Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Conformity around the issues." Apparently, only the right has this problem.

More and more, both locally and nationally, the hypocrisy of non-Republicans comes shining through as they tell us what and how to think, the unimportance of our beliefs and how we in the GOP should conduct ourselves, treat our business, and more importantly, hold candidates and those elected under the banner of "conservative" liable for their non-conservative acts.

The hypocrisy of it all is reeking.  But then, hypocrisy and situational ethics combined with a double standard without introspection is the all-too-frequent hallmark of the leftist these days.

Here locally, there has been no end to the chorus of faux outrage over the local GOP's handling of all things Boldt.

In the leftist world, when a Republican becomes one of them without changing their label as Republicans, they believe that it's none of the GOP's business.

They believe that the GOP has no right to point out the inconsistencies, the differences... the indifferences; post-election, post-support, post-ascension to office where-in the support, the money, the hours, the effort of those who supported Candidate A find themselves getting Candidate X, though that candidate is one in the same person, so removed from Republican principles that once put under this scrutiny, he forgets everything else:

He forgets he's allegedly Republican.

He forgets he's in the Majority.

He forgets that there is precisely, absolutely and utterly zero requirement that he "compromise" with his BFF, Democrat Steve Stuart, who views him as nothing more than a useful tool (See Stuart allowing him to engage in multiple conflict of interest votes without a peep.)

He forgets that politically, Tom Mielke is even alive.

And the leftists revel in it.

They revel in it almost as much as they engage in precisely the same activity... just without the scrutiny, care or concern of the local media.

But it's not just here, you understand.

Here's another headline describing yet another RINO... and complaining that since the GOP doesn't see him through leftist eyes, they are, somehow, "wrong."
Originally published Friday, March 30, 2012 at 6:22 PM

A war hero and moderate gets shoved aside by his party, the GOP

The San Diego Republican Party has moved sharply right recently, writes David Brooks. One victim of that movement is a rising party star who is being pushed out of the way by the GOP establishment.
The RINO in question, one Nathan Fletcher, will soon be a political afterthought in the San Diego area, even though (Gasp!) a newspaper mistakenly referred to him as a "GOP Rising Star."

Well, they say the same thing about the utterly worthless congresswoman representing us.

So, how did the democrats treat former US Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) and current US Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) when they acted the same way concerning more conservative issues?  What, Mr. Brooks... no mention of these left wing poster children, examples of the everything you only apply with a right wing paint brush?

Brooks describes a so-so military record where he got a clerk's medal with a "V" device (The Marine Corps Achievement Medal, typically given to truck drivers for having a REALLY good inspector general report on their vehicle) and an NCOER where its said the only reason he doesn't walk on water is that he loathes wet shoes.

All, essentially, irrelevant.

Then there's this descriptive bit:
He ran for the California State Legislature and won. His legislative career was an extension of his intelligence work — meeting with people unlike himself and trying to strike arrangements. He championed a bipartisan law rewriting the state's sex crimes to make them consistent with the latest research.
He was one of very few Republicans willing to negotiate with Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, over a tax reform plan. He gave an impassioned speech against "don't ask, don't tell." He became friends with the Democratic speaker.
This is a crock, of course.

Oh, not that it isn't true... it likely is.

But it also closely mirrors the actions of a DEMOCRAT, far more then it would a Republican.

What, for example, would happen if, as a DEMOCRAT, he gave an "impassioned speech" FOR "don't ask, don't tell?"

What would happen to his DEMOCRAT rising star?

He would be politically dead in the democrat party.  You know it.  I know it.  The guy who wrote this article knows it.

But they never mention that.

It's only when a REPUBLICAN votes like a democrat and the GOP DOES something about it that any of this is at issue.

Let the reverse happen... as if any democrat were capable of such a thing... and the media wouldn't pay any attention except to say "good riddance."

That Mitt Romney, according to the article, has maxed out to their fellow RINO here is no reason to either admire Fletcher... or Romney.

So, ultimately, Fletcher does what Boldt should do.  He moves towards the party he should have been a member of in the first place.  He becomes an independent.

And he should.  As should Boldt.

Because if you are going to disavow that which raised you politically, nurtured you politically, trained you politically, supported you politically, stood by you politically when YOU need THEM?

Why is it even remotely surprising that when you forget all about that... and all about them... they should stop being enamored of you?

Note that the article ONLY addresses the so-called "center-right."  It remains silent about the "center-left," because, well, total bias and a lack of political introspection forbids that kind of examination.

Fletcher leaving was the right thing to do.

Boldt leaving is the right thing to do.

If you can't live with us... then feel free to try living without us.  We'll muddle through, somehow.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Politically, is Madore any different from Boldt?

Well, as a PCO and auto-delegate to the convention tomorrow, I received a letter from Madore.  It was a nice, albeit non-professional piece that had a lot of words... but little to say.

Unlike Boldt, who never wanted Mielke to become a commissioner, Madore makes it clear that he supports Mielke for that spot.

But what's missing?

Unbelievably, Madore fails to mention the biggest issues facing Clark County for at least the next decade.

He fails to spell out his positions on the CRC scam, light rail and tolls, instead, limiting his position to "I oppose funding any project that is not clearly supported by the majority of taxpayers."

Now, properly parsed, that could mean he's opposed to the CRC and that any vote concerning that issue should be county wide.

But it shouldn't have to BE "parsed."

One thing Marc used to have going for him was that Gary Cooper "Yup, nope, maybe, shucks ma'am, twern't nuthin" kind of thing that involved plain speaking combined with the truth. He likely still uses that... minus the truth, of course... but it was an endearing quality.

Madore's letter didn't.

Ending the CRC scam in it's entirety is the only reason Madore has to run and the only platform for Madore that makes any difference... or sense.

If that's what you mean, David, then just say so.  And if that's NOT what you mean, then there's no point in getting rid of Marc.

Simple, really.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh... and in case anyone is wondering, I am NOT working for, or affiliated with, David Madore in ANY way.

Just caught a whiff of a buzz out there that I am involved in and being paid by the Madore campaign.

Let me put the kibosh on that RIGHT now.

I am not.

I WILL not.

What I've posted here has nothing to do with David Madore, one way or the other.  If I had never HEARD of David Madore or any other candidate, I STILL would be posting this same information.

Honor is the thing, you see.  I believe that Marc has drained that particular swamp.

The only question the reader needs to ask him/herself is this:

Is what this Hinton guy writing accurate?

Anything else is irrelevant.

A suggestion for Marc Boldt: Leave the Republican Party, and become an Independent.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

There has been a great deal of whaling and gnashing of teeth by many who lack any standing in the issue of the local GOP's actions to sanction alleged Republican Commissioner Marc Boldt... most of it by those who have no say, nor should they, since they're democrats... and let's face it, their hypocrisy notwithstanding, the whining and sniveling of Marc's democrat supporters and the newspaper (Again, interchangeable terms) essentially proves the Board's actions to be right on target; as we all know, the only form of compromise ever supported by the left is the "do it my way" plan.

Well, I have a solution to all of this that will end the pain for everyone involved.

This will only work with the understanding that there is much more to being a Republican then merely wearing the label.  Any idiot can run with an "R" after their name.  The question is this: isn't that supposed to mean something?

The leftists jump up and down and tell us it, apparently, is NOT supposed to carry any weight; when they want them to be, labels are meaningless.

To most Republicans, it IS supposed to mean something.  And those supported with our sweat, blood and cash because of their alleged conservative/Republican philosophies owe a duty to those who sacrificed to get them elected.

Using Star Wars terminology, Marc's transformation to the Dark Side has been complete for years.

Lying to me personally... to my face... about a county-wide vote on the CRC/Light rail debacle; selling the people of this county out on the CRC scam while doing everything he can to keep us silent... multiple conflict of interest votes... raising our taxes and fees in the midst of a horrific recession and double-digit unemployment within the county...

These are not the acts of a Republican... and for Marc to claim he's "moderated" since his legislative days is for a Volkswagen to claim it's a Ferrari.  Based on my close observation, the Republican firebrand State Representative Marc Boldt, Conservative extraordinaire, has disappeared.

My suggestion?

Leave the Republican Party altogether, and become an Independent.

As a staunch pro-life advocate, that way Marc can become a Democrat-in-everything-but-name without concern over the promises he's made but ignored... and he can sprint away from that bizarre conservative meme he's been using all these years to get elected... all without concern over being held accountable for his actions anywhere but the polls.

It's win-win-win.

Marc wins because the moment he leaves the GOP, he won't even have a platform to read instead of just ignoring it all these years... and... well... not reading it (which he has admitted to the Board he has not bothered to do.)

The Party wins because they won't have this issue to shoot themselves in both feet... multiple times... over by badly playing the media game...

And the more "moderate" members of the GOP won't have THIS issue to throw a snit over.

Just think: Boldt can come out swinging FOR the CRC full-throttle!  He can continue to ignore Tom Mielke as if he doesn't exist (Like he does now)... and he can openly vote EVERY time on EVERY issue with fellow democrat Steve Stuart... all while claiming Independent status.

What's not to like?

So, Marc, give it some thought.  because the Marc Boldt the GOP and the people put into office now is as Republican as my Cavalier Spaniel.  Everyone would be better served if he would just end this charade and come out of the political closet, so to speak.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Columbian's Boldt coverage.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

As expected, the Columbian has lost any pretense of fairness and has come out in full-blown campaign mode for Marc Boldt.

They will make a big deal out of anything that they see as strengthening Boldt's re-election bid, but that's to be expected when you've completely and utterly sold out your conservative principles and have faithfully implemented most of the newspaper's agenda as if THEY were paying him instead of the people he's governing.

Part of that is, for at least the second time, the Columbian reprinting this lie:
Boldt acknowledges that he has become more moderate from his days in Olympia. He’s said that if he and Democratic Commissioner Steve Stuart didn’t work out compromises, nothing would ever get accomplished and that he believes there’s a difference between being elected by the party and governing for everyone.
Oddly, his "governance" has been dictated by the unions, the democrats and the special interests that seem to own him.  Equally odd is the bizarre idea that he has to "compromise" with Stuart because otherwise, "nothing would ever be accomplished."

You see, that's the lie of it.

Marc is, allegedly, a Republican.  Democrats had all kinds of names for him: "Stupid" was a favorite: Joe King called him "the dumbest legislator in Olympia."

The very newspaper worshipping at his feet today demanded his resignation from the House of Representatives yesterday, so to speak, with Tommy "the K" Koenninger calling him every name in the book excepting "green."


Because Boldt has stopped being a Republican.  Period.  As the majority party, along with Mielke, STUART should be the one to "compromise" to get something done.

As Lew Waters pointed out below:
If Boldt cared about anything other than keeping his cushioned seat of authority, he would issue a statement calling for a stop to this and stop ripping the party apart.

Very telling what lengths Boldt is going to in order to keep promoting Democrat positions, trying to fool people he is a Republican.
The democrats and the Columbian (Interchangeable terms, to be sure) have rushed to Boldt's defense and slammed their double standard of lies and ineuendo into place because they see their pet RINO at risk.

And, he may be at risk.

But if he is... he put himself there.  And voting like a democrat; failing to protect the citizens of the entire county, helping to gerrymander the CTrans tax district to shut out tens of thousands of voters, voting to strip us of our weapons in the event of a commissioner-declared emergency... multiple tax and fee increases in the midst of a horrific economy... these are not the actions of a REPUBLICAN.

They are, of course, the kinds of things that many democrats do every day.  And the bizarre idea that the leftists seem to have that we should just sit by and turn a blind eye to this betrayal of GOP politics.

That's not, as Marc put it, moderating.  That's Marc abandoning the politics that put him where he is.


Next thing you know, he'll be abandoning his pro-life stance.

You have to, you understand, to gain full acceptance into the democrat club.

So, two GOP board members quit because they didn't get their way.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

I don't know Nelson Holmberg, but I do know Troy Van Dinter.  I've worked on his campaigns as a volunteer.

I am disappointed that in the short time they were on the Board, they apparently didn't develop the rhino-skin necessary to be involved in the guidance of a political organization in a county with 430,000-plus people.

Equally disappointing but rather revealing is the quote in the newspaper where Holmberg felt "intimidated" because he didn't agree with the board majority concerning Marc Boldt's sanctions.
Both Holmberg and Van Dinter, however, said they didn’t attend Tuesday’s meeting because pre-meeting emails exchanged among board members made it clear that the sanctions were not going to be lifted.
“That made it pretty intimidating,” Holmberg said.
Are you fricking KIDDING me?

An email board discussion you don't agree with INTIMIDATES you?

What... were there threats of violence?  Were there threats concerning their business or their jobs?  You know, the kind of threats I've received?

That's not what this seems like.

This seems more like a couple of guys who didn't get their way, picked up their football, and went home.

The newspaper, of course, ever-helpful to democrat Boldt, turned this into a story.

So, two of the 30 people or so on the Board quit because they didn't get their way, and the newspaper lionizes them.


Why do you suppose that is?

Every article from the Columbian on this issue serves to reinforce the Board's actions.  And for these two to quit and go home, with one of them helping the democrats on the way out?

Draw your own conclusion.

The ongoing Boldt saga.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

Comments and editorials continue to come in from those who neither know... or care.... what's going on here.  As a Republican, what I know is this: both the democrat major daily and the democrats themselves are stepping up to defend Boldt:

Just the headline when a democrat has announced against Boldt, eh?

When those on the left sit down with their tub of popcorn and local microbrew to watch this debacle, I'm reminded of some 11+ years ago, when GOP officials, primarily from Seattle but here locally as well, cheerfully threw both myself and State Senator Don Benton under every passing bus, a program our local societal cancer fostered and cheerfully participated in with their rather interesting, typically biased and one-sided coverage.

The Columbian and their fellow leftists did everything they could to exploit the situation, giving it front page, sensationalist coverage... much like this nonsense.  They joined the chorus of outrage, claiming that Benton could not serve as party chair AND as state senator simultaneously.

That's a lie, of course.  Was then... and it is now, as various state GOP organizations are chaired by state senators today, and the world hasn't ended.

When reorganization rolled around that December of 2000, many of those who shot their mouth off suffered for it.  Locally, our state committeewoman (also a WSRP Executive Board Member), who was holding a grudge against Benton because he pounded her candidate in the '98 congressional primary, was subsequently (and rather unceremoniously, if memory serves) dumped in what was termed by one insider as "one of the most brilliant political coups he'd ever seen," as the result of a spontaneous effort by Sandy White.

Most of this took place without comment by the Columbian.  The ongoing effort by those on the Executive Board to get rid of Benton finally came to fruition with the subsequent (and utterly disastrous) tenure of political mercenary Chris Vance.

The parallels here with the current situation are obvious, save for the maliciousness of local state executive board members.  It became part of the standard to measure current coverage of this issue.

The newspaper and the various leftists rallying to Marc's support were part of the amen chorus who howled for Benton's scalp.  Which brings us to the reason for the differences.

In the past, this very newspaper, now acting like Boldt was sending them a check every week, had also howled for HIS scalp, back when he was a Republican.  One moron, the late, unlamented Tom Keonninger, demanded that Boldt resign because he'd successfully worked with Oregon Sen. Ted Ferrioli to whack the Gorge Commission's budget.

But that was back in the good old days, when Boldt was a Republican.

No longer.

NOW, BECAUSE Boldt is a democrat in Republican's clothing, these people are foaming at the mouth to exploit an internal matter, making Marc out to be some sort of victim of the local GOP.  Utter nonsense.

First of all, what the local GOP does or does not do with Marc Boldt is none of the paper's business.  This is an internal matter, period.

Where, for example, was the big bruhahah when the democrats got rid of their chair, Deana Horton, over her support of Tim Leavitt over democrat favorite Royce Pollard?

So, the local newspaper prints the lies of the democrats:
A Clark County Democrats official said Thursday the party does not sanction elected officials.
Odd... they failed to use the NAME of the "Clark County Democrats official," when of course, at the state level, the multiple sanctions of DEMOCRAT State Senator Tim Sheldon (D-Mason County) and at the national level, the multiple sanctions of now former democrat US Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Connecticut) are of some legend.

And then, they pound the local GOP by furthering Boldt's victimhood with a moronic, lie and exaggeration-filled editorial... as if any of this were any of their business.

Next, the Hounds of Leftistville come out swinging, positively BABBLING over the local GOP's efforts on this matter... not caring that Boldt had long-since abandoned any pretense of the GOP principles that resulted in his elections... Boldt going so far as to admitting that he had not even bothered to read the GOP platform.

In all of this, you'll note that the GOP, unlike the newspaper who so rabidly supports him, has not called for Boldt's resignation.  What they demand is that Boldt "remember who brung him to the dance."

If Boldt wants to continue on as a commissioner until the end of this year and beyond, well, that's fine.

If Boldt wants to switch to the pro-abortion party, and run for re-election, well, I'm sure they'd love to have him... but he needs to check that pro-life thing of his at the door, along with his opposition to special rights for gays and gay marriage.

But if you're going to run as a Republican, the expectation is that you will VOTE like a Republican, and not be a democrat sellout.  The issues publicly addressed were... and are... just the tip of the iceberg.

Marc has chosen to abandon GOP principles for years.  Since the sanctions were applied, he has done essentially nothing, save finally voting the way he SHOULD have voted months earlier to kill that moronic ballpark scam.

He has done nothing to kill the CRC; nothing to kill the gerrymandered tax district where a small minority of voters are empowered to tax the majority through the political machinations of Boldt and others;he has done nothing to repeal that unconstitutional weapons confiscation ordinance; he has, and continues to block any effort at any countywide vote on the CRC

He has voted like and acted like a democrat.

And the newspaper and his fellow fringe-leftists act like HE is the victim when, in fact, WE are the ones HE has "victimized."

And the main irony in all of this is that the more the newspaper and their fellow leftists howl about this... the more it cements the fact that Boldt has long abandoned the GOP... making himself worthy of much more than sanctions.

The Executive Board changed nothing last night, leaving the sanctions in place.

And that was precisely the right thing to do.

For the reporter in the breaking story to claim she didn't know about this until, relatively speaking, 60 seconds after Madore announced against Boldt?

That is a flat out lie.  This blog and that of Lew Waters discussed it and mentioned it for quite some time.  I know for a fact that the newspaper reads this blog on a regular basis, typically a few times a day.  (Tracking software tells me that.)

When the Columbian and their fellow leftists continue to portray Boldt as a victim, it's because he is so faithfully working to implement their agenda.  No one should care what they say or write.  They can support whoever they like and vote for whoever they like... precisely like the CCRP can support whoever WE like.

I take no pleasure in opposing Boldt.  There was a time I'da taken a bullet for the man.

But no longer.  And now?

He begins to reap what he has sown.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Washougal City Council memo to Jon Russell: "Show up or shut up."

Apparently, as a rabid reader of my blog, Washougal City Councilman and failed congressional/legislative candidate Jon Russell has been missing a great many of the city council meetings where, oddly enough, he's expected to show up. Clearly, he thinks so little of those who were fooled into voting for him that he fails miserably in his job of representing them.

When I found out about Russell's new gig, I indicated that he'd be resigning. I had presumed it would be sooner because, well, after all, there's no way that someone like Russell would be much more interested in keeping a title then he would making sure that those he fooled would actually be REPRESENTED by someone... would he?

Since Russell scammed his gig going around the region's college campuses, he's managed to blow off most of the city council meetings which, as a consequence of his position on the city council, you might expect him to, well attend.

Russell, who pretty much has shown over the years that he only really cares about himself; now, apparently, views his unfortunate constituents as mere annoyances, routinely blowing off the city council meetings he was elected to attend.

When not continuing to make up fake identities on Facebook, (And he's still doing that... with many of his multiple fake identities being removed from the Columbian because Russell's too stupid to understand that with each post he spews, along comes his ip address) Russell continues to buff his resume' by going around from campus to campus talking the pre-life goal.

An admirable message... but couldn't they find someone better to deliver it?

Jon Russell Watch was developed to, well, keep an eye on Jon Russell. But he has to be around TO watch. And when it comes to his elected duties in Washougal?

He's invisible.

At some point, the city council will have to act. Why Russell doesn't have the decency to resign so someone can be appointed to take his place who actually takes this job seriously, unless it's because I said he would resign?

Well, we all know the answer to that.

Crossposted at Jon Russell Watch.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

In my view: leftist newspaper Columbian's support of Boldt hurts him... and not us.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

There was never any doubt that the leftists would rush to vilify the GOP banishment of Boldt.  I've said as much here, as I wrote that both the democrats and the Columbian fully supports Boldt since he is both a democrat and someone who flawlessly executes the Columbian's agenda with near perfection.

They didn't disappoint.

In a column of many lies, this one stands out:
Worst of all, Boldt had endorsed a Democrat: Stuart. Egads! But rather than sharing the GOP hierarchy’s revulsion about this treason, Boldt more calmly observed that if he and Stuart didn’t compromise, “we’d never get anything done.” True that.
NOT true that.  Lies, damned lies and the Columbian.

Obviously, like their fellow leftists, Boldt never considered that if any compromising needs to be done, STUART needs to do it.  And if Boldt had IGNORED Stuart and voted with Mielke, then ANYTHING could have "been done."

Why Marc lied is beyond me.  Why the Columbian repeated that lie is, well, obvious.

Writing about fellow-leftist Marc Boldt like he was paying them, they did another campaign puff-piece for Boldt that has me torn and makes me come to the Schwerpunkt: do *I* run so I can spend the next several months pounding my own brother in law?

That remains to be determined.  But it's also in the cards, because there is so much about Boldt that many do not know.  If, for whatever the reason, the local GOP caves to the kind of crap Brancaccio is troweling out, then the likelihood of my run against Boldt increases.


It really doesn't even matter what came out of Brancaccio's sewer hole in his effort for Boldt, that he's even MAKING such an effort goes to the level of Boldt's leftist bent: otherwise, the rag would have cheerfully allowed him to dangle in the wind.

The irony here is that by shoving him out of the leftist closet, they're just striving to confirm what the GOP has said: there flipping on Boldt from the good old days when they crucified him every 10 minutes or so does not mean a Columbian move to the center.... it means a Boldt move to the left.

As always when political organizations are not run by those with media savy, Brandon Vick made a terrible mistake in saying anything to the Columbain except "This is an internal matter, and we will deal with it internally.  Other then that, I have no comment."

The GOP here locally did the right thing, in so far as kick Boldt out.

That the leftists like Brancaccio and his fellow dems are attempting to make some sort of political hay out of this is all we need to see to confirm their actions.

Boldt is out.  He's routinely voted left, and routinely left Mielke hanging both in the Commission and the multiple CRC votes where Boldt has even refused to give Tom a second to his motions. 

It's time for him to go because, frankly, I would rather a genuine democrat have Boldt's seat then a fake Republican.

Boldt is NOT "one of our own" and hasn't been for years, so criticizing him, like any other democrat politician, is what we do.

And of course, one does wonder: why would anyone care what a fringe-left rag, populated with hypocrites and socialists, has to say? If we need their advice about GOP politics or positions or actions, we'll certainly ask for it. Otherwise, STFU.

Marc can feel free to do anything he wants... except remain a Republican. The only problem is he cannot switch parties without appearing to be an even BIGGER hypocrite.... since he's pro-life and all.

One DOES have to wonder: if it was Tom Melke they were trashing, would this cancer on our community be writing THIS way, about him? Of course not.

As a democrat swindle-sheet that, in the past, has DEMANDED Boldt's resignation when he has acted like a conservative, the mere fact that they're engaging in this kind of meddling damage control shows how correct the actions of the GOP are. That the democrats lie about not sanctioning anyone doesn't change a thing... nor does this effort at force-mainstreaming a fringe-left voting RINO.

I will be at the meeting on Tuesday.  I will be doing everything I can to keep Marc out... not because David Madore is running... I'd be doing the same thing if Barak Obama was running.

I'm going to do what I can to keep him out because his conduct has shamed us, because he never even bothered to read the party platform, because he's repeatedly engaged in conflict of interest votes for his wife, because he's received 10's of thousands of dollars worth of tickets from the amphitheater for free, because he's voted to gerrymander the CTran tax district, because he's voted to increase taxes and fees in the midst of this horrific recession, because he voted to take our weapons away from us and for many other reasons that will remain private for now.

And Marc, I've got to tell you: if you don't like what's happened here, then feel free to quit screwing around and become a democrat. It's been years since we would have missed you.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

More of the usual Brancaccian hypocrisy.

There is an unspoken irony... and your usual hypocrisy... about Lou Brancaccio's column today.

Besides it's being his typically self-flagellating, "hurray for me!" garbage, political insiders have known Madore was preparing for a run for the better part of a year.... since it was, in fact, the prime mover behind his withdrawal from the Port Commissioner race.

But the ironic hypocrisy of Brancaccio's column is that it was a year ago that his people generally, and Lou, particularly, began their process of covering up for Rep. Jim Jacks' alcohol-fueled mistreatment of women in Olympia, to include female staff. Brancaccio didn't work nearly as hard to uncover the truth then as his effort here to break his own shoulder through his narcissistic, self-back slapping here.

His excuse then?

"No paper trail."

So now, you begin your efforts to smear Madore as your try and save fellow democrat Marc Boldt from himself... it's kind of like that Star Wars scene where the Emporer is trying to corrupt Luke Skywalker over to the forces of the dark side.

But when it comes down to it, I seriously doubt that anyone gives a damn about how late he was to the party. And when you provide equal focus on the myriad of stories and columns where you've completely blown it... misread the situation.... misreported it... exaggerated... or flat out lied?

Then you might have something to talk about.

But when  it comes to your all-too-typical, narcissistic, hurrah-for-me, I'm smarter than everybody else crap like this column?

Save it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My take on the Boldt sanctioning article.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

There are a wide variety of  reasons why Boldt was sanctioned, but the primary reason was because he has been voting much more like a democrat than he has been voting like a Republican.

Looking at the total number of disputed votes by the Board (a disputed vote here is defined as any vote that is not unanimous) since Mielke's election the question here becomes this: how many times did Boldt vote with Stuart... and how many times has he voted with Mielke?

For those wondering, the answer is simple:  Boldt votes with Stuart and against Mielke in excess of 90% of all disputed votes.

If you're going to vote democrat 90% of the time... then quit screwing around and become a democrat.

In addition, Boldt has REPEATEDLY passed on protecting us from the CRC scam, determined to be a swindle by the Oregon State Supreme Court from the beginning; by failing to provide a second to Tom Mielke's multiple motions at the CRC/CTrans committee meetings because he does not want to be on the record supporting this massive rip off... again, going with the democrats.

Let me make this clear: if the question were left up to the rank and file PCO's in the party, there would be absolutely no way.... NO WAY... that Boldt would be allowed back in.

I've heard about his letter to the Board asking for reinstatement.  It is a mishmash of confusion, an acknowledgement that he had no idea what was in the GOP platform, excuses as to why he endorsed a democrat when we were working so hard to get another Republican elected, and he didn't even bother to show to present the letter himself.

In the article in the newspaper, Boldt is quoted as saying:
“I’m disappointed with what a few of the executive board members did, but I don’t lump them in with the party,” Boldt said. “And I think there’s a difference between being elected by the party and governing for everybody.”
This is troubling... because it wasn't a "few of the executive board members."  When the issue was put to a vote. Boldt lost overwhelmingly.  And part of the problem was that in "governing for everybody," the expectation on the part of those who worked the hardest for his elections is that he will vote based on GOP principles and be bound by a platform that, in this case, he hadn't even bothered to read.

Endorsements: Boldt's endorsement of Stuart in 2010 was the SECOND time he had endorsed him over a Republican; he'd also endorsed him when Stuart ran against Tom Mielke.

Taxes and fees: Boldt increased the sales tax by voting with Stuart to pay for rehabilitation services; he pushed the latest CTran scam AND voted in support of the development of CTran's gerrymandered tax district, a scam built to shut out tens of thousands of rural voters who now find themselves having no say in these tax increases, but not being exempted from the tax increases he has REPEATEDLY supported.... in the midst of this horrific economy.  This also includes jacking up our property taxes, even as real estate values have plummeted.

Home-rule charter:  I'm hearing that Marc had not bothered to read the GOP platform and wasn't even aware that the charter issue was included in it.  He also indicated that he would have voted differently had he known.

As for the democrats to claim they don't "sanction" people...  I'd loved to have asked them what they would do if all the democrats so rabidly in favor of the CRC scam flipped and opposed it now.

When it comes to Boldt "working out compromises with Stuart" we would, in fact, be better off had we "never got anything done," since "the compromises" typically involve Boldt rolling over and doing what Stuart and the democrats want.

The fact is that Boldt has long since forgotten the principles of Republicanism.  He has lied to me personally about holding a county-wide advisory vote on the CRC, he has raised our taxes and fees, he has voted to enable CTran to gerrymander a tax-district that included every major retail outlet in the county while excluding thousands of rural voters from having a say but not from paying the tax.

Boldt has voted to force us to turn over our guns in the event of a commissioner-declared emergency: Clark County Ordinance 2.48A.090
(1)    Upon the declaration of an emergency, and during the existence of such emergency, the chair of the board of county commissioners or alternate may make and proclaim any or all of the following orders and delegate enforcement authority therefor to law enforcement officers and designated emergency personnel:
(i)    An order prohibiting the carrying or possession of firearms or any instrument which is capable of producing bodily harm and which is carried or possessed with intent to use the same to cause such harm; provided, that any such order shall not apply to peace officers or military personnel engaged in the performance of their official duties;
When I emailed Marc about that, his response?
"The legislature gave us the authority to do this, if you've got a problem with it, take it up with them."
Well, yeah, Commissioner Boldt, it just so happens I DO have a problem with your efforts to usurp the Constitution of the United States.

See, they did the same thing in New Orleans after Katrina... and how'd that work out for them?

None of this includes Boldt's obvious, illegal and multiple violations of Conflict of Interest laws concerning his wife, my sister-in-law, getting paid from a company contracting with Clark County based on contracts Boldt illegally voted for.

In short, if it walks, talks, sounds, acts and looks like a democrat.... it's a democrat.

And it's time for Boldt to go.

There are a wide variety of reasons he was sanctioned, and an even wider variety of reasons he should remain that way.

One need look no farther then the comments from the fringe-left whack jobs under the article.  Their rabid support, rank hypocrisy (Really?  They're THAT "tolerant?"  Got to wonder what people like democrat State Senator Tim Sheldon, who the democrats spent $60,000 to toss in a primary a term or two back think about the lie that democrats "don't sanction" people.)  and efforts to pass judgement on how the GOP does it's business (as if we care) all speak to Boldt's support on the left... something practically unheard of among true, leftwing aficionados.

The problem is this: if the GOP lets this political traitor back in, then there is precisely zero reason for anyone to follow any rule or tenet of Republicanism anywhere in this county.

And if the leftists swarming around Boldt in support of him don't like it, well that's just too damned bad.

And speaking of the Army... here's a soldier you should know about.

Readers of this meager effort know I am rarely at a loss for words.  This is close to one of these times.

Read about this man, this warrior doctor of all things, a man who loved his country and who loved Special Forces enough to sacrifice his entire professional life to be a part of the Teams... unique in my experience in the entire Army.
Sgt. Roy A. Wood

ODA 2092, Company C, 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

His 24-year military career with the Army Reserve and Army National Guard is distinguished and unique. After receiving a commission as a second lieutenant in 1979, he was first assigned to the Army Reserves 421st Quartermaster Company (Light Airdrop Supply).

While assigned to the 421st, he received training as a quartermaster officer, a parachute rigger, and participated in both basic airborne and jumpmaster courses.

In January 1982, he left the 421st to begin an association with U.S. Army Special Forces.  His first SF assignment was to the Army Reserve’s 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne) at Fort Meade, Md., where he served in the 3rd Battalion's Company A as the detachment executive officer for Operational Detachment-A 1175.

In May 1983, he became Detachment Commander for ODA 1175 after returning from the Special Forces Detachment Officer Qualification Course.

In October 1984, he left ODA 1175 to become the Company Logistics Officer.

He served in a variety of positions at the 11th SFG over the next 11 years, including operations officer and support company commander.

After four years at USSOCOM, he served a year with the Army Reserve's 73rd Field Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., before switching from the Reserve to the Army National Guard and renewing his association with Special Forces.

He was assigned to 3rd Bn., 20th SFG in December 2001, where he served for a year as the Battalion Surgeon, supervising medical coverage of three Special Forces companies and one support company.

In December 2002, he resigned his commission to become a Special Forces medical sergeant on Operational Detachment-A 2092, Co. C, 3rd Bn., 20th SFG.

He, with ODA 2092, was mobilized in July 2003 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

At the time of his death, he was pending appointment as a Special Forces warrant officer, a position in which he would have served his team as an assistant detachment commander.

His awards include the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Reserve Achievement Medal with Silver Hourglass device, the National Defense Service Medal, the Army Service Ribbon, the Basic Parachutist badge, the Parachute Rigger badge, the Ranger tab and the Special Forces tab.
For those not in the military, decoding all of this:

Sgt. Wood was an Army officer.  He was commissioned in the Quartermaster Corps, apparently... went to medical school... became a doctor specializing in emergency medicine... and resigned his field grade commission to become a medic... and then put himself on the career track where he would receive a warrant (which is between enlisted and commissioned ranks) so he could again command an operational detachment of Special Forces.

Had he been successful, he would have been the only soldier I had ever known of to have served first as an officer, then as an enlisted man and then as a warrant.

Not saying he's the only one... but I've never heard of it.

So, with 24 years of service, at the age of 47 holding a rank I had when I was 20... he goes back out with the Teams... only to be killed in a traffic accident near Kabul.
Sgt. Roy A. Wood

47 years old from Alva, Florida

ODA 2092, Company C, 3rd Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group (Airborne)

January 26, 2005

Sgt. Roy A. Wood, a Special Forces medical sergeant, was fatally injured when the vehicle he was riding in was involved in a traffic accident near Kabul, Afghanistan, during a return convoy from Qalat to Bagram Air Base.
This is an amazing record.  Just amazing.  What a tremendous loss we suffered with his tragic death.... Even though it was 8 years ago.

The institutional and bizarre idea of "gender neutrality" in the US Army.

I'll be honest here, I've never been a big fan of women in the military.

And it's not because "they are women" and "we are men."  It's because that in a truly gender-blind military, EVERYONE would have to meet the same standards in EVERYTHING.  As I write this right now, there are around at least 15,000 women in the military who are pregnant: and pregnant means you're non-deployable... plus it means hundreds of millions of dollars of waste to pay for servicemembers who cannot do the job we are paying them for... and that someone ELSE has to take their place TO do.  "Non-deployable," particularly for a voluntarily assumed condition, means "non-equal," because a male voluntarily putting himself into a non-deployable medical condition means punitive action of some sort.  But for women?

That's "different."

Well, guess what.  It AIN'T "different."  It's one of many signs of institutional inequality, where women are treated "differently" because of their plumbing.

At the end of the day, for example, everything else failing, every member of the US Army, like every member of the Marines, is supposed to be a rifleman.

So, to that end, I have problems with the concept of women in the military because, while they are SUPPOSED to be considered "equal," they do not have to pass the PT test at the same levels as men.

"Equality" is kind of a black and white word... with a black and white meaning.  There are no shades of grey in that word... much like pregnancy, one is, or one isn't.

Same with equality.  One has it, or one doesn't.

As long as there are institutional mind sets, as illustrated below, there will never be equality in the military.

It is the subtle bigotry of lowered expectations.

I want women to have absolute equality.  But "absolute" means just that: "Absolute."

You want in my military?  Then meet the same standards.  Run as fast, do as many pushups, etc, etc.

Make sure you do not make yourself non-deployable like I had to make sure I never made myself non-deployable.

Which brings us to the latest bigotry by a Major General, this time, the guy in charge of developing the PT Test, Richard Longo.  Here's the background on one part of the test... push-ups.
• Pushups for one minute. This event was nearly replaced with dead-hang pullups, which are a better measure of functional upper body strength. Pullups were included in more than 1,000 pilot tests conducted at Fort Bliss, Texas. The scoring discrepancy between men and women was so great that different events would have been required to keep it fair. For example, Marines test men with dead-hangs and women with a flex-arm hang.
Army officials are adamant that the new test remain gender-neutral. That means identical events with different scoring standards for men and women.
So, on one hand, the Army demands that the test be "gender neutral."


An Army which can close with, and destroy most enemies with some relative ease is too goddamned dumb to understand that "different scoring standards for men and women" is NOT "gender neutral."
“If we did the pullups, it would disadvantage the female soldiers, and I’m just not comfortable with that,” Longo said
You're not "comfortable" with that?


If they can't do it, then, well, THEY CAN'T DO IT.
This event was nearly replaced with dead-hang pullups, which are a better measure of functional upper body strength.

We HAVE a "better measure of functional upper body strength" AND WE DON'T USE IT????

Because we've got to keep it... "fair."

Well, guess what?

A bullet don't care.

"Gender equality in the military?"

Not in my life time.

Don't be surprised if Oregon tolls the I-205.

Rep. Ann Rivers had the tolling bill amended to eliminate possible tolling on I-205... right?

Not so fast.

That bill doesn't apply to what Oregon might do on their side of the river.  And while tolls on the I-5 bridge WILL serve to keep SOME Oregon shoppers and tourist-types on their side of the bridge, tolls on the I-205 would be a crushing blow to retailers on this side of the river, in addition to the massive injury they would have to sustain by this act of shooting us in the economic foot through vaporizing $100,000,000 a year in disposable income from the 65,000 area residents who commute and their families who have to pay this extortion.

But since this isn't about the people... since this scam is about enriching the special interests who own the CRC cheerleaders... why would those ramming this down our throats care?

Just sayin'.

If the CRC Thugs get their way... here's our future.

Seattle has its own economic black hole and rip-off on a scale that would turn Bernie Madoff and Al Capone green with envy: the SR520 Bellevue Floating Bridge.

Having gone through $400 million before a shovel-full of dirt was turned (And wasting $400 million in "planning" and "public relations" is the plan here as well for our own CRC mugging) these criminals have felt compelled to begin tolling years before the product is finished; a moronic enough approach... but having begun this extortion a few months ago, they then compound this rip off by INCREASING THE TOLLS ON A PROJECT THEY HAVEN'T EVEN BUILT, YET.

Well, get used to it.  And you know... YOU KNOW, the CRC Thugs down here will do precisely the same thing.

So, whatever number they finally give us for tolls... that number is low-balled at best with frequent... and over time, massive... tolling increases.

Taking it a step further:
Once tolls took effect, about half of the bridge's normal traffic shifted to other routes to avoid paying. Some of that traffic has returned. In February, traffic levels were about 17 percent higher than forecasted, with toll revenue about 7 percent higher, according to WSDOT's news release. An average of 57,000 vehicles crossed the bridge daily(weekdays and weekends) in February, a month during which the bridge was closed for one full weekend.

So... IF, and it's a huge if, "toll revenue (is) about 7 percent higher" (than forcasted) why do they need to increase the tolls 2.5%... and what's happening to the remaining 4.5%?

Seems to me that whatever they forcasted should be the number, and the tolls should take a 7% CUT... or at least, a 4.5% cut to remain on projections.  It sure looks to me like government is taking more money than they need.

But THAT can't be right... could it?  And they'd NEVER do so something like that here...

Would they?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"The Veterans Inner Monologue" NOT WORK SUITABLE LANGUAGE!!!

I wish everyone could see this, so take 6 minutes plus and check it out.

Mitt Romney: the Etch-a-Sketch candidate?

Absolutely.  Leave it to that genius's staff to provide the most ammunition... and concern... that this chameleon will be whatever he needs to be to get the job... and then go back to being that REALLY "conservative" governor of Massachusetts.

The REAL Mtt Romney

NWS (Sorta):

More on Leavitt and the big problem for Stuart.

As the CRC cheerleaders scramble to do damage control against Tim Leavitt's arrogant, Maoist approach to governance, some problems have popped up.

Leavitt's "intentions" have been "public" from the beginning. The problem is that Leavitt's entire tenure as mayor started with a lie. What makes that a problem is that since he started with a lie, everything coming after that has been a lie. And, being real here, we know there is no lie he wouldn't tell, no effort he wouldn't ignore, no position he wouldn't twist to get this thing built; after all, his real employer wouldn't have it any other way, and what Leavitt wants trumps anything the mere people want.

Like a great many other dictators and tyrants, Leavitt sees himself as a man of vision.  That kind of arrogance is what drives him; that's he's better... and smarter... then the rest of us and like his hero Obama's (He did, after all, endorse Obama) utopian socialist society, Leavitt wants this massive rip off to stand as a testament to his "Aryan superiority."

Well, so did Hitler.  And yes, I am comparing the two, because their attitude's seem to be starkly similar on the question of public infrastructure... after all, when did the Nazi's ever ask their population if they wanted to pay for something?

Let's remember the Oregon State Supreme Court ruling that this entire thing is a scam, start to finish, to get light rail in here. And how much have CRC supporters lied about their reasoning for this rip off? That the bridge is "old," that it's "unsafe," that it WILL impact "freight mobility and congestion" and that it's "safer." Yet here, we have a state supreme court telling us that NONE of those things are anything but lies and back-fill to get the kool aid drinkers like Burkman and Leavitt to sign on to this theft and extortion... all neatly wrapped up now without even a minor vote, let alone a county wide vote... and that's because the Burkmans and the Leavitts know damned well the people of Clark County do not want this cancer on our local economy to be allowed to fester and grow... we don't want Leavitt and Burkman's crime train, we don't want the wasted billions with generational tolls blowing a hole in our local economy to continue to enrich the special interests who obviously own Leavitt and seem to own others... like Burkman.

Which brings us to Steve Stuart. Stuart, who also lied to get elected, or in this case, RE-elected, promising us a vote... for LAST November (Did you see one?)  He was lying, of course, because the one thing most CRC cheerleaders can and frequently do engage in is lying to get it built, (As a brief reminder, I pointed out repeatedly on this very blog that Leavitt was lying and Stuart as well... BEFORE they were elected) COULD have made the issue of a vote an either/or scenario, Leavitt's lies about not having any impact on this scam locally notwithstanding.

When Vancouver exercised their block veto, Stuart's reaction SHOULD have been to make it clear that any such action on Vancouver's part would kill the project, because while Vancouver's CTran ego-maniacs have a "block veto," so do the county commissioners.

Of course, both Leavitt and Stuart should have resigned in disgrace, but honor among thieves is an unknown commodity. Meanwhile, those in power, so corrupted as to be beyond belief in their Stalinesque arrogance, continue to ignore us, continue to rip us off, continue to bury us in billions of debt for a program that will accomplish absolutely nothing but to enrich their friends.

Al Capone and Bernie Madoff would be proud... and green with envy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To avoid getting slammed at the ballot box any sooner then November of next year...

... (When, if he's moronic enough to run for anything, he will get nailed like a Mondale)  Tim Leavitt is moving to formalize his efforts to ram light rail down our throats with no vote.

This blog has concluded on several occasions that such has been his plan all along, a plan no doubt endorsed by the Downtown Mafia types who don't want a little thing like the will of the people to interfere with their $10 billion, generational toll, light rail program disguised as a bridge.

Leavitt, known for his complete lack of integrity or courage, has been drinking Portland's loot rail flavored kool aid by the gallon, with no change in course since he lied to get elected... and since the Oregon State Supreme Court has ruled that the ENTIRE purpose of the bridge scam has been to infest our community with the oft-rejected light rail they fantasize about.

Of course Leavitt is doing everything he can to avoid a vote... any vote... because what would happen to him... what would he and the rest of the special interests that own him do when they were repudiated at the polls?  How would that play back in DC... and Olympia?

This way, all those awkward silences are avoided.  You know... like, what do they say when those in government above them writing the checks ask them: "So, what do the people of your community say about all this?"

Leavitt, the more modern version of Stalin, doesn't particularly give a damn.

Of course, county commissioner Steve "Vote for me and you'll get a light rail vote next November! (as if)" Stuart won't let THAT happen... will he?

As the CTran thugs meet tonight, here's a brief reminder:

In 2004, when they had a county-wide vote to jack up our taxes for CTran, there were just under 160,000 votes... and 53.67% of them said "no."

Their reaction:

Scam together a CTran taxing district; make it as small as possible while including every retail center in the county... excluding tens of thousands of rural voters from having a say... but not from paying their tax increase... jacking up our sales tax by having a small minority of the voters apply this tax to a much larger majority: (Commissioner Marc Boldt voted "yes" on that scam, BTW)

in 2005; a total of around 66,800 votes with 68% of them voting to force a hundred thousand of us to pay MORE money to subsidize THEIR bus service.

Al Capone would be proud.  So would Bernie Madoff.

Just sayin'.

Interesting question: why is the White House demanding that Obama's moronic decision to have his daughter... and 12 of her closest friends...

...and 25 Secret Service agents... vacation in Mexico on the taxpayer dime... and without either parent being present?

The only thing MORE moronic are the parents who allowed their daughters to go along.

I noticed these efforts yesterday when I researched the story a bit... but I had no idea an apparently coordinated effort was underway.

But it was:

The stupidity of this, both parental and political, is self-evident.

But all of that leads to this:


Why Is the Story About Malia Obama Vacationing in Mexico Disappearing from the Web?

UPDATE: The Administration has just responded to the disappearing stories.
Read it here.

Have you heard that Malia Obama, the president’s daughter, is reportedly spending her spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico? Allegedly, she’s jetting off with some of her classmates and 25 Secret Service agents to a country that the State Department has said all Americans should avoid. But something is different about the latest “Obama vacation controversy:” references to it are disappearing from the Internet — and fast.
Around 3:00 EST, a Telegraph story reporting on the event was the first to vanish (note how the url remains the same in the “before” and “after”):
And Obama admits it.

White House Admits to Asking News Agencies to Pull Malia Obama Vacation Story

Update: Rick Santorum has offered his thoughts on the issue. Hear them here.
The White House has admitted to telling news agencies to pull stories on Malia Obama visiting Mexico for spring break, Politico reports.
Kristina Schake, Communications Director to the First Lady, emailed Dylan Byers:
From the beginning of the administration, the White House has asked news outlets not to report on or photograph the Obama children when they are not with their parents and there is no vital news interest. We have reminded outlets of this request in order to protect the privacy and security of these girls.
The Blaze first noticed the disappearing stories Monday afternoon, when accounts of Malia and 12 friends visiting Oaxaca with 25 Secret Service agents mysteriously began turning into broken links.
However, in admitting to “reminding outlets” about not reporting on the Obama children when there is “no vital news interest,” the White House has also tacitly admitted that Malia is (or now maybe was) in Mexico for spring break. Additional evidence has surfaced confirming that. One site has published a photo of the Obamas going to church on Sunday. It notes that Malia is absent, and says that’s due to the Mexico trip:
White House Admits to Asking Malia Story to be Pulled
That site has also posted alleged photos of the vacation, but we have decided not to repost those.
As The Blaze noted on Monday, a vacation for Malia in Mexico raises a slew of questions considering the State Department has warned American citizens against travel there.
Obama's response is his usual, lying, hypocrisy, as illustrated by the press coverage above of their trip to church... where the "privacy" of the younger daughter doesn't seem to have quite the same value... political blowback for such an inexplicably stupid decision and expenditure of taxpayer dollars notwithstanding.

The only thing more inexplicable then the decision to send this large group on the 17th vacation this child has had to suffer through in the last 3.3 years is that the media kow-towed to Obama's censorship demand.

Freedom of the press notwithstanding.

Unbelieveable: man flies using wings and flapping them like a bird.


Gizmodo has the story:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Obama Insanity: State Department warnings notwithstanding, Obama sends his oldest daughter and 12 friends with 25 Secret Service...

To Mexico.  Without him or her mother.

This kind of irresponsible waste of our taxpayer dollars... a LOT of our dollars... by sending a daughter... WITHOUT THEM... to a country that is on the State Department warning list... defies idiocy.

Inexcusable.  Inexplicable.  Like so much of his conduct, both of his office... and of his family.

FOX Business reporting that Jeff Immelt will support Romney if he gets the nomination.

And we all know how much a conservative Immelt, CEO of the now-Chinese General Electric has been looking out for the United States... as he sends more and more of our technology to our avowed enemies... Like he did to Iran for a really long time.

Yeah.  This really increases my confidence in Romney.


In honor of Temple calling it a day over on The Daily Couve...

She had to be the second worst kept secret in Vantucky.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Memo to Temple Lenz of the Daily Couv: Before you worry about Madore "buying" politicians, you should take a really hard look at Stuart and Leavitt.

Temple, Temple, Temple....

Temple Lenz has a cute little blog called The Daily Couv. It's a well-written, frequently humorous look at politics around here... through the leftist bent, of course.

Yesterday, she took a shot at David Madore for his effort, in her words, to buy politicians.

Read it here

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Man Who Funds Looks Forward to "Playing My Elected Officials Like a Theremin"

David Madore, Camas rich guy and CEO of US Digital, issued a statement today through, the Washington state PAC he chairs and for which he is the primary funder

It's been real, Temple... and it must have been tough on you when Tim showed, well, the real Tim.

Good effort.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is it even possible to quantify the irony and hypocrisy of Moeller and Laird on their latest effort?

For John Laird to write about "civil discourse" is not unlike Josef Goebbels writing about democracy: for both, it's a subject they've heard of... but really know practically nothing about.

For Jim Moeller to weigh in is not unlike Stalin complaining about the Nazis.

ANYTHING Laird writes about on the subject as he judges others is, of course, the height of hypocritical buffoonery. For LAIRD to claim OTHERS engage in "La la la ... I can't hear you" after his years of leftist spew wherein he rarely misses the opportunity to ignore, blow off, ridicule and insult those wise enough to trash his positions is the epitome of being a hypocrite.  In short, Laird has precisely zero room to talk... but like most hypocrites, he doesn't care.

When Moeller hits the keyboard and tries to spin the efforts to ignore the constituency while simultaneously decrying the "lack of civility" given his decade plus history of attacking, insulting, belittling and berating tends to show the sickness that infects most of those on the left: the sickness of arrogant self-delusion.
I don't always agree with them (Moeller babbles) or their beliefs and to disagree is not "refusing to listen" or "arrogance" or "knowing best" or "campaign contributions" or a "personal agenda". It's an honest opinion based on what I see are some pretty solid facts/reasons - if you'd like to hear them. Some don't and are the subject of Mr. Laird's opinion piece today. Others are courteous and listen politely and walk away muttering under their breath and then still there are those that ask other questions and are curious and want to know more why I think this way or that way - and I want to know more from them so we both learn from that exchange.
This from a man LEGENDARY for his attacks and arrogance towards those he disagrees with?

Hypocrisy gained a new name today: the dual label of Laird... and Moeller.

My take on the Madore/Boldt situation.

I've been giving this some thought over the past several months I was aware it was going to happen.  (Yes, I knew almost immediately after the decision had been made... months ago... that David Madore was likely to take Marc Boldt on for county commissioner.)

As Marc Boldt's brother-in-law and his legislative assistant for almost 6 years, I've had the opportunity to observe him close up and interact with him, on both a professional and personal level.

The Marc Boldt we have now bears scant resemblance to the Rep. Marc Boldt we used to have.

Rep. Marc Boldt was a warrior.  he was a man of integrity, of honor, of principle... Republican principles... conservative principles.

That man is long gone.

As this election spools up, you'll come to know Marc Boldt by those who support him and those who attack his opponent.

The downtown Mafia, CRUDEC, the CRC, the Columbian (who has, in the past, publicly raped Boldt for his then unpopular-with-the-downtown-Vancouver-set politics) will all support him and finance him... just like they will the leftists running against Tom Mielke.

They will do that, because, of course, Boldt has sold out and become one of them.

He's been one of them for years.

There are a long list of very real political sins, beginning with his multiple endorsements of Steve Stuart against Tom Mielke (who had been Marc's fellow conservative warrior and seat mate in the legislature for several years) and ending with his recent, obvious, provable multiple conflicts of interest votes... with a great deal of sell outs in-between: voting to confiscate our fire arms in the event of a county-declared emergency; voting to increase our taxes repeatedly... allowing county employees to avoid paying anything for their health care premiums... and several other issues I'll discuss later.

That is not to say that I'm sold on David Madore, either.

The problems I have with Madore are this: he's politically naive and unfocused, and has, in the past, surrounded himself with people that he SHOULD have known better to depend on... including Jon Russell, and that gives me pause... serious pause.

He has failed to take the steps that would have guaranteed his election, and now, it may be too late.  Madore SHOULD have organized the commuters, a step that would have made his election to almost any position a foregone conclusion.... a strategy easily accomplished... but completely ignored.

That said, Marc Boldt represents a local version of Barack Obama.  He has disappointed so many... he has completely ignored GOP principles... he has jacked up our taxes, even in the midst of this horrific local economy... he has likely broken the law... he has failed to defend us from the gigantic CRC rip off.... and he has done many other things which, by themselves, would cost him election... but combined?

Boldt can be beaten.  Easily.  But the effort has to be professional, focused and relentless.  Madore must jettison anyone local... because those local have made him more a punch line than a political powerhouse.

Madore has the money.  Does he have the sense?  That's a question, because frankly, he SHOULD have publicly started this effort 6 months ago.

The people must be taught who Marc Boldt is, and both what he has done to them... and what he has failed to do for them.

Marc has been "disowned" by the local GOP, and that has happened for a variety of reasons.  Now, he's in a position to be fired by us all because of his failure to remain the young, hard-charging, conservative he once was... the man we needed to have... the man who has had two terms to serve us, but instead chose to serve THEM... at our expense.

More... much more... later.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's CRC idiocy: Highway 520 bridge provides little insight to CRC officials

When you have a group of people focused on extorting billions from the public without their permission, it's not surprising that they would not care to learn anything from the nightmare that has been the SR 520 floating bridge debacle.

$400 million.

Let me repeat that:

$400 million.

That's how much their local version of the CRC scammers sucked out of the taxpayers without turning a shovel full of dirt.

For anyone, including the local paper, to claim that the SR 520 nightmare has "provided little insight" to the local extortionists, while not surprising, is wildly inaccurate.  The SR 520 bandits have given a clinic on how to waste hundreds of millions of dollars... and the CRC only has a little less than $240 million to vaporize to catch up with the costs of the "plan."  Just one example of their theft?

The spent millions of dollars on Public Relations.  So far.

As of one year ago, that had blown through $7.7 million to JUST ONE FIRM.

Since traffic has continued to drop every year for the past several over the I-5 bridge, planning on tolls to pay for this rip off is a mistake... a serious error in judgment that goes along with the incompetence of the bridge design,  the scam behind the entire CRC, the lies of the politicians to get elected... and the horrific over-billing that continues unabated.

So, while it doesn't SEEM to "provide any insights" to those actively engaged in the rip off, it sure provides insight to those of us who're gonna get stuck with the bill.

(No, the CRC debacle is NOT the USCG's fault.) Sorry to discover Elizabeth Hovde hasn't recovered from her head injury...

.... because that's the only possible explanation for this idiocy.

It's disappointing to see that Hovde is still suffering from her recent, serious head injury, because their can be no other way to explain this babble.

In every way from the lie that our current, paid for and fully functional I-5 bridge "is the only red light between Canada and Mexico," to the implied lie that the infrequent bridge lifts are, in any way a justification for this massive, multi-billion dollar ripoff, a ripoff the Oregon State Supreme Court has indicated is ENTIRELY driven by Portland's loot rail fetish, Hovde has shown a complete lack of understanding of these issues.

When Hovde spews:

"Thank goodness the CRC isn't throwing its hands up in the air and saying, 'Duh,'" she doesn't understand that the PEOPLE would like nothing better.

It's because her obviously still-dysfunctional brain can't grasp the fact that the people of Clark County do not WANT this, do not NEED this and cannot AFFORD these indefinite, always increasing tolls that Hovde and her Portland-living ilk are so thrilled about. One wonders: would she and all of the rest of the scam cheerleaders be so thrilled about this if SHE or THEY had to go out of pocket, say, $1300 a year or so... to start.... in addition to oregon income taxes... forever?

Of course not. And yet, she has continued to fail to demand that we be afforded the privilege of giving our permission before this fiscal sex act is jammed in and broken off.

The USCG is not, of course, "responsible for doing the math," any more then county engineering is responsible for modifying your building plan for a garage. They either approve, of disapprove, and then tell you why. That's how it's ways been done, and it's the applicant's responsibility to make sure that they meet the requirements BEFORE they SUBMIT THE PLAN, because, except to a moron, the requirement that the plan be legal BEFORE it is submitted is the reality we ALL face any time we need a permit to build anything.

And frankly, Elizabeth, the CR scam just ain't that special.

The Columbian re-enforces how out of touch they actually are.

Our "collective embarrassment?"

Yet another in the practically endless series of clues that the paper is completely out of touch.

First, excepting the idiocy and waste of time of the gay marriage debacle that the fringe leftists put ahead of anything else including our budget, economy, schools and the like, we've done nothing to be embarrassed about. I must admit, however, I missed the sniveling editorials taking the legislature to task for wasting their time and ours during that stupidity...  something they certainly had no difficulty going after Sen. Benton for his WIAA bill.  But then, that's Columbian hypocrisy in action.

Second, the exodus of people from the train wreck known as "Oregon" is not something we must concern ourselves with in this state save for the impacts of our exploding population, a population made up in large part of those evacuating the state that seems to get it "all right" while we continue to get it "all wrong."

If our state, which is bad enough (and it is... bad enough) was as misbegotten as the paper would make it out to be, then how is it the migration is all northward, and I don't mean to Canada's Vancouver... though if those coming here have any sense, they avoid this Keystone county like the plague. After all, if Oregon were all that, then why is it that Washington, hardly a Utopia itself, is getting an additional congressional seat?

Thirdly, the GOP in at least one Oregon house of government has a somewhat larger stature then the footnote they've been in Olympia for the last decade or so.... but the paper doesn't mention that.

On the whole, Oregon is a socialist disaster. As always, if those so enamored of their own wit hate it so much and believe Oregon, in comparison, to be all that and a bag of chips (Still waiting on the loot rail/bridge scam expose' from the Oregon Supreme Court... but I also recognize that if I hold my breath waiting for that, I'll be dead first) then feel free to join your fellow neo-communists across the river and leave us alone.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

More sniveling from the FOG: You're damned right those wind mills should be built.

One of the more bizarre elements of the neofacist supporters of the Gorge Scenic Act's oppression is the strange idea that its proponents have that not only can they control every element of the lives of the people unfortunate enough to live within that area, but they should also have some say on the lands OUTSIDE those boundaries of an area where much of the United States Constitution is but a distant memory.

Of course, the vast majority of those so concerned over this area don't LIVE in it, you understand; they just demand the right to regulate the lives of those who do.  Tom Koenninger, the late, unlamented editor of the Columbian, was practically insane on the issue... so radical on it, using his unfettered soapbox to hammer those opposed to his utopian view... his demands that then Rep. Marc Boldt resign for having the wisdom to work with Oregon Senator Ted Ferrioli to slash the Gorge Commission budget (A stance that, by the way, forced me to get a concealed weapons permit since I was Boldt's office... and there were a few choice death threats that resulted) or be "thrown out by his constituents in the next election..."  His persecution of the Beas, a publishing jihad that was unanimously thrashed in the Washingon State Supreme Court, 9-0 still stands as the ultimate smack down of his idiocy.  His demands that the Gorge remain his personal post card existence because of how it was when he was a kid, worked to make the lives of thousands sheer, economic, misery... and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Some have personally made bank off of that concept... And Kevin Gorman is one.

In an area where you have to get a board's permission to change the color of your house... and they can and have denied that permission... Kevin Gorman has been instrumental in raming his Portland-centric view down the throats of Gorge residents... for a major paycheck, you understand, since Ronald Reagan unfortunately signed the moronic effort by RINO Dan Evan's and his midnight crew to slip this in at the last minuteover two decades ago.

And now, he wants to expand the influence of the FOG, the Kafkaesque name for the Friends of the Gorge, where Gorman has been Executive Director for life.

Gorman is incapable of understanding that he has no say over what the governor of this state says or does, particularly OUTSIDE this "rim" (Otherwise known as a "Border") of the Scenic Area scam.

He moronically believes that his reach should FAR exceed his grasp.... because HE believes that the presence of the Scenic Area should be more important than anything else... including the boundaries of the area he seems to believe he, and he alone, may arbitrate.

So, whenever anyone does anything he believes infringes on his self-assumed "right" to decide (In fact, he has no right to anything, save his First Amendment right) he babbles, and whines and complains.

His presentation here is so pathetic and nonsensical.  And his conclusion, "The Wind energy project near (the) Gorge should be denied" is even more so.  And while their may be OTHER reasons to stop this project, his bruised sensibilities are not one of them.

What the governor/government of this state does outside his utopian area is none of his business.  And if he doesn't like it, he can always quit... and move.

As usual, Gorman offers no alternatives, because few who whine and complain on matters of government care enough, or are aware enough to understand that ALTERNATIVES are what get you heard.

In this case, Gorman doesn't say; "...well, instead of that which I find so personally objectionable, you can do this (Same money and generating capabilities) instead."

But he doesn't.  Because he doesn't give a damn about us, our state, the project, or the Governor.  His blinders are cemented in place.

As a result, I am now a rabid fan of this project.  Perhaps it will wipe out the Spotted Owl population and remove that as a reason to cripple economic development and jobs altogether.

One can only hope.