Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh... and in case anyone is wondering, I am NOT working for, or affiliated with, David Madore in ANY way.

Just caught a whiff of a buzz out there that I am involved in and being paid by the Madore campaign.

Let me put the kibosh on that RIGHT now.

I am not.

I WILL not.

What I've posted here has nothing to do with David Madore, one way or the other.  If I had never HEARD of David Madore or any other candidate, I STILL would be posting this same information.

Honor is the thing, you see.  I believe that Marc has drained that particular swamp.

The only question the reader needs to ask him/herself is this:

Is what this Hinton guy writing accurate?

Anything else is irrelevant.


Jack said...

The Lefties are getting hysterical now that David Madore has entered the race. That's why they're flocking to defend Marc Boldt. Very obvious. Boldt needs to declare himself to be a Democrat because he's sure not fooling the Republicans.

Lew Waters said...

Rule 11: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it. Don’t try to attack abstract corporations or bureaucracies. Identify a responsible individual. Ignore attempts to shift or spread the blame." Saul Alinsky

Madore has become their boogieman, worthy of their blame for everything they dislike in their putsch to socialism.

Just as last evening, I get put on the carpet for calling a gay person on his insult of me "being left and the altar and hope I can get a refund on my dress," after being told David Madore and I were engaging in "kissing cousin" behavior is excused.

The Columbian, who I falsely thought was trying to be a bit more objective, proves once again they are the Democrats mouthpiece and will use any tactic to silence dissent to the liberal agenda.

I endorsed Holmberg in his school board run, but his now joining in the destruction of the Republican Party, along with Van Dinter's will end any thought of that in the future.

I received word that at least one is thinking of running against Mielke now.

Just what we need, one party, one allowable train of thought, but go by two different names.

Who needs it?

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, Lew. Better call the WAAAAAAAAmbulance! (To use your own words).

Greg Owens

Jack said...

You're the only one whining, Greg.

Lew Waters said...

Let him whine. He is still ticked off because his comments are now moderated on my blog.

He may have free reign at the Columbian, but he doesn't on the blogs.