Friday, March 30, 2012

Politically, is Madore any different from Boldt?

Well, as a PCO and auto-delegate to the convention tomorrow, I received a letter from Madore.  It was a nice, albeit non-professional piece that had a lot of words... but little to say.

Unlike Boldt, who never wanted Mielke to become a commissioner, Madore makes it clear that he supports Mielke for that spot.

But what's missing?

Unbelievably, Madore fails to mention the biggest issues facing Clark County for at least the next decade.

He fails to spell out his positions on the CRC scam, light rail and tolls, instead, limiting his position to "I oppose funding any project that is not clearly supported by the majority of taxpayers."

Now, properly parsed, that could mean he's opposed to the CRC and that any vote concerning that issue should be county wide.

But it shouldn't have to BE "parsed."

One thing Marc used to have going for him was that Gary Cooper "Yup, nope, maybe, shucks ma'am, twern't nuthin" kind of thing that involved plain speaking combined with the truth. He likely still uses that... minus the truth, of course... but it was an endearing quality.

Madore's letter didn't.

Ending the CRC scam in it's entirety is the only reason Madore has to run and the only platform for Madore that makes any difference... or sense.

If that's what you mean, David, then just say so.  And if that's NOT what you mean, then there's no point in getting rid of Marc.

Simple, really.


Anonymous said...

I am in complete agreement with you on this post. (Whatever that is worth).

Aside from the other concerns I have with him, Madore's ONLY issue is CRC.

Madore is in my district. We need someone that is familiar and can effectively address ALL issues.

Greg Owens

David Standal said...

I think it's fine...a nice introduction. There's plenty of time for specifics. This seems to try to establish his character and overall philosophy. It's all about character to me. And Greg.... Are you a PCO?

Martin Hash said...

It appears Larry Paulson (head of Port of Vancouver) is the Light Rail culprit. Madore should blame him directly, demand his resignation, and promise to get the most efficient bridge possible, with a PUBLIC vote of approval. Madore should clearly denounce "public/private partnerships" like the Hilton, ampitheater, baseball, and any other scam. Madore should compare his success in life to Boldt's lack thereof - call him "Boldt the Dolt."

Even then, there's almost no chance of beating a popular incumbent.

Just a guy said...

"Even then, there's almost no chance of beating a popular incumbent."

You know of any?

You mean... like Royce Pollard?

Marc's popularity has plummeted. Like Leavitt, the people... the base... feel betrayed and have achieved the essential ingrediant... the critical mass to turn out an incumbent:


If, and it's a huge if given his multiple failures in the past, Madore runs the right campaign... Marc can be taken out.

The entirety of the rural vote that Marc has fought to exclude from the CTran district... the 65,000 commuters and their families... COULD be angered into acting against the source of their anger... and that means Boldt is gone.

Those who've supported him in the past will leave him in droves. his "new friends" have just been using him... and they'll cast him aide like the WEA dumped 30 year teacher and pro-WEA State Senator (BUT Republican) Don Carlson back in 2000, endorsing Craig Pridemore over Carlson instead.

Boldt's support of the bridge and light rail (which has turned into a fiasco) along with his implied support of tolls (Which would hurt most any democrat on the receiving end of a competent campaign) his trail to nowhere support, his vote to confiscate our weapons in the event of any emergency, his multiple conflict of interest votes for Lifeline, his numerous tax and fee increases imposed or supported in the midst of this horrific economy.... among other things yet to come out.... should, if properly handled, spell his political demise.

If... And only if... Madore runs the right campaign devoid of the self-serving, integrity-lacking amateurs he seems bent on surrounding himself with, Boldt should lose.

In a 3-way primary, the democrat will get in the high 30's of the vote, the Gop'er will;; get the same, and Marc may get the middle.

If he's not taken out in the primary, then he's even money to win, because the people would vote against a democrat for the same reason they would vote against Boldt.

And in my post-mortem of the 2008 vote, it appears that 5600 voters or so in Clark County voted for Obama... and then voted for Mielke.

Boldt is in serious trouble, considering.

Martin Hash said...


My perception of public opinion is not quite the same. From what I can tell, most people don't know what district they're in, whose running, or what the issues are? They simply vote their ticket or somebody they've seen at the supermarket. It seems to me elections are won or lost depending on how many public employees are in the mix.

Disclosure - I don't care if Boldt wins or loses.

Jack said...

People now have computers, Martin. People are now really pissed. I think the dynamics are changing. Get current, willya?

Anonymous said...

I think I'll add if someone were to put a NICE, real NICE big copy of the current 3 district Clark County commissioner map up for a view? That might help out to figure out who is in what district.

I believe Marc represents pretty the southern end of the current 17 legislative legislative district all the way to the skamania county line. Steve has I-205, all the way south west and probably some of hazel dell? And Tom has all the north end of the county.

Is true that the whole county will all be voting for Tom and Marc's seats in the primary? or is it just district wide like most voting privileges that I know of?

Hope you guys could fill me in on that.


Just a guy said...

In the primary, the vote is district wide. It's only county-wide in the general.

Marc's district goes up to the Northern end of 182 Ave... roughly.

Marc's got most all of Bush Praire/Hockinson south. I was redistricted into his district.