Thursday, September 03, 2015

Addressing the "Boldt is a Republican" lie.

The whack-job faction of the GOP keeps repeating it over and over and over again.

Well, one of the ways you can tell what party someone is from is the party of those who support him.

Let's take a quick look at some of the brighter lights giving money to Marc so he can pay his fringe-left campaign manager: Jim Mains.

First of all, like Boldt, the vast majority of those paying for his campaign were scum that pushed the CRC, helping to waste $200 million.

Coincidence, that.

Well, ClarkBackwards, the scum behind the Charter rip off gave him what's left of their money.

The leftist supporting Electricians PAC.

Nan Henirksen, the RINO who ran the Charter Scam Committee.

Joe Tanner... Some of the whack jobs complaining about Pike have included the lie that Pike supported Tanner's candidacy against Tom Mielke.

Odd that they'd take money from him, then, isn't it?

John Rudi, who tried to scam a few dozen million as a part of the CRC Scam coughed up.

BS Morris, who was so impressed she's coughed up 3 times...

Judie Stanton....

Time "THE LIAR" Leavitt... which just goes to show that Boldt would take money from ANY scum.

Yeah.  THESE guys think he's a "Republican," right?

Setting the record straight... again... on Boldt's rabid support of the CTran scams.

The first scam supported by Boldt was the scam that took place in 2005, as explained by Lew Waters.
C-Tran Board, “We Always Get Our Tax Increase”
by lewwaters
As TV and Movies have claimed for many years as the Canadian Mounties motto, “we always get our man,” the C-Tran Board has the same tenacity when it comes to always getting whatever tax increase they want, regardless of what taxpayers vote. 
This was seen in 2004 when C-Tran spread the fear and dread of needing a .03% sales tax increase to expand and keep operating, still blaming citizens who voted for I-695 in 1999 when we rolled back the outrageous excise we paid every year to re-license our cars. 
They put together Proposition 1 for the 2004 General Election and in spite of appearing at advocacy groups to tout the need for more of our money, threatening drastic cutbacks in service and lay-offs, the proposition failed by a vote of 54% against, 46% for. 
The bus drivers union voted no confidence in Lynne Griffith, the agency’s executive director then. The Columbian editorialized on the loss and began making suggestions, joined by riders of C-Tran and legislators of holding off on cut-backs and to try again. 
The County-wide vote showed 85,684 against to 73,959 for. Take note that I mentioned “COUNTY-WIDE vote.” That’s important because as is seen below, the C-Tran Board came right back with Board Resolution BR-05-001, “A RESOLUTION of the C-TRAN Board of Directors conferring upon itself the status of a public transportation conference for the purpose of convening a Public Transportation Improvement Conference to redefine the PTBA boundaries.”
Click to enlarge 
In simple terms, seeing that a County-wide vote will fail to give them the votes they wanted, an elections map identified where they would stand the best chance to get the tax increase they wanted, just redraw the lines of the boundary and get the sales tax vote passed, eliminating those areas of the county that would most likely vote against it. 
Click to enlarge 
Ingenious, if not devious at the same time in reality. Knowing that those voters in the outlying regions have to come to town to shop, they will still have to pay the increased tax, but are denied a vote on that increased tax. 
The vote was put back on the ballot for the primary election in 2005, an election that not only eliminated quite a bit of the county that would pay the tax, but since primaries are noted for lower voter turnout, even less of a chance at a second defeat. 
The tax increase passed in such a gerrymandered voting district by 68% for, 32% against. What you should paid attention to is in the 2005 primary, 45,322 voted for, 21,545 against. That is total voter turn-out of 66, 867 for the 2005 Primary compared to a total turn-out of 159,643 just months before in the 2004 General. 
This is the new “democratic process” we see in Vancouver and Clark County as the mayor of Portland’s Vancouver, Tim ‘no show’ Leavitt continues to pull any stunt he can to block the county-wide vote for a sales tax increase to fund Light Rail maintenance, split off from the C-Tran sales tax increase proposed just last year for yet more of whatever it is C-Tran claims they need now. 
Leavitt isn’t alone in this as others sitting on the C-Tran Board go along with the plan. Voters and taxpayers mean nothing to these people we have elected, only satisfying Identity Clark County and lining the pockets of their members and whoever else is behind forcing Light Rail on the community, even though voters have turned it down every time it has come up for a vote. 
Just as the Columbian said when they bemoaned the failure of the 2004 tax increase in their November 7, 2004 editorial, “This mandate for curtailed C-Tran services was issued by public decree, via the voters of Clark County. Even if you disagree with the decree, as we do, it should be respected and implemented.” 
Did any elected official listen to that? No. 
Are any of today’s elected officials up for re-election showing that attitude of listening to voters? 
If you cannot answer yes, you need to vote them out; no matter how much you might personally respect them. 
Beatles – Taxman

Efforts are underway to address that issue by restoring the available voter base to the countywide status it had until CTran extortionists like Boldt did away with it.

Most recently, Carolyn Crain has been spreading the lie that Marc Boldt's robocall in support of the tax scam they ran in 2011, was not, in fact, in support of it at all:
"Third: that Robo call. Marc claims he made a strictly neutral statement, which only urged people to get out and vote, and did not indicate a preference for their vote."
I've already put up the recording of that call to destroy this lie.  Now, in addition, it comes out that Boldt was on the PRO tax increase side in the voter's pamphlet, as indicated here: Page 76

One of the many reasons that it's problematic for me to support Boldt... my own brother in law, is this very thing: it's bad enough that he would support these dual rip offs by CTran, a rogue agency if ever there was one... But now, he's reduced to lying about it... or Carolyn Crain is reduced to lying about it for him, but either way, his silence is eloquent enough that it speaks volumes.

When I was Marc's legislative assistant, I never once saw him lie.  He wouldn't have it.

Now, it happens without a second thought, has it has to so many I've seen in politics... who start out strong but inevitably, find their integrity worn away like the river running through the Columbia Gorge wears away the granite.

C3G2 Scum EXPLODE at likelihood of county-wide democracy and ending Boldt's CTran extortion tax.

Councilor David Madore is leading an effort to roll back Marc Boldt's idiotic scheme to cut rural voters out of having any say over CTran tax increases... voters who, thanks to Marc, having been cut off from having that say, have not been relieved of the duty of paying a tax imposed on them by the downtown mafia/leftist CTran scammers.

As expected, the C3G2 scum crawled out from under their collective rock and trashed Madore for making an effort to allow ALL of us who pay this extortion to have a say over it.

Scum that don't live here and don't have to pay the tax in question, such as fringe-left hater thug Ed Ruttledge, slither up to the comment section under the rag and again make it clear that we should live how they want, but not how they, themselves, actually live.

Lead by former democratian editorial page scumbag Johnny "Cockroach" Laird, the fringe-leftist slime are OUTraged that the CTran extortion racket faces extinction.

Going over the county precinct map with an xacto knife to cut out the "no" precincts to form the CTran extortion district is the kind of thing Boldt has done, voting for this rip-off.  But now, we have a way to make things right and restore the vote to ALL of us who pay it in this county, and predictably, the leftist scum lose their collective minds.

Ed Ruttledge ·
This is a budget busting bamboozle. Once the boundaries are expanded, C-Tran is required under law to provide paratransit services to all qualified citizens within its district boudaries. Paratrans services are nice to have, but they are very very costly. More so in low density rural areas owing to travel time labor costs and fuel costs. Though having occupied a seat on the C-Trans Board, it appears Great Leader Madore may not have considered this "unintended outcome."

Or, perhaps he doesn't care. He is simmply spending other people's money.

For all the bombastic shtick about being a godly Libertarian, he really is just another incompetent sleazy politician sticking it to the everyday taxpayer.

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Richard Bullington ·

As I mentioned above, C-Tran SHOULD provide LIFT service throughout the County, but obviously only to those who are in financial need of it and do not have a car. In the truly rural parts of Clark County there are very few people who fit those criteria. I don't specifically know how one writes rules to accomplish this and remain within Federal Paratransit standards, but it's certainly worth investigating. I do know that it's the right thing to do, though, even if it means raising fares a bit.
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Ed Ruttledge ·

Richard Bullington : I am former department director for public transit. There are established protocols for qualifying for paratrans services that work well. But, on a per trip basis is very costly. Raising fares to cover the true cost for meeting what would become a County-wide service mandate would likely render the fares counter-productive in terms of service - it would deter people from using th eprimary system owing to fare cost. Thus, C-Trans would probably end up garnering revenue from another tax source to underwrite Great Leader Madore's latest big idea ... which has all the value of his big idea for a NO tolls NO fees and NO new taxes third bridge to the middle of the Columbia...
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Ben Grobe-Heintz ·
Watching Madore try to destroy our public transit system has become a little like watching Gargamel try to destroy the Smurfs. The evil wizard fails every time.
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Richard Bullington ·
"There are real citizens out there who are not being served."

Examples, please. You might come up with a few dozen, and for that you want to "court pack" the C-Tran voting district with people who will never use the service so that it's starved for revenues? Seems like a poor trade to me. I'd venture that most of those supposed 20% actually hate the thought of getting on a bus unless it's one headed for the Plucky Beagle or Chinook Winds.

In fact, if you come up with more than a few dozen, I'd bet a pretty good amount that the C-Tran Board -- and the people in the District -- would be O
...See More
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John M. Kowalski ·
"Madore’s resolution states that the district was shrunk to “assure passage of future tax increases,” and that the “gerrymandering” of the districts has “disenfranchised” rural residents who may need to access C-Tran buses from voting on taxes."

,It was shrunk to ensure stability of the service! This man should not drive or operate heavy machinery, nor be in the business of administering transportation services.
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Douglas Green ·
Acknowledging his renewed mandate, bronze medal winner Madore called for ...
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Thom Rasmussen ·
“It’s like taxation without representation,” Mielke said.
Seriously? Try working in Oregon, you bonehead! I mean really, the ignorance of these guys. How did they get elected anyway?
Like · Reply · 11 · 11 hrs
Ed Ruttledge ·
"How did they get elected anyway?"

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Lorretta Thomas
Stewart talks of 'community turmoil' because someone certainly has to. Madore's way to busy making his latest Scheme Reveal, complete with manifestos, on his FB page to care or even comprehend he's the cause. It's becoming obvious he's fairly committed to getting something, anything, into the works that will divide and seperate us into our distinct places before November's election and January's swearing in of the new county chair. If Mielke is feeling put upon about driving into cities to utilize urban amenities it looks like it's the voters he has to pick the bone with. They made that ...See More
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Fran Hammond ·
Is there not a portion of our sales tax that is allocated to C-Tran in any area that is served by C-Tran? Hence, you would not just pay it "everytime you drive into the city limits" as Mielke states. Of course, he has been confused about both sales taxes and property taxes for years...
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Fran Hammond ·
It is called "unincorporated PTBA". Memo to Mielke...
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John Laird ·
So David Madore wants to vote on local taxes in localities where he does not live? Wow, what a concept! Maybe we can all vote on those exorbitant hotel and rental car taxes in Seattle and San Francisco, too. Reality: If you don't like the taxes in a taxing district, stay out of the district.
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Of course, what none of these scum care about or mention is that, practically no retail center in the county was left out of their idiotic extortion district.

They go so far as stupidly holding up Oregon as some sort of great example of their legalized rape, as if that made it "right" somehow.

For me, the issue is simple.

First and foremost these leftist scum hate the idea, which means it's probably absolutely the right thing and best thing to do.

Secondly, this is yet another example where they could give a damn about the will of the people.
Thirdly, the genuine leftist assholes like Cockroach apparently conclude that the people paying a tax in their county because there are few to no places where they could go in the county and NOT pay this idiotic tax that Boldt wanted so badly should not even be asked and that the imposition of such a tax should just be left to bureaucrats who don't answer to anyone.

We live here.  We pay this idiocy because Boldt, among others, scammed a map into something THEY liked to shut us out from having any say.  Now is the time for Boldt to choke on it.... and explain to the 60,000 or so of us who cannot vote on this yet must pay the tax, why that is.