Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Even now, the democratian lies about the Charter

"Fed up with an antiquated system of county government that gave too much power to three elected officials, voters approved a county charter that should bring a better system with appropriate checks and balances."
As if.

As if, had democrats kept control over county government, the charter would have happened.

As if it ever was about anything BUT David Madore.

As if this would have happened if the slimeball auditor hadn't used the voter pamphlet as a campaign piece in his hatred against the conservatives around here, this would have happened.

For the months leading up to the election, the C3G2 haters, in league with the fringe-left psychotic running the democratian kept telling us it had nothing to do with Madore per se', and that the whole thing was about "better representation" and "more transparency."

As if the left ever gave a damn about "transparency."

As if somehow our representation is better as a result of a 60% reduction in in our ability to vote for our county government (Before, we could vote for all three commissioners.... 100%; now, we're reduced to voting for 2 out of 5... or 40%) and the application of an impossible standard for signature gathering... now at 38,000 or so, allows us to actually have a direct say in this form of government.

The leftist scum lied about the charter... repeatedly... to get it passed, the fringe left hater running the rag supported it with lies like the one quoted above (If has no more "appropriate" checks and balances now then it did pre-charter, in fact, with the crippling reduction in the county voters ability to vote for our government as laid out above, it arguably has severely damaged our "checks and balances" but since when have these scum ever allowed the truth to get in their way?) when if, in fact, our county government was some form of the Titanic (as they led so many to believe) this horrific charter did anything but rearrange the deck chairs.

The Charter showed us who the lying scum in our community actually are.  The list of those funding this monstrosity is a list of people that will never get a penny from me, and is remarkably similar to the same list of scum who financed and/or supported the CRC Scam campaign (Like, you know... Greg Kimsey?) so, in the end, I seriously hope they choke on it.

C3G2 scum still active with their hatred and double-standard: vilify GOP'er Benton while giving dems a pass.

One of the larger cancerous tumors on our community is the C3G2 Hate group that has always had, their outright lies notwithstanding, the destruction of Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke along with Sen. Don Benton as their reasons for existence.

That's why they so rabidly supported the hideous, neo-communist charter, regardless of their lies to the contrary.

The article discusses the lack of an invitation to one of the judicial dwarfs inhabiting the state supreme court... the chief dwarf, in fact, who had been in the past, given an invitation to waste the time of a joint session of the legislature by addressing them... as if she (Or whoever held that position) actually had anything important to say.

No doubt, this time around it would have been to beat them with a stick over McCleary.

Rightfully, in my opinion, the legislature... BOTH parties in the legislature, NOT just the GOP, failed to extend the invitation to the head dwarf to babble at the opening of session this year.  I, in fact, expect that the supreme court, which is attempting to use the state constitution as it's own personal brand of toilet paper, will likely never see such an invitation again.

Now, I'm not particularly sure why they quote Sen. Benton in this story; he is, after all, no longer a part of leadership and really has no say in the matter.  My expectation is that the plan was to, once again, hold Benton up like a piñata, so the C3G2 haters could ooze out from under their rock and beat on him with their vitriol.

And their plan succeeded, with scumbags like former democratian editorial page editor John "Cockroach" Laird, Mike "I hate the GOP" George and one of the biggest yappers on the C3G2 hate site, Ed "Partisan hater is my middle name" Rutledge spewing their partisan nonsense and then some other little worm. some moron named Riley chiming in:

The stupidity and partisan hatred of it all is obvious.

These same scum were unmoved by the following paragraph from the story:
No one objected to skipping the speech in 2015. The House leadership came to a similar conclusion. House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, D-Covington, met with Madsen before Christmas to explain that no offense was intended.
"I made clear we have no interest in legislation that is meant to punish the courts or hold them in any disregard," he said.
As you would expect, the C3G2 scum merely saw Benton's name and did what they always do: they flipped out because their entire lives seriously seem to be based on partisan hatred to the exclusion of all else:

Otherwise, why is it these scum failed to mention the SAME variety of hate towards the DEMOCRAT House Majority leader?

See, it's not that thiese detritus hate: that's their privilege.

It's that they lie about it, like the charter scammers lied about it for months since our entire form of county government has been trashed, not because it's what's best for the people of this county, but because they hated Madore, Mielke and Benton.

It's their lies that make them despicable.

Meanwhile, the supreme court is teetering on the brink of some massive retaliation from the legislature. Further, as much as the fringe-left nutters infesting us hate it, the fact is that the Court cannot force the legislature to do anything.

THEIR lie and what makes them so worthless, is that they know it as well, but refuse to admit it.

And that's a shame, really.  It's also a shame that these morons actually believe that more wasted billions will solve anything when it comes to the union-saturated propaganda plant known as our schools.

If money solved the issues, these clowns would be cranking our geniuses instead of continuing a 30% drop out rate statewide.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The true Ultimate Warrior: Army Major Keith A. Butler.

Please note: part of the claims of service here are being challenged (See comments) and I am attempting to drill down further to find out.

UPDATE: Maj. Butler's service was recognized on the floor of the New Mexico State House.

(UPDATE 2:  I screwed up on the state involved: it was New Mexico as opposed to Minnesota.  I apologize for the error.)

Initially, I posted this because I came up with multiple sources that confirmed it. More as I can find it.

Simply astounding.

A total of 37 years of active service as a Marine and a soldier.

A total of 44 deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

KIA with/in Special Forces at the age of 56.

This is service.  This is heroics.  My time in was nothing compared to this warrior's service.

Although KIA in Afghanistan back in May, he was just buried in Arlington within the past few days.

Today, Major Keith A Butler was laid to rest in Arlington national cemetery after being KIA in Afghanistan 10 May 2014. Butler served 37 years in the Army and Marine Corps, and had 44 deployments under his belt. This man was a giant among men. Rest easy Doc.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Democratian blows it: The COURT was "misguided and petty."

One of the many things our local rag is comfortable with is the leftist-centric state supreme court where few, if any of the Justices live out of sight of Seattle, relatively speaking; and the rag's foolish and slavish devotion to that branch of government, wrongfully ascribing God-like power to that Court because they typically mouth the fringe-left meme on all issues related to government policy, ie, the waste of paper known as "McCleary," is all too clear and all too presented through their leftist, nutburger filter/prism.

The rag and all other fringe left organizations turn a blind eye towards the concept of "co-equal branches of government" as if the concept, let alone the reality, does not exist.

Believe me, given the record of hypocrisy the rag displays as an editorial policy, had the roles been reversed; had the legislature sent threatening letters to the Supreme Court demanding that they rule the OPPOSITE way they actually ruled, AGAINST McCreary, this malevolent excuse for a newspaper would be firing up their Ignorant Brigade with torches and pitchforks much like they did the morons post-Benton hiring.

And that's the thing: if one branch threatens another branch with any action, as the Legislature has been laughingly threatened with punitive action if they don't toe the Supreme Court's line on McCleary, which the Court, of course, have no legal right to do; the very idea promulgated by this cancer on our community, that the legislature should just bend themselves (and us) over and take it is absurd.

My sources tell me that HB 1051 is just the first shot across the bow of the Court; that reducing their seats by 4 down to 5 total justices (California, for example, only has 7)  is possible and defunding the Court altogether are options very much on the table.

If the Court continues to threaten or bluster or insult the law-making body of this state then they should expect retaliation for their misdeeds.

Given the rag's political, financial and social humiliation, you would expect they would have gotten a clue by now.

Memo to the rag; memo to the Supreme Court:

Play stupid games?

Win stupid prizes.

And no amount of fringe-left blather from Greg Jayne will change any of that. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lefty Lou can fill his own spot #10

Because this moron actually believes that what he thinks matters (Every legislative and commissioner candidate running outside the Vancouver Soviet would beg to differ) he spewed out another in his mind-paralyzing self-aggrandizing column manufacturing plant, the kind of garbage he punches out like movie tickets.

Naturally, given his psychotic obsession and hatred of the county commissioners, most of his bile was aimed in their direction.

The City of Vancouver, hardly a paragon of "good governance," came in, as it always does, for very little criticism.  After all, they're charter members of the downtown mafia ("Why, there's more political incest downtown than there is in Kalama!") and he certainly wants to continue to gain entree to all the parties, Good Lord willing and the industrial strength Just For Men hair coloring don't rise.

Of all the many challenges confronting this community, our psychotic editor pick many that are among the least significant to wax his particular brand of poetry upon.

For example, no one was held accountable for failing to coalesce around acceptable solutions concerning transportation over the Columbia River.

His very rag babbles about pressure on two of our senators, Rivers and Benton, who played a major role in actually listening to the people and killing the idiotic CRC/Loot Rail scam.

But like every other leftist, they fail to offer up any alternative not spelled "CRC/Loot Rail" and he holds no one of his fellow leftists accountable for failing to join with local GOP legislators to hammer out an agreement that will, God-forbid, past muster with the voters of this county.

He fails to hold the scum running the CTran Board accountable for their idiocy on abrogating our local authority for eminent domain to an unelected, out-of-state agency.  He fails to hold scum like Tim "The Liar" Leave-it accountable for ignoring the expressed will of the voters on the BRT scam.

He fails to tell the truth about the empty threats of downtown developers pulling out of their waterfront rip off if the oil terminal is built.

With Lefty Lou, it's not just his fringe-leftist positions that are so damaging to this community: after all, any idiot is entitled to be a fringe-left nutjob and he does that part very well.

It's that he presents that stupidity as mainstream political thought while continuing to lie about his own political posturing.  It's that his soap box is not used for what's best fort this community... but instead, is used to further that downtown mafia, Identity Vancouver agenda that results in essentially evil, totalitarian "I don't speak for the people... I'll NEVER speak for the people" types running the show.

And for that, Lefty, I would urge you to fill your unfilled #10 spot.

While you should be in the #1 position considering how badly you've failed in most everything you've tried, that you would hold YOURSELF accountable for any of the damage and the divide that so hurts this community would be both just... and rather poetic.

Give it some thought... won't you, Lefty?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tales of the Veterans Administration.

(Transcribed by Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5)

So ladies and germs, for the past two years or so… Maybe 2 ½ years… I've been dealing with a problem in my right hand. I have an issue called “gooseneck” of a finger, in which a tendon is slowly shrinking, pulling the finger out of its socket.

Now I've already undergone an operation (October of last year), which, for whatever the reason, apparently failed.

Fast forward to this past October, and I get a consultation from the surgeon who performed the first operation.

I explained to him that I just want the damn thing cut off. This seemed to upset him, at least, to an extent; and he suggested that there were alternatives. He also indicated that what could make it problematic was the presence of arthritis in the main finger joint.

So, we discussed options, and I got talked into an additional operation. Wife looks at him and says, “…so, Doctor, how long is it going to take to make this operation happen?”

Doctor says, “two months.”

Well, two months was up on 24 December. Having gone that long without contact from the Veterans Administration, I actually called them early last week to find out what the status was for scheduling the procedure and when I was going to go through their evaluation process, much like the evaluation process they put you through before any operation.

Imagine my surprise: I was not on the schedule, there were no slots available, and I had been put into this new program called “veterans choice.”

Veterans Choice was the response from the Veterans Administration to the time-honored practice of ignoring, diverting, generally not taking care of veterans, and handling it all by paperwork. What made this problematic is that it’s alleged that dozens of veterans have actually died from this practice.

I freely admit that I am not going to die because my hand issue remains unaddressed. I also understand that in the hierarchy of need, those poor kids coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan, or other combat climes should be in front of me. I don't begrudge them that in the least, nor would any other soldier under the circumstances. It is, after all, a finger. In this instance, however, I am dealing with this all the time. And all the time means since the injury happened, which if memory serves, was in June 2012.

Right now, I'm reduced to wrapping paper tape and a Popsicle stick around my finger to keep it straight.

Additionally, I was put into this program (Veterans Choice) without anybody telling me. That this procedure can take place after the elections were completed was a bonus. During the holiday downtime would've been an outstanding opportunity to get this taken care of. Hopefully before session started, which takes place in mid-January of every year.

Instead, I was put into this program without anybody bothering to tell me, and I heard from no one concerning the status of the procedure on my hand. So now I’m in this program, and I have been verified for eligibility, and they tell me, that I will hear back with them within five business days.

So here I am seven business days later, Or more. And I haven't heard from anybody. 

I pick up the phone this morning on the 26th and I contact the veterans choice number. The veterans choice people tell me that there’s nothing they can do, because they are waiting for the Portland Veterans Administration hospital to upload my notes and examinations via computer, so they can make a determination as to which doctors in the area might be qualified/authorized to operate on my hand.

I ask, “so how long does it take to get these notes sent up to you?”

I am assured that the computer transactions from all of the hospitals to the veterans choice program take place on a daily basis.

As I hear this, I’m thinking to myself, well, they apparently don’t because you sure haven't received mine.

So I go and I tell my wife what’s going on here to keep her in the loop and I was going to call in the office that I've been dealing with on this issue and asked them if they can just upload the notes in question… If anybody’s there to answer the phone.

She said something to the effect of, "…someone will be there, it's not a holiday."

I said, “don't be surprised.”

So I contact the Portland Veterans Administration and get an operator. And he tells me that today is, in fact, a holiday. And that they just found out “this week.”

Odd isn't it? The VA is so well funded and thus patients are so well taken care of that they can cavalierly hand out holidays to those whose charge is to make sure that what is happening to me right now does not happen at all.

The entire basis for this program, veterans choice, is because of delays, of being put off, of a lack of slots available, and so we are supposed to be able to take many of our medical issues out to, what we used to call “the economy.”

Here I am. Remaining within the VA system, I have no operation scheduled, I’m nowhere on the board, and there’s no opening, at least, that anyone will tell me about.

Outside the VA system, I have no operation scheduled, I’m nowhere on the board, and there’s no opening at least that anyone will tell me about.

Additional billions have been set aside and will be spent on this program. And I have to ask myself, "if MY finger is being treated this way, what about the big stuff?  What about cancer, what about neurological issues? What about what about what about?" 

What’s wrong with this picture?

Ferguson, Lebanon and the inculcation of minority victimhood.

By now, we've all seen the latest video: an idiot pulls a gun on a cop who then has the temerity to shoot him to protect himself.

The results?

More rioting.  More threats.  More minority racial hatred.

Here's the thing: why would we expect anything different?

Remember the fringe-left hatred of our effort to get rid of government-approved racial advantage, otherwise known as "affirmative action?"

I was relatively young when that cancer was implemented.  I was not so young when our state, Washington, got rid of state-sponsored racism by getting rid of affirmative action at the government level.
(1) The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.
Those 5 words caused an earthquake here in Washington State.

The racial hatred expressed by the left, their plantation mentality, the multiple forecasts of our state sinking back into the Jim Crow abyss.

Many, such as the then Director of Admissions at the University of Washington, lied outright:
"The Seattle-based university, considered the most difficult of all state institutions to get into, would have to turn away many blacks and hispanics who now are admitted, he said.
"'Basically, it would make it very difficult for us to maintain diversity,' he said."
That kind of leftist verbiage, the use of the lie, is designed to try and move votes.  Fortunately for us all, the leftists failed and... they were flat wrong.
Today, (As of April 27, 2014)  UW exceeds pre-I-200 diversity levels. Seven other states that effectively eliminated affirmative action policies around the same time had a similar experience.
Those around here should be reminded of the sputtering lies of the left, such as our local daily democrat, who forecasted nothing BUT gloom and doom.  Their false, knee-jerk responses to issues and policies that do not fit into their meme are frequently responded to in this manner... the manner of the lie.

My oldest son, for example, bears the crippling disadvantage of a half-asian, half caucasian racial make up.

An honor grad of Ft Vancouver as well as the University of Washington, he has now been cursed with attending Law School at the University of Oregon.

And he achieved none of it through affirmative action... and all of it through affirmative personal responsibility.

He worked his way through school (He's working now, as far as that goes) as he has worked his way through life:  head on, with no apologies.

In short, he realized early on that he could go as far as his own drive and talents could take him.

He realized that he earned his own success, the hard way... and that his failures were as much his "fault" as his successes.

That is the missing, critical element that has brought us to this.

Minority populations are taught from conception that what they are, how their lives are, what they become... none of that stems from their own efforts.  Their failures are always someone else's fault.

It's much easier to make decisions when you're not held personally responsible or liable for them.

And the result of these decades of racial/victimization inculcation is what we see before us now.

The examples of those who've thrown off their yokes of oppression... everyone from Dr. Ben Carson to Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman, a Stanford grad, are given short shrift.

Instead, the heroes of our minority populations are those who blame others for the plight of blacks in this country: race baiters from Obama down to Sharpton, those hypocrites who make millions off the pain they help cause and inflict.

We see this in Lebanon where a young, stupid man who happened to be black pulled a 9 mm on a cop and got shot for his trouble,

The race baiters expected the cop to just allow himself to be killed by this moron.  Much to their dismay, he actually defended himself and killed this young black idiot.

The same way he would have shot an hispanic.

The same way he would have shot an asian.

The same way he would have shot... me.

But that didn't deter the rioters.  That didn't result in statements from the main race baiters in our country today: Obama, Holder and Sharpton.

Two minority police officers were slaughtered in New York a few days back, one asian, one hispanic. But none of the race baiters came out and condemned that effort.  On the contrary, their silence was elegant.

So, we have decades of appeasement to this sort.  We have decades of inculcation of victimhood.  We have decades of white liberals enabling these types of leaders to continue to have a say, continue their horrific teachings... and to continue to damage our country until we reach the point where rivers of blood will flow as a result.

We are edging into an era where race will define and determine everything about us.  It will tear us apart as more and more of us become sickened by what we see happening, and more "victims" are going to believe that they can TAKE what they want instead of EARNING it... since those in charge appease their guilt by manipulating them into thinking they don't have to.

We waste hundreds of billions in taking money from those who earn it and giving it to those they want to keep on the plantation through the subtle bigotry of low expectations.  We have wasted trillions on the abysmal failure of the "war on poverty."  We pay millions to sit on their collective asses and collect a check for doing nothing.  We require nothing from those reaping the benefit of the work of others, no self-improvement, no education, no public work... not even the picking up of trash.

We do the same thing, decade in, decade out, while we expect a different outcome.

We have decided to trade our freedom in the name of "stuff."

And this is what has become of us as a result.

Moeller's Daily Hypocrisy.

Leave it to our resident local leftist hypocrite.

Under the story of Clark County's economic growth explosion (Carefully crafted to avoid giving any of the commissioners any of the credit, naturally) is this turd from our local fringe-left hate artist, State Representative Jim "Molehill" Moeller (Neo-Communist - 49)

See, in the world of the scumbag leftist, ALL the good news is, well, the result of the scumbag leftist braintrust.

Do you believe for one second that Molehill would be spewing this garbage if our economy had collapsed?

Of course not.  When you view the entirety of your life through a fringe-left, partisan filter, this is the kind of garbage you get.

See, when gas prices hit $3 the first time, scum like Moeller blamed Bush.

When they recently almost hit $5, was he out there beating on that empty-suited, anti-American racist bigot in the White House?

Of course not.

When gas prices sank below $2 as Bush was leaving office, did they give him any of the credit?

Of course not.

Is Molehill Moeller capable of telling truth?

Of course not.  Much like he's only capable of whining about getting his ass beat on his CRC/Loot Rail scam without offering up ANY alternative, when it comes to anything political, the left's favorite skank can no more tell the truth than he can demonstrate integrity.

Fortunately, this moron apparently plans on running for Lt. Governor, where he'll have as much success statewide as Craig Pridemore did running for Congress or State Auditor.

Well be well rid of that lowlife, however.  I am looking forward to his impending defeat beginning with Clark County where he will lose overwhelmingly.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

No blogging today.  You shouldn't be on the internet anyhow.

Spend some time with your family.  Think about those who put their lives on the line for us every day generally but THIS day particularly.

God Bless our military, hamstrung with pathetic leadership; God Bless our police, fire and medical who fight for us all in their own way and who serve us well.

Hold you family close.  We have a difficult year ahead of us.

They may be all you have.

Monday, December 22, 2014

The ongoing C3G2 hate group-type stupidity concerning Rivers, Benton and transportation.

Oh, the whining slime infesting us.

Contrary to the democratian stupidity spewed here:
That places pressure directly upon state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center — both of whom were instrumental in killing the Columbia River Crossing proposal in the 2013 Legislature. Inslee said: "I'm the guy who tried to spend $1 billion in your community, and you wouldn't take it." While there were some good reasons for opposing the CRC, the opposition drove jobs, money, and infrastructure away from Clark County. If local residents end up paying their share of a statewide transportation package, it is incumbent upon Benton and Rivers to ensure that some of those funds are returned to the region in the form of much-needed projects. As former Texas Congressman Sam Rayburn once said: "A jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build one."
The reality of the situation is this: the C3G2 hate group scum braying below this idiotic drivel continue to do what the morons at the democratian tell them.

The other reality is this: none of these scum have offered up anything.

No plan.  No vision.  No idea.  No nothing that isn't spelled "CRC/Loot Rail."  In fact, how many times have fringe-left nuts like Molehill Moeller told us that he would oppose ANY project that isn't THAT project?

In short, there is ZERO "pressure" on either Benton or Rivers regarding transportation.


First, these two Senators implemented the repeatedly shown will of their constituents.

Second, outside the Vancouver Soviet, not a single one of the pro-CRC Scamming democrats were elected or re-elected.

The result?

There should be pressure, all right.  But the hypocrites at the daily democrat should be aiming it where it most properly belongs: at the democrats (And perhaps the moron who wrote this editorial) who whine and snivel but offer up precisely dick when it comes to solving the transportation problems of this region.

That we properly rejected $2000 per commuter year tolls and the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars places no pressure on anyone save for the die-hard CRC/Loot rail scammers who doggedly continue to insist that the CRC is the ONLY project they will support.

Multiple alternatives have been proposed.  None of them have been supported by the haters.

Let's remember: those shilling this rip off package are those the left rabidly supported.

If they don't like it, they should make better choices next time, and stop sniveling THIS time.

The democratian's penchant for revisionist history notwithstanding (How's that fake half-billion dollars per year in general fund tax revenue from pot legalization working for these morons?) the fact is this: we, the people, are the ones who opposed the stupidity of their pet project.

Democrat whining about it... democratian lying about it... democratian revisionism about it... changes none of it.

Propose alternative solutions.  Find something you can support that doesn't involve replacing the I-5 Bridge or loot rail.

Until you do?

Shut the hell up.

The hypocrisy of Lefty Lou Brancaccio’s “Independence from Madore” canard.

So, one of the many failed efforts at character assassination so favored by the leftist scum infesting us were Lefty Lou’s unceasing effort to portray Commissioner Jeannie Stewart (Then Candidate Stewart) as a tool for David Madore was this idiotic, bogus, hatred-driven partisan hackery wherein he oozed out from under his rock and claimed that Stewart was just another tool of David Madore.

We heard it repeatedly.  Incessantly.  It was the Anvil Chorus in a failed effort to resurrect Craig Pridemore’s mediocre political career.  And like all of the efforts he used to support his candidates in competitive races, it failed abysmally.

However, when confronted with the first opportunity to vote against David Madore, what does she do?

Instead of voting AGAINST Madore, she votes WITH him.

And what does our local slimeball editor of the daily democrat have to say about that?

“Stewart makes the right decision” was the headline of his latest anti-Benton, Anti-Madore screed.

In short, this was never about Commissioner Stewart’s “independence” from David Madore.  That was merely Lefty Lou’s cover gag.

No… it begins and ends with one thing: vote the way Lefty Lou wants… do what Lefty Lou wants…. Say what Lefty Lou wants…. What Lefty Lou wants… what Lefty Lou Wants… ad infinitum.

Lefty’s efforts to manipulate the ignorant leftists infesting us aren't even subtle.

With Lefty Lou, it’s NEVER been about the “independence” scam.  It begins and ends with the demand and the requirement that Commissioner Stewart do whatever and whenever Lefty Lou tells her to.

The truest aspect of the megalomaniac masquerading as an editor.

Generally speaking, government at all levels is best served… as are the people of this community and this nation… by doing the exact opposite of whatever that insane clown at the daily D wants.

But don’t be fooled.  The political love affair between Lefty Lou and Commissioner Stewart will last only as long as he perceives that Stewart is doing what he, Lefty, demands.

C3G2 haters don’t care.  That ilk will hate anyone to the right of Mao.  Their hate against both Madore and Stewart continues unabated.

Because that’s how they… and Lefty Lou… roll.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Lefty Lou's almost Alzhiemer-like confusion on the county executive election.

For years now, I've been pondering the possibility that Lou's addiction to Grecian Formula has damaged his brain.

That he apparently uses an industrial drum size vat of the stuff every month is just another sign of his rampant narcissism.

He seems to have become rather confused of late over a variety of issues: his impact (nonexistent) on elected officials, his impact (nonexistent) on elections, his decade-long lack of impact helped the opposition on the CRC/Loot Rail scam (His worst loss yet) and his impact (nonexistent) on the Ballpark Scam, where he illustrated that his perception of money rules his professional life.

Well, that and his psychotic hatred.

It's not that lame brain hasn't always been that way; on the contrary, he's believed since he's got here that people do things and support things just because he's stupid enough to either want them to, or want them not to.

Well, the latest bone in Lefty's pie hole is the idea that Sen. Ann Rivers believes that she can perform as both a part time legislator and a part time county chair.

She can, of course.  That Lefty apparently thinks she either can't... or shouldn't, has caused his latest jihad: which resulted in that hit piece against Rivers today.

It was typically inaccurate, like many of the rag's articles are, and it was written that way because Dake is following Der Führer's dictates much like Goebbels followed them, Old School.  After all, Hitler's megalomania seems not unlike that of Lefty's; Lefty would have fit right in at the Propaganda Ministry.

Recycling hacks who have no idea whether it can be done or not (Morris) quoting some moron who wrongly claims that attendance via phone is the same thing as "missing" a meeting.

You know the drill: Dake was told "write a story that makes Rivers' idea of holding two offices simultaneously look bad."

So, being the good little journalistic storm trooper she is, Dake clicked her spikes, shot out her hand and with a hearty "Hiel Lou!" set off to do his bidding.

Here's the thing: The decision as to what Rivers is going to do is entirely up to, well, Rivers.

The rag will play no part in that ultimate decision, any more than they played a part in the Pridemore-Stewart election, the Madore-Boldt election, the Tanner-Mielke election, the Wilson-Stonier election, the Charter election or any of the multiple advisory votes that they've opposed and which have uniformly gone against Lefty's view.

No one can pressure Rivers based on their own agenda.  I would suggest that it would be dangerous for those trying it, no matter who they are and what they may be.

"Counter-productive" is the least of the terms which come to mind.

Meanwhile the advice I have for Rivers is simple and the same advice I have for any candidate when it comes to our own, resident, megalomaniac: stop talking to that scumbag.

Stop talking to his newspaper lackeys.

Their only reason to exist is to further the aims of the slimeball running the joint.  They rape the science of journalism on a daily basis.  They twist, exaggerate, pontificate and write as if their OPINION actually matters.

It may to them and their Mommies, but to us?

Meanwhile, I hope that Ann DOES run for both.

She can and will be effective at both positions (They are, we're assured, both "part time," aren't they?) and that scum like Lefty and her other leftist detractors can't wrap themselves around that is more a result of their partisan hackery than it is the reality of the situation.

Dake lined up a bunch of leftists to say they're opposed to her doing it, when you know damned well Lefty wouldn't be saying this sort of thing if he was talking about a scumwad like Annette Cleveland, for example.  (Except, as much of a moron as Cleveland is... and she can't string two coherent thoughts together on her BEST day) even she knows she has a better chance of pulling off a successful sex change than she does getting elected county wide... to anything.)

And that's the thing: Lefty is a proven liar.  Everything he writes or any of the scum working for him writes must be screened through the Lefty Lies Filter, to screen out the garbage.

In the end, the rag's failure to mention the obvious, mentioned in fact by this commenter below:

  • Roger Neilson · Top Commenter · Works at Mostly in and for US Army
    As Senator Sheldon noted - The voters will decide whether Senator Rivers can do both. (Though I'm sure The Columbian will attempt to influence the vote to be a negative one.)
Right on both counts:ultimately, Sen. Tim Sheldon has never lost an election and the people... not the leftist rag... are the ultimate arbiter of who we are going to have govern us.

Dake didn't mention that, of course.  Doesn't fit the meme.  After all, what's the will of the people compared to Lefty's agenda?

No, it's going to be the vote of the People.  Not Brancaccio.  And not the scum working for him.

And I could care less what the C3G2 haters have to snivel about it.

Don't want her to have the job?

Then vote no when your time comes.

Won't make any difference, but knock yourself out.  It'll be entertaining as your hate group gears up to go after her, only to lose.

It will, no doubt, remind me of Stewart.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Psychotic Lefty Lou: takes credit when he thinks it's going right, but never the blame when it goes horribly wrong.

As a self-deluded fringe-leftist, Lefty Lou will always be the first to tell you that he's the smartest guy in the room.

Whenever something goes his way, he'll always be the first to tell you that he is the reason why.

Commissioner Stewart's vote on the Mielke Ordinance is no exception.

In retrospect, I was ambivalent.  Because Lefty Lou is a political scumbag of the highest order (Defined here as someone who lies about what he is (truly a tone-deaf, fringe-leftist democrat; a water-carrying hypocritical narcissist... think "Obama.") to cover up what he isn't (unbiased and truthful)) and because his boss doesn't keep him on a leash or demand the truth from him and the scum he's got working for him, and because Campbell allows Lefty's worthless opinion to masquerade as news, a slimy practice that oozes out at every pore of this festering infection of a daily democrat newsletter.... we get this supercilious moron with a "one editor, one cup" fetish that's constantly on display, to the detriment of our community.

You see, Lefty, it's easy to try and bully others into living up to a standard.  It's never easy to force yourself to live up to the same standards that you would impose on THEM.

So, I really didn't care one way or the other about the outcome.  I do care that the scumbag editor of that poison of our community wrongly believes that he has anything to say that is any more important... or wise... or knowledgeable... than those our government is here to serve: the people.

It was inevitable that our resident scumbag would "take credit" and engage in his hypocrisy:
I had written a column — an open letter — to Stewart a few days before this Tuesday meeting, urging her to reject the ordinance that had been proposed by Mielke.
Like that mattered?
The Columbian's regular coverage of the M&M boys, our editorials and columns kept their bad behavior alive. The public stayed on it, as well, and eventually the charter was passed based in large part on what was just described.
Lefty is dead wrong, of course, again assuming facts not in evidence... and, in fact, takes a position that is entirely and easily disproven.

It fits the meme, however, and given that Lefty lies with an ease witch most people breath, not to mention his narcissistic bent, he'll attempt to convince people that what these same scum supporting this garbage denied for months.  Namely, that this entire idiocy was NOT a result of their hatred of Madore and Mielke but instead, "what was best for us." was, in fact, the reason for its passage. (The number one reason it passed was the lies in the voter's pamphlet by our slimeball RINO Auditor. Hopefully, he'll pay the price for that, this whole thing will get thrown out and we'll get a do-over.)

Lefty never mentions that "inconvenient truth," which is a particularly nasty habit he has: leaving out the salient facts that actually impact a given situation.  (The biggest example of that is his failure to ever mention the truth, as delineated by the Oregon Supreme Court, concerning the truth behind the CRC/Loot Rail scam)

Throughout Brancaccio's pile of merde today, he uses the phrase "conservative Republican" like it's an epithet.  Such is the nature of a fringe-left whack job of any ilk; hatred of conservatives is the very reason they exist.  Think "Jim "Molehill" Moeller, another leftist hypocrite of some repute as an example.

Lefty did everything he could to tie Stewart to Madore: blasting out the poor, elderly, Al Bauer's worthless ethics complaint as if it was going to go anywhere or accomplish anything.  He beat her like a drum based on that connection and then DEMANDED her "independence" from him if she were to win.

Well, this would have been a dandy time to show that independence.  Lefty's head would have exploded: here he demands Stewart's "independence" and then blows a gasket if she had, in fact, showed that very thing by voting against him on this ordinance.

Instead, she voted with Madore and that supercilious bastard Brancaccio will try and take all the credit.

See, Lefty never REALLY wanted Stewart to be "independent" of Madore.  He just never conceived of a situation where Madore would ever take a position that he, Lefty, supported.  So, his whining, sniveling cut-cat act about Madore suddenly got real complicated, real fast.

And it wasn't that Stewart voted the way SHE felt was best... oh, no: it was the scumbag editor of the daily democrat's doing that made this all happen, because certainly this outcome would not have been possible without this ego-maniac waving his cup around like the blithering idiot he is.

Again, when hatred guides your actions, life can get complicated for some.  In this case, Lefty's hatred of Benton was the motive, and he was even willing to temporarily set aside his hatred of Madore to get the somewhat lower-hanging fruit of Benton's job.

And now that he believes he's got it, we return you to his regularly scheduled hatred of David Madore.

The base line for Lefty and his toilet paper is that everything David Madore does is wrong.

That's the number one sign of hatred, you understand: no matter what those you hate do, it's wrong. If they even do what you want, it's wrong.  Lefty's column today is him... doing that.

I'm guilty of it.  But the difference in the variety I practice is based entirely on one thing: what those like Lefty Lou and the scum he emulates have done and are doing to our community is the root of it.

Lefty hates anyone in government who foils his schemes.  But Lefty's biggest problem is that his agenda and what the people want are rarely together in the same zip code.  And I will hate ANYONE who attempts to get government to do what they want, not because it's right or because it's the will of the people, but because of who they think they are and how THEIR perspective should, somehow, trump that will of those they would govern in favor of their own, stilted, blindered point of view... people be damned.

Being the "smartest guy in the room," our resident ink-spattered narcissist simply cannot allow for the idea that others may have a differing view that actually is the best view.  Lefty is of the "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" ilk, someone who lies effortlessly, who knows he lies, but who does so for the "Greater Good," a communist tenet first identified by Karl Marx.

We have a president that is working very hard at ignoring the Constitution, at breaking our laws, at causing pain and destruction within this country which, before his Administration, would have been unimaginable.

Instead of castigating that President and our congresswoman for supporting him, Lefty Lou Brancaccio in fact emulates his messaging.  Instead of holding him and those working with him accountable, why, he's going to engage in his anti-conservative fetish... to the detriment of us all.

As I expected, even with the crushing defeats at the polls, the leftists like our resident Liar-in-Chief of the daily democrat are incapable of introspection.

Lefty fails to mention that as a part of his campaign where he completely bent himself... and us... over for that loser Pridemore... by doing everything he could to tie Stewart to Madore.

No, instead, we get tripe like this:
The showdown was about to begin. Me? I was hoping to get a front row seat to watch this play out. I'd bring along my Don't Do Stupid Stuff mug just to remind the decision-makers on what to do. Here we go!
Ultimately, for this nutberger to think he or his silly-assed cup had anything to do with any of this?  That's just another sign of his self delusional narcissism.

Meanwhile, the local left is shunned politically, save for the hard-core neo-communists and the incestuous politics of the downtown mafia, Chamber of Horrors, CRUDEC, Identity Vancouver types.

Fifteen legislators.  Three commissioners.

Of that number, twelve of the legislators and all of the Commissioners are GOP.

And what we don't see... what we are NEVER going to see... is a column by this scumbag as to why that's the case.

Delusion... both by self and by others... plays a major role in refusing to deal with reality.

And so this was the inevitable outcome.  The co-leader of Brancaccio's personal hate parade became vulnerable in part because of David Madore's political naivety.  Lefty would sell his own children if they were unfortunate enough to have him as their parentage, to get either one or both of these guys that he hates with every fiber of his being.

In retrospect, I would have urged passage of this ordinance, even though I personally leaned against it.

After all, those like Lefty who scammed the stupidity of the Charter and liars like Kimsey, who told us that if we didn't like the Charter, we could repeal it (We can't: it's permanent and unrepealable) kept telling us that if we didn't like the Charter, why, we could practically snap our fingers and get a question on the ballot so we could ALL vote on it.... right?

They failed to mention the requirement that we get 37,000 plus valid signatures to do that... and you can be the dillwad editor of the daily Pravda never got around to it.

So what better way to reinforce this crushing requirement on those who so avidly advocated this political brand of leprosy then to pass this ordinance and to force THEM to bear the burden they placed on us if they feel so strongly about this issue?

They wanted to change government?  Then let them go through the impossible system they foisted on us to make that happen.

Meanwhile, the hated-by-Lefty GOP generally and conservatives particularly have made the local leftists generally and the downtown mafia particularly, increasingly irrelevant.

I'd be careful if I were Lou, however.

Obamacare doesn't cover injuring yourself by patting yourself on the shoulder.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Please remember these men and women.

Yes, Brandon Vick WAS lying about his committee assignments: kicked off Appropriations and reduced to TWO!

One of the many reasons I cannot ever support Brandon Vick is that he's a liar.

Part of his big campaign shtick was that he was actually serving on 6 committees: that was a lie, since the committees were only during the interim and only done for eye wash to help make up for an abysmal tenure where he did absolutely nothing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vick continues to lie about his committee assignments.

For most of his tenure, Brandon Vick hasn't done spit. 

Nothing.  LESS than nothing, because he's been getting paid for it.

He blew off his entire first year, attempting to change precisely dick, satisfied with every law, every rule, every regulation to the point where he didn't even bother to introduce any legislation for a year.

He has, legislatively, accomplished precisely nothing.  A rock could and would have the same list of accomplishments.

And, he continues to lie about "committee assignments."

The rag went along with the lie, of course, knowing it wasn't true.  But here's the fact of the matter, based not only on my SIX years of experience on legislative staff, but also on what insiders I know up there have kept me informed about.

Vick has 6 assignments to committees only because he begged leadership to temporarily let him have vacancies when they came up... purely and entirely as a political ploy to drown out those of us attempting to hold this clown accountable for wasting our time and effort during his abortive tenure in the House.

There's a reason he keeps lying about the committees, and I KNOW he's lying because it is functionally impossible to be on 6 committees when it matters: during session.

When session actually starts, it won't take him long at all to go back to the normal three... if any of the committees will have him.

Meanwhile, he lies about leadership (He has none and is, in fact, a wallflower back bencher) getting called into negotiations (Only to take coffee orders, because no one else cares what he's got to say) and then the stupidity of this committee garbage.

Relying on a democratian endorsement certainly should be all the indication you need that, as a Republican, Vick is worthless.

The only problem is that Mussolini Mikey Briggs is even worse.

Still, Vick needs to actually get off his ass and worry more about serving us then he does the free lunches he's loved so much as an office perk.

Vick, unfortunately, will win because the GOP could run a brick in the 18th and win.

He's living proof of that.
Well, as expected, his interim committee assignments were pure bullshit, eyewash to get the ignorant such as the democratian and others who have no idea how it works to be impressed by a clown who wasted his entire first year "representing" us in the 18th District... if you can call it that.

While the other representatives are sending out word on their committee assignments, Vick seems strangely quiet about his.

Well, duh.

Here are ALL of the House Committee assignments for the upcoming session.  Vick's name is highlighted.  Let's count the number of committees he's actually going to be on, shall we?
Dec. 18, 2014
CONTACT: Sarah Stewart, Public Information Officer, (360) 786-7720
Rep. Dan Kristiansen - (360) 786-7967
House Republicans name members, ranking members to House committees for 2015

Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-39
House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen
House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish, named members of House committees from the House Republican Caucus today. He also appointed ranking members of the committees to take the lead for the caucus on various issues before the Legislature. The committee appointments are as follows:
Agriculture & Natural Resources  Buys (Ranking), Dent (Assistant Ranking), Chandler, Kretz, Orcutt, Schmick
Appropriations  Chandler (Ranking), Wilcox (Assistant Ranking), Parker (Assistant Ranking), Buys, Condotta, Dent, Fagan, Haler, Hunt, MacEwen, Magendanz, Schmick, Stokesbary, Taylor, Van Werven
Business & Financial Services Vick (Ranking), Parker (Assistant Ranking), Hunt, Kochmar, McCabe
Capital Budget  DeBolt (Ranking), Smith (Assistant Ranking), Kochmar, Walsh
Commerce & Gaming  Condotta (Ranking), Holy (Assistant Ranking), Scott, Vick
Community Development, Housing & Tribal Affairs  Johnson (Ranking), Zeiger (Assistant Ranking), Hawkins
Early Learning & Human Services  Walsh (Ranking), Scott (Assistant Ranking), Dent, Hawkins, McCaslin
Education  Magendanz (Ranking), Muri (Assistant Ranking), Stambaugh (Assistant Ranking), Caldier, Fagan, Griffey, Hargrove, Hayes, Klippert, McCaslin
Environment  Shea (Ranking), Short (Assistant Ranking), Harris, Pike, Taylor
Finance  Nealey (Ranking), Orcutt (Assistant Ranking), Condotta, Manweller, Stokesbary, Wilcox
General Government & Information Technology  MacEwen (Ranking), Caldier (Assistant Ranking), McCabe
Health Care & Wellness  Schmick (Ranking), Harris (Assistant Ranking), Caldier, DeBolt, Johnson, Rodne, Short
Higher Education  Zeiger (Ranking), Haler (Assistant Ranking), Hargrove, Holy, Stambaugh, Van Werven
Judiciary  Rodne (Ranking), Shea (Assistant Ranking), Haler, Klippert, Muri, Stokesbary
Labor Manweller (Ranking), Hunt (Assistant Ranking), McCabe
Local Government Taylor (Ranking), Griffey (Assistant Ranking), McCaslin, Pike
Public Safety  Klippert (Ranking), Hayes (Assistant Ranking), Griffey, Wilson
State Government  Holy (Ranking), Van Werven (Assistant Ranking), Hawkins
Technology & Economic Development  Smith (Ranking), DeBolt (Assistant Ranking), Harmsworth, Magendanz, Nealey, Young
Transportation  Orcutt (Ranking), Hargrove (Assistant Ranking), Harmsworth, Hayes, Kochmar, Pike, Rodne, Shea, Wilson, Young, Zeiger
Rules  Kristiansen (Ranking), Kretz (Assistant Ranking), Haler, Harmsworth, Harris, Short, Stambaugh, Wilcox, Young, Zeiger
The 2015 legislative session is scheduled to begin Jan. 12 and last 105 days.
To learn more about the House Republican caucus, visit:
Washington State House Republican Communications
461 John L. O'Brien Building
P.O. Box 40600
You all remember Lumpy's campaign, don't you?  The SIX committee lie?


  • Business and Financial Services (Assistant Ranking Republican)
  • Appropriations
  • Appropriations Subcommittee on Education
  • Finance
  • Government Accountability & Oversight
  • Technology and Economic Development

  • And the slobbering endorsement of the morons at the Lazy C that included these lies:
    During his first two years in the Legislature, Vick demonstrated the capacity for hard work. He served on six committees — including appropriations, finance and government accountability — and boasts that he never missed a vote. On the other hand, it did take Vick awhile to find his footing. He was the primary sponsor for no bills during the 2013 Legislative session, telling The Columbian at the time, "You can write a bill for whatever you want; whether you should write a bill is the question." He added at the time that he was working on some legislation, but that it wasn't ready for "prime time."
    First, he did not at any time during any session serve on 6 committees... that fallacious claim was made and written to counter the truth of the disaster of his tenure: that he accomplished absolutely nothing during the time he's been elected.  It's easy to "boast" you "didn't miss a vote" when you didn't have any votes to take.

    Second, he's even managed to get kicked off Appropriations and is such a weakling that he has only been allowed on two.... TWO committees, neither one of any major stature.

    Third, he mailed it in during his first year out of sheer, unadulterated, laziness.

    As I pointed out from the beginning: Brandon Vick is a liar and he is unfit to serve,  He manipulated everyone to believe that he does all this work when, in fact, it's a sham and an act.

    As I knew it was from the beginning.

    And he should resign because of it.