Thursday, October 31, 2013

One can always hope the Rainbow Warrior might sink....

It's always nice when those who believe they have some inate superiority in intelligence parachute on in here to tell us local yokels how to live and what to think.

The pirate ship "Rainbow Warrior" is no exception.

I am now the staunchest supporter of the coal terminal plan... whereas before, I was ambivelent.

I cannot adequately express how little I care that such a boat representing such an organization is here, except to now hope that whales get depth-charged into extinction.

In a few days, this self-aggrandizing effort will be over and that toy boat will be gone... as will whatever small impact they may have had.

Greenpeace ship part of local protest against proposed coal export facilities

Rainbow Warrior docks at Vancouver Landing

By Eric Florip, Columbian transportation & environment reporter
Published: October 31, 2013, 9:16 PM
Introduced in 2011, the Rainbow Warrior is the newest member of the Greenpeace fleet. The 190-foot ship arrived in Vancouver this week to highlight opposition to proposed coal export terminals in the Northwest. (Photo by Zachary Kaufman)
There aren't many sailboats equipped with a helipad and twin masts that are too tall to fit under the Interstate 5 Bridge.
When such a vessel sails into Vancouver, it's bound to turn heads.
This week's visit by the Rainbow Warrior, one of the ships in the Greenpeace fleet, is part of a West Coast tour highlighting the environmental causes championed by the international organization. The primary focus here: making a statement against coal export facilities proposed in the Northwest, including one in Longview.
"Coal exports is one of the biggest threats that we have right now," said Kelly Mitchell, Greenpeace energy campaigner. "There's no question we need to stop these terminals and keep this coal in the ground."
The Rainbow Warrior arrived in Vancouver on Wednesday. After hosting a few visits and school groups on Thursday, the ship's crew and other Greenpeace staff members plan meetings with local partners and other organizations today. Public tours will be offered Saturday and Sunday. The ship is docked at Vancouver Landing, behind the Red Lion Hotel Vancouver at the Quay on the Columbia River.
The ship's arrival marks the latest high-profile move on an issue that has vaulted Vancouver and Southwest Washington into the spotlight. A proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver has more recently added a new wrinkle to the controversy.
Nationally known activist and author Bill McKibben visited Vancouver earlier this year. Meetings and demonstrations have drawn hundreds of people locally.
Greenpeace activists joined Cowlitz County residents to display banners against coal exports as the Rainbow Warrior sailed past Longview on Wednesday. If the organization is planning a similar statement in Vancouver before departing next week, activists aren't saying. Greenpeace doesn't announce actions before they happen, said Rainbow Warrior Captain Joel Stewart.
The ship, sharing the same name as two of its predecessors, is the newest member of the Greenpeace fleet, sailing since 2011. It's also the first vessel to be built specifically for the organization, including several features designed to make it an environmentally friendly boat, Stewart said.

By the way?  If McKibben were a "nationally known" person... then you wouldn't have to explain who he is.

Another reason besides his CRC Scammery to get rid of Onslow.

Ron Onslow, the present mayor of Ridgefield, figures prominently on my "do not elect" list because he sold out his community and all of SW Washington with his "screw-the-people" vote on the CRC Scam.

Well, additionally, he seems to be something of a thug... and here's yet another reason to vote this screwball out:

Ridgefield police union files complaint

Filing alleges threat by mayor related to rival's endorsement

By Tyler Graf, Columbian small cities and schools reporter
Published: October 31, 2013, 9:32 PM
The Ridgefield Police Officers Association on Wednesday filed an unfair labor practices complaint against Mayor Ron Onslow, alleging he threatened to retaliate against union members who voted to endorse a political rival.
Earlier in the month, the union voted to back write-in candidate Tim Wilson, a Battle Ground police sergeant, in the Nov. 5 general election.
The complaint, filed with the Washington state[sic] Public Employment Relations Commission, says Onslow flagged down a patrol officer Monday and told him that because of the endorsement, the association was "now screwed." Onslow promised to find out which union members voted for the endorsement, according to the complaint.
While Onslow said he talked to an officer Monday, he disputed making the threat attributed to him in the complaint.
Onslow said he told the officer he felt it was sad that union members didn't discuss their concerns, if they had any, with him before endorsing Wilson.
He said he found the complaint upsetting, adding that he has little authority to retaliate against the union.
That's because the mayor and city council don't directly negotiate with the union. That work is handled by Ridgefield staff, before the city council signs off on the final contract.
Patrick Emmal, the union's attorney, balked at Onslow's defense, saying "retaliation can take many forms."'
"Any time a chief executive officer makes those kinds of statements, it's cause for great concern," he said.
The complaint, filed by Ridgefield police officer and union president David Bone, alleges Onslow said the union would "pay the price" for making the endorsement. Onslow said he did not speak with Bone on Monday, but rather a different officer.
Bone did not immediately respond to requests for comment Thursday.

Total train wreck: 6 Obamacare enrollees on Day One

Stupid is as stupid does.

It appears Bob Dingethal is running against Jamie.

Well, I’ve been hearing about this for quite some time now… Actually months.

The problem Bob is going to have, is that he’s your standard issue leftist in what amounts to a right-leaning district.  The fact that the democrats generally, and that moron in the White House particularly, are getting clobbered over Obamacare… which is not going to be able to successfully defend… makes it even more of an unlikely prospect that he has any chance to win… Even against an idiot like Herrera.

Below is a shot of the Facebook page where one of his friends actually makes the announcement, which is remained up for quite some time now… Inferring that it is in fact true.

Well, good luck with that… But don’t measure the drapes anytime real soon.

At some point, hopefully, a genuine Republican will run against this clown.  If one does, she’s gone, more than likely.

An old Leave-it mug shot: the many faces of "The Liar"

The scumbag mayor of the Vancouver Soviet.

FWIW: my votes (updated). (added "no" on 522)

Until today, I was ambivalent about 522... but when it brings out the celebrity fringe left nutters who don't even live here?

That moved me to "no" on 522. 

Well, here's the list.  If anything is left off, it's because I didn't vote for it.

I-517 - Yes.

I-522 - No

"No" on all the state advisory votes.

District 2 Freeholders:

Seat 1: Hann

Seat 2:

Seat 3: Pike

Seat 4: Nelson

Seat 5: Miller

Hockinson School Board: Nordberg.

County Advisory Votes:

Vote 1: Loot Rail


This has confusing wording: The yes/no issue should mean "yes" I support light rail,  or "no" I do not.  The result could be based on that confusion.

Vote 2: Yes

Vote 3: Yes

Vote 4:  No

Vote 5:

Vote 6:  No

The blanks are likely to be filled in before I take it in.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The message of the so-called "path to citizenship."

I'm a simple guy.... kinda black and white, relatively straight forward.

Some people hate that in me... many to the left of Mao here locally, for example, despise me.  In fact, a moron lying about his identity is shilling Lefty Lou's hit piece(s) on me from some 3.5 years ago... even now.

Why?  Who knows?

Who cares?

But that said, I have a problem with the leftist effort to dissolve our borders.  And a dying GOP had better be careful and have a problem with it as well.

First and foremost, I will not support anyone running for office who caves on the illegal alien issue or the Obamacare issue or the debt/spending issue.

Any RINO voting for that garbage (You listening, Herrera, you putz?) will be opposed by me and my money and time and effort.

And that also applies to the "why bother" issues of debt, spending and illegal aliens.

It's clear that the leftists in both parties are only concerned about democrat votes.  The RINO's, having caved to Obama on absolutely everything possible, will no doubt cave to him on this: gutless scum will typically cave.

But the idea about a "path to citizenship" as a part of that slimeball's amnesty program is the line that cannot be crossed.

We know that moron will assure the GOP that he'll strengthen the borders and then do nothing so his cartel buddies will get free reign.  After all, wasn't this the same guy who stood there many times and lied to the American people... repeatedly... about Obamacare?  Lies that the GOP are letting him get away with?

I get that the RINO's (Particularly those from heavy hispanic districts who would sell their souls to stay in office, what's best for this country be damned.) will sell us out to stay in DC.  But the GOP is hanging by a thread out here in the grass roots.  Our local cardboard cutout of a congresswoman has sold us out repeatedly and, if she runs, could be walking into a fan of her own making... and her own locating.

Because what Obama wants us to do is simply to reward those who piss on the laws of this country merely by being here... who are costing the taxpayers billions as it is... and who, if they're given this gift because of their skin color and nationality, will result in additional millions stressing our infrastructure and additional tens of billions to pay for them.

Sickening.  But then, that's what has characterized this lying scumbag's entire time in office.

XDs is back... now to get rid of it.

The XDs is back.  I shipped it in a little cardboard box, so they returned it in a small gun case, along with the 7 round mag.

I've got a buyer coming here on Saturday, so this thing will be out of my life and I'll get something I can actually depend on in the ways *I* need to depend on it, from acompany that knows what it's doing and won't screw around.... Ruger, Glock, S&W or something like that.

What a shame.  It looks like a nice piece, but Springfield Arms acted like a clown car on drugs during this recall, and if they didn't get it right and it has to be recalled AGAIN, I'll want someone else to have to screw around with it.

Sorry, SA... but it's pretty clear I'm never going to know what it's like to fire one of your weapons.

CCP View: Imagine that. Even the democratian's beginning to question… at least a little.(UPDATE: I apologize)

(UPDATE: I apologize for the Titanic comparison for the reasons laid out below)

At 12:50 this morning, I put up a post wondering aloud when the American people were going to become somewhat more vocal in the face of the multiple lies from the Obama administration, concerning not just Obama care but perhaps almost everything facing this country.

Given their protracted history of democrat support and democrat philosophies, I was somewhat surprised, to see a democratian editorial based somewhat on the same subject, some five hours or so later.

It’s rare for the newspaper to actually criticize the president or any other Democrat, given that they are so rabidly in support of most leftist policies.  (Including Obamacare as well).

And I was struck by their gift of “understatement”.  Referring to the pathological lies in the president concerning Obama care.  As a “credibility gap” has to pretty much qualify as the understatement of the year.

The title of their muted effort?  "Credibility Gap Grows."

Which is, of course, for those actually paying attention, not unlike the Captain wondering aloud why the deck on the Titanic was getting a little damp.

It does tend to explain a few things though, specifically as to why they seem incapable of treating Tim “the liar” Leave–it the same way they treat anybody else: dull-normal skills of observation must be behind it.

It is to our nation’s misfortune that the President of the United States Is a complete, pathological, liar.

For you Homeland Security/NSA Types, let me reiterate: the President of the United States complete, pathological, liar.

It’s bad enough that the man lies to get his bills and programs passed, or otherwise rammed down our collective throats.

But this man lied repeatedly.  Let me emphasize that: the man lied repeatedly; day in, day out, over a period of months, as he got the more gullible out there to actually believe in his statements that indicated that we could actually put 40,000,000+ more people on our insurance roles and not have to pay more money for the privilege… Or that if you like your program you can keep it… Or that the typical family would actually save $2500 per year premiums.

Well… Now we know better.  Actually, many paying attention have done all of this since the beginning.

Generally speaking, pigs do not fly.  And as great as Obama thinks he is, he has yet to solve that problem.

This program is been a catastrophe from the beginning; from the way that it was passed, to the idiocy of the former Speaker of the House stupidly standing there, telling us that we would “… have to pass the bill, to see what’s in it”… to the insanity of paying almost $650 million for a series of websites that are complete failures… And now wondering how many hundreds of millions were going to waste so that others can come along and fix it (what are the chances the contractor, who is apparently a close friend of the Klingon Princess, gets to be required to refund the money?)

Exclusive of the fact that a close examination between the tactics of the scumbag running the city of Vancouver and the scumbag running the United States (who, oddly enough, was endorsed by the scumbag running Vancouver) reveals a startling similarity and it’s hard to say which is which: is the CTran scam that Tim “the liar” Leave–it is running just following the pattern that our current leadership at the national level is providing?

And that’s the problem with the editorial, exclusive of their understatement of the situation.

They have no problem calling the president to task (finally) for one of his volumes of lies, particularly one which is going to damage this country for generations even more than he already has.  But when it comes to “The Liar’s” lack of integrity on either the issue of tolls or how he worked so hard to ram this horrific TriMET contract down our throats without public examination or comment… they remain silent.

I’m not exactly sure if I should be heartened by the fact that the democratian appears to have caught up to where most people with any functioning neurons actually arrived, say, 4 ½ years ago when it comes to the lies of Obama;  or frightened that they’re so far behind the curve compared to those of us actually paying attention.

I have to wonder: how much of this is a result of party hackery?  How much of this is a result of hatred of all things to the political right?

If it was Republican presidents lying like this I have to ask myself: “Gee, I wonder what they’d be saying about that?”

Still, I suppose that actually mentioning some small percentage of how we we’re re being shafted at both the federal and local levels by scum that really don’t care about the people as much as they care about their agendas, is better than no mention at all.  And given the amount of time the cancer of the CRC has been descending upon us, and the efforts that the democratian has taken to actually assist in their lies and deceit and their efforts to ram it down our throats… I suppose it’s just too much to ask for them outrage about how the federal government is screwing us as they do about the fender benders at the local level } concerning Madore or Benton, or anyone else that they hate that’s to the right of Mao… Tends to make it kind a comical.

I’ve got to wonder: when are the American people going to rise up and say, “We’ve had enough?”

My own personal philosophy is always that if you have to lie to get your project built, or your bill passed into law… Then it shouldn’t be built and your bill shouldn’t be passed in the law.

If Obama care is such a great innovation for the American people, exclusive of the fact that no poll has ever indicated that the American people support this rip off… then why did they have to lie to get it passed?

We see this more and more, at all levels of government.  Here locally.  For example, the CRC scam in the way it slid through the CTran board without public examination or questioning… without even acknowledgment that there was a contract with TriMet to be able to review.

And now, we come to find out, that the scum running this country knew as far back as 2010.  That Barack Obama was lying when he told us repeatedly that if we like our program, we can keep it.  If we like our doctor we can keep him or her.  And most importantly, presumably… It would save us $2500 per family per year.

Lies.  All lies. He repeated those lies over and over and over again... just like "The Liar" Leave-it.

And what about the other promises he’s made?

Has he yet found those responsible for Benghazi, or has he perhaps found it impossible to look in a mirror?

Having set the bar so low by becoming the worst president this country has ever known, having failed to solve our economic issues, having failed to solve our foreign-policy debacles, having failed to bring peace to the Middle East, (didn’t this guy get A Peace Prize like 60 seconds after he took office?)  Having been busted for spying on just about everybody capable of engaging in electronic communication; American, British, German, French, and damn near everybody else with the plug-in in their country, having violated the law on illegal aliens, having worked to bury us under more debt than all previous presidents combined, having now, according to the US debt clock assigned a tax liability of $1.1 million to each and every American taxpayer… Having used the IRS for his own personal political purposes, I admit to asking myself:

When is enough… Enough?

Here’s the thing: any sentient being who has even a basic awareness of reality knows that if George Bush were president of these United States, under these conditions, the left and the Democrats and their fellow travelers would be bitching like cut cats.

Remember the outrage when gasoline became three bucks a gallon on Bush’s watch?  Those same people seem strangely silent when it crossed over the four dollar level on Obama’s.  How about those people that supported Obama that now find themselves without a job?  How’s the coal industry looking these days?  How about that pipeline from Canada?  How about all those morons opposed to fracking?

The things that this man promised.  The pledges that he made.  The disappointment that he has become.

As our foreign-policy spirals out of control, as our domestic policy continues to crash at warp speed, as we’re lied to over and over and over again, as huge pieces of legislation are jammed through Congress before any critical analysis of a nonpartisan nature outside of The Partisan Congressional Budget Office can actually take place, our country is not better off now than it was five years ago.

Horrifically expensive regulations increase geometrically, those who’ve fallen out of the workforce altogether are at an all-time high; corruption, greed, graft… You name it.  This the least transparent administration in history (you remember his pledge to be the “most transparent administration in American history,” don’t you?) when does this guy get held accountable for his actions?

I fully understand that his approval ratings are now amongst the lowest in history for a president.  But he doesn’t seem to care.  Those working for him don’t seem to care.  They break the law like it’s a series of suggestions, and not what they are sworn to obey.

Frankly I’m getting sick of.

Imagine how much better off our country would be if this disgrace to the Oval Office had actually kept his promises?

Imagine where we'd be… If he actually cared about us.  You know, instead of faking it?  Lie after lie after lie after lie.  Nobody on his side of the aisle seems to care, and whenever anybody on my side of the aisle brings these issues up, they’re frightened off by allegations that we are racists, or tea partiers, or scum of the earth.

It’s the same kind of crap that’s gone on downtown with these character attacks against David Madore.  Everybody’s concerned about David Madore’s character… Why aren’t any of those same people concerned about Tim “the liar” Leave–it’s?  Why is the issue of integrity only a one-sided blade instead of the two-sided blade?  Why do those on the left get a pass?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the president, a Mayor who repeatedly and obviously lied to get elected, or a state representative whose assaulted women and had been a stone-alcoholic while he was at work… They all get a pass.

It’s like that attitude is filtered down to the local level.  The scum shilling the CRC will lie about anything.  By policy, they have ignored the public that they’re supposed to serve.

We have an utterly clueless  cardboard cutout of a Congresswoman in Washington DC… Who has done absolutely nothing to fix the CRC scam...  Well, except to send out a couple of letters and a few press releases to make the ignorant think she’s done something.

When is enough, enough?

When will the allegedly loyal opposition…actually do something to oppose this idiot?  What happened to our ability to fight tyranny?  What happened to those great tenets of our society and our history and our strength and our courage that made this country that shining city on the hill?

Where did they all go?  And what will it take… To get them all back?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Springfield Armory finally sends out my recalled XDs .45

A few minutes ago, I received an email from Springfield Armory indicating that after having picked up my .45 XDs from FedEx on September 3, that it's supposed to be delivered here on 30 October. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gee: who knew he was lying? Obama knew millions would lose insurance.

Stephony Rice, caught in the act: (Self-portrait, picture)

As we all know Stephony is a liar. She has, in fact, lied about a variety of things for years.

So it's not surprising that she'd quote her hero, Third Reich Propaganda Minister Dr. Joesef Goebbels as she provides some free earned media for another member of the Downtown Mafia, Jim Mains.

If I'm not mistaken, this picture hangs in Lefty Lou's office.

And who better to know than Stephony Rice?

Few people around here outside Stephony and her fringe-left buds live by this kind of garbage more than Phony.  Considering the issues she's lied about in the cancer on our community and the year's long lies of the CRC Scam that she so strongly supports, I must admit that she's achieved a new level of hypocrisy with this idiocy.

Mains has had his moments, because, I've been told that while he was destroying Marc Boldt's campaign (And how did that work out, again?) He repeatedly explained to those who were asking why I was opposed to Boldt's re-election that I was on Madore's payroll... which was, and is, an out and out lie.

But that's just keeping in the leftist meme.

Delavar the first to take on Herrera, should she run again.

I'm of two minds over Delavar’s challenge of Jamie Herrera for her congressional seat.

Mind number one: I can’t vote for Mike Delavar, not because I want Jamie Herrera to be reelected, God forbid, but because he is one of the staunchest supporters of the politically late and unlamented Ron Paul.

I spent hundreds, if not thousands of words delineating my utter disdain for the acolytes of Mr. Paul, and nothing’s happened to change any of that.

Mind number two: correspondingly, I do not want Jamie Herrera as my Congresswoman.

For all the reasons set forth in my blog, she has been and continues to be an abysmal failure at the job.  All of which begs the bigger issue: is she going to run for reelection?

At the time it happened, imagine what our political landscape would look like today for this presidential election, if John Edwards and stood out there with his wife, announcing her breast cancer, only to look at the camera and say:
“Ladies and gentlemen, I very much appreciate all of the help, faith, effort, and money that you’ve given to my campaign.  I think I’ve got a pretty good shot at winning this.
The fact is I have to put the needs of my family, ahead of my political desires generally, my wife's illness and the needs of our family must take priority.  As a result, I am hereby ending my candidacy for presidency of the United States, because I love my wife, and am devoted to our children and they must come first in this time of great need.”
Had he kept it in his pants… After having given a statement like that?

I've got to wonder: would there be any buzz at all about Hillary Clinton?

The same question has to be asked about Jamie Herrera.

Jamie has a child now, and one wonders: should she put the child first?

Jamie’s missed many votes for the last six months or so, and there’s no doubt that she will miss many more, as she rightfully tends to her stricken child.

But does her stricken child mean that we should go without effective representation in Congress?  (At least something less than the already ineffective representation she has been providing?)

It would definitely be, I believe, to Herrera’s advantage politically for down the road, if she were to become a sainted political figure who put the needs of her child ahead of her own career aspirations.  Besides the fact that the people of the third district would be best served if she was not our Congresswoman, she could exit gracefully with a view towards further political involvement n the future.

As I see it, that’s a “win, win”.  We get rid of her, which can’t be a bad thing, and we get somebody else in there that will actually listen to us and work for us, unlike her.  Who knows?  They might even have opened-to-all Town Hall meetings, unlike Herrera.

I expect others of a more normal political bent to express an interest in campaigning against a weakened Herrera, who hurt herself badly by throwing us under the bus with her support of Obamacare.

And if she does the right thing, which is to announce that she is not running for reelection, then I would expect a battalion of candidates to run.

But know this: Mike Delavar cannot win.

And he won't.

To vote or not to vote? That is the question

So another election is upon us.  The question becomes: is it better to vote or not to vote?

I run this particular question through my own filter.  And my answer is:


Depending on the election, I have frequently sent in ballots with many blanks, or nonsensical write-ins instead of the listed candidates.  I always do send in a ballot.

The first question I asked myself is: do I know anything about the issue I’m voting on?

Typically, I do know.  I have to admit that I know, because of my line of work and the fact that I’m a political junkie, at least something about most of the issues that are confronting us on the ballot.

The second question?  Do I know enough to make an informed decision?

On occasion, some of this stuff is so arcane, that few can understand it.  And like many, my knee-jerk reaction to an issue I do not understand is to either vote “no”, or not vote at all.

The third question?  Of the candidates presented, who do I vote for?

While for some years now I’ve been avoiding voting merely because of a party label, I’ve come to find out in my time in the political realm that party labels are meaningless.  I’m much more concerned about individuals in their positions, regardless of party.

During the last election cycle, I strongly opposed then-Commissioner Marc Boldt’s reelection to the County commission.  Even though Marc is my brother-in-law, I simply could not abide with his leftist politics.  So the fact that he made the fallacious claim that he was still a Republican was more a fantasy on his part that a reality on mine.  (But because he is my brother-in-law, I could not vote against him either.  So in that particular part of the ballot, I wrote in Abraham Lincoln or something to that effect.  That is not to say that I now oppose Commissioner David Madore; on the contrary, I strongly support most of what he’s doing.  I believe that much of it needs to have been done for years.  The current brouhaha about Madore’s efforts is just leftist whining that essentially is baseless and groundless.)

For example, in the last election, I wrote in bizarre names for Governor, Lt. Governor., Attorney General, Lands Commissioner, Secretary of State, and so forth.  Because frankly, I didn’t want any of them.  I’m too old and too cynical and to dispossessed by my own former party to give a damn about the issue of party labels.

Our current Congresswoman claims to be a Republican… Yet she had no problem throwing us under Obama’s bus the other day when she voted in support of Obama care against the overwhelming wishes of her own constituency.  So if, as an alleged Republican, she is going to politically betray us… Then what the hell difference does is it make what Party she’s in?

Ultimately, far too many of us vote based merely on the 100 or 200 word statements contained within the voter pamphlet.  For most of us, it’s not important enough to research the issues, or the people or their voting records.  In fact, just for one example, the last time we had a countywide election for County assessor, Peter Van Nortwick’s opponent, it turns out, had not voted in the entirety of her life.  And that was so meaningless to the local excuse of a newspaper that they endorsed her anyway.  (She lost)

Tim “The Liar” Leave-it, commissar of Vancouver, also had an incredibly spotty voting record… for the most part, failing to vote over the last several years…  Even while a Vancouver City Councilman.  Of course, his voting record aside, Leavitt is unfit to be elected to dogcatcher, but the fact that he rarely bothered to exercise the franchise that so many of us sacrificed to provide him with is yet just another indication of how lightly he takes the privilege.

So, if you actually take the time to find out what the issues are that we’re going to be voting for and have some conversant knowledge of what those issues might actually be, then by all means, vote.

If you actually take the time to find out about the candidates that are up for election, something far beyond the voter pamphlet, something about their prior voting record, both in office and out of office, something about them as individuals, something about their position, something about their vision… then by all means vote.

But just about everyone reading this already knows: that is not the case.  As voters, we’re frequently too lazy, or use the excuse we’re too busy, or we just simply vote a party line, is if the label actually has any meaning… when all too often, it does not.

And that’s why my response to the question: vote or not to vote?  Is: “sometimes.”

If you’re blinded by partisan hackery, then don’t vote.  If you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, then don’t vote.  If you use a dart board to decide who’s going to get your vote, then don’t bother.  If you vote because a party organization, or a union, or a business, endorses the candidates in question? 

Do us all a favor: don’t vote.

Use your head.  Appreciate what others have died to provide you.  Do not take this duty lightly.  Be able to know and understand why you vote the way you vote for every issue that you vote on.  Because if you can’t explain it, then you shouldn’t vote.

An ignorant voter, and so many are ignorant, can do more damage to this country than the wisest most educated voter by far.

Just look at who we have for president if you need an example.

Kudos to Chief Deputy Sheriff Erin Nolan for exposing the rot in LaCenter city government.

Gutsy report by a tremendous leader and asset to our community.

La Center councilors want topic out in open

Review of city department heads urged following report

By Tyler Graf, Columbian small cities and schools reporter
Published: October 28, 2013, 6:00 AM

Two La Center city councilors are leading the charge for an in-depth performance audit of department heads following the release two weeks ago of an internal report critical of how the city has handled personnel policies.

The report, written last spring by the city's former interim police chief Erin Nolan, details complaints from current city employees and a former employee about two department heads.

Erin Nolan's report on La Center

City Attorney Dan Kearns had declined to release the report, later leaked, citing attorney-client privilege and the potential that employees named in it would be considered whistle blowers under federal law. It will be the subject of a closed executive session at the end of Wednesday's city council meeting.

But Councilors Elizabeth Cerveny and Greg Thornton have said they don't want the discussion to remain behind closed doors. They plan to address the report directly during the council's open session.
"I would hope the general public would be interested in this," Cerveny said.

Wednesday's meeting is expected to take place in front of a full chamber of spectators. Former La Center City Councilor Bob Smith and the city's cardroom spokesman John Bockmier said they plan to attend.

They expressed surprise that the report had been kept under wraps for months and that, once released, Mayor Jim Irish had said he didn't plan to address the issues mentioned in it.

Nolan's report alleges that two department heads, Finance Director Suzanne Levis and Public Works Director Jeff Sarvis, created a hostile workplace and that Irish didn't act to curb it. The report alleges that the city is rife with cronyism and nepotism and questions the professionalism of Levis and Sarvis, who according to the report are involved in an "intimate relationship."

After it was leaked, Levis said the report was a work of fiction, adding that neither she nor Sarvis were interviewed by Nolan.

"The untrue, unkind and unfair comments will only lead to tension and morale issues at work," Levis wrote in an email to The Columbian. "The bulk of the comments come from two current and one very disgruntled ex-employee."

Nolan, the chief civil deputy for the Clark County Sheriff's Office, handed the report to Kearns in May, after she'd completed her tenure as La Center's interim police chief.


The falsity of the Matthew Shepard meme.

So, this gay icon wasn't, apparently, all we've been mislead to believe.

‘Uncomfortable truth’ in Matthew Shepard’s death

Stephen Jimenez didn’t set out to be the most dangerous journalist on earth.

Or, more to the point, the most dangerous gay journalist.

Andrea Peyser
Andrea Peyser
But Jimenez unearthed a story that few people wanted to hear. And it calls into question everything you think you know about the life and death of one of the leading icons of our age.

Matthew Shepard, college student. Killed, at 21, for being gay.

Or was he?

Jimenez’s “The Book of Matt: Hidden Truths About the Murder of Matthew Shepard,” out last month, challenges every cultural myth surrounding Shepard’s short life and unspeakable death. After some 13 years of digging, including interviews with more than 100 sources, including Shepard’s killers, Jimenez makes a radioactive suggestion:

The grisly murder, 15 years ago this month, was no hate crime.

Shepard’s tragic and untimely demise may not have been fueled by his sexual orientation, but by drugs. For Shepard had likely agreed to trade methamphetamines for sex. And it killed him.

Why dredge this up now? Jimenez’s answer surprised me.

“As a gay man,” he said, “I felt it was a moral thing to do.”


It sucks that Obama has lied so much that no one believes him: NSA - He didn't know.

That's just another in the series of outright lies, of course: he damned sure DID know, because if he didn't. the hierarchy of the NSA would have been fired by now.

But when you're lying scum like the president, I guess doubling down is all you CAN do.

Looks like even one of his daughters is tired of his BS.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jayne blows it... again: Smacking Herrera was absolutely the right thing to do.

In another replay of the democratian's inability to understand the political scene, first exhibited with their at-first-demand-he-resign, then-endorse-him-because-he-flipped-to-the-democrats irrational response; rife with lies, of Marc Boldt  (They pounded the local GOP for that one.... though, not so much after the election, since kicking Boldt out had at least part of the desired effect: he lost; the democratian's best efforts notwithstanding.) our local cancer on the community has once again misread the tea leaves when it comes to the hopefully first step of doing the same to our worthless, cardboard cut-out of a congresswoman.

With a newspaper of a decades-long leftist bent and hatred of the GOP and their local candidates that is legendary, that the rag would offer any political advice about anything to the Local GOP is more of a waste of wood pulp than that we're typically used to.

And, rightfully, it will be met with the same GOP disdain.

Herrera was dead wrong to cut and paste her puppet-master's (McMorris) press-release the day before she joined with the other RINO's in the Washington State Delegation and caved to the democrats to support this horrific, incompetent and never-supported-by-the-people-rip off.

The disaster of the Obamacare roll out, and the subsequent loss by hundreds of thousands of Americans of their health plans which that empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot in the White House promised they would be able to keep; has proven, once again, that Ridgefield Barbie is proven wrong.

Of course, the democratian's support of Herrera's idiocy also makes her action on Obamacare suspect; the rag has made it clear they support this "train wreck"of and anything those morons support needs to be checked at the DNA level  to determine the truth as to why.

The local GOP has earned at least some modicum of respect from me by warning Herrera that she, effectively, risks losing GOP support from by far the largest GOP organization in her district (If they mean it, and that remains to be seen) a crippling blow to Barbie who cannot win if they support someone else... and at least 2 "someone else's" are running against her, I'm told.

Not unlike the stupidity of Lefty Lou's confusion of a Vancouver-wide outcome for Leave-it somehow equating to a county-wide repudiation of  David Madore, Jayne confuses The GOP with the Local GOP.  THE GOP is a nationwide organization that must contend with a major RINO contingent.

The LOCAL GOP doesn't have to do that.  The end result is that while "The GOP" may seem "disjointed" to Jayne, that isn't the problem here locally: essentially, the Local GOP doesn't have that problem... and it has zero application here.

We are told by this very rag that "all politics are local," and this is no exception.

What The GOP is doing has no particular relevance to what the Local GOP is doing.

Greg's obviously misplaced "worry" is something he can forget about: he cherry-picks 3 of the dozens of issues, making sure to include one that gives RINO's pause and that has absolutely zero relevance to the issue at hand: bitch-slapping Barbie for her increasingly leftist turn.

I haven't read the comments under Jayne's offering here, but it's assuredly pure red meat to the leftist scavengers that typically lash out and trash the GOP using democratian-provided riffs to stir the pot.

Jayne closes with the observation that Herrera got something like 60% of the Clark County vote.

What he left out, following the all-too-typical pattern of the democratian, was the inconvenient truth that Barbie ran against a weak, unsupported democrat who had no money and the scorn of the Neo-Communist, radical fringe-left "Molehill" Moeller wing of the Clark County democrats. (Full-Disclosure: I voted for him since first, he was strongly opposed to the CRC Scam (Which is opart of why the local neo-communists opposed him, ideological purity notwithstanding) and this guy was at least honest enough to let it be known he was a full-on democrat otherwise, while Barbie does her best to hide it. Truth gets style points from me... which is why I despise Herrera.)

Perspective, Greg.  The use of all the facts... not just the ones you like.  You may be a huge part of that when-rape-is-inevitable crowd: the rest of the American people?

Not so much.

In reality, the Local GOP's effort didn't go nearly far enough.  When Ridgefield Barbie stupidly endorsed Marc Boldt's re-election after the GOP booted his leftist butt out, the Local GOP SHOULD have kicked her out then under the obvious guise of retaliation for her disrespect of the Local GOP.

Her political, leftist treason on that issue OR this issue is should be enough to kick her out and send a message to every member of Congress who trades political expedience for political principle.  And that would absolutely be the right thing to do... Greg's "worry" notwithstanding.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The curious case of Lefty Lou Brancaccio and local conservatives in the future.

The thought occurred to me while Ginzuing Lefty Lou’s latest psychotic screed against anyone to the right of Lenin (below)…  that this is going to be our future in politics around here, as long as a.)  Lefty Lou has a job at the democratian and/or b.)  David Madore is alive... or maybe even longer.

Since Tim “The Liar” Leave–it is wrong on the issues, and since Lefty Lou doesn’t give a damn that “The Liar” is a lying scumbag, Lefty has to engage in some of the same kind of falsity that led to “the Liar’s” election in 2009: he has to make something up to help Leave–it get past his lies of 2009 to get him reelected.

So how does he do that?

First, act as if “The Liar” wasn't a scumbag.  Next, it’s simple: anyone opposing the democratian agenda will automatically now be compared or tied into David Madore... even if they've never heard of him.

It won’t matter, of course that the person being compared to Madore may not even know he exists.  That won’t stop them for one minute.  But from now on, expect to see some version of the following in any competitive race:
We endorse Candidate B, because Candidate A’s positions are too much like David Madore’s.  And we hate David Madore and everything he stands for.  So if you remotely support any of Madore’s positions (aka "the WRONG positions,") we’re going to tie you to Madore, on the hope that tying you to Madore will kill your chances to be elected.
That is the basis for the entire sorry Leave–it campaign.  They can’t run on the issues, because they’re wrong on the issues,  It's why Lefty Lou has been psychotic about Madore from the beginning.

They can’t run on integrity, because they don’t have any integrity.

So what is the entire basis for their campaign?

David Madore.

In fact, that’s what the entirety of Lefty’s psychotic journalistic stalking of David Madore’s leads up to.  This election is a test about how they’re going to run their democrat agenda in the 2014 election.

No matter who runs against Steve “Slimeball” Stewart for example, that person is going to be tied to David Madore.  And it won’t matter if Madore even knows they exist, or if that person knows Madore exists.  Any comparison to those positions will result in an effort to tie a candidate agreeing with most (or even any, if it's related to the CRC Scam) of Madore’s positions to David Madore under the theory of what’s known as political radioactivity.

The scumbag running the Columbian tried to do the same thing to me roughly 3 ½ years ago.  Didn't work of course, but that’s beside the point.  While firing his shotgun at this particular gnat, he missed.  However, it remains to be seen if pumping all those shells into a long dead body and then pulling the trigger into the corpse of his anger at David Madore will have any telling impact.

But if the election turns out the way Brancaccio and the rest of the Downtown Mafia want it, you can expect the same kind of tripe concerning David Madore to appear in the newspaper as long as David Madore lives.  Because that’s how Brancaccio rolls.

The problem they have is that they have tipped their hand by beating this Madore dead horse to death.  By running over it with the road grader.  By a flattening it with a steamroller.  By recycling it into dust.  And it makes it obvious that that’s their strategy.

This isn’t that difficult to figure out.  And figure it out… We have.

CCP Talk: A larger issue in Lefty Lou Brancaccio's psychotic jihad against David Madore.

Hatred is a strong force.  And typically, it's a force for evil.

Few in my life's experience show it as consistently as Lefty Lou Brancaccio.

Brancaccio's increasing level of month’s long word-violence against Clark County Commissioner David Madore shows to a blind man that he is coming across like an increasingly sick individual… Journalistic Stalking comes to mind.

It appears to be a higher-level effort of bullying and lies that closely emulates the variety seen on social media in some schools; designed to make the unpopular kid's life a living hell, with the hoped-for outcome that they will commit suicide... or secondary to that, in this case, political destruction.

Since Lefty Lou’s biggest fan is Lefty Lou, I have been concerned that his self-aggrandizement would result in injury to his own shoulders as he pats himself on the back with almost the same frequency that he attacks David Madore.  The babble of this column is no exception, as he’s using it for a platform to trash both Bill Turley and David Madore in an effort to have it impact the mayor’s race for his butt-buddy Tim “The Liar” Leave-it.

It’s unfortunate that Brancaccio felt it necessary to lie to Steve Dunn of KATU while doing his anti-Madore infomercial.  The specific line:
“Madore and Leavitt are archenemies. One is Superman. the[sic] other is Alexander Joseph ‘Lex’ Luthor. You decide which is which.”
It’s not that Madore and Leavitt are archenemies: it’s that Brancaccio also failed to admit that he’s also an archenemy to Madore.  Had he told Steve Dunn this, it would put a different tint on his babble on that show… And would have been much more accurate.

Using his newspaper platform as an extension of the CRC/Leave–it campaign has been one of the many despicable things that Lefty Lou has done over the years.  His cute use of words in no way masks his own personal hatred of Madore, his own personal hatred of anyone opposed to his agenda, and his own psychotic view that if you oppose him, then he has to attack you

As an adjunct to Leave-its campaign, Lefty Lou has never shown any particular concern over the fact that “The Liar” got elected by lying about his positions on a variety of issues, most notably his fake positions as delineated in my blog repeatedly before the last election, on the issue of tolls.

The Brancaccio’s attempt to reinforce Leavitt’s effort to tie Turley to Madore, instead of addressing the issues… well that does tend to speak for itself…

Then there’s this idiocy:
“We don’t need a council that thinks alike on all the issues.”
This is yet another lie, in his quiver of lies, that he’ll pull out and shoot whenever the heat begins to be felt.  Because here’s the thing:

Every single candidate that this despicable rag of a newspaper has endorsed is exactly in line with the other city Councilmen and women, the mayor, and this cancerous wart of a newspaper’s editorial board.  So, on one hand, lefty Lou claims “we don’t need a counselor thinks alike on all the issues,” but on the other hand, they’re not supporting anybody that thinks or believes anything different.

So it’s not just that he lies, it’s that he does it so badly.

So what does that mean?  Does this mean that Brancaccio is unaware of the fact that the three candidates for city Council and the candidate for Mayor endorsed by this despicable rag are like Tweedledee and Tweedledumber on these particular issues?  That none of them, if elected, would oppose the CRC scam?  And likely that none of them would oppose any part of the democratian’s agenda?  Is he really unaware of that?

Of course he isn’t.

Where was Brancaccio’s concern for this particular issue of group-think back when three democrats controled the County commission?

No where.

This moron works with words every day, as I do.  Words have meaning.  This guy’s being too cute by half in an effort to continue to present the campaign meme of tying Turley to Madore, on the premise that Madore is somehow radioactive.

It’s been said by many that we have the government we deserve, in fact, I’ve may have said it myself.  And as far as it goes, that’s absolutely right.

Except for one thing: that whatever the government Vancouver deserves, unfortunately, has a throw weight far beyond that which they should have.  And ultimately the decisions that morons like Larry Smith, Bart Hansen, and Tim “The Liar” Leave–it make negatively impact the rest of the Southwest Washington on a region wide basis.

I wish that wasn’t so.  I would I wish I could just turn a blind eye to all of this and say, “I really don’t give a damn who these people elect for Mayor, because whoever that is, it is the one they deserve.”

But the scum that the democratian works so hard to put in the office… Leftists all… These maggots of the CRC Scam and the rest of the democratian’s agenda… They’re not the government the rest of Southwest Washington deserves.  They’re just a government that we have no say over.  A government that would enslave us to ever-increasing tolls for at least the next four decades.  A government that would continue to make this area Portland’s butt- boy, requiring us to wear out kneepads to a community that uses the tax dollars that we provide,  while ignoring the services those dollars should be accomplishing for the people of Clark County.

It’s the kind of Mussolini-like arrogance that almost cost Brancaccio his job once before… And shamefully somehow did not, when it certainly should have.

I have to wonder: does he actually read this crap before he sends it out to be published?  Because if he did read it and understand it, he would see the falsity in his own words.  Not that that would matter to him.

Make no mistake: Lefty Lou Brancaccio lied to Steve Dunn.  The idea that he doesn’t want all of the city Council to think and act exactly the same way if that way is in line with his agenda is a psychotic lie of the highest order… And it’s a lie that if successful, will negatively impact this community for decades to come.

Frequently, I’ve used that old saw: “when the law is on your side.  When the evidence is on your side, use the evidence.  When you have neither, attacked the other side’s lawyer.”

In this instance, by failing to stick to and address only the issues; by limiting his proctological exam to Turley alone, by only placing Turley under his microscope, by only discussing Madore’s involvement as if he was the only special interest in this election without looking at the special interests that own Tim Leave-it like the 13th Amendment never existed…

… Brancaccio shows his true colors.  And they are as disgusting and as hypocritical as ever.

And finally, this lie:
“If Leavitt wins, it will signal that we’re growing tired of where Madore is leading this county.”
I have to wonder: whose this “we’re,” that Brancaccio’s babbling about?

As much as Brancaccio would like us to think that this is about Madore, it isn’t.  And Leavitt’s reelection, should we be unfortunate enough to have that happen, would in no way reflect the cross-section of the majority of this County, any more than his bogus, unscientific poll.

The fact is that Madore was not elected by Vancouver.  He was elected by the people of Clark County… And as much as Brancaccio wishes that what he thought, and what the people of Vancouver think, is far more important than what the rest of this County thinks when it comes to our political leadership… It isn’t

Brancaccio’s concerted, months-long effort to demonize David Madore notwithstanding, the “we” begins and ends with the leftist leaning people of Vancouver, the same people who routinely reelect slimeballs like Jim “Molehill” Moeller.

Correspondingly, I can counter Brancaccio’s nonsensical observation with the following:

If, as I expect, loot rail loses overwhelmingly in the upcoming advisory vote?
It will signal that we’re growing tired of Brancaccio and Leavitt’s interference with government of this County.  It is, after all, the people of Clark County who elected this man.…  And not just the people of Vancouver.
And no amount of spin from Lefty Lou or “The Liar” Leave-it is going to change that.

More Springfield Armory recall screw ups: UPDATE: where the hell is my XDs? MORE lies.

Frustration doesn't begin to cover the ineptitude and incompetence of these morons.

They received my XDs .45, brand new and unfired, on Sept 4.

The idiocy of their customer service is in a post here: (Now accessed by around 14,000)

Meanwhile, we're told that the weapons will be repaired and returned, allegedly in the order recieved... but that is likely not true:
Christopher Lodge said... My pistol was delivered on Sept 3rd but wasn't logged in until the 6th. They said that there was no possible way for them to tell me where I am at in the queue to be repaired. I was told this repeatedly which means that they cannot possibly repair the pistols in the order in which they received. They have the RMA numbers and delivery date and fedex history. They absolutely could put them in order and tell everyone what "number" they are in line, and could tell us what numbers have been repaired and shipped back. The fact of the matter is that they are either too ignorant to run a business or they do not care OR they are hiding something. Pick one. Either way it isn't positive for them. My guess is that they scanned the boxes and stacked them in a pile and are randomly taking a box and doing the repair. So first in is in the back of the pile. IF they started at all. Giving someone a number of which they were received is not complex... the unwillingness to do so tells me they are stalling and still trying to figure out a fix. Until someone says "I got mine back" I don't believe it for a minute!!!
From the SpringfieldRecall website:
In our last update, we announced that upgraded pistols would start being shipped back to their owners on Friday, October 18th. Our process of upgrading pistols - in the order that they were received - started as planned and we are very pleased with the positive feedback we are getting from customers regarding the upgrades.
Looks like SA seems to be... well.... fibbing.

Why am I not surprised?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sad commentary on the St. Louis Rams: 8 Monday Night Football tickets for $64 total.

Wow.  Just.,.. wow. [?]
Posted: 2013-10-01, 11:35AM CDT


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I have 8 tickets to the RAMS SEAHAWKS game on Monday night Football October 28th. Halloween Game!!! Face value is $54 each

$60 for all 8 that includes an aisle seat.

Section 419 Row JJ seats 12-19

Hard tickets in Hand, you can stop by SLU Hospital and make an easy exchange during the day.

text or email

80 one 72 one 290 four

NFL Monday Night Football
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Posted: 2013-10-01, 11:35AM CDT
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The idiocy of the Ed Lynch bruhaha.

One of the biggest poisons in our community, perhaps now following only Lou Brancaccio and the CRC Scammers is Stephony Rice.

Phony, as she's known around the burg, will make up any lie to suit the issue; including her sorry, bogus effort to use Ed Lynch as a cudgel against hers... and Lefty Lou Brancaccio's, political opponents.

No lie she won't babble, no exaggeration... no twisting of the facts is beyond her.

Because those who should know better are foolish enough to believe her lies, now they're all acting butthurt over a lie she made up and then printed.

I've met Ed Lynch.  I've worked with him a few years back on some local issues.  He's a very nice man and an asset to the community most of the time.

But he is not the Second Coming of Christ, and when he's been manipulated into making the wrong decisions that effect us all and he throws his lot in with some truly genuine political scum around here, if he allows himself to be used by those who would damage the people of Clark County... then he should expect some blowback.

In this case, though, as the scum from the democratian, such as Stephony Rice, have lied about this situation in such a way as to deliberately mislead the people... it's up to Lynch to step up and do the right thing.

I would say that Rice should be ashamed: but like the scum she works for, she has  no shame.

Further, like the scum she works for, she has no integrity, either.  And those commenting on this embarrassment to our community brought on by the democratian, I would advise you to get your information elsewhere before you engage in condemnation in a situation you, obviously, know nothing about.

In the future, when it's a deliberate liar and outed hypocrite like Stephony Rice... then do yourself a favor:

Consider the source, first.

And frankly, Phony, you'd do us all a favor if you'd just take your own advice... and shut up.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How did we in the WA03 become cursed with such an utterly worthless Congresswoman?

She just gets done shooting off her pie hole with utter idiocy concerning Obamacare, which has blown up in her face.  Now were being switched to the even more bizarre garbage concerning her failure to act on the CRC?  

There is nothing more worthless than a Congresswoman “expressing concerns” about anything in government. 

She should have just sent an email… and saved the paper.   That clanking sound you just heard was the Commandant of the Coast Guard round-filing her “concerns” this time as much as he did LAST time.

One thing our worthless waste of skin representative in Congress is reasonably good at, is the fine art of practicing “bright, shiny, object politics”.

Obama care is blowing up in this nation’s face; so what is this idiot babbling about now?

Her concerns on the CRC.  Which, I am assured, will impact the situation as much as the last time she expressed her concerns on the CRC.

She’s been in elective office since 2007, and has done absolutely nothing that matters about her “concerns.”

She jumped all over that waste of time concerning the Pearson Air Museum.  A worthless bill done entirely for self-aggrandizing public relations which was a worthless effort as I laid out at the time. 

And where is that bill now?

Precisely where I said it would be: nowhere.  Her grandstanding is sickening.

All of her "concerns" notwithstanding, What Has She Done?

Where is her bill to mandate the bridge height be high enough so that mitigation payments of tens of millions of dollars won’t be necessary?

Where is her bill to strip loot rail off this scam?

Where is her effort to demand through legislation that the Coast Guard follow maritime law... and not political nuance to issue this permit?  

In fact, where is her bill to defund the CRC scam altogether?

It’s nowhere.  None of these things are important enough to her to get her to act legislatively.  And acting legislatively is the only thing that matters.  Her “concerns” are as worthless as she is.

I sincerely hope that she is in fact going to be primaried.  The fact that her largest contributors are bridge contractors?  (Kiewit… and she is the Number One recipient of their money in the US.)

Well, that does tend to speak for itself, doesn’t it?