Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Why yes... teacher's unions and their supporters are scum. Why do you ask?

I hate public employee unions generally, and teacher's unions particularly: here's a large part of why.

Some local teachers' unions to vote on one-day walkout

Demonstrations aimed at prodding state lawmakers to fully fund education

By Susan Parrish, Columbian education reporter
Fed up with inaction by state legislators to fully fund basic education, some teachers' unions in Clark County school districts are taking resolutions to their membership for a one-day walkout on May 13.
Last week, teachers in a handful of Puget Sound area districts held one-day walkouts to send a message to legislators to comply with the state Supreme Court's McCleary decision regarding education funding. On Saturday, more than 4,000 educators rallied in Olympia to tell legislators to abide by the McCleary decision and adequately pay for the state's public schools. They also said they want lawmakers to pay for an initiative approved by voters last November to reduce class sizes.
If the May 13 walk out occurs, participating districts would have to tack another day onto the end of the school year in June so that students would attend the required 180 days.
At the monthly meeting of the Evergreen Education Association's representative council Monday night, 116 representatives unanimously approved taking a resolution to their membership recommending the day of action, or one-day walk out, said EEA President Rob Lutz.
Next, Lutz said, he will take the resolution to union members in each of the district's schools. After that, a membership vote would occur.
"Should there be sufficient support that school be cancelled May 13, we plan to partner with the district to keep all sporting events — things kids look forward to each day — to keep those going," Lutz said. "This is not an action against Evergreen Public Schools, the district or the patrons."
There's more of this garbage, of course, but if I were a school board member, I would demand that the board notify the union that any teacher missingwork that day would be immediately terminated.

With therse slime, they only care about how much they get paid.  And frankly, I'm sick of it.

Were I a teacher (As if I would ever lower myself to that level) I would cross the line instantly and do my fricking job.)

Meanwhile, MY legislators are going to know that I demand these teaching scum get nothing.

Engaging in illegal activity designed to hurt our children is unacceptable.  I will never vote for another levy as long as I live because of this kind of arrogant stupidity.

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Pete Masterson said...

Presumably that local schools have a contract with the Union that represents the Teachers. If the contract is at all reasonable, it should contain a promises not to strike during the term of the contract.

Therefore, any teacher that joins in the "one day" walkout should be fired for "abandoning their job." This should not be subject to the grievance procedures of the contract. The firing should be "forever" -- just like Reagan handled the Air Traffic Controllers union.

Of course, the various boards that (theoretically) operate the schools are probably loaded with Teacher Union Scum, and thus would never do what should be done.