Wednesday, September 19, 2018

C'mon Larry Hoff, you can do better than this.

As we all know, Larry Hoff is doing his best to lose the 18th District seat now held by Rep. Liz Pike.

And if the primary was any indication, he's doing it brilliantly.

He's desperate.  And that led to this nonsense:

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting
It was an honor to be joined by Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler on the campaign trail yesterday. More importantly, it was great to meet hard working voters, listen to what is most important to them, and learn what they expect from their elected representatives. #Hoff4House — with Samantha Adaire Moor Beeler and Jaime Herrera Beutler.
The problem?

I'm hearing this "hard working voter" that he's just met is apparently a worker on the Hoff campaign and a newly minted GOP PCO.

In the 18th District, setting this thing up with Herrera was likely not the smartest thing to do, given her somewhat less than conservative record.

Clearly, this is an act of desperation by Hoff's campaign who seems to believe that we were all born on a Saturday.... likely, LAST Saturday.

It's a pity he couldn't actually find a "hard working voter" that wasn't on his campaign involved as a volunteer... or so I'm told.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Rumor has it that the current local GOP regime is going to make an effort to keep some elected PCO's from being seated.

It's looking like the latest PCO elections may very well have shifted the political geography from the insanity currently running the show in the local party to something actually... Republican.

I'm hearing from multiple sources that an effort will be made to insure that at least some PCO's are excluded from their positions by a process designed to keep these elected PCOs from being seated.

The "why" of it is obvious and two-fold: first, those with their RINO clutches around the throat of the local GOP very much want to maintain their control over the apparatus.

Second, many of those who've been outed in a variety of ways want to use their position to engage in payback.  And their variety of it is designed to keep Republicans in various precincts from having representation in the local GOP.

There are, a great many things going on that are locally earth shattering as well.  Things are not going as well as they had hoped.

The current local GOP scene is roiled by miserable showings in the primary thanks to the current GOP regime, their incompetence, their lack of understanding of the political lay of the land and their own goal of furthering their own enlightened self-interests as they forget why they were put there (to elect REPUBLICANS) in favor of their own concerns over maintaining their version of "power."

Political organizations generally are judged on their outcomes.  The playground bullying of the current regime, the bogus lawsuit designed to silence the opposition, the lies, the drugs, the theft issues, the exaggerations, the fact that THIS local GOP organization spends geometrically more time, effort, energy and resources attacking other Republicans than they actually use against those they, allegedly, are here to do political battle with, namely, democrats.

No one, for example, can name where the local party has actually taken steps to go after democrat candidates.  And when did the local party come out and take positions on the issues most important to the people of Clark County?

The new bridge/loot rail rip off that alleged Republican legislators helped resurrect?

The massive increases in our property taxes?

The teacher extortion that will cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars in Clark County alone?



The issue, you see, is going to be dressed up, I'm told, as a matter of party loyalty.

But its likely to be quite selective in it's application.

As I pointed out a few days ago, "party loyalty" means different things to different people:
Here locally, several PCO's for example, did not vote Republican in the last primary and, in fact, voted against the Republican by supporting Marc Boldt instead of Eileen Quiring for County Chair. 
None of those past chairs have, to date, appeared to have endorsed Quiring now that Boldt has lost, either.  Does that mean they'll be voting for the democrat? 
That's not the first time, of course; in the last election for county chair, five past county chairs voted against Republican candidate Rep. Liz Pike for that position... which included a Republican PCO setting up a fake Republican PAC to actually SUPPORT nonRepublican Boldt. 
Three of those same former chairs endorsed Marc Boldt in this most recent primary as well. 
And, in 2016, our own Congresswoman wrote in Speaker Paul Ryan for president.  Should anyone get upset if it was found that people wrote in Speaker Ryan for Congresswoman Herrera Buetler's seat in return?  Or some other Republican of note? 
How could anyone in the GOP regime get mad if I, for example, wrote in Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers for the local congressional seat? 
How could ANYONE in the GOP hierarchy declare such an action to be wrong in any way?
None of these people were held accountable for their actions so it's difficult to avoid the fact that what these people were doing is, well, setting the example.  How can anyone be upset if that example is followed?

Was any effort made to hold these people accountable?


But there is no end to the effort, apparently, that may be extended to hold those objecting to the actions of these party leaders by holding the objectors accountable... by using such a false claim as an excuse to keep them from being seated.

The claim will be made that those PCOs who don't align themselves with the RINO Establishment in every way simply are not Republican.

Oh, they may dress it up somehow, but that will be the gist of it.

Will I be among those on their list?

Does my record as a Republican qualify me any more than, say, a Brent Boger, whose public dismissal of the Party when Marc Boldt was sanctioned (which he richly deserved) pretty much should have buried his past tenure as a party chair.... dutifully trumpeted by the local democrat daily, who used that to smack the GOP around to beat us up?  (The rag's many and false predictions of political blowback against the local party notwithstanding.)

Having served the GOP as a PCO, District Chair, County Delegate, State Delegate and Executive Director of the State GOP; the campaigns I worked on (GOP only) including Benton, Rivers, Mielke, Linda Smith, Bob Williams and the like over the last 31 years spared me from such a claim?

How about my membership in Clark County Republican women?

My guess is no.

When you have a bully in charge, facts have no place in the discussion.

I freely admit that I have, and will continue to, hold the GOP organization accountable.

I did it before this regime; I'll do it after this regime, thankfully, ends in a few months.  When I see a train wreck coming, I can either stand by silently and watch it happen, or speak out in an effort to stop it before it starts.

Sometimes, those in charge have not and will not like it.

But what about the many, many, MANY others in the party who have spoken out when the mood has struck them?

I freely admit that I will speak out both for... and against... candidates claiming the GOP label... who act like democrats or who vote like democrats.

I, of course, am not the only one.

How much, for example, did Larry Hoff lose the primary by?  In arguably one of the most Republican districts in the state?

But to use your position to exercise a political vendetta against those who oppose you?  To use that position because you've been outed as someone with a past... and current... record that would keep you from getting a job in a Wendy's flipping burgers, let alone becoming chair of a county GOP organization?

I believe in accountability of our politicians.  I believe in reminding people of the reality of the record of those we've elected who've lied, exaggerated, attacked and ignored their constituents.

Obviously, those in office do not want me to remind the voters of their actions.

It's not like, for example, I made up the GOP Chair's use of illegal drugs while he was chair; his past criminal record or his DUI's.  Does anyone claim that those observations are not factual?

I did not make up the fact that when Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers ran for the Senate, she pledged to oppose any effort at increasing the gas tax or tab fees... only to yoke the people of Clark County with a $700 MILLION tax bill.

Nor did I make up the fact that while "negotiating" this horrific budget that has cost the citizens of Clark County tens of millions of dollars to pay off the teachers, Rivers was actually hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm... causing all of her constituents to suffer massive property tax increases, many over a thousand dollars.

It's not like the promises bother Rivers and Sen. "Lyin'" Lynda Wilson made to the PCO's of the GOP in Clark County in the Summer of last year that our property taxes would actually go DOWN this year didn't happen, right?

It's not like Scott Weber didn't promise to fight to do away with his job as County Clerk as an elected position.  No one is coming up on the net and saying that I made this stuff up, are they?

It's not like when I pointed out that every Senator in Clark County voted to oppose legislative transparency that it came to me in a dream.  Nor is it like that when I pointed out that Rep. Vicki Kraft was the only House member in Clark County to vote FOR transparency that it was all a lie, was it?

It's not like when I point out that our Congresswoman, who trashed our President both during the campaign and after, who doesn't know if she'd vote to impeach him or not and who has had EIGHT YEARS to address our cross-river transportation issues and has accomplished NOTHING, is some sort of fantasy of mine,

A large segment of the Party hierarchy doesn't care about any of that.  If anyone of these folks robbed 7-11's as a hobby, they'd still back them.

So who cares if they lie?  ALL politicians lie, or so many RINOs told me... what's wrong with that?

One, a former party chair, reminded us that even then Governor Reagan lied about some sort of budget issue in the California Soviet.

To that, I replied, "so what?"

A lie is a lie.  That the source of the lie was Reagan doesn't excuse it or make it acceptable.  And, of course, when the source of the lies and betrayals are friends of yours, there's no end to the justifications you can provide.

Right, Brent?

I demand accountability for those who have so much control and impact over our lives.  I demand that Republicans vote more like Republicans and less like downtown democrats.  I demand that when they betray the party and the tenets of Republican in favor of the special interests over their constituency that they hear about and we're constantly reminded of it.

Somehow, it would seem that if I do not slavishly support anyone with an "R" after their name, that *I* am to be excluded.

When 5 former Party Chairs do the exact, same thing, and a big mouth PCO who set up a fake Republican PAC to support a non-Republican in 2015 and again THIS year... and when 6 former Party chairs engage in that SAME sort of activity this year... well, that's all different.

That's not a problem.  For the RINO clique running the show.

The question de jour:  When this Party, which failed to even bother to find candidates in the 49th or for county treasurer so the democrats there could run unopposed, loses seats around the county.... then what?

The current regime claims credit for the few positive outcomes we're experiencing while they blame anyone and anything else for the overwhelming negative.

Will they take credit for what looks like an upcoming miserable outcome this next November?  Will they blame those who oppose them internally for their outcomes externally?

Stay tuned.

And remember: VOTE REPUBLICAN.

Even if you don't really want to.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Husky football is in trouble: Jake was a LITTLE better... but not nearly good enough.

A week ago, having thought about it for a day and a half,  I wrote my first "Husky football is in trouble" post.

Well, I thought about it a little longer and I'm watching the Utah replay for the second time... and while Jake was not as bad as he was against North Dakota, he isn't markedly better, either.

Another stupid interception.  Missed passes that shouldn't have been missed.  Threw off his back foot, missed a wide open Samples for 20  with about 8:30 left in the 2nd quarter.

Every once in awhile, Jake was on.  He'd throw the occasional laser, and it was like he'd gone back in time.

But then...

At one point, Browning was bum-rushed on 3 straight downs and he managed to lose almost 30 yards, taking the Dawgs out of the red zone and, in fact, even taking them out of field goal range. 4th and 39, late in the 2nd quarter.

On that series, he looked confused and terrified.  He picked up a stupid intentional grounding call.

He threw that interception to a defensive end or tackle that was the size of an aircraft carrier.  How could he have missed him?

Yes, the offensive line is in the hurt locker.  But these decisions where Jake screwed up were HIS decisions.

Yesterday, Sunday, the articles started coming out.

"Myles Gaskin defends Jake Browning."

Myles Gaskin quick to defend Jake Browning after No. 10 Huskies’ 21-7 victory at Utah 

Is this a good time to point out that if Jake were playing reasonably well, Miles wouldn't HAVE to "defend" Jake?

That, as a senior QB, Jake is playing like this is simply inexcusable.

Jake has thrown only 4 TD passes this season.

4.  In 3 games.

Which matches up very nicely with the 4 interceptions he's also thrown.

Is ANY other QB in the PAC12 doing this badly?

Not and starting they're not.

Sit him, coach.  He doesn't have "it" any more.  Give Jake2 a shot.

What's the worst he could do?  Throw interceptions?

Why President Trump has to stick with Kavanaugh

As I posited back in July (and actually, many times before that) because of GOP Establishment weakness, they handed the left a golden rod they can use to beat the hell out of any GOP candidate or nominee for anything... and watch us cave.

The irony of this is that the GOP can't politically win on this issue.

In fact, no matter what we do, the left is going to beat the hell out of us anyway.


Because every time THEY pull out the sexual impropriety scam card, the Establishment GOP pees their pants and dutifully does whatever the left tells them to do... no matter what.

Instead of counter-punching and coming back over the top, which is what they MUST do here.

There are two issues right there on the table, available to be picked up and wrapped around the skulls of these same sniveling democrats in the Senate who are in a full on stall pattern because Mitch McConnell allows them to be.

Issue 1:  Rep. Keith Ellison.

Allegations of the variety this fringe-left scumbag is pulling out have only one purpose and truth is nowhere in that equation.

This allegation is made up of whole cloth and it is designed to accomplish the end of the Kavanaugh nomination while simultaneously attempting to splatter the entirety of the GOP as we head into the midterm.  It's a typical leftist lie wrapped in an equally typical leftist fals4ehood, entirely political in nature, made by someone who's own political background could... and would... never withstand scrutiny, done entirely to stall the nomination and make the President look bad by costing him a court nomination.

Keep Kavanaugh or dump him, the willing slime in the media will treat this scam the exact same way.


In military terms, if you know you're going to die holding that hill, you might as well take as many of these scum with you as possible before you go.

The counter?

No one in the GOP should even begin to discuss this matter without beating the hell out of Ellison over the FAR more credible allegations against him by women who claim he has assaulted them.

Minnesota Republicans know what to do and, apparently, are doing it.  That needs to expand to ANY Republican asked about Kavanaugh.

THOSE allegations against Ellison are not almost 4 decades old, were not made by a confirmed leftist with a bone to pick with the Kavanaugh family and who would slit their own wrists before allowing President Trump to fill another Supreme Court vacancy.

If the allegations against Ellison were made against any Republican of any stature, we'd never hear the end of it.

Well, the reality is that the democrats, who continue to support that low life, SHOULD be the ones who never hear the end of it.

So, how come they haven't been hearing it?

Why haven't the same RINOs expressing "concern" over Judge Kavanaugh be expressing concern over Ellison?


Number 2: 200+ members of Congress who used taxpayer dollars to pay off staffers and other women as a result of THEIR impropriety.

EVERY member of Congress in the GOP (You listening, Herrera?) should be DEMANDING the release of the names of those who stole the taxpayer dollars used to keep these women quiet.

Where are they?

Our esteemed Congresswoman hasn't had any problem shooting off her mouth to trash our President.  How come she's not throwing a fit over both Ellison and the unnamed 200+ in Congress that apparently found it impossible to keep their hands to themselves and their mouths shut when it came to impropriety with women?

In fact, where is Carolyn Long in all of this?  You hearing anything out of her pie hole on what the left allows their own to get away with?


Why not?

So, here's the thing: No matter what the President does, he and our GOP are GOING to get hammered.

Well, we might as well get hammered with our guy sitting on the bench as opposed to allowing what appear to be MORE bogus allegations to derail another badly needed Republican from holding office; this time, the Supreme Court.

And as I have stated during the Judge Roy Moore matter, if they got away with that, there would be no end to who they would use this idiocy against because the morons running the GOP simply don't know what to do or how to react when confronted with these lies and fake allegations which are entirely politically motivated.

Don't hold your breath, however.  These things are so obvious a blind squirrel could see it in a minute.

If we were GOING to do it?

We WOULD be doing it.

And we're not.

Good Luck, your Honor.  With friends like these?

You're gonna need it.