Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So, two GOP board members quit because they didn't get their way.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

I don't know Nelson Holmberg, but I do know Troy Van Dinter.  I've worked on his campaigns as a volunteer.

I am disappointed that in the short time they were on the Board, they apparently didn't develop the rhino-skin necessary to be involved in the guidance of a political organization in a county with 430,000-plus people.

Equally disappointing but rather revealing is the quote in the newspaper where Holmberg felt "intimidated" because he didn't agree with the board majority concerning Marc Boldt's sanctions.
Both Holmberg and Van Dinter, however, said they didn’t attend Tuesday’s meeting because pre-meeting emails exchanged among board members made it clear that the sanctions were not going to be lifted.
“That made it pretty intimidating,” Holmberg said.
Are you fricking KIDDING me?

An email board discussion you don't agree with INTIMIDATES you?

What... were there threats of violence?  Were there threats concerning their business or their jobs?  You know, the kind of threats I've received?

That's not what this seems like.

This seems more like a couple of guys who didn't get their way, picked up their football, and went home.

The newspaper, of course, ever-helpful to democrat Boldt, turned this into a story.

So, two of the 30 people or so on the Board quit because they didn't get their way, and the newspaper lionizes them.


Why do you suppose that is?

Every article from the Columbian on this issue serves to reinforce the Board's actions.  And for these two to quit and go home, with one of them helping the democrats on the way out?

Draw your own conclusion.


Anonymous said...

My conclusion is that the the majority of Republicans are not accepting of the insistance of the party leadership to follow lock step in their movement toward conservative extremism.

This is a good thing. Hope it continues.

Greg Owens

Just a guy said...

And you base that conclusion on what, exactly?

And precisely how is any of this "conservative extremism?"

Marc Boldt has been elected... repeatedly... as a conservative Republican. He votes anything but.

There's a price to pay for that.

As my brother-in-law, I urge him to remain a commissioner and I also urge him to run again... as a democrat.

The idea that we should turn a blind eye to his usually leftist voting habit and not take steps to address that matter is, well, absurd.

Jack said...

It's my conclusion that this phony "issue" being raised by the Lefties is being seen as "trivial" by most Republicans and won't affect the race one iota.

It's also my conclusion that most people are smart enough to see that Lefties are raising the "issue", so therefore Boldt's political conduct must be "beneficial" to them, and therefore that is every reason to vote for someone other than Boldt.

If the Lefties like the guy he must be on the wrong side of things for Republicans. That's obvious.