Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Mustang in the House

This was my birthday present from my wife: a brand new Mustang GT with a supercharged, 5.0 engine rated at around 700 HP.


Nothing to see here... move along: HALF of all visitors to the State Department while Hillary was SecState "donated" to her fundation.

Is there any doubt that this woman is THE most corrupt individual to ever be nominated by a major party, this should put THAT to rest:

The problem?

It won't make any difference to her supporters.

Kids, we could have video of Hillary AXE murdering a Brownie Troop and they would STILL vote for her.

Is this horrific news?

Of course.

Is it obviously pay-for-play?

Of course.

Are we going to see it in the lamestream news?

Not likely.

Leftists need to be proud of this criminal. Proud, indeed.

Lying Lefty Lou loses it: what would we do without newspapers? We'd do quite well without his.

In a column reeking with irony, Lying Lefty Lou babbled:
You see, without newspapers, life as you know it would not be the same. 
I’m not kidding! 
And let’s be clear. I’m talking about real newspapers. Not political operatives who start blogs, or politicians who swear they are citizen journalists. 
Nope. I’m talking about the real deal. The legitimate journalists trying to grind out a living in newsrooms.
There's nothing "legitimate" about Lou in the journalistic sense... nor is there much "legitimate" about his minions.

That his product is printed on paper doesn't make it "legitimate."  The reality is that his editorial stance and subsequently, the fish rotting from the head down and all that, results in giving the work of the sycophants in his newsroom the legitimacy of a World News Daily scam site.

There is only one thing that determines "legitimacy."  And that is the truthfulness of the content.

The method of delivery is irrelevant.  The job of a newspaper begins and ends with presenting the facts.


Lefty Lou Brancaccio is light years away from anything approaching "journalism."

That I am clearly still buried in his head is kind of a hoot.

Here's the thing, you see:  if this slimeball stuck to the business of telling the truth... there'd be no need for my blog or anyone elses around here.

If he treated everyone the same; held everyone to the same standard... made a real effort to be truthful at all times and blind his biases... what would local bloggers have to say about his malfeasance?

The reality is that Vlad Lenin and Joseph Goebbels could have taken lessons from this guy in the science of propaganda.

Lefty Lou wants to run a shadow government.  And I get that.

There's no denying his success in leading the charge against any Republican he chooses.  And those he doesn't choose must by suspect... because really... when was the last time he ever got on a jihadist or water carrier for his agenda that was on the left side of the political spectrum?

I've only lived here since 88.  Maybe I missed it.

Let's remember: this newspaper called our county chair stupid and demanded he resign from the legislature some 20 years ago.

Oddly, the more leftist Chair Boldt got, the more the rag liked him.

They cover for him and simply don't care about his "issues," like texting while driving and ripping off $5000 from his 2012 campaign, where he repaid himself a loan he never made.

Lefty is still upset that what... three weeks before they got around to printing it... *I* posted the facts from the FBI FOIA that proved then Congressman Brian Baird was lying about the death threats he claimed during his campaign.

I scooped the rag on the Jim Jacks debacle as well.  I hammered Lefty and his little squit editorial page editor, Cockroach Johnny Laird, time and again.

His hypocrisy; his leftist bias, his lies for so many causes on his agenda and, of course, his RINO supported effort to cull David Madore out of the herd... his torches and pitchfork approach to Don Benton and anyone else remotely concerned about a conservative representation of those who elected them... his constant, incessant drumbeat of lies over his lack of bias and, of course, his use of his rag for character assassination... all go to show that we, as a community and a nation... will do quite well when the last swindle sheet of the variety Brancaccio spews is turned into a Starbucks... or something.

The irony of all of this is, of course, that it didn't have to be this way.

Lefty COULD have used his bully pulpit to fight government when they attack the people, to be a voice for the people instead of the special interests infesting us.

He COULD get rid of those moronic blogs on the democratian's web site where the scum working for him get to formalize their fringe-left political leanings under the guise of a "legitimate" newspaper.

Instead, we're stuck with a bird-cage liner that is a cancer on our community.  A despicable waste of wood-pulp that has caused more harm and more division than any other force, political or otherwise.

His most recent column of lies...
"Same is true with your favorite bloggers. If they didn't have a newspaper story to link to so they could complain about how bad newspapers are, why, you’d just mostly see cat videos from them." 
...is a case in point.

I typically don't link to newspapers.  I make it a habit of doing my best to avoid EVER linking to the rag... now more than ever before.

But I provide information that the newspaper chooses not to.

And that's why the local daily rag is utterly worthless... much like their editor.

The rag runs everything they print through their political and agenda filter.  The end result is we get lies, exaggerations and twisted views to manipulate the readers into believing that up is down and left is right.  They censor the voices they don't want to hear and they act like they are as pure as the driven snow when it comes to reporting... a local version of MSNBC.

This is, perhaps, my favorite of Lefty's many lies:
But real news, stuff you have to dig for? That’s us. We do it. If they report it, they've taken it from us.

Where did I get that the Oregon Supreme Court verified that the CRC scammers... like Brancaccio... were lying about the reasons to replace the bridge?  Lefty never allowed that to be printed in his rag.

Where did I get Rivers campaign lies on the gas tax and tab fees?

Where did I get Rivers lying about how much money was in her campaign account?

Where did I get that Rivers was going to betray us with her gas tax/tab fee scam?

Where did I get the fact that Rivers recruited Shane Bowman to run against Rep. Liz Pike?

Where did I get that the pot campaign supporters, who sucked Brancaccio in wholesale, were lying about the revenue the state was going to get from legalization?

Where did I get the fact that Baird was lying about death threats?

Where did I get Boldt taking $5000 from his 2012 campaign account?

Where did I get Boldt texting while driving?

Where did I get Jim Jacks resignation?

Where did I get I get that the democratian was lying about the CRC/Loot Rail scam?

Where did I get the fact that Vick was mailing it in his first year and lying about his committee assignments when he ran for reelection in 2014?

Where did I get that electing Boldt was the same thing as electing a democrat?

Where did I get that there was no difference between Julie Olson and Chuckie Green, politically?

Where did I get that the mayor of Battle Ground was fine with political lies by our Senator as long as they fit his agenda?

These are just the issues off the top of my head.  Most of them are this year.  Every single one of them are posts that *I* made before the rag mentioned them... if they mentioned them at all, which in many instances... they refuse to do.

And that goes to the heart of the matter.  The rag isn't about "news."  They're about "spin."  They're about providing cover for their friends and destroying their enemies... and their enemies are universally conservative.

Lefty's self-aggrandized exercise in mental masturbation doesn't change any of that.

Eventually, the "Cancer on our Community" will disappear.  And no one will notice its absence.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Like our CRC/Loot Rail scam would have been any different? Sound Transit Loot Rail scam... 86% cost over run...

There was never any question that the effort to defraud the people of Clark County billions of dollars to ram the bankrupt TriMet loot rail system down our throats was going to cost hundreds of millions... if not billions... more than the number they gave us.

Those behind that ripoff lied so much, about so many aspects of this project, that there can be zero doubt that in addition to everything else, they lied about price as well.  But then, when their POLICY was to ignore the people of this community... what else can we expect?

Most of the time, when the public is going to get jammed, we're sold a bill of goods.

In everything from the "legalization" of pot, where we were promised $580+ million EVERY year into the general fund... a figure that, to date, has yet to come close to ONE hundred million, those in power lie to us to get what they want... not because we need it... but because THEY want it... to the cost of almost every government project (Hows that waste of billions for the tunnel project... Big Broken Bertha... going?) you can imagine going over budget... we... the ones stuck paying the bills... get screwed.

Right, Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers?

Loot rail is no exception.

And here's how Sound Transit dd it when they lied THEIR way, with the State Supreme Court's blessing, into existence.

The Seattle Times
What's Sound Transit's financial track record with light-rail projects? Try an 86 percent cost overrun on its 1996 Sound Move plan that promised to extend service from Sea-Tac to the University District.

This will be our future when the RINO county council throws us under Portland's bus, precisely like my brother-in-law did it so many times in the past.

The democratian performs a public service: provides the RINO list to oppose... permanently.

The last two local election cycles have done a great deal to out the fake Republicans around here. Today's article, meant entirely to damage GOP candidates no matter which way they voted is a case in point.

The rag asked every GOP office holder they could find if they were going to vote for Trump.

Exclusive of the fact that there are precisely two acceptable answers to that question:

1.  Of course I am.

2.  That's absolutely no business of yours.

What happened was that the local RINO office holder contingent was outed even further.

There are a wide variety of reasons to oppose the scum on this list: lack of integrity, liars, prevaricators, RINOs all.

This just happens to emphasize their perfidy.

The list?

Greg "Fake Republican" Kimsey.

Lynda "Yeah, I know I couldn't have won without you, but what have you done for me lately?" Wilson

Sen. Ann "I lied when I answered this question like I lied about opposing the gas tax" Rivers.

And, of course, Jamie "Ridgefield Barbie" Herrera.

There is precisely one reason to fail to support Trump if you're an elected official around here and you use a GOP label: cowardice.

We all knew long ago that my Cavalier Spaniels are more Republican than that lying worm Kimsey, who helped to screw us sideways on the charter scam by lying about ever being able to revoke it.

He was part of the RINO cabal that got mostly what he wanted out of this, mainly, the end of any conservative voice in government locally.  Kimsey, of course, was part of the downtown mafia CRC scammers, a guy who could care less how badly the people of this county got raped by those supporting that gigantic rip off.

Like most of the hardcore RINOs infesting us, he'd rather have Clinton win this so we can go through several more years of government torture than to support the party nominee the way he would want the party to support him.  No hypocrisy there, right, Greg?

Wilson waffles like a Belgian and has the backbone of a snail.  She completely abandoned Rep. Liz Pike during the write in effort, helping to saddle us with my whackjob idiot of a brother-in-law as county chair, a move that has helped jack up our property taxes and increase spending at the county level far beyond that necessary.

In fact, her husband helped fund the anti-GOP effort last cycle that ultimately led to a complete idiot getting elected as county chair.

Rivers, best known for lying about her opposition to gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected in 2012, has fallen into the role of political liar with a stunning ease that I, after 11 years of association with her, felt to be impossible.

Little did I know.

The idea that Rivers doesn't know if she'll vote for Trump is as big a lie as her gas tax scam.  She damned well DOES know... she just lacked the guts to say.

Political cowardice of this variety has never been particularly attractive as a political virtue.

And Herrera?  Of course that worthless clod of a congresswoman, more fit to carry the hod than to be serving in any elective capacity, will take the establishment position because as limited as her brain actually is, even she realizes that Trump can't be controlled.  And her keeper, McMorris Rogers, would never allow that, would she?

Well, here's the thing: I will support these clowns as much as they, today, support Trump.  In short...

...not at all.


That the rag even asked this question was a calculated entirely to damage GOP candidates.  Under similar circumstances, they'd never ask the few elected dems we have around here the same question.

But then, we knew that, right?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Heading out to help out at the foodbank... Have you thought about volunteering for a cause?

Once a month, the light of my life and I head out, first to View to load up the food and sundries, and then to Yacolt to hold our monthly food bank at a church there.

We're coming up on 5 years of doing this... it's a fantastic way to help give back to the community... gets you out of the house... helps people... and reinforces how very fortunate we are to have what we have.

The point of this isn't to brag.  The point of this is to ask you to think about getting involved in your community.

Most of us in a financial position to give to charitable causes typically do.  But the thing more important than a check... more important than spare change... more important than donating clothes and so on, is donating your time.

We use our diesel dually to pull the food bank trailer as needed.  We'd likely have sold it long ago if not for that need... we've got a car trailer and so forth so we can always tow a load instead of carrying it if needs be, but when they need our truck, we just wouldn't feel right telling them we no longer have it.

What we do is extremely important to the 25 or so families who use our service.  Volunteering for your cause or your interest is a fulfillment of the responsibility we have to help the less fortunate.

Look around.  There's always a group, an organization, a cause that can use your hands even more than they can use your money.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

So, why is government so screwed up? Here's a hint: it's our fault.

A few years back (205 or so) a fellow by the name of Joseph Marie comte' de Maistre famously  observed "every nation gets the government it deserves."

As we look around and see our nation drowning in debt, our expenditures exploding, our tax and health care cost increases far outstripping any wages; our foreign policies a shambles, our military reduced to ripping parts off of museum pieces, our VA system is killing our veterans and we have a president who celebrates treason.

We have a Congress run by people who ostensibly identify as Republican but who vote like the democrats had a super-majority in both Houses.

Giving the GOP control of Congress was predicated by the idea that once they were installed, they would oppose Obama;'s efforts to damage our nation in about every conceivable way,

How many of those Republicans were elected and re-elected on the premise that they'd get rid of Obama care?

How many were elected on the idea that they'd get spending under control and actively begin to reduce the deficit that is now entirely out of control, enslaving future generations as we either default on this mushrooming debt or we default on it; either option being difficult to consider and impossible to avoid.

Locally, the GOP controlled state senate voted like the democrats on issues ranging from the state level Dream Act that will keep American citizens out of our universities here in Washington State while enabling illegal aliens who shouldn't even be here in the first place to take those seats away from us WHILE WE HELP TO FUND THEIR STUDENT AID... all the way to screwing us sideways, with the help of my own state senator, Ann Rivers, who ran on a platform of OPPOSING these horrific increases in gas tax and tab fees... precisely like the democrats wanted.

We have an election coming up.

And when we vote... we are going to vote for more of the same.

Ann Rivers will be reelected.  And when she is, she will simply do whatever she wants, with zero accountability to anyone.

She will vote to raise taxes like the democrat she is, because this betrayal and her rank dishonesty has caused her zero political fall out.

That she ran on a platform of opposing gas tax and tab fee increases was meaningless to her.  In fact, she told us at a town hall meeting that she doesn't regret breaking her pledge, she only regrets making it in the first place because the LAST thing these creatures want is accountability... and now, it's just reduced to who can make her the best deal.

The democrat who announced against her has been campaigning like he's dead, so as a result, the district has no idea that Rivers is a liar, that she betrayed the people not only of this district (18th) but of this county, as we now mush bear the burden of paying $1500+ for every man, woman and child living in this county because she refused to keep her word.

Jaime Herrera will be re-elected even though, as a member of Congress, she has accomplished absolutely nothing, save for her-reelection; going out of her way to FOOL us into believing she actually accomplishes something while she regales us with tails of her baby and gets int magazines and newspapers NOT because of what she's done in Congress, but because of her kid... which is NT her job.

Patty Murray is a shoo-in since she's running against a clueless idiot in the form of Chris Vance, another fake Republican.  Bill Brant sealed his fate through his political cowardice to become Jay Inslee's latest victim even though Inslee has been arguably the least effective governor in the history of governors.

And while I believe that Trump CAN win, if he doesn't quit screwing around and stay on message, he WILL lose.  And we will have elected a total and complete criminal who should spend the rest of her sorry life in prison for her corruption and the blood spilled so conveniently on her behalf.

And as these and the many like them are sent back to govern us... does anyone remotely believe that somehow, things will become "different?"

Does anyone believe for one second that no matter who we put in charge, the light in the tunnel is attached to anything but another bankrupt Amtrak train?

This is part and parcel as to why so few other to vote.

Almost ALL of these people lie.  Almost ALL of them will say and do anything to get elected or reelected,  Some who should no better, when confronted with the facts, ignore you and tell you they're going on their "gut" feeling, which, of course, comes with a check from those who will benefit from that gut.

One of the reasons I quit campaigns is there's n one left to betray us and fail in their duty to their constituents.

There's no one left to believe in.  They're all for sale.  They sell us out to the highest bidder and what do we do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

So, the next time you get pissed off about how government is screwing us at every level, do yourself a favor and find a mirror and look into it.


And then remember who you voted for.  And understand that, all too often... the fault is yours.

We have, after all, the government we deserve.

Friday, August 19, 2016

A GUARANTEED plan to fix EVERY problem with the VA Medical issue.

The plan is simple:

Require the President, Vice President, Secretary of Defense, the Service Secretaries, the entirety of the VA bureaucracy, including VA Secretary Bob McDonald;  every member of Congress AND their spouses, be ONLY allowed care at VA facilities and list them ONLY as "veterans."

THE moment these people have to rely on the system they've jammed down the throats of the veteran population of this country, you would see miraculous changes occurring over night.

Few, if any, of these people, get their care at VA facilities.  As a result, they don't know... and simply don't care... that the veterans are getting screwed out here.

Make THEM wait years for surgery.  Make THEM wait months to years to be seen by a specialist.

Make THEM pay for this "free" medical care.

See how long it takes to get VA Medical squared away.

When your president is a liar. Again.

One of the many problems that moron in the White House has is that he's a pathological liar.

He and his administration REPEATEDLY lied to the American people... again... about his disgraceful conduct in foreign policy.

Cementing his position as THE worst president this country has ever known, this stupid son of a bitch ACTUALLY PAID RANSOM FOR AMERICAN Citizens.

What kind of message does that send to our enemies?

As a president, one of the few leverages you have from your bully pulpit is your integrity and veracity... of the public variety, anyway.

Obama is a liar.  Most of the time, when he's talking, he's lying.

Is it any wonder our enemies hold this country in contempt, and our allies doubt our resolve?

Coffins are floating down the streets in Louisiana, and this moron is playing golf.

"Disgrace" doesn't quite cover it.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm voting for Bryant as much as he's voting for Trump as president.

Here's the thing: we discovered by giving the Senate at both the state and national level to the GOP that party is irrelevant.

Would Bryant be a "better" governor? I have my doubts, given his inexplicable, idiotic mistake on Trump here.

But when I look at what the allegedly GOP State Senate has done to us... along with our allegedly GOP County Council... and our allegedly GOP US Senate... I am reaching the point where I'm determining it really doesn't matter who we give the keys to the car to.

They'll still drive it off the cliff.

I'd love to ask Bryant if he would have vetoed the gas tax increase that my own senator lied to us all about to get elected... and which no one gives a damn about as they reelect her... so she can lie some more.

My guess is that he would not have done so.

Help me, then... where does it matter which of these guys is in the office? Why does it matter why Wyman is our SecState? How would any of this be any different?

It's SUPPOSED to matter. But it doesn't seem to make any real difference in the end.

Weren't we all?