Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shannon Barnett's startling attack against Jaime Herrera: this must be read to be believed!

Right from the Clark County GOP's Own Web Site!

I get that if he ever had an original thought, it long since died of loneliness; and I also get that this is a rip off of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's fine efforts.

But his attack against Herrera? Why, that's unbelievable!
"What better day to discuss out of control spending than on tax day. I’m looking forward to unveiling my support for the ten point plan and I appreciate Lars letting me do it on his show." Barnett added "The tax and spend liberals in our legislature are directly responsible for the fiscal mess we find ourselves in. They control the purse strings; they decide what gets funding and what does not. It’s time for new representation and people will agree that I’m the right one to help facilitate these changes once they learn how committed I am to reducing the size and scope of our government’s spending."

Obviously, when Barnett is demanding "new representation" it's because he didn't think all that much of the pro-SEIU, tax and spend representation which we suffer for now.

And who is providing that representation?

Why, Jaime Herrera.

So, on one hand, I can finally agree with Barnett. Herrera proved herself to be so far over her head that when it comes to representation, I'd MAYBE hire her for the only thing a review of her qualifications shows her to be capable of doing: answering the phones at the 4th floor reception desk of the O'Brien Building in Olympia.

But I disagree that Barnett, who has yet to come up with an original thought, plan or vision and who finds himself reduced to aping the efforts of others like the Evergreen Freedom Foundation; is the one to represent me in anything.

However, I applaud his belated efforts to acknowledge how ineffective and expensive Herrera's recent tenure has been; after all, voting with the democrats to strip out our last $229 million dollars out of our state emergency fund to help them waste these hundreds of millions of dollars certainly nails her as one of those tax and spend liberals Barnett claims to hate.

Combine that with her co-sponsorship and vote for the SEIU mandatory representation bill for day care workers, and, by golly, you've actually got Jim Moeller Light. And I can certainly see where that would make Barnett just the tiniest bit cranky.

But considering how he's carried her water like Gunga Din, attacking her incompetent tenure in the State House is something of a surprise, at least to me.

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