Friday, June 26, 2020

So. Why are Bubba Wallace and NOOSCAR continuing the charade?

Regular readers know that the whole racist scam by NASCAR has fallen apart.
Bubba Wallace Action Racing 2020 #43 #BlackLivesMatter 1:24 Galaxy Die-Cast Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE
For only $65, one of these 1:24 beauties can be yours.

So why are NOOSCAR and Wallace continuing this charade?

Merchandise and TV ratings.

NOOSCAR won't pass up the opportunity to make a buck... even if it's on the blood of the allegedly black lives mattering to them so much.

What NOOSCAR charges for tickets and merchandise is a crime in itself.

Yes, ladies and germs, you can go to the various places where NASCAR sells swag and pick up one or a dozen of these beauties.

It's not just these cars, you understand.

It's also T-shirts and, I believe, posters of the Man of Race.

And, I must tell you that more than one black commentator on YouTube has pointed out 2 distinct similarities between Bubba Smolett and Colin Kaeperpick.

The first and most obvious, like our past, unlamented criminal of a president, Obama, both of these two are only half black.

They want you to forget that the other half is as white as Norway.

Secondly, neither of them has ever won the Big One.

And three, that the half-black variety "victim" seems to be the one that over-reacts the most... unless you count NO black Shawn King, mouthpiece for the terrorist group Black Lives Matter, which was, as you can see, also prominently displayed on Smollet's car (above) that he raced 2 days after the fake noose crime was discovered; who desperately wants people to believe any PART of him is black, which, of course, it is not.

This was a scam, pure and simple.

And while THIS is the actual "noose" that was discovered (on the right) NOOSCAR FINALLY releases a close up of the noose, (on the left) shot in such a way that it makes it appear 5 or more times the size that it actually was/is.

NASCAR Finally Releases Photo Of 'Noose' Found In Bubba Wallace's Garage  Stall #NooseGate | Tea Party
Odd.  Looks much bigger in NOOSCAR's picture.  Why is that?

Because of this stupidity, the backlash against NOOSCAR is real.  They likely now wish they had kept their racist mouths shut.

I also wish they had.  I might have continued to be involved with them.  But I will NEVER give my business to ANY company that is, or attempts to, profit from an effort to tear down this country or its government.

They can continue on without me and the millions of others they've insulted, belittled and which they believe are idiots.

Bubba Wallace was my guy in NASCAR.  I bought his T-shirts at the races I attended (what few there were... when your average finish is 23rd, there ain't that much available) followed him on twitter and talked him up.

That started to fade when he got increasingly out of control in several moronic episodes last year, but I was still hanging in there.  I wanted him to do well.  I wanted him to bring Petty Racing back into glory.

Add the fact that NOOSCAR started to fade when drivers were deliberately wrecking other drivers, nearly killing one (Ryan Newman earlier this year) to keep them from winning a race without any punishment or penalty of any kind... and now?

Not so much.

After this, that can never happen.  Not because he's black, or even half-black.  But because he believes we're morons and he's making a serious effort to profit off all of this while he gets on the leftist talk shows to spread his poison around this country.

Both he... and NOOSCAR... could vaporize tomorrow and I wouldn't miss them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Was the NASCAR Noose a scam? (UPDATED-It WAS a scam)

As expected, it was a scam.  A fake.  A ripoff.  Totally bogus as it so typically is with cases like this.

In short, it never happened.

Unlike the bogus act NASCAR put on yesterday.


One wonders.

To date, no pictures of the noose they claim to have found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall have been released.

In this video, from 2017, you'll see that at Talladega, most every garage stall has a "noose."

 In THIS video, shot a few days ago, is another example, both of the noose in the garages and other fake or mistaken incidents like this:

These are the same garage stalls used by all the race teams at all levels... truck, Xfinity and Monster Cup.

Listening yesterday, NASCAR's president, it was claimed, was the first to talk to Wallace after the discovery.  Was this another Rahm Emanuel instance of never letting a good crisis go to waste?  What, exactly, has Wallace been told about this and when?

See, as the resident cynic, I have to ask, given the multiple other episodes of racist activity that turn out to be, well, instances where the alleged victims were, in fact, the actual perpetrators... is that the case here?

Could that explain why NASCAR hasn't released any video of the entrances to the garage that would have clearly shown every person entering and leaving the garages?

It's not that NASCAR is all that smart, you understand, given, for example, how they screwed up the PR of Ryan Newman's near-death experience at Daytona earlier this year by refusing to let horrified onlookers and the TV audience know if  Newman was even still alive.

But NASCAR gained a great deal from this incident.  Tens of millions worth of earned media showing a sobbing Wallace and ALL of the drivers destroying the mask/social distancing rules as if they never existed.

Likely massive increases in TV ratings to go along with it and, of course, ratings equal cash.

And Wallace now has likely displaced Chase Elliot as THE most popular driver in NASCAR.  He still hasn't won anything in the big leagues to date, but I expect him to shortly as NASCAR continues its WWE meme because, as you know, wrestling is real.


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Republican cowardice in the face of BLM terrorists.

Readers know I'm sick of this garbage.  Because here's a clue: this has never been about race.

The gods for the left are merely the excuse for leftist tyranny, insurrection and efforts to tear down society.

I speak out and have spoken out against these communist scum.  The vast majority of those rioting are as black as your average Norwegian.  They claim to be concerned about black "oppression..." something they've never seen and have certainly never experienced.

They've extended their tyranny into leftist cities everywhere, most recently culminating in the shooting of two who, as I understand it, happen to be black; BY a black... and, of course, one of the victims being slaughtered... an all too frequent outcome in areas where, allegedly, Black Lives are SUPPOSED to Matter.

Of course, the cowards and supporters in government let them do whatever the hell the want to do... and whatever George Soros is paying them to do... all while government officials everywhere pander to the terrorist group "Black lives Matter."

Recently, for example, the police of Vancouver and the Washington State Patrol actually ALLOWED them to block Interstate 5 southbound at the I-5 Bridge.

The crowd, of course, was literally filled with whitebred punks who have suddenly developed a conscience over blacks... while ignoring their ongoing slaughter in democrat bastions around the US, because, well, police aren't pulling the trigger... other blacks are.

So, we have tyranny sprouting up everywhere at the behest of these thugs and we've also got something else sprouting up every: the cowardice of elected officials generally and Republican electeds and candidates specifically.

Naturally leftist democrats support this terrorism.  They want disorder, anger, riots, assaults, rapes and killings to go on up top election day... and beyond if Trump is reelected.

And no Republicans are saying anything about it.  No Senator.  No Representative.  No county council member.  And no candidate for any of those positions or even those running to screw up county government even further with the charter review committee.

Why?  Why are they silent?  Why are those elected to be a voice for us acting like they've been struck dumb, unable to speak in the face of the biggest threat to this country of this century?

How long are they to fail to confront this evil?

And why should we vote for anyone who will not live up to their oath to defend us?

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Blood on the hands of the Mayor of Seattle.

So, they finally got around to shooting people in the Seattle Insurrection and Cop-Free Zone.

Facts are sketchy at this point, but a few things are well known.

First, that the Zone exists because Seattle's mayor, one Jenny Durkin allows it,

Two, that the Seattle Police Department are NOT allowed in the zone, a failure on both the part of Durkin and her Chief of Police, Carmen Best.

Three, that yesterday a woman was assaulted and raped in the Cop-Free Zone and the Seattle Police, instead of putting a stop to it, waited until the scumbag rapist left the Insurrection Zone to arrest him.

In spite of the lies by Chief Carmen Best, that the Cop-Free Zone does not exist; guess what?

It does.

Best needs to own it... or in the alternative, she needs to toss whoever has ordered her to violate her oath and abandon the victims of the scum running this zone under the nearest bus.

Otherwise, it's all on her.

Like the attack on this woman is all on her.

Meanwhile, something even worse happened last night: 2 people were shot, one was killed.

Details are sketch at this point, but the entirety of that episode results with the Seattle Mayor having bloodstained hands. 

She bears responsibility for tat death and that wounding.  SHE allowed this Insurrection Zone to fester.

She is the one who sat by and did nothing about the illegal weapons being handed out to anyone who asked, a total violation of the fringe-left worshiped I 1940 that gutted the 2nd Amendment... but wasn't aimed at criminals... but instead, aimed at those of us who actually follow the law.

Videos of these guns being handed out are widely available.  She can't play ignorant like Washington's Moron Governor, Inslee, who lied about even knowing the zone existed.

Police are seen responding after a shooting in the CHAZ early on Saturday. Cops say they were met by a large hostile group as they tried to collect evidence.

None of this was necessary.  All of this rests at the feet of the fringe-left nutbag running the City of Seattle.

This was inevitable, as are more deaths, more rapes, more assaults.

And for those wondering, no suspect has been arrested as of the news I was able to get.

This is what my home town has come to.

THIS is why President Trump needed to act and while promising TO act, failed to do so.

Some of this, then, is on him as well.

Friday, June 19, 2020

Terrorists to block I-5 bridge. City of Vancouver too cowardly to do anything about it.

One of the things really pissing me off is the rampant cowardice of our local officials, both elected and otherwise.

The word's out that some of Portland's terrorists feel compelled to block the I-5 Bridge, ostensibly from 4 to 7 pm or so... depending on the source.

They have no right, legal or otherwise to do that.  It's not legal.  There's no permit even possible for that.

So, the question is.... what will Vancouver authorities do about it?

Need you even ask?


That's right.  Nothing.

Of course, Vancouver is a bastion of fringe-left thought.

Fringe-left government.  Fringe left legislators.  Fringe-left hater on the county council.

Since they support these terrorists, they naturally will provide security.

For those scum to block the bridge.

Unfortunately, we're not possessed of area government officials who have any guts.

No one around here, R or D, has stood up to these lowlife punks.

No one has condemned their actions, their looting, their burning, their assaulting, their efforts to injure police every night... and certainly their murders.

Nope, not a word.  Cowardice in every office and at every level.

So, these crackhead scum will be coming over to this state to spread a little more of their terrorism around.

All while the police do what the police do:

Stand around and watch.

While people who have a RIGHT to traverse the bridge are denied that right and the police do nothing.

This is not a proud moment for the cowards of Vancouver.  Not at all.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

OK, people... what hell is going on with these terrorist groups calling the shots?

As readers already know, I'm sick of the terrorist crap going on in this country.

The people of this nation have the right to expect that the leaders we were moronic enough to elect will actually get off their asses and restore order.

It would have been a relatively easy job if they had shown some testicular fortitude at the very beginning, but, oh, no... they had to wait.

For what?

Even the president, when faced with racist insurrection in Seattle, THREATENED to act to restore order (after all, at least 10,000 fully equipped combat troops were/are located a mere 40 miles south at Joint Base Lewis McChord... how hard can it be?) days ago but has since sat on his hands.


Here's a clue: every day, the racist left gets stronger and governments at all levels get weaker.

Leftist mayors and governors sit idly by as they lose control of their cities and soon, their states.  They do nothing.  They don't condemn, they don't activate their Guards to restore order... they actually, in many cases, outright lie, because THEIR calculus is that the result will be support of their reelections.

Well, I have a different view.  The result will be blood.

That aspect of this started last night, not counting the "protestors" assaulting and murdering police around this country, including police who happen to be black, but who, apparently, show up as white in the sights of antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Last night, a vandal was shot attempting to pull down a statue.  The media, of course, refers to him as a "protestor," because, well, calling him a vandal upsets the meme.

Man arrested after protester is shot during demonstration over conquistador statue in New Mexico

In a video of the rally, shots could be heard as protesters tried to remove a statue of conquistador Juan de OƱate.
Odd, isn't it?

When vandals vandalize and get shot, they're protestors.

When they burn down buildings, destroy police cars, assault cops and others who may not agree with them and, of course, murder police officers.... well, they're "rioters."  And it's demanded that we differentiate the two.

I refuse.  They are one in the same.

Strange how that works, isn't it?

Regardless, he was shot.  And there are likely to be many more shot as Americans get fed up with government officials, officials paid to act in our defense, sit on their asses and do nothing because you know what?

Those officials aren't the ones getting burned.  They're not the ones being looted.  THEIR protective details aren't being disarmed, defunded or reduced in any way.  They are not being assaulted, sexually or otherwise.  THEY know if they call the cops, they'll come running.  THEY know if they call the fire department, they'll get an instantaneous result.

Nope.  What I just described is us, the common, every day, plain people who are being subjugated by groups and lawlessness that far too many in both parties simply do not care enough about to actually protect.

You know... protect?  Their actually, allegedly FIRST responsibility?

Meanwhile, Trump has blown it by failing to follow through on his threat to act in Seattle.

That failure has and will result in an emboldened left, more riots disguised as protests, more assaults, more armed extortion, and more violence of all kinds.

Because it already has.

Here's the thing: I in no way advocate for violence. 

What I advocate for is that these people, who have a job to do, ACTUALLY GET OFF THEIR ASSES AND DO IT.

Instead, their deliberate inaction aids and abets terrorism.

And the ignorant in America are increasingly turning towards terrorist groups in America such as antifa and BLM.

People across the country are getting increasingly sick of this.  At some point, they'll begin to fight back because they have to.

And that will mean blood.  And the inaction of those paid to protect us, who blissfully lie to our faces (Chief Carmen Best - Seattle Police: "There are no cop free zones."  Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin "Who's afraid of peaceful protestors?") will be the root cause.

And when it happens... as it increasingly, inevitably will... it will be called racism.

As for me, criminal thugs have no color besides "thug."

This electeds of this country... INCLUDING the President, who threatens to act but then doesn't... fiddle while this Nation burns.

And every day, it will just become that much more difficult to get the ship of state back into an upright position.

And every day, more and more of that will be on them, because they've allowed it.

When I mention this to others, I'm told to have patience.

Sorry, but I have no patience for tyranny, whether it's by government, or by a group of self-appointed thugs.

Tucker Carlson lays it out.

Take a few minutes for the capsule summary.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Trump blows it on the Seattle Insurrection: "Never promise what you won't deliver."

One of the many problems all recent presidents have had... and do have now, as it turns out, is their ability to threaten without following through.

They all seem to do it, some more than  others.

Who can forget, for example, Obama's famous "Red Line In The Sand" nonsense, where he threatened Syrian President Assad (What ever happened to him?  Sure don't hear much about him now, do you?) if he used chemical weapons?
A year ago, President Obama declared that the use of chemical weapons by Syrian President Bashar Assad would cross a “red line for us” and might trigger a U.S. military response. Now, the president says it wasn’t his red line, but rather a line set by the international community and by Congress.
Of course Obama was lying when he said it.  He never had any intention of enforcing it. because by then, everyone knew he was a coward.

The end result was ISIS, Syria getting far worse, Russian and Chinese expansion in many areas around the world.... all while the US, effectively, did nothing.

Well, except for maybe Obama giving Iran several pallets of American cash to support their terrorism programs.

U.S. paid $1.3 billion more in cash to Iran - YouTube

You would think that along the way, presidents would have learned to stop threatening, and to just start doing.

No one listens to US Administrations any more, because 9 out of 10 times, they just sit there, spinning on their collective thumbs.

In fact, I would venture to say that the biggest issue confronting American Foreign Policy isn't what we do.... but what we THREATEN to do and fail to do... and what we PROMISE to do and then fail to do.

Just ask George Bush about 5,000 dead Kurds we abandoned... our "promises" notwithstanding.

Before the Administration.... ANY Administration, can be given credibility on a policy front, it must finally earn a reputation for keeping their word.

A simple philosophy:

Do what you say you're going to do.  Don't do what you say you won't do.

Not only in FOREIGN policy, but in ANY policy.

Which brings us to Seattle's Leftist/Democrat Insurrection.

Now, "insurrection" is defined thusly:

Definition of insurrection

: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government
That, of course, is precisely what has been going on for the past few days in the Seattle Soviet.

Rioters have taken over a section of the city of Seattle, a section where I was raised for 6 years or so when I was a kid.

They've, stunningly enough, walled it off.  They've armed themselves, they've taken property without permission, they've engaged and attempted to engage in extortion, assault and robbery, and, according to the Seattle Chief of Police, seen a tripling of reports of assault, robbery & sex crimes.

The president, for his part, has tweeted thusly.
Donald Trump Deleted Tweets Twitter | FactbaseNotice the date and time.

As I write this, it is now 13:55 on June 12.  He tweeted approximately 38 hours ago.

He has combat troops of all descriptions less than an hour away at Joint Base Lewis McChord, formerly Ft. Lewis and McChord AFB.

He has every kind of weaponry available.

He has the authority to order that this armed insurrection be put down by Federal Troops, whining from Governor Incompetence and Mayor Know-Nothing to the contrary notwithstanding.

So.... what has happened?

Absolutely Nothing.

It's still there.  They're still armed.  And his failure to act makes him look, in the eyes of many Americans, like an idiot.

During my time in the Army, both enlisted and commissioned, the number one rule of leadership was simple and easy to remember:

Never promise anything that you can't... or in this case, won't... deliver.

When you do... nothing destroys the credibility of a leader faster.

And that's what happened here.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Adding NASCAR to the NFL boycott.

Those who've read my meager effort here over the years know that I stopped watching/going to NFL games when this Kaeperpick nonsense started.  This upcoming season will be my fifth year of blowing the NFL off.

To that, we can now add the corporate moralists of NASCAR.

NASCAR, which has taken an anti-gun stance, can now add support of the terrorist group #BlackLivesMatter to their stable.

Yesterday, they announced they were banning the Confederate flag... much like Germany has banned the Nazi flag.

So, at a NASCAR race, you can BURN an American flag... but, By God, you had better not have evidence of a Confederate flag anywhere on your person, let alone on your car.

Further, Bubba Wallace, driving for Petty Racing, actually had a terrorist paint-scheme on his car the whole race.  A Black Lives Matter car. a car with the name of a group prominently displayed all over it, a group that advocates the killing of police officers.

I was an actual Wallace fan.  I wanted him to succeed and was disappointed that the best he could do for a job was a mediocre, underfunded team like Petty. I want minority drivers like Wallace, Daniel Suarez and the like to do well and to come into the sport in larger numbers.

But in NASCAR, how much do you want to win = how much do you want to spend.  And face it, The big, 3 and 4 car teams that consistently win all the time do so because they've got the money.

But the bloom had been peeling back from that particular rose for quite some time.  Cookie cutter cars that all look pretty much the same without the wraps on them (Those cars are typically not painted, but instead literally have a vinyl wrap on them) engines and drivetrains simply unavailable at the dealers.

Parts that have no resemblance to the cars they claim to be: Camrys, Camaros and Mustangs.

Most of the engines are built by 2 or 3 builders and have precisely zero stock parts or resemblance to the manufacturer's engines.  Pop open the hood on a NASCAR Toyota, and there's nothing there that looks anything like a Toyota Camry.

And that's but a symptom of the NASCAR disease.

A few weeks ago, Chase Elliot was in a position to win a race when he was deliberately wrecked by Kurt Busch.

That sort of thing happens all too frequently.

In fact, watch this video of "NASCAR's Greatest Pay Backs."  You'll hear Kurt Busch's name mentioned frequently as he wrecks others before Chase over his career.  The radio voices you hear are "spotters" communicating with the car... their main purpose being to tell the drivers when they're clear of the car in front of them.

A guy named Ryan Newman, who was also in a position to win his race, was also deliberately wrecked by Ryan Blaney earlier this year.

The claims in both races were that the drivers who caused these crashes, with decades of experience and spotters on top of the track to tell them when they are clear of other cars, made "mistakes."

Weird that they never seem to make these mistakes in, say, the first part of the race.

Blaney, as most fans know, almost killed Newman.  And NASCAR, with their typical incompetence, failed to tell anyone viewing if Newman was even alive for quite some time... demanding "privacy" for Newman.

Well, if he had been killed, his "privacy" would have been permanent.

Meanwhile, guess what happened to Blaney or Busch for causing what easily could have been deadly wrecks?

If you guessed "absolutely nothing," you win!

The failure to protect drivers from predatory driving had me teetering on the brink: This idiocy shoved me over.

Here's the thing: these people are all entitled to their opinion.  But they are not entitled to ram THEIR opinion down MY throat.

Their job will never be to tell me what to think, do or say.  And no, their politics isn't the thing.  If they were cheerleading for Donald Trump, I'd feel the exact... same... way.

They are DRIVERS.  Not great philosophers, statesmen, or particularly well known for their genius on events taking place on the world stage.

I don't CARE what they think.  I also do not want to HEAR what they think.

See, I watch sports for a few reasons, but none of them are political or moral.

I don't give a damn what YOUR morality or politics are: attempting to program me with it is not your job and not your specialty or field of endeavor.  And NASCAR suddenly sprouting a corporate conscience is as sickeningly pandering as the Speaker of the House kneeling in THIS get up yesterday:

Thousands travel to Houston to bid farewell to George Floyd in ...

That looks... and is... ridiculous.

NASCAR's efforts are no different.

So, along with the NFL, Women's Soccer, Gillette and Camping World, I can now add NASCAR. 

I've flown around the country; spent thousands and thousands of dollars attending the 8 or so races I've been to.

But no more.  No more races.  No more swag.  No more tickets.  No more TV.  No more talking heads providing cover for those causing near-fatal wrecks for which they received zero punishment of any kind, while their lower level colleagues (Infinity Races and Truck races and so forth, all under the auspices of NASCAR) are, at a minimum, suspended for doing the same thing.

No more support of an organization where if you SAY the wrong thing, you're gone... but if you almost KILL someone?  Nothing to see here... move along.

No more support of an organization that proudly displays THEIR support of a terrorist group that wants to kill police.  No more kneeling by NASCAR officials, which is about as absurd as it can get.

NASCAR official details why he took a knee during national anthem
NASCAR Official paying homage to the #BLM terrorist group.

Do whatever the hell you want, OFF the track, before and/or after every race.

But keep your fricking politics out of my face.

Hopefully, at some point, the mental midgets running NASCAR will get the message from the empty seats once they start allowing people in... and their horrific TV ratings.

But it's too late for me.


Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Another sign of Portland's insanity: The Chief of Police resigns... because she's white. Mayor pays millions for a week's bereavement leave for city employees.

In the 32 years or so I've lived in this neck of the woods, I've always thought that Portland was, well, strange.

And today takes the cake.

To the list of inanities Portland as reveled into, you can now add that Moron Mayor has decided, out of the kindness of the taxpayer's hearts, to dump millions into the pay of all city employees for "bereavement leave of one week."

And you know it's not coming out of HIS wallet.

On top of that idiocy, the Chief of Police, one Jami Resch, has resigned. 

Because she's white. 

And, on top of that, she recommended her own replacement, who just got the job.... because he's black.

Now, in the process of making him chief (he was a lieutenant) he jumps over a vast number of police officers more senior and, presumably, more qualified.  But also white.  Which clearly makes them UNQUALIFIED.

We're likely not going to notice a great deal of difference in the PPB, since one pathetic social justice warrior appears to have been replaced by an obvious affirmative action hire (One which the city failed to adequately search for) who will, no doubt carry city hall's water like Gunga Din.

Portland has already become one of the, if not THE, most neutered police departments outside of New York, where rumors are flying that the top two officers in NYPD will also be leaving their posts, with their chief only having been there 6 months.

Where's Frank Regan when you need him?

Meanwhile, the rioters infesting Portland for the past several days will expect to have an even clearer field than they've had recently as efforts to handcuff Portland Police by racist bigots on their city council remove their protections and crowd control tools.

There's a reason the Justice Center has been trashed by rioting "protestors," causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages... unnecessarily, I might add, with few to no arrests in sight.

Portland, you've got the government you deserve.  And as for me?

I wouldn't be caught dead in that shit hole.

For a white police chief of a major majority white city to, effectively, fire herself because of her OWN skin color would be funny if it weren't so painfully stupid.

One wonders: as it her OWN genius that thought this up?  Or should we note the stench of Ted Wheeler, running for reelection or one of his lackys who planted that bug in her ear?

Either way, race pandering doesn't solve anything.  As the city of Portland will soon find out.

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Crisis fatigue. Sick of the riots. Sick of the hypocrisy.

I have two perspectives that most reading this do not.

The first 10 years I was in school in Seattle... Elementary school, T.T. Minor on Capitol Hill, Sharples Jr. High and Franklin High School in South Seattle, those schools were predominantly black.

So, I discovered early on what racism was about.  But instead of being the racist, I was the victim.

I was also poor, a product of the welfare state.  I was a terrible student for a variety of reasons that had nothing to do with my race, of course. But the reality is that despite the color of my skin, I was an individual who ran into issues related to race, because of where I lived, my welfare state status and being a racial minority.

I won't bore anyone here with a recitation of the incidents, assaults, insults and the rest based on MY skin color.  Suffice it to say they happened.

My parents were what you might call "closet racists." they were never outwardly racist, you understand; they never "taught" me to be a racist.  And, in hindsight, I could have easily become one.

As I began high school, I began to look at options.  There was no money for college... but college is what I wanted.  Worse yet, I wanted the University of Washington. In terms of money and academics, the UDub might as well have been on Mars.  But, along came the Army.  Do an enlistment and get a VA education check for 4 years, enough to put you through.

It was my ticket out.

And it was a colorblind ticket.

You see, that benefit wasn't available to just white soldiers.  Nope.  ANYONE who enlisted could get the SAME ticket.

Just give Uncle Sam a minimum of two years, and voila!  A college education.

For years, I've been regaled by the media about how expensive college is; how bad student loan balances are.

Those who pursue Gender Studies deserve to be in debt is my perspective.

If you want it bad enough and can't get there any other way, then enlist.  I did.  And it worked.

But here's the reality:

Life isn't about race.  It's about choices.

My route to a successful life wasn't easy.  But seriously, is anything worth having supposed to be easy?

I went through a homeless stretch 30 years ago.  The climb back was long and arduous.

But I set goals, and I succeeded.  I had dreams and made many of them come true.

But I never listened to people like my high school counselor who told me the words burned across the front of my brain:
"Forget about a four year college.  You'll never make it."
Well, I made it.  Because I refused to accept defeat.  Because I refused to give up.  I refused to let others chart my course.

People who believe they are owed something special because of their skin color are wrong.  Horrifically wrong.

People who believe their failures are everyone else's fault are wrong.  Horrifically wrong.

WE are provided with an educational opportunity.  What WE do with that opportunity is up to us.

WE make the choices in life as to what we want to be and where we want to go.

No one else.

George Floyd made most of his own choices, which seemed to revolve around drugs and violence.

That is not to say he deserved a death sentence.  But his choices to become involved in drugs and violence ultimately put him into a position where the execution could be carried out.

Imagine what his life would have been if he had made other choices at other times.

Perhaps blacks do need to lecture those of other colors about how bad they've got it.

But in many instances, they put themselves in those positions.

How many drug dealers are out there with the support of their communities?  How many black police officers are assaulted verbally and physically by other blacks merely because they're cops?

How many black cops are killed by their fellow blacks?

But here's the thing: I'm sick of these riots.  I'm sick of 90% white crowds whining about "oppression" the vast majority of them know absolutely nothing about.  I'm sick of the looting and stealing that leftists and those in democrat government believe to be just peachy.

I'm sick of these morons ALLOWING these riots and then turning around and demanding federal aid from a government they now despise and ignore because they were far too incompetent to protect their cities and their citizens.

I'm sick of a brand of bigotry that ignores all other lives, but focuses on only one color set mattering.  I'm REALLY sick of white leftists professing guilt for their skin color as they are used like the useful tools they are to damage this country more and more every day.

I support color-blind justice.  But I supported that before this debacle began.

But I ALSO support the ignored black hundreds every year slaughtered by other blacks.  Those nameless, faceless kids now dead because none of these oh-so-morally-superior race baiters ever gave a damn about them.  None of these multi-millionaire athletes who've never known true oppression in the entirety of their lives lecturing us and #MeToo-ing the hell out of this "Hooray-for-me!" gravy train while many are demanding more destruction, more pain, more burning, more assault, more murder... even of their fellow blacks... if they happen to be wearing a badge... until it came to THEIR door step.

Take this example:

Who among these same prima donnas are crucifying the clown here who demanded this low income housing in Minneapolis burn to the ground until he looked out of his OWN housing one day and saw it coming for him?

No one.  He's black, you see.  He gets a pass.

So, here's the thing: with every day, I care less and less about what these people want. I will do nothing to support it or aid it.  I will tend to obstruct far more than I would tend to assist.

The governments at the state and city level that allow this insanity to continue are directly at fault.  They foster the destruction.  They aid in the looting.  They fail to protect their cities... and THEN have the balls to demand that WE all pay for it through our federal tax dollars.

No.  Hell no.  I'm sick of it. Sick of the riots.  Sick of the blatant, obvious hypocrisy.  Sick of the lectures.  Sick of the corporate pandering, where they'll write a few checks and then forget all about it.

But most of all, I'm sick of these same people overlooking the slaughter of blacks they COULD save... if they simply gave a damn enough to try.

Don't even talk to me about this shit until you clean up your own glass houses.  And don't even think for a moment that you're somehow morally superior to me.

Unlike you, I don't want ANY police officers to die or be hurt.  I don't want ANY housing burned down.  I don't want ANY stores or any other facility to be looted and then destroyed.

But you don't give a damn.... even when they're black.  In fact.... you killed them yourselves.

And while YOU can be happy about that, it'll be on your own.  I'll have none of it.


Friday, June 05, 2020

The missing elements of the protest scam: Self accountability and self responsibility.

The hypocrisy of these "protests" (or, more accurately, riots) is this: the subjects of self-accountability with a heaping side of self-responsibility.

No, George Floyd did not deserve to die.

But what, in his life, led up to his execution?

A record of drug use, violence and prison intersecting with a bad cop.

Not only is no one mentioning his record in this riot coverage (or even more rarely, the fact that he was on drugs at the time of his death) but every ten minutes or so, the talking heads incessantly remind us of his manner of death. They push the victim narrative as if Floyd were picked out at random for this treatment.

Speeches by the dozens, the hundreds.  Massive condemnation for those who aren't in lockstep with the group hive mentality.

Look up Drew Brees.  Look at how he was crucified over his comments concerning disrespect to the flag.

Black athletes from all over jumped up and down on him like a trampoline.

He has, as so many others who fail to agree with the group think have been forced to do, apologized.  And back track.  And beg forgiveness.

The hypocrisy of all of this is obvious.  Because the missing links... holding YOURSELF accountable for YOUR own decisions is never mentioned by ANY of these people.  Being RESPONSIBLE for what YOU decide to do is never mentioned by the thug supporters generally and the left particularly.

Celebrities shoot off their mouths and blame everyone else (particularly the President) for the current conditions in black society.

But rarely to never do they ever question the judgments that have turned out so badly, because the failures on the part of the black community are rarely their fault and can, instead, always be attributed to race and the failure always being someone else's fault.

And when these "experts" discuss this (and being a black millionaire from sports by no means makes one an "expert") they never seem to discuss the root causes of these issues.

They never seem to have time to go to Chicago and work to end the black on black slaughter that takes place most every week in the Windy City and elsewhere.

No... they chose to focus on the relative tiny leak of blood from black young men that are caused by bad cops while they decide to ignore the ocean of blood spilled by other blacks.

Here's a clue:

One day, Black Lives might Matter to us... when they begin to matter to other blacks. And until these same hypocrites focus on the REAL root causes of these issues, I have no reason to listen to them babble for this excuse.  This excuse to loot.  This excuse to steal.  This excuse to burn.  This excuse to destroy.  This excuse to kill.

By failing to address the REAL causes of problems for young black men, they are acquiescing to the lack of judgement, the lack of self-accountability and the lack of self-responsibility for the actions caused and allowed by their black brethren.

Dead, you see, is dead.  How you get there is secondary to the outcome.  And while they mourn a man who has spent years in prison for drugs and assaults, they completely ignore the men and kids slaughtered by other blacks... not to mention black police officers killed by other blacks, like most recently in New York last Wednesday.

That's their choice, of course.  But I suggest that because of THAT lack of focus or concern, they have zero right to lecture us about this or anything else... particularly rich athletes who support the destruction... until it touches them.

There is so much more they COULD be doing.  Instead, their efforts to protect people are mostly limited to those already dead.

And that's a damned shame.  Because they COULD make a huge, positive impact on the black communities around this country.  They could educate those in poor communities, drawn to a life of gangs, drugs and crime.

But nope. Their "concern" doesn't extend past those already beyond reach. Instead of talking about hard work, focus, goals and how to be successful no matter how poor you may be or "disadvantaged" you may be.  Because they care SOOOO much. 

When the spotlight is on them. 

The rest of the time?

"Killed by each other?  Not so much."

The rest of the time, they've got no patience.  The rest of the time, if you say the wrong thing, they throw a fit and demand you be fired and your life destroyed because they, of course, are perfect in every way and never say or do the wrong thing.


Just google athletes and what many of them have done.  You'll see for yourself.

They condemn others, but avoid condemnation themselves because, well, you know, that's "racist."

If only they would practice some that self-responsibility themselves.  But that's likely to never happen.

Thursday, June 04, 2020

The nonsense of "discussing" so-called "racial justice." Simply not possible.

So, many are going around suggesting that "discussions" need to take place concerning race. The problem?

Those "discussions" are simply not possible.

What these "discussions" are boils down to agreeing with those who view blacks as victims. Failing to agree with that philosophy makes you a racist. Period.

Bring up the manifold failings of the black community, and you're a racist. Disagree with any element of the black demand list, and you're a racist.

Who's protesting for them?  Aren't they black enough?
It's standard leftist shlock. The same scam is used on border security and voter identification.

If you don't believe in open borders, you're a racist. If you believe that only American citizens should be allowed to vote in our elections, you're a racist. If you think that all voters must prove their citizenship by using required identification (you know, the kind that's required for almost every other element of our lives, but strangely only becomes racist when the subject is voting) then you're a racist.

If you believe our flag should not be disrespected, then you're a racist.

The ONLY cure for the racist label is to agree with whoever the prognosticator happens to be. Race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Don Lemon and Jessie Jackson. Not in lockstep with them? You're a racist.

Today's example is Drew Brees, New Orleans Saint's" Quarterback.

"I will never agree with anybody disrespecting the flag of the United States of America or our country," Brees said. "Let me just tell you what I see or what I feel when the national anthem is played, and when I look at the flag of the United States. I envision my two grandfathers, who fought for this country during World War II, one in the Army and one in the Marine Corp. Both risking their lives to protect our country and to try to make our country and this world a better place."
So, that's how Brees began HIS discussion. That's how HE sees it. And that makes him a racist.

Because he does not agree with the hypocrites kneeling in uniform on the field before games. Millions of others (I admit it, including me) support his position

But you know what?

He's not ALLOWED to see it that way. Because THAT means.... he's a RACIST.

These same people now beating him to a pulp have kept silent about looting, burning, murdering and the other past times of many protestors. They say nothing about the slaughter of five blacks, including two black police officers, during their riots.

But Brees, when asked the question, disagreeing with the "I am victim" show of his fellow athletes, his fellow multi-millionaire game players who are SOOOO OPPRESSED...

(Let me go off on a tangent here. Blacks in this country do not know oppression. They spend a great deal of time playing the victim of racism generally and by police specifically, but they have no idea what "oppression." is.
Death zone, East German Border.  Landmines, machine guns, Surveillance

I spent 6 years in Germany in Army units who had one, specific, mission: defending American Interests IN Germany. Part of that time was spent guarding the East German border.

For those who don't know (And as frighteningly ignorant as most Americans are, most likely don't know) East Germany was communist. A Soviet client state. It was so bad that many people died trying to get out. So bad that the Soviets built a wall along the border of Germany, Austria and then Czechoslovakia.

That wall wasn't to keep people out. No, that wall was to keep people IN.

And they wanted out. Why? Because THEY were oppressed. Look it up.)

Brees now been forced to backtrack, apologize, beg for forgiveness.

And I'm sorry to see that. Having spoken my mind, I would have resigned. I NEVER would have apologized. Instead, he looks like a whipped dog for backing down... when he was right.

You see, he said NOTHING to apologize FOR.

Chris Martin is apparently some jock in the NBA
Every black "VICTIM" has the right to say whatever THEY want without fear or being required to apologize:

For example, have any of the news outlets blown this guys words... his rank hypocrisy... up into anything LIKE Drew Brees?


Wonder why?

Could it be because Mr. Palmer happens to be black, and this same media so lovingly forceful in their efforts to get Brees to claim he "made a mistake" don't want to be accused of the Cardinal Sin of, God Help Me, being insensitive?

Because I don't remember black athletes pounding HIM on social media for HIS obvious hypocrisy.

Why didn't they?  Could it be they share in his hypocrisy?

Why, they're just as silent over that as they are over the slaughter of 5 blacks (so far) by "protesters."

Or are they just crucifying Brees because he doesn't kowtow to the leftist line? Or is it merely because Brees happens to be white?

So, no, @DaleEarnhardt and @BubbaWallace, there can't be any discussions.

Because if you start out with a line of thought that the racial collective has determined to be "racist," whether it is or not, then you're condemned before any discussion starts. Particularly if you're a so-called "Black Star Athlete," because, you know, celebrities in this country know absolutely everything there is to know about any subject, right?

Nonsense. But leftist worship of those who have the right attitudes on their issues would make you think they do.

I have spent the last 4 years avoiding the NFL. I used to go to games, even flying to Pittsburgh one weekend in September of 16 to catch a Steelers' game against Cincinnati. Bought jerseys, had NFL Sunday Ticket, the whole gig.

Now, nothing again. Having gone the last 4 years without, I have determined I can go the next 40 without.

Those who've slaughtered, maimed, burned, looted, destroyed.... they have pushed me a thousand miles away from giving a rat's ass about their issues, many of which they simply don't care about:

As anyone paying attention knows, blacks are slaughtering blacks in ongoing record numbers.

Chicago remains a slaughterhouse for blacks of epic proportions. How come none of these "black leaders" are in THAT city, trying to keep black youth from killing each other?

How come none of these protestors, these "victims," protest black self-eradication?

Simple: personal responsibility doesn't play a huge role in black society. Because they have been taught since birth that nothing they do is their fault. They have been taught to play the role of victims. In everything from family structure to single moms to reliance on social service networks to affirmative action, the sense of entitlement is overarching.

Now, no news will cover my statement here. My last name isn't Brees or anything else with a level of celebrity attached to it.

But this is the start of MY discussion and those who disagree with anything I've written can feel free to disprove me. But rest assured I'll be condemned as racist for failing to join the leftist/victim collective, where any thought not approved gets you crucified....

...just like Drew Brees.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Who protests over the dead police?

Black Lives Matter?  I guess not... if you're wearing a badge.

I appreciate the situation that started all of this, but I also know, as do most sentient beings watching, that race has long since left the building when it comes to the basis for these riots.

We hear the name George Floyd every 60 seconds or so.

Help me.  What was the officer's name who was killed in Oakland?  Don't know it?  Here, let me give you a hand:

David Patrick Underwood.  A Federal Protective Service officer.

A black man wearing a badge in Oakland, was slaughtered over this... for the crime of guarding a federal building.

Who is protesting over him?

No one?  Why not?

Wasn't he black enough?

Four officers shot in St. Louis.  Two officers shot in Richmond, Virginia.,  One officer shot in Las Vegas, rumored to have died from his head wound.  One officer shot and killed in Ogden, Utah.  Officer shot in Baltimore.  An officer shot in Philadelphia. Officer shot in Davenport, Iowa. Officer shot in Milwaukee. An LAPD Officer shot in Venice Beach.... and perhaps, more.

I had to dig to get these facts.  I had not heard of most of these.

The talking heads go out of their way to remind us of George Floyd.  But after awhile, it just becomes background noise.

Because they don't seem to have time to mention the blood spilled from the officers who were killed, shot and possibly dead, and the others shot doing their jobs... which is to protect us.

Who protests for them?

Monday, June 01, 2020

Riots and allowing ONE BILLION DOLLARS to be ripped off may be accomplishing what COVID could not: a disaster for the democrats here in Washington and everywhere else.

Many are furious at Governor Jay Inslee over his handling of the COVID virus, although EVERY poll indicates his handling of restrictions is overwhelmingly supported and the main opposition comes from those ignorant of the Constitution as they incessantly claim he's violating it.

That's not true, of course, but it is what it is.

Meanwhile, another couple of issues have jumped up which reaffirms his incompetence, as well as that of democrat mayors around the country and several other democrat governors who support the rioting and looting of their states.

Here in Washington State, the first issue is Inslee's handling of the riots.  There is no question that these riots were going to break out.  Rioters are always on the lookout for an excuse to steal, loot, burn and destroy, all under the monumental bogus claim that they need to be heard.

So, what did stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Louis Vuitton purses from the Portland store accomplish when it came to the issue of racial justice?

Not much.

Well, that begs the issue: why weren't these democrat governors and mayors competent enough to be prepared for these outbreaks?

Why weren't National Guard units on alert and pre-positioned?  All of them have been trained in crowd-control and handling riots. A blind squirrel could see in a second that they needed to be on alert and, at a minimum, staged to rapidly deploy throughout the cities that were threatened.

And the idiocy of Inslee sending in UNARMED National Guard is totally obvious.

The intensity and immediacy of these failures is obvious to anyone not supporting the destruction of their cities, like, for example, Oregon Governor Brown and Washington Governor Inslee support it.  There's nothing to indicate they DON'T support that destruction, and a great deal to suggest they do.

Not to mention the clueless idiots running Portland and Seattle.

In Portland, it was clear that the police were totally out manned and overwhelmed last Friday.  In Seattle, it was equally obvious the the Seattle Police Department had no hope of controlling the thugs that were also using the death of George Floyd as the excuse they needed to cause millions of dollars and damage and loot millions more.

Had the Guard been deployed in adequate numbers and armed to provide security, neither city would have experienced this terrorism.  Instead, we had disaster.  Leaders in Seattle saw what happened in Portland.  They had more than enough time to prepare.  And they sat on their thumbs.

Had the guard been sent in, armed, by the thousands, none of that would have happened.

These are prime examples of REactive governors/mayors instead of PROactive governors and mayors who simply do not want to OFFEND their fringe-left voter bases.

It's a built-in issue that can actually switch the power in Olympia and Salem.

The second issue, which easily crosses party lines, is their rank incompetence, both  in Oregon AND Washington, of the handling of the unemployment crises these two caused.  Inslee allowed, now, as it turns out, ONE BILLION DOLLARS to be stolen from the People of Washington State.

While the source of that information is suspect, given that it comes out of the mouth one of the more notorious legislators when it comes to a lack of integrity, one Senator Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers, presuming it's true, both allowing the thefts and then covering them up certainly could be enough for a downfall for Inslee.

The failures of these governmental leaders is obvious.  They're coming up for election and their terrible handling of this... not only may stop them from getting reelected, it may result in them NEVER getting elected to anything else, ever.

Just sayin'.