Monday, October 28, 2013

Delavar the first to take on Herrera, should she run again.

I'm of two minds over Delavar’s challenge of Jamie Herrera for her congressional seat.

Mind number one: I can’t vote for Mike Delavar, not because I want Jamie Herrera to be reelected, God forbid, but because he is one of the staunchest supporters of the politically late and unlamented Ron Paul.

I spent hundreds, if not thousands of words delineating my utter disdain for the acolytes of Mr. Paul, and nothing’s happened to change any of that.

Mind number two: correspondingly, I do not want Jamie Herrera as my Congresswoman.

For all the reasons set forth in my blog, she has been and continues to be an abysmal failure at the job.  All of which begs the bigger issue: is she going to run for reelection?

At the time it happened, imagine what our political landscape would look like today for this presidential election, if John Edwards and stood out there with his wife, announcing her breast cancer, only to look at the camera and say:
“Ladies and gentlemen, I very much appreciate all of the help, faith, effort, and money that you’ve given to my campaign.  I think I’ve got a pretty good shot at winning this.
The fact is I have to put the needs of my family, ahead of my political desires generally, my wife's illness and the needs of our family must take priority.  As a result, I am hereby ending my candidacy for presidency of the United States, because I love my wife, and am devoted to our children and they must come first in this time of great need.”
Had he kept it in his pants… After having given a statement like that?

I've got to wonder: would there be any buzz at all about Hillary Clinton?

The same question has to be asked about Jamie Herrera.

Jamie has a child now, and one wonders: should she put the child first?

Jamie’s missed many votes for the last six months or so, and there’s no doubt that she will miss many more, as she rightfully tends to her stricken child.

But does her stricken child mean that we should go without effective representation in Congress?  (At least something less than the already ineffective representation she has been providing?)

It would definitely be, I believe, to Herrera’s advantage politically for down the road, if she were to become a sainted political figure who put the needs of her child ahead of her own career aspirations.  Besides the fact that the people of the third district would be best served if she was not our Congresswoman, she could exit gracefully with a view towards further political involvement n the future.

As I see it, that’s a “win, win”.  We get rid of her, which can’t be a bad thing, and we get somebody else in there that will actually listen to us and work for us, unlike her.  Who knows?  They might even have opened-to-all Town Hall meetings, unlike Herrera.

I expect others of a more normal political bent to express an interest in campaigning against a weakened Herrera, who hurt herself badly by throwing us under the bus with her support of Obamacare.

And if she does the right thing, which is to announce that she is not running for reelection, then I would expect a battalion of candidates to run.

But know this: Mike Delavar cannot win.

And he won't.


Lew Waters said...

I'm not going to get too excited over this just yet, too far away. Still lots of time for others to jump in or Jaime to announce quitting, doubtful she will, though.

I've heard of one Democrat planning on running, but we'll see.

I hope a good candidate comes forward between now and next year.

Delavar isn't it.

It was his supporters and their in your face arguing without let-up that I nearly came to fists with back in 2008 at the GOP HQ

Just a guy said...

I see this as a "raise the profile of the PaulBots" thing more than serious effort.

But if he or anyone else primarying her comes out swinging against the CRC Scam....