Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Unionist teachers think money solves every problem.

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These same kind of people are demanding more money... and more... and more... and more.

It never ends.

Well, Baltimore has been in the news lately, a democrat-controlled cesspool of inculcated victimization and government-fostered dependency.

Let's take a look at how the product of teachers is doing there, shall we?

According to the Baltimore Sun, their version of the local democratian, we get this:

City students improve in reading, lag in math on national test

Baltimore in bottom third of cities that took part in TUDA assessments

December 18, 2013|By Erica L. Green, The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore's fourth- and eighth-graders posted significant gains in reading on a rigorous national exam, but math scores declined and student achievement still lags significantly, according to results released Wednesday.

OK... not altogether bad.  "Significant gains in reading" is a good start.

Let's see what "significant gains" looks like, shall we?
The percentage of eighth-graders reading at proficient levels was 16 percent, but the city noted a 6-point increase in their average reading scores — one of the most significant increases of all the cities. The number of eighth-graders scoring proficient in reading trailed the state by 26 percentage points.
So, the "significant gain" was from the unimaginably horrifically bad to the level of unspeakably awful.  And there's more:
And while average fourth-grade reading scores rose by 4 points from 2011, only 14 percent of those students were considered proficient in reading.

In math, 19 percent of fourth-graders scored proficient this year and 13 percent of eighth-graders did. The comparison to 2011 scores was deemed not statistically significant.
The local herd of unionist teachers, infesting our local education plant, will tell you that it's OBVIOUSLY a "funding problem."

"Baltimore is obviously a poor, urban center of poverty, low tax revenues, and inadequate fiscal support of the school system."

That's utter nonsense of course.  Baltimore is altogether typical of Democrat-controlled urban centers… Such as, say, Detroit.

The root of the problem, I believe, rests not with issues of revenue, but instead with issues of inculcated victimization. Residents of these cities, particularly of the minority persuasion, are taught from birth that their failures to thrive are entirely someone else's responsibility,  that they have no control over their destiny, and oh yeah by the way please sign up for this very expensive program which will spend a great deal of money, enriching others, but which will do absolutely nothing for you.

Imagine where Baltimore would be if the residents, the parents, the children were taught that they alone bear responsibility for their outcomes. Imagine where Baltimore would be if they had a mayor who had demanded that the streets remain safe and that there would be no tolerance for the kind of activity that we've seen; and that those engaged in riotous behavior or destruction of local and neighborhood facilities that were designed to enrich their lives would be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Imagine where Baltimore would be if the mayor had not made excuses for rioters… By providing them zones where they can destroy, while she held the police back from doing anything about it.

As for the issue of funding?
According to the US Department of Education, the total expenditure that the Baltimore city public schools made for each student in the 2010 to 2011 school year the latest for which the Department of Education has reported this data, $17,329 was expended on each student in the Baltimore school system. Utilizing the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calendar, that equals roughly $18,083 in 2015 dollars.
Well, then, the union's teachers would complain about a student to teacher ratio.

"Even if they do have a great deal of money, there obviously thousands of overworked teachers."
In the 2012-2013 school year, according to the Department of Education, the city's schools enrolled 84,747 students. But they also employed approximately 5,380 classroom teachers — meaning they had a student-to-teacher ratio of 15.75 students per teacher.
Gee, 15.75 students per teacher… $17,300 per student… How much money is 15.75 times $17,300?

As a product of Seattle public schools, I can barely read. So let me ballpark this figure:

Can a classroom muddle along on over a quarter of a million dollars a year?

Unionist teachers of course, will try to convince us that there's only two factors that affect the outcomes of the education plant: poor parenting, and a lack of funding.

So in Baltimore, 84% of the eighth grade student's parents are bad parents.


I for one take a somewhat different view.  Our two children spent most of their last six years in school in the confines of the Hockinson school district.  I fell for the reputation (although clearly we should have moved to Camas, which actually apparently does have a solid school system) to move here and we were involved in every aspect of our children's education.

We showed up.  We went to the parent-teacher conferences. We went to the school activities. We voted yes on the levies. We pay some of the highest property taxes in the state of Washington.

Our oldest graduated from Hockinson high school with a 3.5+ GPA, our youngest graduated with a 3.1+ GPA.

Both of them failed the math portion of the Clark College placement test.

How much more money should we fork over to the Hockinson school district? How many more problems will be solved for the children by writing these people a bigger check?

I've lived in the Hockinson school district since 2005. I have yet to see a levy fail. We have given the school district everything they wanted, everything they've asked for, when they've asked for it. How much is enough?

I'm writing primarily about the Hockinson district because I live here, and it's the one I have the most knowledge about… And experience with.

The most critical element of the teaching equation is the competence of the teacher. Talk to the union's teachers about holding them accountable for their outcomes, and they go insane.

And we get stupidity like this idiotic "one day" strike, so most of the teachers can stay home and watch soap operas while a few of them go to Olympia and bitch about how bad off they've got it in their 183 day work year, their outrageously high wages and unbelievable benefits.

This is the kind of thing that makes me care less for unionist teachers. If they don't like what we're paying them, if they don't like the conditions within which they have to teach, which I would venture to say are probably just a little bit better than Baltimore's, then they need to quit.

I'm sick of it.

Neither the legislature nor the governor will do anything about it of course, because our state is a macrocosm of the attitude infesting Baltimore. The abysmal outcomes of a 30% drop out rate in the state of Washington are never the teacher's fault. They are always the parent's fault, they are always the fault of a lack of funding, or they are always the students fault… Or some combination of the three.

And that's why, I will never vote to "support" schools again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why yes... teacher's unions and their supporters are scum. Why do you ask?

I hate public employee unions generally, and teacher's unions particularly: here's a large part of why.

Some local teachers' unions to vote on one-day walkout

Demonstrations aimed at prodding state lawmakers to fully fund education

By Susan Parrish, Columbian education reporter
Fed up with inaction by state legislators to fully fund basic education, some teachers' unions in Clark County school districts are taking resolutions to their membership for a one-day walkout on May 13.
Last week, teachers in a handful of Puget Sound area districts held one-day walkouts to send a message to legislators to comply with the state Supreme Court's McCleary decision regarding education funding. On Saturday, more than 4,000 educators rallied in Olympia to tell legislators to abide by the McCleary decision and adequately pay for the state's public schools. They also said they want lawmakers to pay for an initiative approved by voters last November to reduce class sizes.
If the May 13 walk out occurs, participating districts would have to tack another day onto the end of the school year in June so that students would attend the required 180 days.
At the monthly meeting of the Evergreen Education Association's representative council Monday night, 116 representatives unanimously approved taking a resolution to their membership recommending the day of action, or one-day walk out, said EEA President Rob Lutz.
Next, Lutz said, he will take the resolution to union members in each of the district's schools. After that, a membership vote would occur.
"Should there be sufficient support that school be cancelled May 13, we plan to partner with the district to keep all sporting events — things kids look forward to each day — to keep those going," Lutz said. "This is not an action against Evergreen Public Schools, the district or the patrons."
There's more of this garbage, of course, but if I were a school board member, I would demand that the board notify the union that any teacher missingwork that day would be immediately terminated.

With therse slime, they only care about how much they get paid.  And frankly, I'm sick of it.

Were I a teacher (As if I would ever lower myself to that level) I would cross the line instantly and do my fricking job.)

Meanwhile, MY legislators are going to know that I demand these teaching scum get nothing.

Engaging in illegal activity designed to hurt our children is unacceptable.  I will never vote for another levy as long as I live because of this kind of arrogant stupidity.

Jon Russell got the itch again?

Ahhh, yes.  Jon Russell.

Years ago, when he finally ditched Washougal under a cloud of scandal, political failure and disastrous congressional/state representative campaigning, Russell pulled up stakes and inflicted himself on the unsuspecting town of Culpeper, VA.

He started ingratiating himself on the political scene, using an issue concerning moving city council elections to November to get himself name familiarity.

I pegged it, of course: the moment I started hearing about the scam to move the election dates, I knew it was just Russell using a bunch of rubes to increase his name familiarity so HE could run for office.

I, of course, steadfastly maintain my abhorrence of Russell being anywhere in my government.  Russell, naturally, wants to be all of those things he could never be over here.

I started a long range campaign to educate people to the true Jon Russell, using the fact set put together at the Jon Russell Watch blog.  Unfortunately, I started a couple of weeks too late, and Russell fooled enough people to actually get elected by a small margin.

I regret I didn't start earlier.  that's a mistake I won't make again.

I pointed out to the fair people of Culpeper that Russell was just using them.  He is not interested in Culpeper any more than he was interested in Washougal, beyond using them as a stepping stone.

So, I wasn't terribly surprised when I received this yesterday:

I have a very big political decision to make by Friday. I would appreciate your prayers for divine guidance. I have been receiving some wise counsel for a while now. I appreciate diverse perspectives; it helps me to think clearly.
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Russell is also a rather fake Christian, as it turns out.  An almost psychotic liar who made up fake identities to talk to himself (pat himself on the back) and attack others in the democratian's comment section and on facebook... so insecure that he ultimately lied about his education with fake college degrees...

Even with this garbage, he wants people to believe that whatever decision he implements (and that decision has long since been made, the Lord's intercession notwithstanding) that it was somehow divinely inspired when, in fact, it was inspired by his non-Christian, coldly calculating political self-flaggelating mentality.

My understanding of "divine guidance" is that it's... well... "divine."  Nothing that us mere mortals will say, or think, or request.... will change it one iota.

Russell knows that: so why would be trowel out this kind of nonsense to cover a decision he's made that will, no doubt, require him to move out from the little people of Culpeper?

A different job (Has ALEC fired him yet?) some sort of political appointment... running for some bigger office?

No matter.  It's all about Russell to Russell.  And you can bet that "God told me to do it" will be a part of that package.

"Ist Amerika Brennt?" (Is America burning?) WHERE'S OBAMA?

The phrase "Ist Amerika Brennt" is a knock off of the status request from Berlin on Paris as Allied troops approached.  Had the Nazi commander of Paris, General Dietrich von Choltitz, obeyed his orders to level Paris's historical and cultural landmarks?

Last night, there were riots in at least 3 cities across the country: Oakland, Ferguson and Baltimore.

Tens... hundreds of millions of dollars of damage was caused by "Obama's sons."

Where.... where.... where was the government?  Why was any of this being allowed to happen?  Why are these animals... these scum... being allowed to get away with this?

Where's the president?

This is happening on his watch.  What is he and that total light weight, worthless turd of an Attorney General doing about it?

At some point... soon... the American people will rise up and take their cities... and their country... back.

The rest of the world... again.... looks at the United States in utter, complete, disbelief.

NOTHING was done to stop this last night.  The responsibility rests with Obama, with the governor of Maryland and with that simple idiot of a hair dresser of a mayor.

NOTHING was done to stop this night before last... except for that bitch setting up "destruction" spaces.

You know what?  That young thug's death was unfair.  It was likely very wrong.  But that death, as tragic as it may be, justifies none of this.  Here's the guy these people are both lionizing and destroying their own city over, with the help of racist scum and outside agitators.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 5.21.33 PM
Should white people riot anytime a black kills one of us?

And what if we did?  What would government's response to THAT be?

If the whites of Baltimore rioted over anything, do you think for one second that poster-woman for hair products would have allowed whites space to "destroy?"

Of course not.

Black government is allowing... fostering... the attitude that it's perfectly OK to burn, destroy, assault and murder.

They are afraid to get these people under control because they fear being called names... such as "Uncle Tom."

Obama should have federalized the Guard, declared martial law, and sent them in there to restore order.  Failing that, he should have used the Army to do it.

The REPUBLICAN governor of Maryland is as much to blame.

Larry Hogan has failed.  Just elected, there's no way he'll politically recover from this debacle.  In fact, he should just resign right now.

The Guard SHOULD have been activated and deployed 3 days ago.  That it wasn't?

THAT'S directly on him.

And that liar of a mayor?  Words actually fail me as to what should happen to her.

At some point.... hopefully soon.... the people need to rise up and take their cities back.

I can't help but believe that if "Baltimore" were spelled "Vancouver," we'd be seeing the exact... same... thing, because of the weak-kneed political leadership in this county's cities... if you can call it that... of the cowards running this state and that city.

NONE of the people currently in government in Maryland, from the mayor on up, should have a job.  They SHOULD all be replaced by people who respect the law and who will make the tough, unpleasant decisions required to maintain order and to keep their communities safe.

Looting a store is not justice for this guy's death.  And these slime in government are the ones most to blame after the rioters themselves.

Meanwhile, Obama plays golf or whatever, and disappears... again... when a leader is needed... again.

This is a failure at all levels, from parenting to governing.  And once again... the eagle cries.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Thoughts on why voter participation sucks

(Dictated by Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5)

Recently, Chucky Green held his campaign event masquerading as some sort of discussion over why fewer and fewer people as a percentage of the population actually vote.

Besides being an obviously partisan effort to benefit Green personally, no real discussion is necessary. 

The reasons why people are avoiding their constitutional duty to vote are obvious.

First and foremost, it's the growing feeling that their vote doesn't matter.

It's extremely difficult to argue with that perspective, because I happen to share it.

Why should we bother to vote… When it rarely matters who gets elected?

Two of the biggest examples are both at the national and the state level. We were positively giddy that the GOP took over the U.S. Senate. "Moderates" told us that that would change everything... all the problems would be fixed.

What a lie that was. These guys vote more Democratic than the Democrats. The most recent example was just last week, when they voted that neo-communist Lynch in as the new AG.

The woman knows as much about constitutional law as she does about brain surgery. She supports the illegal alien amnesty, supports allowing illegal alien criminals to remain in our borders, and actually believes that illegal aliens have the right to a job in the United States today… When millions of Americans can't find work in the real unemployment rate confronting this country today.

The GOP Senate voted that horrific, waste of space Intel office to reward the president for his illegal activities in the White House.

When something like that happens, does it make it more likely… Or less likely… To cause people to vote?

Generally speaking, the GOP was given control of the U.S. Senate to eliminate Obama care, to fix the border situation, and to stop the president's illegal alien amnesty by Executive Order program. As we are now closing on the end of GOP control for the fourth month, how many of those things have been accomplished?

I'm not interested in voting for the GOP or the dems on about any level. Because based on the outcomes, it makes no difference when we do.  These were the top RINO efforts by the U.S. Senate just last week, which I've already posted about.

At the state level, we were giddy about GOP control over the state Senate, the Majority Coalition Caucus.  Last year, they were exceptional.  But what a difference a year makes.

So what's the first thing that happens after the GOP Senate goes in this session this year?

Two rogue GOP senators ditch the caucus, Don Benton and Pam Roach, to join with the Democrats so they can get rid of Tim Sheldon as president pro tem of the Senate... and give the job to Roach, instead.

That was just the start, as the corruption of the GOP-controlled State Senate makes itself known, and even though, for example, our local excuse of a daily newspaper once again fails to print the reality of the situation (let's remember kids, when it comes to anyone doing their bidding, the newspaper is not going to tell you the truth… When that truth might derail the effort.)  when the GOP plays what we used to call up there "screw–screw" games. (You can substitute the more popular four letter word for the word "screw".)

Brad Owen, lieutenant governor and president of the Senate, illegally declared the GOP Senate rule concerning requiring a supermajority to pass any tax or fee increase, to be "unconstitutional".

The President of the Senate has no power to weigh in on the constitutionality or the lack thereof concerning any rule currently in force in the Senate. All it would've taken to overturn his ruling would be a simple majority vote… A vote that was never taken… Because the GOP Senate wanted that rule to be declared unconstitutional, so they could jam the gas tax down our throats.

And jam it they did.

They made sure there was an emergency clause when no emergency exists, which makes it practically impossible for the people to gather the necessary signatures to put this to a vote on the ballot; and they made sure there was no referendum clause on this humongous gas tax increase… Which when combined, makes it clear that the GOP controlled Senate of this state does not want us to be able to vote on this issue.

And Owen's decision concerning the constitutionality of the GOP super majority rule? Well you can forget about that, because he changed his mind when the time rolled around to do the general fund budget. So, a large number of amendments to the budget failed to pass… Even though they had 29 out of 49 votes… Because they needed 30 to pass. And this, by all appearances, was done to allow prospective gubernatorial candidate Andy Hill (R Bellevue) to look really really good for the upcoming campaign.

As of this writing, three of the five states senators representing parts of Clark County voted for this monstrosity, even in the face of this corruption. They include my own State Senator, Ann Rivers (R 18), Curtis King, (R 14) and John Braun (R 20).  Voting against this insanity was the Vancouver hobbit, Annette Cleveland (D 49) and the selfsame Don Benton (R 17).

I am assured by Sen. Rivers that those voting no on this package will have zero projects in their district. Apparently the 49th District did not get the memo, as they are receiving the lion's share of this package to replace, ala the CRC, a freeway interchange that does not need to be replaced, specifically the Mill Plain/I-5 interchange… A waste of approximately $100 million.

Let me reiterate, the hobbit senator actually voted no on this package.  Yet the project remains.

In the face of this kind of corruption. How can I look at someone and tell them… Oh yeah by the way… Your vote matters?

There are also a variety of other reasons... far be it for me to suggest that the reason listed above is by far the only one.

Campaigns of lies, campaigns of mudslinging, campaigns of rank partisanship, these things all have a cancerous effect on the electorate.

I admit, because I feel the cancer myself. And over the past three cycles, I have voted less and less, for fewer candidates.  Mickey Mouse, Popeye and Donald Duck frequently get my nod.

As a veteran, and as someone who has seen up close and personal the communist system in action in East Germany (6 years worth), you would think that I would be the most motivated to actually cast a vote. But given the choices that we have to make among the available candidates, I keep going back to my initial observation: which is usually, no matter who gets elected, they're just going to do what they want to do and screw us.

No, that doesn't apply to everyone up there. But I would say that the number easily exceeds 90%.

At the federal level, government is getting away with crimes that should've seen the perpetrators locked up literally years ago.  Corruption is rampant and wide spread.  Speak out, and you get indicted (Right, Sen. Menendez?)

Nothing is getting done, nothing is happening, none of these people will ever be held accountable for what they've done to this country. Everybody from Lois Lerner to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama… All of them are going to walk away from the death and destruction they've caused the people of the United States.

Oh, Congress is going through the motions.  But that's all it is, throwing a bone to people like me who demand justice... people who will confuse motion... with action.

At the state level, we can say the same. Around $200 million was wasted on the CRC scam. Who's held accountable for that? Who's going to prison over that? Who's even going to investigate that?

With the floating bridge scam (the SR 520 floating bridge scam) additional hundreds of millions have been wasted on faulty design and faulty implementation of the floats designed to hold the damn bridge out of the water. Who's held accountable for that? Who's going to prison over that? Who's even going to investigate that?

And the tunnel in Seattle. Hundreds of millions of dollars and months wasted. Instead of just buying another drilling machine and drilling from the opposite direction (which would've cost $85 million) they waste 145 million to pull the drill bit out of the hole to repair it. And why is it that the drill they were using didn't have a reverse function on it to back out?

Who's held accountable for that? Who's going to prison over that? Who's even going to investigate that?

And we're supposed to give the same people almost $.12 a gallon more in gas tax? Are you freaking kidding me?  $15 BILLION?

One of the biggest problems with determining what the primary reasons for a decreasing voter participation rate actually is… Is once you identify what the problems are, once you identify what the causes are, what can you do to fix any of it?

To me, that makes as much sense as getting shot in the chest with an arrow and everybody staring down at you... seeing the arrow coming out of your chest and saying... "Wow!  There's an arrow sticking out of that guy's chest… Let's go do lunch," instead of helping... instead of changing anything.

Are people like Greg Kimsey supposed to start lying less? Are haters like Chucky Green supposed to start hating less?  Are liars like Timmy "The Liar" Leavitt or Scott Weber supposed to start telling the truth? Are these people to give a damn about the will of the people they would govern?  How does that happen?  Who makes sure that it happens? What the hell difference does any of this make?


As long as those at the very highest levels of the US government can break the law with impunity, it makes no difference.

As long as those we elect cavalierly disregard the reasons they were elected in the first place, as they're corrupted by what happens once they get to Olympia… Or once they get to Washington DC… What the hell difference does it make?

I totally get why Hillary Clinton asked the question, "what difference does it make?" I get it, because she knows damn well that by the time the election rolls around it won't make any difference. The damn Democrats will still vote for this witch; they've made it clear that they don't give a damn how many people she's killed or how dishonest she is or how she would lie to us or how much she would screw us… They don't care.

And if they don't care… Why should I?

And this goes directly to the heart of the matter rest why people don't bother devoting more. Because frankly, it doesn't make any difference when we do.

Chuckie Green's C3G2 hater convention at the library: about as expected.

As expected, it was a leftist goat rope of the old school, a campaign soiree for and about Chuckie Green, masquerading as some sort of public function.  It accomplished absolutely nothing, of course.  Turn out for this November's election will be among the lowest as a percentage we've ever known.  But the whole point of this was for Chuckie's campaign, so it served his nefarious, underhanded purposes well.

And what a lie that was.

A few pics... nothing was accomplished except, say, for Carolyn Crain sucking up to her bud, Chuckie.

You remember Chuckie, don't you?

He's the guy Carolyn Crain endorsed for councilor seat 2 shortly before she also endorsed Julie Olson... an old school, play both ends against the middle dodge.  Seemed a bit piqued that I busted her for it.

Then there were these leftists:

Two leftist nutburgers named Jimmy:

And a leftist group shot in support of Chuckle's rip off campaign for the council:

Chuckie's bogus campaign event was as much a scam as Kimsey's lies in the campaign pamphlet... and just as useful.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs explains why he got clobbered in the recent election.

We all know about Mr. 36%, Mussolini Mikey Briggs.

He was the clown that got hammered against THE weakest GOP incumbent in SW Washington last November, Brandon Vick.

Engaging, apparently, in a little introspection, he seems to have discovered why that happened:

While he has no integrity to speak of, I do admire this first step towards understanding how and why he is so politically reviled.

His running buddy, Maureen "Bully" Loserham would be best served by reading... and living... the tenets expressed hereon... but I ain't holding my breath.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jayne runs for idiot on a state income tax... and wins going away.

What is it with leftists?

What part of "Hell, no," don't they get?

Jayne's idiocy today, groveling over fringe-leftist Jim McIntire's state income tax proposal shows that even a dead horse requires frequent beatings when it comes to partisan, leftist hackery.

McIntire was a leftist hack when he was a state rep, even then obsessing on ways to screw us out of more of our hard-earned money by way of an income tax.

And that's the ONLY thing behind this leftist hackery: scamming more of our money... bigger government... more and bigger programs... increasing the entitlement victimology so favored by the left.

So, when either McIntyre or Jayne babble thus:
McIntire's plan would establish a 5 percent income tax but would eliminate the state property tax and reduce business taxes. It would, he says, raise billions of dollars. It would, undoubtedly, raise trillions of hackles, considering the anti-tax fever that is pandemic. But, as McIntire said, "We need to have less of an ideological conversation about this."
...they are both lying.

Absolutely, 1000 percent lying.

First and foremost is McIntire's lie about this being anything BUT "ideological."

No one to the right of Mao has demanded a state income tax in my life time.

It was McIntire's ideology when he was in the House and getting elected to statewide office didn't make that magically change.  Because the fact is that if we weren't having an ideological conversation about this, we'd be having no conversation about it at all.

The next lie is the concept of the numbers: "...a 5 percent income tax but would eliminate the state property tax and reduce business taxes."

That, too is a lie.  Even if such a system were implemented, with scum like McIntire in government, how many months would it be before he and his fellow fringe-left nutters began to demand that we change the "5" to a "6," and we'd be revisiting the state portion of the property tax as well as jacking up the B&O tax.

And then it would become 7... and then 8... and the numbers on those who would have to pay would get lower... and lower... and lower until anyone getting any income in this state of any kind would have to pay.

This whole scam is to get more and more money into the state's coffers.

So, no, in reality, it's NOT worth "talking about."

Those who feel the need to pay an income tax so badly can feel free to head on down to that economic titan known as Oregon... Or that train-wreck known as California.

There you have it.  This ideological babble about an income tax... which involves the ideology of both McIntire AND Jayne is just that: a leftist scam to feed a voracious government where the word "enough" doesn't exist when it comes to the people's money.

Pridemore for state auditor? Lefty Lou... he's such a kidder.

See, if Lefty Likes you, well, by God, he likes you, even going to extremes to suggest bizarre, frequently idiotic ideas, including who should pick up the pieces of that great democrat state auditor, Troy Kelley.

Unfortunately, our governor lacks the brains God gave a board fence.  Not unlike, come to think of it, our chief, resident fringe-left hater running the rag.

When Kelley goes away, there's only one suitable candidate to replace him, and that fellow's name is Sontag.

As in, Brian.

See, Brian Sontag held the gig since about the discovery of electricity.  No one alive knows more about the job, no one alive is better equipped to handle it.

Naming Sontag as caretaker auditor until a general election can be held would be best for the people of this state, far and away.  The transition would be seamless and instantaneous.

Instead, a fringe-left partisan hack suggests another fringe-left partisan hack, a 3 time loser  (Congress (and what a joke THAT was!) State Auditor and County Commissioner).  Someone with a proven inability to listen, know or care what the people of THIS county actually want... someone who knows as much about the position of state auditor as he does the position of state phlebotomist... someone who when he ran for the gig, could only manage 36% of the vote in his own home county.

But see, Lefty Lou likes him.  And when he likes you, suggesting stupid stuff is simply par for his course.

And not even the moron currently our governor is idiotic enough to pick Pridemore when any number of people are far more qualified for the job.

If Inslee wants to do what's best for the state, he'll get THE most qualified guy for the job when the time comes.

And that guy's name is Brain Sontag... contrary to Lefty Lou's babble.

But since Inslee is a democrat and, then, by definition, he could care less about the people of this state, how likely is that?

Saturday, April 25, 2015

As I predicted years ago, Obama's emails would be hacked.

The method I was sure would be used was his "Hillary Clinton personal server-like" insecure Blackberry phone.


I'm about sick of Mr. Obama's BlackBerry obsession.

The President-Elect's obsession with his BlackBerry was cute, at first. Even understandable (I confess I own two: an 8830 T-Mobile and a Storm.) since they take some learning and subsequently, some skill to run all the features.

But enough is enough.

There is no excuse, save selfish self-centeredness, for Mr. Obama to demand that he be allowed to continue using his.

The critical element is this paragraph:
"The moment it becomes known that Barack Obama uses his BlackBerry, you know that a significant share of Russia's signal intelligence and China's signal intelligence and cyberintelligence budgets will be targeted to break it," said Entner, an analyst with market researcher Nielsen in Boston.
So, what do we find out today?

Eh. What do *I* know?

But it begs the issue:  What ELSE am I right about when it comes to this moron?

The Liar Leave-it not running again? So what?

I wasn't terribly surprised… Or actually impacted one where the other…  When I was emailed lefty Lou's latest compilation of lies and exaggeration concerning the soon to be politically late and unlamented mayor of Vancouver...

If in fact  he doesn't run for reelection, he won't be missed. Some other fringe left liar will take his place...  promising one thing and being something completely different once they're sworn in..

Of course, it begins and ends as all Lefty Lou articles begin and end, with being forced to filter it through the lie factory that is his peculiar keyboard.

for example, when Lefty Lou says:
To his credit, he was open, direct and honest.
That's a lie..

The Democrat in his never gone out of its way to hold the liar accountable for his lie of a campaign anymore than they've held the liars behind the pot initiative accountable for their live a campaign  or Scott Weber accountable for his lie of a campaign..

Of course, in this instance, the lie went the democratian's way.

Had the liar ever actually exhibited any principles except his base dishonesty... and stuck to his guns on the issue of the CRC scam... instead of lying his way into the office... it's realistic to expect that Lefty Lou would have a somewhat different take on The Liar... just a little more hostile... a bit more "Madore jihad" like.

But in Lefty Lou's world, when you lie and it's the way he wants you to lie... and you get what you want and it at least in part what he wants... then this is the kind of fawning puff-piece that you can expect from the democratian lie factory.

Actually, this appears to be that sort of kind of thing that someone who does want to run for reelection might do to get all these people line up to say "oh please, Tim, you've got to run for reelection, here's our money."

Of course, that's something of a cynical view.  But then, as one of the biggest liars in elective office today, I must admit that Levitt does tend to bring out the cynicism in me.

And then this nonsense from Lefty Lou:
On the surface, Leavitt’s decision doesn’t add up. Vancouver is doing well. It feels like the city is moving forward, and Leavitt’s leadership gets a chunk of credit.
I frequently get the feeling that Lefty Lou doesn't even realize that he's lying… When he lies.

If as Lefty claims, "Vancouver is doing well," than the next observation Lefty makes, specifically that "also the city is sort of on automatic pilot when it comes to raising taxes," would not be necessary nor would it be included in the story.

That's as much a lie as claiming the rag is doing well.

See, cities that are doing well do not have to automatically raise taxes, every year. Cities that are doing well can typically keep their spending under control and live off the naturally increasing revenues that an allegedly growing and thriving economy would provide them with.

But since Vancouver does not have a growing, thriving economy... and since its something of an economic ghost town governed by a bunch of tax-happy know-nothings who lean so far to the left that they can't walk straight down a crooked street, it's safe to say that in fact Vancouver sucks.  Like Steve Stuart when confronted with the same issues, Leavitt realizes this, and he knows he might be in for a tough time next go round.

You see, nothing succeeds like success. This lying bastard has been the mayor of Vancouver for six years now. And Vancouver hasn't got shit to show for it.

I fully expect this leftist egomaniac, with his CRC scam and his efforts to keep us silent on it... who lied so much and worked so hard to screw all of Southwest Washington... to actually run for reelection, because ever since he's arrived it's all been all about him. He screwed this entire County on multiple deals with CTran, his violation of the law on the BRT scam... and perhaps what may be motivating them here is some sort of additional job promise for his fine work in raping the people of Clark County generally and the people of his own city particularly. Not unlike Steve Stuart… And look what happened to him.

Of course, since he's announced his own "lame-duckness," that means he will be even more unrestrained in his efforts to implement his own agenda as opposed to working for the people.

Ultimately, if it's so tough... if even half the garbage Lefty Lou babbled is true, then The Liar can do himself and all of us all a favor and resign.

Right now.

After all, he needs to start "thinking about his future," right?

What say he start thinking about it right NOW.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Besides looking like an idiot, what did Sean Guard accomplish for the 'Shoug as a result of his train sitting?



The information he came up with was readily available.  I get that Guard is a publicity hog.  I get that the democratian will do all they can to laud this moron for looking like a fool and wasting his time out there.

After all, the rag has spoken... as stupidly as they typically do... and even though there's not one damned thing Guard... or the rag, for that matter... can do about these trains, that's not going to stop them from trying to make this into some sort of big deal.

It isn't, of course, because like everything else in life, the only thing that matters is the outcome... and the outcome of this idiocy was foregone from the beginning: stupidity.

Everyone living in the Shoug knew that railroad tracks ran and run the length of that bucolic little dorf.

No one forces them to live there.  If they don't like it, they can feel free to move

That's the way it was before Guard's idiocy.  That's they way it is now.  And that's the way it's going to be, regardless of Guard's self-aggrandizement or the democratian's sniveling.

Carolyn Crain seems a touched upset that I pointed out she'd endorsed leftist democrat slimeball Chuckie Green as she also endorses Julie Olson.

Here's the thing:

In the post below this one, I pointed out that Carolyn Crain, professional losing candidate and C3G2 hater, had endorsed Chuckie Green for District 2 Councilor.

Photo by Jason Rayne & Jennifer Green of Rayne PhotographyHere's the picture the obviously overjoyed but certainly misguided ChuckWuck put up on his endorsement page on his campaign website with the names of a few of his fellow haters:

Now, considering how, well, svelte Green is, he'd be doing himself a favor if he'd knock off the full length pictures.

That said, there is no question that Crain supports his candidacy... after all, there's a reason idiot-stick stuck it on his endorsement page.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw Crain announce her endorsement of Julie Olson, GOP candidate running FOR THE SAME SEAT!

Wow.  No opportunism here, right?  Save for trying to gain allies for her next abysmal failure when she runs... again... and loses... again... in the next election cycle.

What she doesn't get is the people supporting Chuckie's candidacy would sell their own children before they'd vote for anyone with an "R" after their name.

Now, when confronted with this evidence, Crain solemnly tells us that she has NOT endorsed Green (Which is, of course, a lie) and that she DID give him "permission" to use her quote and her name.

On his endorsement page.

Of course, you can hold up a cantaloupe and claim it's a basketball, but that doesn't make it so. But that's not an endorsement.

I loathe those kinds of lies and that kind of politics.

Here's her response to the whole thing, unedited by me, as posted in the SW Washington Opinions FB page.  Like my religious persuasion has anything... anything at all to do with any of this?

And yes, I absolutely treat political low-lifes of all parties the same.  I freely and proudly admit that I have frequently busted our worthless congresswoman and my even more equally worthless state representative (And no, I do not mean Rep. Pike.)

None of this has anything to do with any political party.  What this has to do with is this woman making a big deal out of allegedly endorsing Julie Olson while having already endorsed Chuckie Green.

Meanwhile, draw your own conclusions.  Olson is much better off without Crain as a mole to feed Chuckie everything she hears.

    Carolyn Crain shared her post.
    I am endorsing Julie Olson!

    So it has just come to my attention that the attacks and lies never cease. It doesn't seem to matter what the issue is I fight for or how hard I work for the rights and freedoms of the people because someone out there is going to lie and trash talk about me. Must be the nature of the political activist arena. You cannot make all the people happy all the time.
    I appear today to be the headline of someone's "hatred" blog.
    I am stunned because I refuse to hate ANYONE!
    I will always try to give credit where credit is due and that does not matter which party you come from or align yourself with. I will also disagree when in my opinion the votes and stances taken are wrong. That does not mean that I will trash talk and attempt to slander or harm anyone. It means I disagree period.
    I happen to think Chuck Green is basically a nice guy who has a different political affiliation/ideology than I do. I think he knows that and we can be friends without having to agree on everything.
    His political views might stop me from voting for him but they will not stop me from being his friend, from listening to his opinion nor from being respectful to him. I would hope that people could understand that respect and communication will be the path that leads us forward in this great country, not hatred and lies.
    In the future I think it would be prudent of the blog site's author, KJ Hinton, to ASK who I am endorsing before slamming me because frankly you have just shown yourself to be dishonest and your word to be untrustworthy.
    That being said I am in really good company according to the list. A perusal of the blog page shows he hates me and several other really incredible people even many excellent Republican elected officials!
    • Carolyn Crain Neither did you. I do not think it is very Christian to call people haters. Are you a Christian?
      3 hrs · Like
    • Lew Waters from my own experience and perspective, since haters took over the Clark GOP it is difficult to associate with anybody any longer. Another reason I am stepping back and reassessing my involvement in local politics.
      3 hrs · Like · 1
    • KJ Hinton Then do Julie a favor: don't claim to be endorsing her when you're supportive of her opponent. And yes, using your quote IS endorsing him.

      God hates hypocrites, Carolyn, and I call 'em like I see 'em.
      3 hrs · Like
    • Carolyn Crain Then you are in my opinion, in err. That quote was accurate and he asked if he could quote me. I said yes because being successful at getting our country in the correct path is not a partisan thing it is an American thing. I am not a hypocrit. I am an American.
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    • Carolyn Crain Interesting that you feel the right to use God to wield hate. Since you did not respond to my question I am left to assume the obvious.
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    • KJ Hinton Your nationality does not somehow save you from playing both ends against the middle. Pick a damned side. You ain't getting both.

      And that YOU think it's an "error" doesn't make it so, nor wiil it in the future when I remind everyone in the GOP how you tried to screw Julie by supporting her CRC-loving fringe-left democrat opponent.
      3 hrs · Edited · Like
    • KJ Hinton Nice dodge. Meanwhile, you continue to try and support BOTH sides of this race because YOU believe YOU will personally and politically benefit from riding the fence.And that's not how this works. That's not how any of this works....See More
      3 hrs · Edited · Like · 1
    • Tom Sharples Carolyn, I'm not religious. But if I were, I'd be praying that you can get through at least a two-week stretch without complaining about how everyone's mean and always picking on you. If, as you say, it comes with the territory, then you really ought to be used to it by now. No-one respects a professional victim.
      1 hr · Edited · Like
    • Carolyn Crain There is a difference between a complaint and a public statement. Do note that I am not wounded here. I have said all I intend to say regarding this nonsense.
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