Monday, June 30, 2014

Wow... ANOTHER terrible fund raising month for the M&M twins!

How it sucks to be the next grounded up democrats in the 1-8.

Mussolini Mikey raised a whole $1150 from people.

For the whole month.

Bully Loserham didn't even do that well, putting together a whole $640 from people.

For the whole month.

Here's a clue, gang: Ballots drop in 15 days or so.  If $1150 is the best you can do from people in the area of your district the month before... if $640 is the best you can do and most of that isn't even from your district...

Then it's over.  The only real question is this:

How badly are you going to get humiliated?  

Fall out on Hobby Lobby - Obama takes ANOTHER face shot from the Supreme Court. SEIU gets chopped.

WOW.  ANOTHER tough day for the rogue president.

The Hobby Lobby case (Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.) was, depending on who you listen to, either "narrowly tailored" or , according to Justice Ginsburg, "sweeping."

But either way, it's another bitch-slap to the president and the left wing.

The case revolved around a religious exemption from Obamacare's mandate that all companies over a certain size provide birth control coverage for their employees.  Hobby Lobby and others challenged, claiming a religious exemption.

That the case turned out in Hobby Lobby's favor was, essentially, a no-brainer.  The first Amendment is fairly straight forward on that, using the plain language standard of Carcieri:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.[1]
"Prohibiting the free exercise thereof" seems rather obvious: this law absolutely would prohibit the free exercise of the well-established point of many religions concerning birth control.

For the left, this is the end of the known universe as we know it.

My question is this: will this apply in cases such as "Sweet Cakes?"

That Gresham bakery was forced to shut down after they refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.  Tought to be deliberately fomenting a situation where they could claim discrimination in the face of the bakery's claim of a religious exemption from the special rights for gays laws.  Those laws would have required them to ignore their own religious tenets and do what these people wanted.

Would the basic legal premise of this decision apply to a situation such as this?  If a closely-held company can claim a religious exemption from Obamacare, is there some reason a closely held bakery couldn't claim a religious exemption from being set up by gays to be exploited as "bigoted" and so forth because they refuse to recognize gay marriage for religious reasons and have the temerity to act on those principles?

And the other SCOTUS case this morning: public sector unions have been taking face shots left and right.  Two previously deeply and darkly blue states held hostage to union whims for decades, suddenly became right to work states for the most part (First, Wisconsin under Scott Walker and then Michigan under Rick Snyder) and forced union members bailed by the thousands.

Now in a case that's bound to have the same kind of shattering effect on, say, for example, the SEIU, SCOTUS ruled that home health care workers cannot be compelled to pay union dues to a union they do not want to join.

(Just as a brief aside, our own Congresscritter, Jaime Herrera, COSPONSORED an SEIU bill that would have required that very thing while she was running for Congress (And in the State House of Representatives))

At minimum, this is a step towards ending mandated dues collections by governments at all levels for purpose of keeping the coffers of democrat front groups (Oppps... sorry... I mean "unions") full.

Democrat SEIU types have go to be tearing their hair out.  What are they going to do now?

Memo to the C3G2 hate group:

Unless, apparently, you're me or David Madore.  Then we have to hold ourselves up to be
beaten like a piƱata.
Amazing how they only want this to apply to others... and not themselves.

But, hypocrisy does seem to be a major vein over there.

Here's the thing: I get that being outed can be uncomfortable.  I also get that their group is completely mislabeled and their goal is to, at minimum, politically destroy those opposed to them.

But at the end of the day, anyone watching these people know that their singular goal... to begin with... is the destruction of David Madore.

They can't do it on a legal basis, since he hasn't done anything illegal, so instead they're choosing this route.

But it's no coincidence that their sole focus of attention has been in the direction of the county commissioners they oppose.   You know, something a little more accurate such as "Clark County Leftists bent on destroying those they oppose" or something.  They'd have been money ahead if they'd just said so from the beginning, instead of trying to cover their perfidy with a name that includes a noble cause.

After all, transparency should be their watchword as well, and the hypocrisy of exercising their "right" to censor THEIR private facebook page while somehow finding it horrific if David Madore utilizes the same privileges on his own facebook page goes part and parcel with both their double standard AND their purpose in setting up this group in the first place.

Many thanks to Chuck Green, however, for helping to drive my readership numbers up.

Much appreciated.

Meanwhile, reveling in the hypocrisy biz does nothing to further your cause.  You don't allow others you disagree with to post on YOUR private facebook page, and that is your privilege.

Others, including David Madore, don't want to allow you to try and blow up his facebook page, and that is HIS privilege.

His reasoning for that in no way has to meet with your approval, any more than your reasoning for censoring those opposed to your legalized coup attempt has to meet with the approval of those so designated.

Memo: get over it, and get over yourselves.

C3G2 seems upset to be outed as a "hate group."

There are, of course, a variety of definitions to the term "hate group."

For example, one could call a group a "hate group" if their primary purpose is to promote animosity, hostility and/or malice towards a person or group of people involving differing races, genders, nationality, sexual orientation, ages, or politics.

The so-called "Clark County Citizens for Good Governance" is one such group.  Their biggest target is GOP Commissioner David Madore, with somewhat less vitriol aimed at GOP Commissioner Tom Mielke.

While they claim to be focuses on what they believe to be "good governance," their concern for "good governance" doesn't seem to extend much beyond Commissioner Madore.  For example, the city council of Vancouver rather stupidly rammed a $33,000 yearly pay raise down the throat of the city manager... because, well, making more money than the Governor of this state wasn't enough apparently, so they had to jack local taxpayers to give him a raise exceeding the median income for most workers here in Clark County.

While that kind of stupidity merited a mention on the C3G2 hate site, that's all it was.  No other effort has been made, no demands for recalls, no protests... no nothing.  Because, after all, as stupid as it was, it was implemented and voted for by their fellow leftists.

And their fellow leftists inevitably get a pass.

The purpose of this group is to interfere with county government, overturn the election of November 2012, and to reestablish democrat control over the county commission.

Points of view that do not align with that goal are not allowed.  Those who have a differing view are, essentially, attacked, belittled and frequently banned.

Commissioner Madore is denied the right to post on this facebook page, as are local conservative blogger Lew Waters and myself, likely among others.

The whole point is to reduce the political power of the person they view as the biggest threat to leftist political power in the entire county.

As a result, there is no attack of any kind off limits and a great deal of attention paid to David Madore generally while they pay no attention to anyone listed as "democrat" or known to BE a democrat anywhere in local government... a failure that puts the obvious lie to the group's name.

They are also going to rapidly support the legal coup attempt known as the county charter vote, and there is no lie, no exaggeration and no attack they will not use to suck people into passing it.  I oppose the charter effort.

As a group, they are driven exclusively by leftist partisan politics and powered exclusively by hate.

Thus, it's easy to refer to this hate group AS a hate group, since their ultimate aim has noting to do with "good governance," and everything to do with the typical fringe-left politics we've come to despise.

And that's a shame, really.  because had they actually lived up to their name, and put ALL governance on their radar screen instead of the selective variety they engage in, they actually could have been of value to this community.

But such a discussion would require examination of governance where the desire of the people is ignored.  It would have required examining the democrat concept of ignoring the people as Steve "I only speak for Steve" Stuart proudly proclaimed.

It would involve discussing the juvenile antics of fellow haters who attack the commissioners in every imaginable way short of physical, including the hatred of the commissioners expressed by the editor of the daily democrat.

But there's no interest in such a discussion when  partisan hatred drives your gig.  And any group engaging in partisan hatred is, by definition, a hate group.  And that the members of the hate group in question don't like that characterization is, well, their problem.

They can feel free to do something about it.  They can, in fact, change their focus and their rules and live up to the grandiose name.

Or, they can remain what they are: they certainly have that right.

Much like I have the right to call them out on it.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Obama's food hypocrisy.

We've known for years that the Klingon Princess, aka Michelle Obama is a rank hypocrite over a wide variety of subjects, including her school lunch Gestapo.

I say that because the National Cow wouldn't be caught dead either eating, or forcing her kids to eat, what she's forcing millions of OTHER children to eat.  And that extends to every corner of the increasingly hated Obama Administration.

Sunday, June 29, 2014
The Seattle Times
Winner of Nine Pulitzer Prizes
Nation & World

Originally published June 28, 2014 at 1:51 PM | Page modified June 28, 2014 at 5:28 PM

On Air Force One, plentiful fare is anything but light
The food on Air Force One is well-known among White House employees and reporters for being plentiful in quantity and broad in appeal, but not always the perfect mirror of the nutritional recommendations coming out of the office of the first lady, Michelle Obama.

The New York Times


Filtered Instagram photos of four meals served to traveling journalists aboard Air Force One in 2012. Officials on Air Force One say that healthful food has always been on the menu.

Filtered Instagram photos of four meals served to traveling journalists aboard Air Force One in 2012. Officials on Air Force One say that healthful food has always been on the menu.

WASHINGTON — A blue-cheese burger with lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli, accompanied by Parmesan-sprinkled fries. Chocolate fudge cake. Pasta shells stuffed with four cheeses, topped with meat sauce and shredded mozzarella, and served with a garlic breadstick. Cake infused with limoncello. Buffalo wings with celery, carrots and homemade ranch dip.

Such was the fare served to passengers aboard Air Force One during a particularly grueling three-state day on the campaign trail just before the 2012 election. Not much has changed since.

“It’s American fare, in that it’s not going all arugula on people,” said Arun Chaudhary, who was President Obama’s videographer from 2009 to 2011. “It’s not aggressively nutritious.”

To say the least. The food on Air Force One is well-known among White House employees and reporters for being plentiful in quantity and broad in appeal, but not always the perfect mirror of the nutritional recommendations coming out of the office of the first lady, Michelle Obama, who has made healthful eating and living her mission.

According to the Agriculture Department’s MyPlate guide, unveiled by Michelle Obama in 2011, fruits and vegetables should make up half of a meal. (White potatoes alone will not do the trick, as the first lady wrote in a recent editorial.) Michelle Obama has also emphasized the need to reduce the consumption of sugar, salt and fat in her fight to improve school lunches as part of her Let’s Move initiative against childhood obesity.

It is unclear whether she has urged extending those standards to the president’s plane, where the meals are prepared on board by enlisted Air Force personnel who have credentials from military and civilian culinary schools.

Healthful or not?

The Obama administration directed questions about the meals to Air Force One officials, who declined to comment on whether they had spoken with Michelle Obama about the food they serve. But they wrote in an email that healthful food had always been on the menu and that they strove to tailor the cuisine to the standards of Let’s Move.

“I’ve got to imagine the only thing tougher than getting elementary-school kids to eat healthy is getting a cabin full of reporters to do the same,” said Sam Youngman, who covered the White House for the newspaper The Hill in the early days of the Obama administration.


Why do democrats lie about being poor?

A few days back, Billary told one of the more outragoeus lies in the the series of pathological utterances: "We left the White House dead broke."

Why?  Why do democrats lie?

Why Democrats insist on lying about how ‘poor’ they are

Hillary Clinton claimed that, at the moment she and her husband were signing up for $18 million in book deals, that they were “dead broke.”
Harry Reid (who lives in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel) said liberals are getting bullied by Republican billionaires but the Democratic Party “doesn’t have many billionaires” behind it. 
Joe Biden (family earnings: $407,000 last year plus a free house, driver, meals, etc.) claims he “I don’t own a single stock or bond. . . . I have no savings accounts . . . I’m the poorest man in Congress.” (Triple fail: Joe isn’t poor, isn’t in Congress and wouldn’t be the poorest member of it if he were.) 
Right here in New York, we’ve learned that City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, the daughter of a wealthy doctor who left a $6.7 million inheritance, took advantage of a no-interest loan intended for underprivileged New Yorkers to buy a Harlem townhouse. Then she forgot to declare the rental income on required city disclosure forms. The townhouse you and I helped buy her for $240,000 is today worth $1.2 million. 
The more Democrats insist on their proletarian cred, the more absurd it gets. They’re no longer just holier than thou: Now they’re prolier than thou.
Reid is worth about $3 million to $6 million and declined to release his tax returns even as he was screaming about Mitt Romney’s. His statement that “we don’t have many billionaires” was wrong too. Politifact dug up 22 billionaires who have made campaign donations to super PACs lately. Most of them — 13 — sent their checks to liberal and Democratic groups
Biden may have been the poorest member of the Senate (not all of Congress) when he was there, but his net worth is still somewhere in the $39,000 to $800,000 range, reported the Center for Responsive Politics.

Democratian blows it again on the immigration scam.

First, it's not a humanitarian crisis for the United States.

It's a humanitarian crisis for Mexico.

The moron who wrote today's garbage heap made his position about open borders clear with this absolute tripe:
While the situation presents a burgeoning crisis that requires immediate attention from the federal government, let us quickly dismiss the sloganeering of "increased border security" as a solution. Unless advocates are suggesting that the children be turned away as they cross into the United States, "security" is not the issue. 
That is ABSOLUTELY the issue.  And I ABSOLUTELY "suggest" that "children be turned away."

I not only "suggest" it... I DEMAND IT.

I get that as a leftist, mundane concepts such as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law and all that are mere bagatelle to be shoved aside at the latest fringe-left tear jerker.

I get that their hero breaks the law and ignores the law with impunity every day, all day.  But that doesn't make any of this our responsibility, and each and every one of these kids needs to be stuck on a bus and taken back to the border to be dropped off to make this a MEXICAN problem... and not OUR problem.

I don't particularly care where these kids come from: the plan is the camel's nose under the tent-flap approach to importing illegal voters and attempting to force another amnesty.  I get all of that.

But every day they and those who follow on stay here costs us millions that we cannot afford.  Every day the focus is on those kids and the diseases they're bringing into this country, the focus is NOT on stopping the cartels or terrorists from coming in instead.

Congress must strengthen the laws to keep this from happening.  They must make it clear that no illegal alien will EVER be allowed to hold a job, EVER be allowed a path to citizenship, EVER go to a hospital, EVER own property, or EVER have their children in schools.

Make those things clear and this problem will resolve itself.  That we refuse to make the tough decisions that have to BE made is what brought us to this idiocy in the first place.

Mixed messages like the idiocy in this editorial are part and parcel of why this is happening, and why millions stay here illegally.

Immigration must become the exception to the rule of innocent until proven guilty.

We must deport illegals, assuming they're guilty of violating our laws, and then have them prove that they are not.  As non-citizens, they should never be afforded the privileges of those of us fortunate enough to be born here.

The clown who wrote the editorial advocates all of the wrong "solutions," the talking points of the Pelosi-mind midgets, and none of the nonsense offered would, ultimately, make one wit's difference. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Answering Melissa Smith's (Camas city council, RTC) questions

As expected and blogged about, Melissa Smith (representing the leftist hate group C3G2) has been bombarding David Madore's web site on behalf of said group and I called her out for it, quoting directly from the notes of a prior meeting the haters published a few days back.

Melissa seems just the tiniest bit upset with me: both my characterization of the scum she's hanging out for as a hate group and her own shilling for their agenda.

Well, I'm answering here since the post doesn't show on David's facebook page and I am banned (Along with Madore, Lew Waters and others) from commenting on their page... since it's based on "Good Governance" and all.

I also notice that they whine like cut cats when their over-the-top garbage gets removed from David's page while simultaneously banning those of us wise enough to disagree, but then, fringe-leftist nutters frequently engage in this kind of rank hypocrisy.

First, I'm hypocritically called out based on my "class."

Yet every day, day in and day out, the haters on C3G2 heap horse manure out by the bucketful, all with Smith's acquiescence and approval... and without word one of protest from her.

No situational ethics THERE, right?

Then I'm told me comments are "hatred" and "illogical."

My comments, on the contrary, are accurate and completely logical.  The level of hatred espoused on her buddy's facebook page would make Himmler roll over in his grave.  To out-nazi the nazis isn't something to be particularly proud of, but she certainly has no problem supporting scum who engage in that sort of thing.

Then she tells us she's "very proud of 'our' group."

Well, of course she is.  She's a fringe-left hater with a group of fringe-left haters.  What's not to be proud of?

Then she wonders aloud where I ever got the idea that she "promised" to be a spokesperson for the group.

Well, I got that idea from the excellent note-taking skills of the documents provided by the secretary who took the notes at a meeting where the notes were published on the hate group facebook page around June 18th from a meeting held June 14th and chaired by one Betty Sue Morris.

Those notes don't seem to be available any more: but no matter, I downloaded an original and *I* have them.  The file is entitled "C3G2 Meeting 4_June 14th meeting notes.pdf"

And what did those notes have to say about Melissa Smith?
 Melissa Smith (RTC Vice chair, Camas city council) offered to post/report to Madore’s facebook page for those who have been kicked off, don’t want to get kicked off, or otherwise need to remain discrete.  
It was, in fact, the first entry under "other business."

So, that means one of two things:  Smith is lying, or whoever made this entry into the official notes of the 14 June meeting is lying: but somebody there is lying, although her actions on David's facebook page would tend to prove the veracity of those notes.

So, in direct answer to her observation:    I have never "promised" to be the spokesperson for the group, and I do not know where you got that idea, THAT is "where I got that idea."

And that's just one of the problems I have with your sort.  You people lie at the drop of a hat.

You claim you "speak for yourself."

Then what was this crap in the hate-group meeting notes?

Since it's fairly clear that Smith is a liar AND a hypocrite, it would seem that her own hypocrisy has caught up with her, given that most anyone smart enough to oppose this group is banned before they say anything, heartbeat or no.

I don't feel sorry for you, Smith.  I actually despise you and those like you.

You get called out for the true basis of what you are doing and THIS is the best you can do?

I pity the people foolish enough to have elected you.  I'll have to see what I can do about that when next we're unfortunate enough for you to, perhaps, try and run for-re-election.

Because when and if you do, you can expect to see your lies here... a lot.

Since you asked.

The Irony and Hypocrisy of Lefty Lou.

When your daily democrat is run by a partisan master of situational ethics and hypocrisy such as Left Lou, I suppose it's only natural that he write about what he thinks he knows best.
Lefty's very big on imaging.  Let's see how he likes it.

And, if you're a hack like Lefty, I suppose it's just as natural to ignore the post sticking out of your own eye while you concentrate on the sliver that may be hanging out of that of your enemies.

The rankest hypocrisy of perhaps all time, save for such classics as Tim "The Liar" Leavitt's tolling lies, the rag's famous flip on the ballpark scam, their years-long protection of Jim Jacks, and the stupidity they exhibited in endorsing someone merely because he wasn't Don Benton, is Lefty's whine over the commissioner's failure to implement the results of the advisory vote on fireworks.

Why is it hypocritical for this fringe-left scumbag to complain about that issue?  After all, Commissioners Madore and Mielke did add that to the advisory ballot last November, and the people voting did vote for it.

Simple: it's hypocrisy and situational ethics because these same scumwad urged a boycott of every OTHER issue on the advisory ballot.

It's hypocritical because the results of the issues that he supports shows the breadth and depth of the hatred the people of this county have for him and his issues.

It's hypocritical because the fringe-left nutters do not care that the people overwhelmingly rejected the loot rail scam and the BRT scam... and his rag... and him... continue to support those ripoffs in the face of votes that lost everywhere throughout the entire county.  It's hypocritical because this turd-baby doesn't give a rat's ass over the position of the people of this county on ANYTHING when it runs counter to his agenda.

And, of course, it's rank hypocrisy because Lefty is attempting to use this entirely for political reasons... partisan, personal hatred drives this, his selective memory and disdain for the will of the people here locally notwithstanding.

Let me make myself clear: I oppose a fireworks ban of any kind.  But if such a ban is Constitutional and the people vote it in, then I support it.

"If the people vote it in."

And that's the huge difference between so many on the left... the C3G2 scum infesting us along with a completely-in-the-tank daily print media that has long since abandoned integrity and ethics in pursuit of their own goals... the people of Clark County be damned.... and me.

The fringe-left nutters like Lefty and those clowns running from the left around here have not stopped whining about the CRC Scam.  What they have stopped doing is trying to find any of the other many solutions that exist.

And where's Lefty's sniveling about that?


So, Lefty focuses on a single element out of all of them while he ignores the rest because when the people spoke about THOSE issues.... that simple idiot ignored them.

For a decade.

So, I really don't give a damn about the fireworks ban.  In fact, I don't care about that any more than Lefty gives a damn about what the people had to say about the bridge ripoff he wasted years losing on.

I'll start to care about the moment Lefty starts to give a crap about what the people of this county think, want, demand or believe on EVERY issue.

And since THAT'S never going to happen...

Hilarity in the voter's pamphlet.

Look... I get that many... far too many... who vote with a ballot in one hand and a voter pamphlet in the other and they make their decision based entirely on the words a candidate puts in there.

For example, Brandon Vick was on fantasy island when he wrote that :
Representative Brandon Vick has earned a reputation as an effective legislator who works hard to ensure the voice of the people in the 18th District is heard.
That's a joke.  Unfortunately, it's a joke on those of us in the 18th District.

This guy mailed it in his entire first year: introduced exactly zero bills (Bills take time, you see, and he didn't want to actually work for us) for the entirety of his first year in office, while accomplishing absolutely zip in his second.

And then Mussolini Mikey Briggs:
When elected, I will represent everyone.
And that's Musso's biggest problem.  He's almost as big a liar as Bully Loserham. Almost.

I have asked him repeatedly how he would represent ME.  He has refused to answer.

Mussolini STARTED with a lie, so everything after it is a lie.

He was a rabid clown on the CRC Scam, which he obviously doesn't want to mention at a part of his shtick since he knows how much the people hated that plan.

In short, he would IGNORE everyone... everyone not a rabid, fringe-left nutburger.

He has zero chance... and his abortive political career will be either ending in August or be severely crippled by the outcome... to be finished off in November... hopefully for good.

Maureen "Bully" Loserham is no better.  She claims she would "...move past the politics to fight for a stronger Middle Class!"

Yet, the only support this pathological liar has ever received has been from her fellow fringe-leftists... her only endorsements from the democrat front groups she's shilling for.

"Move past the politics?"  She a hardcore, fringe-leftist whack job... she's nothing BUT politics.

Pridemore isn't any better than Briggs.  A rabid, fringe-left nutter who got involved in the leftist partisan pitch-fork crowd, he's looking for a pay bump and to try and restart the CRC Scam that he loves so much... something that we owe a debt of gratitude to Jeanne Stewart for fighting for years.

In short, it's a shame that so many are going to be moved by these few words... when many of them are complete fantasies.

Before you vote, PLEASE study the candidates.  Run internet searches on their words... watch the videos available like Bully's.  Read up on Pridemore's efforts to overturn the 2012 election.  Check out Briggs' rabid support of the CRC Scam, support that continues to THIS DAY.  And watch Loserham's lie video at the democrat goat rope.  (They don't call her "Bully" fer nuthin'.)

If you're going to vote, be an informed voter.  If you're not going to take the time to look, then do us all a favor and don't bother.

Be careful with your vote: remember at the federal level what careless voting and hucksterism has gotten us now.

If only we had known then what we know now...

Don't be an "if only."

Friday, June 27, 2014

Where are the cowards in the House GOP?

Another day.  Another series of disasters.

This morning’s disaster is the ongoing nightmare of what’s happening in our southern border.

Headlines such as these:
Obama working with 'Homeland Security' for executive action on immigration... 
'Not bluffing'... 
REVERSES POLICY: 'Don't Send Your Children Unaccompanied'... 
Feds Look to Ship Influx to NY Facility... 
Abandoned WALMART? 
'The first thing that hits you is the smell'... 
'Your Children Can go to School'... 
'Cheat Sheet' Found... 
NYC sets up 'public defender' office to fight deportations... 
90% of illegals skip court appearances... 
Senators demand Obama 'personally' push back... 
Dems block measure to stop illegals from getting jobs, benefits in USA... 
UPDATE: NY to Issue ID Cards... 
GOP Chairman Blames Obama's Lack of Enforcement for Killing Reform... 
Border agents' new jobs: Food prep, laundry service... 
May build soccer field... 
Group Calls On Americans To Mail 'Gently Used Underwear' To Obama, Boehner... 
First Lady Of Honduras To Tour Immigration Shelters in TX...
Each and every one of these issues represents a violation of federal law.

In each and every day, it becomes clear that the president of the United States is going to ignore the law.

Which leads to the question: where are the cowards in the U.S. House GOP?

Now it’s bad enough that we are forced to have a coward as our representative to that august body.

But our country is surely lost if they all emulate the cardboard cutout, Ridgefield Barbie.

Had roles been reversed, and the president been, say a George Bush, there would be rioting in the streets if he had chosen to violate the law in such a cavalier and disrespectful manner to the Constitution of the United States.

So, where is Speaker Boehner?

Too busy worrying about getting reelected to do the right thing?

Meanwhile, our country continues to spin out of control.  With the most abysmal economic numbers in years?  With the foreign-policy that is a disaster with skyrocketing oil prices and the wasted thousands of young Americans killed and tens of thousands wounded in Iraq?

With the military that’s being gutted and slashed at a time when everybody else’s increasing the size and capabilities of theirs?

Our countries falling apart in front of our eyes and this idiot babbles about nonexistent, the sky is falling, global warming issues?

Where Is the House GOP? Why aren’t they acting? What is the holdup?

I get that there’s some focus in the house on the IRS scandal, which is been dragging on for what seems like years.  And I’m not going to sit here and suggest that the IRS scandal be ignored.  But at the end of the day, of the scandals confronting us, that one is by far the least important.

Meanwhile, we continue to have four dead Americans in Benghazi…  Lying silently…  With accusatory souls…  Demanding justice.

I recognize that all of this comes under the broad heading of politics.  But if we are not possessed within our legislative bodies people capable of doing the heavy lifting… people capable of engaging in doing the right thing at the expense of perhaps, losing… then our end is preordained and we’re on a course towards bankruptcy and towards our destruction because those who govern lack even a neuron of integrity and courage and the guts that at one time made this country great.

Meanwhile, our own Congress critter remains absolutely silent.  Because silence is what she does best.

When, of course, she’s not having her public mouth, blast out press releases. Because certainly press releases actually do govern.


Most of us will wake up again in the morning, read the headlines again, and see the things are not getting better.  They are in fact getting worse, every day, in almost every way.  Just drive by a gas station.  Go try and buy some food.  Take a look at the price of everything skyrocketing, which if memory serves, was exactly this clown’s plan.

It seems to me that a silent GOP going along with this program is a major part of the problem.  

Someone much wiser than I opined: “… if Congress did not want there to be a huge deficit, then there wouldn’t be one.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the GOP at the federal level is complicit in this abysmal outcome confronting us.  Part of their complicity, is the fact that they are not doing anything about it.  

And practicing the fine art of bright shiny object politics does not come under the broad heading of “doing anything about it.”

To date, we have been somewhat blessed.  Throughout our history, we’ve always been given that most precious of commodities known as time.  Time to do it over.  Time to rethink.  Time to adjust and time to change course.

It is unrealistic to believe that the luxury of time is something we can just continue to presume will be standing there waiting for us at our beck and call.

Every day our nation becomes further and further at risk.  Every day, the clarion call from a very few goes out to our government crying for their solutions and not their aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States.

Every day the president of the United States violates the laws of this country, and he does so with impunity.  And every day he does that, the House GOP does nothing; since they’re so worried about what it might do to their reelection chances... is another day closer to the cliff.  And ladies and gentlemen, once we start to fall off the cliff, it will be very, very difficult to stop.

Is there ANYTHING that moron in the White House isn't screwing up?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Think Bully Losingham gives a damn about the people?

Think again.

Bully's speech at the dem goat rope established her as a jerk. But this takes it to a new level.

Unlike this slimeball, I actually did constituency work for 6 years in the Washington State House of Representatives.

As then-Rep. Marc Boldt's Legislative Assistant, I literally had hundreds of constituency contacts and cases, fighting for the people of the district on almost every imaginable subject.

Problems huge... problems small. Each and every contact from the people of the 17th District was a top priority. Problems as big as putting families back together. Problems as small as getting Marc to show up for a 3rd grader's show and tell in his school.

Today, Bully Losingham gave us a glimpse of the contempt with which she she holds the people generally and the people of the 18th District particularly..

Simply put, in addition to being a Tim Leavitt-like liar, she also doesn't give a damn about the people she would "represent" (using the term advisedly.)

On the democratian's political beat blog is a story. It's the story of one of Rep. Liz Pike's constituents who, having an issue, contacted Rep. Pike over the problem of people letting their dogs run around in grocery carts in stores.

This woman was furious that such a thing was allowed to happen, given the hygiene issues with animals and food containers having been in the same cart.

Somehow, the paper came across the email stream between this constituent and her state representative, and brought to light how Rep. Pike took the time to get involved and address this constituent's concerns.

Loserham, once again grinding her teeth at this positive, earned media, couldn't help herself. Anyone who could refer to her own daughter as "it" can't be expected, I suppose, to do (or know) any better.

Here's how she responded to this story... a story that shows how important each and every constituent in the 18th District is to Rep. Pike... and how UNimportant they are to Bully.

Clearly, what this means is that Losingham would have ignored this woman.

This constituent's problem isn't important enough to Bully.

So, she has to be sarcastic about Rep. Pike's efforts to help this woman.

And like every other issue confronting the people of the 18th, Bully offers absolutely nothing constructive... nothing that would help... nothing that would have served this constituent one wit.

As Greg pointed out, it reinforces the pettiness that marks Bully's campaign.  It's the kind of contempt Bully expresses to everyone in every way.  It's why, for example, she's ignored my questions and those of many others who've asked her about issues over the past several months.

It shows how utterly worthless she would be as a state representative, how contemptuous she is of the little guy, and how much of a worthless human being she truly is.

Greg was right.  And Maureen, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Campaign season vitriol.

Well, another campaign season is here, marked with the rancor and divisiveness these things bring in this day and age as the old saw is brought to light: negative campaigning, properly done, frequently works.

And that is why we see so much of it, particularly when they've got nothing else.

In the best of all worlds, campaigns would be reduced to accurate information and discussing issues to enable the prospective voter to make an informed decision.

But as a country, we are hamstrung by the ignorant, the gullible, those who sell their vote in exchange for "stuff."

A nation of morons who place their self-interests ahead of the country.  A selfish electorate and those who would manipulate them for their own ends... ends frequently in situations not in the best interests of this country.
"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."
That phrase, uttered by a man who wouldn't even be allowed to be a democrat today, has long since been relegated to the dust bin of history by far too many Americans... who likely haven't heard of it before.

So, instead of any sacrifice on the part of government, they hand out $30,000 a year pay raises like samples.

Instead of taking care of disabled veterans, they give each other bonuses while those who served us wait. And wait. And wait.  Until they don't need to wait because they're dead.

Those who pay the bills suffer.  Those who receive the money stolen from the earners... demand more and more and more.

One side gratefully gives them more and more; after all, it's not their money and it costs them, personally, nothing... while those who get believe they deserve more and more and more.

What was it that drunk buffoon of a Vice President said?  "Losing your job because of Obamacare is about freedom."

Well, that's two things he'll never have to worry about: a job, or ever having to use Obamacare.

The entire point of negative campaigning is to anger the voters into making an emotional decision. Frequently, those engaging in negative campaigns are lying, distorting, exaggerating... you name it.

Of course, our leftist state supreme court approved of lying in campaigns years ago, most noticeably when Sound Transit lied to get the light rail system passed in the King County area.  Now, leftists generally engage in the practice as a matter of course.  Local leftists are no exception.

The campaign under my microscope the most is the Pike/Winningham effort in my own 18th District.

I can almost sympathize with the democrats here on a strategic level.  That is, neither of their candidates in the 18th stand a chance of coming close to winning. Anyone following politics locally knows this:  In the general election, the GOP owns this district like the neo-communists own the 49th.  It's kind of a ying and yang scenario.

But what's problematic in the 18th for the democrats... exclusive of being democrats in a time when, well, being a democrat isn't particularly helpful to challenge candidates anywhere... is that they offer nothing.

They offer no solutions.

They whine.  They bitch.  They moan.  But, for just one example, they offer nothing in the way of solutions.

For instance, which democrat running here locally has offered up ANY solution to the cross-river transportation issues confronting us?

None.  But they bitch like cut cats about the demise of the CRC, failing to care that those they would govern were almost uniformly opposed to that rip off.  For the GOP candidates locally (for the most part), it's the gift that keeps on giving... because the left is almost genetically incapable of letting it go.

As a  result, GOP incumbents around here (Save for Vick) generally are safe... but if Vick loses (And he's trying very hard to accomplish that) it won't be to a democrat, so the seat is safe for the GOP.

That said, neither one of the leftists running in the 18th offer any value to the voter.

Neither indicate where they would, realistically, do better.  Rep. Pike's opponent is almost psychotic in her efforts to lie.  She has no vision, no plan, no clue.

She's the very illustration of that old saw about lawyers:
"When the evidence is on your side, argue the evidence.  When the law is on your side, argue the law.  When you have neither, attack the other side's lawyer."  
Bully Winningham has neither the evidence nor the law.  So attacking the other side's lawyer is all she's got.

The local democrat organ continues to make the same mistake, over and over again, while somehow expecting a different outcome:

They insist on running Moeller-clones everywhere, even when a Moeller-clone is despised... like in the 18th.

It's comical.  And it's pathetic.  The classic insanity definition comes into play.

In short, vitriol is all they've got.  As I've stated repeatedly, anger is usually the only way an incumbent loses.

So, if you've got nothing else, what do you do?  You try to set up the artificial anger you need to get movement towards your positions.

But Bully's problem is that she is desperate.  She radiates anger.  She lies for no apparent reason about issues that are meaningless to the people of the 18th.  (Bangalore, for example, was "a sleepy retirement town of 100,000 ten years ago?"  Seriously?)

And that makes the question... the easy question... this: since she's lied about so much as a part of her campaign, what else would she lie about if, God Forbid, she got elected?

That said, Bully isn't a complete moron.  Although one has to wonder: why are the unions endorsing someone who makes bank working for a company that has outsourced 50,000 jobs, always a big deal when a Republican does it, and she knows she's going to lose.  So, with nothing TO lose, she goes negative.

But her lies, exaggerations and mischaracterizations are so over the top, that she's become a joke.

The voters here are faced with a choice: someone working towards solutions on a bi-partisan basis, or someone running on hate.

I'm sick of haters of all stripes.  But I am monumentally sick of lying haters.

Odd, isn't it?

The local rag runs a stick through the entrails of GOP candidates all day, every day.

But democrat candidates who lie on video?  Why, that doesn't even get a mention.

Purely in the name of evenhandidness, of course.

So, these two play rope-a-dope.  To date, neither has taken positions, neither explains positions, and typically, neither bother to respond to constituents smart enough to oppose them.

And the lies, the hatred, the vitriol will keep on coming.  Locally, they've got a facebook page devoted to it: C3G2.  And that's what they bring to the table at all levels... far beyond the local microcosm.

The haters on both sides (And I freely admit there are haters on both sides.) will be the death of this country.

Stonier's Seattle fundraiser = disaster.

It was a big deal, I guess.

A Command Performance.

Like most democrats around here in the legislature, Seattle and union hack money foots the bill.

It's the mutual back-scratching of politics: unions pay for democrats, democrats sell us out with unsustainable, undeserved pay raises and benefits, and the circle is unbroken.

So, with heavy hitters like Chopp and the other fringe-leftist nutters on that list, you'd expect more money... different money... would come in.

You'd be wrong.  And for Stonier, this has to be a HUGE disappointment.

Remember: the tariff was supposed to be $1900 per union and $500 per person.

Well, SEIU, who loves to waste the money of the members enslaved by our labor laws, actually kicked in the $1900.

But no other group did.  And this points out the stupidity of this effort:

Stonier would have got the union money anyway.

And no one... not one person showing up... (And it seems that outside of the people throwing this particular goat rope, very few bothered to show) paid the "suggested" $500.

Even the Senate Democrat leader only gave her $50.

None of this bodes particularly well for Stonier, who, even with her massive Seattle money, continues to lag behind Lynda Wilson in dollars overall, and certainly, dollars from plain folks.

What should have raised at least $20,000 raised cab fare instead.

And how sad is that?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Early election predictions.

Except as noted, everyone in office stays that way.

Commissioner:  Stewart

Pridemore = CRC Scam = DOA at the polls.  I'm voting for Stewart.

17th District, Seat 1: Leans Wilson

The only really competitive race between parties is the Stonier/Wilson race. Again, it's a bad time to be a democrat when you're married to leftist principles in a disaster of a year for the left and your opponent is as well as or better funded than you in a right-leaning district. This one leans right.  

18th District, Seat 1: GOP toss up.

In the 18th, the only real question is will it be Vick or Ley?  I will be voting for Ley.  If he loses in the primary, I won't vote for either of the survivors, since I do not believe Vick to be fit for office.

Sheriff: Leans Atkins

Atkins will likely become sheriff because the leftists gathering around Gardner are the same crew that supported Boldt. And how did that work out?  I'm voting for Atkins unless something comes up that I don't know now.

Treasurer: Leans Lasher

Lasher has had the job since the invention of dirt. While he's not ideal, he's got the name familiarity that it would take tens of thousands to overcome and a brilliant, 200K+ campaign to beat him.  I'm voting against him.

County Clerk: Slight lean Weber.

Weber lied to get elected. That said, his opponent is a fringe-leftist, totally wrapped around partisanship... and frankly, this is a horrific time to be a strongly partisan democrat challenger.  I won't vote for either.

Assessor: Van Nortwick

Van Nortwick will also remain elected since his only opponent has done nothing and will do nothing to run a campaign.  Not voting in this race.

Charter: crushed.

I believe the people will see the charter for what it is: angry democrats throwing our county form of government out because they lost and they don't like it. If Boldt had been reelected, Stuart would still be a commissioner and democrats would be continuing to trash the charter idea like they did back in 2011.  I am a "no"

I'll update this periodically, like a day or two after the primary.  But this is how I see it over all.

Mussolini Mikey Briggs: BUNGLE in Ridgefield.

Another colossal failure for the man with a personality of a snake.

Mussolini's been pushing this hard.

It's typicaly mislabeled... on purpose... as you can see above where it's wrongly labeled as a "meet Mike" and "share your views and concerns" for what is, actually, a fund raiser for this clown, who doesn't GIVE a damn what your "views and concerns" are if they don't mesh with his.

But this guy has been shilling this thing for 10 days.

One going.

One maybe.

Thank Musso will take the hint?

It's almost sad.