Saturday, June 28, 2014

Answering Melissa Smith's (Camas city council, RTC) questions

As expected and blogged about, Melissa Smith (representing the leftist hate group C3G2) has been bombarding David Madore's web site on behalf of said group and I called her out for it, quoting directly from the notes of a prior meeting the haters published a few days back.

Melissa seems just the tiniest bit upset with me: both my characterization of the scum she's hanging out for as a hate group and her own shilling for their agenda.

Well, I'm answering here since the post doesn't show on David's facebook page and I am banned (Along with Madore, Lew Waters and others) from commenting on their page... since it's based on "Good Governance" and all.

I also notice that they whine like cut cats when their over-the-top garbage gets removed from David's page while simultaneously banning those of us wise enough to disagree, but then, fringe-leftist nutters frequently engage in this kind of rank hypocrisy.

First, I'm hypocritically called out based on my "class."

Yet every day, day in and day out, the haters on C3G2 heap horse manure out by the bucketful, all with Smith's acquiescence and approval... and without word one of protest from her.

No situational ethics THERE, right?

Then I'm told me comments are "hatred" and "illogical."

My comments, on the contrary, are accurate and completely logical.  The level of hatred espoused on her buddy's facebook page would make Himmler roll over in his grave.  To out-nazi the nazis isn't something to be particularly proud of, but she certainly has no problem supporting scum who engage in that sort of thing.

Then she tells us she's "very proud of 'our' group."

Well, of course she is.  She's a fringe-left hater with a group of fringe-left haters.  What's not to be proud of?

Then she wonders aloud where I ever got the idea that she "promised" to be a spokesperson for the group.

Well, I got that idea from the excellent note-taking skills of the documents provided by the secretary who took the notes at a meeting where the notes were published on the hate group facebook page around June 18th from a meeting held June 14th and chaired by one Betty Sue Morris.

Those notes don't seem to be available any more: but no matter, I downloaded an original and *I* have them.  The file is entitled "C3G2 Meeting 4_June 14th meeting notes.pdf"

And what did those notes have to say about Melissa Smith?
 Melissa Smith (RTC Vice chair, Camas city council) offered to post/report to Madore’s facebook page for those who have been kicked off, don’t want to get kicked off, or otherwise need to remain discrete.  
It was, in fact, the first entry under "other business."

So, that means one of two things:  Smith is lying, or whoever made this entry into the official notes of the 14 June meeting is lying: but somebody there is lying, although her actions on David's facebook page would tend to prove the veracity of those notes.

So, in direct answer to her observation:    I have never "promised" to be the spokesperson for the group, and I do not know where you got that idea, THAT is "where I got that idea."

And that's just one of the problems I have with your sort.  You people lie at the drop of a hat.

You claim you "speak for yourself."

Then what was this crap in the hate-group meeting notes?

Since it's fairly clear that Smith is a liar AND a hypocrite, it would seem that her own hypocrisy has caught up with her, given that most anyone smart enough to oppose this group is banned before they say anything, heartbeat or no.

I don't feel sorry for you, Smith.  I actually despise you and those like you.

You get called out for the true basis of what you are doing and THIS is the best you can do?

I pity the people foolish enough to have elected you.  I'll have to see what I can do about that when next we're unfortunate enough for you to, perhaps, try and run for-re-election.

Because when and if you do, you can expect to see your lies here... a lot.

Since you asked.

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