Monday, March 28, 2016

The CCRINO candidate's refusal to communicate.

Look, the crux of the matter is simple: the CCRINO candidates (McDaniel, Noelck and Blom) are being used as cudgels to nail conservatives.

On the 16th of this month (March) I emailed the CCRINO candidates the following question:

Recently you announced as a Republican, your desire to run against another incumbent Republican in the upcoming primary.

I would appreciate knowing, with specificity, why we should vote for you over the candidate endorsed by or running as the incumbent.

Specifically, since the County charter was fully implemented this past January, I would like to know where you would have voted any differently whatsoever, in any matter that has come up in front of the County Council, that would be different in any way than the votes of counselors Boldt, Stewart, and Olson.  Or, for that matter, Councilor Madore.

I look forward to your response as a prospective constituent, and am intrigued at the prospect of closely watching your campaign as you seek to justify replacing the current incumbent or the candidate endorsed by the incumbent who was so instrumental in helping to kill the worst project this County has ever known, specifically the CRC… A subject you seemed to be remarkably quiet about when it really mattered.

Thank you for your time
None of them have responded.

And that's the bottom line.

My own Senator, Ann "Gas Tax" Rivers continues to fail to respond to an email I sent her asking for clarification of her lie uttered in her town hall meeting in Battle Ground last January wherein she made the fallacious claim that had she voted against the gas tax/tab fee increases she had pledged to oppose to get elected, the taxpayers of Clark County would have been responsible for $7 BILLION in taxes, vacuumed out of our local economy to support King County's boondoggle Big Dig and replacement of the floating bridge disaster... as if I, as a constituent, am not worthy of a response.

Why should any of these political traitors be given the opportunity to take office so THEY can ignore us on matters of governance... or so they can vote like the Three Stooges on the county council already do?

Is a bill passed any more with a super-majority than with a 3 - 2 majority?

This is vindictive politics at its very best.

This is CCRINO revenge politics... what's best for them... and not us.

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