Friday, January 03, 2014

Kimsey maneuvering for his county exec run: suddenly wants his name removed from list of CRC Scammers.



 Greg Kimsey 

Screen Capture:

I already had Kimsey on the "Do Not Elect" local list because he's sold us out to Slimeball Stuart's coup attempt, and jumped on the anti-Madore bandwagon since he saw a political opportunity to help trash Madore during Slimeball's coup attempt.

Now, Kimsey is working double overtime to set himself up as emperor of Clark County since, in his delusional state, he wrongly believes he can get elected county-wide.

His problem?

The CRC is politically radioactive.  Further, that he EVER supported the rape of the people of this county... since he's never done ANYTHING to oppose this scam... makes him politically DOA... under the old plan, under a new plan, under ANY plan where the people of this county were going to get screwed.

This means Kimsey supported replacing the bridge AND that he supports loot rail.  As a toady for the downtown mafia/CRUDEC/Chamber of Horrors types, that sort of thing is to be expected.

But don't believe for a moment that his sudden shift is a result of anything but the same kind of situational ethics that RINO's and democrats are known for.

Better start polishing your resume' for the private sector, Greg... because politically, you're DOA.

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