Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are the CRC Scammers going to apologize to Tiffany Couch?

Lew Waters asked the question a few moments ago.

As weak as the state auditors efforts were (They came no where close to a full audit, claiming they didn't get the funds for it) they still pointed out millions of dollars in "excess and questionable costs" on the CRC/loot rail project.

And yes, the phrase "loot rail" was the double entendre descriptor of this massive rip off.

Now, of course, the scum who beat Tiffany Couch to death over her efforts to show these shortcomings are silent.

Every single one of them who doubted her should be ashamed of themselves.

Every single one of them, like the slimy worm from the 49th, Jim "Candy Man" Moeller who we're unfortunate enough to have in elective office ought to resign... since their absolutely unsupportable attacks on her were nothing more than an effort tom discredit her publically, personally and professionally.

And as it turns out... Tiffany was right all along.

Those paying attention likely knew it.  CRC Scammers could only whine and snivel and do their best to attack her integrity because she worked for David Madore.

They had no evidence she wasn't telling the truth... but every CRC Scammer from Greg Kimsey to Steve Slimeball Stuart owes her an apology.

And hell will freeze over before they show the honor needed to provide one. 

Back to Dingethal for a moment: another non-viable campaign moment.

Bob's doing the best he can with what he's got to work with... essentially, nothing.

Here's another of the many signs that Bob should just walk away:

As you can see, this was posted on April 14th.

Since that time, 16 people "liked it..." and a whole four people shared it.


Even after being specifically asked to do so.

What this clearly means is that, in fact, the people are NOT "ready to stand with you," Bob.

If they were... you wouldn't be broke.


Yo, CRC Scammers: $17 million misspent. Cricket chirps.

Well the results are in.

They're only the surface, low-hanging fruit variety, to be sure since this was NOT a "complete audit" since, according to the state auditor, $400K was apparently not enough to pay for it all... but it's a pretty good start.

Meanwhile, the CRC Scammers seem remarkably silent on these findings... and this represents just a part of why the people hated this project.

Was it at the democrat goat rope just a few days ago that Craig Pridemore babbled thus about his pet CRC Scam?
"We've had a few bad years.  Working together, across party lines, across public, private and not-for profit sectors in our community, we strived to achieve the single greatest economic development investment in the history of our community.  
"Through a well-funded campaign of misinformation and deception, this community had the torch of history knocked out of it's hands."
"We've been chastened.  We've been humbled.  We've been mocked, despised and ridiculed."
"In the wake of our failure, a new tide of leaders has emerged, who say there must not be ANY community leadership.  Not public or private.  That we as a community must not vision, that we must obsess over our differences rather then set them aside to work together."
So... where's Pridemore on this?  Or Mussolini Mikey and the other M&M Twin, Maureen "The Hater" Winningham?

Here's what the Witch screamed at the goat rope:

"And when you purposefully undermine construction of a bridge that brings people back and forth for our community to make jobs and to make a living just because of your political ideology, you're not an ideologue, you're a bully." 
So, Hater, the fact that every single precinct in the 18th District voted against light rail last November is meaningless to you?

The fact that Pike's position mirrors that of the people of this district means you'd ignore that and do all you can to get this massive rip off built makes Pike a "bully?"

Well, look at this adult.  Look closely.  $17,000,000 misspent or illegally spent.

Doesn't look like "political ideology" was her core belief as much as common sense.

In fact, Whiner... it kinda makes your rabid support of this idiocy look downright stupid.

Maybe MacAfee ought to re-evaluate their relationship with you?

Meanwhile, the rabid fringe-left nutter CRC Scammers seem remarkably quiet on this.

Nothing from Slimeball Stuart or The Liar leave-it.  Nothing from the fired Paul Montague, formerly of Identity Vancouver or Parker, commissioner wannabe and Chamber of Horrors CRC Shill.

Crickets.  Deafeningly loud crickets.

Memo to Bob Dingenthal: Time to call it a day.

I must admit that I've never met Mr. Dingethal.  By all accounts, he's a well-meaning, well liked individual.


But it's time to wiz on the fire and call in the dogs.

These were the latest figures for Dingethal released yesterday.  Executive summary: he raised about $40K over the last quarter... and has raised $45K over the last 6 months or so.


Jaime Herrera on the other hand?  $1.17 million.

Dude.  It is far too late.  She made more over the last month than you have in your entire campaign.

You're about to get clocked.  Seriously.

Maureen Winningham: liar or just ignorant?

Yesterday, we reviewed Maureen Winningham's screed of a speech at the Clark County Goat Rope the dems had a few days ago.

Among her many lies was an obvious little number (literally) concerning the growth of a city in India that she'd just "visited" (You know.... for that company she works for the outsources technical support to foreign countries.... THAT company?) namely, Bangalore.

Her lies?  Well, among the many are this peculiar set.
"...and I just came back from Bangalore, India.  And let me tell you what happens when you DON'T invest in infrastructure.  Ten years ago, Bangalore was a sleepy little retirement town of a hundred thousand people. 
And now, it has 10 million people."
Remember my Rule One?

"If a candidate has to lie to be elected... they shouldn't BE elected?"

Ten years ago, in the latest figures available, the population of this "used to be a sleepy little retirement town" was 5.1 million.
Population Growth 
Source: Census of India[133][134

That's just a shade more than "a hundred thousand."

Why does she have to lie?
And no stop lights. I'm not kidding.
And, as much as she lied about the population issue to make up a comparison, oddly, to Clark County, she EVEN lied about the "and no stop lights" issue:

On the left of this video from the Bangalore Traffic Police, what do we see?

We see one of the non-existent "stop lights" that Bangalore allegedly doesn't have.

Why does she have to lie?
"What's happening, is that they're having blackouts... rolling blackouts constantly..."
Kind of like the ones they've had in California?  And GOD knows California hasn't spent anything on "infrastructure," have they?

Maureen's first speech that I've seen, and it's peppered with lies, anger, arrogance and self-importance.  It confirms beyond doubt that she is COMPLETELY out of touch with the main stream of the 18th District.

Since she's lied about things like this... what else is she going to lie about and what else HAS she lied about?

I, for one, wouldn't let her run an elevator for me.

Western Washington University's rape of I-200.

Most folks know that WWU is a neo-communist factory that cranks out leftist brains full of mush.  But I bet you didn't know their president violates I-200 routinely... and is, in fact, proud of it.

With his racist policies in place, I have to wonder: how does WWU get away with their bigotry?
White is not right: Campus admins ask for help weeding out white people

2:43 PM 04/15/2014

Robby Soave
Reporter The Daily Caller
Western Washington University sent a questionnaire to students asking them for advice on how the administration could succeed at making sure that in future years, “we are not as white as we are today.”

The question notes that WWU’s racial make up does not perfectly reflect the nation at large, and asks students to consider strategies that other universities have used to focus on skin color as the paramount indicator of a student-applicant’s worth.

The president of WWU has stated that his explicit goal is to reduce the white population on campus, according to Campus Reform.

“I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, that we as a faculty and staff and student body, as an administration, if we 10 years from now are as white as we are today, we will have failed as a university,” said Bruce Shepard, president of WWU, in a 2012 address.

The statements and actions of administrators suggest a preoccupation with skin color at WWU. In his address, Shepard made sure to discuss the racial make up of his new hires.

The university is also putting staff members through diversity and sensitivity training on topics such as “heterosexual privilege,” and “language privilege.” Such sessions were made voluntary after some people complained. (RELATED: University staff members forced to undergo reeducation in ‘heterosexual privilege’)

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I have two kids in college, and one is looking to shift to a 4 year after completing Clark.  I can assure you she wouldn't be caught dead at a place like that sewage pit, where laws are mere suggestions to be ignored by the fringe-left whack jobs running the joint. 

Why I will never buy another Government Motors car.

It's simple, really.  GM has killed people.  And they should pay for that.

GM to ask bankruptcy court for lawsuit protection

    DETROIT (AP) — General Motors revealed in court filings late Tuesday that it will soon ask a federal bankruptcy judge to shield the company from legal claims for conduct that occurred before its 2009 bankruptcy.

Related Stories

The automaker's strategy is in a motion filed in a Corpus Christi, Texas, federal court case, and in other cases across the nation that involve the defective ignition switches that have led GM to recall 2.6 million small cars. 
The motion asks U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos to delay action on the lawsuit until the bankruptcy court rules and other federal courts decide if the case should be combined with other lawsuits. But GM says it's not asking to halt action on a motion to force GM to tell customers not to drive their cars that are being recalled. 
GM has said at least 13 deaths have been linked to the switch problem. The switch can unexpectedly slip out of the "run" position, shutting down the engine, knocking out power-assisted steering and power brakes, and disabling the air bags. GM admits knowing about the problem for at least a decade, but it didn't start recalling the cars, including Chevrolet Cobalts and Saturn Ions, until February. 
The company's motion says GM will ask the bankruptcy court in New York to enforce an order made during the 2009 bankruptcy case that split GM into a new company and an old company. Claims from before the bankruptcy would go to "Old GM," called Motors Liquidation Co., while claims after the bankruptcy would go to the new General Motors Co. 
"Just like the other 'ignition switch actions' that other plaintiffs have filed in the wake of public reports regarding the outstanding recall, this case relates to a vehicle designed, manufactured, originally sold and advertised by Old GM," the company's motion says.
GM's motion says more than 30 cases have been filed against the company since February. 
With the motion, GM is trying to limit its legal liability in the cases while at the same time it considers compensation for families of crash victims. GM has hired Kenneth Feinberg — who handled the fund for the victims of 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing and the BP oil spill — to explore ways to compensate victims. No decision has been made.

The moron in the White House raped the taxpayers of this country for billions... billions will never see come back... to buy off the UAW.  People have died over GM's perfidy and while what they're doing MAY be legally tenable, like so much of the cancer that is Obama, it is morally indefensible... and even though I own 3 Camaros as I type this, I will never buy another GM product again.


Local dems a bit upset: shooting off their pie holes on the Barnes appointment.

Gotta love it.

The same moronic democrats that have been beating the hell out of Commissioners Mielke and Madore during Commission Meetings now expect those two to kowtow to THEIR demand and appoint the ONE guy THEY want... as if it were up to them!

First, it really doesn't matter who they appoint... or who those fringe-left nutters run.  They're going to be slaughtered this November countywide.

Second, Lew Waters has already provided a number of references where local democrats did NOT appoint the Number One name on a list submitted to them, particularly in the legislative arena.

Third, the idea that these commissioners would do ANYTHING the democrats want after engaging in the precise, exact SAME behavior Pridemore hypocritically claimed the GOP was doing is simply insanity.
"Where would we be today, if rather than working together, they'd spent their time mocking each other, insulting each other, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on political campaigns designed mostly to sow discord, distrust and disinformation." 
"It's only recently that a new tide has grown.  One that believes that community is an evil thing... that dreams and vision for the future are to be avoided at all costs.  That working respectfully with others is the road to ruin." 
"Through a well-funded campaign of misinformation and deception, this community had the torch of history knocked out of it's hands."  
"We've been chastened.  We've been humbled.  We've been mocked, despised and ridiculed." 
"In the wake of our failure, a new tide of leaders has emerged, who say there must not be ANY community leadership.  Not public or private.  That we as a community must not vision, that we must obsess over our differences rather then set them aside to work together."  
"That we must not even try to build a brighter future for those who will follow us."
"We do not intend to surrender the future vitality of this community to those who believe that the only people in this county who have integrity are those who agree with them." 
 Appoint a slimeball like Pridemore?

I wouldn't hire him to be a janitor.

And no matter how much the fringe left bitches and whines and moans... it ain't UP to them.  And I look forward to watching their heads explode like they did when the CRC Scam got dropped into the river when Barnes, hopefully, gets appointed.

That is ONE swearing-in I wouldn't miss!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Maureen Winningham's dem goat rope speech screws the pooch.

In all my years in politics (Some 26 or so now) I simply cannot recall a more bitter, arrogant, lying, uninspiring witch of a candidate than Maureen "Whiner" Winningham.

While representative of local democrats generally (Seen the hate site C3G2 lately?) some might believe those descriptors as being a bit harsh.

"Accurate" frequently can be a bit harsh.  But see for yourself: just listen to this hideous woman give her speech that makes about every conceivable mistake possible... while making her out to be a plain old, run of the mill jerk.

Winningham, who like every other democrat challenge candidate in Clark County refuses to answer any questions concerning her positions, whined about "not liking bullies" as the SOLE reason she's running and believes she has to lie by either omission or commission.... perhaps even to herself, as to the reasons she arrived at her conclusions.

But then, by now, she also knows she stands no chance of winning.

Ham... or anything else.

She accused Pike of "Stealing" because of Pike's democrat-constituent-inspired training-wage bill.

Sealing her fate by staking out her pro-CRC Scam position, perhaps the single-most hated political position in the entire district, Winningham stupidly declared that those of us opposing that rip-off only did so out of "ideology."

Those opposed to the crap pile Winningham so rabidly supports know better.

And then, she labels Pike a "bully" because she had the temerity to actually represent the people of the district and fight against the crap pile Winningham is so in love with.Never mind the waste of tens of millions, the figures that never added up, the hated loot rail, the fact that once the billions had been spent... precisely one minute would be cut from the southbound commute... no, the disrespectful bitch blamed it entirely on "ideology.

And SHE thinks PIKE is a bully?


That shows she's utterly and completely out of touch with the people of the 18th.

And, Winningham makes the absurd argument that Pike doesn't want "less advantaged children" to have breakfast because she voted against some unnamed bill.... the only thing she didn't accuse Liz of committing was murder.

Yeah, yeah.... I know.  They're desperate, and Heather Stuart really isn't all THAT smart... so, I guess you do the best you can with what you've got work with, no matter how loud the noise you make scrapping the bottom of the barrel actually gets.

Naturally, the Whiner went on to vilify Pike because Pike accurately spoke truth to power towards the WEA types infesting us.  Winningham, of course, has repeatedly bowed down to kiss the WEA's ass in hopes of their support.  Naturally, Winningham whined about how tough teachers have it, and how they can't seem to get their work done during the school day and about how special they are ... yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

The only thing missing was the obligatory porn music.

She came across as an angry, arrogant partisan hack.  Really worked her "disadvantaged background" into it, something I can match her blow to blow with when it comes right down to it.

In the end, her speech sucked so bad that it got a standing ovation of two: her husband and her kid. Everyone else clapped, politely, but they already know.

She's "dead man walking."

And no amount of screaming, lying, whining, moaning, completely misreading the district and being an arrogant bitch will change any of it.

7.5 minutes of Pridemore's idiocy at the dem goat rope (Barnes looks better all the time.)

Craig Pridemore apparently forgot Rule One for his speech to the communist party faithful:

If you have to lie to get elected... you shouldn't BE elected.

I found it odd that the only guy to be allowed to speak off the list submitted to Commissioners Madore and Mielke happened to be Craig "I've raised a whole $250 for my campaign - I cut Stuart a huge deal on campaign finance while I was in the legislature" Pridemore.

The transition from Pridemore's tenure to Stuart's was seamless.  Neither one of them give a damn what the people want; both of them speak only for themselves and neither one of them are going to be commissioners in 2 months.

So, here it is: 7.5 minutes of lies, distortions, whining, sniveling, moaning and complaining... and not one second on how he'd do better than the two we have in the job right now.

This speech cements Pridemore into the nearest local dictionary as the picture of the word "hypocrite."

First, he got crushed running for Congress.  Then, he got hammered running for state auditor.  Now, he's deigning to go to his 3rd choice: temporary county commissioner... and he's not likely to even get that gig.

He babbles about "setting aside differences to work together."

He fails to mention where, for example, any of his fellow CRC Scammers set aside THEIR differences with opponents to "work together," which naturally means that when decoded, the phrase uttered by any democrat, let along Pridemore: "...set aside differences to work together," means "doing it the democrats way."

That the current commissioners DO work together is the thing: leftists just hate that they're not calling that particular set of shots.  So, Pridemore and Pollard... the P.P. Boyz, set out to start a bogus recall campaign against the people and the commissioners.

How's that working out for you, Craig?

Then, of course, Pridemore goes on to babble about his fellow democrats:
"Where would we be today, if rather than working together, they'd spent their time mocking each other, insulting each other, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on political campaigns designed mostly to sow discord, distrust and disinformation."
Good question, Craig.  So why do you fringe-left whack jobs keep doing all of those things?

And that's where the rank, stinking hypocrisy of Craig Pridemore and his fellow fringers comes in.

He discovered he can't get elected dog-catcher outside the Vancouver Soviet (Like he won't next November, either, come to think of it) so he's come back down here... his third choice... to try and get back into the game.

"And still strive for that bygone era" when the democrats ran everything and their incessant whining was but a murmur.

Yes, this is the same Craig Pridemore that helped Betty Sue sell us out to the Cowlitz... The same Craig Pridemore that made the deal with Steve Stuart that allowed him to keep something on the order of $60,000 in campaign donations that would have gone away if Pridemore's campaign finance bill hadn't been "amended" after Steve and Craig had a little chat while Craig was in the Senate.

The EXACT same Craig Pridemore who, after giving a floor speech proclaiming that the first budget he was ever going to vote on was "balanced on the backs of the poor and the powerless..." RIGHT before he voted FOR it.

And then, Pridemore segues into full on lie mode:
"It's only recently that a new tide has grown.  One that believes that community is an evil thing... that dreams and vision for the future are to be avoided at all costs.  That working respectfully with others is the road to ruin."
Oh.  So Craig HAS watched Punch (No Choice Royce) and Judy (Ed Barnes) at commission meetings?  He HAS checked out C3G2... or read Lefty Lou Brancaccio's columns or those of the pit yorkie who coined the phrase "cockroach" for those smart enough to oppose their scam.

And then, Craig throws a mini-fit because his cherished, incestuous downtown mafia scammers get called on the carpet for their efforts to rape us all.

Clearly, if Pridemore had any say, he'd just bend us over and give them whatever they wanted... at OUR expense, of course.

Then, Pridemore PSYCHOTICALLY lies about the CRC Scam and calls those of us who opposed it something akin to evil morons... something like "tools" because we didn't go along with the fringe-left sectors, program.

All under the guise of "working together," no doubt.
"We've had a few bad years.  Working together, across party lines, across public, private and not-for profit sectors in our community, we strived to achieve the single greatest economic development investment in the history of our community.
And the people who were smart enough to oppose their idiocy both Praise God every day for your defeat AND find themselves mocked, despised and ridiculed as a result of that opposition.

But we also find ourselves victorious.
"Through a well-funded campaign of misinformation and deception, this community had the torch of history knocked out of it's hands."
Thank God.

There was "misinformation" all right: lie after lie after lie spewed from the mouth of those like Paul Montague who ran Identity Vancouver before he got fired.
"We've been chastened.  We've been humbled.  We've been mocked, despised and ridiculed."
We've been repeatedly called "cockroaches" by a scumbag editorial page editor, right you fricking hack?  And what about your fellow leftist scum on C3G2?
"We've been dealt (?) low."
Then, the biggest lie he uttered on that stage:
"In the wake of our failure, a new tide of leaders has emerged, who say there must not be ANY community leadership.  Not public or private.  That we as a community must not vision, that we must obsess over our differences..."
You mean like you "obsessed over our differences" in this speech, you arrogant jerk?
"... rather then set them aside to work together."
You mean like: "No light rail... no bridge?"  Like that, you fricking idiot?
"That we must not even try to build a brighter future for those who will follow us."
Kinda like candidates who "must not even try" to be truthful in their speeches, eh?

Craig Pridemore: lying scumbag.

And then, I literally threw up on my keyboard.  This slimeball ACTUALLY said:
"We do not intend to surrender the future vitality of this community to those who believe that the only people in this county who have integrity are those who agree with them."
Seriously?  Did this rank, fringe-left wing nut REALLY say that after attacking and vilifying those smart enough to oppose his scams because WE don't agree with HIM?  After all the garbage that he has spewed along with the fringe-left scum that are doing everything they can to depose the two conservative commissioners because they're pissed off they don't have any control?

"Hypocrite" really doesn't quite cover it.

Democrats around here are not happy.  They're also not galvanized, not excited and not activated.

Monetarily, they've abandoned all of their challenge candidates from Congress on down.  Their candidates are bitter, whiny and arrogant.  None of them, including the moron in the video above, have told anyone what they want to do and how, specifically, they intend to make it all better... in fact, they typically have no answers at all.

And for the left?  That ain't lookin' real good.

Briggs' speech at the dem goat rope: what's missing?

It was sad really, and an acknowledgement that first, he already knows he's going to lose and second, he certainly knows that his positions are going to get him slaughtered at the polls... which is why, of course, he continues to refuse to provide any or to answer any questions from any of his "I'm going to represent ALL the people" prospective constituents.

He talked about everything BUT what HE wants to do.  He failed to indicate where Vick had done anything wrong.  You know, like mail it in during the entirety of his tenure in office?

Fund raising for Mussolini Mikey continues to be a nightmare of failure, while all others outside the democrat party are raking it in.

With the continuing damage to the brand at all levels but particularly the local level, it's shaping up to be an abysmal year... a 1994 redux.  And when the M&M Twins are the best the dems can do, is it any wonder?

Left this message for Briggs. Watch him continue to ignore me.

I note that you claim you "...want to change that and really zero in on the 18th district’s issues to ensure all of the citizens of the 18th are truly represented.”

I have asked you questions repeatedly on this page which you have never bothered to answer.

You know your positions are unpopular and not supported by the people of this district.... so, once again... how do you intend to represent, say, ME.... when you won't even bother to respond to what I ask you in this campaign?  How would your decision to ignore me as prospective constituent translate once you were elected?

Given that every single precinct in this district opposes your CRC/Light rail dream, feel free to explain to me how you would have voted on that had you been there?

You claim to desire to represent ALL of us... a desire you express because your unpopular views were not supported in the legislature by ANY of this district's representation.  Since we have completely opposing views on any issue of substance in state government, by all means: explain to me how you would represent ME?

See, that's, the thing.  We both know that when you say you would represent "all of the citizens" of this district, that's simply not true.  You would, in fact, likely be a clone of Steve "I don't speak for the people, I only speak for Steve" Stuart.

Tell us again why anyone should vote for you when you ignore us now?