Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jon Russell got the itch again?

Ahhh, yes.  Jon Russell.

Years ago, when he finally ditched Washougal under a cloud of scandal, political failure and disastrous congressional/state representative campaigning, Russell pulled up stakes and inflicted himself on the unsuspecting town of Culpeper, VA.

He started ingratiating himself on the political scene, using an issue concerning moving city council elections to November to get himself name familiarity.

I pegged it, of course: the moment I started hearing about the scam to move the election dates, I knew it was just Russell using a bunch of rubes to increase his name familiarity so HE could run for office.

I, of course, steadfastly maintain my abhorrence of Russell being anywhere in my government.  Russell, naturally, wants to be all of those things he could never be over here.

I started a long range campaign to educate people to the true Jon Russell, using the fact set put together at the Jon Russell Watch blog.  Unfortunately, I started a couple of weeks too late, and Russell fooled enough people to actually get elected by a small margin.

I regret I didn't start earlier.  that's a mistake I won't make again.

I pointed out to the fair people of Culpeper that Russell was just using them.  He is not interested in Culpeper any more than he was interested in Washougal, beyond using them as a stepping stone.

So, I wasn't terribly surprised when I received this yesterday:

I have a very big political decision to make by Friday. I would appreciate your prayers for divine guidance. I have been receiving some wise counsel for a while now. I appreciate diverse perspectives; it helps me to think clearly.
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Russell is also a rather fake Christian, as it turns out.  An almost psychotic liar who made up fake identities to talk to himself (pat himself on the back) and attack others in the democratian's comment section and on facebook... so insecure that he ultimately lied about his education with fake college degrees...

Even with this garbage, he wants people to believe that whatever decision he implements (and that decision has long since been made, the Lord's intercession notwithstanding) that it was somehow divinely inspired when, in fact, it was inspired by his non-Christian, coldly calculating political self-flaggelating mentality.

My understanding of "divine guidance" is that it's... well... "divine."  Nothing that us mere mortals will say, or think, or request.... will change it one iota.

Russell knows that: so why would be trowel out this kind of nonsense to cover a decision he's made that will, no doubt, require him to move out from the little people of Culpeper?

A different job (Has ALEC fired him yet?) some sort of political appointment... running for some bigger office?

No matter.  It's all about Russell to Russell.  And you can bet that "God told me to do it" will be a part of that package.

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