Thursday, March 29, 2012

A suggestion for Marc Boldt: Leave the Republican Party, and become an Independent.

(Full disclosure: Marc Boldt is my brother-in-law and I was his Legislative Assistant for almost 6 years.)

There has been a great deal of whaling and gnashing of teeth by many who lack any standing in the issue of the local GOP's actions to sanction alleged Republican Commissioner Marc Boldt... most of it by those who have no say, nor should they, since they're democrats... and let's face it, their hypocrisy notwithstanding, the whining and sniveling of Marc's democrat supporters and the newspaper (Again, interchangeable terms) essentially proves the Board's actions to be right on target; as we all know, the only form of compromise ever supported by the left is the "do it my way" plan.

Well, I have a solution to all of this that will end the pain for everyone involved.

This will only work with the understanding that there is much more to being a Republican then merely wearing the label.  Any idiot can run with an "R" after their name.  The question is this: isn't that supposed to mean something?

The leftists jump up and down and tell us it, apparently, is NOT supposed to carry any weight; when they want them to be, labels are meaningless.

To most Republicans, it IS supposed to mean something.  And those supported with our sweat, blood and cash because of their alleged conservative/Republican philosophies owe a duty to those who sacrificed to get them elected.

Using Star Wars terminology, Marc's transformation to the Dark Side has been complete for years.

Lying to me personally... to my face... about a county-wide vote on the CRC/Light rail debacle; selling the people of this county out on the CRC scam while doing everything he can to keep us silent... multiple conflict of interest votes... raising our taxes and fees in the midst of a horrific recession and double-digit unemployment within the county...

These are not the acts of a Republican... and for Marc to claim he's "moderated" since his legislative days is for a Volkswagen to claim it's a Ferrari.  Based on my close observation, the Republican firebrand State Representative Marc Boldt, Conservative extraordinaire, has disappeared.

My suggestion?

Leave the Republican Party altogether, and become an Independent.

As a staunch pro-life advocate, that way Marc can become a Democrat-in-everything-but-name without concern over the promises he's made but ignored... and he can sprint away from that bizarre conservative meme he's been using all these years to get elected... all without concern over being held accountable for his actions anywhere but the polls.

It's win-win-win.

Marc wins because the moment he leaves the GOP, he won't even have a platform to read instead of just ignoring it all these years... and... well... not reading it (which he has admitted to the Board he has not bothered to do.)

The Party wins because they won't have this issue to shoot themselves in both feet... multiple times... over by badly playing the media game...

And the more "moderate" members of the GOP won't have THIS issue to throw a snit over.

Just think: Boldt can come out swinging FOR the CRC full-throttle!  He can continue to ignore Tom Mielke as if he doesn't exist (Like he does now)... and he can openly vote EVERY time on EVERY issue with fellow democrat Steve Stuart... all while claiming Independent status.

What's not to like?

So, Marc, give it some thought.  because the Marc Boldt the GOP and the people put into office now is as Republican as my Cavalier Spaniel.  Everyone would be better served if he would just end this charade and come out of the political closet, so to speak.



Anonymous said...

I completely disagree with your first paragraph, Kelly. Those that are constituents in Clark County and specifically those that live in Marc's district have standing and should have say regarding their representative. It just goes to show where your loyalties truly the party, and not to your community.

Greg Owens

Jack said...

They will get that "say" in the election, Greg. And the phony "issue" that you keep trying to "raise" won't make one bit of difference.

When Lefties jump in to "help" a Republican candidate, it will automatically "taint" him. The louder you guys yell, the more obvious it is.

So keep "yelling".

Just a guy said...

Greg, what the hell are talking about?

There HASN'T been a great deal of "whaling and gnashing of teeth?"

And most of those making that noise DO have a say in how or what the Republican Party does, or does not do?

And the rabid support of Marc by the leftists ISN'T a result of their political support of his actions and he of their agenda?

And that the response from the left ISN'T a measure of how much Marc supports their agenda over the GOP agenda?

Or that the leftist view of "compromise" is NOT "do it our way?"

Just for one example: please illustrate, with specificity where:

1. The left has "compromised" in ANY WAY over the CRC, light rail, or tolls?

2. Marc Boldt has done ANYTHING to stop the CRC, light rail, or tolls?

Democrats have no more say over how the GOP runs their business then they have a say in how I run MY business... that is, none.

And since NOTHING that the GOP Board has done or will do effects Marc's position as a commissioner in ANY WAY; that Marc still has ALL of the privileges and responsibilities and of a commissioner and can still vote for or against anything, in any way he wants... then while you may "disagree" (and that is, of course, your privilege) your disagreement is based on the fallacy that the people who live in Marc's district have some sort of say in any of this is fallacious from the get-go.

You see, Greg, the people of Marc's district (of which I am one) DO have a say: at the polls, this November.

Other then that, they have no say, the democrats have no say, the newspaper has no say.

This is an internal GOP matter. Like any other private organization, they are not subject to the whims of those reveling in the agonies visited upon us by a RINO commissioner.

This August or November, the issue will be decided. And while I will not vote for Marc since I know what I know about him, that in no way stops you from voting for the guy that killed your ballpark deal.

I appreciate your civility in all this, but your conclusion is as wrong as wrong can be. The simple fact of the matter is that Boldt doesn't even know Mielke exists... and that gives him the privilege to leave the party who's ideals he so detests.

And he should do so. But you and those like you get precisely zero say in any of that, and that you believe you should shows an ignorance of the system and the political reality that reflected your early declarative statement that the ballpark was going to be built, and their was nothing I could do about it.