Friday, March 04, 2016

Shelving this blog.

I've been a Watcher and a Teller for a long time now.  It's been an interesting ride these 11 years... a lot has happened.

This was my first post done on 14 February, 2005
The Inaugural Entry of Clark County Politics! 
I'm completely new to "blogging," but I've been around the scene here in Clark County, Washington, for quite some time. 
I've noticed at least one other intrepid Clark County-ite has set up his own site, albeit with a decidedly leftist "bent," so I intend to, perhaps, offer a counter view when it's appropriate.
I believe in free speech and I am unafraid of your ideas. That said, comments containing profanity or personal insult will be removed immediately.
When you post, please back up your observations to the extent possible, while you avoid generalizations.
Thanks for stopping by!
Since then, over a million page views have taken place (My current status shows 849,000... but the counter didn't even get turned on until 5 years after I started)  I've done my best to expose dishonesty, corruption, hypocrisy and the truth of the axiom that power corrupts absolutely.

Now, due to circumstances beyond my control, it has resulted in my decision... and my decision alone... to shelve the posting of this blog... and end my presence on Facebook... for the foreseeable future.

There are no coincidences in politics.  There's no coincidence here, either.

But at the end of the day, I'm really no different than anyone else politically involved, save for one tiny element:

This blog.

Many out there reading this think many of or close to the same things I do.  As part of my desire to have a therapeutic (for me) outlet/data base of quotes, histories, videos, I decided to write my thoughts and perspectives down.  That way, I wouldn't have to carry those around with me. And unlike most, I write those things down and make them available to the general public to read.

After awhile, I decided to post those thoughts so that others of a mind to do so might read them, given that I come from a place of political involvement that few have attained... so they may get a glimpse of the political reality as I see it confronting us at various levels and various times.

For those who've followed my meager effort over the years, I'm sorry that I have to end this effort this way for the foreseeable future.  But sometimes, things happen that cannot be planned for from unanticipated directions .

I continue to fear what I believe may happen in state and local government... how much more expensive it has become and will become for us in the future... how easily promises are cast aside for whatever the reason by those we elect... and how unimportant we, The People, actually are to those who would govern us...

Sometimes, the people you’d take a bullet for turn out to be the ones behind the guns.

Aimed at you.

Sadly, those are the lessons I've learned which have impacted me the most.  And considering the direction, I'm struck by the irony of the nexus of this decision.

I have hope that someone else will become the Watcher and the Teller. 

Someone who will not play favorites... who will not be swayed by and party identification a candidate or incumbent may chose... and then ignore... and who will not be driven by emotions but instead, by reality.

Someone who could care less what the letter after someone's name actually is.

Others are stepping up and I wish them well.

As I walk away from the political realm in it's entirety for now, I wish all of you who carry on the best. I've done all I can do with what I've had to work with.  The rest is up to you... but I now must leave this scene.

At some point, I may be able to return.

But it won't be any time soon.

Thursday, March 03, 2016

The parallels between the local CCRINO Establishment and the national RNC Establishment.

As regular readers know, the local CCRINO Establishment would much rather have a democrat like Marc Boldt win an election and join with the other two Stooges than to allow conservatives to run the joint... or any other Republican that doesn't meet their RINO test.

Well, I certainly can appreciate that, much like I appreciate the damage Boldt and the other Stooges, Julie Olson/Chuck Green and Jeanne Stewart/Craig Pridemore have done since their election... voting as if they had formerly joined the democrat party.

Grabbed from Chuckie Greens campaign site.
The DC Establishment reaction to Trump makes it easy for me to oppose fake Republicans: after all, Trump doesn't pass their litmus test; RINOs like Rubio, and here locally, Rivers, Vick, Boger, Bowman, Boldt, Olson, Stewart, McDaniels, Vance, Bryant, Wilson, Noelck, Crain (Who, after all, went so far as to endorse a democrat candidate against fellow RINO Julie Olson) and Harris?  They all fail to pass mine.

Others are sure to be added to the list, because as we've seen at both the national AND the local level, party loyalty gets flipped like a switch whenever RINOs want to flip it.

So, today, the Establishment sent up the wrong guy, at the wrong place and at the wrong time to blow holes in Trump.  Yet we STILL do not see any Senators endorsing Cruz, meaning these clowns want to jam Rubio down our throats.

Well, Rubio caved on his integrity AND illegal aliens over a year ago... and he lost any chance at ever becoming president as a result.

Should Trump be president?  I have no idea.  But the more scum like Mitt get out there and try to tell us what to do, the more likely I am TO support Trump.

Clearly, the Establishment at the national level is as despicable as the out-of-power local Establishment variety.  And the harder they push to keep their seats of ease, the more likely I am to do the exact opposite.

And the more the Establishment at ANY level engages in this rank hypocrisy, the more I will oppose them.
The RNC on Mitt Romney's left

The more the Establishment at ANY level lies, exaggerates, cheats or engages in the mainstream democrat tactics and strategies... against their fellow Republicans... the more I will call them out.

I didn't watch Mitt's speech.  Why should I?  As an Establishment mouthpiece with their hands up his back like Jeff Dunham with his hand up Achmed's back, I already knew what that milquetoast was going to say.

Here's the reality:  Every single candidate running for president has had the same opportunity.

Trump is winning because he took the lead in talking about stuff the others wouldn't touch with a 100 foot pole.

Illegal aliens, importing muslim terrorists, how much we got screwed in the deal with Iran, just to name a few.

And instead of doing the smart political thing to neutralize Trump and his positions, mainly, co-opting them, what did they do?

They did the same thing the local CCRINOs are doing: they did (and are doing) the democrat's dirty work for them.

Many ironies of political life become apparent when closely watching what each side does to the other... and to themselves.

The democrats are, essentially, standing on the sidelines, watching the CCRINOs carry their water like Gunga Din.  They remain spotless while the CCRINOs do it all for them.

They watch and remain squeaky clean as the CCRINOs splatter Republicans with all the mud they can throw.  They watch as those in the CCRINO cabal either betray their constituency like Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers betrayed us all with her gas tax/tab fee machinations ("Yeah, well, it was a 'business decision.'  And as long as it's a 'business decision,' I can lie to my constituents all I want.") by doing what the democrats wanted her to do... and the democrats DID want her to betray us, regardless of her fake motivation... which in this case, meant hanging a $1600 or so bill around the necks of every man, woman and child in this county... of which, we'll actually see, perhaps, $80 or so worth of work for each man, woman and child in Clark County... the rest going to King County; and then, of course, lying about it by claiming that had she NOT voted "yes," the bill for this county would have been $7 BILLION...  (NOTE: this video needs to be viewed in any Browser NOT Firefox because of software issues.)

... or go insane attacking those who do not pass their litmus test of what a RINO SHOULD be.

Which is why every conservative running this cycle is under attack here locally.

So today, the biggest loser in the history of presidential politics since Walter Mondale, comes out and blasts Trump.  (Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...)

That, of course, is his... and their... privilege.  You can rest assured that most of the CCRINO contingent shares their joy of this political buzzard circling a carcass... except, of course, for one thing:

Trump is far from dead.

But with scum like the Establishment, if he woke up dead with a heart attack tomorrow, none of that would surprise me.  Because the Establishment types would MUCH rather lose to a democrat than see someone they can't control win an elective office.

Right, Marc?

The parallels, then, are obvious.  And they reek accordingly.

More RINOs I won't support this November.

Here's their idiotic take on supporting Trump:  (According to the Seattle Times)

And here's the thing: this would be my position if they'd said that about ANY GOP candidate.)

Chris Vance:  First, I wasn't going to support him anyway, come to think of it.  The State GOP was a disaster on his watch, even worse than it is now, so he'd surely bring that skill set to the table if by some ultra-miracle he managed to win.

Here's Vance's cowardice and short-sightedness on Trump:
"It’d be better if we had a nominee who could unite the party and bring everyone together. Maybe that’ll still happen, but today it doesn’t appear to be,” said Chris Vance, the Republican challenger running against Democratic U.S. Sen. Patty Murray. 
Vance took to social media earlier in the week to denounce as “unacceptable” Trump’s refusal during an interview to repudiate former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Trump later disavowed Duke on Twitter.
In a Facebook post in December, Vance had said Republicans would need to unite behind their presidential nominee “whoever that is.” But on Tuesday, Vance declined to say whether he’d be able to support Trump.
“The day he is officially the Republican nominee, then I will answer that question,” he said. 
But Vance said he doesn't see himself aligning with any of the remaining GOP candidates — Trump or others. “I think a lot of Republicans are going to run as free agents this year,” he said.
Gutless crone.

Bill Bryant:  And Bill Bryant isn't any better.
Bill Bryant, the Republican candidate challenging Gov. Jay Inslee, repeated earlier statements that “if Trump believes what he says, he is not fit to be president.” 
Both Bryant and Vance declined to say whether they’d vote for Trump if he winds up as their party’s nominee in November. 
“I don’t like to cross hypothetical bridges,” Bryant said.
Sen. Joe Fain, best known for voting against the repeal of the "naked men in the women's showers" rule as the GOP Senate allowed it to remain in place, called Trump a "fascist."

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Keeping the Trump victories last night in perspective and the Establishment losing their minds.

I occasionally remind people that the Pavlovian political response to candidates here in Washington State, of supporting a candidate, only to see that guy (or woman) vaporize, and then moving on to the next candidate, only to see them enter the political Twilight Zone as well, only to move onto the next... and so forth... is a non-starter for me.

This cycle, I have refused to support any candidate.


Because here in the great state of Washington, we have no say.

Like many of the young and politically naive, my youngest (22) is enchanted by Bernie Sanders.

That's a purely emotional response for the most part: the reality is she no more knows his positions in depth, nor has she studied the consequences of his polices, any more than she can levitate.

Like many on the left, she forwarded another video attack against Trump last night, her sense of outrage having been properly pricked, apparently, by what was on the video, which I did not watch... because, well, it would make no difference.

And I told her as much:
Kj Hinton    Kj Hinton You do understand we have zero say in any of this, right?
I was taken to task by another poster who, not understanding my perspective, wrote this:
Bryan GoldmanBryan Goldman Yeah, because years of keeping our head in the sand has the world moving swiftly in the right direction...?

Your pessimistic comment has some truth to it, but it's merely opinion based. Recent history in other countries begs to differ. Revolution can take many different shapes and sizes..
LikeReply17 hrs
To which I replied:
Kj HintonKj Hinton It's not opinion and it's not conspiracy theory. It's the calendar.

We will not have a primary here in Washington State until next May.


This will be long decided before May. Hillary will be the democrat nominee, since she's scammed all the super-delegates. Sanders will get crushed tonite for the most part like he did in South Carolina, more or less. I mean, who's got the huge lead both votes and in the delegate count... including super delegates?

Trump will likely be the GOP nominee if current trends continue.

Thus, our vote in the primary, where the nominees will have long since been decided...



LikeReply16 hrsEdited
And that's the thing, you see.

I'm not going to exorcised over a candidate/nominee when I have no say over that candidate/nominee.

What's the point?  Why set myself up for emotional turmoil if my candidate loses... since my vote won't matter?

And now, what I see, are people... and the Establishment... losing their fricking minds over Trump.

I saw this once before in the run up to a presidential election in 1980: the guy's name was Reagan.

It's kinda like watching "The Revenant" after having seen "Man in the Wilderness," which was the basis for this version.

No, I'm not comparing the two men.  But I CAN compare the two campaigns against those men.

They bear more similarities than differences.

The Establishment wants their guy... a guy they can control.

I have zero faith in the Establishment, after all, look at what they've done since the people have given them control of Congress...


So, when you see stories about how the Establishment or their candidates are scheming to find ways to deny a candidate a nomination... be aware of their guiding principles: this isn't about whether the candidate would be worth a damn if he wins: this is about the perception that if the wrong guy wins, they won't be able to control him.

Now, the Establishment is lining up behind Rubio.  Yet, Rubio, even today, is running commercials where the claim is made that he, Rubio, "beat the Establishment."

Odd, that.

Cruz, on the other hand, seems to have a "dislike" factor going for him.  The Sessions endorsement of Trump hurt him... because it begs the question: if no other Senator will support Cruz...

Trump is a total lose cannon.  He promises the moon plus $2 to the base.  But can he deliver?

I would love to see the dead wood clogging the GOP flow get flushed away.  And frankly, I don't care how that happens.  And that dead wood finds themselves in a precarious position if Trump wins this... their best efforts notwithstanding.

So, they act.  Not out of any altruistic basis... not for the good of the country.  Oh, no.  Since when has that variety of politics existed?

No, they are acting on what's known as their own "enlightened self-interests."  Their actions are in no way driven by what's best for us: instead, they're driven by what's best for them.

And their clumsy, moronic PUBLIC efforts show that Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chair, shouldn't be allowed to run an elevator, let alone a national political party if THIS is the best he can do.

I saw early on what was likely to happen if the GOP didn't recognize the "danger" by an insurgent candidate with an insurgent campaign.  But they were so fat, dumb and stupid that they refused to believe it.

I wonder if they believe it now?

The national Establishment is something of a wide spectrum view of the insanity the local Establishment is engaging in around here as they go about attempting to regain control over the party apparatus. Challenging conservative incumbents, betraying constituents, ignoring their duty to their districts... fearful of being called a "pansy."

Oddly, the local party seems to be in that pre-sting paralysis stage of the tarantula wasp crawling around the spider's abdomen and the spider knows it and where they see danger, but are apparently content to allow it to run it's course... since they have failed to act against these same people doing their best to throw them out.

And when you're talking about a tarantula wasp. the outcome is rarely good for the tarantula.

I find the out-of-power Establishment's death throes, if that's what they are, to be rather entertaining myself.  Time, of course, will tell.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Giving some credit where due: the Columbian Rivers article has been edited.

Day before yesterday, the Columbian did a story that briefly discussed Sen. Ann “Gas Tax” Rivers' PDC fraud, wherein she deliberately over reported the amount of money deposited into her campaign account by approximately $175,000.

That's not how they presented it, of course, but that's how I see it.

The article is somewhat misleading in that initially it stated: “Big drop in amount of money listed prompts conservative blogger to raise questions,”  while also stating "Rivers filed a handful of amended reports last week that ratcheted back the campaign contribution amount after Kelly Hinton, the blogger, filed a complaint."

The first issue in the article was the order in which the number was reversed; that is, it was my complaint, that I generated, which resulted in $175,000 being removed from the accounting of Rivers campaign account.  My complaint against Rivers was in no way driven by the reduction of the number; it was in fact the reason the number was reduced… Since I filed the complaint in early October.

I emailed the reporter, Lauren Dake, explained the situation to her, and she had the sub-headline removed.

With somewhat more difficulty, I was able to show to her satisfaction… Along with further consultation with the PDC… That the reduction in the number from $255,000 to initially $80,000 and now currently just under $71,000 had nothing to do with any action on the part of Rivers, and nothing to do with the amended reports that were mentioned.

Ultimately, had the newspaper or Dake emailed me to ask me about the situation, I could’ve provided the background information that would have enabled them to avoid making these mistakes which serve to have an impact on the issue of fault and the issue of why Rivers allowed this mistake to fester in her campaign account for over a year.

Rest assured, that had the shoe been on the other foot; had the PDC been under-reporting the amount of money that Rivers actually had in her account, you can bet that it wouldn't have taken her a year to act to correct that shortfall.

Meanwhile, the story has been edited further; and while further explanation has not been provided as to what actually took place, at least the offending passages have been removed.

I appreciate the effort that Lauren Dake went through to ultimately make the article much more accurate.

That has been done with this article. While filling in the blanks by changing the article to reflect, more accurately, that the action on Rivers' part was deliberate, long-lasting, and done to achieve a desired aim would have been preferable; on the whole I am not unhappy with this outcome.

To a certain extent, both the PDC and the newspaper have been played by Sen. Rivers. Hopefully, in the future, they will take a much closer look at what she says and how she says it in response to their questions concerning her campaign conduct.

But I cannot blame them in particular, considering how astounding her political conduct since the beginning of last calendar year is actually been.

I never expected, and in fact would’ve bet my life, that nothing like this would’ve ever happened at the behest of Sen. Rivers.

Had she any integrity, she would resign effective immediately over this issue.

That she has failed to take any responsibility for the situation and failed to resign goes to the basic lack of character that must have resulted from something horrific that I can only begin to guess at.

I am quick to condemn the local newspaper for their inaccuracies, no matter the cause or the motive. Likewise I must give credit where due when an honest effort is made to correct the more glaring inaccuracies.

When asked, the newspaper actually did ultimately do what I requested they do to clarify the story and for that, as bizarre as it may sound, I actually think them.

Well, *I* didn't: "Media Blew It."

Trump's inevitability.

(DISCLAIMER: I am not supporting anyone this cycle because, as a resident of this state, I will have no say in this outcome.  This observation is not to be construed as an endorsement.  It is an analysis, nothing more.)

For months, I've been warning, if "warning" is the right word, that the Establishment had only one way available to contain Trump and to neutralize him.

And that was to take his issues away from him and make them the issues of the GOP.

A long time ago (If the year 2000 was a long time ago) Tim Eyman came up with his first initiative, the $30 tab fee/vote on all tax and fee increases, aka I-695.

That is of note here, because naturally, the tax and spend left was dramatically opposed to that effort.
"The world will end as we know it if this passes."

Columbian editorial attacking the effort.
That, of course, is a rhetorical summary of their positions at the time... as that is a rhetorical summary of their positions on just about any tax or fee cutting measure either taken by the county; such as on Councilor David Madore's efforts to cut fees and property taxes here locally and, of course, at the state level where Eyman's latest initiative that would force the legislature to either run a referendum or suffer a 1% cut from the sales tax collected for the state.

The reason this is of note was even now, some 16 years later, I remember KVI host John Carlson's statement concerning the paralysis of the leftist response to this initiative's then record signature collection: the choices available to government were to "... land the plane with the wheels up... or fly it directly into the ground."

You see, state government COULD have offered an alternative to I-695 that may have accomplished the same thing, or close to it, and either implemented such an alternative over time, say a reduction over 5 years in the tab fees, or, they could allow what ultimately happened:  The implementation all at once, as the Legislature took that aspect of the initiative out of the "unconstitutional" can the state supreme court had slammed it into and put it into law as if the court had allowed it into being.

In short, they choose to fly the plane directly into the ground.

Well, the same thing applied... and applies... to Trump.

The GOP Establishment had the opportunity early on to take his positions away from him... by embracing them since now, clearly, those positions represent that of the base.

Instead, they run away from them in horror.  And now, the remaining major candidates, Rubio and Cruz, are, effectively, right where Trump wants them: forced into discussing well, the size of Trump's penis, as Rubio did yesterday.

Nationally, the latest poll has Trump at 49%, with Rubio at 16 and Cruz at 15.

The Establishment has failed to understand and failed to recognize what Trump represents to the base.  They appear mystified as to how anyone could be so stupid that they'd support a Trump.

So, they played the role of the ostrich and buried their collective head in the sand.

And this... is the result... of that.