.

The idea that the rag would do or say anything that didn't support their fellow CRC/Charter Scammer is just that: bizarre, leftist partisanship... Kimsey's worthless label notwithstanding.

Because you can bet that if it were, say, Sen. Don Benton who was the object of the CCGOP's scorn, they'd be patting them all on the shoulder and telling them : "Job well done."

And that the left does far worse is unassailable: just ask Sen. Tim Shelton.

Meanwhile, the LAST people I'd ask about or be concerned over their opinions would be the mouthpiece for those who hate the GOP the most: Lefty Lou Brancaccio and his band of scum.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Parallels between the gas tax scam and the CRC scam.

The CRC rip off was/is arguably THE most divisive issue confronting the people of Clark County since, perhaps, Reconstruction.

We remember the rhetoric, don't we?

It wasn't that long ago. The scum running the CTran Board were essentially the same scum who spent so much time bending us over to get light rail into Clark County... and they don't give a damn about the law or what we think, either.  Can you say "BRT?"

We remember the efforts of the democrats to silence the opposition... to silence us.

And now.... now we have a HUGE bump in the gas tax to make it the second highest in the United States.

$15 BILLION in the package.  A permanent tax increase.... to go along with all of our other tax increases.  Not that there's a cumulative effect or anything.... oh, no.

And how much does little old Clark County get out of that trough?

Numbers vary, but it's somewhere between $160 and $200 million.


Do the math.  It's around 1.3% of the whole package.

WOW!  Did Clark County SCORE or WHAT????

Can you even begin to imagine what the reaction in say, King County, would be if THEY only got 1.3% of this package?

And, like the democrats behind the CRC Scam, the GOP Senate took the necessary steps to make it practically impossible to put this to a vote of the people.  The GOP Senate REFUSED to put a referendum clause on this insanity.

You know... the poor schleps paying the bills?

And then to double-down on their stupidity, they added an emergency clause to this crap pile.

You know...; E M E R G E N C Y?

Because LIVES are at stake if the allegedly Republican Senate doesn't do their damnedest to keep us silent on this... right?
An emergency clause states that a bill is exempt from repeal by referendum because the bill is, “necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health or safety, support of the state government and its existing public institutions.” The use of the emergency clause allows bills to take effect immediately once signed by the governor. 
The purpose of the emergency clause is to allow state government to respond quickly to true public emergencies, like a large-scale natural disaster or wide-spread epidemic disease. Yet over the years lawmakers have routinely abused the exemption by attaching emergency clauses to 954 bills since 1997, including 23 bills during the 2012 legislative session.
NONE of this is an "Emergency."  In fact, it begs the question:  How is this tax increase anything approaching an "emergency?"

But by putting that clause in, it takes effect immediately when Outslee signs it... which was the reason he threatened an unenforceable, politically suicidal jack unilateral 300% increase in taxes on a gallon of gas.

Now, why do you suppose the allegedly GOP Senate would do that?

It couldn't be to silence us, the voters... could it?

Nah.  I'm dreaming.

But you DO notice the parallels between that attitude and the attitude of the downtown mafia on the CRC Scam, don't you?

Its a slightly different version to be sure, but the resemblance is remarkable.

Those shilling the CRC Scam wanted what they wanted.  They lied about the entirety of the project in every way from what that waste of billions would accomplish to why they were doing it.

Those shilling the gas tax scam want what they want and like the CRC Scammers, have no trouble whatsoever selling us out to get it.

You know, if these people had left the final say on this issue to us, if they had put this up to a vote, went out and convinced the voters that it was necessary and allowed us to have the final say?

You wouldn't be hearing a peep out of me.

But the left cavalierly disregards the will of the people whenever and however the mood strikes. They believe themselves superior to us mere mortals.  We have to, for example, pass the bill to see what's in it.

That was their exclusive domain... that kind of thing... the kind of thing that involves slapping emergency clauses on bills to keep our mouths shut at the polls... the kind of thing that emphasizes how very little they give a damn what we want or what we think...

It's what the left practiced down here on the CRC.  Turning a deaf ear to even the concept of a referendum with about every excuse known to man.

They kept claiming, as those shilling the gas tax will no doubt claim... that we were actually looking forward to the upcoming wallet rape.  And it didn't matter a lick how we voted or on who we voted. They didn't give a DAMN that their candidates and incumbents were mowed down like wheat by a constituency sick of being ignored.  Sick of being taken for granted.  Sick of being lied to.

Yup.  That was their deal.  And it's the biggest political betrayal since the CRC.  It's as if the GOP in the Senate learned NOTHING.

And that leftist attitude belongs to both sides now.

The irony of the C3G2 hater's response to the decision by the PDC to allow Kimsey's corruption.

It's not surprising that the slime infesting us around here show their rank hypocrisy in slobbering over democrat Greg Kimsey's efforts on their behalf to lie the charter through to electoral victory and use our taxpayer dollars to do it.

Particularly, outright scum like John "Pit Yorkie" Laird who referred to those of us fighting the CRC Scam as "cockroaches."

The irony of their giddy response?

If Kimsey had told the truth about the charter rip off instead of lying about it for months and ignoring the opposition to it, THEY would be the ones howling for his scalp.  If he had written a truthful, unbiased piece instead of the puff campaign piece he puked out at our expense, we may have seen a different outcome.

That's the hell of it.

The left are worshipful in their praise of this lowlife.  They, who hate most anyone to the right of Mao, are wearing out kneepads in his praise.

One of the scum even goes so far as to attack the GOP organization, which they have nothing to do with, in support of their fellow traveler.

Fortunately, he's not my problem.  But it is entertaining to see the hatred emanate from those who lied at the drop of the hat to get what they wanted: a charter based on their own blind, partisan hatred in the first place.

After all, all of these slime are members of the only political hate group I know of here locally... so what can we expect from him?

Meanwhile, the course of action in the part of the GOP, which is to continue to press forward on this issue, should have already been decided and the trigger should have been pulled.


There were only so many possible outcomes:  They'd hang him (Which is as likely as getting a charter scammer to tell the truth) kick him loose (The most likely outcome... not because he deserves it, since he clearly doesn't, was this one) or something in between.

Nothing is gained by delay.  Competence dictates that those running the party should have known it and planned contingencies for any outcome.

The decision should have been made weeks ago.  As it is now, Smith looks incompetent and indecisive.

But then, the GOP at all levels seems to have this habit of starting a fight they seem unwilling to finish. This, hopefully, will not be that.

Kimsey apparently getting away with his corruption: now what is the GOP going to do?

God, this kind of thing sickens me.

Greg Kimsey is a liar.

He lied in his official capacity... repeatedly, and quite publicly, about the Charter.  he illegally used the voter pamphlet for his own personal charter swindle sheet at taxpayer expense.

The Public Disclosure Commission, or the work-avoidance group as most actually in politics can confirm, have decided that his lies and his use of taxpayer money to campaign for the idiocy of the Charter is just peachy.

After all, did our own state supreme court edict that lying in campaigns is perfectly OK?

It was, of course, to be expected.  These guys take care of each other in ways I cannot even begin to adequately explain.

This is them, doing that.

Which brings me back to the question I asked at the time:  what is the local GOP going to do about it?

It's a tough spot.  The haters at C3G2 will be giddy, of course.  Kimsey and his ilk will be thrilled: the lairs in politics will be reassured that the strategic plan of lying, seen through scum like Kimsey, and Leavitt and Scott Weber, will all feel much better about their strategies.

So... what is the local GOP going to do?

I know what they SHOULD do, of course.  But I bet dollars to donuts they won't.

More on the gas tax so-called "poison pill" scam in the transportation budget.

Here's the thing: to date, in months of research and asking questions, it has become clear that the governor has zero constitutional or statute authority to impose any tax or fee unilaterally.

Inslee's threat is completely empty.

I'm assured, particularly by those who've never spent any time in Olympia outside that of a tourist, that Inslee can, in fact, act like this is Romania and he is Nicolae Ceausescu.

No, I'm told, he has no right or ability to impose his hated carbon tax, but do you even remotely think the leftist court would possibly overturn his dictatorial action?

Not that it would require a court to do so, of course.  Inslee's imposition of what would amount to as much as a 300% gas tax increase would guarantee his party's political destruction in this state not to mention killing off any chance of his own re-election, so if he were to impose such a fee, it would be tied up in court until such time as he was removed from office.

Not to mention that there are a wide variety of things the GOP Senate could do... if they wanted to... or had the guts to... as a way to forestall such an extra-legal practice.

They could implement a budget that would reduce the gas tax by a like amount were he to implement such a plan, for example.  They could reduce WADOT's budget to, effectively, nothing.

They could refuse to implement ANY transportation budget, tax increases or no, until they received a pledge from Inslee that he will NOT engage in what amounts to an illegal order.

They COULD do all of those things.

But they won't do any of them.

The signs were startlingly clear; in everything from allowing a bogus, nonsensical emergency clause to refusing to add a referendum clause, they could also have overturned the lieutenant governor's bogus edict that the farce of a GOP senate rule was "unconstitutional" (As if that was his call) by implementing the rules of the senate that REQUIRE a vote to change the rules...
The Senate could vote to overturn Owen’s ruling. Majority Republicans, who pushed through passage of the rule at the beginning of the 105-day legislative session in January, didn’t tip their hand about whether they would challenge it.

Read more here:
They didn't.  It was a vote that never came... And that means the GOP Senate has made it clear that they WANT to impose this massive tax increase on us

They've made it just as clear that they don't WANT us to have any say.

I have yet to hear how that is different from the democrats.

We are selling our gas tax souls for a paltry 1.3% of the total package... less than $200 million out of $15 billion statewide... goes to Clark County.

Such a deal.

We are being played.  We are being played by people who should know better, using justifications that are false on their face, for what amounts to nothing.

This one is my particular... and obviously untrue favorite:

The package includes $83 million for a project that was originally slated as part of the CRC and it's a project we do NOT need: the Mill Plain/I5 interchange... one of the best interchanges we have and certainly NOT one that needs to be rebuilt... and the vast majority of that money will NOT be used down here.
#2 – “No votes don’t get projects!” Their districts pay the taxes, getting stuck with the bill, but get little or no benefit. Yes, she hates this part of politics, but it’s the reality.
If that's the "reality," is this where I point out that the project I just described is going to be built in a district where the Senator, Cleveland, voted no?

I'm assured that said project is being "looked at."  And that it is "'likely"' going to be "removed."


Here's the thing:  to make this happen, it has to survive in the House.  And to make it survive in the House, it has to have Moeller and Wylie's support.

What are chances this thing will make it through the House and have their support if this CRC-related project is pulled?  Can you imagine either Moeller or Wylie, effectively wholly-owned CRC/Light Rail subsidiaries, agreeing to the removal of this project... removal that will cut the amount of money Clark County will see from this package almost in half?

Something less than zero.

To those buying into the poison-pill scam, I urge caution.  It's an empty threat... proven by the fact that if Inslee COULD have done this, he WOULD have done it and he CERTAINLY would have done it the moment such a plan was threatened by Curtis King.

Stand back and ask yourself: why hasn't he done what we're being told he can so easily do?  Why does he have a bill in the House to accomplish this if he can just do it Obama-style?

It's an act, an act to provide the GOP Senate with cover for this trade off.

Our voracious government extracts $15 billion from us to go with the billions they've already wasted, a story line is put together to provide the otherwise allegedly fiscally conservative Republicans with cover... cover to screw us... and no one's the wiser.

Except, we are the wiser.  And this is the issue that will finally cost the GOP the senate in Washington State in 2016.

This will blow holes in the GOP momentum generated to date.  It will become the local version of the CRC for democrats, (And how well has that worked out for the left around here?) it will eliminate the carefully cultivated GOP advantage because the next time Republican politicians look at you and calls themselves "fiscal conservatives," you can ask them: so... how'd your caucus vote on the gas tax?

Conservatives will stay home in droves, stung each and every time they fill up their gas tanks.

They'll remember who's to blame.  And so will I.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Retiring from politics.

In light of recent events, I have decided to end my involvement in political campaigns.

Unlike many of my ilk, I could never be a political mercenary.

Henceforth, I am ending my involvement in any future campaigns for anyone.

The victories have been sweet... the defeats bitter... and the betrayals cancerous.

Clearly, I'm an anachronism.  My ideas of honor and democracy and representative government obviously have no place in the political realm.

The cost is simply too high on me personally.  I feel like I'm going to throw up every waking moment as it is.

The blog will continue as I comment on the issues of the day.

But I will no longer be involved directly with the nuts and bolts of working with people to get them elected. 

I, apparently, expect far too much once they get there... like actually putting the "representative" in the phrase "representative government."  And I simply cannot and will not go along with the program.

Twenty five years in politics has likely taken that much off my life span.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

"In God We Trust" brought out the morons from Seattle.

One of the many idiocies opponents bound to be offended by our national motto engaged in was bringing outside groups who have no say, have no vote and have no relevance to this community in to flap their pie holes in support of leftist victimization.

From an article sent to me:
McCauley, meanwhile, made it clear that "In God We Trust" will be the only motto going up on the wall in county chambers. The council is not accepting any other suggestions despite several offered by those who protested posting the motto, he said.
That means a proposal by the Satanic Temple of Seattle for a plaque reading "E pluribus unum" is "definitely not going to happen," McCauley said. "E pluribus unum" — a Latin phrase meaning "Out of many, one" — is on the Great Seal of the United States and was the nation's unofficial motto before Congress adopted "In God We Trust" in 1956.
The Satanic Temple reached out to Stewart early in March, and has since urged its members to follow up with her and Councilors David Madore and Tom Mielke on the issue.
Lillith Star, head of the temple, said the group has received no response from the county.
"Clearly, we are not welcome and they have no intention of accepting our proposal, but we're going to go ahead and do it, anyway," she said.
It takes a special kind of stupid for outsiders who don't and never will live here (Like, for example, the Cowlitz land scammers) to come in to our community and tell us what we should do and how we should live when, in reality, it's really none of their business.

I was born in Seattle and raised in the area until I enlisted. 

I tell people that I'm from Seattle... and Seattle is a GREAT place... to be FROM.

Memo to local leftists: bringing in people who want to use your sort to further their cause?

Not smart.  But then, if anything, the left is tre gullible, n'est-ce pas?