Saturday, February 06, 2016

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' floor speech on the Peterson dismissal.

So, I was waiting for Rivers to put her 2 cents worth in on this deal.

"Thank you, Mr. President.  It really is with a heavy heart that I am standing in opposition to this confirmation.

Last year, we, we passed the most comprehensive transportation package in the history of the state of Washington.

In exchange, as a commitment to the voters, we told them that we would seek accountability and reform.

Sadly, those things have been met with opposition.

Today, I am taking this vote to uphold my commitment to the taxpayers of this state that we will get accountability.

We will have reform.

That we will honor our commitment to them.

Urging a 'no' vote.  Thank you."

Nnnnooooo kidding.

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers made a commitment to us to get reform?  But it wasn't in the legislation so Peterson wouldn't have any choice?

Rivers and the rest of the RINO's NOW want reform.... but it wasn't in the legislation so Peterson wouldn't have any choice?


That "commitment" will, I'm sure, be as useful as every other commitment she's made, including the commitment she made to get elected to the Senate.

What about THAT "commitment?" After all, the people, of her own admission, had spoken and she, also of her own admission, had "LISTENED."

At least long enough to get elected.  After that?  Not so much.

Instead of following it and upholding it, she now states she REGRETS having made the commitment in the first place!

As if that excuses her betrayal somehow.

Yes, Rivers is terribly concerned about her commitments.

When it suits her.

Meanwhile, her betrayal, which garnered the people NOTHING but getting bent over for $700 million against the commitment Sen. Rivers made to get elected... only to break when it suited her, remains in place.  Because when she stuck it to us... she stuck it to us GOOD.

This is political theatrics.

I really don't have a problem with any senator "upholding their commitment to the voters."

But I do find it odd that her desire to "uphold their commitments" is so selective.

I will not mourn the departure of Peterson and her quirks and her failure to support the people of Clark County in their fight against the CRC Scam.

But I've been mourning Rivers' departure from her integrity for at least the past year on the gas tax and her bogus campaign disclosures on her PDC.

And sadly... I always will.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Sam Kim has filed for the 17th District Senate Seat.

If he's running, I'm voting for him.  I'd go to war with him.

The Washington State Senate gets rid of WADOT Secretary Lynn Peterson

Here's how it happened.  Starts at about the 2 hour, 2 minute mark.

Peterson has been a disaster: the Big Dig in Seattle, the 405 hot lanes,  the SR520 floating bridge... not to mention the CRC Scam.

Carly Fiorina and women's situational equality.

Carly Fiorina is but the latest bizarre example of someone who wants "equality" between the genders.

Fiorina had been banging the gong to have ABC suspend their rules... just for her, you understand... to allow her to be on the main stage in the next debate.

Because of this mindset by itself, I wouldn't be caught dead voting for her, but her sense of entitlement, which appears to be centered entirely on her reproductive system, is universally shared by those with that same sense of entitlement: almost every female in the United States.

This doesn't always work out all that well.  Remember the splash made by the first female enlistee into Army Combat Arms, specifically, Combat Engineers?  Lotta news coverage... lotta folks talking that insanity up.

Well, here's a brief update on how well SHE is doing:

First woman in Tennessee to enlist as combat engineer goes AWOL

By  | 
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - The first woman in Tennessee to enlist as a combat engineer in the Army went AWOL according to a military spokesperson.
Local 8 News was first to tell you about Erika Lopez back in July of 2015. She made headlines when she enlisted for a job that could involve fighting on the front lines.
The U.S. Army had just lifted its ban on women in combat roles when she walked into a recruiting office in Knoxville and decided to enlist as a combat engineer.
Local 8 Now - Content - NewsLopez was in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. An Army spokesperson tells Local 8 News that Private Lopez was scheduled to return from convalescent leave on January 4th. She was reported absent without leave (AWOL) on January 5th after she failed to return.
Spokesperson Tiffany Wood issued a statement saying, "After 30 days in an AWOL status, a Soldier is considered a deserter and a
federal warrant is issued for his or her arrest. "
Wood says once Private Erika Lopez is arrested she'll be taken to the nearest military installment and handed over to military police.
Which now, of course, makes her a deserter since today is day 31 of her absence.

So, forever more, she'll be the footnote in the History of the Women in Combat Arms:

"The first woman to enlist for any Combat Arms slot deserted while in basic training."

There's a certain level of irony about Obama's meddling in the military, a subject he knows nothing about on one hand and utterly despises on the other.

Equality is not a difficult word to imagine or understand.  In the political realm, it's one of the most abused words in the English Language.

Yes, I view "equality" in terms of black and white.  There is no room for situational equality of the variety Fiorina is advocating for herself.  There is no room for whining and sniveling.

But most women in the US don't want "equality" in the truest sense of the word, because we have a society rife with IN-equality that favors women everywhere you look... and how long has it been since you've seen any of them complain about that?

Women, although numerically superior, are considered to be a minority for purposes of affirmative action.

Where's the protests over that?

Women complain about equal pay in the work place, but then ignore the career demands that result in men getting paid more.  Where is the responsibility for women in that equation?

For the entire time women have been in the military, they have never been required to achieve the same physical standards as men.

And yes, I am well aware of the physiological differences between men and women.  But here's the thing:

A bullet don't care.

And neither do I.

One of the more celebrated examples was that weak-kneed Army Captain who almost died rucking 35 pounds and a rifle 12 miles for her Expert Field Medical Badge.

Upon completing the march, she damned near needed an ambulance herself.

But what people are ignoring are the male participants in this love fest.

Upon completion of this stroll, where this officer used her weapon as a crutch... she likely needed medical attention herself and was entirely incapable of serving her function as a Captain in the United States Army.

Check out the video:

The important thing is the first 3 seconds of this video, showing a male soldier strolling ahead of her like this is a walk in the park and he's going after a latte.

This shows the difference between the male military capability and the female capability... bogus Ranger tabs notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, military females get their own grooming standards, certainly different from males.


Are they complaining about the far easier PT tests and the lie that you have to have short hair because of CBR/NBC requirements to make sure a gas mask fits properly in a chemical environment?

Here in Washington State, I'm reminded of the double standard between deaf and hearing drivers.

It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle in this state with headphones on both ears.

Which, on the surface at least, would appear to make sense.

How can you hear a horn or an emergency vehicle siren with headphones on?

Good point, right?

But then... how is it that those who are deaf are allowed to drive?  They can't hear ANYTHING.  How does it make sense for the hearing to be penalized for not being able to hear, when we allow those who CAN'T hear the ability to drive?

Even now, women still do not have to registyer for the draft.

Where's the riots or protests over that?

No where.

Why aren't there?  Doesn't TRUE equality demand it?

Of course it does.  But we also know why they remain silent on these kinds of issues.

So, ladies, if you want true equality, get your asses out there and earn it.  Demand it.  Demand an end to gender affirmative action.  Demand an end to lionizing the first female "anything" (fill in the blank.)

Equality means THE SAME.  You want it?

Go after it.  Embrace it.  ALL of it.  Embrace The Suck.

Not just the bits that benefit you while penalizing men.

And that means Fiorina needs to shut up and stop whining about not being on the stage with the guys.  The criteria was set weeks ago and she didn't make it.  The end.

And because she's got boobs is no reason she should be given any special consideration... right?

I mean... gender equality and all...

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Cruz is off my island, leaving only Trump and Carson.

Over the past few hours, it has become increasingly clear that the Ted Cruz campaign has engaged in, at best, unethical campaign tactics and at worst, outright cheating.

I'm sick to death of parsing words like politicians do when they're caught in a lie (Sen. Rivers' gas tax vote comers to mind, for example) and now this:

EXCLUSIVE–Voicemails: ‘Ben Carson Suspending Campaigning’; Cruz: ‘Accurate Report’


New audio obtained exclusively by Breitbart News indicates that as the Iowa caucuses began on Monday night, the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) campaign called precinct captains informing them that Dr. Ben Carson was suspending campaigning, and instructing them to tell voters they should “not waste a vote on Ben Carson and vote for Ted Cruz.”

The calls were placed after the Carson campaign had already clarified that Carson was not suspending his campaign.

Nancy Bliesman, a precinct captain for Cruz in Crawford County, Iowa, told Breitbart News that she received two voice mails–one at 7:07 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST), and one at 7:29 p.m.–on the night of the Iowa caucuses, which began at 7:00 p.m.

The first call came from a woman with a phone number out of Galveston, Texas at 7:07 p.m. (transcript follows audio):
[inaudible]…from the Ted Cruz campaign, calling to get to a precinct captain, and it has just been announced that Ben Carson is taking a leave of absence from the campaign trail, so it is very important that you tell any Ben Carson voters that for tonight, uh, that they not waste a vote on Ben Carson, and vote for Ted Cruz. He is taking a leave of absence from his campaign. All right? Thank you. Bye.
The second voicemail was left at 7:29 p.m. from an Iowa phone number that Breitbart News traced back to a Cruz campaign volunteer hotline.
Hello, this is the Cruz campaign with breaking news: Dr. Ben Carson will be [garbled] suspending campaigning following tonight’s caucuses. Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted instead. Thank you. Good night.
“My precinct people voted” without hearing the rumor that Carson would be suspending his campaign, Bliesman told Breitbart News. “Ben Carson did get his votes in our precinct ’cause I didn’t take the calls.”

Bliesman’s husband, who was also with her on Monday night, told Breitbart News that they were at the precinct labeled “DC-A-B,” which stands for the areas of Dow City, Arion and Buck Grove.
According to Mr. Bliesman, the total vote count in the precinct was as follows:
Donald Trump = 33
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) = 15
Ben Carson = 12
Ted Cruz = 12
Carly Fiorina = 3
Jeb Bush = 2
John Kasich = 1
Chris Christie = 1
Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) = 0
Ric Santorum = 0
Mike Huckabee = 0
Bliesman said there was a “huge turnout,” adding, “we had probably at least 100 percent increase from four years ago.”

“Everyone knows the mainstream media says things–whether it’s true or not, check it out,” she urged, saying she wishes the Carson campaign had been consulted before the report was spread.

The revelation about Cruz’s campaign calls and voicemails comes after an email surfaced from Cruz’s deputy Iowa campaign director Spence Rogers, sent at 6:56 p.m.–four minutes before caucuses began–suggesting that Carson would be “taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement next week.” The email told supporters: “Please inform any caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted Cruz.”


The problem?

Anyone involved in politics the least little bit knew... or should have known... that such a claim was absolutely false.

How do you know it's false?

Stop and think for a moment:  why on earth would ANY candidate POSSIBLY claim defeat BEFORE THERE WAS EVEN A VOTE?

The Cruz scam was so bogus that his people either obviously knew it to be false and ran out there with it anyway, or SHOULD have known it was false and were too stupid NOT to know.

The only thing that can be agreed on is that it was false.  And now, as Cruz is shucking and jiving over the whole thing instead of telling the truth?

Well, hell: we've already got that in the White House.  Why would we want more of it?

Sorry, Senator.  You had your chance... and you blew it.

I am done with you.

The confusion of motion with action: Jaime Herrera's letter to Tim "The Liar" Leavitt

Much of the local "Facebookosphere" is buzzing over the letter our local Congresswoman had her staff write to smack Tim "The Liar" Leavitt around over his childish snit thrown yesterday at my Representative, Liz Pike.  Seems he's a tad upset at his own irrelevance so instead of coming up with alternatives to her efforts to move us on from his CRC/Loot Rail scam and by trying a different approach to addressing our cross-river vehicle transportation issues... he had to act like he was in a drunken rage.

Leavitt, of course, has offered nothing as an alternative, save to trash any other effort not spelled "CRC."

As far as that goes... neither has Herrera.  Where's her proposals?

No where.

Unfortunately, there's a harsh reality to this note as there is to all of Herrera's half-hearted, bogus efforts towards the CRC rip off, particularly in this election year: for most practical purposes, save for highlighting Pike's efforts to actually solve this issue when no one else is trying to do much of anything, it's worthless.

Not unlike Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' Bogus Baby Bill of a few days ago, it's a rather sordid, worthless effort by Herrera to first, prove she's alive and second, continue to make her electorate believe she's actively involved and working to protect us.

Many of the more ignorant continue to (wrongly) believe she played a role in the demise of that gigantic rip off that cost us $200 million for nothing.  On the contrary: she did nothing or next to it, leaving the heavy lifting to be done by local legislators.

Well, when I say she did "nothing," that's something of an oversimplification.

What DID she do?

The same thing she did for Pike: she wrote a few letters expressing her "concerns."

The problem is that like this letter, those letters were just as worthless when it came to making an actual difference on the issue at hand.

No legislation.  No congressional action of any noticeable kind.

The "worth" of an action by anyone in the legislative branch at any level is judged entirely by it's impact.

For me, this letter has no real value because, frankly, as accurate as it is... it changes absolutely nothing concerning transportation.

Are we any closer to solving the problem because of this letter?  Will those seething in hatred of the major players in the demise of that ripoff suddenly undergo a change of heart?

Do you remotely think for one second that The Liar Leavitt gives a damn about this letter?  He certainly didn't care about any of the others Herrera's staff has written in the past.  What on earth makes anyone think he'll care about this one?

As stated, this is an election year.  Herrera is, of course, naturally concerned that the base is restive because she votes typically more like Maxine Waters than a GOP Congresswoman.

Nothing in this letter changes any of that.

Which, come to think of it, is exactly what her hide and seek letters over the years after she was elected accomplished: absolutely nothing... her concerns notwithstanding.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic case of the confusion of motion... over action.  It's what we in the biz call "bright, shiny object politics," the best in political slight of hand.  It's designed to make it look like Herrera is doing something... but when the dust settles from this... how much closer will we be to the goal?

She is, in fact, far more effective at getting selfies at White House parties she crashes than she is accomplishing anything of any remote importance for us, for veterans, for national defense or security, and certainly for voting "no" on RINO Ryan's fully-fund-Obama-Scams Budget (where she was a "yes" vote.)

None.  No closer.  Zero.

But Herrera got earned media out there and, as I stated, even ardent opponents within the conservative GOP are congratulating her staff's letter writing skills.

From her perspective, it was a win all around... for her.

For the rest of us, it might make us FEEL better... but it accomplishes nothing.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Thought for the day: Bernie Sanders

My response to this week's Reflector editorial

Kenny Vance at the Reflector takes on the local Gordian Knot of the Clark County political scene.
I appreciate your position in all of this.  Let me fill in a few blanks that might help.

First and foremost, yes, Boldt is and has been a PCO since 2012.  In all that time, he has never once attended any GOP function or meeting save for his bizarre effort to scam their endorsement during the meeting where the party endorsed the write-in effort and Pike.

He has provided zero input save for his "I can better serve as an independent but I want you to endorse me anyway" effort to cut off the Pike endorsement.
As a result, particularly given his voting record during his tenure as a commissioner and since he picked up the 39% of the vote needed to become chair, he is in action as Republican as one of my cavalier spaniels.

Being a Republican is supposed to be more than a label.  To Boldt, it's meaningless to say the least and his record proves it.  There is, as I've pointed out, a reason the Yong Democrats endorsed Boldt, and it wasn't his GOP that got the job done.

Unfortunately, the party, which is the core element of all of this and SUPPOSED to be the ultimate arbiter of party activities, is somehow expected or required to cave to the RINO perspective... for some reason.

Here's the thing: this August, every PCO seat will be up for election.  If the RINO element believes they somehow are the voice of Republicanism in this County, then they have the relatively simple option of simply running against the current incumbents and taking them out.

But their success in that regard is meaningless.  If they fail, if the current party hierarchy maintains control, it will be as meaningless to the RINO segment as it is now.  They are going to do, and try and do, whatever it is they damned well please... party be damned.

That's their privilege.  But they have tried repeatedly to re-assume control and have failed repeatedly.  Yet, who is expected to cave?

By now, everyone who reads this website is aware of my opposition to Boldt.  I will also oppose Rivers, who has a problem telling the truth when it comes to, say, a $700 million bill she helped to hang on this county... a paltry $1600 or so for every many, woman and child living here, when she lied about her position on the gas tax and tab fee increases... claiming that "The voters have spoken and she has listened."

Well, at least until it was convenient to ignore those same voters and betray us on the gas tax.

I will also oppose Bowman, who rather foolishly agrees with Rivers' gas tax betrayal, given that something on the order of 70%+ of the 18th District voted "no" on that tax increase during the advisory vote last November.

You see, there's a great deal more to this story that has caused all this.  If there is "blame," both sides share in it.  But there is no requirement... none... for the party to "compromise" on the RINO issues any more than there was a requirement for Rivers to hear my multiple pleas NOT to have lied to us about her opposition to the gas tax and tab fee increases.

The party is supposed to call the shots.  And if the RINO element doesn't like it, then they have the option of taking the party apparatus over this August.

If they can.

Meanwhile, if the RINO segment is bent on committing political hari-kiri, that is certainly their privilege and I will do all I can to sharpen their Katanas.

The irony of all of this is I'm not in the GOP either.  But these people getting upset because their noses are bent out of shape is their problem.

They're most angry because they're out of power. Some have whined and sniveled publicly; made demands and then throw a fit when their "advice" or "perspective" is ignored. And the scorched earth policy causing the most harm originates with and is centered on those who have and will throw the local GOP under the bus to suit their needs... the voters be damned.

Right, Sen. Rivers?-

If the local GOP organization is to ignore those who voted them in as PCO's, then what's the point of even having PCOs?  What's the point of having a party?

There isn't one.  And if the RINO segment succeeds...we won't have one.
As a matter of course, I will oppose any elected official who shows up at this charade.  I will also oppose any candidate who does so.

Aiding and abetting this theft is unacceptable.  And there has to be a price to pay for it.

You see, for me, winning isn't the only thing.

It takes a great deal more than merely having an "R" after your name.  And the clowns who show up there to the delight of their leftist puppet-masters, are merely tools in their democrat tool box.

It's not unlike pledging to support someone and then turning your back on them in the most recent election.

The left gloats at local RINO insanity.  They don't have to do anything to get what they want: the RINOs are doing it for them.

What a joke.

Sen. Cruz won in Iowa. But what his campaign did to Dr. Carson?

I've admitted I'd be happy to have either of the three anti-establishment candidates at the top of the ticket.

Trump, Cruz or Carson.

Which is why what Cruz's campaign did to Carson during the Iowa caucuses yesterday is so troubling.

Cruz apologizes for spreading rumor about Carson dropping out

Iowa Republican caucus winner Ted Cruz on Tuesday apologized to fellow candidate GOP presidential Ben Carson for spreading a rumor that the former neurosurgeon had dropped out of the race.
"Last night when our political team saw the CNN post saying that Dr. Carson was not carrying on to New Hampshire and South Carolina, our campaign updated grassroots leaders just as we would with any breaking news story," Cruz said in a statement. 
That's fair game. What the team then should have done was send around the follow-up statement from the Carson campaign clarifying that he was indeed staying in the race when that came out.
This was a mistake from our end, and for that I apologize to Dr. Carson."
CNN had reported that Carson was planning on going home to Florida after Monday night's caucuses, which the Cruz campaign misinterpreted as a report that he was dropping out of the race.
Carson said in a statement that he was going home to "get a fresh set of clothes."
The retired neurosurgeon slammed the Cruz camp for "deceptive and destructive practices."
“For months, my campaign has survived the lies and dirty tricks from my opponents who profess to detest the games of the political class, but in reality are masters of it,” he said in a statement.
Earlier Tuesday, a Cruz campaign spokesman denied any wrongdoing.
“On the Ben Carson allegation, it’s just false,” Rick Tyler, the Cruz campaign’s communications director, said on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe." 
"We simply as a campaign repeated what Ben Carson had said in his own words,” he continued. "That’s not a dirty trick."
So, Senator... what would you be saying if the shoe were on the OTHER foot?  If Carson had put  out a false rumor about you?

How do you fix this?  How much of a difference did it make?  How will we ever know?

Kudos for making the call that you own it.

Sadly, I believe it to be too little... too late.

And this kind of thing is disheartening, to say the least.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Obviously Tim "The Liar" Leavitt is confused: Who cares what he has to say about his CRC/Loot Rail scam OR Our Liz?

Look, I get that Timmy, who lied his ass off even more than Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers about his fake opposition to tolls to get elected, is a bit miffed that the people rejected his insanity.

And being his being a leftist, I get that he could care less that the people of the 18th District weren't terribly interested in that scam or any of the other rip offs that scum bag has ran on us... like tossing us deftly under the TriMet buses with his bogus effort to delegate eminent domain authority to an appointed, out of state agency without legislative approval, and his sticking his crank in the fan by flipping us off over the BRT rip off vote that told him he couldn't go forward without our approval to make that insanity happen.

I know.  Being an abysmal failure with a drinking problem can be tough.  Buyt in time and with help, he can get over it.  Meanwhile...

He lost.

We won.  He doesn't give a damn about what we have to say... so who cares what HE has to say?

He should take his ass-whoopin' like a good little boy and just move on.

So, I admit it.  I don't really understand why what he says about something he no longer has... or never really had, if the CRC Scammers are to be believed, any control over is newsworthy except for Lefty Lou's standard hatred of conservatives meme.

If a grand jury were to look into this project and The Liar's part in it, there's a damned good chance he'd be indicted for doing what he could to waste $200 million dollars of taxpayer dollars that he and the scum he was working with screwed us out of.

And if he's really upset, I'd prefer that he set himself on fire in front of the failed democratian building now known as City Hall to protest it.

Otherwise, tough tacos, you rat bastard.  Your support or opposition to this is completely irrelevant... Lefty Lou's ass-kissing notwithstanding.

Take aways from Iowa.

Well Cruz won big over Trump (any win over Trump is "big") in Iowa last night... and what do we take away from that?

1.  Trump was complacent.

Relatively speaking, Trump did not appear to be working this as hard as Cruz.  I understand that Cruz made a visit to every Iowa county.

In a state that loves political seduction, that accomplishment was very big with a great visual and a solid story to tell.

2.  Cruz out-organized everybody.

Let that be a lesson to you: having a literal political army of workers and volunteers dedicated to identifying and then getting out your own vote is now a requirement.  Those who fail to do so make that decision at their peril.

I've heard that as many as 1000 staff, workers and volunteers were out there for Cruz... a ratio of roughly 18 caucus-goers to one campaign worker.

That's an impressive number.  Given the GOP caucus goer universe, a similar effort here in Clark County would require a group roughly around 750, given 140,000 GOP voters.

Of course, that mechanism would be difficult to run properly in a state where party registration is not required.  That's what makes voter identification so important around here.

Nevertheless, given Trump's advantages in money and earned media, there's really zero excuse for his failure to organize a ground game... that SHOULD have been the best ever seen.  That means he either got bad advice... or he got good advice and refused to take it.

Sometimes, a cult of personality simply isn't enough.

3.  Besides Rubio, the best course of action would be for every other RINO (Bush, Kasich and Christie) to bail out.  Huckabee called it a day.  I've also heard that Gilmore is gone.

Their votes, combined, would likely have gone to Rubio which would have put him over the top instead of 3rd.

Drudge is reporting that Bush actually blew $2880 PER VOTE.

Take a chill pill, Jebbie.  You and the other establishment types are over.

4.  A divided universe, no matter how angry, is no more effective than a complacent, happy universe.

Face it: the anger out there is palpable.  As I forecast yesterday, the anti-establishment vote met or exceeded the 60% figure.

But the division there mirrored the GOP division here.

Had our local RINO element avoided selling us out to the democrats, we would have a GOP county council chair instead of this left wing idiot, Boldt, and we'd never have heard of the Three Stooges and Boldt would not have been able to restore two years of his tax increases on us so quickly.

5.  Polls towards the top of the player card are not worth much in Iowa.

No one that I saw had Cruz polling with what turned out to be anything close to his final number.

Bad polling?  Out of date (stale?) polling?  Bad models?

Even the entrance polling to these events was way off, showing Trump at 27 and Cruz at 22.

Bad polling is worse than no polling at all.


I was going to say that Trump should have gone to the debate.  But even if he had, given his other technical weaknesses, would it have made that much of a difference?

I doubt it.  Some, perhaps, but likely not enough to overcome Cruz's advantage in ground game.

A great looking plane, poorly engineered, is likely doomed to fall out of the sky if the nuts and bolts are missing.

Trump's biggest failure was Caucus turn out.  Had he put the mechanism in place to get HIS voters to the caucuses, there might have been a different outcome.

Time will tell.  Next stop New Hampshire.

Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers bogus baby bill.

C'mon, man.

Look, Rivers is in serious trouble, given how she screwed each and every one of us out of $1600 in gas tax money here in Clark County while lying to us about it to get elected.

She's hearing it.  So what's her play to try and restore her conservative cred... if that's possible?

This "hooray for me!" bill that even she acknowledges isn't going anywhere... which makes it nothing more than an attention getting device to try and calm down the conservative base howling for her scalp:

Washington bill seeks to ban sex-selective abortions

Associated Press
Washington state is among a handful of states this year where lawmakers are seeking to ban abortions sought because of the gender of a fetus, something abortion rights groups say is a veiled effort to expand restrictions to abortion in the state.

Senate Bill 6612, sponsored by Republican Sen. Ann Rivers of La Center, would make it a Class C felony, carrying a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine, for a doctor to knowingly perform or attempt an abortion sought solely because of the sex of the fetus. A physician would also face losing his or her medical license.

The bill, which has a public hearing Tuesday morning, notes that the United States, along with other counties, "has petitioned the United National General Assembly to declare sex-selection abortion a crime against women" and that India, Great Britain and China have all taken steps to end the practice.
"The victims of sex-selection abortion are overwhelmingly female," the bill reads. "Women are a vital part of our society and culture and possess the same fundamental human rights as men."

Rivers said she introduced the bill because several other states have already banned sex-selective abortions and she wanted to "have a collegial discussion about it."

"I don't think this bill will go anywhere, but I would like to keep the profile raised on this very important issue," she wrote in a text message. (My emphasis)

Abortion rights groups argue that sex-selective abortion is not an issue in the United States. Rachel Berkson, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington called the Senate bill "a Trojan horse to ban abortion."

"Of course, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington has long opposed and will continue to oppose reproductive coercion in any form, and that includes societal pressure to have a child of a particular sex," Rachel Berkson, the group's executive director, said Monday.

But Berkson said that it's impossible for doctors to prove the reasons for why a woman is seeking an abortion, and she said she believes it could cause doctors to stereotype women from countries where sex-selection abortion is a known practice.

"We think this would unfairly harm them and stand in the way of their access," she said.

Seven states currently ban sex-selective abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute, an abortion rights advocacy group. According to the National Conference of State Legislature, at least four other states, in addition to Washington, have introduced similar measures this year: Indiana, Oregon, West Virginia and Missouri.

Even if the Washington state measure progresses out of the Republican-controlled Senate, it is not likely to gain traction in the Democratic-controlled House.
"I don't think this bill will go anywhere, but I would like to keep the profile raised on this very important issue," she wrote in a text message.

Each bill dropped in the legislature costs approximately $5000 in staff time and other administrative costs.

So, when a legislator drops a bill... which is the terminology used denoting  the physical act of dropping the bill on the Bar, it's a $5000 or so chunk of tax dollars getting spent.

"Several other states" apparently are actually 7; Arizona, Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and South Dakota.  Illinois enacted a ban that was struck down in court.

Is this bill the right thing to do?  It's as right as any other restriction on abortion.  But it's also likely as survivable in this state as any other such effort; that is, not at all.

If this bill is an issue... that is, if it addresses a specific need... provable and quantifiable... then of course. 

But under the circumstances, I see this as something just a bit more manipulative: specifically, an effort doomed to already acknowledged failure to trump up Gas Tax Rivers' sorely lacking conservative cred as she comes up for re-election having stiffed us with a $700 million bill which she promised she would never do as a condition of her election to the Senate.

You know, the people having spoken and her hearing us and all.

I admit to being something of a cynic.  But if this bill is to outlaw a gender-specific abortion, how is it remotely enforceable?

If a woman is contemplating an abortion because of the gender of a child, and an abortion is outlawed as a result of gender identification of the baby... then what's to stop the mother from simply not indicating that is the motivating factor?


The only way this bill COULD work is if abortion were outlaw-able here in Washington and that's as likely as Chris Vance taking out Patty Murray this November: in short, not at all. 

The bill, then, is a waste of time, effort and energy with only one single purpose:

To make Rivers look good to an angry conservative base still smarting from her betrayal on the gas tax and tab fee increases she voted for (after pledging not to do so) and to be used for her re-election effort as fodder for her mailers and TV ads.

To attempt to rehab a bruised and battered image.

All at the cost of roughly $5000 more to us.

I know it.  She knows it.  Her RINO posse knows it... and now YOU know it.

Meanwhile, every time I refill my diesel, I'm forking over dollars to the state thanks to River's betrayal of her district and this county that I otherwise wouldn't be handing over.  And I will be for years to come.

And so will you.

And nothing she does... no matter how flashy or earned her media may be as a result... changes any of that.