Friday, August 29, 2014

Pot heads dodge a bullet, but still get bitch-slapped.

Local dopers SHOULD rejoice, given how this trip-wired minefield COULD have blown up.

But instead... for now... the doper initiative remains in effect, albeit on life support and near death.

The City of Fife very nearly buried a shiv in the heart of I-502, which this blog has maintained from the getgo in reality, legalized nothing.

Those here locally bent out of shape over the county ban and the, say, Washougal ban are just going to have to fume.

The irony of this decision, MMH, LLC v. City of Fife 14-2-10847-7, is that had the court ruled in favor of Wetherbee, the next tripwire would have been a ruling on the Constitutionality of the law in toto, as Fife had taken the position that Federal preemption had rendered the entirety of I-502 unconstitutional.

That question was not expressly addressed.

Meanwhile, locals need to look out.  Between the massively increasing tax burden on pot, which was falsely sold as some sort of fiscal cure all based on the astoundingly false levels of revenue promised with passage and the pot black market, massive efforts of enforcement will likely have to take place not because pot itself is illegal, but the sale of it without various government entities getting their CUT is illegal... and the retail business is likely to get slaughtered as a result.

Because of revenue questions, if anything at all is to happen in the legislature, look out for a gigantic fist fight to break out.  Legislators need to tax pot at the promised $520 million dollar per year rate. and that could drive the cost of pot up past the cost of heroin and cocaine by a substantial amount.

Typical democratian partisanship: VA Care

When I enlisted during that little tiff in SE Asia back in August, 72, I was assured by a smiling recruiter that my enlistment would result in free medical care, "head to foot," for the rest of my life.

Excepting that my "free" care has cost me, and will continue to cost me, tens of thousands of dollars, I am entitled to said care for life.

But it isn't all that it could, or should, be.

Yes, there have been times when I've had to wait weeks or months for care.  Yes, that care has not always worked... even now, I suffer from a failed operation on my right hand from last October. Yes, on those occasions when I've had to go to the emergency room at Pill Hill in Portland, I have had to wait several hours to be seen due to inadequate facilities and staff.

But I also acknowledge that I have received care that has kept me alive.  It is a fact that I must also keep in mind.

I also have to acknowledge that when I buy medications of the generic variety, I have to pay $27 for what I, or anyone else, can get at Fred Meyers or Costco or many others for $10.

That stuff adds up.

All of this leads to the utter worthless grandstanding of Obama to "fix" the problems that have festered under his presidency for at least 6 years and for several years before that under presidents of both parties.

The edicts of Obama make no difference in the lives of the end user.  They are far too little, far too late.  And let's not forget that one of Obama's earliest VA scams was to force our wounded to pay medical premiums with private insurers to have THEM treat their wounds.

The leftist rag infesting our community, however, puts it in these terms, a product of the typically America-hating non-serving scum like, come to think of it, our current president.
 While Obama's policy speech hints at necessary changes, it also leaves several pertinent questions unanswered. Among them is how congressional Republicans will react. These are the same Republicans who plan to file a lawsuit against the president for his use of executive action in delaying a portion of the Affordable Care Act. Will they voice the same concerns about executive action when it is designed to assist one of their party's core constituencies? The guess is that the silence will be deafening.
The utter, rank hypocrisy of this kind of garbage is why the democratian is a rag to be despised along with those who run it and work there.

First and foremost, ANY time the president circumvents the Constitution of the United States, he should be smacked upside his political head for it.  While Obama has made it clear that he views our Constitution as his own particular brand of two-ply toilet paper, ANY time a president fails his job like this one has, there should be a price to pay for that:  And if, as the moron who wrote this stupidity suggests, this executive order does that?

Then yes: he should be sued to put a stop to it.

In fact, Obama should be impeached over his multiple counts of high crimes and misdemeanors in office as the Constitutional limitations on that office are meaningless to him and, apparently, meaningless to Congress.

Meanwhile, when our own Ridgefield Barbie and the rest of Congress voted to insult and defame and harm our retired veterans, including those disabled by cutting their retirements... where was this faux outragfe the partisan scumbag who wrote this pap expresses here?
That question, however, is merely a piece of smirk-inducing inside politics, the kind that will draw attention mostly from partisan policy wonks.
Like, perhaps, the scumbag who wrote this editorial?
Of more concern is the role the government can play in rebuilding trust with America's veterans. As Joe Davidson wrote in The Washington Post: "Mistakes can be corrected. Bad service can be improved. Broken trust, however, can be difficult to fix. President Obama is trying to rebuild confidence in the Department of Veteran Affairs."
Really?  And how, exactly, does this minor league grandstanding that accomplishes nothing do that?

The government has, in large measure, failed it's veteran population.  The rag, however, insists on puffing up both Obama and there bogus canard that "government" is making it all better.
Along those lines, some additional recent data suggest that the plight of veterans has improved. Federal reports show that the number of homeless veterans has fallen by 33 percent since 2010, and the number of homeless veterans sleeping in the street, as opposed to shelters, has dropped 40 percent during that time. Wrote Ben Casselman of "What's more, it's falling at least in large part due to government intervention. … In recent years, the federal government has vastly increased spending on housing assistance for veterans, mostly in the form of direct housing vouchers." 
That represents the sort of obligation the federal government has to its veterans. With the nation spending most of the past 13 years engaged in war, those obligations will continue to be paramount and costly for decades to come. Living up to them will require diligent action.
The promises made to those of us who serve (And it's of note that no one in the rag's newsroom or editorial staff appears to have bothered to wear our uniform) have not come close to being kept, nor will they be.

Pointing to a single, questionable success among a minute number of veterans (There are millions of us who are, in fact, not homeless who also should have our promises kept) indicates nothing, restores nothing, builds trust in nothing.

When a veteran doesn't have to wait in a VA emergency room for 6 hours to get two stitches in a cut... when being hospitalized under this "free" medical care for 17 hours doesn't cost $1100... when we don't have to wait months for surgery, or die waiting outright like so many have... then the rift in trust might begin to heal.

Until then, we need to remember that this nebulous government that the rag seems to worship in this editorial is what brought us to this in the first place.

And no one responsible has been held accountable.

And there will be no trust until they are.

Meanwhile, leave the partisan bullshit out of it.  There's enough blame to go around.  And no, the president is not above the law, even when he breaks it to confuse motion with action... like he did here... and that the rag was fooled doesn't mean that those of us who served and who depend on this "free" medical care that costs us so much were as stupid as that.

On the issue of fireworks.

In November of 2013, there were a wide variety of advisory votes which measured the temper of the people of Clark County on a variety of issues: among those was a question concerning fireworks:

CLARK COUNTY Advisory Vote No. 6 Fireworks Use and Sale

Yes 53,762 60.26%

No 35,454 39.74%

Total Votes 89,216 100%

The vote was obvious and overwhelming.  As a result of the vote, the ordinance as it is currently written should be modified to reflect this outcome:

Limit sales county wide to July 2, 3, and 4.

Limit the discharge of fireworks to July 4.

That is what was asked.  That is what we voted for.  That is what we want.

We cannot parse these results.  We cannot, on one hand, drive forward based on positive outcomes on other advisory votes while ignoring those we may not want.

I did not support those vote and do not support it.

But that is neither here nor there.  The people have spoken.  Stop screwing around and implement this outcome.

Failure to do so weakens you politically in other areas.  So, just do it.

MY "call for immigration reform."

I join with the increased cacophony of and for a demand for immigration reform.

Just not quite the same way as the fringe-left nitjobs who see borders as a minor to non-existent annoyance to be ignored at whim.

My approach is comprehensive and far reaching.

My approach involves all illegals, regardless of race, national origin, religion or sexual preference.

My approach will not require any so-called "round up" with "mass deportations."

And my approach will get the job done.

In no particular order of importance:

First, inculcate the bureaucracy with the concept that no one not a citizen of the United States has any "right" to be here.

Second, require proof of citizenship to receive any government service, license of any kind, education of any kind and/or job of any kind.  This nonsense that "teachers are not immigration officials," for example, has to stop.  Don't like checking immigration status?  Then quit your job, because I'm sick of people who work for us via government facilitating, aiding and abetting the illegal alien resort destination this country has become.

Third, make illegal alien ownership of property, defined to include real estate, motor vehicles, businesses and the like illegal, subject to seizure/forfeiture not unlike drug related property is today. 

Fourth, subject those hiring illegal aliens for any purpose to the same penalties, including imprisonment, as those who sell drugs or engage in slavery in this country face.

Fifth, permanently deny any pathway to legalization or citizenship to anyone here illegally, regardless of reason or method.

Sixth, deny illegals any social services of any kind.

Seventh, provide transportation back to their home countries of any illegal alien who requests said transportation.

Eighth, build, man and maintain border fences for both Canada and Mexico.  "Good fences make good neighbors."

Ninth, remember that the hue and cry over the "separating families" canard is based not on the laws or enforcement of the laws of the United States, but instead are a result of the thought processes used by the illegal aliens that are impacted by their own decisions.

Tenth, expand USICS (Immigration and Naturalization) to speed up legal immigration, with a preference given to those around the world who have demonstrated their commitment to our laws by waiting their turn and going through the process, recognizing that the accident of proximity should not confer advantages to those wishing to immigrate legally.  It should not take 10 years to come here if you choose to do so legally.

Eleventh, file articles of impeachment against the president on November 5th.

I believe these steps will go a long way towards self-deportation, towards reallocation of funding to citizens and to increasing/enhancing security of the United States.

Let me reiterate: I do not care what your color is.  This is the year 2014 and our security, both strategic and financial as a country, demand that we take these steps as a matter of national security and survival.

Take these steps, end the concept of illegal aliens viewing this country as a resort destination and the illegal alien problem would effectively disappear.  Act as if illegal aliens aren't anything but a democrat party recruitment tool... and you get what we've got now.

And it's a matter of time until our non-existent border security results in dead Americans.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Gee, what a surprise: Russia invades Ukraine?

Unfortunately for the United States, this is what you get when you have a clueless military-hating coward running the show.

Russia invading Ukraine was a foregone conclusion: I predicted as much before the Olympics was over.  For me, the only surprise was that Putin waited this long; I expected it within the week after the Olympics had ended, meaning that even Putin overestimated Obama.

I expect that this gradualism Putin is exhibiting will soon be replaced by a full-fledged, Georgia-style invasion.

Obama won't do anything about it; NATO reliance on Russia for natural gas means they won't do anything about it.  For strategic purposes, we should likely write off the Ukraine.

In fact, it's likely that we'll soon see some version of the rebirth of the Warsaw Pact countries.

And all of that will be laid at the feet on that empty-suited, Anti-American racist bigot in the White House who enabled it.

Meanwhile, ISIS continues to rampage, since they've got precisely zero reason not to.  And he should have flattened them early on.

This idiot's incompetence is simply beyond belief.

What we SHOULD do?

End the military draw down.  Stop using the DoD as the whipping boy for every moronic social program this neo-communist little worm likes.

Dust off the draft.  End the exclusion of women from the draft.

(There's a price to pay for that so-called equality, and it's about time women started paying it.)

Put troops back on the ground.  Admit that our withdrawal from iraq was as stupid and short-sighted as I and so many others said it was.  Hunt down ISIS wherever they may7 be.

Mussolini Mikey: making it hard to vote for a union lackey.

Look, I've made it clear that Brandon Vick's effort to reach new lows in achieving the distribution of legislative favors-for-food, that I'd likely even vote for him.

But how can anyone vote for a union toady?  How can anyone vote for a fringe-left clown who makes it clear that he'll put union special interests ahead of the people?


Aren't you SUPPOSED to be "fighting" for "US?"

This self-imposed acknowledgement of what we already knew: namely that these fringe-leftist whack jobs generally and this neo-communist in particular are owned by the unions is something well-known by anyone following politics at any level.

Nut to be stupid enough to admit it?  That's LEGENDARY stupid.

Here's the memo, Musso:  You are not going to GET elected... so you will never be "fighting" for ANYONE.

Those who are privileged to be elected to office are there and have but one purpose in life: to fight for the PEOPLE... and NOT the scum who own you.

Yes, we know who owns you.  But it takes a special kind of stupid to make a big deal out of a union (which serve as a democrat front) endorsing a rabid fringe-left nutburger like you.

Thanks for clarifying where your true loyalty actually lay.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Scum in the C3G2 hate group upset that Sen. Ann Rivers was nominated for "Statesman of the Year" by the Chamber.

As proven repeatedly, the hate group at the laughingly named "Clark County Fringe-Left Nutjobs for Good Governance" have peed their panties because Sen. Ann "Bridge Killer" Rivers was one of four nominees named for this position, along with C3G2 fellow fringe-left whack jobs Ed Barnes, Annette "Yeah I lied that I had the votes" Cleveland and Nan "Whatever the fringe-left wants in their coup attempt" Henriksen were also nominated.

Of course these leftists are going to be pissed: let's remember, this democrat front has nothing to do with "good governance," no hate site ever does.  And if there was ever any question that political hatred was driving their playground bullshit, this kind of garbage should put that to rest forever:

First of all, here we have yet another example of where these scum would demand of a woman elected to represent the people that she should ignore them.

The people, not only of her district but this entire county have repeatedly made it clear that Harry Smith's idea, illustrated in his moronic comment, that we as a community should be raped for the false and delusional cause of "financial opportunity for the State of Washington" You know, the state that was going to screw us for 45 years of ever-increasing tolls to get light rail into Clark County?  THAT State?)  WAS NOT WANTED.

It takes genuine neo-communists to completely disregard the will of the people so systemically.

And when both Pridemore and their precious Charter are crushed in a couple of months, they're going to find out up close and personal how hated their positions are... much like they personally hate those wise enough to oppose them.

I personally believe that all of those so "disgusted" would be better served if they would protest the nomination by hanging themselves.

All in the name of "good governance," of course.

Meanwhile, the downtown mafia are highly unlikely to award Ann, by far the most deserving nominee, this award.

The hatred exhibited by Barnes and Cleveland will certainly be attractive to them, as will the perfidy in helping these slime attempt to overturn the November 2012 election exhibited by Henricksen.  Since all concerned want the Charter so badly, it presents a golden opportunity for straight-faced earned media for that county-molesting effort.  But none of those 3 have come close to working harder and suffering more at the hands of the leftist scum like those on the C3G2 hate group to actually do her job in representing the will of the people than Ann Rivers.

A concept simply beyond these lowlife infesting us here.

But when hatred is your meme, like it is theirs...

More rank hypocrisy by the Lazy C.

One thing you can count on by the fringe-left rag: the situational ethics of the democratian reek as much as a Comintern meeting.

The democratian, which was WILD about the gerrymandering of the CTran district, which was designed to exclude "rural "no" votes from stopping CTran levies, seems equally wild about gerrymandering areas in violation of state law based on race so that RACES will get "representation" in government, instead of just, plan, people, regardless of race or gender or any other factor.

A brief history lesson:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here's a look at the part of the county that Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart, Tim Leave-it are excluding from the CTran votes.

The gray area is excluded.  The CTran rip off district to the areas circled in red is one street wide.  Every retail center in the county is included.  Every tax increase for those of us in the grey area: rammed down our throats without any say.

Everyone else is cut out.  Silenced.  Ignored.  And the Irony is that Marc Boldt won't be allowed to vote on the tax increase, either... since he lives in the area that won't be allowed to vote.

So, there you have it.

Only about a quarter of the land area is included.  The rest of us, because we don't support Boldt's tax agenda, are excluded based on a motion HE made to cut us out and guarantee our silence.

Is it any wonder Boldt finds the idea of a county-wide vote to be ridiculous, given his well-established effort to disenfranchise tens of thousands of us on a tax he wants, a tax we all have to pay, and a tax that, thanks to Boldt's efforts, we have no say over?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You have GOT to be kidding me: Obama to cripple military further by allowing "transgendered" to serve openly.

At ease: Obama eyes transgendered troops

BY  |  

Having already lifted the “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban on gays in the military, the Pentagon “likely will” allow transgendered Americans to serve openly in the military where 15,500 now secretly serve, according to a new report issued by top former generals.
Three of the top brass, endorsing the deployment of transgendered troops, also said their effort has the support of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and President Obama.
In a statement accompanying the 29-page report issued Tuesday, they said, “Our conclusion is that allowing transgender personnel to serve openly is administratively feasible and will not be burdensome or complicated. Three months have passed since Defense Secretary Hagel announced a willingness to review the military's ban on transgender service, an effort the White House indicated it supports.”
The three are retired Maj. Gen. Gale S. Pollock, former acting surgeon general of the Army; Brig. Gen. Clara Adams-Ender, former chief of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps; and Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Kolditz, a Yale University professor and professor emeritus at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he led the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership.
The report added, “In May 2014, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel stated that he is open to reviewing the rules that govern service by transgender people, an estimated 15,500 of whom serve currently in the U.S. armed forces. Following his remarks, a White House spokesperson indicated that the administration supports Secretary Hagel’s openness to a regulatory review.
“While the timing of any future policy revision is unknown, the U.S. armed forces likely will, at some point, join the 18 foreign nations and NATO allies that allow transgender personnel to serve openly.”


Bully Winningham, ever the rank hypocrite.

It's frighteningly clear to the biggest outright liar I have ever seen in local politics since Tim "The Liar" Leave-it came on the scene.

But this kind of thing?

This kind of rank hypocrisy is rife among the fringe-leftists infesting us:

For several weeks in this lying cow's campaign, I asked her questions... questions left on her campaign facebook page.

For several weeks, I asked Mike Briggs questions... questions that were left on his campaign facebook page.

For several weeks I asked Bob Dingethal questions... questions that were left on his campaign facebook page.

And what answers did I get?

Absolutely none.

My questions were first ignored... and then, deleted.  Meaning I, as a prospective constituent, was meaningless to any of them.

And for this brain-addled liar to claim that our Liz can't answer "simple questions?"

This woman shouldn't even be let out without a keeper.

What a pathetic disgrace of a human being she is, let alone as a candidate.

Need another reason to oppose the Charter? Democrats admit that it's to take back control of county government.

Besides the several obvious ones?

Well, here ya go:
Clark County Democrats: The Official Political Website of Clark County.

Support the Home Rule Charter

The Home Rule Charter has been hammered out by the elected Freeholders Committee under
the leadership of Nan Henriksen to provide necessary upgrades to the structure of Clark County
government.  These upgrades include; adding Commissioners, reducing Commissioner pay, separating
powers between the Executive Director and the Commissioners, and providing for citizen Initiatives and
Referendums.  All changes that are necessary in these times where the population is well advanced
from the 1800's standards of the original design, and power is divided appropriately to reduce abuse.

Time to go to work and pass the Home Rule Charter

Below this tripe, they put this up:

A message from the CharterYes campaign :
Passing the Home Rule Charter is vital to taking control of our county again.  This is the Kick Off event that will take the campaign into full swing. Madore has already made it clear that he intends to stop the Charter from passing.  We can't let that happen.
You will want to be involved from the start!
I give them props for acknowledging that the entire purpose of this partisan hackery is, as the democrats put it, "to taking control of our county again."

So, it's not about what's best for our community: it's about their partisan bullshit and they admit it.

Remember: we wouldn't even be having this discussion if democrats Boldt and Tanner had been elected in November of 2012.

Motives matter.  And this crap pile is not about anything but democrats reestablishing control over the county government.

And they admit it here.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Memo for Mike Briggs: This is NOT a "great turnout."

For whatever the reason, Mike Briggs mistook THIS as a "great turnout" for the La Center Parade the other day:

A great turnout for the La Center Our Days Twilight Parade yesterday evening. So many great supporters! My heartfelt thanks to volunteers Juanita Greenway, Chad McVeigh, Mike Turnauer and Chuck Green! We're well on the road to November! — at City of La Center.

That Mikey would delude himself into thinking a few C3G2 haters like Chuck Green equates to a "great turnout" shows him to be almost as unsuitable for office as Lumpy.

Talk about "Conflicted."

Meanwhile, here's a "great turn out" for LaCenter.  Use Rep. Liz Pike as an example.

Photo: Here I am with my faithful parade gang at tonight's LaCenter Twilight Parade celebrating "Our Days!"  What a great event! Thank you to all the great friendly folks in LaCenter. I gave the greatest supporters and team ever!!!

You'll notice that Bully Winningham doesn't have any pictures up from her "effort" at the La Center Parade.

It's just sad that we don't have anyone available for this seat again.  If there was a "none of the above" option on the ballot for this seat, I'd be alllllll over it.