Thursday, July 19, 2018

Is it possible for a multi-national to make a Gellatly-style insane mistake? MGM Resorts: "Here. Hold my beer."

We all know about our drug-addled narcissist GOP chair and the insanity he's brought with him... and his latest stupidity was in my next post... but who could possibly have seen the Gellatly-style stupidity of his on the scale of a massive multi-national like MGM Resorts?

MGM Resorts in Vegas,, that runs the Delano (Home of the $5 charge for you to make coffee in your own room) and the now Infamous Mandalay Bay, along with Circus Circus, Luxor, Bellagio, Mirage, the Grand, and others... has decided to SUE 1000 victims of the shooter from his room in the Mandalay Bay...  conspiracy theorists notwithstanding.

MGM sues Las Vegas massacre survivors, claiming a Sept. 11-era terrorism law protects the company from lawsuits

Over the last couple of days, dozens of survivors of last year’s mass shooting in Las Vegas have started to receive some startling legal notices.
“A lawsuit has been filed against you,” the notices say.
The plaintiff? MGM Resorts International, the casino and hotel company, owner of both the fairgrounds where 58 people were shot to death at a country music festival and the Mandalay Bay Hotel, where the gunman perched himself on the 32nd floor to carry out the Oct. 1 massacre.
In a bold legal maneuver, MGM has sued survivors to claim immunity under a federal law passed in the wake of Sept. 11 that was designed to protect corporations from lawsuits after terrorist attacks. Experts said it was the first time such a lawsuit had ever been filed under the law.


Anyone aware of the Gellatly lawsuit stupidity, including those paying the bill, are well aware that there's no basis for the lawsuit of his against a PCO, a SLAP-style suit designed to silence the massive opposition to his continuing and idiotic tenure as GOP party chair.

That same principle applies here.

The weakness of these suits is obvious.

The black eye MGM has managed to give itself will, over time, far exceed the costs of fighting these suits based on the merits of the case.

This public relations disaster makes it clear that MGM Resorts simply do not give a damn about people... not that they don't make that clear when they charge $5 per cup of coffee that you make in your room yourself... and actually, as word of this disaster spreads, the people, correspondingly, are going to give less and less of a damn about MGM Resorts... and MGM films... and MGM anything else.

MGM Resorts blew a golden opportunity here.

They COULD have taken actions that would not have shown legal responsibility for the acts of that moron that killed so many, but would have done wonders for their public image.

Just for one example, they could have, say, set up a college fund for the children of those killed or disabled as a result of the attack.

But instead, just like Gellatly, they insist on refusing to take ANY responsibility for anything negative that ever happens under any circumstances… even when the buck stops at the top.  (And that, come to think of it, is ANOTHER Gellatly failure: HE is the chair, God Help US; EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY.)

I seriously doubt that the law they're quoting will apply to this case; it was not meant for this kind of situation, unless, for example, the MGM people can prove a link between the shooter and some recognized terrorist outfit.

Further, the law applies only to those who "The idea was that companies might not introduce new security technologies designed to thwart terrorist attacks if the companies would then face expensive — and potentially business-ending — lawsuits when those technologies fail to stop killings."

Talk about a Hail Mary.  A blind horse could see in a minute that such is not what MGM Resorts does for a living.

In the Army, we would frequently comment on troops who got into trouble: "I hope the screwing he got is worth the screwing he's GONNA get."

This is a case of that.

There's so many different, positive ways MGM could have dealt with this, ways that would have earned them hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free, positive publicity.

That's not what happened here, however and I do believe they will suffer accordingly for it... as they should.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Uh oh... looks like Davey Delete is doing drugs again.

Smile for the camera, Davey!
No one, and that includes any democrat, has done more damage to the local GOP than it's drug-addled narcissist of a chair.

The organization has become, for all intents (including political) and purposes, worthless. And when seeking a cause for that horrific outcome, there is but a single concentric circle that ends in the chests of Davey Delete and those who enable that worthless toad to continue to drive the train off the tracks.

Now, Delete doesn't know anything about politics.  He doesn't know anything about volunteer management.  He doesn't know anything about the law or lawsuits.  He doesn't know anything about setting the example, as leaders are supposed to do.

He also doesn't know that he's not supposed to do cocaine or meth, among other things, as leader of the GOP.

Ever since this liar showed up on the scene, he's been a disaster.

A Gellatly post; guilty of what he charges others.
A thief, a criminal background, multiple DUI's, a narcissist, an admitted drug user during his tenure as GOP chair.

His failure as chair cost the county GOP tens of thousands because he blew off the hearing.  His lies about how this was going to be fixed in the Legislature (I wonder what idiot told him that?) his LDD failures, his inability to fund campaigns, his deliberate actions that have cost the local GOP thousands of dollars that instead have gone to the victim of his frivolous law suit that HE isn't paying for...

His failure to spend any time attacking democrats (And let's face it, isn't that what he's SUPPOSED to do) while he spends unlimited time attacking the Party base as illustrated below, combines with his failure to run anyone in the 49th District or for treasurer... his list of failures is both long... and distinguished.

So, here's the deal: Former GOP Chair Kenny Smith reminded us all of the reasons why Party donations have reached a new low.

And the reason is Gellatly.

Now, our druggy chair didn't take too kindly to the truth, so he did what he always does: he immediately attacked our former GOP chair, Kenny Smith.  And then, being the drugged out idiot he is, he felt the need to attack ANOTHER former GOP chair, Anna Miller.

Gellatly is known for many things.  Among them, besides a genetic inability to tell the truth or take responsibility for his multiple failures, is posting attacks against those smart enough to oppose him... and then deleting those posts because that moron apparently is incapable of grasping the concept of screen captures.  The evidence of his lies and slander would fill a warehouse.

So, in addition to his many other talents is his rank, stinking hypocrisy.  NO ONE has engaged in anything approaching the amount of slander this scumbag spews.  Here's a sample:

Now, I suspect this information came from an elected official with their own adultery problems, but that's neither here nor there.

None of it's true, of course, but I point out this example of Gellatly's rank hypocrisy.  He whines and bitches like a cut cat over what HE calls "slander" aimed at himself... but has no problem whatsoever engaging in the practice himself when the mood strikes.

So, when that slimy son of a bitch whines about "slander," feel free to remember what he said about me.

And then remember this:

The irony of THIS liar complaining about others, in his opinion, lying as well?

The party was fined thousands of dollars in large part because this scumbag blew off the hearing.  No one from the Party bothered to show up and a default judgement was entered.  Even Brent Boger, RINO extraordinaire felt compelled to bitchslap Druggy over that one.


He knows it, I know it, everyone involved knows it.

It would, of course, be one thing if this little worm had showed up to fight it out, but he couldn't be bothered.

The result?

The Clark County GOP is tens of thousands in debt.

And every penny of that is on Gellatly.
But do you expect him to take any responsibility for any of it?


No one in their right mind would hire this scumbag to be a janitor.  He's fail the drug test that most companies require and he has a proven record of lies, arrogance, incompetence and ignorance.  How he got the job of GOP chair is simply inexplicable.

He projects a bubble of delusion because here's the reality:

If, as this lowlife liar claims, the Party had "come a long way to being healthy and functioning in the past year," then why does he feel so compelled to attack those who know better?

If this isn't another example of his drug use, I don't know what is.
The Party is shattered, divided like the Grand Canyon.  Heading towards being broke, unable to materially provide candidates with enough money to make any difference, unable to provide volunteers in any meaningful number and, effectively, dead in the water; unable or unwilling to do that which they exist to do: attack the democrats and provide the voters with a reason to vote GOP... not RINO, but GOP... and this moron, this fake, spends all of his waking time doing what he stupidly did here: attacking conservatives who are sick of his childish, incompetent, drugged out arrogance and self-superiority that simply does not exist in any way except in his drug-damaged brai

Druggy posted this, but I guess it applies to everyone but him.
Druggy even stupidly admits that the bogus suit he filed is to shut up his opponents:

 this suit is against more people than one PCO, including radicals who will be named soon. 

Obviously, the fake defamation aspect (how can you defame a proven scumbag?) is merely cover for his efforts to silence those who want him politically dead.

But then, we knew that going in, didn't we?

Another Druggy hypocrisy
I freely admit I have donated to the victim of Druggy's arrogance and psychotic demand for power.

But I also know that the time for Druggie to honor himself will soon be at an end.

Outside of Druggy's fundraising to pay for this affront of a lawsuit to silence opposition to his idiocy, his aim is cleared up this babble.

The Party is a train wreck.  Delete apparently does not understand that as the chair, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS HIS RESPONSIBILITY. Druggy refuses to admit it for the same reason he refuses to take responsibility for his manifold failures:

His ego couldn't handle it.

Druggy makes bogus claims about everything from how much money Lincoln Day Dinners on his watch make to how "united" and "healed" the party is on his watch.  But he NEVER takes responsibility for any of his massive number of screwups.

Other dictator types have, throughout history, followed the same tenets of "leadership."  And typically, it doesn't end well for the dictator.

He's a disaster.  A clueless child, in so far over his head that his enablers are forced to pump in daylight.  And this scumbag can't be gone soon enough.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Uh oh... Looks like the Hoff Brain Trust thinks he's in trouble. Why am I not surprised?

So, I got a rather interesting and not cheap mailer today.  Oddly enough, it was addressed to me...  since there is no possible way I vote for this pathetic creature, that must be a mistake.

The front (address) page shows Hoff and Vick "meeting with constituents."

Well, here's a bulletin, Larry.  You ain't been elected to squit, so you don't HAVE any "constituents."

And using Vick as campaign prop just simply doesn't impress me... and it's certainly no reason to vote for you.  Also of note was the absence of Sen. Ann "Gas Tax-Property Tax" Rivers.  Wonder why she blew ol' Larry off... or is it that she's in so much political trouble that he doesn't want to be seen with her?

The back page shows a family picture (which isn't a reason to vote for you, either.)

On the inside, he babbles about a made up number of people he claims he's "spoken to."

He ignores me, one of his pseudo-constituents.

Well, there are a great many reasons I won't vote for this clown to represent me, not the least of which is he refuses to answer my questions.

So, on the inside of this comedy piece, he says nothing about what he, personally will do, mainly because he's too much of a coward to be held accountable for his actions in the unfortunate event he IS elected, and then, he says if you have any questions, to just call him.

That's bullshit, of course.  I had made several attempts to question this slimeball on his campaign facebook page and he ignored them all at first and then just deleted them.

The questions included:

1.  Would you have joined with Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers in screwing us on the massive gas tax and tab fee increases she had pledged to oppose?

2.  Would you have voted "yes" on her property massive tax increase that caused our bills to explode so she could pay off the WEA after she was hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm WHILE she was "negotiating" our wallet's rape?

3.  Would you have voted to make drivers licenses cheaper for illegal aliens than for citizens?

4.  Would you have voted to provide student aid to illegal aliens in our universities?

5.  Would you blame the county assessor for YOUR massive property tax increases?

6.  Are you going to join with the rest of the RINO crew and attempt to ram the CRC down our throats?

7.  Are you going to ever vote to increase our taxes or fees?

8.  Are you going to join with Rivers and continue to make this state a destination resort for illegal aliens?

See, Hoff likes to answer SOME questions, particularly the ones that allow him to generalize and ignore specific issues.

But when it comes to what he WILL do... or what he'll REFUSE to do as a representative?


Any idiot can play that game.

But why on earth would I EVER vote for a hand-picked RINO to represent me as Gas Tax Rivers puppet?

Why, I don't know.  In fact, only shoulder surgery kept me from running against this clown.

Hopefully, the GOP around here won't endorse him.

Maybe the democrats will.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Why would you rather dive into a pool of boiling lava than vote for your brother-in-law, Marc Boldt?

I get asked that frequently.

After all, he hired you as his legislative assistant for 6 years when he was a state representative, didn't he?  You roomed with him for 5 years or so, didn't you?  You put in countless hours in damage control and explaining his bizarre behavior, didn't you?

So.... what happened?

What happened was rather simple: the man became completely co-opted by the left once he became a county commissioner (although now, his full support of the LBTGQ+ agenda, posted on Eric Holt's facebook page and his endorsement by the local Young Democrats when he first ran for council chair now illustrates how far left he's gone) but even that didn't do it.

His decision to ignore my warnings that the "yes" vote he took on an unconstitutional county ordinance that would have allowed the county to confiscate our weapons in the event of a declared emergency didn't even do it, although it should have.

Here's what did it:  The man lied to my face.

That's right.  He became just another political scumbag, just another liar.

And here's the story on the end of my support of my brother-in-law and my strident opposition to even allowing this lying psycho to be in government.

Remember, Marc?  I get all this "But he's your BROTHER-IN-LAW!  He's FAMILY!" a great deal.

That never seems to bother Marc.  Why should it bother me?

Marc, of course, had Jimmy Mains spread the lie that David Madore was paying me to oppose him. And I've got to tell you, if that's true, I'm still waiting on the check after almost 8 years.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

On March 20, while at the GOP Convention, I discussed the bridge situation with Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law and county commissioner.

As a result of that discussion, I posted the following: Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boldt/Mielke to support Bridge/Loot Rail advisory vote.

As our local government clowns have wasted 10's of millions of dollars; as our despicable rag of a paper has attempted to jam this thing down our throats as those who've lied to us (Tim "The Liar" Leavitt) and those corrupted (Steve "Cold hard cash, Mr. Barnett" Stuart) have taken it upon themselves to ram all of this down our throats without our say.

Well, this November, we will get out chance.
I directly discussed this situation with Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt and he agreed to put a non-binding, county-wide advisory vote on the ballot this November as part of the general election.

This is great for two huge reasons: first and foremost is that the people... the people who will actually pay the bills, will FINALLY get a say.

But second: every candidate and incumbent running this November (You listening, Steve "Unmarked bills, Mr. Barnett" Stuart?) will have to take and defend a position that so far, they haven't had to take or defend.

I look forward to the reaction from the various people who, while not having to pay the tolls this project will bring, want to ram this down our throats and the throats of the 65,000 commuters who WILL have to pay this price. I'm sure it will be classic.
Well, this IS classic, just not as I expected.

I got a call from my wife at work, warning me that things weren't going exactly the way I had been led to believe.

And, so, what's the story?
County Commissioner Marc Boldt, a fellow Republican who previously served with Mielke in the state Legislature, said he’s not inclined to support an advisory vote now.

“Once you go down that path, your ballot could be full of advisory votes,” Boldt said.
Exclusive of the absurdity of such an observation (It really doesn't matter if there are 50 advisory votes on the ballot or none, I would submit that any time there is a multi-billion dollar project that will cost 65,000 or more Clark County commuters $100,000,000 a year, blowing a hole in both family AND county budgets, there should, at a minimum, be an advisory vote) Marc looked me in the eye and promised me that such a vote, a non-binding advisory vote, would take place.

Apparently, it isn't.

I, of course, felt just the tiniest bit slighted considering what Marc had told me.

To my face.

So, I asked a couple of questions via email:

The up or down vote on light rail will only apply to operation of light rail, not if either the bridge or light rail will be built. If the bridge is to be built, it must have light rail infrastructure on it. Since the only reason to replace a 6 lane bridge with a 6 lane bridge is to bring light rail into Vancouver, there is absolutely zero chance to build it without light rail.

If there is an advisory vote on the bridge there will be no light rail vote because when the people vote this down, and they will, any chance of one dime of federal money will vaporize.

The light rail/CTran people don’t need to make a sub district; they can just use the one they have now. Meanwhile, the people of this county will pay the bill, even though, once again, no one will ask us. Further, when the light rail operations vote goes against them, they could just make their sub district THEN, using THOSE results. In short, an advisory vote that will likely kill this deal cannot stand as an excuse to not hold this vote because CTran might use the outcome as some sort of template for a sub district.

Clearly, they will do that ANYWAY, since that’s what they did with the CTran vote where 10’s of thousands of us were excluded from the vote, but not excluded from paying the tax. No matter what the outcome of such a vote would be, CTran will keep trying until they get what they want.

Kill this bridge through an advisory vote, and there won’t be any light rail operations vote.

Failing to do this will result in a minimum of 65,000 commuters and their families being highly upset because one, the toll is going to vacuum $1300 or so per year out of each of their pockets (of which the county will not get one dime of revenue) and two, you will be held responsible for not allowing them any say.

As for an advisory vote, the assistant director of elections for the secretary of state said in the article that
State law does not explicitly prohibit advisory votes, according to state elections officials.
“There’s nothing that says they couldn’t,” said Katie Blinn, assistant director of elections for Secretary of State Sam Reed. “This whole animal of advisory votes is simply advisory. The process is not spelled out in state law, so there aren’t black and white parameters around it.”
Thus, there are no legal reasons not to hold such a vote, Potter’s babble notwithstanding; and anyone telling you different is lying.
The directive to Potter shouldn’t be “find a way to keep us from doing this.” Instead, it should be, “Find a way to make this happen or we will replace you with someone who will.”
Potter is, of course, dead wrong on his positions concerning advisory votes. Advisory votes by their very nature have precisely zero effect or authority or legal requirement to make any alteration of any kind on any issue.
Unless he can find a LAW that EXPLICITLY makes such advisory votes illegal (And the secretary of state’s office has indicated that he cannot) then he is flat wrong. And Stuart’s moronic idea of a “scientifically valid survey” will cost a hell of a lot more than $3000 and supersede the BEST survey: the results at the ballot box, which transcends any other type of survey in its inclusion and accuracy.
Marc, I get that you don’t want to take flack over allowing the people to have a say. But in this instance, giving the people a voice is the right thing to do for two reasons:
First, on a project of this magnitude with the horrific impacts that will result on family budgets across this county, the people deserve a say.
Second, you promised me that an advisory vote would be held.
I recognize that I’m a nobody relative to Steve Stuart or the unions. But someone, somewhere, has to care about what the PEOPLE want.
An advisory vote will provide that opportunity.
The comments on the article in question were generally supportive of such a vote, save for the usual fringe-leftist scum and union hacks who think we owe them a job and who certainly don't want a little thing like the will of the people to get in their way.

One particularly moronic slimeball commented that those of us who want to determine the will of the people on this issue should move to Somalia.

Well, it's a lesson learned. About politics, about what's important, and about my brother-in-law.

He had the opportunity to do something for the people of this county; to provide them with a voice... to make up for his support of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who, as I warned, scammed people into actually believing he was opposed to tolls.

And he did nothing.

I will remember. 2012 isn't that far away.


Boldt has gone on to engage in various psychotic activities since then.  I had to block that clown from texting me it got so bad; he frequently referred to female politicians I know as "girl friends" (of mine) and he expresses a level of private arrogance that is sickening.

As I pointed out, Boldt has expressed complete agreement with the leftist FLASH education program and the LBGQT+ agenda on another candidate's facebook page.  Now, why he would comment on another candidate's facebook page when that candidate is running for the same job that Boldt already has is a mystery to me.  And, of course, Boldt's endorsement of the LBGQT+ agenda won't impact the RINO vote one way or the other.

But what Marc did with $5000 he ripped off from his 2012 campaign is also a mystery to me.

What ISN'T a mystery is why he has been restricted from running his own campaign finances by the Public Disclosure Commission or why he has that leftist whack job Jimmy Mains handling that for him.

No, the reasons for that are obvious.

What IS a mystery is how anyone voting for him could do so knowing the state had determined he was too incompetent to run his OWN campaign finances but believe he was on the ball enough to run the finances of this county.

I could put up with a great many political disagreements with the man who, when I was working for him, was actually a conservative Republican with principles and integrity.

Both those circumstances are long since a distant memory.  I could only take so much and like every other politician I go after who lies, cheats, steals or is incompetent, I simply refused to give him a pass just because of the fallacious claim that he's "family."

His claim that I was being paid... by ANYONE... to go after him is as psychotic as he is.  I have no reason to be paid to go after those I despise politically, who are far more interested in doing TO us instead of doing FOR us... and Boldt has long since dropped that "Servant Leader" crap he used to use to get elected in the past.

"People over politics?" indeed.

Feel free to comment with any other questions you may have.

In My View: MORE Tolling Hypocrisy From the Democratian.

Sheer, unadulterated, hypocrisy.

The rag is bitching like a cut cat over Oregon doing to us the exact, same, thing the democratian wanted to do to us.

Toll us.

Except when OREGON wants to do it... and ignore us in the process... the same way the DEMOCRATIAN wanted to do it... and ignore us in the process... it's a "Slap in Face."

For over a decade, this very same sniveling puddle of goo attacked anyone who even remotely opposed their I-5 Bridge scam or even the horrifically expensive loot rail scam it was being built for.

And now... now... Oregon is treating us the EXACT same way these same low-lifes treated the people of this very community when we rose up to stop their insanity... and guess what?

The rag doesn't like it one bit.

Local politicians in this election year are having a collective cow.  The campaign piece masquerading as an editorial for Herrera The Loser took an opportunity to point out that Herrera, who is the least effective member of Congress currently IN office, "has been an outspoken critic of the plan..."

But like everything else of real importance, the clueless moron representing us in the GOP-Controlled Congress with a GOP president can't seem to do anything about it.


Because when it matters, she's as politically useful as a brass door knocker.

The democratian whines that the other set of three stooges (outside the four stooges of our county council) "need to get involved."

God, but the clowns at the local Pravda are gullible.

They seem to think that Inslee, Cantwell or Murray actually give a damn about anything or anyone outside the Puget Sound region, which is all they need to win to get reelected.

How anyone believing that can actually have a job at a newspaper is beyond me.

Of COURSE Oregon wants to rape the wallets of the people of Southwest Washington.  They already molest our wallets the same way Harvey Weinberg played "casting couch" but generally, Harvey's talent got more out of it than we do.

So, what are these people in Oregon government doing?

The same, exact, thing... the PRECISE exact thing... that local members of the downtown mafia and their toadies in government around here did their very best to do to US... and if Sen. Ann Rivers and other area RINOs get their way, WOULD do to us... and Oregon is doing it the EXACT... SAME... WAY.

But all these people with titles... Congresswoman... State Senator... Representative... Editor...

Have come to find out in an up-close and personal way what it feels like to be ignored, to be belittled, to be insulted, to be castigated and marginalized.

And guess what?  They don't like it one bit when the screw turns.

It wasn't that long ago that we've all forgotten... What Oregon is doing to us is PRECISELY what many of these same people, including this cancer on our community known as a newspaper, ALSO did to us.

Marc Boldt lied to my face when he personally promised me at least an advisory vote on the scam he so whole-heartedly supported, and then he continued to lie to me over the issue of whether such a vote was legal under our state's constitution.

Well, if Boldt opposes Oregon tolls, I damned sure haven't seen it.  Have you?

So, yeah: watching the downtown mafia squirm... watching the people who would cheerfully screw us sideways on tolls for what THEY want... bitch like cut cats because Oregon is now ignoring them the same way they ignored us?

It's a hoot.

And unlike the CRC rip off that many of these same people support(ed) there's not even a pretense by Oregon of acting as if anything we have to say matters.

Back in the day, even after it was discovered by ace forensic accountant Tiffany Couch that the people were being ignored in the CRC Scam as a matter of POLICY, this same fungus of fake news wanted us to forget about it and support this rip off anyway.

And now, the incompetent local GOP, which should be all over this like white on rice as a built-in campaign issue to "Be Bold" (good God, what a horrifically lame theme) with, are keeping their drug-addled mouth shut; as are most members of the county council, most area city councils and most members of the SW Washington Legislative delegation.

Oregon isn't stupid.  They see that the reality of the democratian's whining aside, they know what I know: that the people who ARE screaming the loudest are only doing so because tolls in Oregon will kill any chance of an I-5 Bridge replacement... which Oregon never cared about in the first place.

The difference is, however, that I come right out and say it while those shilling for the unneeded, unwanted and unaffordable bridge scam... Oregon tolls notwithstanding... are desperate to keep any connection between the two from seeing the light of day.

The silence of these governmental bodies in our community is palpable. The rag expresses outrage, but few others do... and that's what Oregon sees... not that it would particularly matter if these people DID say anything.  After all, it didn't matter to these same bodies when the people they would govern expressed outrage, did it?

And I at least give them that.  The people of Clark County do NOT want an I-5 Bridge replacement/loot rail waste that will yoke us to additional massive debt already implemented by Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers and our own elected uniformly ignore us... and, so, what is local government doing about that?

Their very best to ram one down our throats regardless.

With the silence of our local governmental bodies, Oregon has good reason to ignore the downtown mafia types because as I have been pointing out for months, we have zero leverage and our worthless congresswoman can't seem to do anything to stop this wallet rape and our local governmental entities don't seem particularly interested in it.

The pathetic editorials the rag writes in their lame efforts to suddenly do NOW what they refused to do for a decade... namely, get on the side of the people... are, if they're noticed at all... going to be read by few and impact even less.

They know it.  I know it.  The people know it.  And the worthless rag's cry that "Washington representatives would be wise to voice their opposition now rather than wait in hope that Oregon officials will act in a neighborly fashion" oddly garnered a somewhat different response from this same community zit when that very thing happened on the CRC Scam, didn't it?