Friday, June 05, 2020

The missing elements of the protest scam: Self accountability and self responsibility.

The hypocrisy of these "protests" (or, more accurately, riots) is this: the subjects of self-accountability with a heaping side of self-responsibility.

No, George Floyd did not deserve to die.

But what, in his life, led up to his execution?

A record of drug use, violence and prison intersecting with a bad cop.

Not only is no one mentioning his record in this riot coverage (or even more rarely, the fact that he was on drugs at the time of his death) but every ten minutes or so, the talking heads incessantly remind us of his manner of death. They push the victim narrative as if Floyd were picked out at random for this treatment.

Speeches by the dozens, the hundreds.  Massive condemnation for those who aren't in lockstep with the group hive mentality.

Look up Drew Brees.  Look at how he was crucified over his comments concerning disrespect to the flag.

Black athletes from all over jumped up and down on him like a trampoline.

He has, as so many others who fail to agree with the group think have been forced to do, apologized.  And back track.  And beg forgiveness.

The hypocrisy of all of this is obvious.  Because the missing links... holding YOURSELF accountable for YOUR own decisions is never mentioned by ANY of these people.  Being RESPONSIBLE for what YOU decide to do is never mentioned by the thug supporters generally and the left particularly.

Celebrities shoot off their mouths and blame everyone else (particularly the President) for the current conditions in black society.

But rarely to never do they ever question the judgments that have turned out so badly, because the failures on the part of the black community are rarely their fault and can, instead, always be attributed to race and the failure always being someone else's fault.

And when these "experts" discuss this (and being a black millionaire from sports by no means makes one an "expert") they never seem to discuss the root causes of these issues.

They never seem to have time to go to Chicago and work to end the black on black slaughter that takes place most every week in the Windy City and elsewhere.

No... they chose to focus on the relative tiny leak of blood from black young men that are caused by bad cops while they decide to ignore the ocean of blood spilled by other blacks.

Here's a clue:

One day, Black Lives might Matter to us... when they begin to matter to other blacks. And until these same hypocrites focus on the REAL root causes of these issues, I have no reason to listen to them babble for this excuse.  This excuse to loot.  This excuse to steal.  This excuse to burn.  This excuse to destroy.  This excuse to kill.

By failing to address the REAL causes of problems for young black men, they are acquiescing to the lack of judgement, the lack of self-accountability and the lack of self-responsibility for the actions caused and allowed by their black brethren.

Dead, you see, is dead.  How you get there is secondary to the outcome.  And while they mourn a man who has spent years in prison for drugs and assaults, they completely ignore the men and kids slaughtered by other blacks... not to mention black police officers killed by other blacks, like most recently in New York last Wednesday.

That's their choice, of course.  But I suggest that because of THAT lack of focus or concern, they have zero right to lecture us about this or anything else... particularly rich athletes who support the destruction... until it touches them.

There is so much more they COULD be doing.  Instead, their efforts to protect people are mostly limited to those already dead.

And that's a damned shame.  Because they COULD make a huge, positive impact on the black communities around this country.  They could educate those in poor communities, drawn to a life of gangs, drugs and crime.

But nope. Their "concern" doesn't extend past those already beyond reach. Instead of talking about hard work, focus, goals and how to be successful no matter how poor you may be or "disadvantaged" you may be.  Because they care SOOOO much. 

When the spotlight is on them. 

The rest of the time?

"Killed by each other?  Not so much."

The rest of the time, they've got no patience.  The rest of the time, if you say the wrong thing, they throw a fit and demand you be fired and your life destroyed because they, of course, are perfect in every way and never say or do the wrong thing.


Just google athletes and what many of them have done.  You'll see for yourself.

They condemn others, but avoid condemnation themselves because, well, you know, that's "racist."

If only they would practice some that self-responsibility themselves.  But that's likely to never happen.

Thursday, June 04, 2020

The nonsense of "discussing" so-called "racial justice." Simply not possible.

So, many are going around suggesting that "discussions" need to take place concerning race. The problem?

Those "discussions" are simply not possible.

What these "discussions" are boils down to agreeing with those who view blacks as victims. Failing to agree with that philosophy makes you a racist. Period.

Bring up the manifold failings of the black community, and you're a racist. Disagree with any element of the black demand list, and you're a racist.

Who's protesting for them?  Aren't they black enough?

It's standard leftist shlock. The same scam is used on border security and voter identification.

If you don't believe in open borders, you're a racist. If you believe that only American citizens should be allowed to vote in our elections, you're a racist. If you think that all voters must prove their citizenship by using required identification (you know, the kind that's required for almost every other element of our lives, but strangely only becomes racist when the subject is voting) then you're a racist.

If you believe our flag should not be disrespected, then you're a racist.

The ONLY cure for the racist label is to agree with whoever the prognosticator happens to be. Race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Don Lemon and Jessie Jackson. Not in lockstep with them? You're a racist.

Today's example is Drew Brees, New Orleans Saint's" Quarterback.

"I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country," Brees said. "Let me just tell you what I see or what I feel when the national anthem is played, and when I look at the flag of the United States. I envision my two grandfathers, who fought for this country during World War II, one in the Army and one in the Marine Corp. Both risking their lives to protect our country and to try to make our country and this world a better place."
So, that's how Brees began HIS discussion. That's how HE sees it. And that makes him a racist.

Because he does not agree with the hypocrites kneeling in uniform on the field before games. Millions of others (I admit it, including me) support his position

But you know what?

He's not ALLOWED to see it that way. Because THAT means.... he's a RACIST.

These same people now beating him to a pulp have kept silent about looting, burning, murdering and the other past times of many protestors. They say nothing about the slaughter of five blacks, including two black police officers, during their riots.

But Brees, when asked the question, disagreeing with the "I am victim" show of his fellow athletes, his fellow multi-millionaire game players who are SOOOO OPPRESSED...

(Let me go off on a tangent here. Blacks in this country do not know oppression. They spend a great deal of time playing the victim of racism generally and by police specifically, but they have no idea what "oppression." is.
Death zone, East German Border.  Landmines, machine guns, Surveillance

I spent 6 years in Germany in Army units who had one, specific, mission: defending American Interests IN Germany. Part of that time was spent guarding the East German border.

For those who don't know (And as frighteningly ignorant as most Americans are, most likely don't know) East Germany was communist. A Soviet client state. It was so bad that many people died trying to get out. So bad that the Soviets built a wall along the border of Germany, Austria and then Czechoslovakia.

That wall wasn't to keep people out. No, that wall was to keep people IN.

And they wanted out. Why? Because THEY were oppressed. Look it up.)

Brees now been forced to backtrack, apologize, beg for forgiveness.

And I'm sorry to see that. Having spoken my mind, I would have resigned. I NEVER would have apologized. Instead, he looks like a whipped dog for backing down... when he was right.

You see, he said NOTHING to apologize FOR.

Chris Martin is apparently some jock in the NBA
Every black "VICTIM" has the right to say whatever THEY want without fear or being required to apologize:

For example, have any of the news outlets blown this guys words... his rank hypocrisy... up into anything LIKE Drew Brees?


Wonder why?

Could it be because Mr. Palmer happens to be black, and this same media so lovingly forceful in their efforts to get Brees to claim he "made a mistake" don't want to be accused of the Cardinal Sin of, God Help Me, being insensitive?

Because I don't remember black athletes pounding HIM on social media for HIS obvious hypocrisy.

Why didn't they?  Could it be they share in his hypocrisy?

Why, they're just as silent over that as they are over the slaughter of 5 blacks (so far) by "protestors."

Or are they just crucifying Brees because he doesn't kowtow to the leftist line? Or is it merely because Brees happens to be white?

So, no, @DaleEarnhardt and @BubbaWallace, there can't be any discussions.

Because if you start out with a line of thought that the racial collective has determined to be "racist," whether it is or not, then you're condemned before any discussion starts. Particularly if you're a so-called "Black Star Athlete," because, you know, celebrities in this country know absolutely everything there is to know about any subject, right?

Nonsense. But leftist worship of those who have the right attitudes on their issues would make you think they do.

I have spent the last 4 years avoiding the NFL. I used to go to games, even flying to Pittsburgh one weekend in September of 16 to catch a Steelers' game against Cincinnati. Bought jerseys, had NFL Sunday Ticket, the whole gig.

Now, nothing again. Having gone the last 4 years without, I have determined I can go the next 40 without.

Those who've slaughtered, maimed, burned, looted, destroyed.... they have pushed me a thousand miles away from giving a rat's ass about their issues, many of which they simply don't care about:

As anyone paying attention knows, blacks are slaughtering blacks in ongoing record numbers.

Chicago remains a slaughterhouse for blacks of epic proportions. How come none of these "black leaders" are in THAT city, trying to keep black youth from killing each other?

How come none of these protestors, these "victims," protest black self-eradication?

Simple: personal responsibility doesn't play a huge role in black society. Because they have been taught since birth that nothing they do is their fault. They have been taught to play the role of victims. In everything from family structure to single moms to reliance on social service networks to affirmative action, the sense of entitlement is overarching.

Now, no news will cover my statement here. My last name isn't Brees or anything else with a level of celebrity attached to it.

But this is the start of MY discussion and those who disagree with anything I've written can feel free to disprove me. But rest assured I'll be condemned as racist for failing to join the leftist/victim collective, where any thought not approved gets you crucified....

...just like Drew Brees.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Who protests over the dead police?

Black Lives Matter?  I guess not... if you're wearing a badge.

I appreciate the situation that started all of this, but I also know, as do most sentient beings watching, that race has long since left the building when it comes to the basis for these riots.

We hear the name George Floyd every 60 seconds or so.

Help me.  What was the officer's name who was killed in Oakland?  Don't know it?  Here, let me give you a hand:

David Patrick Underwood.  A Federal Protective Service officer.

A black man wearing a badge in Oakland, was slaughtered over this... for the crime of guarding a federal building.

Who is protesting over him?

No one?  Why not?

Wasn't he black enough?

Four officers shot in St. Louis.  Two officers shot in Richmond, Virginia.,  One officer shot in Las Vegas, rumored to have died from his head wound.  One officer shot and killed in Ogden, Utah.  Officer shot in Baltimore.  An officer shot in Philadelphia. Officer shot in Davenport, Iowa. Officer shot in Milwaukee. An LAPD Officer shot in Venice Beach.... and perhaps, more.

I had to dig to get these facts.  I had not heard of most of these.

The talking heads go out of their way to remind us of George Floyd.  But after awhile, it just becomes background noise.

Because they don't seem to have time to mention the blood spilled from the officers who were killed, shot and possibly dead, and the others shot doing their jobs... which is to protect us.

Who protests for them?

Monday, June 01, 2020

Riots and allowing ONE BILLION DOLLARS to be ripped off may be accomplishing what COVID could not: a disaster for the democrats here in Washington and everywhere else.

Many are furious at Governor Jay Inslee over his handling of the COVID virus, although EVERY poll indicates his handling of restrictions is overwhelmingly supported and the main opposition comes from those ignorant of the Constitution as they incessantly claim he's violating it.

That's not true, of course, but it is what it is.

Meanwhile, another couple of issues have jumped up which reaffirms his incompetence, as well as that of democrat mayors around the country and several other democrat governors who support the rioting and looting of their states.

Here in Washington State, the first issue is Inslee's handling of the riots.  There is no question that these riots were going to break out.  Rioters are always on the lookout for an excuse to steal, loot, burn and destroy, all under the monumental bogus claim that they need to be heard.

So, what did stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton purses from the Portland store accomplish when it came to the issue of racial justice?

Not much.

Well, that begs the issue: why weren't these democrat governors and mayors competent enough to be prepared for these outbreaks?

Why weren't National Guard units on alert and pre-positioned?  All of them have been trained in crowd-control and handling riots. A blind squirrel could see in a second that they needed to be on alert and, at a minimum, staged to rapidly deploy throughout the cities that were threatened.

And the idiocy of Inslee sending in UNARMED National Guard is totally obvious.

The intensity and immediacy of these failures is obvious to anyone not supporting the destruction of their cities, like, for example, Oregon Governor Brown and Washington Governor Inslee support it.  There's nothing to indicate they DON'T support that destruction, and a great deal to suggest they do.

Not to mention the clueless idiots running Portland and Seattle.

In Portland, it was clear that the police were totally out manned and overwhelmed last Friday.  In Seattle, it was equally obvious the the Seattle Police Department had no hope of controlling the thugs that were also using the death of George Floyd as the excuse they needed to cause millions of dollars and damage and loot millions more.

Had the Guard been deployed in adequate numbers and armed to provide security, neither city would have experienced this terrorism.  Instead, we had disaster.  Leaders in Seattle saw what happened in Portland.  They had more than enough time to prepare.  And they sat on their thumbs.

Had the guard been sent in, armed, by the thousands, none of that would have happened.

These are prime examples of REactive governors/mayors instead of PROactive governors and mayors who simply do not want to OFFEND their fringe-left voter bases.

It's a built-in issue that can actually switch the power in Olympia and Salem.

The second issue, which easily crosses party lines, is their rank incompetence, both  in Oregon AND Washington, of the handling of the unemployment crises these two caused.  Inslee allowed, now, as it turns out, ONE BILLION DOLLARS to be stolen from the People of Washington State.

While the source of that information is suspect, given that it comes out of the mouth one of the more notorious legislators when it comes to a lack of integrity, one Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, presuming it's true, both allowing the thefts and then covering them up certainly could be enough for a downfall for Inslee.

The failures of these governmental leaders is obvious.  They're coming up for election and their terrible handling of this... not only may stop them from getting reelected, it may result in them NEVER getting elected to anything else, ever.

Just sayin'.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dave "Druggy" Gellatly running for any office? PCO Precinct 195 and CHARTER REVIEW COMMISSIONER, (AT-LARGE) POSITION 2 in Clark County in 2020 ?

Well, Druggy is fixin' to get waffle stomped, to be sure.

It hasn't been that long since his disastrous, uber-narcissistic, playground moron tenure as Chairman of the county GOP.

A history of illegal drug use WHILE GOP chair; arrests for multiple thefts, DUI's... a history of threats and even getting put up as a front to try and intimidate those intelligent enough to oppose this punk by actually SUING A PCO WHILE HE WAS CHAIR!

An utter, abysmal, failure.  An out and out liar.  A punk who wasn't spanked enough when he was a kid.  An irresponsible sexist.  An idiot who actually, stupidly believes he's the smartest guy in the room.

A moron who, along with the rest of his regime, did absolutely nothing to pay off the fine levied by the Attorney General's office... to include blowing off the Court date assigned... against the party for issues concerning filing PDC reports because that moron didn't actually believe it had to be paid.

The Attorney General's office, of course, took a different view, and the new regime he's trashing picked up the burden that this crumb left us AND PAID OFF THE ENTIRE FINE.

He's a narcissist who thinks he's all that. He isn't.

Below is a list of some of the major posts I've written on this scum.

So, guess who I wouldn't be caught dead voting for?

Another side of Chair Gellatly and a reason to make sure that all proposed Board Members are vetted.

David Gellatly's circular firing squad: time for him to resign.

The Gellatly Revenge Tour: His effort to keep me from being seated as a PCO continues.

Most recently, Druggy seems to have been sending out little love notes to new PCO candidates in his never-ending effort to be relevant.

It's filled with the typical lies and half-truths Druggy is known for as you might expect.

Not surprising.

But that THIS clown actually wants to run for office, in this case, to have any say of any kind in Clark County government?  With a proven record of poor judgement, incompetence  and drug use.


Threats, lies, attempted intimidation.  The worst judgement of any elected official I've EVER seen.

Elected?  Imprisoned, maybe, but not elected.

There are many posts here on CCP dealing with this nimrod.  His cult supports him fanatically.  But I wouldn't let that clown run an elevator for me.

Unlike when he was the only candidate ruining for GOP chair, he's been vetted this time.  His record.... his drug use WHILE GOP CHAIR shows that he lacks the kind of judgement, integrity and responsibility to hold any political office, anywhere.