Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hillary shoots herself in the foot: ties herself to Obama's amnesty.

I'm starting to get the idea that the "democrat stupid" is genetic.

In a larger example of local "democrat stupid," defined as consistently running tin-eared leftists who deliberately try and get elected by running on issues their prospective constituents strongly oppose (For example, the most recent leftists running in the 18th sounded exactly the same as Molehill Moeller, running in the 49th.... even though the constituency was exactly the reverse on the hot button issues of the CRC/Loot Rail and the issue of Oil/Coal.) we now have Hillary, who is either surrounded by incompetence, or so far to the left that even in the face of overwhelming opposition to Obama's Mussolini-style dictatorship, she actually supports this shredding of the Constitution.

Hillary Clinton backs Obama immigration move

NEW YORK (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton voiced support Friday for President Barack Obama's use of executive actions to protect about 5 million immigrants from deportation, setting up a sharp contrast with Republicans on an issue that could play a leading role in the next presidential campaign.

"I think the president took an historic step and I support it," Clinton said in an appearance at the New York Historical Society, embracing her fellow Democrat's moves to address immigration.

The former secretary of state, a potential Democratic presidential candidate, said Obama's actions were in line with previous moves by Democratic and Republican presidents alike and urged Congress to "follow the lead" of a measure approved in the Senate in 2013. She also placed the efforts in the context of families, many of whom she said are longtime residents raising children and paying taxes.

"This is about people's lives," she said.

It was Clinton's first public comments on Obama's immigration orders, which have been harshly criticized by many Republicans in Congress who accuse Obama of overstepping his executive powers. Clinton issued a statement shortly after Obama's speech Thursday night expressing support.

Charging hypocrisy, the Republican National Committee released a Web video earlier in the day that included the audio of an April 2008 Clinton speech in which she criticized President George W. Bush's use of signing statements and other means "to transform the executive into an imperial presidency."

Clinton spoke about the immigration plan during an interview with Walter Isaacson, the biographer and CEO of the Aspen Institute, at the event. Clinton said she was studying the life and presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and discussed the need for Americans to find a "common purpose."

What makes this so deadly for her is simple and it's the same problem that Barry is going to have until we're rid of him:  If he can govern by edict on this, then where does it end?  Why can't he govern by edict on anything.... such as tax rates, or environment, or gay marriage, or price controls?

Out government is not set up so that a president can legislate under the claim that he can make law until the law makers make a law he likes.  That kind of coercion is much more reminiscent of Hugh Chavez than George Washington.

Only 38 percent of the American public support this effort by Obama to force his will down our throats.

At this point, the latest NBC Poll shows that it's even only a small majority of Latino's here that support it: 43 to 37.

Them idea that everyone wildly supports this imperial takeover appears to be just another media-manufactured pro-Obama-scam as they've long since seen this clown sink into the depths as the worst president this country has ever known, a president that makes most long for the day of the former title holder, Jimmy Carter.

Hillary's "me-too" will kill her chances of election with an even greater intensity that her efforts to allow the slaughter of the 4 Americans in Benghazi and her fake, "I was under sniper fire in Bosnia" lies.

As the bills mount, the crimes increase, the jobs to legal residents and citizens are lost, the opposition to this idiocy will build like lead poisoning... and it will be just as tough to get rid of.

I believe her over-the-top support of this stupidity has finished her off.  And that's Hope and Change I CAN believe in.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Strong rumors persist that Rivers is a go on the county chair election: Mielke running "for retirement."

Rumors are strengthening that Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18) will be mounting a challenge for the position of county chair.

Sources outside the Rivers circle have been calling her and urging her to run.  Rivers is contemplating her options here, but I'm told by many in the field that if she were to run she would effectively be "unbeatable."

Meanwhile, Commissioner Tom Mielke is already out working it, attempting to round up endorsements early.  But I'm also hearing from many sources that early endorsements are frequently coming with the caveat that if Rivers runs, all bets are off.

Tom needs to be extremely careful here, since winning this election would result in a dramatic reduction in his retirement check, since it's based on the last 5 years of service.

As of now, his last 5 years for service would be in the $100,000 plus range; if he were to win, that number would be reduced to one year at $100,000 plus and 4 years at $63,000.
Food for thought and a tough, tough decision to make.

Whatever is the GOP going to do?

At the national level, the president acted like a petulant jerk with his use of the Constitution as toilet paper; reminiscent of the mayor of Vancouver's petulance and naked power grab by starting the process of dissolving CTran as a result of Craig Pridemore's loss for county commissioner.

The people do not want this empty-suited idiot of a president to act unilaterally.  The people of Clark County did/do not want the CRC Scam.  The people of Clark County did/do not want BRT.  Obama, like Leavitt, do not give a rat's ass what the people want.

The question then becomes this: what is the GOP going to do about it?

Well, we don 't know what our cowardly empty suit in Congress wants to do or is going to do; she's too terrified to tell us and besides, her abrogation of representation didn't hurt her last re-election, why should being as worthless as a brass door-knocker hurt her now?

Political types are running around like chickens with their craniums removed.  Me?  Not so much.

The options for the GOP as I see them are these:  Say a great deal, but do nothing that changes much, if anything.

Or, as I call it, the Herrera Gambit.

I call it that because Jaime Herrera has failed to accomplish anything of note since we were unfortunate enough to have her return after an 11 or so year absence.

She babbles a great deal... or those with a hand up her back into her head (Ala Jeff Dunham) babble for her via press release... but she accomplishes little to nothing.

Her biggest local failure?

She did nothing to stop the CRC/Light Rail scam.

In office since November, 2007, and she never even tried to do anything about the CRC Scam except, of course, talk.

Even thought she has the same stature as a hood ornament, she's successful at keeping her job which, of course, is not only the only thing SHE'S concerned about, it's the only thing most of Congress is concerned about.

I see Herrera as the model for the GOP congressional response.  They have yet to show they have the testicular fortitude to put the security and the well-being of this nation ahead of their own re-election chances.  This will be no different.

They will TALK a great deal: but in the end, buying into the all-aflutter talking heads whining, they will accomplish nothing of note as they deal with a fait accompli.

What should they do?

The president wants a bill?  Give him one.

Include asset forfeiture for those who hire illegal aliens modeled after asset forfeiture for drug sales.  Treat the hiring of illegals the same way we treat the sale of illegal drugs.

Make it illegal for illegal aliens to own real property of any kind: buildings, houses, cars, land, etc.

End the concept of "anchor babies."  Those breaking our laws to give birth here should not be allowed to use that as an excuse to stay here.  They should be deported; if they want to take their children born here with them, that's up to them.  But breaking the law should never be rewarded with something allegedly as precious as legal American residence.

Make it illegal for illegal aliens to be provided housing.  No state housing.  No local housing.  No private housing.  Cut all federal funding to any state that allows it.

Make it illegal for illegal aliens to receive any social service or schooling.  Cut all federal funding to any state where such programs are provided.

Permanently bar any illegal alien from citizenship or legal residence in the United States.

Build a border fence that will actually make a difference. Issue a shoot on sight order at the border.

Place active duty Marine and Army divisions on the border to enforce it, until such time as the Border Patrol can be expanded and equipped to deal with it themselves.

Fine the county of Mexico $10 million in foreign aid, per year, permanently, for each illegal alien they allow to get through to our border.

They won't do any of those things, of course: to do such a thing is to actually begin the process of addressing the unpleasant realities that FAILING to address these issues have led to.  Because failing to deal with these issues has certainly made a huge, positive difference, hasn't it?

EVERY option needs to be on the table: Impeachment, government shut down, all nominations blocked.  The GOP would never consider doing any of those things or any combination of them; unlike the democrats who routinely tattoo them, the GOP is fear-driven.  And those who lead from fear rarely do what has to be done.

But in the end: we as a people and as a government either want to put a stop to this or we do not.  And if we are to put a stop to this, then every possible action needed to accomplish that goal should be considered and implemented.

Meanwhile, where does this dictator stop?

As one talking head put it, what's to stop this clown from destroying the constitution on any number of other issues?

Double the minimum wage? No problem.  Jack up the tax rate?  Easy.  Institute an executive order.  Privatize social security?  Piece of cake.  Executive order, coming up!There's no end, now, to what a president can dictate.

And if a GOP president were to engage in this kind of extra-legal activity in ways the left didn't like, these hypocrites would be out like a rioter in Ferguson bitching about it.

And that's the thing these people ignore:  Implement the nuclear option in the senate when you're in charge?

Well, it remains in effect when you're NOT in charge.  THEN what are you going to do?  I mean, you can't complain about it, can you?

How long have we been told by the moderates/establishment in the GOP that they just have to eat it; otherwise they won't get elected.

I take the opposite tact: what good does getting the GOP elected do if, once they get there, they don't do anything different?


And now we find out who's right:  because the GOP HAS been elected.

The only remaining question is this: what difference is it going to make?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The irony of the democratian's take on I-1351.

Gee.  Imagine what the outcome might have been had the rag spent as much time attacking this WEA idiocy as they did attacking David Madore.

With only a .46% change in the vote statewide, this thing would have been defeated.

So, instead of railing against this stupidity, they generally... and that moron running the rag particularly... wasted months smurfing David Madore...

...which availed them nothing.

Every candidate he endorsed outsider the Vancouver Soviet?  Call them "elected."

And this is an example of the single-minded obsession Lefty Lou engages in: when fixated on a single target, you miss everything else: like how ineffective your jihad really can be.

Right, Lefty?

Obama out-Mussolini's Mussolini; Herrera continues her silence.

The empty suited idiot in the White House tears up the Constitution while Ridgefield Barbie does... and says... nothing.

Just another in the many reasons to despise this clown.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Once again, the democratian ignores the I-504 pot revenue lies.

So, we saw a little blurb in the rag that told us what the expected amount of money from pot taxes is expected to be:
The most recent revenue forecast released Wednesday by the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council shows that the industry is expected to bring in more than $694 million in state revenue through the middle of 2019. A previous forecast in September had that projection at about $636 million. 
The latest report shows that nearly $43 million from a variety of marijuana-related taxes — including excise, sales and business taxes — is expected to be collected through the middle of next year.  
About $237 million is expected for the next two-year budget that ends mid-2017, and $415 million more is expected for the 2017-19 budget biennium. 
Really? On September 4, 2014, they wrote the following:
The Columbian editorially supported the passage of I-502 in 2012, arguing that the United States' prohibition on the drug has been a long-term waste of time, money and law-enforcement resources. Those arguments still hold sway, but local jurisdictions are perfectly within their rights to prevent marijuana-related businesses. About 56 percent of Washington voters agreed with legalization, but in Clark County 50.3 percent of voters cast ballots against I-502. That is a slim margin, but it lends weight to officials' decisions to place a moratorium on such businesses.
But they left out the issue of revenue.
Why?  Because when they so slavishly bought into the idiotic lies of how much revenue this scam would produce, they wrote THIS:
The Columbian endorses Initiative 502 for many reasons, not the least of which is financial. I-502 offers Washingtonians the chance to radically change how we react to marijuana, from wasting $211 million over the past decade enforcing marijuana laws, to creating a revenue stream of more than $500 million annually via a 25 percent excise tax (plus other taxes) on legal marijuana sales.

582 million in new revenue
The lie concerning pot revenue used by the
I-504 campaign and bought by the democratian,
directly from the pro-pot campaign website.
Now, today, we see that instead of what the lazy C wrote then... and instead of the lies of the I-504 campaign:

We get something approaching the truth.

Instead of the lie of $582 million in revenue EVERY YEAR, the state will be getting far less.  Hundreds of millions of dollars less.  BILLIONS of dollars less.

The rag, of course, has never once mentioned how badly fooled they were on the revenue issue: they'd hate to admit that I was right and not only were they wrong, but they weren't even close.

And Lefty Lou, so enamored of his Madore fetish has never once thrown a screaming fit about holding the campaign accountable for their lies or, as I advocate, recriminalizing pot until the promised numbers are provided to the state in cash... in fact, I don't believe he's mentioned it at all.

Too busy with his obsessive-compulsive conservative-bashing.

If the campaign to legalize this crap had been telling the truth, we should have seen almost $4 BILLION in revenue.

Instead... we get chump change.  And the rag doesn't care since they got their way; lies and a complete lack of accountability notwithstanding.

Obama on illegal aliens: July 1, 2010

“[T]here are those in the immigrants’ rights community who have argued passionately that we should simply provide those who are [here] illegally with legal status, or at least ignore the laws on the books and put an end to deportation until we have better laws. … I believe such an indiscriminate approach would be both unwise and unfair. It would suggest to those thinking about coming here illegally that there will be no repercussions for such a decision. And this could lead to a surge in more illegal immigration. And it would also ignore the millions of people around the world who are waiting in line to come here legally. Ultimately, our nation, like all nations, has the right and obligation to control its borders and set laws for residency and citizenship.  And no matter how decent they are, no matter their reasons, the 11 million who broke these laws should be held accountable.” (7/1/10) -


So... tell us again why we should bother to vote?

A great many people on the left are whining about "low voter turn out."

This, in the face of the corruption-laden, don't have to prove your citizenship to register or your address to vote system this county so admires in the form of its obviously corrupt motor voter effort to jack that turn out up...

And people are complaining about the low number that did turn out?

I'm not.

Yes, I voted.  But it was difficult for me to wind up the energy and concentration needed to get it done for the same reason that many of us... perhaps most of us, didn't bother.

Why did I almost shred my ballot, given my 14 years of military service to this country?

Because more and more, I've come to realize that it doesn't matter.

Those we elect generally ignore our vote.  They don't care what we want.  They don't listen because they are ever-so-much smarter than we are, and they ignore us and enrich themselves for our own good.

Locally, for example, the scum on the CTran board majority simply don't care that we oppose their agenda.

We voted: the message was clear, and they ignore it.

And if those sworn to represent US are, when elected, going to ignore US, then why should we bother?

At the federal level, we find that our own government lies to us as a matter of policy.  They ignore laws when it suits them, persecute political groups they don't like and pay a consultant $6 million to come up with a scam that the people DO NOT WANT... and they simply don't care.

The talking heads are babbling more about the "trap" being laid by Obama for the GOP on the latest effort to aid and abet breaking the laws of this land by illegal aliens under the threat of, Oh My God, what will happen if Congress impeaches Obama?

I'm torn about that somewhat myself.  The GOP establishment worries far more about the political impacts than they do the character impacts: after all, if the president is guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors," then isn't it their duty to impeach him, consequences be damned?

Where, for example, does integrity rear it's ugly head over the possibility of losing your re-election as a reason to do the right thing, whatever that may be?

Most of the American people are NOT stupid.  And when we see those who are sworn to protect and defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States turn yet another blind eye to those who violate it at whim, then what the hell difference does it make if we voted or not?

In a day or two, the President of the United States is going to give what amounts to amnesty to roughly 4.5 million illegal alien lawbreakers.  That will cost those of us paying taxes billions of those dollars.

The empty-headed idiot representing us in Congress maintains her silence.  The GOP in Congress talks a great deal but has done and likely will do nothing.

So, what difference does it make who got elected?

We elected Jeanne Stewart, in part, to help the county exercise its veto on the CTran Board, so what does the Board do?

Eliminate the veto because their boy lost.

So, what difference on that issue did voting her into office make?  What consequences will those scum who voted to throw us under the bus (So to speak) realize as a result?


We tell the world we don't want the CRC Scam, the democrats offer nothing... and what difference did any of it make?

Which leads me to this: we didn't vote because increasingly, when we do vote (And my own two kids didn't bother) it doesn't mean a damned thing.

And until those we elect actually listen to us and implement our will instead of insult our intelligence like Tim "the Liar" Leavitt did yesterday...

Tell me again: what difference does it make?

Obama to violate his oath... on immigration... again... on Friday in Vegas; Herrera remains silent.

Strangely reminiscent of the coup that took place against the people of unincorporated Clark County last night at the CTran kangaroo court, the empty-suited, incompetent, anti-American racist bigot in the White House will shatter the law by executive order giving 4.5 million or so illegal aliens amnesty.

It should cause a huge jump in our unemployment rate since, theoretically, illegal aliens were not considered in the unemployment rate before the amnesty... except, of course, it won't.

After all, there is, in Obama's fully employed for the rest of his life world, absolutely zero down side to the American people for breaking the law, adding millions to our social service and employment roles, and lying to the American people generally.

This, then, will be the first major test of the new legislative/congressional GOP majority, and their response will be something to watch.

Don't misunderstand me: I don't care what they say about this: I'm long since past caring what either side says; my concern is what the GOP actually DOES.... which, I fear, won't be much.

And, of course, that simplistic political moron, Herrera, "representing" us in Congress?

She ain't talking: because the American voters of "stupidity" fame keep re-electing her while she says nothing and does nothing to make any difference to any of us in a positive way.

Obama to announce immigration order in Las Vegas on Friday

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A sign is seen during a news conference on immigration reform at the east front of the U.S. Capitol on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.
Getty Images
A sign is seen during a news conference on immigration reform at the east front of the U.S. Capitol on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

President Barack Obama plans to announce an executive order in Las Vegas on Friday to address immigration reform, CNBC has confirmed.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The CTran vote based on Pridemore's defeat: the county must withdraw from CTran

The raping of the people of the county was completed by the leftist scum of the CTran Board tonite, and that sexual act took place as a direct result of the left's humiliating defeat at the polls generally, and Craig Pridemore's defeat particularly.

The scumbag mayor of Vancouver, Tim "The Liar" Leave-it, knew the gig was up for his owners, his bosses at work and TriMet.

For him, his control of the CTran Board rested entirely on Pridemore's victory as a commissioner again.

Putting any eggs in that basket was the kind of idiocy that Leave-it displays on a routine basis. Getting rid of a county seat was the only way Leave-it could maintain control over the Board.

Each of the mayors of this county who voted for this hypocrisy would do well to remember it.

For the next few years, at least, when they need the county for something... anything... they may just find that the county isn't there.

And meanwhile, the county must leave CTran as soon as possible.

No support.  No money.  No permits.  No assistance.  No nothing.

And point to this abrogation of ethics and integrity as the reason.

Answering Jeff Guard's idiotic question.

One of the more idiotic of the C3G2 haters is Jeff Guard.

Naturally, he and the other haters are positively giddy about the corruption exhibited by Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's naked power grab on CTran tonight.

Neither Guard nor Leavitt give a shit about what the people want.  So, knowing what would happen to his carefully laid plans to ignore the overwhelming number of people in this county who oppose the CRC Scam and the BRT Rip Off, if Pridemore failed to get elected... as anyone following politics knows he would (As would any pro-CRC Scammer) then Timmy would pull the trigger on his plan to eliminate opposition by the county... as the commissioners are certainly guilty of the cardinal sin of actually trying to implement the will of the people.

Haters like Guard can't stand that.  So, what we've got here is stupidity like this crap spewed on the local democratian under the article that mentions what happened, but leaves out the critical element of "why" it happened: primarily that scum like Leavitt have no interest in working under the same conditions they forced the county to work under... and the pre-ordained defeat of Pridemore took place on schedule.

The fringe left, who don't give a rat's patoottie what the people want, are naturally thrilled by their Chief Scumbag's success.

Overjoyed that Leavitt stucked to the tens of thousands of us who live in the county but pay for their scam, Guard stupidly asked this question:
Jeff Guard commented on an article. 1 hr · 
Mielke or Benton....who's the biggest buffoon?

A special committee voted Tuesday to reshuffle the membership of the C-Tran Board of Directors in a move that gives more representation to some of the area's smaller cities and strips the veto pow

Well, here's the answer:

Compared to your buffoonery, Guard, these guys are genuine statesmen.

After all, they've got jobs.

What have you got?

Let me know if I can help you with any other questions.

As expected, the C3G2 haters rally around gutting county power: Leavitt lies. Again.

Of course the scum bag Mayor of Vancouver wants to get rid of any influence the people of the county have on the CTran board: after all, when has that slimeball ever given a rat;'s ass what the people actually want?

But in a lie reminiscent of his days running for mayor when that crudbag ran a campaign of lies concerning tolls on the CRC rip off, Tim "The Liar" leavitt lived up to his name once again:
Leavitt said Vancouver has collaborated with its partners at C-Tran in the past, and will continue to do so. Suggestions of a power grab are "preposterous," he said. 
"The history doesn't show that, nor does the future bode that," Leavitt said. "We want to do what's best for the entire county."
It takes a genuine kind of lying scum to say that with a straight face.

You want to do what's best for you, given who you work for... and that means what's best for TriMet, since that's who you answer to.

The reality is this, Mr. Mayor: if you and the scum who supported you on this naked power grab, which would not even be close to happening if Pridemore, God Forbid, had been elected, then each and every one of you would be taking a header off the high end of the I-205 Bridge.

THAT is what's "best for the entire county."

Now, of course, the county should immediately end their relationship and membership on the CTran board.

And do it as soon as possible: tomorrow would be nice.

Otherwise, their continued involvement just becomes approval of everything the scum on the CTran board do.