Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Local hate group to run the Yes on County Charter scam campaign.

Yes, ladies and germs, the fringe-left democrat group whack jobs over at C3G2 are going to be running their hate campaign to overturn the election of 2012.

Among others, I have been banned from any involvement in this "Citizens" group (Made up entirely of the hard left haters who still haven't gotten over getting their asses kicked at the polls.) I view that as something of an honor, and it will certainly be a litmus test to ferret out the haters running for office.

They, in fact, control who can post because they don't care about anyone who might oppose their view.

This obviously fringe-left group well censor opposing views and their entire purpose for being is to weaken the commission and have their fellow leftists attempt to take it over again... since their Reich is now but a distant memory.

Here's their latest Wannasee Conference-style meeting notes.  Will they recover from having their dreams shattered next November?

I certainly hope not.  What better way to reenforce their irrelevance then to merely point out that every one of these scum are pro-CRC Scammers who don't give a damn what you think unless it happens to mesh with their agenda?

Charter – Betty Sue Morris 
 3 essential changes:
o From 3 Commissioners to 5 Councilors, with 4 elected by district and one ‘at
large’ who is the chair. 
 Salaries around $53K, Chair slightly more. Total expense less than the 3 commissioner salaries today. 
 Transition – Madore and Mielke remain and keep current salary for the rest of their terms  
 New Commissioner (replacing Barnes) has 2 years at $106K  
 Salary tied to legislature (they can’t vote themselves higher salaries) 
o Appointed County Manager
 Professional manager  
 Council must work through county manager to interact with staff  
 Department heads and staff hired by manager not council 
o Adds Initiative and Referendum – we can act if needed!
 Created and approved by bi-partisan group elected by citizens.  
 Support the Charter Campaign: 
o Gary Lucas and Betty Sue Morris in charge of campaign to pass the Charter  
o Madore opposes.  
o Judy Stanton – communications  
o Next meeting at Peach Tree Pie house on Hwy 99, Tuesday the 17th at 5:30.  
o There was a ‘contact info sheet’ handed out for those interested in participating in the campaign. I’ve reached out to Betty Sue and will see if we can’t post that somewhere.  
o They are seeking contributions, as this campaign could cost around $150,000, and we expect the opposition to spend that much. 
o Link to board of Freeholders on county website: 
 Look at the work calendar and meeting documents link, there you’ll not only find docs but links to the CVTV videos, including ‘charter action’. Nice speech by Joe Zarelli in favor. 
o The new manager would be a professional manager, and NOT a politician  
o Write Letters to the Editor, post on personal social media, talk to friends  
o Signs  
Freedom of Information Act Requests (FOIA) 
Also known as Public records requests.

Handy Links:
 I found this link to everything you ever wanted to know about Washington State’s freedom of Information Act ) 
 Clark County Public Records information – how to, who the records coordinators are for the various departments, etc. 
 Clark County FTP site where some records request responses are housed 
About 8 people have formed a sub group to do FOIA requests for C3G2.
 We are trying to pace requests, and avoid duplication, so as not to overwhelm staff 
 One of these requests led to a Columbian article on a letter Madore sent to an attorney accusing the C-TRAN board and staff of illegal activity and ethics violations.   A copy of that letter was shared at the meeting (and has been shared with the C-TRAN board).     
 Requests are focused on our mission – good Clark County government.     
 If any C3G2 member is planning to send (or have sent) records requests related to the C3G2 mission, please contact Jackie Lane at   Jackie is tracking requests and responses for the group, and can let you know if there is duplication/overlap as well as provide sample requests that might help you get going.    

Chuck generously awarded two awards.  The recipients got a ‘don’t do stupid stuff’ mug, filled with M&Ms:
 Tenacious Researcher Award – Ron Goodman 
 Investigator Award – Michele Wollert 
Both awards are well deserved!    Thank you Michelle, Ron, and Chuck!

Other Business:
 Melissa Smith (RTC Vice chair, Camas city council) offered to post/report to Madore’s facebook page for those who have been kicked off, don’t want to get kicked off, or otherwise need to remain discrete.  ("Remain discrete" is code speak for "being too much of a coward.")
Reminder that Madore, Kelly Hinton, Lew Waters and others read the C3G2 page –everything is public. We do restrict who can post to keep things sane (only C3G2 members can post; membership requests are screened).  
 C3G2 respects members’ diverse political interests and does not take partisan positions.  (Unless they are to the right of Mao.  Then, not so much.)
o We do not endorse candidates for office.  
o We may endorse things, such as the Charter, that advance the cause of GoodGovernance. (Also known as "any fringe-left nutter cause.) 
o We cheerfully post information that can help people make good decisions, such as publicly available information about who is donating to whom. (for example,John Ley and Lynda Wilson received $ from Madore). (Which is certainly just another reason to vote for them)
o Ron Goodman will locate and post PDC data  
o We ask everyone to keep it fact based – No Campaigning on the C3G2 FB page or website!  
o We are not running a recall campaign, but happy to share information for othercitizens and groups.  
o Right now, priority is getting the Charter passed.  
 C3G3 website:
o Looking for help with Content  
o If interested, contact Chuck Green, Rory Bowman or Craig Lane 
 Meeting Committee – need volunteers.  
o Location for ongoing meetings 
 Free or nearly so 
 Allow alcohol 
 Parking, size 
o Agendas  
o Dates  
o Deb Nelson, Heather Tischbein volunteered. We are looking for a thirdvolunteer!  
Next meeting will be August 23rd at the Lane’s place (Craig and Jackie), 4 to 6.  Map to be provided.    Jackie will meet with Deb and Heather (and any other volunteers?) to work on logistics and agenda.  

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