Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vick continues to lie about his committee assignments.

For most of his tenure, Brandon Vick hasn't done spit. 

Nothing.  LESS than nothing, because he's been getting paid for it.

He blew off his entire first year, attempting to change precisely dick, satisfied with every law, every rule, every regulation to the point where he didn't even bother to introduce any legislation for a year.

He has, legislatively, accomplished precisely nothing.  A rock could and would have the same list of accomplishments.

And, he continues to lie about "committee assignments."

The rag went along with the lie, of course, knowing it wasn't true.  But here's the fact of the matter, based not only on my SIX years of experience on legislative staff, but also on what insiders I know up there have kept me informed about.

Vick has 6 assignments to committees only because he begged leadership to temporarily let him have vacancies when they came up... purely and entirely as a political ploy to drown out those of us attempting to hold this clown accountable for wasting our time and effort during his abortive tenure in the House.

There's a reason he keeps lying about the committees, and I KNOW he's lying because it is functionally impossible to be on 6 committees when it matters: during session.

When session actually starts, it won't take him long at all to go back to the normal three... if any of the committees will have him.

Meanwhile, he lies about leadership (He has none and is, in fact, a wallflower back bencher) getting called into negotiations (Only to take coffee orders, because no one else cares what he's got to say) and then the stupidity of this committee garbage.

Relying on a democratian endorsement certainly should be all the indication you need that, as a Republican, Vick is worthless.

The only problem is that Mussolini Mikey Briggs is even worse.

Still, Vick needs to actually get off his ass and worry more about serving us then he does the free lunches he's loved so much as an office perk.

Vick, unfortunately, will win because the GOP could run a brick in the 18th and win.

He's living proof of that.

Neo Communist Winningham: I'm a compassionate conservative.

Things are not going well for the left in this country today.

In this election, they have an anchor around their neck called Obama, arguably the worst president this country has ever known... so bad, in fact, that I long for the days of the well-meaning buffoonery of Jimmah Carter.

On the first Tuesday of November, the left stands to get massacred.  As bad as it's going to be for them... and it's going to be horrific... it could have been a slaughter of epic proportions had the GOP just unified behind some messaging... not unlike the massacre of 1994 where we had the Contract With America... and where electing Republicans was essentially a known quantity as to what was going to happen based on the "contract," now... they have nothing.


As a group. local democrats stand as a prime example of the tinnest ears in politics.

The multiple failures of Obama have impacted everyone negatively, unless, of course, you're an illegal alien from south of the border.

Here, we have a group of narcissistic leftists who brook no opposition to their positions, philosophies, plans, projects or, in the case of the hated charter scam, their plan to overturn the election of 2012.

A prime example of that idiocy are the two democrats "running" in the 18th District, Maureen "Bully" Winningham and Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

Both are going to undergo political humiliation this November 4th; neither are fit for elective office; one, Winningham, is essentially a psychotic political liar, the other, Briggs, holds positions so far out of the mainstream of the politics of the 18th District that he's more closely aligned with Mao than he is the people...and he's been known to riff a few lies himself.... but nothing close to the psychotic drivel of Bully Loserham.

Loserham is as much a fringe-left hater as Jimmy "Molehill" Moeller... even, perhaps, more so.

Her public presentation shows what a despicable political cretin she really is: here's a video summary prepared by Lew Waters to illustrate the point:

The hell of it is, by now... and in fact, several months ago, Bully, in her own swinish little way, KNEW she was going to be assassinated at the polls here.

She goes full hypocrite by attacking Our Liz for taking oil money/train money when many, if not most... and the entire democrat caucus itself, has taken oil/train dollars as a group, and specifically, our own local fringe-left whack job, Molehill Moeller.

This is the kind of thing that firmly affixes her to the "scum" level.

She has the right to be stupid and is fully exercising that right by pointing out that Pike took this money WITHOUT mentioning that several of her fellow democrats have done the same.

Attack someone else for doing something?  Fine.  That's politics.


That's rank hypocrisy.  That's the worst kind of lie... a lie of omission,... a lie where you KNEW what was going on, but refused to allow that to get in the way of your "my opponent bad" meme.

And after all of that... this union scammer (Gotta wonder, did SHE tell all those unions that she was doing all she could to help her employer outsource 50,000 jobs to India?) THEN proceeds to spew THIS stupidity in the democratian puff piece they did for her:
Winningham said she considers herself a compassionate conservative who believes officials should take care of social needs as well as be fiscally conservative.
I literally threw up.

This CRC scamming witch wants to tax us broke.  And yet, she's reduced to a pathetic attempt to portray herself as a Republican in sheep's clothing.

These are the depths to which they've sunk.  To me, the question is simple: will this whining leftist sycophant even break 60%?

I don't think so.  But what do I know?

And Bully, if it isn't too late, maybe you should demand that Heather Stuart refund those thousands of dollars she's scammed from you.  Clearly, whatever she's given you ain't been worth it.

Never liked tattoos, but if I-594 passes, I'm looking to get this one:

The phrase was a motto of the Texas revolution, and has become a favorite of anti-gun control activists. It’s said that when the Persian emperor Xerxes demanded King Leonidas and his Spartan army of 300 men lay down their arms and surrender at the battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas replied “Molon Labe,” which is Greek for “Come and take [them].”

Might go with the one that has a Spartan helmet in between the words.

Why is Greg Kimsey directly lying about the Charter? Has the GOP kicked him out yet?

I have posted and proven many times that once (if) the charter scam is voted in, we can NEVER get rid of it.

So why is Greg Kimsey, fringe-leftist fake Republican, CRC scamming C3G2 hater lying about it?

Look, the only hope these leftist haters have is to lie.  If they were to tell the truth about both the substance of this idiocy and their motives behind it, they'd be lucky to get 1% of the vote.

But Kimsey, who likely violated the law with his lie of a campaign piece he stuffed into the voters pamphlet, is the Auditor,.  And as much as his hatred of all things conservative warps his judgment, he should know better.

So, why did he babble THIS lie over on David Madore's Facebook page?
"Further: If voters adopt a home rule charter, voters may subsequently repeal that charter."
Exclusive of the fact that Kimsey and his ilk demanded that it would require around 50,000 signatures to even modify the charter, IT CAN NEVER BE REPEALED.

Kimsey is flat out, dead wrong.

Is it possible he was ignorant of that kind of garbage?  He's not the first slimeball shilling this garbage to lie about this: Mussolini Mikey Briggs did it as well.

If he didn't know, then how can he babble about what the charter will or will not do?

And if, as is more likely, he DID know, then why is this clown lying?

Guess what: the democratian isn't going to address this issue.  They know it would crush this at the polls if they admitted we were being lied to.

But I'm going to remember this.  Just like I'm going to remember that Kimsey was one of the scum shilling for the CRC Rape.

Michael Sam, the Great Gay Hope, cut by the Cowboys.

Sam who was never all that at the NFL level, is only known (As opposed to "best known") for attempting to get a position in the NFL primarily because he's gay.

That he went about it all wrong is obvious: he should have went out there like any other rookie, got cut like about every 99th draft choice (Or whatever it was) and THEN come out of the closet.

But with Sam, it was never about either the game or the team.

It was always about him.  And "him" ain't all that impressive.

I pointed out multiple times along the way that he wouldn't make it; it's pretty much clear that he simply didn't/doesn't have what it takes.

The debacle of the oft-repeated celebration for the Rams wasting a draft choice on him would have been distasteful and moronic regardless of his proclivities.  And except for wasting everyone's time and a lot of money, this is the outcome I was pretty sure was going to happen from the beginning.

It just took a little longer than I thought it would.

And, as I also prophesied, this is the reaction of the gay community:
 Pat Mooney · Top Commenter · White Bear Lake, Minnesota
He was cut because he is gay. He is the best pass rusher on the team and would be starting if the team was not owed by a homophobic redneck....the whole state of texas[sic] is just a waste....SMDH
Utter nonsense, of course: but that's what all of this idiocy was about to begin with: had this guy been straight or had he remained silent about his proclivities, then we never would have heard of him again.

And in the name of true equality, that's the way it should have been.

C3G2 haters prove their hypocrisy: it's OK for millionaires to try and buy the charter...

The scum at C3G2 are flipping out over $35,000 that David Madore gave to the state GOP this cycle.

They've got nothing bad to say about the WEA dropping a quarter of a million dollars on Monica Stonier... certainly, Piss-Poor Pridemore has no problem with it.

But let David Madore give $35,000 to the state GOP, and oh my GOD, these clowns go NUTS!

Meanwhile, local millionaires Ed Lynch and David Nierenberg drop bank on the Charter scam... well, at least until they figured out they were wasting their money... and now, no more money from them, eh?

It's kind of like the left's hatred of the Koch Brothers: they try to demonize David Madore (with the democratian's help, of course) exactly the same way.

Of course, they don't have shit to say about fringe-left nutter billionaire Tom Steyer swooping in from Califiornia to try and buy control over an entire state's legislature... or George Soros swooping in and trying to buy control of an entire Congress... or even democrat congresswoman Suzan DelBene BUYING HER congressional seat (up north - 1st District)  by dropping $3 million plus of HER own money on her race.

That's the frustrating thing about these lying scum of the C3G2 ilk.

They're obviously entitled to all the rank hypocrisy they can muster: this is, for now anyway, America as yet, and that means they can be as big a group of assholes as they want to be.

Just like I have the right to point out their hatred, arrogance and disdain for the will of the people of this county when its at cross-purposes to their agenda.

David Madore has the right to do whatever he wants with his money.  Pridemore's got the right to be as butthurt as he can be because of it.

But that doesn't mean we should vote for that scumbag, and I will never, ever, do that.

Pridemore, fortunately, is going to lose.  That will be the 3rd strike and hopefully, that will be the political end of that putz.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tim "The Liar" Leavitt seems to be breaking the law.

Lew Waters gets the goods:

Exclusive of the fact that Timmy is scum and he wouldn't know "right and good" if it took his booze away from him, it seems fairly straight forward that he's whizzing on the law here.

So what else is new?

If people didn't have a reason to vote against this dillwad before, The Liar's support should seal the deal.

The Paradox of Bully Loserham.

Maureen "Bully" Winningham is a fascinating character.

The woman lies with the intensity of a psychopath: (Credit Lew Waters)

According to unions when it matters, she's the absolute worst of the worst: someone who outsources and supports the outsourcing of tens of thousands of jobs overseas so her employer, Intel, can avoid paying American workers, American wages.

Because both the interchangeable term "democrat" and "union" equates to rank hypocrites with the situational ethics of a prostitute on MLK in Portland, this hasn't seemed to matter to these nutters.  Some of them have thrown her a few bones anyway.

Bully's gone nutso, lying about Liz Pike having taken "thousands" in campaign contributions from oil and rail interests ($500 doesn't equal "thousands.") all while deliberately ignoring her fellow fringe-left democrats who have taken money from those same interests, including Jim "Molehill" Moeller.

And that kind of hypocrisy is just plain repulsive. 

But when it comes to people... just us folks?

Not so much.

Like Mussolini Mikey, the people are staying away from her in droves:  from PEOPLE,. she hasn't raised $600 THIS MONTH.

It's a replay of Mussolini Mikey and Bob Dingethal.  The people are not only voting with their feet in dumping leftists, they're voting with their checkbooks and keeping their money.

It's almost sad, really.

Democrats know they lose on the issues outside the Vancouver Soviet, so they're reduced to lying.

And that's a shame.  Imagine a campaign entirely on this issues, where all concerned are focused on the people instead of furthering their agenda.

Imagine a campaign of issues, instead of neo-psychotic personal attacks and negative campaigns because that's all they've got.

Well, keep imagining it.  Because with losers like Bully, that's all we CAN do.

Think Briggs has figured it out yet?

Mussolini Mikey Briggs, second only to Bully Loserham as being the worst possible choice to run for the legislature in the 18th District, has put together yet another pathetic fund raising month this October.

As we enter the home stretch, his fellow leftists are ignoring him in droves: he's raised a totally pathetic $425 for the entire month.

The entire month.

He's only raised $16,850 for the ENTIRE CAMPAIGN.  He's flat broke now... his campaign, in fact, is in debt a substantial amount.  (He's spent $22,400 directly on the campaign, meaning he's out of pocket almost $6,000 there,  in-kinded himself almost another $6000, and lent himself $6950) showing he's $7000 in debt.

And he wants US to allow HIM to get his hands on the STATE budget?  He can't even budget for his own CAMPAIGN!

In two weeks, he's going to be humiliated.  On the plus side, we'll never see him run again in this conservative district.

Better suited running as a communist in downtown San Francisco, this tin-eared know-it-all doubles down on his rabid-CRC-scamming, fringe-left-don't-care-what-you-have-to-say-if-you-disagree-with-me idiocy.

Well, the people with checkbooks have joined with those running away from Dingethal and Loserham in avoiding their urge to waste their money.

The only reason, of course, to vote for Vick is the possibility he'll vote for GOP leadership in the House.  Other than that, he's BEEN a waste of time and he'll BE a waste of the next two years.

But Mussolini is so far out of the mainstream of this district that he shouldn't be let out without a keeper.

Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the way I've been calling it since it became clear this political moron was going to run for anything.

A pathetic campaign by a pathetic, out of touch, ideologue candidate.

We both look forward to election night, but for entirely different reasons, I'm sure.

Naturally, the democratian will once again reward our pro-CRC congresscritter with an endorsement.

Jaime Herrera Beutler did absolutely nothing on the CRC/light rail scam except punch out letters and press releases: she WANTED us to think she actually supported our position on that rip-off by making a lot of noise... but doing nothing.

And by "nothing," I mean that she, personally, individually, could have killed all federal funding for this rip off.  She COULD have raised the bridge height.  She COULD have stripped light rail off that scam.  She COULD have done a great many things... that she never bothered to do.

Shades of a certain former democrat county commissioner.

It's easy to confuse our cardboard cutout of a congresswoman with a democrat.  In fact, you'd be surprised how much Jim "Molehill" Moeller and Jaime Herrera have in common.

Both fanatically supported the CRC/Loot Rail scam (Bridge contractor Kiewit have long since been among her biggest donors, for example... and how likely is that because she actually opposed the CRC Scam?)  both fanatically opposed the effort to shut down government in an effort to kill off Obamacare.  And how has THAT nightmare worked out for us?

Both supported raising the debt ceiling, and will do so again.  Both opposed many of Boehner's initiatives.  Both fanatically support amnesty for illegal aliens.

Both supported cutting veteran's disability and retirement (Herrera actually voting for it, for example) and I'm sure, leftist histrionics notwithstanding, there are many other areas where they're in absolute agreement.

Of COURSE they're going to reward her efforts to play GOP while voting and failing to act as a democrat. 

Her Number One job is getting re-elected.  And while many believe that is the Number One job of ALL elected officials, none in my experience have been so obvious about it.

Meanwhile, she uses her baby as a political accessory like a set of ear rings and I not only do NOT find that a reason to vote for her, I find it sickening.

Like fringe-leftist Charter/CRC/Loot Rail scammer Greg Kimsey, the local GOP should have "Boldted" Herrera for her political perfidy.  She's as Republican as one of my Cavalier Spaniels.

And that's why the morons down at the democratian have endorsed her.  Almost like they honestly believe their support makes a difference.

Of course, that flies in the face of the many reasons they list to dump her ("According to, she has ranked among the least productive sophomore members of the House during the 113th Congress in terms of sponsoring or co-sponsoring bills.") and having Vick following the same worthless pattern of doing nothing is hardly a reason to return either for additional wastes of our time.

This flies in the face of their spurious claim, then that "
...she has been an effective representative for Southwest Washington who has spent the past four years growing into her job."  She has been utterly worthless since she parachuted back in here to take on Baird and unlike the slimeball who wrote this, I believe she's going to go downhill from here.

If that's possible.

Columbian's late night document dump appears to succeed: did YOU know the Vancouver Soviet is staying out of the Charter idiocy?

Whoda thunk it?

The fringe-left whackadoos on the Vancouver Soviet city council have apparently decided to avoid the County Coup attempt masquerading as a Charter.

Do you suppose that it's because county-wide, the Soviet's support of a political issue would doom it to ignominious defeat?

Of COURSE 6 of the 7 council members are fringe-left haters who would shoot David Madore on sight if they could figure out a way to get away with it.

But for once, they didn't let their rank arrogance run away with them.

I don't know if I should be happy about that or disappointed: had they shot off their collective mouths on this insanity, it would be crushed: not it will just lose badly.

But oddly, the question I have is why aren't there any comments under this story?

The 10:30 time of the story, posted by Stephony Rice, may have some impact on this, I've got to wonder: who even knows about this outside the small circle of inside baseball types?

You can bet that had the the Soviet voted to officially favor this stupidity, it would have been front page, above the fold.



Monday, October 20, 2014

Forwarded: The Fall of Greg Kimsey - Clark County Auditor

At a minimum, the county GOP should now be in the process of kicking this clown out: the party has taken a stand against his idiocy, he doesn't care, so there NEEDS to be consequences for that.
Forwarded: The Fall of Greg Kimsey - Clark County Auditor

The raging battle across America is one against bloated, arrogant, and corrupt big government. One has to be terminally clueless to not recognize that the federal government and the special interest vultures are either incompetent or comprehensively corrupt. To some degree this corruption and incompetence extends all the way to local governments.

The wildly corrupted and incompetent CRC light rail and tolling boondoggle was the wake up call in Clark County. The now defunct CRC clearly demonstrated who was with the broken political establishment and which public and private citizens would stand up to stop this disaster driven by political power and special interests.

When the CRC failed, the Clark County political establishment and their special interest friends determined to use the 'Home Rule Charter' process to regain their lost power. They got 'name brand' establishment sympathizers elected as freeholders and with the help of biased county staff pulling strings behind the scenes, created and this Charter that is now on the ballot.

A vocal and ardent supporter for (both) this Charter process and the resultant Charter (along with the CRC Scam) has been Greg Kimsey--the Clark County Auditor. For over a year now he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the worst offenders from the Clark County political establishment (such as Steve Stuart). Kimsey started the pro-charter advocacy group called . 
Now he has fully crossed the line with the production of the biased Voter Guide about the Charter. And today he has email blasted this illegitimate Voter Guide information to many voters. Like his establishment friends, he seems to feel that the end justifies the means. The misuse of the Voter Guide is further explained by David Madore (one of our key local reformers) at (the text from this link is also copied below).

A key duty of the auditor is to orchestrate, and have the clear appearance of, a fair election. This cannot be done if the auditor is a big advocate for a particular election result.

Across Clark County there is a well organized, well funded, and resolute team in place to continue dismantling the corrupt and self interested Clark County political machine.  In this battle Greg Kimsey has chosen to side with the self-appointed Vancouver ruling class against the citizens. This was a very bad decision.

The team at .