Sunday, March 18, 2018

The hypocrites and the school blow off. (The so-called walk-out)

So, is the little temper tantrum the kiddies and their keepers threw in schools across the country over yet?

I watched snippets of it... how could I avoid it?

And... I found the whole thing sickening.

To me, death is death. The "how" of it isn't nearly as important as the destination. But clearly, SOME deaths are absolutely acceptable. It's only the deaths the media TELLS us are NOT acceptable that causes these hissy fits.

As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine the pain and agony the families of those killed are suffering...

Yet rivers of blood run on our nation's highways from teenagers... particularly those texting while driving.

Where's the sturm and drang about THAT?

Yes, it's been a tragedy. Yes, lives have been altered and lost forever by this school... and other... mass shootings.

But I'm reminded of a saying first uttered by Stalin:

"The death of one is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."

In 2016, 762 were slaughtered in Chicago... more than all school shootings, ever, in this country combined.

Who "walked out" over that?

That's almost a "Parkland" EVERY WEEK.

Where was the outrage in these punks about that? Do they even know? Do they even care?

What's the matter... aren't those destroyed in Chicago... St Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland and so on white enough for the snowflakes to give a damn?


That's almost 25 Parklands per month.

That doesn't include the in-excess of 300,000 injured.

Where's the outrage over that?

And that's the hypocrisy of all this.

There's a flood of teenage blood out there, and all of the focus is based on the, statistically speaking, comparative paper cut of school shootings.

It's the medical equivalent of focusing on a cold while ignoring the cancer.

There are a great many ways to deal with the 8000 pound gorilla of the slaughter of our teens on the highway... but while everyone seems to have the will to violate our Second Amendment rights, no one wants to address the deaths of tens of thousands that have taken place with the advent of the ability to text and drive.

Florida, among others, has increased the age of anyone wanting to purchase a gun to 21.

You can be a veteran, a combat veteran at that; you can have a squeaky clean record, and you can be denied the right to purchase a firearm because you're not 21.

Meanwhile, texting while driving in Florida, as in most all states, has been a blood bath in that same demographic.

But, by God, let 17 kids get shot in a school, and all hell breaks loose.

There were 50,000 "texting" crashes in Florida in 2016; 40,000 injuries and 233 deaths.

Swimming pools full of blood that seems to increase every year. But we are going to fix the school shooting issue by, once again, punishing those who obey the law by reducing THEIR right to purchase a fire arm as if such a law would... or will... make any difference at all?

Raising the age to purchase a firearm is an obvious slap in the face to these adults. We question their judgment and responsibility... but we tell them in almost every other area of their lives, they have EVERY right.

Talk about a mixed message.

As for me, if we're going to question the judgment of 18 year olds when it comes to purchasing a weapon, then what the hell are we doing allowing the teenage driver bloodbath to continue?

Can't buy a gun?

Then you can't drive, either. Because the idea that a 16 year old in a 400 horsepower car is somehow GOING to be more responsible than a 19 year old buy a weapon... even a 19 year old combat veteran... is insane.

Vote? Forget about it. Repeal the 26th Amendment. Put the voting age back up to 21, because of course, if you're not mature enough and responsible enough to own a firearm, then how the hell can you POSSIBLY be mature enough and responsible enough to have the judgment needed to vote?

And if we REALLY want to save teen lives, then get them of the roads.

In 2016, 2150 teenagers were killed on our nation's highways. Tens of thousands were injured.

If they weren't allowed to drive, imagine how many of them would still be alive today... and of those who lived, how many of them wouldn't be crippled or otherwise scarred for life.

This slaughter goes on every day, day in and day out. Over 125 Parklands EVERY year.

You want to see these same kids, so concerned over the deaths in Parkland, lose their collective minds?

Get them off the highways to save THEIR lives DIRECTLY, and they would protest all right. They'd be a HELL of a lot more involved since it would directly impact THEM.

And that's why I've arrived here: If you're going to do this garbage?

Do it on your OWN time and NOT the time I'm paying for with my tax dollars.

Students and staff who disagreed with this idiocy around the country were suspended because they choose not to agree with it.

Every day, at least 9 teenagers are killed while texting in cars in this country. Are they walking out over that? Are they demanding that their cellphones, which are the cause of texting and driving, be taken away from them? Are they demanding an end to licensing teenagers? After all, if we yanked their licenses, we'd save a hell of a lot more lives than we are through THIS idiocy.

Of course, they're not. THOUSANDS of kids are slaughtered on our highways every year. Where's the march to demand an end to teenage driving?

Nowhere. So, save it. This thing reeks. And there's no altruism about it as THEY become the FIRST group to ever march against the Constitution and their own rights.

Expel them and fire the staff. Because I am NOT going to listen or support this insanity.

There are a great many obvious ways to address this issue if we REALLY wanted to. There ARE steps that CAN be taken.

Cellphones know when you're moving. Require carriers to install software that will make the messaging apps inoperable unless you're at a standstill.

Require car manufacturers to install electronics that will block cellphone data/messaging functions unless you are not moving.

If "distracted driving" is getting us killed... and it is... then end the reasons for the distractions.

Take it out of the driver's hands.

And yeah, I know, that would be an annoyance for kids and even adult passengers. How can we possibly get to the grocery store without being able to update our Facebook status along the way, or texting Suzy to let her know you're going to buy chips?

But the reality is simple: there's a slaughter going on every day and we sit on our thumbs and do nothing about it.

No one protests. No one walks out. No one really does a damned thing that will make any difference. And the blood continues to flow.

Instead, we focus on punishing those who actually follow the law by penalizing them... again... for the acts of a nutjobs. The Titanic is sinking, and we're arguing about the china patterns in 2nd class.

Sometimes, keeping people alive can be annoying as hell... until you consider the alternatives.

But these deaths are acceptable. It's like running someone over in a crosswalk. Do it and you'll get popped for negligent homicide. Pull up next to them and put a bullet through their head and you go down for murder.

Even though, in the end, dead is dead. A crosswalk death, however, is much more acceptable than a shooting death.

And in Parkland, it was shooting deaths. On our highways? Death seems to be OK, considering how no one is doing anything about it.

And no one is walking out over it.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The democratian's incessant whining on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Leftist butthurt is ALWAYS long-lasting.  The fact that they only care about their own agenda, be they a local leftist organ like the Columbian, a leftist network like NBC and their derivatives along with CNN and the like, is the thing.

They don't care what the people want.  They don't want to allow us to have impacts on these policy decisions if the perspectives offered don't align with their agenda.

The rag is whining because no one in the Legislature who can make any difference bothered to listen to the local downtown mafia's sniveling.

The local legislative mafia, the RINO clique that has thrown us all under the bus as they jump through their master's hoops... Rivers, Wilson, Harris, Vick... ignoring the dictates of their districts which have repeatedly asked "what part of 'no' don't you get?"

The attitudes toward those of us who've stood fast in our opposition to this ever-growing fiscal waste of billions remain one of contempt.

Who can forget John "Cockroach" Laird, a former mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger of an editorial page editor for the Daily Democrat declaring: "We should all live as long as the Third Bridge Cockroach."

That has always been and clearly, will continue to always be their editorial position.

So, the rag whines that the democrats, who control the entirety of state government, didn't jump through the mafia's hoops.

The bogus efforts that stand in direct opposition to the will of the people of this county failed.

Replacing the I-5 Bridge, of course, has zero "statewide significance."  After all, when it's all said and done, most of the Legislature is well aware of the fact that the I-5 Bridge scam will do absolutely nothing to decrease congestion or increase freight mobility.  And even if it did, that would not benefit anyone outside of Clark County.

And of course, by now, most legislators are aware of the fact that this is nothing more nor less than a light rail project... where none of the numbers add up.

The rag quotes an ad hoc, unofficial group of downtown mafia types who snivel:
“We are fast approaching a place in time where our I-5 Replacement Bridge Project will either come together, allowing us to capitalize on the millions of working hours and dollars already expended, or will end with a whimper, sending everything back to start over again.”
One can only hope.

It needed to end with a whimper years ago.  But the RINO clique infesting us like vermin sold out. Somehow, what was so wrong years ago when they fought successfully to end it has now suddenly became so right.

For them.

Nothing has changed, of course: the problems with getting rid of a serviceable, already-paid-for bridge and replacing it with a gateway for loot rail to infect Clark County with its wasted billions of OUR dollars remains as moronic and idiotic... not to mention against the same county-wide opposition now... as it did when it was rightfully killed off in the Legislature then.

We already know some of these people can be bought.  It was just a matter of price and method of payment.

The I-5 Bridge does not need to be replaced.  As a proud member of the "Cockroaches" who knows that the short term solution is a third bridge to the Hillsboro region across the river; that building such a bridge would relieve a huge amount of traffic on both the I-5 Bridge and the I-5 corridor, the reality is clear.

Every one of the scum that sold us out in Olympia... particularly those falsely claiming to be "Republican," need to be removed from office and replaced with those who would actually represent the repeatedly-expressed will of the people of their districts.

And that will is simple: do not replace the I-5 Bridge.

These fake Republicans are as dishonest as "Theft 3" Gellatly.  Some, such as Rivers, have lied outright about what they've claimed they are going to do for us... when instead, they've been doing it TOO us.

The I-5 Bridge shouldn't be anywhere close to the table, let alone on it, and these people know it.

But they don't care because they don't give a damn about us when we get in the way of their agenda.

Much like the local newspaper, come to think of it.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Davey Delete was busted for THEFT 3 a SECOND time: memo to the Columbian - why aren't you covering this?

As previously noted, it seems the Chair of the Clark County GOP has a sticky fingers problem.

Well, it would also seem that three counts of Theft 3, along with an additional count of bail jumping, really didn't make enough of an impression on Davey Delete.

And the outcome?  Well, "dismissed" isn't exactly the term.... this is, in fact, what happened:

"Pursuant to civil compromise filed."

In Washington State, the "civil compromise" language is for this:
5. Civil compromise. A civil compromise is essentially an agreement by which the defendant compensates the victim for any loss in return for dismissal of the charges. RCW 10.22.010.

RCW 10.22.010

When permitted—Exceptions.

When a defendant is prosecuted in a criminal action for a misdemeanor, other than a violation of RCW 9A.48.105, for which the person injured by the act constituting the offense has a remedy by a civil action, the offense may be compromised as provided in RCW 10.22.020, except when it was committed:
(1) By or upon an officer while in the execution of the duties of his or her office;
(2) Riotously;
(3) With an intent to commit a felony; or
(4) By one family or household member against another as defined in RCW 10.99.020 and was a crime of domestic violence as defined in RCW 10.99.020.

So what does it mean?  Essentially, he did it or the evidence was such that conviction was likely, and the victim was bought off.

Now, had the local GOP done a competent job of vetting this clown, this all would have come out and the entirety of the embarrassment of having this idiot as a party chair with the disaster he's brought to the table with him would have been avoided.

But he's there. It's hard to claim defamation when this has been lurking out there... and all of that begs the issue:

Why hasn't the democratian been covering THIS?

They had no problem covering the bizarre and unconscionable suit Gellatly filed against a party PCO... they read this blog on a regular basis... so why haven't they covered this?  They even went so far as to publish the suit itself.

They afraid of getting sued like Richard Colwell?

Or are they doing what they usually do and have done so often in the past?

Covering for their buddies?

Let's presume that Gellatly was something even close to a conservative.  Do you think for one second they'd be sitting on this?

If Gellatly was, for example, named David Madore, don't you think that such a story would have been front page, above the fold, for weeks?

And what does the democratian do?

Nothing.  Not a peep.  But then, when you're a leftist, covering is what they do for you.

Interesting that we have yet another example of the Lazy C's double standard.
It's difficult to see Davey as any kind of a victim of anything but his own stupidity and arrogance.  This individual has repeatedly attacked me and has gone so far as to threaten me personally.  That he would file a suit against anyone over something as lame as this with a record like this?

That the Columbian refuses to cover this when you know they'd be crushing any conservative in a similar situation?

What do YOU think?

Thursday, March 08, 2018

More on Davey Delete: 3 counts of Theft 3 and bail jumping?

It seems that in addition to something of a multiple DUI drinking problem, Davey Delete seems to have had a sticky fingers problem.

Kind of makes allegations against him concerning money a little more problematic, eh?

("Dragnet" music playing softly in the background...)

Back on November 24, 2009 (a Thanksgiving and birthday that will live in infamy) a certain someone was popped for 3 counts of Theft 3.

He seemed to have blown off a hearing to be held on the matter and yet another failure to appear warrant was issued on May 17, 2010.

On May 18th, the original 3 charges were amended to include a 4th charge, that of bail jumping, yet another gross misdemeanor.

On May 20, 2011, an additional warrant was issued for failure to appear, setting that bail at $3,000.  (Meaning there had been a warrant out for Davey D. for what appears to have been 9 months.  Maybe Davey didn't think they were looking for him?)

On the 24th of May, 2011, a hearing was finally held and he pled not guilty to all, now four charges.

He was required to pay $200 for the bail forfeiture.

On December 6, 2011, it appears that the Theft 3 charges were dismissed on motion by the city attorney's office, and he was found guilty of the bail jumping allegation.

Davey has been pleading "youthful indiscretion" with his few dozen other mix-ups with the law, including his DUIs.

But it would seem the theft charges were the day he turned 28... as he was when the bail-jumping charge was added.

According to this, he's now, what, 37?

I wish I could say this sort of thing surprised me.  Sadly... it didn't.

Perhaps next time a candidate for anything gets involved with any aspect of the local GOP Establishment cult, they should, well, vet him or her FIRST?  They might be surprised at what they find.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Where are the women in Marine ground combat units?

Women should no more be in ground combat units than they should be defensive tackles in the NFL.

Except, of course, women in ground combat units are going to cause death and destruction.... just on the wrong side.

Regular readers are well aware of my position on this issue, a position shared by many, including the Sergeant Major of TECOM, the Marine Training and Education Command which was in large part responsible for staffing the Marine experiment that tended to show that women in ground combat was going to be a disaster if for no other reason than reduced capabilities at the strategic level; issues of pregnancy, morale, reduced capability and ABILITY aside.

The thoughts of Sergeant Major Justin Lehew, a Navy Cross warrior of some acclaim, who crossed sabers with the POG Secretary of the Navy (Mabus) who trashed the Marine study because it didn't fit the meme at the time, are stark, harsh and foretell the future of women in ground combat units, and they can be read here:

So, all these months where women in the Marines could enlist or apply for combat arms jobs.... how many have made the cut?


Not "1100."  But 11.

The standards have been lowered (denials to the contrary notwithstanding) and even THEN women have been stay away in droves.

Unlike the Army, where women have been assigned to combat arms units with zero real qualifications (Five week long correspondence courses and the like) the Marines actually make women go through training to prove themselves.

The result?  The Marine Corps Times asks the question:

Your Marine Corps 

Where are the female Marines?

And very few have even made the attempt.
Yet only 11 enlisted women are serving today in the traditional “03” infantry career fields, Marine Corps officials said. No women have even attempted the Basic Reconnaissance Course or Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, and there are no female snipers, according to data provided by Manpower and Reserve Affairs.
So, the Army has hundreds... the Marines?  Less than a dozen.

Why is that?

Well, on first blush, it would appear that in ground combat Infantry units, the Marines have maintained most standards, requiring women to meet the male standard instead of lowering standards, as the Army continues to do.

That women should not be allowed into ground combat units is self-evident.

Yet, the lack of women signing up (and who couldn't see that coming?) involves BOTH ground combat services in both the Army and Marines... because the Army now only has 500 women serving in ALL combat Arms capacities, without a breakout for Infantry, it's difficult to say how many of these women are in 11 series MOS's.

Even with the lowered standards of the Army, women are still refusing to take the jump, so to speak.

Unfortunately, the Secretary of Defense, Gen. Jim Mattis, has continued the socialization of the military.  The mission of the military of the United States is to kill people and break things.  Anything outside of that mission detracts from it.

This idiocy concerning the mainstreaming of women, homosexuals, transsexuals, communists and the like... ALL detracts from it.

Is the military more effective or efficient now than it was 20 years ago, technological advances notwithstanding?

There is no right to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States.  If such a "right" existed, there would be no standards to be met for enlistment.  The hundreds of ways an individual can be disqualified for enlistment would simply not exist.  And those standards exist for a reason... a reason which, when we throw the snowflake socialization into the mix, seems to simply disappear.

The military sets the standards.  And as long as the standards differ between genders and those confused about their genders... there will never be equality and more importantly, there will never be peak combat efficiency or capability. 

And when insanity like this persists and the cost is going to be in blood, then it's time to roll these programs back.