Sunday, June 29, 2014

Democratian blows it again on the immigration scam.

First, it's not a humanitarian crisis for the United States.

It's a humanitarian crisis for Mexico.

The moron who wrote today's garbage heap made his position about open borders clear with this absolute tripe:
While the situation presents a burgeoning crisis that requires immediate attention from the federal government, let us quickly dismiss the sloganeering of "increased border security" as a solution. Unless advocates are suggesting that the children be turned away as they cross into the United States, "security" is not the issue. 
That is ABSOLUTELY the issue.  And I ABSOLUTELY "suggest" that "children be turned away."

I not only "suggest" it... I DEMAND IT.

I get that as a leftist, mundane concepts such as the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law and all that are mere bagatelle to be shoved aside at the latest fringe-left tear jerker.

I get that their hero breaks the law and ignores the law with impunity every day, all day.  But that doesn't make any of this our responsibility, and each and every one of these kids needs to be stuck on a bus and taken back to the border to be dropped off to make this a MEXICAN problem... and not OUR problem.

I don't particularly care where these kids come from: the plan is the camel's nose under the tent-flap approach to importing illegal voters and attempting to force another amnesty.  I get all of that.

But every day they and those who follow on stay here costs us millions that we cannot afford.  Every day the focus is on those kids and the diseases they're bringing into this country, the focus is NOT on stopping the cartels or terrorists from coming in instead.

Congress must strengthen the laws to keep this from happening.  They must make it clear that no illegal alien will EVER be allowed to hold a job, EVER be allowed a path to citizenship, EVER go to a hospital, EVER own property, or EVER have their children in schools.

Make those things clear and this problem will resolve itself.  That we refuse to make the tough decisions that have to BE made is what brought us to this idiocy in the first place.

Mixed messages like the idiocy in this editorial are part and parcel of why this is happening, and why millions stay here illegally.

Immigration must become the exception to the rule of innocent until proven guilty.

We must deport illegals, assuming they're guilty of violating our laws, and then have them prove that they are not.  As non-citizens, they should never be afforded the privileges of those of us fortunate enough to be born here.

The clown who wrote the editorial advocates all of the wrong "solutions," the talking points of the Pelosi-mind midgets, and none of the nonsense offered would, ultimately, make one wit's difference. 

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