Sunday, September 24, 2017

The irony of the pro-jock's response to President Trumps remarks concerning their defilement of the Flag and the Anthem.


The needle on my irony meter not only pegged... it wrapped itself around the peg... twice.

Ever since that slimeball started the trend, several others of these overpaid, underworked, spoiled rotten punks, incapable of producing an independent thought, have joined with the unemployed moron in showing their disdain for their country, for those who sacrificed so these millionaires.... WHO PLAY A FRICKING GAME can act like idiots... for the people of this country and certainly, for those of us who paid for the palaces these scum play in.

Their antics don't make me care MORE as to whatever their goal happens to be: in fact, it has the opposite effect... It makes me care less.


Not to me, they don't.  Not until black lives begin to matter to other blacks and they stop slaughtering each other in places like the Chicago Shooting Gallery... where 751people were murdered, included in the number of just under 3,000 people shot.

They were mostly black.

The victims?  Were mostly black.

The shooters?  Were mostly black.

Seen these same scumbags in Chicago, attempting to DO something about this?  I sure haven't.

So when these clowns crap on our Flag in protest over.... what, exactly? 

Yeah, my heart pumps purple concrete over whatever the "Cause" is that these people do nothing... or next to nothing... about the rest of the year.

But the mortality of their insult to the REST of the people of this country... those of us who keep them in Lamborghinis...

Yes, this is Beast Mode's Lambo, yes, he put
velvet ropes up around it on a public street.
Of course, SOME of these players actually DO "give back" to their communities.
But not nearly enough to impress me.
For example, this bit of bling on the left, here.
How many patients could have been seen at a free clinic with the hundreds of thousands of dollars this toy cost Marshawn Lynch?

Yes, he gives his community lunch money.  But does it stop him from living a life most people in Oakland, California can't even imagine?

It's really easy to sit on your ass and insult tens of millions so you can claim you're DOING something.

Well, if the Lynchs and the Bennetts care all THAT much, why aren't they giving, say, 90% of their pay to efforts to STOP BLACKS FROM SLAUGHTERING EACH OTHER?

It's because in reality, they DON'T care.

They are, at core, as racist and bigoted as any Klan member who ever lived and the whole point of their escapade is to jam a stick in the eye of whitey.

Well, to jam a stick in MY eye, I have to watch.  Which I refuse to do.

The NFL is aiding and abetting these scum, as that slimeball Goodell, who pulls down what, $40 million a year because of this game? Proceeds to enable these massive insults... having approved hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for everything from wearing the wrong color shows to writing a message on their uniform with a felt-tipped pen.

NFL ticket sales are off and ratings are getting slaughtered.  Last year, their excuse was because of the election.  That, of course, was (and is) a crock.  Because THIS year, we don't HAVE elections to "distract" us.

As if.

So, yesterday, the President put a voice to the people who are sickened by these scum.  He told it the way many of us see it.

And what did that moron Goodell have to say?
NFL's Goodell says Trump's comments about league, players show 'lack of respect'
Wait.... what?

As near as I can tell, he's showing these scum the same level of respect they're showing the rest of the country... which ain't much... and Goodell doesn't seem to care about THAT, does he?

Some of these scum actually DID manage to graduate.  Presumably, they aren't ALL stupid.

They have to at least have an inkling of the damage this idiocy is causing.  Those of us who pay their outrageous salaries are staying home.

How much longer the NFL can take these loses is an open question.  But the NFL's hypocrisy is not.

I refuse to be involved in any way with these scum and their enablers.

And I am not alone.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

So, Trump, speaking for millions, bitch-slaps the NFL.

By now, you've likely heard of the President's reaction to those punks disrespecting our flag and this country at the start of many NFL games.

This same NFL has no problem fining players thousands of dollars for, say, honoring the slain Dallas police officers or writing other things on their uniforms.

But the NFL seems incapable of understanding that at least part of their ever-dropping TV ratings and ever dwindling fans-in-the-stands, like this one:

USC's crowd put the Rams' embarrassing attendance to shame in side-by-side

Last year, the excuse was the election was a distraction, because, you know, NFL fans are so buried into politics that it keeps them from watching/attending football.
I haven't seen the excuses they're using this year, save for the games take too long and they're far too expensive... but what else is new?

I, personally, have dumped my franchise-history long allegiance to the Seahawks starting last year with the idiocy of that moronic defensive back, Jeremy Lane, who felt he had to be Kaeperpick's bitch and disrespect the Flag and the Anthem just like he did.

This year, it's that thug Michael Bennett and others.
So, no.  I don't watch them.  I won't watch them.  And the anger the President expressed dovetails absolutely with mine.

You see, these scum believe... And the frightened NFL has so far gone along with... the idea that they have a "right" do engage in this middle-school bullshit.  A bunch of pampered, spoiled, multimillionaire jocks, disrespecting the flag on a field the grateful taxpayers for the State of Washington bought these low-lifes because obviously, Paul Allen couldn't afford it.

The President said, effectively, what every NFL owner AND the Commissioner SHOULD have said and SHOULD BE SAYING:
Disrespect our Flag and our Anthem?

You're fired.
Obviously, these clowns aren't getting the message.  It's gonna take some REAL financial hurt to get their attention.
I support President Trump's efforts.  And the irony of the scumbag Commissioner of the NFL whining about the President failing to "respect" the players?

Well, that kind of hypocrisy cannot be overlooked.
The President, it appears to me, is "respecting" THEM, EXACTLY as much as they're respecting US.
Yes, this same NFL made hundreds of thousands off fines for "uniform violations."  So, to the scum running the NFL, the issue isn't one of disrespect.  It's one of WHAT you disrespect.

And clearly, they have no problem disrespecting the Country that has enabled them to become prima-donna millionaires because they can play a game.

If these punks are looking for sympathy, one of my old platoon sergeants used to tell us "it's in the dictionary between 'shit' and 'syphilis.'"

I appreciate the President delivering the message to these light weights.  Screw them AND the National Football League.

Gellatly and his winged monkey Crain continues to trash the local GOP.

It's tough when you've got a psychotic-appearing slimeball as your local party chair.

And it's tougher if he's stupid.

It's difficult to find any marked difference between Chair Gellatly and Chair Stalin.  Both exist in a cult of personality: both are dictatorial and neither allow(ed) democracy to flourish.

Most recently, the Board voted to get rid of Insane Clown Posse 7 to 4... And one of those 4 had resigned.

Gellatly's whack jobs, including the local rag, call that a "coup attempt".  That's a lie, of course, but it pales in comparison to the lengthy list of lies and incompetencies this scumbag is responsible for.

Meanwhile, these two scum are out their busily trying to round up votes to get 4 of the 7 board members who, coincidentally, voted to remove Clown as Chair; kicked off the Board.

Posse is very big on getting the PCOs to vote to kick OTHERS off the Board.  Doesn't seem too keen on allowing such a vote when HE is the object of their democracy.

But then, among his other talents, Clown is best known for being the biggest hypocrite in local politics.

So, he sent this load of tripe out here not too long ago...
 Also, please consider the following. We all believe the current state of the Clark County Republican Party needs resolved. The board has reached irreconcilable differences and cannot move forward together, which all board member[sic] agree on. This Petition is solely to call the meeting, and is not a vote one way or the other. 
 The attached petition is to call for a meeting where the PCOs are able to vote whether or not to remove the disruptive members of the board. If at this meeting, the PCOs vote to resume with these members, the Chair and the Vice Chair will resign. If they vote to remove these members, then we will immediately elect replacements for their positions.  
Either way, this is the only way to come to a final resolution for a board willing and able to work together. As Lisa Ross so eloquently put it, let's rip this band-aid off. 
 At least 7 days prior to this meeting, there will be a fact sheet released so all members can make an educated decision. 
 If you are on this list, and you sign this today, we can call this evening this evening and resolve this thing. We would like to call this meeting Oct. 14th, so that it may be resolved prior to our next Central Committee Meeting. By doing this, you are helping the party move forward from this, no matter which direction it moves. I of course hope that we move towards one with a higher sense of integrity. 
 Thank you for all you do,
 David Gellatly"
There's so much crap and bogus nonsense in this one email, I don't know where to start.

The only "irreconcilable differences" are between the vast majority of the Board and Insane.

The Board certainly CAN "move forward," with or without Insane on it: After all, in most instances, a 7 to 4 vote advantage is plenty to make things happen.

The problem Insane has here is his incessant reference to the Board members smart enough to vote against him as "disruptive."  No one has come close to the level of "disruption" Insane has caused.  No one has lied more.  No one has threatened more.  No one has tried to intimidate more.

His actions are far more "disruptive" than anything these people have engaged in.

The BEST way to "rip the band aid off" is to put ONE name up to a vote for removal.

And that is David.

Aka Insane Clown Posse.

Any "fact sheet" from that scumbag will be even more worthless than he is.  It would contain lies, exaggerations, falsehoods and portray Insane as pure as the driven snow.

It likely will contain testimonials from his strip club buddy, and/or Carolyn Crain, who seems quite forgiving of Clown when it comes to his efforts to trash her through me.

Politics makes strange bed fellows, to be sure, but not the strangest that I know about... Right, Senator? (Yes... I know you're reading this... and I know what you tried to do to me.)

So, stay tuned.  This is about to get interesting.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Clearly, there is no lie Gellatly won't tell... or that the rag won't allow him.

It's tough to have an outright lying scumbag as your local GOP Party Chair.

Particularly when he emulates the actions of a pathological liar.

This blog is replete with examples of this nut job's actions: his lies about me, his lies about others; his brutal incompetence and his abysmal failure of a Lincoln Day Dinner debacle... one that I easily forecasted ahead of time.

In everything from bringing in a strip-club manager buddy to defend him to multiple DUI's and a record as long as your arm, this guy has shown himself to be an utter lowlife who is unfit to be a crossing-guard, let alone a major party chair.

In the local democratian, they posted this:
All Politics is Local

Clark County GOP infighting goes IRL

Efforts to de-seat Clark County Republic Party chair David Gellatly are unwavering. In addition to the recent coup attempt by members of the Clark County Republican Board, numerous social media campaigns to remove Gellatly have popped up. RemoveGellatly, for example.

But that’s not all. The party infighting made its public debut when signs, like the one shown below, were posted around town.

CCRP Gellatly sign
This photo was published in the Facebook group “South West Washington Opinions” shows one of the RemoveGellatly signs displayed in Clark County.

Some are taking their distaste of Gellatly a step further and creating parody accounts. Dillatory Dave is a cartoon that has both its own Facebook page and website. The Blind Onions features CCRP board members Leslie Meharry, Jimmy Johnson and Clyde Holland. A website called SwampMemes features more than 80 memes mocking Gellatly and a few select members of the Clark County GOP.

Last but certainly not least, the social media campaign went IRL Wednesday when a handful of protesters holding signs adorned with phrases like “Clyde Holland Protects Abusive Disgraced County GOP Chairman” stood outside the Holland Partner Group around lunchtime.

I asked Gellatly for comment. Here’s what he said:
David Gellatly“There are a very few people looking to cause disruption and spread lies. They went as far as to pay people to hold signs in front of Mr. Holland’s office, and create false narratives on ridiculous websites all while hiding their own faces. 
The purpose of the Clark County Republican Party is to elect Republicans to office. Myself, along the majority of good people within our party, remain focused on this purpose, despite the attempts to disrupt this purpose from this small minority of extremist views. 
This attack has nothing to do with the false claims they think will damage the leadership’s reputation, the attack is solely due to extremists wanting control over our party and showing they are willing to say and do anything for their agenda. 
If anyone has any questions with regards to the Clark County Republican Party, I am always happy to answer them and provide accurate information.”

Of course, this Sword person shows her bias by falsely labeling the effort by the Board to get rid of this clown... a 7-4 vote FOR his removal, as a "coup attempt," which of course, the Board vote was NOT:
"Coup" defined: a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government:
"he was overthrown in an army coup"
That this woman couldn't find anyone at the building or anyone involved to get a quote from THEM implies that what this lying slimeball said was actually the truth.

The problem is that those of us on the inside know that Gellatly is a liar, a hypocrite and incompetent.  He thinks he can intimidate people into silence.  Seems that kind of crap has sorta backfired with me.

That the man is a coward is indisputable.  If he weren't, he would have allowed the Board vote, he would have recused himself and he would have allowed his expulsion to be fought out where it should be: among the PCO's.  But since he knows what the outcome of THAT fight would be... and that "small minority of extremist PCOs would boot his ass to the curb in a New York second.

That the local GOP has this lying sleazeball as chair is a stain on local politics that will take years to wash away.  And his lying about what's going on doesn't change it.

Time for DACA recipients to be deported.

Naturally, leftists and the illegal aliens being protected under Obama's illegal executive order are upset that maybe, just maybe, DACA is going to get revoked.

Well, it should be.

And they should be deported.

I'm sorry, but I simply don't care when these people were brought here.

They were illegal then; they were illegal when Obama decided to try and get them to vote democrat, and they're illegal now.

That they may not have had any say in the matter doesn't protect them from the law.  The idea that some illegals are more or less illegal than others, or that families are being "broken up" because of this is absurd.

Of those protected by DACA, is the local democratian going to run the stories of the murderers, robbers and rapists?  Or even the drunks who killed others with their cars?  Of course not.

In the comments section under the story of this clown, this guy has been apparently charge/convicted of domestic violence and rape along with 4 other cases of some sort.

The newspaper story naturally didn't mention that.

I wonder why?

As for the "Vancouver man deported. leaving behind his wife and seven children," wasn't this HIS choice as well as his wife's?

Why didn't she, doesn't she, go down there with him?

You know, you can just see the GoFundMe page now:
"My illegal alien husband was deported according to the law.  We're split up.  Help me to raise the funds I need to move down to Mexico so my kids won't be without their father and I won't be without my husband."
Imagine the publicity of THAT!

See, the "leaving the wife and seven kids behind" or the tear-jerking "split up family" scam ain't the thing.

The THING is that these people want to wiz on our laws to stay HERE.

And my question is this: how does allowing that to happen deter those who want to follow in their footsteps?

It's doesn't.

That they came here illegally does not... MUST not ascribe to them ANY special privilege not afforded to those who follow the rules and wait their turn.  What it DOES do is result in the insanity Obama was looking for of kids jammed on trains and shoved over the border on the off-chance they could BECOME anchor babies.

So, no.  Send them all back.  Otherwise?

There's no end to those who view this country as an illegal alien destination resort... or the numbers  of those who will take advantage of it.