Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Congratulations to the democrats and the RINOs… you got what you wanted in Alabama and we’re all going to suffer for it.

1.   RINOs wanted Moore to lose.

2.  This outcome will cost us billions… TENS of billions as this election effectively killed any chance of killing Obamacare.

3.   For leftists, the course is clear: want to get rid of a conservative?  Have women present unproven allegations of sexually-related misconduct.

Make no mistake: the RINOs running the Senate wanted Moore to lose.  They did everything possible to make that happen.  If it hadn't been these allegations, it would have been something else.

The allegations… and remember, that’s ALL they were… constituted the excuse for many to withdraw their support.

Make no mistake: Mitch McConnell would rather lose the Senate than have a conservative win.

That’s how it is at the national level… and that’s how it is at the state legislative level.

And as a result of this debacle, there is precisely zero chance that Obamacare will be repealed for the foreseeable future.

Chances were slim as it was with the RINO betrayal of John “Brain Dead” McCain.  Losing this seat effectively makes it impossible.

But let’s face it: the GOP senators, who used Obamacare as a wedge issue to get elected, never really meant to repeal it, did they?  And as a result, the Fed will continue to waste tens of billions of dollars on a program that is, perhaps, the worst legislative initiative this country has ever known.

Notice the resemblance of our local RINOs to those at the national level?  The same variety of arrogance?  That same willingness to throw us all under a bus to get what they want, no matter how badly it hurts us all?

And tax reform?  What are chances of passage of that?

And now?

Now the dems have their playbook as to beat Republicans.

They merely make up allegations of misconduct, make it sound oh, so, sincere.

Critical races can be easily won as the scum in Congress run away in horror from the very thought of requiring more than a mere allegation to convict… particularly when evidence proven to be manufactured is the crux of the matter.

The irony of this is clear: one GOP operative, upon Moore’s defeat, indicated “Good riddance to bad rubbish.”

The hundreds of billions of dollars this defeat is likely to cost us as taxpayers aside, here’s the reality:

There’s a list.  There are 264 names on a list. 264 (presumably) men on a list who are also “bad rubbish.”

The men on this list wasted $17 million taxpayer-provided dollars to buy off the victims of their sexual misconduct.

What about THAT “bad rubbish?”

How come the RINOs who were oh, so offended by the allegations… the ALLEGATIONS against Judge Moore… have done NOTHING to expose their own colleagues on BOTH sides of the aisle who have actually committed these offenses and used OUR money to pay off THEIR victims?

These scum have ZERO moral high ground to condemn Moore when THEY have been complicit in the year’s long campaign of terror against many, many women working in or otherwise involved in the Congress of the United States.

NONE of them have any right to talk.

They ALL knew this sort of thing has been going on… and they sat there, in silence… and ALLOWED IT.

For years.

The women representing this state and our district, let alone the 5th District of Cathy McMorris, who is number 3 or something like that in the House GOP, OWE us.  They OWED us LONG before ANY of this became public.  The OWED us truth and integrity and their efforts to hold these slime accountable.


We got nothing.

Why?  Why did these oh, so, strong women remain silent?

Why are they such hypocrites now?

And why hasn’t the same level of faux “outrage,” expressed to target a vital seat in a RINO controlled senate… been expressed at the hundreds of others who are even "guiltier" than Judge Moore MAY be?

These men and women who remained silent have PROVEN complicity.  Those on the list SETTLED with their victims, which is certainly an admission of guilt that far exceeds anything Judge Moore has provided or had proven against him.

The most recent kerfuffle by leftist Senator Gillibrand is a farce.  She's just as guilty as any of the men on the list because she, too, has been there for years... and silent towards her own colleagues on the left and on the right... who engaged... and still engage... in the very same conduct she now seeks to condemn in others... all while she remained silent... and all while they victimized under the cloak of Congressional Immunity.

Where is HER bill to strip the cover off?  Where are her outraged demands that the list of those who settled with OUR money be made public?

Nowhere.  In fact, has any such bill been drafted by ANYONE?  All this feminist "anger" when the once they SHOULD be angry at are the ones staring back at them every time they stand in front of a mirror or check their makeup in using a compact.

So, yes... Moore lost.

Now, no chance of Obamacare repeal.

Now, likely no chance of tax reform.

Replacement Supreme Court Justices and other judges?  Forget about it.

Yeah, I’m sure the defeat of Moore makes the holier-than-thou RINOs VERRRRY happy.

And as a country, we are likely to suffer as a result for years… thanks to them.  And losing the seat to the left takes pressure off the RINOs as they can just try and blame the left for their decisions.

Yeah, Judge Moore lost.

As I look at this from every angle, I’m hard pressed not to conclude that the rest of the country lost as well.

And I rabidly hope the RINOs choke on it.

Monday, December 11, 2017

It sure looks like Davey Gellatly is under investigation by the Clark County Sheriff's Office… and WTH is going on at the top?

Allegations have been made which include theft by embezzlement resulting from SOMEBODY forging the then-Treasurer’s electronic signature.

Wednesday night, there was a board meeting at the CCGOP head-shed.

It was the first meeting I can recall attending under the Gellatly Regime: he looked decidedly unhappy and stressed.

There was a discussion underway concerning… what… a PCO appointment? I really wasn’t paying that much attention at the time.

Oddly, this was a pre-meeting discussion. After a bit, the formal meeting started.

Part of the early meeting was the Treasurer’s report. Claiming technical difficulties of some sort, there were no copies available for review; the now-treasurer got up and gave some numbers… and admitted there was a fund transfer between the exempt and non-exempt fund.

That transfer, apparently, was to cover the shortfall caused by Gellatly’s failure to show basic competence by overdrawing the party checkbook (an “error” by the vendor, was the excuse de jour)

The problem is that fund transfers of this sort appear to be very much illegal.

"Once exempt, always exempt." Exempt funds may not be moved to a non-exempt funds account.

Of course, Gellatly will try to characterize the transfer as something quite legal. And when that fails, he’ll certainly play the blame game with Joe Gatti, the current Treasurer.

I'm not altogether sure he'll be comfortable in that role.

But the crux of the matter is that, as I understand it, it has been alleged that Gellatly has forged the electronic signature of the past Treasurer.

The contract in question is referred to as the “Five/9 contract.” “Five9” was the phone vendor, also, as I understand it, that Gellatly simply failed to shut off at the conclusion of the election; a vendor set up exclusively for purposes of Gellatly’s disaster of a campaign for Greene and the port commission seat.

I get that many of the PDC rules are rather arcane and nebulous to the uninitiated. Many of them don’t make any sense even to those who’ve been around them for years.

But this issue goes beyond that. The allegations are that Gellatly electronically forged a signature, among other things. The evidence is clear: the electronic signature of the Treasurer appears to have been forged and that forgery appears to have taken place after the contract was sent to DRG, with the incorrect name and so forth. It would seem the Gellatly cult doesn’t seem to care all that much since the board is well aware of this.

The case number (CCSO# 17011581) has been assigned. The evidence provided. The investigation is soon to be underway.

Pride, it is said, goes before a fall.

So does narcissism. So does arrogance. Time will tell if this is to hold true in this case.

Remember, kids... at this point, these are only allegations.  But the evidence leads to where it leads.

Just sayin'.

Herrera speaks to me via letter: at least mentions Congressional assault and harassment issues.

I went out to our local congresswoman at the same time I asked our two United States Senators about their silence on the issue of congressional sexual assault/harassment... and their lack of effort in exposing the names of those who are on the list of 260+ Congress Members who used taxpayer funds to settle their cases.  I sent it via email roughly 3+ weeks ago.

I received the following response from Herrera's office... which, unlike Cantwell's typical effort of completely ignoring the constituent, at least mentions the thrust of the subject I wrote her about.

Before you read this letter, I need to explain the worthless reference to "co-sponsoring" a bill, either in Congress or in the Legislature.

Bills only have one actual sponsor.  Typically, the sponsor is both the one who came up with the idea in question, or, for reasons of seniority, positioning, or political power (and thus, an increased chance of actually securing a bill's passage) is given the bill to run by the actual author of the bill.  That person then signs as "Number Two" on the list... bathroom references notwithstanding.

Those in the legislative world will know when the sponsor is the actual sponsor; those outside; mainly, the public, typically have no clue.

In the seven years Herrera has been in Congress, she has passed a single bill; a fisheries bill cosponsored by Sen. Cantwell in the Senate, an extension of an already existing fisheries law concerning crabs that was signed and passed into law by the, to her, despised President Trump.  No other bill has come up on my search.  She has, on occasion, amended bills of others... that is, added her ideas to the efforts of others and those typically small changes have, occasionally, been signed into law.

But "co-sponsorship" of a bill, which she has always heavily relied upon since she first parachuted back in the region some 10 years ago at the behest of her boss, Cathy McMorris, to run against Brian Baird, is essentially meaningless.  It gives the cosponsor the ability to fool constituents into thinking her name on a bill makes... or made...any difference.

It doesn't.  "Cosponsoring" a bill means getting your name on it.  Period.

In this instance,  Herrera's letter indicates as I suspected: that outside of adding her name to a few bills, she has... and had... done absolutely nothing about this pervasive problem that was going on long before she got there as a congresswoman.  Essentially, she's been there for the better part of 7 years, has been well aware of this issue long before she arrived as a Member of Congress because she knew about it, even when she was Cathy McMorris's coffee fetcher.

And in all that time... she did nothing.

She's not doing a whole hell of lot now, either. 

Jaime Herrera Beutler
3rd District, Southwest Washington

Committee on Appropriations
Subcommittee on Energy and Water
Development, and Related Agencies
Subcommittee on  labor health and human services, education and related agencies
Subcommittee on Financial Services and
General Government

1107 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-3536

General O.O. Howard House
750 Anderson Street, Suite B
Vancouver, WA 98661
(360) 695-6292


December 11, 2017
Mr. Kelly Hinton
PO Box 821761
Vancouver, WA 98682-0041
Dear Mr. Hinton,
Thank you for contacting me about the need for Congress to more strongly confront and prevent sexual harassment. It is an honor to represent the people of Southwest Washington, and I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with me.
It is high time we reform the process for handling sexual harassment here in Congress from one that protects harassers at the expense of taxpayers to one that protects individuals who report sexual harassment and deters this kind of unacceptable conduct.  Recent reports have revealed that more than $17 million has been paid out in taxpayer funded settlements.  Though not all of that money went to settle sexual harassment cases in the halls of Congress, I don't believe another dollar of public money should be used for this purpose. Furthermore, it's time to reform the process for handling sexual harassment claims and create a much stronger deterrent for this kind of behavior.  Another case will be one too many. 
I have cosponsored multiple pieces of legislation that would instill such accountability and prevention in Congress.  One bill I cosponsored is the Member and Employee Training and Oversight On Congress Act. This bill would prohibit requiring a confidentiality agreement as a condition for filing a formal complaint; and provide legal counseling to complainants, allowing targets of harassment to feel safe and supported enough to report sexual abuse. In addition, Members who settle a claim as the harasser would be required to repay taxpayers for amount of the settlement -- and that settlement would be made public. It would also require annual sexual harassment training for all Members and staff.
In addition, I am a cosponsor of the Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act. This legislation aims to protect taxpayers by making congressional settlement data public and prohibiting the use of tax dollars to cover-up sexual harassment or assault. This bill would take an additional step by requiring Members of Congress and staff to pay back the taxpayer money they used in settlements - with interest - for any such incident that has taken place since the enactment after the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995. This repayment must be made regardless of whether the staff member of Representative is currently serving in Congress.  
Please know that as your federal representative, I will be working to ensure all elected officials and congressional employees are held to the highest ethical standards.
Thank you again for contacting me on this important issue. I invite you to visit my website at for additional information or to sign up to be kept up to date on these issues. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of assistance.

Jaime Herrera Beutler
Member of Congress

Giving credit where due, at least some effort was made to mention the issues I had contacted her about, unlike Cantwell.

Murray has yet to be heard from.

So, what's missing from all of this?

An explanation as to why she KNEW this was going on... but remained SILENT.
Please know that as your federal representative, I will be working to ensure all elected officials and congressional employees are held to the highest ethical standards.

Where've you been the past 7 years?  Why weren't you doing this from the moment you arrived?  What have you been doing instead? 

That's a rhetorical question.  We already know the answer.


"Will be working" seems to me to infer she's kinda not been doing anything about this in the past.  Kinda future tense.

Also missing is any effort on her part to expose the 260 names of the Members of Congress who have used taxpayer funds to settle with their victims.

It's bad enough that this happened at all.  But the idea that those guilty of this kind of activity can then turn around and use OUR money to buy their way out of it?

These unfortunate women were not the only victims.

So are we.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

So, why didn't I attend Rivers' dog and pony show yesterday?

Simple: there was no point in it.

When you have a legislator co-opted by special interests, they're a bundle of excuses and "explanations" designed to placate their respective herds... or "constituents" as they like to call them.

I'm hearing that Rivers gets upset at people like me who attempt to hold her accountable for her actions... for her lies.

Like every other leftist, she equates voting against her constituents as "leadership."  Like any other arrogance, she views HER vision as superior to the mere mortals who were foolish enough to both believe in her... and then, stupidly, vote for her.

So, she excuses her rape of that trust by referring to it as "leadership."

The kind of "Leadership" that enslaved us to a $700 million gas tax/tab fee bill to enable King County to screw THEIR people even more... with their multi-billion dollar loot rail boondoggle.

The kind of "Leadership" that sold us out to the WEA for $5.5 BILLION and our subsequent exploding property taxes....  without condition one... without expectation one... without reform one.

The kind of "Leadership" incapable of admitting to a mistake.  The kind of "Leadership" that will cheerfully lie to your face... and then set about doing whatever her masters tell her to do.

I asked her about the insanity of lying to get elected.  Her lap dog, Brent Boger, taped the whole thing and then, since he's a RINO, he stupidly had fellow RINO Lew Waters post it on YouTube and then acted like *I*, as one of her constituents, was some sort of lowlife for asking the questions.

This is the Ann Rivers who promised, in writing, to oppose gas tax and tab fee increases to get elected to the Senate.

Rivers, typically arrogant and insulting towards me... the guy she had hired to KEEP her from becoming what, unfortunately, she chose to become: a complete democrat, leftist sellout, merely using the Republican label to get... and keep herself... elected.

Here is the video... It reeks with her lies and her arrogance.

It's not just lies and arrogance towards me. It's lies and arrogance towards us all.

So, yeah. I thought about going.

I thought about asking her why she had worked so hard for us... only to begin, the better part of 3 years ago, to betray us.

I thought about asking her why she... and her office... ignore my emails asking her about her efforts to screw us.

I thought about asking her to pay my property tax increases for the next several years... increases that she arranged... and then lied about.

I thought about asking what, exactly, it is that WE, the ones PAYING the bills... got out of her betrayal to the WEA, arranged after she was employed by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm WHILE she was "negotiating" with the democrats on the budget.

I thought about asking her to explain why the Senate caved to the Supreme Court, who has no right or ability to force the legislature to do anything.

I thought about asking her why she needed to lie, as the video above shows her lying, about her "no" vote on the gas tax equating to an increase from the $700 million this county has to pay to King County... to a $7 BILLION increase if she had voted "no." You know, like her campaign promises said she would?

I thought about asking her why she supported driver's licenses for illegal aliens, at ALL... let alone cheaper than those for citizens and those here legally.

And then... then I rewatched the video above.

And I concluded: "Why bother?"

Why put up with a Senator who is a proven liar?

Why put up with a Senator who expresses contempt towards me so noticeable that in the town hall meeting shortly before last session, was even remarked upon by others who I didn't even know?

Why bother to go to a meeting where that woman will stand up there and blame everyone and everything else for voting for what the overwhelming numbers of her constituents WANT her to vote against?

I had to laugh when Rivers was quoted in the Reflector a saying:
“To me a big part of being a citizen legislator is knowing what is on the hearts and minds of the people I represent, and carrying those questions and concerns to the state Capitol,” Rivers said in a news release.
What's on our hearts and minds was her representing US. What's on our "hearts and minds" was her keeping her word to oppose the gas tax and tab fee increases that she voted for, so hundreds of millions of OUR dollars can be spent to benefit Seattle. What's on our "hearts and minds" is that she CONTINUE to oppose the CRC/Loot Rail scam What's on our "hearts and minds" is for Rivers to stop substituting HER judgments and sell outs to the special interests and the downtown mafia that own her like the 13th Amendment was never passed for those of the people she allegedly represents.
But anyone watching that video, so lovingly shot by a moron, can clearly see that Rivers would be completely nonresponsive. That she would again heap scorn on me or anyone else questioning her lack of judgment... her arrogance... he spite.

She believes herself incapable of doing any wrong. She will lie again... tax us even more in the future... and do it all while she's trying to make us think she's doing it for us.

Clearly, she is not. Because if she were, she would have kept her word.

If she were, she would have steadfastly expressed her outrage and condemnation of McCleary instead of cheerfully ceding the authority of the Legislature to a Court that far overstepped its boundaries... and this time, did so with the complicity of a Legislature generally and a REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED SENATE in particular instead of hammering her own District and this county with even MORE tax increases.

That is Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers' version of "Leadership."

I wonder: if the people of the 18th District knew the depth of her betrayal... would it be OUR version of "Leadership?"

Something tells me it would not.

It's not that I don't care. If anything, I care too much about holding lying politicians with zero integrity accountable.

I have been attacked by every major RINO. Rivers and her lapdog Boger made a serious effort to get my clients to fire me. Rivers was particularly upset that I found out.

But find out I did. And THIS is the kind of Senator we have in the 18th Legislative District.

And that's why I didn't bother. Simple, really.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

The sincere-nonresponse of Senator Cantwell to her complicity in the Congressional sexual harrassment/assault scandals.

Three weeks or so ago, I contacted Sen. Cantwell's office to express my concerns over her complicity in remaining silent on this issue that she knew full well about but did nothing for the 16+ years she's been a Senator... and her silence on the matter of Sen. Al Franken.

I found the entirety of the situation to be bizarre; a woman in a party of alleged champions of and for women, allowing the US Senate to be turned into what amounts to the sexual equivalent of a version of Cadillac Ranch.

This was the response from her office.  It says nothing about the issues I brought up, of course, but I didn't expect that it would.

In the business, this is known as the "sincere non-response."  On one hand, Cantwell (or her staff) could rightfully claim to have provided a response to my inquiry.  On the other hand, the response itself is a group of utterly meaningless words that bear no connection to what I was asking about: namely her complicity in allowing this decade's long den of inequity to exist; why she hadn't spoken out or acted to put an end to it years ago...

This was her response:

Office of U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for contacting me to express your views on allegations of sexual harassment and assault. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue. 

I am concerned by the increasing number of individuals who have come forward with credible allegations of sexual harassment and assault from nearly every sector of American life. 

Sexual harassment and assault are crimes. Under federal law, sexual harassment is considered a form of sexual discrimination which is prohibited in the workplace under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Victims of sexual harassment are allowed to file lawsuits against their perpetrators. Under federal law, sexual assault is defined as any sexual act committed upon another person by “threatening or placing that other person in fear, causing bodily harm to that other person,” or if the sexual act is committed against a person who is unaware the sexual act is occurring or against a person incapable of “consenting to the sexual act.” Currently, the maximum federal sentence for sexual assault is twenty years in prison.

I have cosponsored and introduced multiple pieces of legislation on these important issues. In the 114th Congress, I was proud to cosponsor the Security and Finance Empowerment Act of 2015 which required the National Resource Center on Workplace Response to provide information and assistance in developing adequate workplace responses to sexual harassment and assault. This legislation required employers to provide their employees with thirty days of leave per year which can be used in the case of a sexual assault. In the 107th Congress, I introduced the Debbie Smith Act which created grants to help law enforcement and first responders handle sexual assault cases and collection of DNA evidence for forensic evaluation. However, much more work needs to be done to support victims and hold perpetrators of sexual harassment and assault accountable. 

In addition to legislation, I have consistently supported federal programs designed to support victims of sexual harassment and assault. I am a strong supporter of the Violence Against Woman Act and have supported robust funding for its programs that provide the national resources of legal advocacy and counseling for victims in the aftermath of abuse. I also am a strong supporter of robust funding for the Crime Victims Fund which provides resources to over 4 million victims of sexual violence with support services and reimbursements to help support their lives.
Thank you again for contacting me to share your thoughts on this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can be of further assistance.

Maria Cantwell
United States Senator

For future correspondence with my office, please visit my website at 

As you can see, her office didn't even mention what I was asking her about, let alone address it.

To her credit, at least Cantwell responded.  That's more than Murray or our own Congresswoman have done.

But it's clear that all 3 of the women representing me as a constituent simply don't care about this issue.

Had they cared, over the almost 50 years of tenure these three represent, at least one of them would have said something.

At least one of them would have DONE something.

Something more than sending out form letters that act like you're an idiot when you write them.