Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 11) and a picture of Steve and Luke..

Late last night, I was looking at pictures of Luke over at his Mom's facebook site when I stumbled upon this picture of Steve holding his son.

The complete agony in Steve's eyes as he holds his precious son. The unspeakable pain and sorrow. Most pictures are worth a thousand words.

This one is worth millions.

Things are not going well. Luke's time with us is fleeting. From his Mom, Vikki:

Watching Luke's body deteriorate breaks my heart on so many levels. Seeing him not able to eat, not able to stand, is unbearable. I am really not able to let my mind even think about it or I would collapse, and Luke will not allow it (If he even hears a quiver in my voice he says "Mom, you OK? You're not crying, right? I don't want you to cry, if you cry I'll cry and I don't want to cry.") So none of that is allowed. (Except in the garage, shower, outside, or where-ever I choose to hide!!)

How they can bear this is, quite simply, beyond my comprehension.

I have never seen such strength, courage, and love before in the entirety of my frequently violent and comparatively insignificant life.

I rarely have been at a loss for words, but this all causes my vocabulary to shrink to nothingness.

You learn a lesson in watching all of this. A life lesson so full of things to remind you what's important. And I will remember Luke.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 9) Steve on Luke's Snow Day

Steve, Luke's Dad, update on Luke's snow day:

The snow had arrived, and everyone moved into action. Snow immediately started flying toward our front yard. Before long, it was covered with more than a foot of snow on both sides of the driveway. Meanwhile, a steady stream of quiet wheelbarrow​s carried snow to our back yard. There, they had to work quietly, because Luke was sleeping unaware just inside the window. It was an amazing, awesome, breathtakin​g sight to see. I am not exaggeratin​g when I use these words. It was love in action.

Afte​r all the snow had been spread (and the driveway was even sprayed clean), everyone gathered at HQ to pray together. Although I spent most of this time inside with Luke, I peaked out at the prayer and was brought to tears. There was a lot of tears today.. by everyone.
There is more... much more, on Luke's Caring Bridge site. Please go there and read the rest.

And please remember Luke.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 8) Snow Day

The Christmas of '08 had a snowfall of fame and legend around these parts... and due to his treatment, Luke missed it all.

So this time, the snow was brought to him.

He wanted to see snow. Here are two of the pictures of the Facebook site set up to support him and the rest of his family.

Luke's Dad has him in his lap, and Vikki, his Mom is by his side as they have been from the very beginning.

Please visit Support for the Jensen Family for the rest of the pictures and updates.

And please remember Luke.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 7)

More from Steve, Luke's Dad.
Luke has been in less pain over the past couple days, since we increased the dosage of his pain medication. His body continues to get weaker at a frightening pace. Only a couple weeks ago, Luke was still able to walk up the stairs. Then, he still could slowly bear walk up the stairs (his arms are stronger than his legs). Even after the stairs were too much, he could at least slowly walk to the downstairs bathroom. When he could no longer walk, he could at least stand while his legs would quiver and he would tightly hug me for support. These last couple days, I don't think he can stand, even with my support. This is just moving too quickly.
There's just not enough time.

Those of you reading this who have children... go to them. Hold them close, or if they're adults and somewhere else, pick up the phone and call them.

Life has taught me that we rarely have the chance to make up for missed opportunities. Luke is teaching me that every moment is precious.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 6) Luke's Song

Words fail me.

From his friends and classmates at King's Way School.


The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 5)

Some of the latest from Caring Bridge:

We are at radiation right now and after today we only have one treatment left. After that, I'm assuming we will continue to come up to Doernbecher​ just for blood counts and transfusion​s as long as Luke is up to it. Every day seems to represent a new challenge, so really we don't know what the next day holds. We continue to take it one day at a time and live in the moment.

More from Vikki (Luke's Mom)

I understand that the fund raiser raised some really good money. And I promise I will spend extra time in the gym today to get back to where I was.

But each drop of sweat is nothing compared to What Luke is going through.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 4)


Last night's fundraiser by all accounts was wildly successful. We had to stand in line for an hour just to get in, and the line stretched from the door of this shop down the block and around the corner. We got there after we hit the gym, and then put every burned-off calorie back on... but it was all in a good cause.

When we left, close to 9 o'clock, the line was not any shorter.

I wish Luke could have been there... if only for a moment... to see the outpouring of love for him and his family. I don't know how much this raised. And while that has some level of importance, the hundreds of people who were there seemed even more so as a gage of what really matters most in life.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 3)

Time becomes an increasingly precious commodity when you see it slipping away.

Saturday's update includes:

The hospice nurse visited today and spent a couple hours working with Vikki. They went over all of Luke's medications and made sense of things, and more than a couple modifications. When the nurse checked Luke's vitals, she found that he not only has an ongoing fever, he also has an increasing heart rate. As his body is getting weaker, it's having to work extra hard. My heart is just breaking for my poor son.

We're mostly able to hold ourselves together and just live in the moment. I'm better at hiding my tears than Vikki, probably because I can keep myself distracted better. A few minutes ago, as Vikki was sitting with Luke and he was building Legos, Vikki did start to quietly cry. Luke caught her and said, "Mom, I'm OK right now. And remember what I said: 'I don't have time to worry about the things that could happen. I am too busy thinking of all the happy things that have happened."

There is simply no way I could handle this nearly as well if I was faced with the same circumstance. My heart goes out to their entire family in this time of need. There are no words to adequately describe the strength and courage this young man shows.

Please keep them in your thoughts.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 2)

I thought I'd show you a very recent picture of Luke (He's in the middle between his brother and sister.)

Here's another update:

With the changes in Luke's meds made on Tuesday, Luke's pain was much more under control yesterday. However, he was very, very sleepy through much of the day. We wondered, are we having to choose between having our son in constant pain or having him constantly asleep? After today, it's looking like he's maybe more on top of the new meds, more awake but still in less pain. (Although, at one point tonight, Luke felt intense pain and pleaded with the Lord, "Please please please please make my legs better!")


Please continue to keep Luke in your thoughts.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left. (Update 1)

Steve is Luke's Dad.
Obviously, there is so much for which we need prayer, more than I'd care to list out here. [I'm sitting next to Luke right now as he lies on the love seat, so I definitely​ have to keep myself from crying.] We need the strength and peace that only the Lord can provide. I know that I was able to make it through today only because of His grace. When tomorrow comes, His grace will be sufficient.​

Click on the Luke picture in the upper left of the blog to go to his Caring Bridge site.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The rare ask: Please pray for Luke Jensen, my 9 year old cousin who doesn't have much time left.

I've lived a rough life. But I've also lived a long one. I've seen a lot and done a lot. I've been about everywhere I've a mind to go, courtesy of the military; and I'm mostly proud to be an American.

But I married into a huge family. And one of the family is a fine, upstanding young man named Luke Jensen.

Luke has fought in more wars during his short time on this earth than I ever saw during my 14 years in the military. He has the scars, has shed the tears, has felt the pain and the fear of 3 bouts of AML leukemia. He has faced enemies that make mine pale in comparison.

He has been the strongest person I have ever known.

I don't pray much. But I pray for Luke.

I haven't seen him enough, or played video games with him enough, or read to him enough, or helped his wonderful mom and dad and younger brother and sister (Who both gave bone marrow) enough.

But I wish I had.

Sometimes, I get caught up in all of this. The passions, the anger, the fear of losing a country blind me to the things that are just as important.

Luke is so tired just now. It hurts so much. I would do anything to take this burden from him. I would cheerfully bear it myself if I could find a way.

It's just.... not... fair.

It's hard to see the keyboard through my tears just now because I can't type. It's a hunt and peck kind of thing.

I ask you all, I plead with you all... I beg of you all... remember this little boy who never harmed anyone or hurt anything in your prayers. Keep him in your thoughts. Uphold him to The Lord.

His friends are all gone, since they've all lost their battle to the vicious killer that is AML. But he's surrounded by his family and the thoughts of thousands on Facebook and Caring Bridge.

He's just a little boy. Please, please, please.... pray for him.

Every day, the real Tim "The Liar" Leavitt comes out.

During our most recent election, I tried to tell the conservatives that Leavitt was hosing them.

I tried to tell them how much they were being manipulated and conned by this casket salesman who's campaign was being run by the most rabid of democrats and bridge/toll supporters in the area today...

...and they would not listen.

Well, we can add "anti-free speech" to the list of our esteemed mayor's many dishonest traits.

Lew Waters over at Clark County Conservative has the play-by-play.

Shannon Barnett's startling attack against Jaime Herrera: this must be read to be believed!

Right from the Clark County GOP's Own Web Site!

I get that if he ever had an original thought, it long since died of loneliness; and I also get that this is a rip off of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's fine efforts.

But his attack against Herrera? Why, that's unbelievable!
"What better day to discuss out of control spending than on tax day. I’m looking forward to unveiling my support for the ten point plan and I appreciate Lars letting me do it on his show." Barnett added "The tax and spend liberals in our legislature are directly responsible for the fiscal mess we find ourselves in. They control the purse strings; they decide what gets funding and what does not. It’s time for new representation and people will agree that I’m the right one to help facilitate these changes once they learn how committed I am to reducing the size and scope of our government’s spending."

Obviously, when Barnett is demanding "new representation" it's because he didn't think all that much of the pro-SEIU, tax and spend representation which we suffer for now.

And who is providing that representation?

Why, Jaime Herrera.

So, on one hand, I can finally agree with Barnett. Herrera proved herself to be so far over her head that when it comes to representation, I'd MAYBE hire her for the only thing a review of her qualifications shows her to be capable of doing: answering the phones at the 4th floor reception desk of the O'Brien Building in Olympia.

But I disagree that Barnett, who has yet to come up with an original thought, plan or vision and who finds himself reduced to aping the efforts of others like the Evergreen Freedom Foundation; is the one to represent me in anything.

However, I applaud his belated efforts to acknowledge how ineffective and expensive Herrera's recent tenure has been; after all, voting with the democrats to strip out our last $229 million dollars out of our state emergency fund to help them waste these hundreds of millions of dollars certainly nails her as one of those tax and spend liberals Barnett claims to hate.

Combine that with her co-sponsorship and vote for the SEIU mandatory representation bill for day care workers, and, by golly, you've actually got Jim Moeller Light. And I can certainly see where that would make Barnett just the tiniest bit cranky.

But considering how he's carried her water like Gunga Din, attacking her incompetent tenure in the State House is something of a surprise, at least to me.

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The startling comparison between Castillo and Herrera

Lew Waters put up a great comparison piece between David Castillo and Jaime Herrera.

The piece shows the startling differences in education, public and private sector experience and very importantly, Herrera's complete and total lack of any experience or clue concerning Defense, Security or Military issues, the kind of experience that would otherwise matter to sane people.

I would love to see why, when comparing Castillo to Herrera, ANYONE could possibly support the empty suit that is Jaime Herrera.

Go on over and check it out, and thanks to Lew for doing this public service of providing this comparison.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How the SEIU sees their "white union members." And Herrera supported THESE people?

SEIU Union Chief Gerry Hudson: My White Union Members "so f***ing rabidly racist"...


Tends to speak for itself, don't it?

Major H/T to Orbusmax.

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David Barnett: Gee, a crack head druggie doing business with La Center city government. Why am I not surprised?

So, the local paper publishes a story documenting how David Barnett was on crack and meth if the "girl friend" is to be believed.

Barnett was ejected and Rutyne fled. Emergency responders transported Barnett to Harborview Medical Center and tracked down Rutyne. According to a report by Deputy Mark Souza, Rutyne told firefighters that she had been using crack cocaine and methamphetamine with her boyfriend and that she had also used Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and Percocet. She voluntarily gave a blood sample and rambled about her relationship with Barnett, Souza wrote.

“She said she met her boyfriend at rehab and they began dating about one year ago. She relapsed in May and began using crack with her boyfriend,” Souza wrote.

Rutyne told officers that she and Barnett had used drugs, according to a report.

Toxicology results were “positive” for both Barnett and Rutyne, according to documents, but the sheriff’s office redacted the specific substances.
Barnett, best known for shilling for the massive economic black hole known as the megacasino, (Along with his 2 different restraining orders from women) suffered serious head injuries from his brief airborne dalliance.

As I have pointed out, I do not have any sympathy for Barnett. What he and his minions are working so hard to do to our community has long since eliminated any ability I would have otherwise had to be sympathetic to Barnett's plight.... since he shared no sympathy or our plight.

When I would attend a meeting, and Barnett would literally channel Chief Umtuch ("Chief Umtuch sends his greetings") I wondered if he was on drugs.

When he threatened Marc Boldt... when he bought Steve "Easy Money" Stuart... when he dumped $100,000 into our local politics to buy politicians to support their money laundering operation... I wondered. "Is this guy on drugs?"

Well, given his extensive record, it wouldn't have surprised me. It would certainly help to explain why the new shill for the casino, Phil Harju, "disappeared" this guy locally.

But now, I have even less sympathy or concern for this drug-addled scum who is doing his best to wreck that which I have come to love so he can make millions off of the gambling addicts supporting this garbage HERE, because they don't want to get on a bus and drive for an hour or two to dump their social security checks into the pockets of others somewhere else.

That the now wholly owned by tribal-interests city government of LaCenter is so eager to do business with people like this is simply beyond my comprehension.

Hopefully, they didn't share needles.

Monday, April 12, 2010

More evidence Mair has joined the Herrera staff.

As I pointed out, Mair's been writing like Herrera has been paying her directly.

More evidence of that is available here.

And my response to Liz is "so what?"

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Reviewing the bidding in the 18th: Who's viable and who isn't?

There are a wide variety of definitions for the two word phrase, "political viability." In reviewing the candidates announced so far in the 18th District, "viability" refers to even a possible likelihood that the candidate will ultimately be successful in their bid to become elected.

There are a number of indicators of viability. Money is a critical element; typically the one with the most money USUALLY wins (The only thing I've learned in this business for sure is that there's no such thing as a sure thing) and of course, name familiarity goes a long way to help.

Having a clue, a plan, a vision and knowledge as to how to achieve those ends is a pretty good indicator.

Understanding how government works, how to build coalitions, how to work across the aisle, how to compromise on goals but never on principle.

How to understand reality.

It's fairly clear that all the candidates in the 18th are having a difficult time raising money, save for one.

It's a fair question to ask what that means. Here's today's figures:







Ind Sup

Ind Opp


State Representative








State Representative








State Representative







DEAN ROBERT (details)

State Representative







KAMPE DENNIS (details)

State Representative







RIVERS ANNA (details)

State Representative







RUSSELL JON (details)

State Representative







VICK BRANDON (details)

State Representative







Some of these numbers are, well, curious. Did Jon Russell, best known for screwing up his congressional campaign while helping to turn Washougal into a train wreck (can we soon forget Stacee Sellers partying on city money... tens of thousands of dollars vaporizing... hiring the somewhat lacking city finance director... the thousands of dollars Russell personally made in running a campaign to implement a HUGE Port Levy increase? ) REALLY not raise or expend any money in his campaign?

I guess not. Otherwise, he would have reported it.... right?

Brandon Vick has brought in 15 donations in the 14 days between the 12th and the 26th for a total of $2450.

Rich Carson went short form, limiting himself to $5000 or less for the whole campaign, which means he can't raise money and he knows it; Anthony Bittner is an outstanding young man in every way, but apparently hasn't raised any money.

Shannon Barnett has put together $9,655. That's a VERY curious figure, given his past contacts as former Cowlitz GOP Chair, and his involvement with a contractors association along with his school board membership... why, you'd think that all these people would be falling all over themselves to donate to his campaign.

They're not.

Ann Rivers, on the other hand, has raised over twice that amount, at $20,655. A review of her PDC's show that she's getting a lot of support from both individuals and businesses in the district and in the area.

Some have whined about her money coming from out of the area, but those same people support Herrera, and they had no trouble with HER out of area money, and they had no problem with Herrera's decision to ditch us to go to an ENTIRELY special-interest fund raiser during session in Washington, DC.

The ability to raise money is an indicator of viability. The INability to raise money when you would think that past contacts and history with the community would lead to a groundswell of support is a truer indicator of a LACK of viability.

The ability to rise beyond rank partisanship is an indicator of viability, because it shows an understanding of the system and the practical reality that no man (or woman) is an island.

The ability to understand that while not everyone is going to share your view, they deserve representation as well and that means listening while you let the conversation continue.

Who among these candidates has those abilities?

I make no recommendation here. Draw your own conclusions.

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Thanks to Lew Waters: Someone wants to marry Gregoire?


From Washington State Wire


Marriage Proposal for Gregoire?

By Erik Smith
Staff Writer/ Washington State Wire

OLYMPIA, April 11.--Senate Republicans were guffawing over this one Saturday. As they often do, they started their back-room caucus meeting by reading emails from constituents.


Here’s what one anonymous correspondent had to say:


“Gov. Gregoire, I wish you were single so I could marry you and then divorce you. It would be cheaper having you as my ex-wife than as my governor.”


The stupidity of Steve "Easy Money, Mr. Barnett" Stuart never ceases to amaze: A "scientific survey?"

Followers of my meager effort here in blog land know that I hold Clark County Commissioner Steve "cold hard cash, Mr. Barnett" Stuart in utter contempt.

the reasons for that are many, but at the bed rock of it is his confirmed corruption with David Barnett buying him his position as a county commissioner, and his monumental arrogance in working double overtime to slam us with a multi-billion dollar waste of union pay offs and economic heart ache for Clark County by scamming us with a bridge replacement with the cursed, unwanted and unneeded loot rail that is the basis for the bridge replacement in the first place.

So, what's the basis for his inanity today?


Fellow county Commissioner Steve Stuart, a Democrat who represents the regional transportation council on a crossing advisory committee formed by Gov. Chris Gregoire and Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski, has been pushing for a scientifically valid survey to probe residents’ willingness to support the project.

Stuart envisions the survey will probe residents’ support based upon the costs in terms of tolling rates and benefits in terms of time saved in commuting. Officials with the bistate crossing office have pledged to conduct a survey, probably before the federal government publishes a formal record of decision by the end of this year.

So, let's get this straight.

We have the way to get THE most accurate, scientific survey available for the least amount of money.

It's called a VOTE. It costs an estimated $3000.


This is a lame effort on Stuart's part to try and attempt to make people believe he actually gives a damn about what the people of this county want.

When a ballot comes back overwhelmingly rejecting this hemorrhoid on the butt of the people of this county, that can't be controlled or spun. Also, Stuart and every other candidate would have to take public positions on this horrific cancer.

But another in the series of private polls, spun by those paying for it?

Not nearly as good as what the voters would say.

Do not be fooled, folks. Neither Stuart nor Boldt want to hear what we have to say in any meaningful way, because what we have to say does not fit with their agenda of wasted billions on tolls and bridge/light rail construction that we don't need or want.

And Stuart apparently thinks we're stupid and that we'll buy into his nonsensical crap. Much like his moronic whine about his idiotic plan for a never-gonna-happen Oregon tax break for commuters, Stuart wants to fool the voters like Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, (Let's remember, Stuart worked on Leavitt's campaign. Is it any wonder that he would lie and mislead the people the same way Leavitt did to get elected?) who actually scammed GOP'ers into believing he didn't want tolls, Stuart wants us to THINK he actually cares that the people of Clark County don't want this garbage.

You want to know what we want, Stuart?

Put it on the ballot. I double-dog dare you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ready for a huge new sales tax? leftists to hammer our recovery further with a Value Added Tax.

AKA the "VAT," it's a charming little economy crippling number that will top each of the ACORN-in-Chief's myriad lies about those of us earning below $250,000 will not seeing our taxes go up "one dime," since they'd go up, perhaps, thousands of dimes in a given year.

I spent 6 years and 3 months in a charming locale possessed of this kind of nonsense known as "Germany." Social programs of all types, post-war guilt in spades. But a model for THIS country?

I think not.

So, here we have it. A crippled economy; massive (Being an understatement) debt, a business sector staggering under the horrific impacts of the clueless moron running the show, and now a crippling, regressive lie of a tax on top of everything else.

Killing this nation's economy. Enslaving untold generations.

Is this the "Hope" and "Change" you were looking for?

Well, I guess I was mistaken when Marc Boldt told me he would do an advisory vote.

On March 20, while at the GOP Convention, I discussed the bridge situation with Marc Boldt, my brother-in-law and county commissioner.

As a result of that discussion, I posted the following: Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boldt/Mielke to support Bridge/Loot Rail advisory vote.

As our local government clowns have wasted 10's of millions of dollars; as our despicable rag of a paper has attempted to jam this thing down our throats as those who've lied to us (Tim "The Liar" Leavitt) and those corrupted (Steve "Cold hard cash, Mr. Barnett" Stuart) have taken it upon themselves to ram all of this down our throats without our say.

Well, this November, we will get out chance.
I directly discussed this situation with Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt and he agreed to put a non-binding, county-wide advisory vote on the ballot this November as part of the general election.

This is great for two huge reasons: first and foremost is that the people... the people who will actually pay the bills, will FINALLY get a say.

But second: every candidate and incumbent running this November (You listening, Steve "Unmarked bills, Mr. Barnett" Stuart?) will have to take and defend a position that so far, they haven't had to take or defend.

I look forward to the reaction from the various people who, while not having to pay the tolls this project will bring, want to ram this down our throats and the throats of the 65,000 commuters who WILL have to pay this price. I'm sure it will be classic.
Well, this IS classic, just not as I expected.

I got a call from my wife at work, warning me that things weren't going exactly the way I had been led to believe.

And, so, what's the story?
County Commissioner Marc Boldt, a fellow Republican who previously served with Mielke in the state Legislature, said he’s not inclined to support an advisory vote now.

“Once you go down that path, your ballot could be full of advisory votes,” Boldt said.
Exclusive of the absurdity of such an observation (It really doesn't matter if their are 50 advisory votes on the ballot or none, I would submit that any time there is a multi-billion dollar project that will cost 65,000 or more Clark County commuters $100,000,000 a year, blowing a hole in both family AND county budgets, there should, at a minimum, be an advisory vote) Marc looked me in the eye and promised me that such a vote, a non-binding advisory vote, would take place.

Apparently, it isn't.

I, of course, felt just the tiniest bit slighted considering what Marc had told me.

To my face.

So, I asked a couple of questions via email:

The up or down vote on light rail will only apply to operation of light rail, not if either the bridge or light rail will be built. If the bridge is to be built, it must have light rail infrastructure on it. Since the only reason to replace a 6 lane bridge with a 6 lane bridge is to bring light rail into Vancouver, there is absolutely zero chance to build it without light rail.

If there is an advisory vote on the bridge there will be no light rail vote because when the people vote this down, and they will, any chance of one dime of federal money will vaporize.

The light rail/CTrans people don’t need to make a sub district, they can just use the one they have now. Meanwhile, the people of this county will pay the bill, even though, once again, no one will ask us. Further, when the light rail operations vote goes against them, they could just make their sub district THEN, using THOSE results. In short, an advisory vote that will likely kill this deal cannot stand as an excuse to not hold this vote because CTrans might use the outcome as some sort of template for a sub district.

Clearly, they will do that ANYWAY, since that’s what they did with the CTrans vote where 10’s of thousands of us were excluded from the vote, but not excluded from paying the tax. No matter what the outcome of such a vote would be, CTrans will keep trying until they get what they want.

Kill this bridge through an advisory vote, and there won’t be any light rail operations vote.

Failing to do this will result in a minimum of 65,000 commuters and their families being highly upset because one, the toll is going to vacuum $1300 or so per year out of each of their pockets (of which the county will not get one dime of revenue) and two, you will be held responsible for not allowing them any say.

As for an advisory vote, the assistant director of elections for the secretary of state said in the article that
State law does not explicitly prohibit advisory votes, according to state elections officials.
“There’s nothing that says they couldn’t,” said Katie Blinn, assistant director of elections for Secretary of State Sam Reed. “This whole animal of advisory votes is simply advisory. The process is not spelled out in state law, so there aren’t black and white parameters around it.”
Thus, there are no legal reasons not to hold such a vote, Potter’s babble notwithstanding; and anyone telling you different is lying.
The directive to Potter shouldn’t be “find a way to keep us from doing this.” Instead, it should be, “Find a way to make this happen or we will replace you with someone who will.”
Potter is, of course, dead wrong on his positions concerning advisory votes. Advisory votes by their very nature have precisely zero effect or authority or legal requirement to make any alteration of any kind on any issue.
Unless he can find a LAW that EXPLICITLY makes such advisory votes illegal (And the secretary of state’s office has indicated that he cannot) then he is flat wrong. And Stuart’s moronic idea of a “scientifically valid survey” will cost a hell of a lot more than $3000 and supersede the BEST survey: the results at the ballot box, which transcends any other type of survey in its inclusion and accuracy.
Marc, I get that you don’t want to take flack over allowing the people to have a say. But in this instance, giving the people a voice is the right thing to do for two reasons:
First, on a project of this magnitude with the horrific impacts that will result on family budgets across this county, the people deserve a say.
Second, you promised me that an advisory vote would be held.
I recognize that I’m a nobody relative to Steve Stuart or the unions. But someone, somewhere, has to care about what the PEOPLE want.
An advisory vote will provide that opportunity.
The comments on the article in question were generally supportive of such a vote, save for the usual fringe-leftist scum and union hacks who think we owe them a job and who certainly don't want a little thing like the will of the people to get in their way.

One particularly moronic slimeball commented that those of us who want to determine the will of the people on this issue should move to Somalia.

Well, it's a lesson learned. About politics, about what's important, and about my brother-in-law.

He had the opportunity to do something for the people of this county; to provide them with a voice... to make up for his support of Tim "The Liar" Leavitt, who, as I warned, scammed people into actually believing he was opposed to tolls.

And he did nothing.

I will remember. 2012 isn't that far away.