Sunday, March 18, 2018

The hypocrites and the school blow off. (The so-called walk-out)

So, is the little temper tantrum the kiddies and their keepers threw in schools across the country over yet?

I watched snippets of it... how could I avoid it?

And... I found the whole thing sickening.

To me, death is death. The "how" of it isn't nearly as important as the destination. But clearly, SOME deaths are absolutely acceptable. It's only the deaths the media TELLS us are NOT acceptable that causes these hissy fits.

As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine the pain and agony the families of those killed are suffering...

Yet rivers of blood run on our nation's highways from teenagers... particularly those texting while driving.

Where's the sturm and drang about THAT?

Yes, it's been a tragedy. Yes, lives have been altered and lost forever by this school... and other... mass shootings.

But I'm reminded of a saying first uttered by Stalin:

"The death of one is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic."

In 2016, 762 were slaughtered in Chicago... more than all school shootings, ever, in this country combined.

Who "walked out" over that?

That's almost a "Parkland" EVERY WEEK.

Where was the outrage in these punks about that? Do they even know? Do they even care?

What's the matter... aren't those destroyed in Chicago... St Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland and so on white enough for the snowflakes to give a damn?


That's almost 25 Parklands per month.

That doesn't include the in-excess of 300,000 injured.

Where's the outrage over that?

And that's the hypocrisy of all this.

There's a flood of teenage blood out there, and all of the focus is based on the, statistically speaking, comparative paper cut of school shootings.

It's the medical equivalent of focusing on a cold while ignoring the cancer.

There are a great many ways to deal with the 8000 pound gorilla of the slaughter of our teens on the highway... but while everyone seems to have the will to violate our Second Amendment rights, no one wants to address the deaths of tens of thousands that have taken place with the advent of the ability to text and drive.

Florida, among others, has increased the age of anyone wanting to purchase a gun to 21.

You can be a veteran, a combat veteran at that; you can have a squeaky clean record, and you can be denied the right to purchase a firearm because you're not 21.

Meanwhile, texting while driving in Florida, as in most all states, has been a blood bath in that same demographic.

But, by God, let 17 kids get shot in a school, and all hell breaks loose.

There were 50,000 "texting" crashes in Florida in 2016; 40,000 injuries and 233 deaths.

Swimming pools full of blood that seems to increase every year. But we are going to fix the school shooting issue by, once again, punishing those who obey the law by reducing THEIR right to purchase a fire arm as if such a law would... or will... make any difference at all?

Raising the age to purchase a firearm is an obvious slap in the face to these adults. We question their judgment and responsibility... but we tell them in almost every other area of their lives, they have EVERY right.

Talk about a mixed message.

As for me, if we're going to question the judgment of 18 year olds when it comes to purchasing a weapon, then what the hell are we doing allowing the teenage driver bloodbath to continue?

Can't buy a gun?

Then you can't drive, either. Because the idea that a 16 year old in a 400 horsepower car is somehow GOING to be more responsible than a 19 year old buy a weapon... even a 19 year old combat veteran... is insane.

Vote? Forget about it. Repeal the 26th Amendment. Put the voting age back up to 21, because of course, if you're not mature enough and responsible enough to own a firearm, then how the hell can you POSSIBLY be mature enough and responsible enough to have the judgment needed to vote?

And if we REALLY want to save teen lives, then get them of the roads.

In 2016, 2150 teenagers were killed on our nation's highways. Tens of thousands were injured.

If they weren't allowed to drive, imagine how many of them would still be alive today... and of those who lived, how many of them wouldn't be crippled or otherwise scarred for life.

This slaughter goes on every day, day in and day out. Over 125 Parklands EVERY year.

You want to see these same kids, so concerned over the deaths in Parkland, lose their collective minds?

Get them off the highways to save THEIR lives DIRECTLY, and they would protest all right. They'd be a HELL of a lot more involved since it would directly impact THEM.

And that's why I've arrived here: If you're going to do this garbage?

Do it on your OWN time and NOT the time I'm paying for with my tax dollars.

Students and staff who disagreed with this idiocy around the country were suspended because they choose not to agree with it.

Every day, at least 9 teenagers are killed while texting in cars in this country. Are they walking out over that? Are they demanding that their cellphones, which are the cause of texting and driving, be taken away from them? Are they demanding an end to licensing teenagers? After all, if we yanked their licenses, we'd save a hell of a lot more lives than we are through THIS idiocy.

Of course, they're not. THOUSANDS of kids are slaughtered on our highways every year. Where's the march to demand an end to teenage driving?

Nowhere. So, save it. This thing reeks. And there's no altruism about it as THEY become the FIRST group to ever march against the Constitution and their own rights.

Expel them and fire the staff. Because I am NOT going to listen or support this insanity.

There are a great many obvious ways to address this issue if we REALLY wanted to. There ARE steps that CAN be taken.

Cellphones know when you're moving. Require carriers to install software that will make the messaging apps inoperable unless you're at a standstill.

Require car manufacturers to install electronics that will block cellphone data/messaging functions unless you are not moving.

If "distracted driving" is getting us killed... and it is... then end the reasons for the distractions.

Take it out of the driver's hands.

And yeah, I know, that would be an annoyance for kids and even adult passengers. How can we possibly get to the grocery store without being able to update our Facebook status along the way, or texting Suzy to let her know you're going to buy chips?

But the reality is simple: there's a slaughter going on every day and we sit on our thumbs and do nothing about it.

No one protests. No one walks out. No one really does a damned thing that will make any difference. And the blood continues to flow.

Instead, we focus on punishing those who actually follow the law by penalizing them... again... for the acts of a nutjobs. The Titanic is sinking, and we're arguing about the china patterns in 2nd class.

Sometimes, keeping people alive can be annoying as hell... until you consider the alternatives.

But these deaths are acceptable. It's like running someone over in a crosswalk. Do it and you'll get popped for negligent homicide. Pull up next to them and put a bullet through their head and you go down for murder.

Even though, in the end, dead is dead. A crosswalk death, however, is much more acceptable than a shooting death.

And in Parkland, it was shooting deaths. On our highways? Death seems to be OK, considering how no one is doing anything about it.

And no one is walking out over it.

Friday, March 16, 2018

The democratian's incessant whining on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Leftist butthurt is ALWAYS long-lasting.  The fact that they only care about their own agenda, be they a local leftist organ like the Columbian, a leftist network like NBC and their derivatives along with CNN and the like, is the thing.

They don't care what the people want.  They don't want to allow us to have impacts on these policy decisions if the perspectives offered don't align with their agenda.

The rag is whining because no one in the Legislature who can make any difference bothered to listen to the local downtown mafia's sniveling.

The local legislative mafia, the RINO clique that has thrown us all under the bus as they jump through their master's hoops... Rivers, Wilson, Harris, Vick... ignoring the dictates of their districts which have repeatedly asked "what part of 'no' don't you get?"

The attitudes toward those of us who've stood fast in our opposition to this ever-growing fiscal waste of billions remain one of contempt.

Who can forget John "Cockroach" Laird, a former mouth-breathing knuckle-dragger of an editorial page editor for the Daily Democrat declaring: "We should all live as long as the Third Bridge Cockroach."

That has always been and clearly, will continue to always be their editorial position.

So, the rag whines that the democrats, who control the entirety of state government, didn't jump through the mafia's hoops.

The bogus efforts that stand in direct opposition to the will of the people of this county failed.

Replacing the I-5 Bridge, of course, has zero "statewide significance."  After all, when it's all said and done, most of the Legislature is well aware of the fact that the I-5 Bridge scam will do absolutely nothing to decrease congestion or increase freight mobility.  And even if it did, that would not benefit anyone outside of Clark County.

And of course, by now, most legislators are aware of the fact that this is nothing more nor less than a light rail project... where none of the numbers add up.

The rag quotes an ad hoc, unofficial group of downtown mafia types who snivel:
“We are fast approaching a place in time where our I-5 Replacement Bridge Project will either come together, allowing us to capitalize on the millions of working hours and dollars already expended, or will end with a whimper, sending everything back to start over again.”
One can only hope.

It needed to end with a whimper years ago.  But the RINO clique infesting us like vermin sold out. Somehow, what was so wrong years ago when they fought successfully to end it has now suddenly became so right.

For them.

Nothing has changed, of course: the problems with getting rid of a serviceable, already-paid-for bridge and replacing it with a gateway for loot rail to infect Clark County with its wasted billions of OUR dollars remains as moronic and idiotic... not to mention against the same county-wide opposition now... as it did when it was rightfully killed off in the Legislature then.

We already know some of these people can be bought.  It was just a matter of price and method of payment.

The I-5 Bridge does not need to be replaced.  As a proud member of the "Cockroaches" who knows that the short term solution is a third bridge to the Hillsboro region across the river; that building such a bridge would relieve a huge amount of traffic on both the I-5 Bridge and the I-5 corridor, the reality is clear.

Every one of the scum that sold us out in Olympia... particularly those falsely claiming to be "Republican," need to be removed from office and replaced with those who would actually represent the repeatedly-expressed will of the people of their districts.

And that will is simple: do not replace the I-5 Bridge.

These fake Republicans are as dishonest as "Theft 3" Gellatly.  Some, such as Rivers, have lied outright about what they've claimed they are going to do for us... when instead, they've been doing it TOO us.

The I-5 Bridge shouldn't be anywhere close to the table, let alone on it, and these people know it.

But they don't care because they don't give a damn about us when we get in the way of their agenda.

Much like the local newspaper, come to think of it.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Davey Delete was busted for THEFT 3 a SECOND time: memo to the Columbian - why aren't you covering this?

As previously noted, it seems the Chair of the Clark County GOP has a sticky fingers problem.

Well, it would also seem that three counts of Theft 3, along with an additional count of bail jumping, really didn't make enough of an impression on Davey Delete.

And the outcome?  Well, "dismissed" isn't exactly the term.... this is, in fact, what happened:

"Pursuant to civil compromise filed."

In Washington State, the "civil compromise" language is for this:
5. Civil compromise. A civil compromise is essentially an agreement by which the defendant compensates the victim for any loss in return for dismissal of the charges. RCW 10.22.010.

RCW 10.22.010

When permitted—Exceptions.

When a defendant is prosecuted in a criminal action for a misdemeanor, other than a violation of RCW 9A.48.105, for which the person injured by the act constituting the offense has a remedy by a civil action, the offense may be compromised as provided in RCW 10.22.020, except when it was committed:
(1) By or upon an officer while in the execution of the duties of his or her office;
(2) Riotously;
(3) With an intent to commit a felony; or
(4) By one family or household member against another as defined in RCW 10.99.020 and was a crime of domestic violence as defined in RCW 10.99.020.

So what does it mean?  Essentially, he did it or the evidence was such that conviction was likely, and the victim was bought off.

Now, had the local GOP done a competent job of vetting this clown, this all would have come out and the entirety of the embarrassment of having this idiot as a party chair with the disaster he's brought to the table with him would have been avoided.

But he's there. It's hard to claim defamation when this has been lurking out there... and all of that begs the issue:

Why hasn't the democratian been covering THIS?

They had no problem covering the bizarre and unconscionable suit Gellatly filed against a party PCO... they read this blog on a regular basis... so why haven't they covered this?  They even went so far as to publish the suit itself.

They afraid of getting sued like Richard Colwell?

Or are they doing what they usually do and have done so often in the past?

Covering for their buddies?

Let's presume that Gellatly was something even close to a conservative.  Do you think for one second they'd be sitting on this?

If Gellatly was, for example, named David Madore, don't you think that such a story would have been front page, above the fold, for weeks?

And what does the democratian do?

Nothing.  Not a peep.  But then, when you're a leftist, covering is what they do for you.

Interesting that we have yet another example of the Lazy C's double standard.
It's difficult to see Davey as any kind of a victim of anything but his own stupidity and arrogance.  This individual has repeatedly attacked me and has gone so far as to threaten me personally.  That he would file a suit against anyone over something as lame as this with a record like this?

That the Columbian refuses to cover this when you know they'd be crushing any conservative in a similar situation?

What do YOU think?

Thursday, March 08, 2018

More on Davey Delete: 3 counts of Theft 3 and bail jumping?

It seems that in addition to something of a multiple DUI drinking problem, Davey Delete seems to have had a sticky fingers problem.

Kind of makes allegations against him concerning money a little more problematic, eh?

("Dragnet" music playing softly in the background...)

Back on November 24, 2009 (a Thanksgiving and birthday that will live in infamy) a certain someone was popped for 3 counts of Theft 3.

He seemed to have blown off a hearing to be held on the matter and yet another failure to appear warrant was issued on May 17, 2010.

On May 18th, the original 3 charges were amended to include a 4th charge, that of bail jumping, yet another gross misdemeanor.

On May 20, 2011, an additional warrant was issued for failure to appear, setting that bail at $3,000.  (Meaning there had been a warrant out for Davey D. for what appears to have been 9 months.  Maybe Davey didn't think they were looking for him?)

On the 24th of May, 2011, a hearing was finally held and he pled not guilty to all, now four charges.

He was required to pay $200 for the bail forfeiture.

On December 6, 2011, it appears that the Theft 3 charges were dismissed on motion by the city attorney's office, and he was found guilty of the bail jumping allegation.

Davey has been pleading "youthful indiscretion" with his few dozen other mix-ups with the law, including his DUIs.

But it would seem the theft charges were the day he turned 28... as he was when the bail-jumping charge was added.

According to this, he's now, what, 37?

I wish I could say this sort of thing surprised me.  Sadly... it didn't.

Perhaps next time a candidate for anything gets involved with any aspect of the local GOP Establishment cult, they should, well, vet him or her FIRST?  They might be surprised at what they find.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Where are the women in Marine ground combat units?

Women should no more be in ground combat units than they should be defensive tackles in the NFL.

Except, of course, women in ground combat units are going to cause death and destruction.... just on the wrong side.

Regular readers are well aware of my position on this issue, a position shared by many, including the Sergeant Major of TECOM, the Marine Training and Education Command which was in large part responsible for staffing the Marine experiment that tended to show that women in ground combat was going to be a disaster if for no other reason than reduced capabilities at the strategic level; issues of pregnancy, morale, reduced capability and ABILITY aside.

The thoughts of Sergeant Major Justin Lehew, a Navy Cross warrior of some acclaim, who crossed sabers with the POG Secretary of the Navy (Mabus) who trashed the Marine study because it didn't fit the meme at the time, are stark, harsh and foretell the future of women in ground combat units, and they can be read here:

So, all these months where women in the Marines could enlist or apply for combat arms jobs.... how many have made the cut?


Not "1100."  But 11.

The standards have been lowered (denials to the contrary notwithstanding) and even THEN women have been stay away in droves.

Unlike the Army, where women have been assigned to combat arms units with zero real qualifications (Five week long correspondence courses and the like) the Marines actually make women go through training to prove themselves.

The result?  The Marine Corps Times asks the question:

Your Marine Corps 

Where are the female Marines?

And very few have even made the attempt.
Yet only 11 enlisted women are serving today in the traditional “03” infantry career fields, Marine Corps officials said. No women have even attempted the Basic Reconnaissance Course or Amphibious Reconnaissance Course, and there are no female snipers, according to data provided by Manpower and Reserve Affairs.
So, the Army has hundreds... the Marines?  Less than a dozen.

Why is that?

Well, on first blush, it would appear that in ground combat Infantry units, the Marines have maintained most standards, requiring women to meet the male standard instead of lowering standards, as the Army continues to do.

That women should not be allowed into ground combat units is self-evident.

Yet, the lack of women signing up (and who couldn't see that coming?) involves BOTH ground combat services in both the Army and Marines... because the Army now only has 500 women serving in ALL combat Arms capacities, without a breakout for Infantry, it's difficult to say how many of these women are in 11 series MOS's.

Even with the lowered standards of the Army, women are still refusing to take the jump, so to speak.

Unfortunately, the Secretary of Defense, Gen. Jim Mattis, has continued the socialization of the military.  The mission of the military of the United States is to kill people and break things.  Anything outside of that mission detracts from it.

This idiocy concerning the mainstreaming of women, homosexuals, transsexuals, communists and the like... ALL detracts from it.

Is the military more effective or efficient now than it was 20 years ago, technological advances notwithstanding?

There is no right to serve in the Armed Forces of the United States.  If such a "right" existed, there would be no standards to be met for enlistment.  The hundreds of ways an individual can be disqualified for enlistment would simply not exist.  And those standards exist for a reason... a reason which, when we throw the snowflake socialization into the mix, seems to simply disappear.

The military sets the standards.  And as long as the standards differ between genders and those confused about their genders... there will never be equality and more importantly, there will never be peak combat efficiency or capability. 

And when insanity like this persists and the cost is going to be in blood, then it's time to roll these programs back.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

March 5 has come and gone, time to round up and deport the DACA illegals.

Those politically aware already have at least some knowledge of the DACA illegals, how Obama put together an illegal program designed to dramatically increase democrat turn out at the polls, an effort followed around the country since no effort is made or required for those registering to vote to prove their nationality.

Democrats call any such effort racism.  The very idea of actually proving who one is and where one is from is so burdensome as to be quite unnecessary, security of the American voting process notwithstanding, and well-known efforts in California to register illegal aliens aside.

Those actually paying attention to DACA, the so-called "Deferred Action for the equally so-called Childhood Arrivals," are well aware that it is an illegal program that even Obama himself indicated was unconstitutional for the length of his regime until such time as he actually implemented it.

But President Trump knows this.  He drew HIS line in the sand on this issue form March 5, 2018.

The question is simple: the line has been crossed.  Now what?

As many as some two million people are here illegally under this made-up, fringe-left, open-border crap show. The first letter of the word, DACA, does not stand for "amnesty," nor does it stand for "free pass," or "citizenship."

The first letter stands for "deferred."  DACA was never supposed to be a permanent solution to the open amnesty the leftists so desperately wanted.  Well, time is up.

Rewarding those here illegally for actually BEING here illegally is why we have SO many here illegally.

Well, Mr. President, time's up.  You're going to get the blame for anything you do, so get the blame for enforcing the law and ending this charade.

Nobody forced those people to come here.  With the demise of DACA, they are no different than any other illegal alien from anywhere else under any other pretense.

Mr. President, your credibility is on the line, here.  As you know, Obama quickly lost his; first, by being a bald-faced liar and next, by failing to follow through on his promises or pledges... either in domestic OR foreign policy.

You must avoid that trap.  And that means you must act and do what is necessary to enforce the laws of the United States.

Davey G goes full blown hypocrite on the leftist C3G2 hate site. Looks like someone's thinking about running in the 49th.

It's no surprise that ol' Davey has started hanging out on the C3G2 hate site.  After all, when you've got those bubbling political aspirations, you have to vent them somewhere.

The problem here is that what he's saying is so factually untrue, so rankly hypocritical that they are simply beyond belief when Davey is the source.

"No matter what your view on the issue was, for elected representatives, it is always important to remember what it means to represent the constituents rather than impose one's own will over the will who put them in office."

It's pretty clear that the majority of so-called Republicans in elective office around here would rather cut off their left hand than "represent the constituents rather than impose one's own will over the will who put them in office."

Unless, of course, it was our will to have our gas taxes and tab fees explode.

Unless it was our will to have our property taxes explode.

Unless it was our will to have these people raise the Titanic of the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

Unless it was our will to have our licenses cost more if we're a citizen than if we're an illegal alien, or to extend our tax dollars to them so they can attend our universities using our money, reducing the available slots for citizens of both this state and this country.

Unless it was our will to begin imposing massive fees again so the county can waste the money on bigger, more expensive government.

Unless it was our will for the 4 Stooges at the county level to jack up our property taxes 3% over 2 years.

Unless it was our will for those same Stooges to ignore our will, expressed at the ballot by an advisory vote on the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

And you know what?

We don't know if that was the will of the people around here because none of these people ever bothered to ask us what WE wanted.  Too much trouble, you see,,, and oh my Aunt Harriet, whatever if we said "no?"

See, with Davey, he's pretty much mastered the art of telling people what they want to hear... and lying his ass off in the process.  And he tries to destroy those who oppose him... with frivolous lawsuits, for example.

In this case, he's trying to scam his fellow leftists by setting them up for a run, I'm thinkin'.

Well, I do hope he runs.  Because you can rest assured I will legally do anything and everything I can to make sure he loses.

Because as unfit as the fake Republicans in Clark County are to hold elective office... Davey makes them look like rank amateurs in that regard.

Monday, March 05, 2018

The difference between "leadership" and "RINOship": Why doesn't it matter to the local GOP?

As I look at the Davey Gellatly's GOP trainwreck that we now have, I'm kinda reminded of the war in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, victories were determined by body counts for public consumption.

A North Vietnamese Regiment or 2 or 3 or 5 would attack an American outpost, for example.

If you're unaware of the siege of Khe Sahn, you should look it up.

It's a bright, shining star in the history of the Marine Corps, where every moment valor became the standard to judge by.

It was a horrific battle, regardless of which side you were on.  Hundreds of Americans were killed, thousands wounded.  Hundreds of NVA were killed, thousands wounded.

The siege was broken after several months.  We fought and fought and fought.

And when it was over?

We left.

That's right: that location was fought over... and died over... and the end result was the same thing as a loss.

The battle started on January 9, 1968 and ended... with our evacuation... July 9, 1968.

We "won."  And then, we left.  And what happened next?

The NVA took over the region.

So... why did we bother to stay and fight in the first place?

Locally, we have a situation that bears a remarkable similarity to the mindset behind that situation.

We have a number of so-called "representatives" for the people... at the county level and the legislative level, who used the label "Republican" to get elected because it was a matter of convenience.

No democrat can win in the 18th District, like no Republican can win in the 49th.

So, to run and win in the 18th, you both have to claim that you're a Republican and then fool enough people into believing it.  Sen. Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers being THE case in point.

Clearly, the voting record of most Republicans... alleged Republicans... in SW Washington matches that of the democrats more than it does those who actually do more than pay lip-service to GOP tenets.

Tax increases... fee increases... lies... zero transparency... all of the things we typically get from those running with a "D" after their names... are now part and parcel of those we've sent to the county... or to Olympia... with an "R" after their names, as fake as Dolly Pardon's boobs.

And what does the local GOP do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

It would seem that "success" to the clowns running that zoo is based entirely on the numbers game.

There is zero accountability for the actions of those they support... and many oppose.

Increase our taxes like you're a democrat?

Increase our fees like you're a democrat?

Cause our property taxes to explode, lie about it and then try and cover your asses?

Get hired by a DEMOCRAT campaign firm while bending us over to HELP property taxes explode?

And what does the local party do or say?


No response. No accountability.  No concern.  No questions.  A few days back, for example, Eileen Quiring announced against Marc Boldt, the democrat county chair.  Quiring is a well-known GOP county councilor.

But if you go over to the GOP candidate list, do you even see her name there?

Nope.  Must not have had the 30 seconds or so needed to update the list, eh, Davey?  But then, you don't WANT anyone to run against that idiot we've got as county chair, now, do you?

The RINOs who actually vote like their name is Jimmy Moeller, delude themselves into claiming that betraying us is, well, "leadership."

Oddly, the democrats don't seem to take that view when the shoe is on the other foot and any claiming their party affiliation vote against the tenets or platform of the democrat party.

Now.... why is that?

Vote against the democrats at any level while you're in elective office claiming democrat allegiance and they will do everything they can to crush you.

Vote against the Republicans at any level while you're in elective office claiming Republican allegiance and what happens?

Our gas tax/tab fees explode.  Our property taxes explode. Transparency gets tossed out the window.  The people of Clark County become responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in increased taxes and fees.

And what does the local GOP Regime do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

It would seem to me to make more sense if the local RINO cabal, including the county GOP Gellatly Clown Crew, should just admit they're an adjunct to the democrats and be done with it.

And for those of us opposed to that insanity, we're reduced to the level of untermenchen, threatened by an out-of-control party chair; insulted, berated, attacked and vilified... and even in one pathetic instanced, sued by a total nutjob... much, much more effort towards stamping out internal opposition than any effort to take out democrats... the democrats these clowns are SUPPOSED to oppose.

But as closely as I pay attention... and few do a better job of it than I... I have YET to see ANY effort by the Gellatly Cabal to actually take on the local democrats.

On just about every major leftist issue, from the CRC Scam to loot rail to tax increases to bigger budgets and bigger government, I've yet to see anything from any of the RINOs we've elected or the RINOs supporting them that attacks the democrats for just about anything.  In fact, many of our RINOs are outright supportive of that stupidity and at least one, Rivers, has done all she can to help screw us.

"Leadership," then, IS taking the "tough vote."  But ONLY when that "tough" vote reflects the will of those you represent.  "RINOship" is screwing your constituents who were stupid enough... as I freely admit I was... to believe in you and what you pledge to get elected.

Jacking up our gas taxes and tab fees $700 million in Clark County alone was NOT a "tough vote."

Betraying us to the WEA and causing our property taxes to explode was not a "tough vote."

Screwing us sideways by resurrecting the CRC/Loot Rail Scam was NOT a "tough vote."

No... THOSE votes are major examples of "RINOship,"  not "leadership."

Even the tool running the GOP show seems to believe that:

"No matter what your view on the issue was, for elected representatives, it is always important to remember what it means to represent the constituents rather than impose one's own will over the will who put them in office."

Here's a question: If Davey actually believed that crap, then why hasn't he done anything about those who ignore that aspect of "representative government?

In Davey's case, he's got the integrity of a worm, so he is not to be believed... on anything.  Some politicians lie like they breathe.  He's one of them.

Here's the thing: if you're going to talk, act, vote, tax and increase our fees like a democrat?

Then guess what?

You're a democrat.  And if you're a democrat?

Then why should we vote for you when we can vote for the real thing?  And why should we help the party that doesn't even want a Republican to run against my idiot-brother-in-law democrat county chair?  Why should we give them a dime?  Why should we give them our time, our effort, our energy.... our votes?

Simple: we shouldn't.

I know I won't.

Saturday, March 03, 2018

I don't agree with the Seattle Times or Danny Westneat all that often... but when they're right? (ESB 6617)

They're right.

Readers know that my position on the now infamous legislative effort to emulate the Nuremberg Laws of Nazi Germany was not all happy face.

There was no excuse for any of this effort, the now famous ESB 6617, AKA "Lock up the records in the legislature so we can protect ourselves and our lobbyist buddies" bill, that was slammed through almost instantaneously, without a hearing or seeking out public input of any kind... in either House and without even a floor debate.

That is not what we call "democracy in action."

Westneat screwed up his message a tad by mixing federal issues into it, but the gist is the same.
At the core of the entire mess was contempt for the public.
We've seen it time and again:  contempt for the public... the very public they allegedly work for.

And it's a bi-partisan contempt.  Both parties do it.  Both of them think we're stupid, or have a short attention span or when election time rolls around, we'll have forgotten all about it or they'll find some way to talk themselves past this massive insult to our intelligence.

Sadly, that is a conclusion made of our doing.  Time and again these scum rip us off.  They make pledges they cheerfully blow off to get us to pull the lever for them so to speak; they make pledges they fail to keep... including important pledges that could, for example, have impacted veteran suicide in this state.

They cause massive explosions in our property taxes and then try and cover their tracks by "advocating for lower property taxes" having been a proximate cause for the explosion in the first place.

They view Olympia as a freestyle sexual Olympics, nailing anything that moves including us.

The GOP-controlled state senate raping us with gas tax/tab fee increases, the largest in our state's history.  Throwing $5.5 Billion at the WEA without accountability measure one built in.  We got screwed for nothing.  And the GOP did it to us.

Yes, the contempt... the lies... the efforts at maneuvering us into continuing to support them while they exhibit their "contempt for the public" in so many ways is what they count on.

And Westneat nails it.

Doing the people’s business is apparently a lot easier without the people     



This past week we had the sorry spectacle of state lawmakers exempting themselves from the Public Records Act. Arguably worse was the tornado of spin and falsehoods they unleashed after that. When that petered out, it was a mass retreat into the panicked politician’s favorite safety blanket: the formation of a task force.

At the core of the entire mess was contempt for the public. (Edit: my emphasis)

This seems contagious. Consider the CEO of our light-rail agency, Sound Transit. Records released this past week show that when Peter Rogoff was first hired in 2016, a reporter, our own Mike Lindblom, asked a routine question about his salary as part of an “introduce-the-new-director” story.

“Mike Lindbloom [sic] called to inquire about Peter’s salary,” recounted an internal memo. “Peter’s response was ‘tell him to go (bleep) himself.’ “

Well that pretty much sums it up! From the feds to the state on down to the locals, you pesky people can go (insert raw Rogoff here).

Salaries of government employees are public for the same mundane reason government employees should deign to take citizen testimony. Because: They work for the public. Does this really have to be said?

Ditto with state legislators. Their office records are actually your records, because you are their bosses. That this is now a matter of controversy shows how much lawmakers have lost touch with their reason for being.

For the record, Sound Transit’s Rogoff, who was inexplicably just given a 5 percent raise, makes $328,545. Your tax dollars at work.

Now it’s fine with us in the media if we’re told to go bleep ourselves. Happens daily! But there’s a real disregard for the public here, in this sham federal hearing, in those rigged, rushed legislative votes with no public input, with the imperious attitude of a civil servant who is then rewarded with a pay raise.

Amid all that I squirmed when up jumped the opportunistic Tim Eyman, shilling another of his endless initiatives. Only this one is unusually straightforward. It would make state lawmakers abide by the same public-records rules as everybody else. It would end this debate where it ought to have rested all along: with the public in charge.

This is what we’ve come to. People are having to organize their own “shadow” public hearings. State legislators are having to be electronically flogged with 10,000 emails to do the obvious. And I now stand with Tim Eyman.

Danny Westneat’s column appears Wednesday and Sunday. Reach him at 206-464-2086 or
Why do they do this to us? 

Because we let them.  Because we do not hold them accountable.

I simply could never again vote for anyone who supported this.

To believe a yes vote was called for because this fixed some small part of the problem of transparency, i.e., protecting "constituent communications", without the rest of the bill equating to a poison pill is simply inexcusable.

I can... and do... personally like some of the people who voted for this.  But their vote makes them completely unsuitable for governing us and I would oppose any effort by any of them, regardless of party, to run for either reelection of any other office... were they ever so inclined to do so.

Government can be and do many things.  But it can never hold us in contempt.  And those who do... any other issues notwithstanding... are not fit for elective office.

This November, we have the opportunity to make a statement.  In November of 2020, those in the State Senate who voted for this atrocity should get the same message.

Stop lying to us like so many have and do.

Stop believing we're stupid. 

Sadly, for those of you who voted for this, it's too late.  You cannot justify a vote that's 10% "good" and 90% "bad."

You treat us with contempt, but somehow then expect us to avoid returning the favor.

A pox on both of your Houses.

Friday, March 02, 2018

For sheer entertainment value, the Quiring-Boldt race is going to be hard to beat. I can already feel the local GOP RINOs squirming.

Looks like Davey Gellatly's worst nightmare (besides ever using a spell-checker) has come true.

Eileen Quiring has announced against my brother-in-law, Marc Boldt, for the county chair position.

I make no secret of the fact that Boldt is a total incompetent who runs a government that no one even wants to work for.

He has been banned by the Public Disclosure Commission from running... or having a family member run... his own campaign finances.... yet somehow, he's in charge of the finances of THIS county?


As I knew he would were he to be elected, it appears that he's been instrumental in raising every county tax that could be raised and every county fee that could be raised.  He's reinstituted all of the fees possible for new business, and generally done everything he could to erase any conservative impact of David Madore and Tom Mielke.  He continues to rabidly support the CRC/Loot Rail scam.

The only thing greater than his incompetence is his predictability.

And now.... now, the local GOP cabal has a problem.

We all know that Davey Gellatly used my blog to trash fake Republican Carolyn Crain.  That, of course, doesn't stop him from threatening or attacking me and my meager effort here.

But there is no doubting the high levels of hypocrisy to which this clown has ascended.

Meanwhile, Crain hovers over the GOP like the huge black cloud announcing a storm is coming any minute.

We all remember her fake Republican group that worked so hard to get the Young Democrat-endorsed Boldt elected to county chair: her hatred of conservatives is well known, as is the distaste for all conservatives by the current local GOP regime.

So now, the question is clear: how does the local party set about to screw Quiring in her efforts to unseat Boldt and actually get a Republican in charge of this government?

As I've already pointed out, the local regime has not even wanted a Republican to run against Boldt, even though Boldt has long since dropped any pretense of BEING a Republican.

One need only go over to the GOP Regime's list of candidates to see that they have been making zero effort to find a Republican to run against Boldt, just like they made it clear they were going to trash Liz Pike once she announced.

Expect at least one fake Republican to run so they can split the GOP vote.  Expect the RINO scum infesting us, like those supporting Rivers' sockpuppet in the 18th, Larry Hoff, to rabidly support my full-on democrat, tax and spend liberal brother-in-law.

And expect the local GOP to do everything they possibly can to keep that leftist that no one really wants to work with, in office.  After all, he picked up 39% of the vote last time, hardly a ringing endorsement.

Because that's how the scum running the local GOP show roll.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Gun control that makes a difference.

So, another school slaughter has taken place.

The leftists, following the Emanuel plan to never fail to let a good crisis go to waste, are continuing to do everything they can to keep soft targets killing fields.

Nothing that anyone on either side has proposed will make any difference in the outcomes.

Image may contain: textAt base, the left wants to take our guns away from us.  The left is all about controlling people: what they think, what they say and the words that shouldn't be heard.

Correspondingly, the right is all about black letter constitutional law and the enforcement of that law.

For the left, and for some RINOs, the only way to solve this situation is to punish those who obey the laws as they are.

For the right, the only way to solve this situation is to ENFORCE the laws we have now.

The problem?

NONE of these proposals would have stopped Parkland from happening.

The left is all about the stupidity of denying those 18 to 20 their rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment, because, you know, each and every slaughter carried out has been by someone in that age group with an AR15.

Stores are engaging in their hypocrisy... who hasn't heard of Dick's Sporting Goods yanking AR15's and their variants off their shelves?

Does everyone not reading this know that this isn't the first time?
From Forbes. Not the first time Dicks has said this. Entire article cut and pasted because Forbes can sometimes be difficult to access.  
This is from August 2013 after Sandy Hook. 
Despite Self-Imposed Ban, Dick's Sporting Goods Selling AR-15 Rifles At New Offshoot 
Clare O'Connor,  
In the confusing aftermath of December's Sandy Hook school massacre, it was unclear where shooter Adam Lanza had procured the cache of weapons that killed 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut. As officials investigated tips from the public, Dick's Sporting Goods found its way into headlines via unsubstantiated rumors that Lanza had tried to buy a rifle at a Danbury outpost days before the crime. 
Dick's, the country's largest outdoor sports retailer, responded to the tragedy by pulling semi-automatic guns - 'modern sporting rifles', in industry parlance - off shelves in their 500-plus stores "out of respect for the victims and their families," per a December statement. 
It emerged months later than Adam Lanza's mother obtained the Bushmaster .223-caliber model XM15 rifle her son later used in his murder spree at the small, apparently unscrupulous Riverview Gun Sales, which has since lost its license. 
Dick's has kept its word, though: a search of its website shows semi-automatics like the Bushmaster remain off the menu. The outdoor giant (2012 revenues: $5.89 billion) is, however, selling these modern sporting rifles at its brand new offshoot, Field & Stream. The first of these specialty hunting and fishing stores opened in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania this past weekend, with Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson on hand to sign autographs. 
Gun news site The Firearm Blog first posited that AR-15 rifles like the kind Lanza used would be available at Field & Stream despite the Dick's ban on these weapons in a post earlier this month. The team at social news outlet Vocativ attended Friday's grand opening in Pennsylvania to see for themselves: 
We weren’t the only ones looking for an AR-15. The line to purchase these firearms was so long that customers were required to take numbers. And the selection was excellent! So excellent, in fact, that we decided to take pictures. The guns for sale included the Remington AR-15s, S&W AR-15s as well as Stag and DPMS AR-15s. Oh, and don’t forget the Bushmaster used by Lanza. 
Dick's, which reported lackluster second quarter earnings on Tuesday, did not respond to Forbes' requests for comment. A staffer at Cranberry Township's Field & Stream confirmed to Forbes that semi-automatic rifles are indeed on sale but wasn't sure how many remain in stock after an opening weekend that also saw a camouflage-clad couple wed at the store. 
Industry experts say Dick's has to sell these weapons at its new spinoff to remain competitive. "I'm not surprised," said James Chartier, an analyst at Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co., Inc who covers Dick's Sporting Goods and competitors like Cabela's. "If you want to be authentic to the customer, you have to sell that product. You can't be seen as caving in to political pressure."
Kroger, which has been ripping people off in a variety of ways for quite some time now, joined in the fun today by arbitrarily raising the age of purchase rifles to 21.

These two efforts and several more are prime examples of confusing motion... with action.

The people who are doing this crap WANT us to think they're making a difference.

They're not, of course, but they want you to THINK they are.

How would this have stopped Parkland from happening?

How would this have stopped the Columbine Massacre from happening?

How would this have stopped the Las Vegas shooting from happening?

How would it have stopped San Bernardino from happening?

How would this have stopped Orlando from happening?

How would this have stopped Virginia Tech from happening?

How would this have stopped the Aurora shooting from happening?

How would this have stopped the University of Texas tower from happening?

How would this have stopped the Charleston Church shooting from happening?

They wouldn't have.  And that is what makes these ideas moronic publicity seeking idiocy.

(As I pointed out here, YouTube is rife with videos showing how to turn any semi-automatic rifle into an automatic rifle without adding ANY equipment to it, so getting rid of bumpstocks is more bright, shiny object politics that accomplishes nothing.)

ANYTHING we as a society choose to do as a result of these slaughters MUST make a change in these outcomes.

What WOULD make a difference?

Arming teachers/staff.

Armed security like that of Sidwell Friends School, where Obama sent HIS kids.

Security at Sidwell Friends School
Metal detectors and controlled entrances/exists.  Bullet proof doors.  Electronic surveillance.  Bullet proof glass. 

And even then, that won't make schools kill proof... but it will reduce both the likelihood and effectiveness of further attacks.

It will be expensive.  It will take some time, but not too much time... and it will actually provide positive results.

Unlike this other idiocy... getting rid of bump stocks, getting rid of so-called assault rifles, getting rid of high capacity magazines, restricting this, getting rid of that.... these changes will make a difference.  They will make it much more difficult to attack schools.... but...

And there's always a "but."

That does not even begin to address the rest of the soft targets.

My wife and I missed the Cascade Mall shooting in Burlington by one day, the day before.

We can spend all of the money in the world to protect our schools... but what can we do about any of the other soft targets; malls, stadium crowds, beaches, the areas outside airports, grocery stores... the list is endless.

When we harden schools as targets, those inclined to slaughter us will merely turn their attention elsewhere, to other soft targets.

Regular readers know I conceal carry.  I am rarely far away from a fire arm.  I may find myself in one of these situations one day, but if I'm killed, it's because I ran out of ammo protecting myself, my family and everyone around me.

If you aren't armed, you need to get that way.  If you don't know how to use weapons, find a reputable coach and a solid facility with a good reputation and learn how.

Learn the rules and laws in your area.  Get a secure location within your home so that your kids can't get to your weapons, store up several hundred rounds of ammunition and be prepared to protect yourself and your family at all times...

Because when seconds count, the police are only minutes away... and sometimes, as Parkland showed, even that isn't good enough.

As it sits, what's happening now is nothing more nor less than political grandstanding on the pile of bodies our inaction as a country has caused.

Making certain weapons illegal because they're "scary looking," or falsely claiming they're "weapons of war" so they can be confiscated; telling us how many bullets we can put into a magazine, generally being ignorant about what can be done, what needs to be done and what MUST be done is not going to make us or our schools any safer, period.