Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Columbian's Boldt coverage.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

As expected, the Columbian has lost any pretense of fairness and has come out in full-blown campaign mode for Marc Boldt.

They will make a big deal out of anything that they see as strengthening Boldt's re-election bid, but that's to be expected when you've completely and utterly sold out your conservative principles and have faithfully implemented most of the newspaper's agenda as if THEY were paying him instead of the people he's governing.

Part of that is, for at least the second time, the Columbian reprinting this lie:
Boldt acknowledges that he has become more moderate from his days in Olympia. He’s said that if he and Democratic Commissioner Steve Stuart didn’t work out compromises, nothing would ever get accomplished and that he believes there’s a difference between being elected by the party and governing for everyone.
Oddly, his "governance" has been dictated by the unions, the democrats and the special interests that seem to own him.  Equally odd is the bizarre idea that he has to "compromise" with Stuart because otherwise, "nothing would ever be accomplished."

You see, that's the lie of it.

Marc is, allegedly, a Republican.  Democrats had all kinds of names for him: "Stupid" was a favorite: Joe King called him "the dumbest legislator in Olympia."

The very newspaper worshipping at his feet today demanded his resignation from the House of Representatives yesterday, so to speak, with Tommy "the K" Koenninger calling him every name in the book excepting "green."


Because Boldt has stopped being a Republican.  Period.  As the majority party, along with Mielke, STUART should be the one to "compromise" to get something done.

As Lew Waters pointed out below:
If Boldt cared about anything other than keeping his cushioned seat of authority, he would issue a statement calling for a stop to this and stop ripping the party apart.

Very telling what lengths Boldt is going to in order to keep promoting Democrat positions, trying to fool people he is a Republican.
The democrats and the Columbian (Interchangeable terms, to be sure) have rushed to Boldt's defense and slammed their double standard of lies and ineuendo into place because they see their pet RINO at risk.

And, he may be at risk.

But if he is... he put himself there.  And voting like a democrat; failing to protect the citizens of the entire county, helping to gerrymander the CTrans tax district to shut out tens of thousands of voters, voting to strip us of our weapons in the event of a commissioner-declared emergency... multiple tax and fee increases in the midst of a horrific economy... these are not the actions of a REPUBLICAN.

They are, of course, the kinds of things that many democrats do every day.  And the bizarre idea that the leftists seem to have that we should just sit by and turn a blind eye to this betrayal of GOP politics.

That's not, as Marc put it, moderating.  That's Marc abandoning the politics that put him where he is.


Next thing you know, he'll be abandoning his pro-life stance.

You have to, you understand, to gain full acceptance into the democrat club.

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