Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Database of 653 attacks by leftists against Republicans

You might want to keep this handy:

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Leftist hate on parade: blowback against the Oregonian for disagreeing with the haters.

By now, those who read my meager effort here know about the Hovde column where, horror of horrors, she dared to write against the prevailing hate patterns of the left about Joey Gibson.

She stumbled across what those of us who have been paying close attention already knew: Joey does not have a racist or white supremacist (one in the same?) bone in his body.

And the fringe-left has become unhinged.

How dare @ElizabethHovde not write the party line?  How dare she print an opinion that didn't mesh with the racist bigots of the left!

The comments under her column show a white hot level of hatred against both Gibson AND Hovde.

The comments by the left here would have made Adolf Hitler proud.

We talk about "unity."

WHAT "unity?"  If you swim against the leftist tide, they want to silence you.  They want to destroy you.  They want to make you bleed.

What the hell is up with THAT?

There is no accommodation with leftist hatred... or hatred on the right, as far as that goes.

But the efforts of the left to silence those they disagree with will not prevail and the Gibsons of the world have every right to defend themselves.

Just like Elizabeth Hovde had every right to speak her mind in that column, a freedom the left clearly demands the ability to co-opt and make exclusively their own.

Monday, October 29, 2018

How Joey Gibson made Bob Knight of Clark College look like an idiot.

Our system of public higher education is an embarrassment.

Not just here of course, but this is our local version.

Robert Knight is apparently the one responsible for flipping the switch to the off-position as a result of Joey Gibson and Patriot Prayer having the audacity to actually show up with an anti-1639 information booth.

Knight is another one of the local disasters produced by a tailgate assignment at Ft. Vancouver, which is where they send officers in the Army whose careers are dead.  (See "No Choice" Royce Pollard.)

When confronted by (horrors!) the idea that Joey Gibson and a part of his group, Patriot Prayer, was going to come to Clark to set up an information booth against the gun-grabber initiative, I-1639, for last Monday, what decision did Knight make?

That moron actually felt the best thing to do would be to close down the entire school.

After all, we can't expose our little darlings to a position that disagrees with the leftist memes, can we?

I suggested that were I Gibson, I would have announced I'd be spending the entire month there... just to see what Knight would do.

What Gibson did do, was change the date from Monday to Wednesday.  And when Gibson showed up, what happened?

Absolutely nothing.  And it made Knight look like a reactionary pansy idiot.

Knight, who actually served as an Infantry officer for 21 years, apparently had surgery to replace his spine with peanut butter.  And at the first sign of controversy, he bailed on the 1st Amendment as if he had no idea what it was.

Well, Clark wasn't the only place Gibson went to: he also went to WSUV for the same reason: to speak out against the gun grabber initiative.

Soooo... imagine my surprise when this column appeared in the Oregonian as a result.

Elizabeth Hovde: The misunderstood Joey Gibson

The column was absolutely everything you would NOT expect it to be.

Hovde has been getting the usual hate response from the leftists.  But she told the world what most of us already knew:  That Gibson and his organization have absolutely nothing to do with racism or white supremacy.

That description was just hung on them by leftist haters to discredit him, as they attempt to discredit anyone smart enough to disagree with their form of militant communism.

Antifa, a terrorist organization, has branded Gibson thus.  But then, Antifa also spills blood, assaults, destroys, engages in city-sponsored anarchy (at least Wheeler-sponsored, anyway) and like all leftist groups, sets out to silence those opposed to their view and their actions.

And what did Hovde discover?
For two hours, I watched challenging, inquisitive, respectful conversations happening on the campus plaza between people of different political persuasions. Instead of the violence predicted, Gibson brought something we need more of: talk that leads to increased understanding about opposing thoughts and the people behind them. It was the kind of conversation that helps people find common ground. (Disclosure: I'm a WSUV adjunct professor who had a lot of interest in seeing how things went down on campus.) 
There was zero violence at the rally, as no groups showed up to offer it. Just in case, 15 Clark County sheriff's deputies were there alongside campus police. I saw a Washington State Patrol trooper, as well. The deputies I spoke with before the rally were comfortable with the situation and told me they felt very supported in their law-keeping efforts.  
"That's why we work over here," one Clark County deputy said. 
Contrast that with what has occurred at recent protests in Portland. The violence there prompted Daryl Turner, the president of the Portland police union, to call on Portland City Council members "to quit sitting on their hands," decry violence, hold people accountable and "support our officers when we act to preserve public safety." 
Turner also wrote in a recent Facebook post, "Our officers and our community face those who believe they can harass, assault and victimize Portlanders at will with no threat of arrest, indictment or conviction." After discussing the balance needed for protecting free speech and ensuring safety, Turner called the city out for a "culture of enablement" that's partly responsible for putting Portland in national headlines.
There's more in the column, which I urge you to read... but this is the gist of it.

Gibson was nothing like he's been portrayed and Hovde, to her credit, had the guts to write that.

As a result, the local leftist scum in the area have gone predictably insane.  The comments under her story fall just short of calling for her decapitation with appropriate public involvement and ceremony, of course.

And that's how the left rolls, you see.  They no doubt are foaming at the mouth to get some sort of apology from the Big O and it remains to be seen if they'll get it.... as so many others who start out speaking the truth only to cave to the incessant whining of the left.

Hovde's column shows how inadequate and cowardly Knight's response was.  Another famous soldier had a philosophy that Knight should have emulated:  "Never take council of your fears." (God help me, it was actually CONFEDERATE General Stonewall Jackson who gets the credit for that) and the irony of it all is the sure and certain knowledge that had Knight simply treated Gibson an Patriot Prayer like any other off-campus group engaging in this sort of activity, they would not have received a 19th of the publicity they got, and there's a good likelihood that this column, which should go a long ways towards rehabilitating the groups image, likely would not have been written.

So, on one hand, Knight looks like an idiot because he was afraid.... of nothing.  On the other hand, his fear resulted in someone FINALLY telling the truth about Patriot Prayer and Joey Gibson.

And for that, I am grateful.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Do you carry? Are you ready to use it?

I make no bones about it: I don't even check the mail without carrying my concealed .45.

I carry everywhere I can, legally.  And today's slaughter in the Pittsburgh synagogue is why.

Here's the thing: you have no way of knowing when some lowlife is going to shoot up your location, or rob it... or rob you.

And, as a result, I carry a weapon.  I carry it to protect my family, to protect myself and to actually protect others around me.

The inevitable anti-gun backlash will follow, as will the inevitable "blame it on Trump" derangement.

That's for another post, however. 

Today's question is much simpler:  if you had been sitting in that synagogue with your weapon, exactly what would you have done?

Do you know?

Would you have been prepared mentally to pull your weapon and end the threat?

Could you take someone's life to defend others or yourself?

NOW is the time to have that discussion with yourself.  Even then, it's easy under the guise of an academic/intellectual exercise.

Can you take someone's life?  Would you?  Do you know when you can or should?

If you don't know the answers, then you need to find out.

Because at the time you need to pull your piece and fire it?

That's too late to figure it out.

Carry your weapon.  Practice with it.  Understand that a target likely won't provide you with a clear shot.  Be aware of your surroundings at all times. (In any public establishment, for example, always find a way to face the entrance) And understand this:

What happened in Pittsburgh can happen anywhere.  And yes, I carry in church because it HAS happened in churches.  And yes, I carry in movie theaters because it HAS happened there.

Shopping malls, stores, schools, libraries, and synagogues. 

Gas stations, banks, ATMs.

And if you don't carry?  Then start.  Get a handgun.  Learn to use it.  Get a permit to carry it.

Do NOT find yourself helpless when you need a weapon.  Understand this: chances that you'll ever use it (I've been carrying since 1996 when the Columbian helped set my then boss up for death threats and have never needed to draw it in anger) are slim to none.

But the thing about guns is you never really need one... until you REALLY need one.

Those folks in the synagogue today?

They needed one.  In the worst way.  And it's very likely at least some of those who died and who were otherwise wounded would still be with us today if at least one of those in attendance had been carrying a weapon and knew when... and how... to use it.

Don't find yourself in that situation.  Don't look back in regret.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda. 

Having a gun guarantees nothing except a chance that you otherwise simply would not have.  The more you know about your weapon and how to use it, the bigger the chance is that if the time ever comes, it can save your life and the life of others.


You're just a target.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I endorse this view. Sadly, I'm not in her council district or I assuredly would vote Veneman

“Kites rise highest against the wind - not with it.” – Winston Churchill.

This quote I have felt has always seemed apt during election time where the promise and hope of liberty and great expectations run feverishly high – and it should. Hope provides promise of something better, and casting our vote is as much an act of hope as it is of a choice we make for our liberty and citizen rights.

Elisabeth Veneman stepped up to the challenge and like the kite that Sir Winston alludes to, rose high despite the challenges and obstacles she has battled through – with integrity and with a rarely met sincerity to serve the public.

High praise indeed, and it is merited. In bullet point summary, I will share why:

-          She has consistently campaigned for an increase in property rights well before she ran for the position. 

-          She opposed the property tax/levy that Julie Olson endorsed and voted for. 

-          She is a big champion for lower property taxes. She understands that lesser taxes means more money in your pocket for your family. 

-          Elisabeth understands the need to boost local economy and jobs in Vancouver. A thriving city is founded on prosperous local businesses that make our city richer. This provides more resources to make a better, prosperous and safer city for its inhabitants. 

-          She is a proponent of no bridge tolls. The reasons for her position are:

o   It will have a detrimental effect on commerce; Oregonians travel to Vancouver for better deals and if people have to pay toll charges, it may have an effect on their choice to bring their business across or not.

o   It will have a financial strain on families who may not be able to pay the toll charges to make it to work. Nobody should have to be restricted in their choice on where to work. Toll charges will do exactly that.

o   It is not lawful to toll bridges without a toll free alternative for exactly the reason above. 

-          She advocates for no fee parks. We pay for them through our taxes and another fee removes resources from our pocket to pay for things that are already paid for. 

-          Lastly but by no means least is her objection to the I-639 agenda that curtails individual gun ownership rights. Elisabeth quite correctly states that we already have laws, which are not being enforced. We do not need more legislation; we need our agencies to enforce what already exists. 

Julie Olson who currently holds the position and also campaigns against Elisabeth Venemen has consistently VOTED FOR all of these measures mentioned above that not only disenfranchise Vancouver residents, but harm average families such as ours. Elisabeth Venemen is not the elite; she is the average person like the rest of us who not only relates to our issues but like us is also a casualty of bad policies. Bad policies such as raised property taxes, advocacy of tolls and park fees that have been passed and promoted by her opponent Julie Olson.

We want more money in our pocket to enjoy with our families, not less. Julie Olson states that the property tax hike is minimal at ONLY 1%. Well, perhaps math is not Ms Olson’s forte, but 1% on a $300,000 home comes to $3,000 per year that is out of your pocket. Add to this unnecessary park fees and the tolls Ms Olson proposes. These small changes have widespread consequences. They will have detrimental effects on local economy and a potential loss of commerce by people across the river who come to shop in Washington, as well as locals who can’t afford to do things they used to because of taxes and one begins to see how Ms Olson’s proposals begin to pinch the average family’s pocket and reduce their choices. Then there are the hidden elements to bad policies such as loss of social capital and the increase of social pressure that comes with financial difficulties that families will suffer due to bad policies. The aggregate result of Ms Olson’s proposals and bad policies will soon have a detrimental effect on our communities. 

Bottom line: families will suffer with Ms Olson at the helm. 

Elisabeth Venemen believes in empowering individual rights, which is the very foundation upon which our Constitutional republic thrives and prospers. This is to be embraced and encouraged. It is to be promoted and reinforced. Individual empowerment and good policy based on the fundamentals of the Constitution provide choice and a path to prosperity.

The adage ‘actions have consequences’ is as much a signal of hope as it is a warning siren. We not only have a civic duty to cast a ballot as informed voters but a duty to vote in a manner that ensures our individual rights are not only protected, but that we actively participate in our civic duty to present our nation with a right guard. This ethos was surmised nicely by President Dwight D. Eisenhower who stated: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” 

On a more personal note, Elisabeth is an active volunteer in her community. She has been raised with an ethic of community help and public service. Her parents run a ministry for people who are struggling with substance and alcohol issues, and she knows that a thriving community is based on community effort and the promotion of good values. She volunteers at the Fort Vancouver Historical Site, often with her children. She is a huge advocate for homeschooling and learning. She is not only passionate about public service, she lives what she believes it. In a time of abound political cynicism, Elisabeth Veneman is a true breath of fresh air.

Marie Therese Emerson

Monday, October 22, 2018

What can the President do to stop the "Honduran" invasion?

Ok.  Thousands of illegals are coming.

Many of them may be terrorists. Many have been deported before.  Many aren't even from this hemisphere.

The Mexicans, for whatever the reason, are allowing them to proceed.  They could stop them if they had a mind to do so, they clearly do not.

So, the question is, what can be done?

President Trump, for his part, claims he is cutting foreign aid to the countries involved.  He's also talking about closing the border and deploying the military to seal it.

But how do they do that?

We could send 6 fully armed divisions to our southern border.

We can provide air cover of all kinds.

But then what?

What, exactly, does "seal the border" mean to these illegals?

If they are stopped on US soil, we can't just shove them back over the border.

We can't shoot them, as if American troops, en masse, would ever do such a thing.

So what, exactly, can the president do?

Because it sure doesn't look like much.

But they seem to have put him into a box.

And based on our laws and this situation, the only way to stop these people that I can see is to shoot them.

And even if that were legal?

We still won't do it.

So, the question is not so much will he do... as much as it is what CAN he do?

So, who to vote for in the upcoming election?

Well, as a Republican, I will only vote Republican.  That may not necessarily mean voting for the Republican running or the Republican incumbent, but each and every vote I take will be a Republican vote.

Feel free to vote for the candidates that suits you.

Generally speaking for me, the safest bet is to oppose anyone the local democratian endorses.  They only endorse democrats or RINOs, in this case, for example, they have not endorsed a single candidate who didn't buy into their CRC/Loot Rail resurrection scam and no conservative would ever do that. Think of it as the perfect litmus test for candidates.

The rag could care less about you or this community: they've proven it year after year with their lies, exaggerations and personal attacks against political opponents.

With, for example, their endorsement of Scott Weber for county clerk, they even showed they knew he was a liar and endorsed him anyway.

There's no excuse for that.  But then, the rag has never been real big on integrity.

So, without further ado...

Crain's RINO and non-Republican endorsement list
US Senate: Doesn't matter

Sadly, Maria Cantwell will easily win reelection.  That said the rabid support by local conservative haters like Carolyn Crain simply disqualifies Hutchinson from my endorsement.

Crain is the main thug behind the lie-filled letters attacking conservative PCO's in the PCO elections and, of course, is best known for her fake GOP PAC's support, both in 2015 and this year, of non-Republican Marc Boldt.

That is also something many past RINO party chairs engaged in, with 5 of them endorsing Boldt against a GOP candidate (Rep. Liz Pike) in 2015 and 3 of them endorsing Boldt against the only Republican on the ballot in this primary election, who also happened to be a conservative. (Eileen Quiring)

Is that hatred of conservatives, or what?

Congress:  Writing in Sen. Ann "Gas Tax - Property Tax" Rivers.

Regular readers already know of the disdain I have for our local congresswoman... and Rivers, as far as that goes.

Of Herrera's many betrayals and her total failure to accomplish anything related to our cross-river transportation issues (Which are ENTIRELY Federal in nature due to the fact the river is a state line) her decision to vote AGAINST the repeal of Obamacare stands as the worst possible of those betrayals.

Additionally, Herrera also joined with the democrats in trashing then Candidate Trump and, to the left's delight, joined with them in her condemnation of Mr. Trump which resulted in her subsequent decision to write in Paul Ryan for President.

Further, this idiot isn't even all that sure how'd she'd vote if it came to a Trump impeachment.

Well, fair's fair.  I've always thought of Herrera as a politically clueless sockpuppet of Cathy McMorris, even from the days she was parachuted in here to run against Brian Baird over ten years ago.  Since Herrera set the example back then with her vote for president, I simply cannot ignore that and I will use my write-in capability for another Republican just like Herrera, and that is Rivers.

Rivers, best known for yoking the people of Clark County with $700 million in additional gas taxes... which has led to the price we pay for fuel to be the second highest in the entire United States... and her efforts to appease the WEA by adding several billion to our state's budget, causing our property taxes to explode...  has long wanted to be congresswoman.  Until she screwed the pooch with the Republican budget that she crafted to screw us back in 2017, she had a great chance... but now?  Not so much.

She's the perfect foil for Herrera, and the local GOP's COMPLETE lack of accountability for her actions merely serves to accentuate their RINO underpinnings.

So, I might just be the only vote she EVER gets for Congress.

County offices.

Treasurer: Robert Hinds

One of the many stupid things the local GOP failed to do... of the many stupid things they failed to do... is to make sure that EVERY available seat was covered by a candidate to run, including County Treasurer who the clueless moron running the local GOP was sure was a Republican until after I used this blog to slap him around a couple of times and get him to change the listing.

Screen capture of the former GOP candidate page

The result is that when Lasher surprised everyone (except Van Nortwick) and announced he wasn't running for reelection, the local GOP had no one available to run for that seat.  They were caught COMPLETELY by surprise.


The same thing applied to the two House seats in the 49th, where the incumbents ran unopposed.  That meant the democrats could use those two seats to launder money to other democrat candidates... for example, Stonier's $40,000 to the House Democrat Campaign Committee.

Of course, the PDC fine she had to pay also came from her campaign funds as did her legal fees, but hey, it's not like she needed them to campaign or anything, right?

Topper is a downtown mafia democrat.  She ran for state representative in 2016 and lost, despite raising the most money in the 49th and having the Cowlitz launder almost $30,000 through a Dave Barnett PAC.

Treasurer is a non-partisan position but by dumping her fringe-left roots, Topper hides her true politics and she will do everything she can to weaponize the position for the left.

Hinds is perfectly capable of running that office. But as always, the GOP has shown an inability to line people up to take over.  This instance is yet another example of the many where the incompetence of the local GOP cannot be overstated.

Frequently, the GOP has shown an ability to GET power... but not much of an ability to KEEP it.

County Auditor: Tiffany Couch

Couch is the forensic accountant who's work illustrated the depths of the corruption, mismanagement and policies that were deliberately designed to keep the public out of the downtown mafia's efforts to ram this multi-billion dollar waste of money known as the CRC/Loot Rail scam that would have resulted in a $100,000,000 hit to the county's disposable income by a commuting public working in Oregon.

Many in the Establishment have problems with Tiffany. But the fact is, without her efforts that horrific, inexplicable waste of our money would be in the process of being built right now.

The incumbent, Greg Kimsey, is a RINO extraordinaire and he fully supported the CRC rip off scam.

He, no doubt, supports the hated resurrection of that same scam that every local government has seemed to show themselves incapable of listening to their constituents by endorsing this same, sorry effort... as if the reasons to kill it back then have somehow changed now.

County Assessor:  Given history, I was prepared to vote for Wertz.  But after giving this race some thought, I have determined that I'll vote for Van Nortwick.

When Peter first ran, the local daily democrat did their best to trash him.  Their scumbag former editor, Lefty Lou Brancaccio, did everything he could to humiliate the man, including endorsing his opponent, even though she had never bothered to vote in the entirety of her life.

I beat on Lefty like a drum.  He came back at me, using his column like a club... as if it ever mattered.  And, of course, Van Nortwick won.

Both candidates claim to be Republicans.  Van Nortwick, for his part, has been endorsed by the local GOP (but is that reason to vote for him... or against him?) but he has also endorsed the democrat running for County Treasurer.

Balancing that, Van Nortwick was pivotal in trying to warn us that the budget crafted by Wilson, Rivers and Paul Harris in the House would cause our property taxes to explode in the face of the assurances of Wilson and Rivers that our property taxes were going down THIS year.  Rivers, who bears a huge responsibility for this property tax mess, actually blamed Van Nortwick for our property tax explosion.

And how'd that work out for us?

County Clerk:  Writing in Bain Wilson.

Sadly, Scott Weber felt compelled to lie to get elected the first time he ran.  That he won is meaningless: that he lied about that means he could lie about anything.

Bain is Weber's deputy.  She ran for the office the term before Scott.  She can do the job and likely is, for the most part, anyway.

As the rag put it when they endorsed Weber (Which automatically makes him suspect)
In 2010, as a political novice, Weber ran for the office with the platform of abolishing it. For that election, he wrote in the voters’ pamphlet: “We need to manage our public money better. One way to do that is to eliminate elected offices that have very limited functions. … If elected I will work to eliminate the office which will save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. While I work to phase the office out, I will do everything I can to save taxpayer money.”
Now Weber has a different view of the job, which has an annual salary of $114,509. 
For $114K, who wouldn't?

Don't misunderstand me: I don't care if the office is elected or not.  I do care that someone would lie about what they will do once elected... only to fail to follow through.

Haven't you had enough of that?

County Council

Chair:  Eileen Quiring.

This wasn't a slam dunk for me by any means but the reality is that Eric Holt has merely devolved into a poster-child for every leftist theme and cause known to politics.

I had supported him in the past when he ran against "Gas Tax, Property Tax" Rivers because I will never support a liar with the exception of using her name to stay Republican in the Congressional race.

I've learned my lesson and it's all Republican, all the time for me now.

The Olson/Green interchangeability index
Council District Two: Elisabeth Veneman

This is no contest.  Julie Olson has done an absolutely horrific job as counselor, representing the downtown leftists far more than either the Republican Party or her district.

In fact, had her opponent back in 2015 (Chuckie Green, owner of the fringe-left hate site "Clark County Leftists for Good Leftist Government) actually won, his voting record would have been the same as Olson's now.

If there are any differences between the two, I don't see it.

Look at this dual endorsement of yet another RINO/Leftist, John Blom.  It certainly speaks to Olson's fake GOP veneer as well as Blom's.

Olson, for her part, represents the special interests of downtown Vancouver.

Veneman will listen to and represent the people of her district.

Because any politician supporting the CRC scam is damned sure NOT supporting the people of Clark County.

Council District One: Writing in Anson Service

Look, I think that Temple Lentz is a hoot.

Telling Lefty Lou Brancaccio to go fuck himself a few years back after she was Tim "The Liar" Leave-it's campaign manager back in, oh. 2011 or so shows she's not the run-of-the-mill leftist whack-job.  But she had no problem working with that lying scumbag Jimmy Mains who absolutely... and falsely... claimed to the world back in 2012 that the reason I opposed Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law, for reelection to the county commission was because I was being paid by David Madore to do so.

I'm pretty sure the technical term for that is defamation.... or libel.... or slander.... or something like that...

...since it was 1000% untrue.

That she'd work with scum like Mains is enough to prove, IMHO, that's she's unfit for any elected position, but that's just me.

Stuart, for her part, has mainly been a disappointment since she helped Boldt roll back most every tax and fee restriction that David Madore put into place.

That means she's been instrumental in jacking up our taxes and fees in a big way... hardly standard Republican fare.

OTOH, she's continued to stand steadfast against that horrific scam that the other 4 councilors have indicated support for: the resurrection of the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

I appreciate that.

But I also know of her part in the 2015 election designed not to win, but to keep David Madore from winning by getting her name on the ballot and splitting the vote.  She did that out of her intense dislike for Madore... and that's her privilege.  It certainly was her privilege then just like my writing in former candidate in the 49th Ansen Service for her spot is my privilege now.

The end result of her action was the enabling of the 3 years of agony inflicted on this county by Boldt.

And that simply cannot be forgiven.

Service, for his part, ran a strong campaign in the Vancouver Soviet for Representative a few years back.  He would do a great job as a county councilor.

State Representative: District 18 Seat One - Writing in John Ley

Over the years, John Ley forgets more about the issues confronting the people of the 18th District before 9 a.m. than Brandon Vick actually knows.

Vick barely defeated someone in the primary that no one had ever heard of (51.8% to 48%) even though he had every advantage, from money to a 4 year incumbency.

Where Vick screwed up... badly... is he sold us out on his vote to resurrect the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

The people of this county do not want the I-5 bridge replaced with the 4 decades of horrifically expensive, ever-increasing tolls and lack of impact that light rail project would cost the 75,000 or so commuters of the voting public.

His support of that scam is exactly the same as that of his democrat opponent.  So why vote fake democrat when you can get the real thing?

The failure of Vick to vote conservative in arguably one of the most conservative districts in the state caused conservatives to simply blow his race off.

Ley could easily do a better job and his early reaction supporting "Gas Tax - Property Tax" Rivers efforts that have helped make our gasoline among the most expensive in the country aside, Ley buries himself in the most critical elements of transportation policy and history that Vick simply cannot grasp.

18th District - Seat 2: Writing in Liz Pike

The hand-picked RINO, Larry Hoff, was humiliated in the primary, where, oddly enough, it would appear that roughly 1400 people voted for Vick... only to turn around and vote AGAINST Hoff.

Everything about Hoff's campaign has been wrong. He was picked and endorsed by almost every RINO in politics around here, including a couple who have no business getting involved in this district (Kim Wyman, Secretary of State (Does she really think her endorsement matters?  Because it CLEARLY didn't matter here, did it?) and Jaime Herrera, who is many things but conservative certainly isn't on the list)

He's surrounded himself with ignorant RINO's such as the Wilsons, Steve Nelson, and others who simply don't know the district or the people.

This seat... both of these seats... have been a lock.  The performance of both of these seats in the primary has been miserable; the worst in, perhaps, the last 20 years.

They should get a message from that.  Nothing I've seen indicates that such message has been received and they are both at risk.

If/when they lose?

They'll have no one to blame but themselves... and in Hoff's case, the bad advice he got from the Wilson crew.

17th District - Seat 1: Vicki Kraft

Kraft takes stands and votes the establishment and downtown mafia, hate.  She puts the R in representative, more so than any other representative running in SW Washington.

And to me, that is THE critical element in the job, which is SUPPOSED to be, "representation" after all.

17th District - Seat 2: Writing in Don Benton

Harris sold us out on the budget scam that caused our property taxes to explode.

For example, the WEA REALLY, REALLY liked his betrayal of his district:

See, when you sell out your party and your people, you get a WEA cookie.

Paul's democrat opponent, Damion Jiles, Jr, was recently outed for a domestic violence issue.

Given democrat hypocrisy about how women are treated, unsurprisingly, it appears that Jiles is still endorsed by the local democrat party.

Color me surprised.

For his part, Benton is... Benton.  Hated by the democrats and the RINO establishment types alike, our differences notwithstanding, he'd be far superior to Harris.

Now a member of the Trump Administration as Director of the Selective Service, Benton would be a welcome change.  (And yeah, I know about the rules concerning holding these two jobs at the same time.)

Public Utilities Commissioner: Jim Malinowski.

Is that even a question?


Following the lead of the Republican Women (where I proudly claim an associate membership, which I immediately made with the departure of Jesser) I agree with all of their positions on these initiatives.

I-940: handcuffs law enforcement - NO

I-1631: Inslee's wet dream to jack up our taxes another mile - NO

I-1634: A reaction to Seattle's idiotic soda tax that let Starbucks off the hook, this gets rid of that and keeps other greedy local governments from doing the same on that or any other food item. - YES

I-1639:  The gun-grabber/California initiative. - NO

Friday, October 19, 2018

Will democrats snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

Most reading this are well aware of the Keystone Cops actions of the local GOP.  Letting at least 3 elective offices go unchallenged (County Treasurer and both House seats in the 49th) and former GOP party chairs are busy endorsing non-Republicans) while failing to hold alleged "Republicans" accountable for their actions and, of course, attacking conservatives (which they hate even more than the democrats do) and at least one and possibly more seats are likely to be lost this November.

But nationally, the leftists had the "mo."

And now it seems to be gone.  That doesn't mean the GOP can't still find a way to blow it; it's not like they haven't done it before.

However, the insanity of leftist actions, even before their Kavanaugh debacle, seems to have turned the tide.

The GOP, once again, appears to be fired up in ways rarely seen before.  A competent local party with competent leadership easily could have caught that wave, but we lack those essential elements to take advantage of it, thus the likely loss of eminently winnable elections.

But at the national level, the left has been busy firing "own goals" day after day, week after week, month after month.

Everything from McCaskill hiding planned murderhood's campaign contributions to Booker's "Spartacus" insanity along with Feinstein's lies about Kavanaugh and Maxine Waters being let out of the insane asylum have all added up and subsequently, built up like lead poisoning.

Taylor Swift's endorsement of Marsha Blackburn's opponent in Tennessee appears to have guaranteed his defeat.  The Irishman known as Beto has gone so far left there is now zero chance he could get elected dog catcher statewide in Texas.

The base around the country is fired up.

Around here?  Not so much.  But that, you see, is a result of the low-quality candidates and incumbents along with low quality leadership from the local party establishment.

But there is less and less talk about a democrat takeover of the House as they peaked far too soon and as I said... they've lost the "mo."

Now, the leftists are paying millions to bring illegals up through Mexico.  The election will likely rise or fall on the outcome.

The President has drawn HIS "red line in the sand."  If he does not stop these people from crashing in over our border, leftists efforts to have judges stop him notwithstanding, then the "mo" will likely go back over to the left and the GOP will possible lose both Houses.

The President MUST stop these illegals.  I am not concerned with how he does it.  Results are the only thing that matters here.  If they get through...

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Another example of the clown who is Clark County GOP Chair

Regular readers are aware of the disdain and disgust that so many, including myself, hold the the chair of the county GOP.

There is example after example of the efforts this clown has made to destroy the local party.  His incessant attacks on the many wise enough to be opposed to his continued involvement in the GOP, let alone his rank incompetence as the leader of a volunteer organization, his incessant lying, his defamation of those who see through his facade and believe that the best thing that could happen will be his departure from the organization.

Simply stated, he's scum.

His most recent example?

An individual who will become a PCO shortly, who ran unopposed in August, has asked for a copy of the bylaws and the latest treasurers report, which this ingrate promised to email out since the treasurer has blown off the last two PCO meetings and Mr. Chair looks at the treasurer's report like it's written in Sanskrit.

Now here lately, this lowlife has taken to attempting to attack, belittle and undermine the party secretary.

Burt when it comes to his buddy the treasurer who has completely failed in his job to keep the PCO's appraised of the pathetic finances of the local party which has resulted from Mr. Chair's incompetent mismanagement; who neither bothers to show up for meetings he's required to attend, nor does he make sure the PCO's know what's going on?

Not a peep.

The chair's efforts to libel and defame the secretary are, no doubt, based on the fact that I found out this pig is doing all he can to keep ME from being seated as a PCO.  As I pointed out in this post, he threw a hissy-fit to keep his remarks on the subject out of the official minutes of the September EBoard meeting.
Chairman [Gellatly] brought the topic of [a] Membership Code of Conduct. Being a PCO does not automatically make one a voting member [well, yeah... it actually kinda does] or allow easy access to the CCRCC.  Other counties and the State Party have some language in their bylaws to prevent Democrats or other people who are not really Republicans from becoming voting members even if they are PCO's.  He [Gellatly] is proposing a bylaw change that some PCO's who have demonstrated they seldom support Republicans would need to be vetted / checked out before they would be credentialed for CCRCC meetings.  He and Leslie [Meharry] specifically pointed out this would apply to KJ Hinton.  Leslie mentioned that on multiple occasions Hinton has said he votes for democrats in his blog.  David said he would check with other counties to see what language they use in their bylaws.

This is just another of the dozens of snapshots which clearly prove this asswipe, with his record of drugs while GOP Chair, his arrests for theft and his DUI's, would be best suited being a pimp on MLK in Portland.

Here's a quick glance of his most recent arrogant megalomania.

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First of all, ANY Republican asking for this information should get it.  What does this puss-bucket have to hide?

It's hardly secret.  All of these numbers are available via the PDC.

But this scumbag's effort to talk this married man down as a "kid," (like Gellatly isn't a childish punk?) goes to the heart of the matter.  "No one cares what you want buddy?"

This is the kind of filth that has passed for "leadership" from this clown.

Gellatly simply hates all of us that oppose him.  And he uses his position to belittle, antagonize, attack, defame, and lie about those who want him and his cult gone.  You a conservative?  The Big Tent isn't big enough for you and me unless we go along with his program and you need to understand that at least part of his hatred stems from the fact that Kalup's wife had the guts to stand up against a RINO like Julie Olson.

We've had at least two PCO meetings in Olson's restaurant.  Hopefully, the new regime will put an end to that sort of thing.

Hatred, you see, is hardly the linchpin of leadership.

No single individual is more responsible for the damage the Clark County GOP has sustained.

Idiotic signs that make the local GOP the laughing stock?  An inability to raise money so that for the first time in memory the local GOP is not providing a dime for candidates?  A failure to make sure that ALL seats had GOP candidates and, of course, who can forget this moron actually thought that the democrat county treasurer was a Republican; at least until I bitch-slapped him into changing it on the GOP website:

His attacks and threats against me and my family, for example? Well, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

His efforts have buried and shattered the GOP around here.  His hatred of conservatives, even though he and his RINO buds claim to BE that which they loath?

His admitted cocaine use while party chair, his past record of theft of and DUI's and bench warrants for failure to appear.... that alone shows his unsuitability to run an elevator.

This is how he treats people who don't go along with his program.  This is his idea... and that of the Cult who supports him... of how to run the local GOP... which he has...

...directly into the ground.

Fortunately, it seems he's finally had enough.  So have we... and imagine how much better off we'd be if he had never gotten the job?

Who is in charge of vetting the announced candidates?

Both Jesser and Crain are trainwrecks for reasons well known to all.  Crain is looking to get humiliated... again... as her efforts to keep conservatives out of office are the crap of legend.

Jesser was an abysmal failure as Chair of the Republican Women and a total Gellatly enabler.  She's as unfit to take over... to be Gellatly light... as Crain.

Meanwhile, we're told, we have to put all of this aside and simply support with out most precious asset... namely, our votes, whoever happens to have an "R" after their names, regardless of their record, regardless of their history of selling us out, regardless of their efforts to shut out conservatives and regardless of their efforts to publicly attack those who might not see it their way.

I will not be bludgeoned by anyone into supporting anything.

Or anyone.

I will be voting Republican in this election and nothing but.  However, I will not do it blindly.  I will consider every aspect of every candidate.  And part of that consideration will be based on how the party has treated those they despise.

Interesting how the democratian doesn't care if you lie to get elected.

I'm referring to Scott Weber.

Weber, who has been our county clerk for 8 years now, is one of those who simply lied to get elected.

He told the whole world that if we elected him, he would do everything he could to abolish the office.

But those yearly 6 figure pay checks seem to have changed his mind.

The local rag knows this, but lying is one of their favorite past times, and hell, how can they condemn a man for doing the same thing they do most every day?

They're aware of it, of course: in their endorsement of Weber, they wrote:
 In 2010, as a political novice, Weber ran for the office with the platform of abolishing it. For that election, he wrote in the voters’ pamphlet: “We need to manage our public money better. One way to do that is to eliminate elected offices that have very limited functions. … If elected I will work to eliminate the office which will save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. While I work to phase the office out, I will do everything I can to save taxpayer money.”
Now Weber has a different view of the job, which has an annual salary of $114,509.

Money talks.  Six-figure money apparently screams.

Meanwhile, does it matter that he was a "political novice?"  I remember Brent Boger telling me about the plan before they hatched it.  I told him then... and I since told candidate Weber on more than one occasion... that it was a GREAT plan.

As long as Weber followed through.

He did not.

He wasn't a child.  He was a man and he made a promise he had zero intention of keeping.  The rag suggests that we should reelect a man THEY admitted did not tell the truth.

He has made no serious effort to do what he pledged, and he used the elimination of the job as a hook to get elected.

Had he made any such effort, I would cheerfully have voted for him but we have so many lying politicians in office now that I simply cannot support any of them and I am not about to support another one, no matter how good of a job the Lazy C claims he's doing.

I won't do it.

I will, instead, be writing in Republican Baine Wilson, Weber's deputy.  She ran for the job in the term before Weber's.  She ran a solid campaign but, you know the Lazy C and their leftist earned media shtick.

Whatever anyone chooses to do is, of course, up to them.  But as always, I urge you to VOTE REPUBLICAN.  I will be voting Republican in every race and I urge you to do the same.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The two hot rods.

The top one is my Supercharged 16 Mustang GT A6 (Around 700 HP)

The bottom one is our 69 Camaro.  Big block 454 T400.  Got it up to a 12.5/110.03 at PIR.

I owe them both to a wife with a high level of forbearance.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

What ever happened to THIS Ann Rivers?

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Ann Rivers.

Like me, Ann was (is?) a political consultant.

Like me, she was a populist; in this case, defined as someone far more concerned about the will of the people than the dictates of the downtown mafia special interests.

And outwardly, at least, she was a die-hard Republican.

The key word in all of this is "was."

We worked together for various clients for a decade; she and her family became very close to me and mine.

In 2010, she made the decision to run for the open House seat left behind by Ridgefield Barbie when she ran for Congress.

She defeated several (5?  6?) men in the primary and then, using populist conservative themes, she crushed her disinterested, bottom-of-the-barrel democrat opponent and became a rising star in the GOP, delivering the GOP response to the Governor's State of the State early on in her first few weeks as a State Representative.

My job in all of this (outside of busting my ass for hours every day to get her elected) was, as she put it, to "keep her grounded," and to "keep her on track."

Visions of Congress danced in her head.  Rivers told me there was no way she'd ever think about running unless I agreed to go to DC with her and her husband, Fred.

As it turned out, Jaime Herrera soon confirmed her performance as an utterly worthless congresswoman, quite the embarrassment and a waste of a seat.

Over time, it became clear that Herrera was simply over her head.  Ineffective and utterly clueless when it came to addressing the massive transportation problems confronting her district, a situation that has remained static since her election, some 8 years ago.

Rivers shared in that conclusion and for a variety of reasons, we were always planning to announce the moment Herrera decided she'd embarrassed herself enough and failed to run for reelection for this seat.

Herrera has yet to achieve that conclusion.  After all, she mails it in like the gig is a correspondence course and it pays $174,000.  What job could she hope to get that paid anything close to that?

Many have been fooled into supporting her and chances are, she will win reelection easily.

Certainly not because she deserves it, but because that's how this district was carved out.

This brings me back to Rivers.

The death of the CRC/Loot Rail scam, which really wasn't a death as much as it was, like with most leftist positions a temporary hibernation, was brought about in large part by Rivers herself.

Back when she viewed her constituents as her reason for being in office... something we haven't seen in the last 3 years... she'd walk into fire to kill this downtown mafia idiocy.

And kill it she did, earning the nickname "Bridge Killer."

Since then, of course, she's been flipped on that and many other issues that show her for what she truly is.... which has nothing to do with conservatism, nothing to do with Republicanism, and nothing to do with her keeping her word to her constituents.

This article from the Willamette Week, Bridge End - Oregon backers of the CRC think they've won the day. They haven't met Ann Rivers. is a portrait of who Ann Rivers used to be.  That Ann Rivers has long since departed, replaced by not even a credible facsimile of the champion of the people.
She hates the project, even though she knows some residents of her Clark County district might benefit from the massive freeway bridge and light-rail. She knows the CRC has influential backers—business and labor unions, and that she will feel heat when the time comes to stop the project.
Doesn't seem to "hate" it any more, does she?
Now Senate majority whip, Rivers says the project's costs aren't worth shaving only a minute off the rush-hour commute from Portland to Vancouver.
Odd how that changed, isn't it?

How it is they weren't "worth it" then, but somehow, magically, they've seem to become "worth it" now?

The reasons to kill this insanity haven't changed.  The current I-5 Bridge is still paid for.  The bridge is still safe.  We don't have to waste $100,000,000 plus (to start with) per year in tolls to use it.

So what DID change... and why?


Because they got to her somehow.

Now, as her multiple massive tax increase votes that blew our property tax statements to pieces, hammered our gasoline bill and tab fees while adding billions to the state budget, and, of course, her flip on resurrecting the CRC Scam that she had worked so hard to kill a few short years ago have shown that Rivers has become that which, when we started, she allegedly so despised.

I mourn the passing of who she once was... and loath the development of what she has now become.

Which begs the question:  Whatever happened to THIS Ann Rivers?

Friday, October 12, 2018

Here's what good the democratian endorsements do.

I've been involved in politics locally since 1988.  It's been all Republican.  I've been a campaign volunteer, a campaign consultant, a PCO, a district chair, Executive Director of the State GOP and a GOP water carrier who has phone-banked, door-belled, sign-waved and planted thousands of GOP candidate signs.

Along the way, you begin to notice a few things.

And one thing you could always count on is the Daily Democrat picking those who would damage our county and community the most for elective office.

But most reading that observation already knew that.

So, what good is the embarrassment to journalism's endorsements?

First, let's take a look at the criteria I suggest be used to filter candidates and incumbents.
    1.  Did they lie to get elected in the past?
    2.  Have they lied since they were elected?
    3.  Did they vote to jack up our taxes and/or fees?
    4.  Do they ignore your emails/letters or other communications?
    5.  Do they vote like the special interests own them?
    6.  Specifically, did they vote in support of the CRC/Loot Rail resurrection?
    7.  Do they support Obamacare and vote against its repeal?
    8.  Do they support an income tax?
    9.  Do they support gun grabbing?
    10.  Do they support open borders, illegal aliens voting, and attack the President for doing the same things Obama did during HIS regime?
    11.  Do they use a big-mouthed spouse out there as a surrogate to attack conservatives?
    12.  Are they arrogant?
    13.  Are they narcissistic?
    14.  Did they vote for that horrific budget in 2017 from the GOP that caused our property taxes to explode and emboldened the teachers to go on strike?
Any one of these reasons or combination of reasons?  Then don't vote for them.

    1.  Do they support an income tax?
    2.  Do they support gun grabbing?
    3.  Do they lie?
    4.  Do they mouth talking points based on hatred?
    5.  Do they sound like they're more suited to be representing the U District in Seattle than any part of Clark County?
    6.  Are they endorsed by anyone guilty of any of the reasons listed under "incumbent" above?
    7.  Do they support Obamacare?
    8.  Do they ignore your emails/letters or other communications?
    9.  Do they support open borders, illegal aliens voting, and attack the President for doing the same things Obama did during HIS regime?
    10.  Are they arrogant?
    11.  Are they narcissistic?
    12.  Did they support that horrific budget in 2017 from the GOP that caused our property taxes to explode and emboldened the teachers to go on strike?

Any one of these reasons or combination of reasons?  Then don't vote for them.

You, of course, can add or subtract anything you like to you list.  But the lists I've provided here are worthless IF YOU DON'T DO THE WORK.
Second, take a look at the Daily Pravda's endorsements.

The rag has their agenda.  Their agenda is destructive, leftist, downtown-special-interest garbage.

Those this scum publication has endorsed in the lawmaking arena have one essential quality in common:

They support the Columbian's CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Every, single, one.

Now, I get that the Lazy C has long-since abandoned any pretense of journalism.  Like the RINO's running the local GOP, they, too, hate conservatives who actually represent the will of the people who elected them and when the shouting is done, you can expect they will have endorsed precisely zero.

I won't be surprised when they endorse RINO Hoff's opponent, Kathy Gillespie, for example because, since they're essentially political twins, Gillespie takes a GOP lock seat away and has the extra-added attraction of being one other part of the Democratian's criteria: a democrat.  Typically, their pattern is to always endorse democrats in open seats.

There's no supportable reason to do that, of course, so the rag just makes a few up.

Democratian endorsements bring many of the key issues to the fore.  Generally, those they endorse shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, but the reality is the endorsements themselves, in many instances are humorously agenda-driven/leftist partisan/anti-conservative pap.  But they do contain specifics that answer at least some policy questions... many of which are simply ignored by candidates issue pages.  Right, Larry?

To date, the endorsements of the rag have pointed out where candidates and incumbents have taken policy stands that are harmful to SW Washington generally and Clark County particularly.

Positions such as resurrecting the CRC/Loot Rail scam while ignoring the true need of additional bridges across the river.  The cross-river transportation issue is THE biggest economic problem facing us here locally and instead of addressing that problem, we're cursed with a great many politicians who have (and are) sold us out and are selling us out.  After all, what's a few billion dollars in ever-increasing tolls to replace a paid for, perfectly functional bridge that will do nothing in terms of freight mobility, congestion relief or safety?

Those who will sell us out for that... will "Rivers" us on anything.  You know... if it's a "business decision."

So, if you can stomach it, check out the endorsements of Völkischer Beobachter of Clark County.

But by now, Dear Reader, I'm sure you have done... or at a minimum, are now doing... your due diligence and know the particulars of these candidates as ballot drop is but a few short days away.

These elected officials can do THE PEOPLE a lot of good.  But their focus has to be on US and not the pervasive special interests who own their votes.

Their positions are out there.  The policies they WANT us to know about are out there.  The policies they DON'T want us to know about?  Not so much.

The broken pledges that will cost us hundreds of millions of dollars here locally?  Well, they don't talk about that sort of thing.

Who voted for the GOP budget that raped our checkbooks on property taxes to appease the WEA?  I must have missed that.

The lies about tax increases and policy votes that will betray us?  Well, it sure doesn't look like any of those endorsements talk about THAT.

All elections are important as are the votes by those INFORMED on what they're voting for.

If you don't know? Then do us all a favorite and skip it.

Meanwhile, I will be voting ALL Republican, including in those races where I disagree with the candidate's positions or, as in so many cases, they are far too closely aligned with the democrat positions that have, and are, causing us so much harm.

That, of course, is what the write-in function on your ballot is for.

So, by all means, as a part of your self-education... which all responsible voters SHOULD engage in... check out the democratian endorsements.  Look for what's there... but also look for what isn't.

Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Gellatly puts the lie to a "unified" GOP.

The last two years here have been a disgrace in the local Republican political realm.

The dismay at discovering the RINOs foisted a drug-addled tool with a record of theft, DUI's, bench warrants and the like on us has only been exceeded by his efforts to abuse those who are smart enough to disagree with his arrogant, narcissistic incompetence where he's driven the local party organization into the ground.

He's lied about people, attacked people, and even sued a PCO for allegedly engaging in that which he does most every waking minute of his life: defaming others who oppose him.

His most recent vomit on to the political scene-this just went out as an email:
Dear Clark County Republican Central Committee,

I will address this matter in a very straight forward way as we
approach the upcoming organizing meeting. I ask that every member acts
in a professional and respectful manner and keep in mind that we
represent the Republican Party to our community.

In 2017, a small group seriously disrupted our party in a very public
manner and hurt our ability to function efficiently, during a campaign
season. This group included four board members, three of which were
removed and the 4th which was our secretary avoided removal by a
single vote of the central committee. Since this time, our party has
made great strides moving forward and working together.

However, an issue that I feel the need to address is the continuing
current behavior of our secretary and failure to perform the majority
of duties. In addition to failing to provide our members meeting
minutes for over a year, and all but one meeting severely late;
altering board meeting minutes after they had been approved; failing
to participate or help in important fundraisers that keep our party
afloat; providing false statements and accusations to our members
about the leadership; attempting to disrupt board meetings; No Call No
Show to our August Quarterly meeting; refusing to respond to requests
about duties assigned to her; and many other issues, she is now
beginning to attempt to start more online smear campaigns against
individuals who are volunteering to serve in leadership at the
organizing meeting. Our members have made it clear they do not want
these smear campaigns and infighting within our party and leadership.
While there is no point in bringing her back to the central committee
for removal as her term is ending in just over a month, we recognize
the need to be positive and encouraging to those willing to serve. We
have addressed the issues with her as a board, directly her her[sic], but
without any affect. After facts are brought to her, her typical
response[sic] is to deny any issues exist and if this leads to other emails
being sent with false information, I apologize ahead of time for that
as well. I can only hope a qualified candidate will take on this role
for the next two years so the next chair does not have to take on the
duties again.

On Behalf of the Clark County Republican Party leadership, I would
like to apologize for the current actions of our secretary Karen
Trumbull and disavow them completely. I assure you it does not
represent the other memebrs[sic] of the board, who opporate[sic] with integrity
and in the best interest of the party.

I ask that we please focus on the November 6th election. And after, we
have a positive election of the next board, with candidates speaking
about their qualities. If any candidate speaks ill of an opponent
rather than their own qualities, I strongly suggest it is due to their
own lack of qualifications and to take this into consideration. I have
gone through this process of selecting leadership twice now with our
members, and we have a great opportunity to move our party forward
this December. Let us not give those who wish to tear each other down
and divide us, the opportunity to have any influence in our party. I
thank you for the opportunity to serve you as chair, and I am proud of
how far we have brought the party in just two years.

Thank you all and God bless.

David Gellatly


Clark County Repubican[sic] Party
Perhaps, if he could even SPELL "Republican," let alone BE a Republican?

It's highly unlikely that Gellatly knows God in any capacity... because I just can't picture this variety of character assassination as being what one could call "biblical."

Now, this scumbag is directly referring to his successful effort to remove any mention of his personal attempt to keep me from being seated as a PCO from the last Executive Board meeting minutes.

The reality is that the discussion I quoted was from the draft minutes from the prior EBoard meeting.  He's now INFERRING that the note was inaccurate, or untrue, or didn't take place.  Yet, oddly at the EBoard meeting *I* attended, he never made that claim.  He instead claimed it was "just a conversation" as a part of his demand that it NOT be included in the minutes.

Even in this manure he's spreading, he doesn't dispute that it took place, he just attempts to infect what I wrote with a description that claimed it to be "inaccurate information" and then, he engages in outright character assassination of the secretary, a bit more payback since I have, once again, called this little fricking worm out.

Gellatly expects everyone to go along with his program, as incompetent as it is.  When you don't toe the line, this is what you can get.

Now, that Gellatly has spent more time attacking PCO's who don't see it his way than he has democrats cannot be denied.

Here, his psychopathic hypocrisy cannot be denied:
If any candidate speaks ill of an opponent rather than their own qualities, I strongly suggest it is due to their own lack of qualifications and to take this into consideration.
Yeah.  Well, if only we had known about this clown's criminal record and drug use, what are chances HE would have been elected chair?

He is repeatedly guilty of the same thing he now decries: he used THIS email to campaign against the party secretary.  So, obviously, it's PERFECTLY OK for GELLATLY to "speak ill" whenever the mood strikes.
Let us not give those who wish to tear each other down and divide us, the opportunity to have any influence in our party.
This variety of wretched, reeking hypocrisy by a scumbag who has spent his entire tenure engaged in that very yet another sign that he does not hold himself to the standard he wants his cult to hold everyone else.

And then, having done that, he babbles about a "positive election?"

This scumbag wants the freedom to beat the hell out of anyone he wants and he wants that ability without consequence.  It's a nice vignette reminiscent of the Hitler in the bunker scene.

His tenure has been a disaster that has resulted in grand-canyon sized divisions within the party.  But like most megalomaniacs, he is incapable of taking responsibility for any of it, ALWAYS blaming someone... or some group... of others for what HE is responsible for.

HE is in charge.  HE is at the top.  FAILURE rests with HIM. And where is it the buck is supposed to stop?

The local party is a mess.  The finances have been destroyed so badly that for the first time, no candidate is getting any financial support from the Party; instead, we're getting more utterly mindless and stupid signs that have accomplished nothing.

And the scumbag running the show takes no responsibility for any of it.

Because that's how he rolls.  And that's how the Cult he's surrounded himself with rolls with him.

As of this writing, there have been 3557 page views of the post "The Gellatly Revenge Tour: His effort to keep me from being seated as a PCO continues" The story about how this butthurt punk wants to keep those he doesn't like out of the Party speaks for itself.

And here's the reality: the chair did not send this poison out to every PCO or PCO elect.  For example, he didn't send it to me.

Now, one has to wonder why that might be.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The Gellatly Revenge Tour: His effort to keep me from being seated as a PCO continues.

As time goes on, more and more information comes my way of the Gellatly Cult's Revenge Tour, the effort underway by Druggy Davey Gellatly to keep me from being seated as a Precinct Committee Officer, even though I was lawfully elected.

The gist of this effort is to make sure that I cannot vote with the rest of the PCO's, effectively depriving my precinct any kind of voice in GOP affairs here in Clark County.  It is to make sure I cannot impact the GOP elections to help end the continued RINO ruin that Gellatly's horrific tenure has caused.

Now Davey, being Davey, nor anyone else involved in this lynching has ever once discussed any of this with me, you understand; but then that's the typical level of cowardice when it comes to their attacks on individuals who oppose their continued presence in any position within the GOP and who have strongly opposed Gellatly's efforts to destroy a PCO for allegedly engaging in the very same variety of activity that Druggy is known for.

The problem for the Gellatly Cult is there is no mechanism for Gellatly and his crew to keep me from being seated.

That's not the only problem, of course.

Well, here.  Let me set the table:

This is from the draft minutes of the last Executive Board meeting:
Chairman [Gellatly] brought the topic of [a] Membership Code of Conduct. Being a PCO does not automatically make one a voting member [well, yeah... it actually kinda does] or allow easy access to the CCRCC.  Other counties and the State Party have some language in their bylaws to prevent Democrats or other people who are not really Republicans from becoming voting members even if they are PCO's.  He [Gellatly] is proposing a bylaw change that some PCO's who have demonstrated they seldom support Republicans would need to be vetted / checked out before they would be credentialed for CCRCC meetings.  He and Leslie [Meharry] specifically pointed out this would apply to KJ Hinton.  Leslie mentioned that on multiple occasions Hinton has said he votes for democrats in his blog.  David said he would check with other counties to see what language they use in their bylaws.
Now, this discussion DID take place last EBoard meeting, but Druggy had a cow making sure that these notes were NOT officially included in the minutes.

Why?  What is Davey Delete so ashamed of?  He actually said these things.  There's no denial of that.  So why not include it in the records?

Here's the problem: were such a rule put into place, that is, PCO's would somehow be unseated for something they did before such a rule even existed, the Republican PCO ranks of Clark County would be decimated.

Even now, for example, they would have to keep Peter Van Nortwick from being a PCO based on his endorsement and presumed vote for democrat Alicia Topper, candidate for county treasurer in THIS election.

Marc Boldt, who had repeatedly endorsed democrat Steve Stuart and who then held this precinct seat while doing absolutely nothing with it for 4 years?  He'd never have been allowed in the first place.

Carolyn Crain?  Ann Donnelly?  Brent Boger?  Margie Ferris?  And all of the others who supported democrats like Boldt and opposed Republicans like Eileen Quiring in THIS election?


I mean, certainly the criteria cannot be merely voting for a democrat or democrats.

THIS election, for example, I have publicly stated I will vote for nothing BUT Republicans.  I will be exercising my right to write-in candidates where I disagree with the candidates on the ballot, but every single person I write in will be a Republican.

For Leslie's edification, I've also written THAT in my blog.

The devil in all of this is in the details, of course.  But that Gellatly brought this up and is trying to push it through?

Is there any other basis for any of this except the fact that I have exposed Gellatly for what he really is?  An arrogant narcissist bent on the destruction of the local GOP?

Is he upset that I exposed his illegal drug use while he was Chair?

Arrest Information:

Name: David Robert Gellatly
Location: PortlandOregon 
Age: 29 years
Processing Date: 03-01-2012

Booking Charge:


Maybe he's pissed because I brought up his multiple DUI's.

Or could it be his multiple citations for Theft in the 3rd degree?

How about his numerous bench warrants?

This is nothing but another in a series of efforts to silence those opposed to him and his clique.

Because you can bet like, all of the others named, if I SUPPORTED his reign of destruction, we wouldn't be hearing anything about this.

And that this discussion proves beyond any doubt that this effort is aimed ENTIRELY at me?

Well, that speaks for itself.

Doesn't it?

As for me, I was Republican when this clown was a 1st grader.

My very first campaign was in 88 as a volunteer for Bob Williams.  Then Linda Smith.  Then Don Benton.  Then Tom Mielkie.  Then candidate after candidate... and all of them Republican.

And as for getting someone "vetted / checked out" if they're a PCO Gellatly doesn't happen to like, I'm pretty sure he's already done that with me.  But that said, there's a certain level of irony when a thug like Gellatly demands that anyone ELSE be vetted.  After all, imagine where we'd be right now if Gellatly himself had been vetted.  Does anyone reading this believe for one second that he ever would have been party chair if his background had been actually known?

I appreciate the fact that Gellatly and his cronies spend so much time worrying about me.  The problem is that their primary function at the eBoard isn't to waste more money on their idiotic "Be Bold" signs that accomplish nothing while they withhold any funds from campaigns (not that they've got all that much available) while Gellatly makes up crap about how effective they are.

Meanwhile, they remained silent on the issues that should be discussed back when it would make a difference.  Saying nothing about the teacher strikes, for example. They've been far more concerned with attacking conservatives than they have been fighting democrats.

This is yet another snapshot as to how these people think.  They live to silence those who oppose them.  There is no justification for this action and you can bet that whatever standard they apply to me won't be applied to anyone else.