Saturday, October 21, 2017

When your Senators (Rivers and Wilson) are liars: state school property taxes to skyrocket...

The Seattle Times came up with a dandy chart to explain, by school district, how much our taxes are going to skyrocket thanks to the scam deal Rivers negotiated and both Wilson and Rivers approved:

Local school district increases: 2018 (Median taxable single-family residence value)

Battle Ground School District taxes:  $250 ($289,900)

Camas School District taxes:  $330 ($378,300)

Evergreen School District taxes:  $210 ($244,000)

Green Mountain School District taxes: $190 ($224,000)

Hockinson School District taxes:  $340 ($385,900)

La Center School District taxes: $260 ($303,700)

Ridgefield School District taxes:  $290 ($339,000)

Vancouver School District taxes:  $220 ($251,600)

Washougal School District taxes: $240 ($272,000)

Woodland School District taxes:  $170  ($192,800)

I knew at the time that when Wilson told the PCO's that  "I just want you to know that everyone in Clark County will be receiving a property tax[sic] that's going down," that both she... and Rivers... were lying.

County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick had long before that day been warning us that out property taxes were going to explode thanks to River's sell out to the democrats... but at the time, she was on their payroll, what with the announcement that she'd been hired by Strategies 360, a democrat campaign firm, WHILE she was "negotiating" (selling us out) to the democrats and their WEA keepers.
Tom, I think you are going to be in for a whole another level of stunned next year. We are working on the details and will release in August the increases just due to the new State budget combined with the local levy's for 2018. I can't do anything about it but warn the taxpayers. I can say for the typical home in Clark County they will see a 50% increase in their State School Taxes on next years tax bills.
THIS is what the RINOs bring us.  MASSIVE tax increases, massive fee increases and then MASSIVE lies, hoping we'll be too stupid to remember that they lied... and that THEY are responsible for this misery.

So, of the 3... Wilson, Rivers and Van Nortwick... who lied and who didn't?  

That's obvious.  Our two RINO senators screwed us, along with others previously thought to be "conservative," including Braun (20th) and King (14th)  But then, King is responsible for screwing us sideways on the gas tax/tab fee increases that Rivers worked so hard to jam down our throats.

Why they would lie to the PCO's is no mystery.  Tell them the truth about this and you'd be lucky to get out live.  Far easier to lie and live to fight another day.

THAT they would lie?

They're RINO's.  That's what they do.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Fundraisers for Englund? Why bother... it's a waste of money.

Those who follow state politics from even a distance know that Jinyoung Lee Englund has zero chance to win.

She's fighting two unwinnable battles: her district has turned increasingly left (Both of her House seats are occupied by democrats and her district voted 60% plus for Clinton) AND the years-long betrayal of the people by the GOP-controlled state senate.

Englund, who is from Seattle's 45th District, put together a pathetic 41.46% of the vote against 2 pro-state income tax democrats.  Late votes broke AWAY from Englund, increasing her opponent's lead with each update.

Washington State Wire reports that a mid-September poll shows Englund getting hammered 55-41 by likely voters.

Closing on $7 million has been spent on this race, which was unwinnable from the start.

When you look at what the "GOP-controlled state senate" has done TO us, instead of FOR us, they clearly deserve to lose control.

Their "control" has literally cost us billions.

Billions in gas tax and tab fee increases.

Billions in selling out to the WEA for nothing in return.  (There were zero accountability issues built into that rip-off.  Wasting those billions will do absolutely nothing to improve educational outcomes but it will make hundreds of thousands of us that much poorer...)

Cheaper driver's licenses for illegal aliens than for citizens.

A GOP ran "Dream Act" that guarantees slots in our universities for illegal aliens while making them eligible for tuition assistance.

The GOP failure to put an end to the fringe-left "whatever gender I feel like today" use of showers and toilets and other government facilities nonsense... which, come to think of it, her predecessor, Andy Hill, voted to allow?

As the voters of the 45th are showing, when you have RINOs running a governmental body, there's literally zero reasons to vote... or at a minimum, vote GOP.

Among other political problems Englund has is this: she's definitely pro-choice on abortion.  That means, win or lose, she would vote with the left on that issue.

And that means she'd be just as pliable on leftist issues as Rivers.  And what's the worst that can happen when Englund loses?

Our taxes and fees will go up?

Not as much as they did thanks to Gas Tax Rivers.

Tell me again why Englund should be elected... even if she could be... which my analysis has shown all along she can't?  Where, for example, has she come out in opposition to the screwing the GOP has laid on us in the Legislature?  What... or how... would she have voted differently than the RINO she's replacing?

Now, I'm given to understand that there's at least one fundraiser for her scheduled down here.

Clearly, you'd be better off betting it in a casino.

Because you'd have a better chance of winning on that bet than you would be betting it on her.

The obvious Gellatly-Obama parallels.

As I was watching the fake outrage of the left over the Weinstein objectification of women... which, as a template, neatly fits over Gellatly's ties to the strip club segment of his political world... and which women around here have made clear they're blind to when it comes to keeping their El Duce' in charge, (you know, he only had a FEW character flaws... and, allegedly, he made the trains run on time... am I right?)... the thought occurred to me that our local version of Mussolini has a lot in common with the politically late, unlamented, Barack Obama.

Let's take a quick look at Insane's political hero, shall we?

Gellatly, like Obama, is a consummate liar.

If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  This will save a family of four $2500 a year in health insurance premiums.

There are, of course, few aspects and areas about the GOP that Clown has failed to lie about.

Many of those lies were obvious... the Lincoln Day Dinner debacle... the horrific contract payments to Tomi Cleavage... his complete inability to handle ticket sales for that event.

You know that when a single candidate for local office holds a fund raiser at her house that brings in thousands more than the biggest fund raiser the local GOP has each year that the moron in charge has screwed it up.

He lies incessantly as opposed to taking responsibility for his multiple and frequently massive screw ups.  He lies about those who attack his policies, those who see through him and those who actively oppose him.
Image result for obama smoking pot
Gellatly, like Obama, has no problem pissing on the laws governing the country... or in the case of Obama, being overruled by the US Supreme Court at least 20 times.

Insane, for his part, does whatever he wants politically and views the local GOP as his own personal fiefdom... from making unauthorized purchases using party funds to hiring muscle to keep people out of a public meeting... the putsch of October 17... to ignoring the bylaws whenever the mood strikes... while allowing alcohol at a meeting in violation of the facilities contract at a cost of a mere $2550 to the Party.

And his winged monkeys don't care.  If he were convicted of axe-murdering a girl scout troop, they'd still wear out knee pads in front of him.

Gellatly, like Obama, engages in personal attacks and uses others to dig up personal information... Obama using his White House staff to and security agencies to wiretap his political opponents and then denying it... (Liars typically deny)

Insane, for his part, uses a buddy with an initial "F" to dig up personal information in an effort to threaten opponents such as myself... identity-theft type information like social security numbers and so forth in an effort to intimidate, to end opposition, to mute protests, and to attempt to destroy those smart enough to see through him.

Image result for mussoliniNone of this is a secret.  Insane's multiple DUI arrests, his complete disrespect of even traffic laws and all of the rest are well known.

Obama, for his part, didn't have any DUI's that I am aware of... he chose a different, equally illegal way at the time to get wasted.

With Obama, we had, perhaps, the biggest narcissist in the White House in our history.

With Insane, we can say the same about the local GOP.

Yeah, to put a point on it, these two are far more alike in so many ways... and there are others who share these characteristics.

I have worked on numerous campaigns.  Each and every one of them was for good, solid, conservative candidates who put their integrity and bed-rock political principles before any party label.

Insane and his owners are doing the best they can to eliminate us from the equation.  The result?

Expect more liars and those who prostitute their own ambition to sell us out to get elected.

More Rivers.  More Wilsons.  More Webers.  More Kimseys.  More Bloms.  More Olsons.... more, more, more.

More who rape Republican tenets on a whim.  More who will lie to get elected.  More who will tax us and enslave us to their agenda's... more who use the Steve Stuart philosophy of never speaking for the people but instead, speaking for themselves... more who will betray us on taxes, tolls and loot rail... and lie to us about our property taxes going down because they sold out.

More who will treat those who question like dirt.

More who will act like Insane Clown and his Posse.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Portrait of last night's meeting.

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Insane Clown didn't wait long, calls a same day "special meeting."

When your local party chair is an outright scumbag like ol' Insane, I guess this sort of thing is to be expected.

Whereas, Insane Clown is a lying son of a bitch, be it resolved that he is the worst political chairman in the history of this county.

It had to be today where Davey crapped on the bilaws... because, after all, that's what our resident scumbag does, right?

No lie he won't tell.  No threat he won't use, no exaggeration he won't spew.

He can't reinstall Clyde Holland, of course, but he doesn't give a rat's ass about the rules when he can ignore them.  Clyde was removed by a majority of PCO's in his district.

This went out THIS morning from the scumbag's keyboard.

From: David Gellatly <>
Date: Oct 18, 2017 9:40 AM
Subject: Special Board Meeting October 18th, 2017
To: Karen Trumbull Jim Johnson Tom Tangen Piper McEwen Leslie Meharry Clyde Holland Joel Mattila George Hacker



Welcome new members. Tonight is a special meeting called prioviously for the purpose of passing a resolution.

This is the only agenda item tonight, so it should be a very quick meeting. I know people are a bit exhausted...

Attached is the proposed resolution. Thank you all and feedback is welcome.


David R. Gellatly


Clark County Republican Party

Special Meeting - October 18th, 2018

Board Resolution to Issue a Republican Reset: 

WHEREAS, new board members were elected on October 17th, 2017 which reset the board to serve in the best interest of the Clark County Republican Party.

WHEREAS, previous resolutions approved by prior board members included proposals which directly conflict with the CCRP bylaws.

WHEREAS, previous resolutions and meeting minutes approved by prior board members included inaccurate information.

WHEREAS, previous board members have taken actions which were not in the best interest of the Clark County Republican and its members.

WHEREAS, there may be policies, resolutions and board appointments unknown to the current board and not set forth and agreed upon by the current board and shall be bound to.

THEREFORE, be it resolved that any and all policies, resolutions and board appointments which have not been not ratified by the Clark County Republican Central Committee, and which were passed prior to October 17th, 2018 by previous boards of the CCRP are hereby null and void effective immediately on October 18th, 2017.

THEREFORE, be it also resolved that the Clark County Republican Party Board declares this a Republican Reset for the party leadership and is committed to re-focusing on the purpose of the CCRP as outlined in its bylaws.

Article II, Purpose: Section 1. The primary purpose of this organization is to elect Republicans who support our core principles and party platform to public office. Other purposes of this organization include but are not limited to those listed in the following sections. Section 2. To provide opportunities and encouragement for all interested Republicans in Clark County to participate in Republican political activities and to participate in the formulation of the Republican Party and general public policy. Section 3. To promote fair and open election processes in which all Republicans can participate. Section 4. To provide fair and open caucus and convention processes in which all Republicans can participate. Section 5. To promote the Core Principles of the Clark County Republican Party as adopted according to Article XIX herein.

You can bet MY "feedback" ain't "welcome."