Saturday, May 26, 2018

As expected, Non-Republican Crain continues to support democrat Boldt for County Chair, even with a Republican announced against him. So, what's the local GOP going to do about it?

Crain's endorsement of Green from Green's Campaign page
You can say many things about the local RINOs, but Carolyn Crain CONTINUES to be the very definition of the term "Republican In Name Only."

Among other things that hypocrite is known for was her dogged and inexplicable support of my democrat brother-in-law against Rep. Liz Pike's write-in effort.  She went so far as to set up a PAC with a fake Republican name to support that idiot, who has been the exact disaster I knew he would be, and clearly her hatred of Republicans to the right of Mao continues.

Boldt, who at one time USED to be a Republican, formerly renounced his allegiance to the GOP when he ran for county chair.  Before he tried (and, of course, failed) to get the GOP endorsement (and what a debacle THAT effort was) the formerly pro-life Boldt had sold his soul to the political devil to get the endorsement of the fringe-left "Young Democrats."  (And for those of you who continue to labor under the delusion of the fact that he is STILL "pro-life," ask yourselves... would the Young Democrats have endorsed him if he were?)

And if the price for that endorsement was a pledge to raise every tax and fee in Clark County Government, and to continue his rabid support of the CRC Scam, then he and the other Three Stooges delivered in spades.

That, of course, makes no difference to a nimrod like Crain, who passes out judgments of OTHER'S party loyalty like she passes gas, is THE current prime example of the very thing she cheerfully and quickly condemns others for.

Crain, of course, will tell everyone who'll listen that *I* am NOT a Republican, since I have in the past (and will continue to in the future) refused to vote for the corrupt RINO's who lied to get elected, lie WHILE elected and lie to STAY elected.  And I don't deny it for one minute.

I guess what's mystifying me is how she can do the exact, same thing as a Republican Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) and get away with it.

How is it that she can throw a fit over MY opposition to her pet RINOs... but then she can turn around and do the exact...same... thing... and no one on the Executive Board bats an eyelash.

Crain, who had endorsed democrat Chuckie Green in his race against Julie Olson (even though there was no way to tell Olson and Green apart) had this on her Facebook page:

Oh, his "leadership" WORKS, all right.  Every special interest that owns him gets paid back in spades.

The irony of Crain's babble in her Green endorsement (Green used Crain's mumbling on his campaign website) is that if she really believed that tripe she wrote, she'd ditch Boldt like he was radio-active.

Boldt, for his part, appears to be the only elected official in this state who has been permanently banned by the Public Disclosure Commission from handling his own campaign finances as fallout for making $5000 from his own campaign in 2012 disappear into his own wallet.

And in all the time there's even been a PDC, to have achieved such a distinction?

So Boldt, for his part, can't control his OWN campaign finances... but he's expected to control the multi-hundred million dollar budget of this county.  What could go wrong?

And, of course, as I knew it would, the announcement of Republican Councilor Eileen Quiring as an opponent of Boldt makes no difference to RINOs generally or to Crain in particular.

As a result of Crain's ongoing endorsement of Boldt, the local GOP Executive Board should toss her wide-glide out of every possible position they can that she has.  They ought to silence her.  ANd they ought to exclude her from ANY campaign related planning or knowledge, because whatever information she may glean from her involvement in that process will immediately be provided to Boldt's democrat campaign firm ran by Jimmy "The Liar" Mains.

Crain, BEING Crain will now, of course, do all she can to sabotage Quiring's candidacy because, you know, that's how hypocrites roll.

Meanwhile, one wonders: what IS our drug-addled Chairman going to do about it?

And everyone who reads this needs to ask Davey the Druggie that very thing... presuming he's sober enough to understand the question.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Who says the Washington State Senate GOP doesn't smoke dope?

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this:

The first line says:  We are very excited about our 2018 slate of tax-fighting candidates.

Well, no one else is.

Here was my response.  I doubt it will last long:

I'll let you know what their response is, if any.

"Tax-fighting" my left testicle.

Unplug your Alexis devices. They are listening.

  • A Portland family contacted Amazon to investigate after they say a private conversation in their home was recorded by Amazon's Alexa -- the voice-controlled smart speaker -- and that the recorded audio was sent to the phone of a random person in Seattle, who was in the family’s contact list.
    "My husband and I would joke and say I'd bet these devices are listening to what we're saying," said Danielle, who did not want us to use her last name.
I have one in my office.  But I unplugged it and that's how it's going to stay.

Sen. Ann "Property Tax" Rivers admits to being a "rhino."

Yeah, the Hoff outing was quite the little soiree', I hear.

Every elected RINO and RINO supporter in SW Washington was there, but apparently "Gas Tax" Rivers was the only one who publicly admitted the obvious: that she, in fact, was a "rhino."

Of course, I know the different spellings.  And we all know that Rivers is the very definition of the term "Republican In Name Only."

But it's been reported to me that Rivers actually said something there to the effect of "you bet I'm a Rhino. Rhinos have thick skin." Obviously, Rivers is confused.  Rhinos are strong, stubborn, fearless animals, respected everywhere.  Rivers on the other hand, has long since morphed into something.... else.  Something dishonest.  Something disgraceful.  Something more suited to representing downtown Seattle than the 18th District.

Clearly, she's gotten her skins mixed up.

RINOs, on the other hand, are sniveling cowards with no integrity.  They'll lie to your face without a second thought and then vote like their getting paid by a democrat campaign firm... kinda like, come to think of it, our fake Republican Senator was going to get paid by a democrat campaign firm while she was "negotiating" over the multi-billion dollar screwing she put on all of us.

Well, it's nice to know that she admits the obvious, that she is, in fact a RINO.  But I seriously doubt that the people of the 18th District will be thrilled by her admission of what most paying attention already knew.

And from other reports I've been getting, it's fairly clear that Rivers has the thinnest skin of all.

The RINO allegation lives in not only her head, but the heads of every one of the scum who betray us and betray Republicanism.  She's freaked about it before I'm hearing, and she'll freak about it again.

You see if it wasn't an issue for the woman responsible for the largest, most massive gas tax, tab fee and property tax increases this state has ever known?

She'd never mention it.  That she DOES mention it...and a lot?

That means just the opposite.

As we slowly gear up for the election in 2020, "Gas Tax" better get used to it.

The Hoff Problem.

Sigh.... Larry Hoff.

I don't know who's writing this pap for him (You can bet HE ain't) but man, come ON.

As I connect with the citizens of the district, it is my hope that over the next few months I will earn the respect and trust of those I seek to represent.
Too late for that, Hoff.  You've made it clear that while your political cowardice is the kind that RINOs love to see (And if you weren't a good little sock-puppet, there's no way any of your fellow RINOs would have endorsed you) the sad fact is that those you "seek to represent" ain't us.

Those you WILL represent... Rivers, the Wilsons, Vick and the rest of the special interest jockeys and such.... they already "trust" you.  After all, they know you're going to be a good little RINO sock puppet, even though you practically know absolutely nothing about the issues confronting this district or this community.

John Ley FORGETS more every day about transportation issues than you will EVER know.  But since your job is to simply further the RINO agenda of the CRC and to raise our taxes and fees as badly as Wilson and Rivers, you really don't need to know anything more except to vote for whatever you're told.  And how hard is that?

A quick look at your so-called "issues page" confirms it.  You've got a few words about a few things, but one thing IS for sure: YOU don't tell us ANYTHING about what YOU are going to DO... or HOW you are GOING to do it... or what you'll OPPOSE... if you ARE elected.

That makes you, at best, a political coward.

Yeah, those you represent "trust" you.  Sadly, it seems that the "those" you represent doesn't include your constituents.  And ask you a question you don't like on your Facebook page, and what do you do?  You delete it and block the questioner.

I've asked you a series of questions and you've ignored them all.  I'd vote for Jim Moeller before I'd vote for a clown like you, because in my experience, even when I've disagreed with him, he at least ANSWERS.

Unlike you.

And who are your keepers?  Just those responsible for the biggest property tax increases and gas tax increases this state has ever seen.

And how are you going to be any different?

You're not.  And that, frankly, is sickening.

Your win would be a loss for us all.  A gutless political coward who simply doesn't care what we think or want.

Your "campaign," which ain't been much, has at least made THAT clear.